Rahul Mookerjee

One of my pet "dislikes" (and there are many) about my "significant" other is this habit she's developed over the last year or so to keep staring at the dumbphone when I come in to talk to her (which isn't a lot at all). 

It's her childish way of showing "disrespect" - and she thinks, at the age of 35 plus "it's cool" (know those airheads you see on the phone China style, "eyes glued to the phone" even if a damned bomb burst under their seat). 

Now, her own life - and the way she runs it - utter catastrophe in many ways, and I've discussed that before, the results, or lack thereof, and so forth ... 

But what I want to discuss today? 


And those growing up in these sort of dysfunctional families. 

I should know, hey. 

I grew up in one - and if it hadn't been for the extremely tough love I've received all my life - and my own BRAIN - and a will (back when folks actually had a will as opposed to doing what the Guru on the dumbphone prattles on about) ... I'd be a complete wreck as of now, or maybe worse. 

This morning, I was doing the usual, pacing about in my room thinking of business issues, growing the businesses, and so forth - which the first few hours of every day and indeed throughout the day - I'm THINKING. 

Issues that bother me, issues that need to be solved, and so forth- but what I do NOT do the first thing in the morning is flop down into the sofa, legs spread wide apart, and get on the dumbphone and watch idiocy. 

That has been my wife's life for YEARS now, and unfortunately she's managed to, by virtue of "leading by example" - get the daugher to morph into a future "her" as well in that regard. Ugh. 

I was always very against getting the daughter a dumbphone at the age of 7. There are far better things one can give their kids, of course, try explaining that to a Nazi feminist who runs to the nearest "backed up by a cuckold" Nazi feminist mother in law who will shower her with free goodies if just because "big bad Rahul dared say a word against her". 

My family's been the sort where a woman could literally run rampant over, or even maybe some day "off" a guy - and they'd be like oh the girl must have had a reason, guy did it, they wouldn't bother thinking of reasons or lack thereof. 

Now I'm well used to all of this, but the point is this -kids. 

I'd rather see my daugher play, exercise, do some of the things I do - which the example is right there in front of her. 

Yet, the wife outyells me - and her - in everything, and as my mother correctly says "my daughter is petrified of her mother". 

She doesnt need to be, I keep telling her, but when the wife clutches her closely to her everywhere she goes, the little lamb has no choice but to be petrified of a loony Mary ... 

Sound familiar, this story? To some of you it will ... 

The way these women literally damage kids - then turn around and blame it on the kids - and of course, then men - everyone but their own damned selves, I mean geez, growing up, I was taunted at home big time for wanting to be fit - how stupid is that? 

When I wanted to play soccer, and other manly sports, I was told "I was no good" so we won't buy you equipment to do it (which was basically all I wanted was shoes). 

And so forth. 

I was never shown the way, no example was set - changing car tyres, driving, drinking a beer, all the "manly" things a guy should be doing - or for that matter LIFE, or business. 

My father was always quick to tell me I could never run my own business. 

Yet, he never once told me HOW to do so. 

Maybe because he never managed it himself!

My Uncle took me to his office once - an Uncle who I barely ever stay in touch with "wolf" as he calls me. Hehe. 

I still remember that. 

I dont remember my father taking me to, or even being OPEN about his own office to me ever - or my sister for that matter. For my mom that was always adults talk - of course, she neglected to know this - "kids learn by example". 

Not everyone needs to be a fitness expert, no. 

Not everyone needs to be a visualization guru. 

I might be a lot of those things, but the bottom line - waking up each morning and staring at the dumbphone is one thing - brain destroying. 

And all else the kids see in these households, the way their mothers live, nasty, lazy and ... whats the term? Filthy homes with dishes overflowing, the bed never made, garganturan bundles of clothes constantly piled up - I never saw that growing up, but my daughter does. 

All the time. 

And this "under the wife's thumb" where I "have no say in it". 

So much for letting women be in control and run the show - now thats not to say ALL women are like this. 

I know plenty that haven't allowed their kids a phone till the age of 16, I know plenty who believe in doing their own chores and not ranting about self entitled prima donna "maids" and so forth, I know plenty that believe in WORKING for a living as opposed to "what is the next freebie" I can get ... and so forth. 

But I'm talking Nazi feminists here, sadly, there are a lot of them out there my friend. 


I'll close off with this one quote which I saw and loved - basically one about "anytime a woman breaks up with you, she's betting against your future. It's your job to make her regret it".   

(I see a lot of these quotes, but this one really struck home, I generally don't retweet or reshare these "motivational" quotes though I'm not saying they're wrong or bad, but THIS one - was one of the rare ones I shared, and given so many people liking it - there must be something to it. Hehe). 

I do that everyday with my significant other. Hehe. 

Albeit indirectly, and the way to win against Nazi feminism isnt the direct "brutal" way - that way will get you nowhere fast - if at all. 

