Often times, I gotta laugh out loud.

And one of the comments from the Bozo (Bozo Glyn Schofield on public welfare in the UK and probably recovering from his latest you know what fueled binge) NEVER ceases to crack me up.

Well, two things.

“Terrible trash for tom toms”, he goes with regard to one of my books – while then calling himself a tom tom in the next line (after some haphazard workout copying from the “free preview” section of the book, hehe).

Or the blog I suspect ...

Anyway, here is a gem I’d like to reshare.

Please show me evidence that you’ve sold a single book. I am a pound (he sent the sign, which I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get on here) millionare, and can prove it”.

Of course he didnt prove squat.

The “pound millionaire” who has time to haunt all the online forums, troll just about everyone he comes in contact with (and then get beat up for it) – and of course, steal money from his “Friends”, screw them over – well – we’ve been over all that.

As a person I was communicating with recently said on this issue.

“Bozos’s reviews have zero or less credibility. He hasn’t even read any of the books – can he evven read? Maybe he should be slapped across the face, come to think of it, thats probably just what someone should do to him”.

(I’m paraphrasing from memory here, but that was the gist).

I agree. Hehe.

And thats probably the reason behind his repeated “private” hospital visits. Heh.

Last I heard he was bumming around in “Chung King mansions in HK” (the hood if there ever was one and Hong Kong's version of a ghetto - though to be fair there's some nice hotels on the top floors)  and then a hovel in the Phillippines before his friend finally relented and flew his ass back to the UK, so I dont know about fancy hospitals etc!

Unless he’s managed to dupe some poor broad yet again. Yet another rude awakening lies in store ...


But really, an apt response to all of this would be as such.

“Can you prove I didnt sell a single book”?

LOL ...

Silly idiotic questions deserve those sort of answers!

But really, as for evidence, there is a time to ask, and a time NOT to.

For instance, the courts are right in asking the Trumpinator to either “put up or shut up”.

Dont get me wrong.

I love Trump and I wished with all my heart he was the Prez again, but hey. Fair and square bro.

If you lost, he lost, and of course Trump knows all this ...

But fitness wise, there IS evidence.

From 120 to 60 kgs (yours truly)

From customers telling me that my exercises truly build “indestructible human beings”!

From thos ethat have spent their entire life in physical vocations, or dangerous vocations telling me that my workouts are what really hit the spot, and give one the FUNCTIONAL FITNESS one needs to SURVIVE in real life.

And indeed, given what the world is and has come to ...

“Nuff said me thinks.

So the non-Bozos reading this – DO pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System, my friend. You’ll see plenty of proof that the system works and more in the videos – and of course when you first GET on the system yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As for the Bozos reading this (I’m sure there are others! Schofield said he “something of a pioneer”himself in terms of trolling, but I’m sur ehe ain’t the only one, hehe) – feel free to vent away as well. I’m all ears. HA!


Matty Hayden a legend in world cricket, and a guy I’ve always loved.

A guy that wasn’t given a chance to succeed in India on their OWN turf and yet did it in a manner that boggled both expectation and imagination while the rest of the team fell around him like ninepins.

In cricket, you have THREE (well, mostly) sort of batters.

One, the technicians. The current Indian skipper Virat “hustler” Kohli probably falls into this category.

Then you got the swashbuckling pirates.

Sir Vivian Richards. Kevin Pietersen. Probably Glenn Maxwell in the current Aussie team, though I wouldn’t quite put him in that league just as yet. But I WOULD put him in another league I’ll mention below ...

(And Ricky Ponting, Aussie captain of yore. BOY THAT BOY COULD BAT!!)

Then of course you got the sheer MAGICIANS.

Steve Smith in the current Aussie cricket team looks closest to a magician than anyone else in the world right now!

(I’ve always loved Australia and especially their cricket team, hehe. And it looks like they’ve recovered very well from the bruising ball tampering scandal at the Newlands...)

Speaking of bruisers.

Thats the 4th category.

Massive, well built batters that just stride down the track, INTIMIDATE the bowlers, and simply smash the damn thing out of the park – or BLUDGEON would be a better word!

Matty Hayden falls into THIS category.

Big Matt the bat he was called, and for a good reason!

I dont know if you’ve seen him in his prime, and probably even now, but one look at his upper body – especially that massive chest and shoulders – well – I dont know if he knows who Doug Hepburn was, but damn – he could give ole Doug and some of the current WWE wrestlers some serious, serious competition me thinks. 

