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Tuesday, 06 July 2021 03:18

One of my pet peeves, and what I cannot stand more than anything else (almost)

Hypocrisy. Dishonesty. Backstabbing. 

Those are probably the top three pet peeves I have. 

And then, of course, we have something else. 

"those that dont reply to long, well thought out well crafted communication for topics that are important". 

I cannot tell you, my friend, as to how much it IRRITATES me. 

When you write someone a long email - which you've thought out well - which makes your points in a logical, rational manner such that the other person should discuss them as opposed to ignoring - and when said person, individual, or company - just doesnt get back to you, or if they do, they reply with a cursory one line copy and paste it took them perhaps ten seconds to type out. 

You can just tell they ain't read what you wrote!

I get this sort of attitude all the time - from big companies, small companies, medium sized, and of course - individuals as well 

We are how we think, and it's no surprise that this sort of thing has just increased these days. 

It really started happening to me a few years back. 

I'd write back. I'd message. I'd contact someone. 

And then ... Crickets. 

Radio silence. 

Or, an irritated "we're too busy!" reply when you ask the other person. 


No-one's too busy, my friend. 

Fact is, if you're important enough, people will find time to reply. 

As Marc the African Silverback Gorilla rightly said when I complained about all this to him. 

"You're right, Rahul. I agree. If they dont get back within 24 hours it's just plain disrespect". 

(I usually give people at least 24 hours to get back, but beyond that? I agree!) 

And to me it isn't just about disrespect. 

To me I feel irritated and aggravated that I wasted my time typing or otherwise explaining or making a point - and the other person just flat out ignores it - either because they cannot logically reply to the points being made - or because they dont know how to "mollify" the person writing in i.e. sometimes the other person is just right, and we gotta accept that in a rational manner - or, because they're too lazy to read. 

I gave you the example of utterly horrendous customer service from Google in an e-mail or so a few days ago, no? 

Yes, I think I did! 

Back in the day, when I was working I.T for Freddie, one of the managers had some issue. 

I wrote them a polite email back asking them to please detail HOW it happened (note - this wasn't one of those useless emails where you already explain what happened, and they write back asking you the obvious yet agian - this was a first response) and so forth ... (or the emails which yo ujust open, and you know from the BS up top that they're interested in mostly platititudes, but not SOLVING the issue). 

I got a terse, annoyed response. 


Rather than writing long emails you shoudl come here and fix it!" 

Freddie was copied in on that too. 


Problem was, he wasn't willing to explain what and how exactly it happened, and if he didnt, well, all the "going there" wouldn't fix jack shyt. 

But again, thats another example. 

He simply couldn't be arsed to reply. 

Lots of people aren't. 

"Too busy". 

Personally, nothing irritates me more than not getting replies, and this is just getting more and more frequent these days. 

I mean, inaction is pathetic. 

For instance, if I send an email, write back with your thoughts - unsubscribe - do SOMETHING - anything!

I suppose "no news is sometimes good news". 

But to me I'd rather hear back from my customers, talk to them, find out whats going on in their lives etc, and then (if they're interested) - tell them about myself, and so forth. 

All requires communication, my friend, which is a skill sadly lacking in most people. And companies! 

"The passionate 2% will always rule over the demotivated and non-passionate 98%" was the summary of something I read on Twitter the other day. 

It's so true!

Live life with gusto and passion, friend. It's theo nly one you got!

And as far as the getting back thing, and actually making customers and people feel like, you know, they've been HEARD - its only Amazon thats doing the job right these days I feel. 

True, their frontline service has become nigh atrocious. 

True, some of the canned bot responses and "ignoring" I get is insanely aggravating and annoying. 

But at the end of the day, if you're persistent, someone with an actual grasp of the issue you've raised, and a proper understanding of it will actually get back to you and make you feel that you've at least been heard - which to me is the most important. 

Make your voice heard !

Write back with reviews, questions about exercise, training, anything - I'm here for YOU, my friend. 

But the radio silence my friend is what "irritates me the most" - because to me time is money, and time spent crafting well thought out pieces of communication that garner very little response might or might not be time wasted, and ... ah, but we got into that! 

Back soon - I had to get that off my chest. Now I have!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Be sure and pick up the most "non time wasting", "get down to brass tacks" JUST DO IT Fitness system here

PS #2 - Oh, on that note, another thing that irritates the heck out of me? Folks trawling the internet, or bots or what not, and sending me auto emails to the tune of "hey! We want to feature our article on your site" - or some recent lunacy about me adding someone elses link onto a strength and conditioning email I sent out "to get exposure i.e. they'd expose me once to their social media list, or actually, they never told me how many times they'd do it" - or asking if I want to buy beer kegs, or so forth, and of course, to these people, when you email them back its what? Radio silence!

Pathetic to the say the least ... 

Like, people seem to forget when propositioning the other person that everyone functions on the principle of "whats in it for me!" 

PPS - Thank you again Amazon - you did the right thing (I wont get into that story here, but they eventually did the right thing). Hopefully, as I said in my email to jeff, you guys manage to sort out the issues (that have really magnified as of late) in India. I'm sure you will. Persistence solves all, and I'm sure Mr Bionic i.e. Jeff "Relentless" BEzos would be the first to agree!

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