The indirect way is explained here, my friend - in the one and only book of it's kind - https://www.0excusesfitness.com/how-to-not-only-combat-and-win-against-but-profit-big-time-from-the-nazi-feminist-disease-plaguing-modern-day-society/

Audiobook here - https://www.audible.com/pd/B0BZWLNKYJ/?source_code=AUDFPWS0223189MWT-BK-ACX0-342669&ref=acx_bty_BK_ACX0_342669_rh_us

And thats that, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Guys, and this needs to be said - if nothing else, maintain control over your finances. All too often I see guys bending to the whims of idiotic women thinking "on the spur of the moment" with NO long term vision and making purchases etc. One of the keys to success is RATIONALLY evaluating each and every purchase - I've done that for years with my wife, and none of - literally NONE - the things she;s bought or wants me to buy (which I didnt a lot of times) have any long term value, if anything, they have a net long term LOSS. 

"School project. We need these things NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 


Yet days later, the supplies sit there, unused, the dumbphone is the only thing that is used - of course, until the mother decides its time to get off the phone and get the kid to do some homework for a change. 

She complains about my own mother "stocking up" for emergencies (not saying my mom is any less culpable) - I tell her, well, in those days thats how it used to be, old habits die hard, yet rants up a storm when she deems I dont stock up on essentials. 

Essentials that when I tell her show up at home she's too busy on the dumbphone or bitching with the fat ass she calls her "maid" to even acknowlege they're there - and they sit there literally rotting in the fridge, when you tell her thats money wasted, she yells up a storm. 

Truly, I'm seeing the effects of "having it all on a golden platter in front of her". LOL. Hilarious, but sad as well... 

Utter lunacy my friend, and you, the RATIONAL MALE reading this would be best advised keeping control, insight, and even TALK about your business, life and finances to yourself. 

Way too few men do that though unfortunately ... 

I originally wanted to title this "the fine line between abuse and tough love" - which it could be too - maybe I'll title it that on the other site!

But yeah, the relationship - one of the best, if not THE best - certainly the steamiest I've been involved in, and that says a hell of a lot (you know the girls in love when she happily giggles in class "I'm plump" - when you explain plump to her - and freely admits the happiness due to the relationship was in small part responsible for some of the extra, in her case "oh so cute" pounds). 

It ended stormily too - yin and yang. 

And it was the best damn thing that ever happened to me - fitness wise - life wise - in all regards - both the relationship itself and the ending. 

Lets talk fitness, friend. 

I was in my somewhat phat and unfit days those days - though I still hiked hills, but nowhere near what I should have - and certainly not as fat as I used to be before, and people always made a point to tell me about it. 

Apparently my confidence, doing pull-ups even at that weight (yes, getting chin over bar) pissed them off so much that they had to call the fat boy out for being fat - which is what he was - big time. 

It never bothered me one damn bit. 

When I started (restarted) hiking after years, it still didnt bother me. 

When I was with Carol - both of us exercised for reasons other than fitness if you get my drift. Hehe. 

I'm not even going to get into "women love something extra to grab onto" - no - the X shape is what everyone, male/female likes. 

Know when I really, really started to get super fit around 2016 ? 

AFTER my breakup with Carol. 

I felt rage and anger of the sort I never felt towards anyone else - no I wasn't angry at or with her - it was "one of those things". 

I couldn't concentrate - focus - on anything. 

To get this out of my system, I started climbing hills x 5. 

Hiking first twice a day then thrice - then four times. 

Along the way, I kept getting astonished comments about my rapid, almost magical weight loss daily - and when in 2016 (again, reasons not important) I went completely cold turkey off beer - oh boy. 


Now, point being made is this - and it's a common whine a lot of folks have about "hurting feelings" and other crap. 

Sometimes, you call a spade a spade, and that ain't abuse, friend. It's tough love that hits home - and that hitting home- that EMOTION is what channels into your ACTS thereafter and gets you results. 

Unless you're content to be a loser and sit at home and whine while the world passes you by in terms of results in all areas, emotion is key. 

If you ain't fired up and ANGRY about something, chances are you wont achieve that something - period. 

Or, overly enthusiastic about it ... 

If it's not a red hot DESIRE, something you have to DO, though you dont quite know why - it wont accomplish squat. 

No pun intended. 

In my own case, the jibes etc never bothered me. 

Hey, all good. 

What did bother me was the breakup - and boy did I use that rage constructively - though even I did not know it at the time! 

Getting things out of your system physically can sometimes be the best thing you do for yourself!

And I would NEVER Have got into the shape I eventually did if it hadn't been for that ANGER starting a RED HOT FIRE INSIDE OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So if you're one of the many people that gets "offended" if you're fat and I call you fat, and whines about feelings - well, feeling is exactly what this is about. 

What seperates the doers from the fools (see the latest review Pushup Central - THE READER!...) got in that regard HERE ... is taking action backed up by EMOTION which FUELS it. 

Bottom line, friend. 

And that key concept is explained in many different ways over and over again in Zero to HERO!

Further, most of these whiny sorts - the phat, out of shape lazy sorts - have - some very notable exceptions excluded - ole Donald being one - SHIT going on in their lives period, and it makes sense. If you cannot respect your own body enough to the point, as noted Indian actor Akshay Kumar once said "the day I dont train and take care of my body daily - that day is the day I'll break my own body to pieces" - then nothing and no-one will ultimately respect YOU, my friend. 

I dont even know if this makes sense to a lot of people reading it - probably not, but the doers, well, you know who you are. 

As a lady recently told me - I dont care if someone marries a giraffe, just dont make me pay for their love child. Hehe. 

And she's right. 

This fat and lazy sort is exactly the sort that doesnt understand goose and gander, and it shows in their lives ... 

Funnily enough, it was that sort who used to call me out for that - when I was doing far more at that weight than those idiots ever could. 

OK, thats that. 

Take from this what you will - and get in the best shape of your life starting NOW - ZERO EXCUSES!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another case in point? The ole significant other, and the numerous hired helps she goes through - dissatisfied. 

It's the subcontinent she is in, so for those saying "wow! Maids! She doesnt realize how lucky she is!" - well, they're all "lucky" - if you can call it that - around that part of the globe. Cheap labor and that (yeah right - like the submissive women in China myth - but I wont go there!). 

Is it a coincidence that the in shape (well over 50) worker she hired before (and let go because she got flirty with me - hey, those boobs. I couldn't resist!) used to do a damn fine job, show up on time etc - never take off's without informing her in advance for the most part ... 

... and that the fat Nazi feminist c*** she's hired now is the polar opposite? Ugh! 

I dont believe in coincidences, never have, but thats how it goes, my friend ... 

Again, take from this whatever lessons you may. 

They're all TRUE! 

These are an advanced strength movement, and most people will fall flat trying to do 'em - even well conditioned athletes that have not done them before. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again pushups are not the big dog of fitness because Rahul mookerjee said so, and a whole host of other illuminaries have proven it, though that reason wouldn't be wrong either. 

Its that because with one simple movement and no equipment other than a wall or floor which you have even in isolation in a prison ward, hehe - not that you gotta be in jail to do pushups! - you can literally work the entire body from the inside out. 

Including, as I state in Pushup Central - the legs and cardio system like never before, and while Hindu pushups do a great job of that, there are others - so advanced I dont even mention them in the book that do an excellent job too. 

Plyometric pushups. 

Clapping pushups (from various positions, angles and such). 

These will all be detailed in the upcoming book on plyometrics, but ONE style of pushup I've always stressed you should get damn good at  - the extended arm pushup, or the floor humpers, or Jack La Lanne pushup. 

IF ALL you did was this one exercise for high reps, medium and low throughout your entire pushup workout, you'd build shoulders, lats and a core of steel and you'd be incredibly LEAN too all throughout your body, especially the core. 

As you perfect this movement though, and this will take a lot of time - remember this one truism - strengthening your body from all different angles and positions. 

Enter the archer pushup. 

If your hands are straight out in front of you almost touching the floor in the pushup mentioned above, then the archer pushup makes it even tougher by literally putting your arms at a 90 degree angle, forearm facing the floor, arm splayed out - as you do this pushup. 

The side to side motion mimics an "archer" shooting a bow and arrow, and this pushup heavily works the core, lats, thighs (yes), glutes (yes again, if you know how to) - the entire cardio system - and most of all, the upper chest and traps at a deep level. 

Bicep and foream work too, which you wouldn't think you got from pushups eh? 

But you do, my friend - big time! 

Thing about working the chest, most people focus on the "mid" to lower chest, which is fine, but it's the upper chest, and working the chest fibers from the inside out via deep breathing and exercise that really give you that broad shouldered, barrel chested look. 

And thats why I emphasize deep breathing with every workout my friend. 

I have to hear you breathing - at least from a few paces away - deep inhales, deep exhales, focus on form, omit all three, you might as well not be working out. I'd rather you NOT work out than do something with sloppy reps. 

My youtube channel has plenty on how to do these, including 50 rep workouts with these, and the other toughie - extended arm pushups. 

And believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

I could think of 51 more pushups I could put in book number two, and will down the line as well ... 

For now though, I'm out. Thats an advanced style of pushup to workup to. And never forget the basics my friend -work pushups daily, no exceptions, zero excuses - literally. 

And as David Quiros rightly reviewed "learn how to do pushups Creatively and RIGHT" - emphasis on RIGHT - by the "by far the best book on pushups out there, nothing even comes close to coming close" - Pushup Central. 

That is that then, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

After all the writing I did about injuries today, man - I was extra cautious when jumping into a handstand this evening. 

I haven't done handstand pushups for well over a month, perhaps a month and a half now, and being it was at the "fag" end of a 500 pushup workout (plus 20 pull-ups which felt WAY EASIER than they should, slow and steady - more on that later, lengthy splits sessions and squats, of course - 200 today) - I was extra cautious and I even figured I'd do the easy kind "top of the head to floor". Thats by far the "easiest" - if such a thing can be SAID about handstand pushups way to do 'em (chin to ground is when you really start progressing, the progressions shown in Profound "70% Gorilla 30% Human handstands" - man, now you're getting someplace w/those!!). 

INcredibly, I almost "bounced up and down", my lats felt loose as heck, and I was literally pushing "air" it seemed!

So i did 5 more - same thing!

Then I did 3 more. Same thing! 

And then I grinned, thinking about how 20 pull-ups today felt way the hell easier than they should have (interspersed as they were between sets of tough pushups). 

My friend, lots of people ignore (and lots of these people are well intentioned) the humble ole FLOOR pushup - regular tricep pushups of various sorts - in favor of fancier versions like the Hindu pushup, handstand pushup and such. 

They think "its too easy". 

Then you have nutjobs that claim high rep workouts are boring and do nothing, and all the logic in the world won't convince these usually fat and out of shape buffoons otherwise, but the point is - they ignore it too. 

Now, Hindus, especially handstand pushups are not "bad". I'd be an idiot to say that! 

They're good, damn good, and YOU best get damn good at 'em either, yet, again, the floor pushup cannot be ignored. 

I dont care if you're trying to get good at pull-ups or even handstand pushups themselves, the regular pushup cannot be ignored. 

Handstand pushups are certainly one great way to get better at pull-ups, but again, are they required for that purpose alone (they are required for many other purposes, so dont be lazy - do 'em- work at 'em assidiously!). 


If you look at people like Iron Mike, Bruce Lee and the such - you'll see something that might not make sense, but if you're a doer that does and doesnt constantly ask ridiculous questions (I mean geez, just DO the damn thing and you'll find out why!) - you'll know why and it'll make perfect sense. 

The mainstay of their pushups are body parallel to the floor floor pushups - now in Walker's case, a pet favorite of his was diamond pushups - which I can understand why, for me it's the Jack La Lanne pushup by far - but again, without feet elevated and such. 

That dont mean you shouldn't do tougher variants. 

One of the keys to getting better at pushups and fitter is something not directly mentioned in Pushup Central, but it's mentioned in the TIPS - is this. 

This might and will come across as a sock to the jaw for fat nutters (or nutters in general) claiming "they're boring workouts" .... 

... Do pushups for high reps, low reps, and medium reps throughout the 500 pushups workout. 

You might think "pah, I'm too fit for low reps". 

No. You're not either. 

I can find you pushups regardless of your fitness and conditioning level that will kick your RIGHTEOUS gluteous "el maximus" from here to Timbuktu - - no questions asked. 

For me, I'll often do Jack La Lanne pushups in high reps - 15-30 per set during these workouts, or archer pushups -a toughie, but I have gotten so good at 'em now (so should you!) (not mentioned in Pushup Central btw) that I crank those out in high reps too. 

But I'll often slow it down, and do pushups which I can barely crank out 5 without collapsing. 

That, my friend is the key to SUPER gains in high rep workouts which most people don't get... 

Last, but not and never least, the lesson that has brought home to ME many a times - never ignore the humble FLOOR pushup my friend - never ever. 

ANd thats that! 


Rahul Mookerjee

Whenever I'm at home, which ain't often - my own area (my room/office) is always "Walled off" to a degree. 

No, not physically. 

But there is a shift in energy you can feel from the mundane to the MAGICAL when you step in my room - something "different" - me - which is not there in the rest of the house. 

My daughter is getting to the age where she can put her own energy that way into things, hopefully she lets the dumbphone aside for a while to do it ... 

Wife (who doesnt get it this till point despite all the gurus she follows "tum apni duniayo me rehte ho" (you live in your own world! sigh!)), rest of the family - I've no idea, I dont even care much to be honest. The only real family I have is ... 

Anyway - back when I was growing up, at a very young age, I still remember my father complaining / commenting about something - "you've built this emotional fortress around yourself that nothing can penetrate". 


I didnt realize it back then. 

I didnt realize back then - indeed until a few years, what I've been subconsciously, on auto pilot - since I was born damn near is one of the GOLDEN KEYS (yes, ask Napoleon Hill - or any DOER) to success - real and lasting success. 

And to being a "goddamned survivor". Hehe. 

Given the crap in which I grew up, I had to do it. 

Either make your own life - swim AGAINST a very powerful tide indeed - or swim with it. Most of my "family" chose the latter. I chose the former - always - with all its issues, travails and problems (see the review of Zero to Hero! On Audible - hehe - and Gumption Galore) ... always one to take the path less traveled, and ultimately the MOST glorious, rewarding and satisfying. 

Less than 10% of folks out there despite being told, tutored etc have the confidence to take that first step. 

Those that do, less than 0.01% really make it big as they want to, because that first step is the first step, and there's plenty of challenges ahead. 

Most fail 'em. 

As written in Think and Grow Rich, it's a "select few" who are admitted the gardens of Bounty. 

That doesnt mean the doors aren't open for ALL. 

They are. 

But you have to qualify, precious few do. 

Anyway - Napoleon Hill wrote about his guardian princes in "Get Rich with Peace of Mind" and how you should build MULTIPLE WALLS in your mind to keep out everything but what you WANT from reaching your subconscious mind - and the princes that get RID of what does "escape security". 