Naturally strong man, BRUTE strength like my buddy from the Marines ...


And he smashed many a cricket ball out of the park!

I still remember a “lasting visual” of him getting into it with the Poms, James Anderson I believe it was, hehe.

And while Anderson and Paul Collingwood aren’t exactly “small characters” – well – Hayden positively DWARFED the three of them in that “stare down” (Ricky “Punter” Ponting looked positively TINY in comparison).

Anyway ...

Whats thepoint of all this, you might ask.

This (yet another) trip down memory lane. Hehe.

Especially those of you not into cricket, and more into the “Red Sox”, hehe.

Well, its this my friend.

To build that sort of shoulder strength and POWER – like Doug Hepburn – or ole “Big Matt the BAT” – then you TRAIN that way.

And you dont neglect the mental!

Hayden would often sit on a cricket pitch for hours before the game, VISUALIZING and meditating, exactly the same as yours truly and many others who “get it” do.

Not what youd expect from a man known mostly for his “strength” and batting prowress.

He also cooked “dal” (lentils) in India I believe. I think he also has a cookbook out! Hehe.

Great guy overall – and a legend of the game.

And while I dont think he has an inkling of 0 Excuses Fitness and the lot, my point is this (back to it, yes).

To build shoulder strength – SIZE – and POWER like that – well – you follow and do what the greats did.

And I’ve outlined it ALL for you in Shoulders like Boulders, and Battletank Shoulders.

Grab this now, my friend. It truly IS the “best thing” in terms of developing those imposing shoulders, grizzly like pushing strength, and of course barndoor like “bat lats”!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – Here is what a customer recently had to say about Battletank Shoulders.

Another BARNSTORMER, Rahul!


Yet again the bodyweight guru smashes it out of the park with "the book" on building shoulder size and power.
Like Rahul's other books this one is elegant in it's "simplicity" (simplistic not easy).
If you like to "train savage" this is must have book!!!
Bravo Rahul bravo.


Indeed, my friend.

Indeed! (Review is on the Amazon UK page for you amazon fans out there).

PS #2 – Why this sudden trip down memory lane about Big Matt of all things? Well – that story about swimming with the sharks and the post I did on it – will never go away from my mind! True MACHISMO, and true “ do it yourself and save your life” kinda thang. Ole style Aussie, like it should be!

PPS – And while I have no idea if Matty Hayden did handstand pushups, I would NOT be surprised if he did. I repeat, I wouldn’t be a damn bit surprised if that wasn’t one of his favorite exercises.

And I’lltell you one damn thing – Doug Hepburn DID do them and has gone on record saying that THESE were the secret behind his prodigious STRENGTH and SIZE!

Believe me, it’s not just strength and size – it’s feeling as well! They make you feel like a BRUISER, like a KING amongst men when you do it right.

Get on the program right NOW, my friend.

Sage lesson indeed in today’s email, so hang tight and let’s sget into it.

I remember reading this on Ben Settle’s site once ...

“My concealed carry instructor once said that “everyone’s goin gto do what they’re going to do””

(in short)

(and being I read this a year or so ago, I do not remember the exact wording his instructor used – but basically what he was saying was “you can take a horse to water but you cant make it drink”. )

What do I mean?

Well, consider for example yours truly’s long, Jesus like (at a point, and getting there again now) LOCKS.

Complimented by a well hidden BALD Spot, hehe.

Hair that everyone (excepting a few people) have despised ever since I knew.

I remember a highly idiotic teacher in high school (we used to call him “The Watchman” for he was the one assigned to catch those in the habit of “bunking” (sorry, thats an old British term,hehe) class etc) looking me up and down in 12 th grade and having THIS to say.

“You want me to cut your hair off for you, boy!?”

Menacing, imposing. Giggle, giggle.

Or my Dad in eighth grade ...

Or my Mom throwing a fit about it when I returned from China for a brief sojourn in 2006 ...

Or my wife, who makes it a point to boot me to the barber every chance she gets (and she doesnt get many, but she tries).


Even I’m laughing writing this!

But reall,y point begets.

Amidst all this, I cannot recall a time where I’ve had short hair consistently for any length of time.

Regardless of the fact that according to these fine folks – “I look more handsome with short hair”.

Right ...

I highly doubt people would getting their panties in a wad over it if that were to be the case.

And even if that were to be true, so what.

I don’t like short hair on myself, period.

So, I keep it long!

And thats as simple as it gets, and what it boils down. Given I’m hardly parading about nude in public, I think thats an allowance that can be made, no (is what I tell these people).

Not that it does a damn bit of good.

Because guess what.

Everyones gonna do what they’re going to do ultimately.

Me, you, them, everyone.

You can take a horse to water, brah, but you simply cannot “make” it drink.

Fitness wise, thats why I never try and “argue” my own point with people who’re clearly not interested.

When people call me up and try and “draw me” (bait me) into the “Deadlifts are better than pull-ups” idiotic discussion, I dont take it (I used to earlier, but now, no longer).

All you’ll get out of me is a simple “OK”.

And thats it!

For some reason, that infuriates these nuts more, hehe.

Andthey keep trying to press their own point of view to me, and it might as well so much water sliding down a duck’s (or a beached whale’s) back .. 


If someone doesnt want to do something, they wont do it.

Fitness wise, if you here on this list WANT to make something off yourself, and your fitness levels, and indeed life in general, well, I’m HERE for you and then some and I’ll give you all the advice you need – and then some!

But if you’re inclined to do the exact opposite, well, then guess what.

Youwon’t hear a peep outta me.

Because, “they’re going to do what they will, and so will everyone, and ...”

Ah, but wait. We covered that one before didnt we??

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Pick up the best damned fitness system TODAY, my friend.

Monday, 30 November 2020 11:58

How far ahead are YOU?

One of the things that I always ask everyone (well, on my coaching calls that is) in terms of progressing at anything (life, fitness, workouts, relationships etc) is this.

HOW FAR AHEAD are you – right now – of both the herd and yourself?

Por ejempelo, lets say you got a goal to do 100 pushups at ONE shot.

No breaks.

Perfect form.

No sagging.

Just up and down, up and down ... (no pun intended, hehe, especially given that email on supposed porno or what not).

Chest to the floor, back up. ALL the way.

A 100 of those suckers at ONE GO.

Now, you know the how of how to get there – or if youdont, Pushup Central will teach you. The techniques, I mean!

But really, when you DO the thing.

ARE you doing ‘em throughout the day?

ARE YOU doing what you can?

ARE YOU doing the isometrics if you can’t do a single pushup?

ARE you focusing on different variations?

Most of all, and this encapsulates all of the above – how much do you really want it?

If you do, you’ll likely be doing all of the above, and then some.

Ahead of yourself.

And the herd, that tries once a day and gives up.


I know which side I’d rather be on. 

I dont know if you guys have noticed, but I have my writing done in advance too.

To prepare for that rainy day where I dont “feel like writing” (which of course never happens, but just in case).

Do YOU have that sort of seriousness about your LIFE – and BUSINESS?

To make plans -backup plans – and all of that in the flow?

No, that ain’t contradictory!

If you do, I can tell you which way you’re going in life.

It’s UP.

And if you don’t, you are either stagnant, or going down, and they’re both the one and the same thing.

All fo rnow!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – It’s been said it requires 10,000 hours of practice to really get good at something. I often say that absolute mastery of an exercise is something VERY FEW, if ANY people can achieve, including the great Bruce Lee who did thumb pushups for hundreds of reps per set!

How about a handstand thumb pushup??

(Note – dont try it!)

And so forth.

Point is, if you want to achieve, then DO. And do more than the herd, and outdo yourself too. It shoul dbe a competition with YOU first, and then the rest !

What I am going to say here might sound STUPENDOUS to say the least.

But bear with me, as it makes sense (like most of what I say does if you really READ what I am saying and UNDERSTAND).

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen meditation to be touted as some sort of magic “fix it all” for all problems.

I cannot tell you how many times people post on social media etc about NOT being able to do what the “gurus” advocate, that being meditate with NO thoughts and a calm mind.

And then in the same verse, they say “meditate to calm the mind”.

OK, so if it’s to calm the mind ,what if one doesnt have a calm mind already.

Do it, they say.

What about the thoughts (if you’re truly meditating, you should not be “thinking” consciously).

You’re not supposed to have any, they say.

But they dont tell you HOW.

And thats why I term the majority of these Babas and so called spirtualists as CHARLATANS.

Yours truly has been called a “Seer” by many.

Or, a “modern day Gandhi” (and I dont like Gandhi at ALL!).

But really, it’s true, because I go WITHIN and do what is SUPPOSED to be done.

Here is what Michelle, a FB friend posted the other day (I’m posting from memory, but this is the sum and substance of what she said, translated into English).

