Monday, 09 September 2013 08:19

My favorite T-shirt from China

As regular readers no doubt know by now, one of the highlights of very enjoyable stint in China a few years back was my evening (usually) climbs up a long, steep hill about 10 minutes or so from my apartment complex. Got me in the very best shape of my life in terms of cardio and "skinfold" measurements (if you care about that kind of thing - I don't to be honest), and I miss it even today.

I generally used to climb in one of my old, white, threadbare T-shirts - they were more like thin "exercise vests" to be honest - and they worked GREAT in the heat and humidity of China. Of course, that doesn't mean I wasn't soaked in sweat by the time my climb was over, but a thin T-shirt at least made the heat more bearable.

A lot of you have asked me for pictures of that hill - and while I don't have any of me climbing that particular hill (I didn't have a website at the time, and didn't really think of taking photos), I did manage to find some pictures of the hill on the Internet, which I'll be sharing in future posts. Stay tuned on that one.

Anyhow, being I can be somewhat sentimental at times about "old memories", I never threw away those old T-shirts. Fast forward a few years, and Mrs. Rahul Mookerjee almost whacks me on the head when she saw them. Like, "Can't you at least buy some decent T-shirts??"

Hey, what I can say - ladies can be that way - but we workout fanatics (different from "gym bunnies" or "beach boys") have our own preferences as well, hehe. The older the shirt, the better it gets, at least in terms of getting a workout in - and that's how I've always felt.

Anyway, we were doing some spring cleaning the other day, and out pops one of those very T-shirts.

"Let's put it in the laundry, I'd love to wear that again", I said.

"Wear what??", says my wife, looking at me as if she didn't have a clue - which of course she did.

"Those", I said. "They'll bring back a lot of good memories!".

So we wash them, and I try them on today after my post-workout shower.

And what do I find out??

Well, it's hard to explain - but have you ever tried stuffing a full grown grizzly bear into a medium size T-shirt? It ain't easy to do for sure, and whats more, it ain't pretty - long story short, I almost tore the shoulder right off my beloved T-shirt.

I'm amazed I could wear it back then without any problems - but I've gotten a LOT thicker through the arms, shoulders and upper back since then - and thats all courtesy the Fast and Furious routines I follow on a regular basis. Of course, my "Shoulders like Boulders" routines don't hurt either - I routinely discard shirts that I bought just a few months back, mostly because I can no longer get my arms through them.

So you see, this stuff really, really WORKS.

It works better than lifting weights that are so heavy you end up injuring yourself and put yourself out of the "game" for ages.

It works better than wasting time idling on the pec deck checking out the latest hot mamas walking by.

And it "showl" works better than sitting on your arse and doing nothing at all except beer curls and pretezel pops, hehe.

Give it a try, and you'll find yourself exploding out of your shirts in no time as well!

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