Physically, same thing. 

Around myself, my own room has everything that is dear to me, that I see daily. 

What did Hannibal Lecter see? 

We COVET that we can see everyday, but cannot get ... 

Well, get you can if you employ the subconscious mind right, my friend. 

And part of it is REMOVING what you dont want from your life pronto - in a manner that will shock most people - I do so before the thing I want is physically on it's way to me. 

Faith, my friend, indeed moves mountains. 

Think about that as you read this, go about your day .. 

And thats that. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 20 April 2023 05:21

Her spice had me GASPING for breath!

Man, her spices literally had me gasping for breath. 

No, I dont mean the erotica business either - although the title might seem like I got it from there, I did NOT! 

I've written about this twice already in different "tongues" if that makes sense - so interesting was an experience that should have been random, the norm - but it never is - is it? Things happen for a reason. They happen at a time too "in due time" as Nym told me .. I wont get into who she is here, suffice it to say she has a voice of GOLD - MY! 

Dripping with honey and vibes - anyway, all of this meshes together, blends together so well with what I'm about to say, lots of pun ALL intended! 

I ordered some spices a while back from Amazon with the intention of stocking up - after the wife's constant harangues, hehe (to an extent warranted) about me "ignoring the kitchen and what is required to cook well" (she says I can get by without too much good cooking, but that doesn't mean everyone can - despite me being a foodie, hehe - but she's right) ... and I did so from a normal seller on Amazon. 

The spices arrived, something stood out - I'm not sure what, but once I saw the QR code of course I had to download the app - which did not seem to be there. OK, all good so I went to her website, and instantly something stood out - like our sites, very well done, very business like - NOT what I see from most people, especially in this here neck of the woods, in fact it's a pity - many people have outstanding products, but their sites aren't set up to SELL - they're set up to look fancy and all that crap, but not plain ole "work" in terms of selling. 

Nita Mehta, youve got it spot on. 


Now she's a famous chef - I had no inkling of this since I dont watch Tee Vee, but the wife told me when I asked - but even if she wasn't - the VIBE she projects made me add products to cart (although I normally buy it all from Amazon, I'm going to buy from HER now - some things, at least). 

She's been around for 20 years which tells you how much of a cave I live in (though the news that matters comes to me). 

Anyway, last night the spice was added to the food - in LESSER quantities than normal (new spice, so the wife was cautious - I have not yet posted it on Youtube, I will soon) ... And MAN! 

I was literally gasping for breath, tongue on fire, this a guy who can drink bottles of Tabasco damn near!

As I told Bruce back in the day and he later agreed "INDIAN food is the spiciest!" 

I have to eat some of our sweets, I gasped at the wife (I was leaving them all for the wife and daughter, they love 'em more) ... 

(and she yells I eat ;em all, hehe, so ...) 

... "wait a minute, what happened", wife said, alarmed. 

I told her. 

She proposed I eat curd - but that was too cold! Hehe. She then proposed I eat "laddoos" (Indian sweets) - which I did anyway - but then I asked her to find the best solution and she poured some clarified butter on the food, and voila - that solved it. 

Not only did it solve the issue, but the uniqueness of the spice and the taste came through - MY! 

And hence the review ... and hence why I wrote to Nita later about it. 

Anyway, spice is the variety of LIFE and many other things like I keep saying on the other biz. 

And Nita - you've got it! 

I was going to leave her a review on Amazon, thought better of it, emailed her directly, and somehow I did not expect a response, but I got one - and then (per request) I left a review on Amazon too for her! Hehe. 

Three times lucky, not sure ... but anyway, she knows nothing about Dish Delicious. Hey, she's written plenty more cookbooks than I have! Haha. 

But that book has gotten some great reviews too ... culinary afficiandos MUST grab it! 

Last but not least, as I sit here with a burning posterior - Glyn would understand, hehe - though I didnt pour bleach down it to kill covid (ugh, what a fool that guy is) .... I gotta write this to you! 


If just to explain to you why you should leave reviews, and leave PERSONAL ONES AT THAT!  (and we're getting plenty of great ones on Amazon, now the next step - leave them HERE too! via the link you get in the email when you buy a product from us) 

The personal nature of this caused even me to be shy about leaving a review the first time - I should have done so initially! 

And that personal nature of my tales, stories everything is really what hits home for my customers, friends, everyone I communicate with - "friends for life" as it were. 

Get you some NOW, my friend. 

And thats that! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I culled more folks off the list - if you're a "do nothing", chances are YOU were, or will be soon culled off the list too. Nothing personal, friend, we only want doers on it ... thats all. 

PS #2 - The only other time I can remember this feeling, age of 20, then girlfriend calling "coop de Ville"s (they made GREaT chicken wings) saying "you made it too spicy, my boyfriend can't even eat it!" 

My own damn fault for asking them to make it extra hot, thats Cajun style hot which makes the ASS BURN too, hehe ... 

