Monday, 12 August 2013 08:37

Today's "short and sweet" three exercise routine!

Woke up bright and early today around 10:30AM, hehe, and dove straight into some emails that were waiting for me. Took care of some business related stuff, and then plunged into my workout for the day.

And as you might imagine from the subject, it was a short, sweet and brutally effective routine - consisting of ONLY three exercises - three exercises which gave me a solid overall body workout.

So, what DID I do today?

Jumping jacks, handstand pushups and pull-ups - all within a 40 minute time frame and that was IT.

No "special" movements for the core (certainly no crunches, which I despise).

No routines to "bomb" the pectorals.

Nothing to "pump up" the forearms.

No sets of 100X5 on a leg extension machine to "blitz" the lower legs (and yes, I've actually seen such routines advertised in magazines!)

None of that silliness.

Just 350 jumping jacks, 30 handstand pushups and 20 pullups - and I was FRIED by the end of it.

I made sure to do the handstand pushups in sets of 5, but that got tougher around rep#15 - my 5 second pause at end of each handstand pushups was probably to "blame". Nothing quite recruits the "inner" muscle fibers of the chest and shoulders quite as well as doing this!

(Note: These pauses are advanced movements - so do NOT attempt to do these unless you've gotten proficient at the actual exercises - you'll only fall over and hurt yourself - or worse. It's a great goal to shoot for, though!)
For the pull-ups, I tried pulling myself up so that my lower chest touched the bar a.k.a "sternum" pull-ups. I don't do these quite often, so they were HARD - needless to say I was dripping sweat by the end of it all.

Threw in a few dips to finish my routine off, and that, my friend, was THAT. Came home, stretched a little, and I'm writing to you now - and I feel on top of the world and ready for the rest of my day.

And thats how workouts should be. Short, sweet, but brutally effective. You don't need much at all in the way of equipment to "git 'er done" as you can see - all you really need is a will power, and discipline in heaping measures - and you're good to go!

Sure beats sitting on the couch feeling bloated and hungover after that Sunday night bash. . .!

All for now!

Best Regards,

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