Wednesday, 24 February 2021 06:58

500 pushups VS 100 pull-ups?

Received a great, great question from Gary in the U.S. (Montana??) on "rep numbers" when doing high rep bodyweight stuff. 

He had other questions too, but I'll post the relevant one here - 

(He's a "Zero to Hero!" buyer, so his other questions were in that regard) 

"If I do 500 push-ups daily - when I can. Which is better. 

Or, should I aim for doing more pulluups till Iget to my goal?" 

And that was his question - and it's a great one!

(His goal in terms of pull-ups is 100 pull-ups a day, and he's bought the first book on pull-ups i.e. Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Now, this is a great question again!

Back in the day when I was "el Tubbo", I used to do 500 pushups. 

I set a goal to do them daily. 

I didnt quite get there daily, but in 30 days (it was a month long goal) Id say I cranked out 500 on at least 25 or 26 of those days in my living room in the winter

I'd be sopping with sweat. 

And I'd do them slower than I do now (in the 0 Excuses Fitness System I pound out 250 like nothing in 20 minutes flat, but remember - I didnt know what I do now back then - and remember - I was much fatter back then!) but I still DID 'em. 

Pull-ups, I would do maybe 20-30 and be done with it. 

I'd do 'em on thick bars outside . . . 

In itself, this is a great lesson of who is truly big and who is truly FAT. 

Or, a myth buster that "fat" guys cannot get in shape by doing tons of pull-ups. 

But anyway, so if I had to choose? 

Both great goals, both will get you in great shape. 

If I had to choose? 

Well, it's like a choice (my daughter once posed this question) - if I had to choose BEER or my daughter, which would I. 

"Of course you, honey", I responded. 

"But ... thats like asking me if I had to choose between breathing or drinking water!" 

Of course, it isn't like that, but it is - sort of! 

Same thing HERE. 

BOTH goals should be there in your mind. 

BOTH exercises should be uppermost, first and foremost! 

And aim to get good - damn good - at BOTH!

Having said all that, if it's 500 pushups, ultimately, those make you stronger overall in a way pull-ups can't, and tax the entire body in a way pull-ups cannot, so I'd have to choose that 

But tough one! 

100 pull-ups a day gives you grip and core work like pushups - well, the grip part - and upper back part - and the PULLING MOTION cannot really replicate. 

So, I dont know! 

Do BOTH is what I would say .. 

Last but not least, there is no "equivalent". 

People say "1 pull-up equals 10 pushups" in terms of strength. 

No it doesn't. It doesn't the other way around either. 

Drop these asinine notions if you got 'em my friend. 

I can make ONE pull-up tougher than a hundred press ups, or FIVE, an accepted number in "Jim Shim La La World" pushups way tougher than 50 pull-ups. 

And so it goes, my friend. 

Great question though - thanks for sending it in!

In the meantime, remember that Pushup Central is really starting to ROCK my friend. 

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Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here is the link again for Pushup Central. A must grab!!