I think I ate most of the celery  that night, drank a ton of beer, the wings, I think they replaced 'em - lol. 

Lots of memories there including once when Papa Johns showed up, I was too drunk to answer the door, there went the order, I woke up to "your order has been canceled", hehe. It was college town - they understood. Happened with "Poops de ville" too, hehe. They replaced my order the next day - great guys! 

The "lovely" wife has gotten the idea over the past year or so that it's OK to poke fun of all nature at "Papa" - but not at herself, and never at the daughter - and she's trying to drill this into the daughter. Hehe. 

Now, I love a good natured ribbing. 

But when the jokes center around "he used to be SO fat!" - and "he does 500 pushups daily" followed by "have you done them today" (useless questions from out of shape people who couldn't do a pushup to save their life if they had to) - and the underlying current of negativity and "impotency" (they know I'm heading somewhere - while they remain stuck for the most part and ain't heading nowhere) ... it gets annoying. 

Of course, saying it directly would lead to ... well, you know what. 

So I just grin anyway. 

But one of the interesting things that struck me about the statement? 

She doesnt know how true it is. Hehe. 

Circa my five day fasts where I Do 500 pushups and more - and emerge STRONGER and fitter than ever before, despite what the idiots (people in general) say about "eating three squares a day". 

These, and other fitness (diet related, actually) fallacies are debunked in the Simple and Effective Diet. 

The fitness fallacies are debunked in all my other books

And you know when you get to a point you're trolled by thousands, even your own "family" - you've gotten to a place success wise where most people will never reach in their lives. Hehe. 

And, you know you should trust this cat when he says what he does!

Anyway - to end this short note - today is the last day of that 50% off sale we are having. 

Now, SOME of you have expressed interested, but have not followed through with action. 

Dont be that person, my friend. 

If you say you'll do something, if you say you're interested, then TAKE ACTION, show the world you're SERIOUS about your health and fitness, not just "being on the list for freebies" which to be honest is not what I want, my friend. 

Support us - and yourself. 

And we're giving you all the tools, both financial and otherwise to do so, you'd literally be a nutcase not to take advantage of this despite all my numerous callouts. 

Alright, thats it for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 12 April 2023 09:05

Women, logic and MORE ...

Or the lack therof, I should say. 

picture this - 

My mother's operation went well and she was making good progress but unknown to me she has not been taking the antibiotics (she doesn't like taking them???) that were prescribed for her by her consultant.

This only came to light when she had to go to have the wound drained of fluid, it appears her noncompliance has now resulted in an infected wound and there is now a real possibility that if this doesn't resolve itself with the now stronger antibiotics she's been told she must take it could mean another stay in hospital and having the antibiotics through I. V. at 88 years of age you would have thought she would know better, obviously not.

Now, remember this isn't your run of the mill operations, it's a SERIOUS operation- I'm not going to name who wrote back about this (its his Mom) or the specifics of the operation, but it ain't piddly I'll give you that. And my Mom had the same thing happen to her too. 

My mom probably did take her antibiotics as far as I know, unreasonable and completely illogical though she can be on other fronts, but this - man. 

As I wrote back to my friend saying "women and logic dont go well together". 


Need more examples - one that Bozo Glyn would love at that? 

Well, this lovely "maid" that the wife hired that she couldn't praise highly to the heavens when she first hired her (and I wasn't praising her at that point) - is now on the verge of being fired. 

Not necessarily because she has competition from Glyn, hehe. 

But two main reasons. 

One, the more upfront one being this - as soon as my wife hired another maid to do the dishes (dont get me started, this doggone maid fetish everyone in her neck of the woods and apparently some nuts in the UK too have) - this maid got wind of it (because the cudgel fell on ME to find a maid, and I ain't running around talking to maids for sure, so I asked this lady to find another one of her ilk - of course Madam couldn't or didnt - didnt being more likely) - and so I asked another guy to find one, long story short, as with all the other maids she's hired, she didnt get along with her (and she was a crappy worker) and she fired her, and then hired another one of her old favorites. 

I asked her why she didnt hire the old favorite off the bat instead of asking me to find one, of course I did not get any answer other than "I did not have her number" which might or might not be true, but hey, why not just try and find her like she did later? 

Boggles the mind, anyway the other maid - she got wind of it, and of course, women getting catty when another woman steps in their domain is nothing new, as the wife herself says "women are each other's worst enemies" and apparently she got pissed she was being paid less for more percieved work or the other way around and - well - long story short, the wife "done" got the red ass, and now it is what it is ... 

...except, that aint the real reason. 

The real reason is what she snarkily refers to this lady as "your girlfriend" when she talks to me. 

Admittedly I've been ogling her substantial assets of as late, and she's quite the flirtatious sort ... 

Beyond that though, nothing, but women can feel these things. 


And that, more than anything pissed her off... 

It's this sort of knowledge, my friend, the knowledge of the female pysche - as well as a lot of trolls etc which enables me to talk about the mind, put out WORLD BEATING courses like "How to not only COMBAT and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT (big time) from the Nazi Feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society. (0excusesfitness.com)"  - or "Profit Troll (0excusesfitness.com)". 

