Sunday, 12 February 2023 06:00

Thick hands and old time "farmer like" "black smith like" grip strength that Gorilla Grip will Build - FOR YOU!

As I shook hands with a "trusty" vegetable vendor - I noticed his grip. 

It's surprisingly "soft" at the best of times, but despite the guy being out of shape and having a big belly - he's got THICK hands - the sort of hard, calloused hands that comes from doing heavy duty labor all one's life. 

He used to be a tailor too. 

I've often been told my own hands are "small" - which they are. Delicate, is what I often used to think! And my aunt was right in that I have "long slim fingers, beautiful fingers" as she said (not that I care two hoots about that as my bleeding palms and calluses show, hehe - "surgeon's fingers, talented fingers". 

Well - them fingers can be thick and talented too - though there might be a reason why dude is no longer a tailor. Hehe. 

Anyway - lots of men with strong grips have surprisingly "soft" grips when you grip their hands. 

It's not about trying to out-grip the other person all the time. 

For me, I'll always have a firm grip no matter what - and I'll always remember the lady who shook my hand at work in 2003 - small, petite lady, yet, her grip - my! 

"You've got a damn strong grip", I remember saying. 

So do you, she grinned back (I was holding back - because, well, she's a lady and ... you get my drift, and she knew it. Not that she minded. Hehe). 

I remember my colleagues talking about it later, and how they all agreed my grip and surprise was in response to HERS which was exceptional for her size and gender - just shows, with no excuses, the sky is the limit! 

Anyway - back to old time grip strength - old school forearms - thick - rugged - strong - the HANDS thick and rugged as well as you'll see with many old school weight lifters that do their lifting with thick bars. 

Guys like yours truly who do their training with thick bars might not have that sort of hand structure - but the MUSCULATURE can be built as can the strength which is the good news here. 

Genetically, you may have tiny hands. 

Even Sylvester Stallone does. I remember my ex talking about how small his hands were, and how her hands are bigger than his (apparently Sly's hand size is there somewhere on display in NY). 

Anyhow, as I shook the guy's hand repeatedly this morning, he "no no'd" about his grip, being a bit deferential to the customer. 

But I kept doing it, grinning, and he finally responed with strength in his grip, and then suddenly gripped my hand - arm wrestling style. Hehe. 

Thats the strength that never goes away - years of hard labor - years of hard yards - what I wrote bout RELENTLESS REPETITION this morning! 

(Edit - I knew I forgot something when I first wrote this! It is these sort of people that have seen tough times and therefore dont sweat it with so called "tough times today" and what are essnetially "first world problems" to be very frank - unlike the WUSSES and PANSIES moaning about price rise, inflation and so forth that their own (Democrat) policies have created - or liberal tosh, in short. 

It rhymes too, but jokes apart its true. 

Truly, those who have seen tough times, and these type of folks have - are old school, and dont complain about so called tough times - or do "bad thngs to nobody" - I knew there was a damn good reason I saw that meme this morning! )

Nothing sexy about chopping vegetables or meat all day - or working as an ironmonger - or blacksmith - or a farmer (carrying heavy buckets, corn, and what not all day long in the heat, rain, all of it - especially in countries where farming is not mechanized to the degree it should be - plowing through muddy fields). 

Nothing sexy about repeatedly doing what I tell you in Gorilla Grip - monkey bars - pull-up variants - newspaper work -back and forth, back and forth, for hundreds of reps daily without fail. 

But - if you want old timer like strength, that is what you got to do. 

Could be Doug Hepburn pounding out handstand pushups all day long as an example that motivates you - while he was at work being a lifeguard. 

He didnt do one set, or two, or one day or two. He did them throughout the day - every day he went to work. Key, my friend, and there are tons of more such examples - the Saxon brothers, for one - known for their incredible strenght and "out of the world" grip training hard for like four hours a day. 

You may not need to do that much, or even half, but put in the hard yards you simply MUST if you want to join the ranks and legions of the TRUE GREATS - there are no two ways around this my friend. 

Thick hands, rugged hands, and always remember, "the punch is the last to go on a man" - and so is the GRIP. 

Those of us that have done the thing KNOW what this is about, my friend. 

Anyway - if you're interested in building this sort of rugged, cast iron grip that will last for years and years - well, implement the information I teach you in Gorilla Grip - and Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) and Gorilla Grip (TIPS)  - if you so CHOOSE. 

That last bit is also key, only YOU and You ALONE can make the choice in terms of opening yourself up to a whole new world of ruggedly lasting STRENGTH AND FITNESS - or, if you're content to remain at "normal guy" status. Completely up to you - choice is yours - but if I were you - I know which path I'd go down, and have gone down. And if I were your BROTHER, I know which path I'd point you down! 

And that's that, if you're interested in building them THICK MITTS if I might put it that way - then do yourself  a favor and get the above courses NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee