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This evening, for whatever reason, despite having zero interest in astrology (astro "shastro" - as they call it in Inda, for some reason Indians have a tendency to mangle the English languge into part English part Hindi??) and even less knowledge of it beyond my sun sign - I found myself goggling at Vladimir Putin's horoscope (along with some predictions of Saturn being in retrograde or some such jack). 

Now, Putin's a man i highly admire - so do I admire Trump, and a lot of other guys, and I'll do all I can to find out about someone I admire, but horoscopes? 

Never. Haha. I dont believe in them anyway, yet, I dont know how I got caught up in it - apparently a page discussing why Vladimir wears his watch on the right wrist instead of the left (which has nothing to do with astrology) got me there - dont ask how. 

Before clowns jump on me about it, no, nothing excuses the immense suffering the Ukranian PEOPLE are going through, but you - anyone with any sense - knows that their leader brought it upon them 

If he hadn't jumped up and down about joining Nato - and then taken steps to do it - none of this would be happening. The Russians had already made it very clear this would happen if he tried - and I dont blame them.  What would happen if China stationed missiles in Cuba, or the Russians showed up in Mexico with their artillery? 

Case, point, and closed... 

Of course, it ain't that simple. Geo politics never is, but I'm not here to discuss that - nor am I here to discuss the never ending lunacy of the US and Nato spending billions on an unwinnable war - the opponents here have planned this for years upon years, and the results are clear on the ground (and the Russians haven't even really gone beyond 10% of their REAL capacity). 

Anyway .... 

I then got around to locating my birth certificate - a doc I did not even know I had! 

And my birth time, which I thought for some odd reason was 4 20 AM, but it wasn't. ?

Honestly, it's not!

And surprise surprise, or not - what I Saw caused me to drop dead in my tracks - for about a minute. 

Nigh all the numbers I've been "seeing" over the years - each and everyone of them is in some way, shape or form on that certificate. It's literally who I am, and there aren't a lot of numbers there, but man! 

So then I got looking around at my astrology charts, houses of planets, or planets of houses, and constellation alignments and other stuff that boggles the mind - whoever thought of all this must have had a lot of damn free time on his or her hands. 

Oddly enough though - a lot of the stuff fits. 

that don't mean I'm going to look at the planets the next time I make a decision on anything - NO. It will be gut, instinct and ME as usual, but it IS interesting - maybe it's not all hocus pocus for the most part. 

Even people like Trump etc, you look at their horoscopes, the genuine ones. A lot of that stuff matches .


The ONE thing I couldn't - and have not and cannot explain until now is this, my friend. 

Why despite my relationship with my wife being in the 12th house (the last, hehe) - or non existent actually - she won't consent to a divorce is beyond me - and everyone else that knows the situation. 

It ain't money or the lack thereof. 

It ain't future potential or current, Nazi feminist women dont think about the word "potential" - they see only what is in front of them "now". 

As far as money goes, she'd get and gets all of what she wants either from me or my mom - and if there is any lack she aint the one covering it herself. 

She does have this strange theory of "I'm NEVER going to let him go so he can never have another family again!" - which is strange if you think about what has already happened, continues to happen - and logically, anyone with half a frigging brain knows its just a piece of paper (that often ruins otherwise perfectly good relationships due to the pressure - either consciously or not - imposed on both parties via that idiotic decree). 

So it isn't that either, and it all boils down to one fine thing - I'm a damn fine catch indeed. 

And astrology and all the positive traits in my "houses" or planets or what not aside (apparently "huge money" comes my way, which makes perfect sense too) .... of course I'm a good catch. 

Good looking, intelligent, charming, a real man - alpha male that is sorely needed for one when the household help are acting up (wife's actually, amazingly enough told me to tell them when they are! Though she didnt tell me ogle the bodaciously vivicaious ones out of them, and as she says "you'll make her your girlfriend!") (I likely would, hehe) ... a man's man, physically tough and in great shape, dont whine, dont complain, has a fair bit of wealth though nowhere near what it's going to be in the near future - and so forth. 

And no, for the morbid minded, it ain't about the number 8 and that house being associated with all sorts of dark things (money included - yay) - and me passing ... my money is so tied up in whatever I've got it into that even I cannot access it freely - and thats how it should be, my friend. 

I'm just a damn good catch. Hehe. A man other women all want, covet, and the women I have "sense" it. Thats women for you! 

And being called a movie star, a TV personality, and so many other things, it all makes sense now. 

It also explains my long legion of haters, the bald trolls like Schofield (all of these trolly sorts are bald, and of course, seeing an alpha male with a vibrant shock of hair triggers yet another one of their latent insecurities - hehe)

When you're destined for greatness - and more importantly put in the work and BELIEVE in yourself - anything can happen - regardless of your planet's positions in the natal chart or what not they call it. 

And that, my friend is that. 

My fitness routines play a huge, huge part in this. 

To learn about the routines that get you to "legend" status - and so they will YOU too - click on over HERE now - the 0 Excuses Fitness System - and make sure you grab it TODAY. 


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