(edit - for the idiots who will no doubt get back screaming "woman bashing" - no I aint' either. I'm being the practical and rational male I always am, and its a WOMAN whose narrated the course above and many of my other courses on audible, and done a damn fine SKIPPY PERFECT job at that - thank you Ma'am!) 

I suppose I could have called them Feminazis as everyone seems to, and benefit more (more views etc) but does that really matter? 

I called them the technically correct term. 

And thats how it will - shall - remain, and its a great time with the 50% off we have going on (only for those on the list tho) to get these two world class and one of a kind courses NOW, and start benefiting from 'em like never before. 

I was going to write to my friend about this, but figured I'd write to all of you about it, so I have now!

And I'll be back shortly. Got through a few pushups and club swings before Bodacious Bhagwati - or "Bhago Darling" (run darling, lol, literal translation) as I call her showed up. 

back soon! I was going to do a 100 pushups, but the assets slowed me down, hehe, as did her lovely legs ...so, 25 fingertip pushups, 100 clubs swings and a few pull-ups in, its back to MORE, I'd tell my friend that too, so I'm telling you too! ;) 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Boys will be boys! Gotta admit, this dame -- she's GOT IT! :) 

PS #2  And of course, the wife won't admit it, saying I'm an idiot for thinking that way and that "it isn't about that, its about the work". 

But the subconscious mind finds way to manifest what you truly desire, my friend, and this is yet another example! Hehe.

It's a well known fact that the lovely "S.O" and yours truly dont agree on a lot of, if any, things at all ... but she recently said something "manifestation" wise (most of which I dont agree with her on at all) which I can whole heartedly agree with. 

While trying to get the daughter to do better "self care" i.e. brush hair, teeth etc more carefully and the sort of thing you gotta keep telling kids, she made this comment. 

"God only gave us one body - now if you dont take care of it, he'll stop sending you other things as well. He'll say "I gave her a body, but she couldn't take care of that either, so why new things!"

Now, this is an interesting way of looking at it. 

I thought about it, offhand comment, replace God with Universe - it makes perfect sense, always has all my life along with another truism "toss the old in your life to make place for the new - and toss the old FIRST while having FAITH the new will come". 

All my life, my best results have come when doing the following - 

When I'm in SHAPE - by that I do NOT mean bulging muscles - I mean a lean, mean look and full of energy all day. 

If you look at it from a manifestation standpoint, if you're "desiring more" - but not doing anything or letting what you have to go to utter waste (most people) - then why would you "be ready" to "recieve more"? Think about it, it makes perfect sense in that regard. 

More - 

When I'm actively blocking the vast majority of people out of my life (including some on this email list etc) because they have energy I do NOT want in my life. That alone is a mind bender for most - how could I do that business wise? 

But trust me, blocking complainers, whiners, time wasters and such is something every successful business owner does whether he/she is aware of it or not. Or, you wouldn't be a success! 

I'm even more active about it the more I do business, and my results SHOW. 

The minute you completely cut off something you do not want in your life from you, is the minute you free up space for the something that you DO want to come to you - often miraculously. 

Getting back to fitness - it's true. Health is indeed the greatest wealth, yet, most folks ignore this truism. 

And no, self care does not mean slathering on tons of lotion, deodorant, bathing with fancy soaps etc - or long sessions at spas, or saunas (though saunas are great when done right) or anything of that nature. 

Martin Farmer Burns said (wrote) as much in the Lessons of Wrestling and Physical Culture handbook in the 1900's where he states that the office worker, all spic, span, smelling good (insert LGBTQ manicure for today, lol) might and probably is actually way unhealthier than the laborer sweating it out all day in the hot sun. 

And he's right. It makes perfect sense. Like beauty is not "skin deep" - coming from the inside - so is true health my friend. 

It means taking care of your health from the inside out. 

And the numero uno thing to do DAILY in this regard is regular intense exercise - workouts - such as in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, which is truly meant for everyone - from couch potato to advanced trainees, there is something for everyone here - and you'll get in record shape fast if you just do what is outlined in the course, and stick at it (i.e. persistence). 

Along with that, other things I highly recommend - regular fasting - lots of FRUITS in your diet - lots of LEAN meats - lots of COLD water therapy (especially the last) -  and lots of deep rthymic breathing as a matter of practice, and a lot more, but it all comes to nought if you dont follow the basics, which boil down to, no matter how you cut it - pushups, pull-ups, squats, and bridging - done in proper FORM all of them. 

And that, my friend, is what 0 Excuses Fitness is built on - the very bedrock of REAL fitness out there (unlike the fancy "circuits" or other nonsense that is doing the rounds these days, there is no need to prepare long charts, count calories, measure bodyweight, BMI etc - just drop down and DO - and the results will nigh show and astound you). 

Basic is brutal, and best. 

And thats that, pal. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

This afternoon wnile in the splits, which until now is the sole and only workout I've undertaken (for a LONG time at that - I mean, I was in the splits for a long time) - I went into one of my trances. 