“Buy essential oils, I try meditate, but can’t calm mind, friend zone, any suggestion?”

What she meant was was trying to meditate, but she couldn’t due to the barrage of thoughts entering her head when she did so, and I’m not sure if the essential oils cured her “issue” either.

Most likely NOT.

But it’s simple, my friend.

Don’t force it 

Curiously enough, the best time to meditate is not when you have conscious goals or things that need to be done NOW and are stressing you out.

Get those things done.

And then meditate, as I’m about to after writing this to you.

Otherwise, and I’ve noticed this – you’ll have more of the thought sof “I need to do this” popping into your mind (because meditation done right FOCUSES the mind on what you REALLY WANT out of life – emphasis on “really” – not what you THINK you want).

Or what you “need”. NO.

And in either case you’ll notice that not only do you feel mentally refreshed, but you feel INVIGORATED and new ideas will pop into your mind seemingly out of nowhere.

And thats that for now. In the future, I’ll share a very special visualization secret that I recently discovered (and that I’ve shared on my coaching calls) which allows you to BANISH all thoughts from your mind as soon as they pop in.

Actually, I’ll share TWO things that I haven’t as of now.

For now, make sure to workout on a regular basis too.

Combine the two, and you can’t go wrong!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Now, I’ve often said that Hindu pushups and squats often put me into a meditative sort of trance, and the effects are beyond what “sitting meditation” can accomplish. Try it, and you’ll see (remember, focus on the breathing!).

PS #2 – and no, the goal isn’t to be Boddhidharam who reportedly meditated for 8 years at a stretch and stared at a wall, and had his eyelids cut off so he wouldn’t fall”asleep”. Whether or not he did that I know not, but for you, focus on PRACTICAL benefits the practice gives YOU. Not what the charlatans claim!

Monday, 30 November 2020 08:50

Muscle memory, and more ...

I remember a time in my life when I did not do a single pull-up for what seemed like ages (it was about a month- gasp!)

I’ve written of course about the time when I did not do any pushups for years, and how it HIT me when I finally started back up again (despite already being damn good at pull-ups).

Now, during this time I did pushups.

Plenty of ‘em.

And I really, really focused on handstand pushups.

Done in sets.

Done throughout the day.

And so forth.

I was really busy at the time doing a LOT of writing – sort of like I’ve been over the past few weeks NOW (and I dont predict it getting better any time soon, hehe).

And so I was knocking out mini workouts like I so often advocate.

When I went back to pull-ups, and I wrote about this I believe, I expected to effortlessly rock back into doing ‘em.

Not so my friend.

The first day I was amazed at how “different” it felt - and this BE the pull-up MASTER talking, hehe.

Not hard.


Funny part is this, tho ...

Once I got back to the park the second time to do ‘em, I started banging them out again with little or no “effort”.

And the thick bars, static holds – all came ROARING back with a vengeance, and then some.

Took all of three workouts, or two I should say to get back to BETTER than normal.

So, lesson here?

Or lessons?


One, muscle memory doesn’t go away if you train RIGHT. (no, the pumping and toning at the gym won’t build any sort of decent muscle memory. Sorry, but it’s true).

Second, pushups are of VITAL importance to any exercise program, and there is a reason why I call pushups the best exercise ever, and the BIG DOG of fitness in the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Get good at pushups, and you’ll improve at everything else, but the reverse isn’t necessarily true.

And hence, I put out the supplementary exercises section in my books and course on pull-ups, both the elementary one (which is more than enough for most, to be honest) and the advanced course.

Super advanced be on the way too, hehe. Watch this space for more (i fyou’re interested in that!).

There is a reason though you see wrestlers and boxers pump out a ton of pushups, but lesser number for pull-ups.

Not saying they’re not good.

They are! One of the best exercises you can ever do!

But, pushups, pushups, pushups. Like I keep saying, hehe. Can’t be ignored!

(Not if you’re serious about real strength , health and fitness, not necessarily in that order).

And third?

Handstand pushups help to build pulling ability WAY more than you’d think if done right, and thats why I advocate doing them the way I do in my books – completely opposite to what most people think it should be like, but again, there is a reason.

And fourth?

Well, a lot of you love my books in paperback format.

And as of now, all of my stuff is digital (because it seems MANY people love it digital as well, especially the videos etc).

But as a bonus for purchasing off my site, and this is something you guys may or may not have noticed, I include a “faq” manual (an entire tiny course unto itself, really) along with Shoulders Like Boulders, for one, which is yours free if you buy off the site in digital format.