Time seemed to stop to matter, and periodically the Universe sent me signs in its own inscrutable manner (or maybe not, if you know how to read them signs) that my current goals are well on the way to completion, so I better start planning NEW ones as well. 

Now, I dont recommend doing this for most people as most will lose track of the initial goal and get nowhere, but for folks that know how to manifest, and trust me - most dont despite what the "gurus" teach them - it's a good practice. 

Plan the next target in your mind when you "feel" you'll reach the first one now, or very soon (but dont announce either to the world!!). 

You'll know when you truly feel it - back to meditation? 

I've often lost track of time in this position, or the bottom position of the Hindu pushup, the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat - and so forth - all covered in great detail in Isometric and Flexibility Training - and Advanced Isometric and Flexibility Training.  (the latter book being even more popular apparently than the former!) 

BOTH of these books are going great guns not just here - but on Audible too - HERE - and HERE respectively. Rich Brennan and Janet Clare (the narrators)- I cannot praise themselves highly or "richly" enough! 

And if you on this list does not own either one or both of these books, rectify that mistake now. 

While in the splits, a thought struck me - with all the watermelon and musk melon I've been downing lately, all fresh, pesticide free for the most part and SWEET - natural sweet - or two. 

In the Simple and Effective Diet, I state what the NUMERO UNO enemy is in terms of weight loss. 

There are many, actually. 

Inactivity, excess carbs, too much done wrongly, too much pavement pounding, and so forth, but the NUMERO UNO culprit is something else, something so insidious you wouldn't even notice it in ingredients in your daily food. 

It starts with an S. 

No, it doesnt end with X. 

You can read the book for more, but there is a reason I highly recommend fruits such as the above - as far as fresh sugarcane juice and the like - despite them being "sweet". 

Ditto for artifical carbs and NATURAL wheat - the former, NO - latter- YES!

Doesn't need to be taken to extremes any of it - except perhaps the "S" culprit. TRUST ME ON THIS! 

I also state in that book that protein is good, but too much of it, much like anything else will turn you into a lard lump - and it'll stick to your body just like any other fat would. 

That alone is mindboggling for most of the bros and the nutjobs who hoo haa about the size of their pecs while the bellies bulge, and the penises shrink... (oh, was it the balls. Hehe). 

But what I'm about to state - you wont even believe it, coming from yours truly meat lover. 

I've posted pictures of me doing meat gorging (no pun) occasionally, with tons of sausage, salami and so forth in one meal. Kinda like a tiger... 

YET - you might be surprised to know that is very occasional, maybe once a month if even that (like the pasta I have once a month, just to keep myself "used to it"- remember Stallone's diet which was so pure at the time of making the Rocky movies that his stomach went into convulsions upon eating a burger out)?  

You might ALSO be very surprised to know other than these times, I've eaten virtually no protein at all - for literally the last couple of years. 

OK, eggs occasionally - but over the last few months - eggs? 

For whatever reason, I have not eaten eggs - lentils - any sort of either vegetable or animal protein. 

Except the occasional gorging above. 

None, zip, zilch, schnada, yada (was that the wrong way around. hehe). 

I've also gone on long fasts quite frequently, complete fasts, no prior warning. 

All of the above shocks the purists, yet, few can argue with the results. Which just keep getting better and better. Lean, mean, toned, ready to spring into action at a minutes notice, feeling on top of the world all the time, and most of all - and this people really cannot understand - STRENGTH gains. 

It's one thing to be lean, its one thing to be lean, mean and STRONG like I am. 

And reps in all my advanced bodyweight exercises just keep increasing. 

So much for "you'll feel weak without protein". 

No, the real key to MUSCLE - lots of it - the kind that counts and matters is NOT PROTEIN - though it's part of it , yes. 

The real answer is something else, something I'll write a book about at some point - and it involves fasting, and lots of it, and it involves activity WHILE on long fasts (I know, but its true) - and it involves putting as less into your body as you can in general. All principles I've championed for ages now, but people still dont get it, so I'll try and "educate" those who are willing to LEARN. 

Follow this cat's methods, my friend, and your life will truly change for the better before your very eyes. 

And thats that, pal. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - Here is what Radha - a lady an alter of mine has been chatting with on Twitter (or, "noticing" I should say, one deeply into manifestation, but UNABLE To manifest what she wants for the most part is the vibe I keep getting from her, and vibes dont lie - and hey, I dont blame her, she's suspiciously similar to my wife in many regards (not all, but many) and the "guru worship" seems to be one). 

To each his or her own but here is what she said. 

Feeling very dull and tired today. Could not even wake up in the morning. Feeling very low on energy. Is it the weather? Is it work? Is it the thought that my building cat does not give me bhaav?? Is it anything else? 

And here is what I wrote in return. 

Try stretching, Princess. Isometrics can and do work wonders! ?

Also , the downtime from too much sustained "thought" - manifestation related. We all need it! Heh

And if you're doer, you'll identify with all the above! 


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