On Amazon etc you’ll have to fork out a tiny bit extra for it ... which is fine, of course, if you prefer it that way.

But I believe in giving those that buy off the site – as well as other loyal customers – a BENEFIT ... and that is the benefit here!

Alright, my friend. I’m out for now. Back soon – I’m sure! Hehe/


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I talk a lot, but believe me, DO what I say, and you WILL become a better YOU – and the fittest you’ve ever been.

In came a comment from Bozo Schofield, whining as usual.

“No-one likes you!”

“The gorilla, the marine, Chuck” ... and on went the list.

Dont know about gorillas and “Chuck” is what Itold him , but the marines and high powered lawyer may have a different opinion on this, hehe.

But anyway, here is what my Dad (with whom it’s well known I dont agree upon anything at all, except those few things that yes, he WAS right about – slipped in “in between” and quietly, hehe, that stuck with yours truly).

Back in the day, when I was working for Freddie, at least in the “initial days of the job” I was doing my damndest to stand out – and make a case for myself.

Freddie hired me on gut and because he liked me.

(sorry, bozos, hehe)

But, the reason he presented to his boss was my I.T. knowledge and he needed a website built, and so forth ...

... And I was starting to get a little too aggressive with my follow ups on this with my managers (well, with “the” managers I should say, since I reported directly to the GM i.e. Freddie) ...

And in a moment of self doubt (back in those days sometimes it did crop up, hehe) I mentioned it in passing to my father when he was asking about it I believe.

“It’s not your job to be liked”, he commented quietly. “You’re there for your career!”

Actually, it was emailed to me now that I recall ...

... and of course, much to his probable and potential consternation, his other piece of advice on “toning it down” was completely ignored (i.e .the part about “sometimes you have to bottle it up andbe politically correct” and “white lie”).

I went the whole humpty, as I always do, have done, and WILL continue to do as I mentioned in that last “there” e-mail ...

And it shows, doesnt it?

IF something is right, then I say it no matter what.

If I didnt do something, such as “get an infamous email sent way back in 2012” that I was accused of, then (maybe it was 2013) I WILL say I didnt, and I WILL stand my ground regardless of what jobs I might get canned for.

As I discussed with Charles Mitchell a few months ago, at the end of the day you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror.

The only way I can do that is if I a) stick up for what I believe in , b) do the right thing no matter what and c) STICK TO MY GUNS!

C) is often times the most important.

No, I ain’t “preaching” here, friend. It’s TRUE.

Fitness wise, same thing.

Despite the hordes gravitating to the gyms and weights in the hope of fitness nirvana, I WILL point them down the 0 Excuses Fitness route anyway.

Despite the nuts benching cows in the gym and hurting their shoulders beyond repair, I WILL continue to state the benefits of handstand pushups until the cows comes how to roost (was that rooster, hehe).

And so forth.

It ain’t about sales. I’d probably make more – way more if I catered to the sheeple out there

But I ain’t gonna do it.

Thats not me.

It just ain’t me!

Never has been, never will be.

What I give you is what I do – and what works – flat out works – better than ANY OTHER bodyweight exercise program out there even!

And I am prepared to go the extra mile or five more, hehe, to back that up!

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System here.

I’m not going to mention WHO.

Because if I did ... well, nothing actually.

But I ain’t gonna mention the persons by name on this one, if just to see how many of you have been paying attention to “el cavemano”. Hehe.

Over the months, years, and so forth ...

... And here it goes.

“You’ve spoilt my whole life!”

And so goeth the chant from two people, and also the one and only BOZO Schofield, and if you’d boil his insanity down to one thing, it is this.

“Rahul has always done what he wanted, and ultimately (even after he went through hell occasionally) GOTTEN what he wanted somehow”.

And it’s true.

Could be workout wise, me losing that spare tyre (or 10, hehe) I once had around my waist.

Could be financially, and pulling rabbits out of the hat when NO-ONE expected it.

Hit ‘em when they dont expect it, hehe.

My wife had THIS to say about me at that job I once worked at. THAT job.

“Khota sikka”.

Now, I had no inkling what this meant.

“It’s a Hindi expression”, she replied. “It means someone who can pull a rabbit out of the hat, or a Houdini when ALL is lost”.


I’ve always been a big game player.

I do NOT shy away from BIG challenges, but the small, routine ones?

As Dr. K famously said, I’m not much of a one for Mickey Mouse stuff, hehe.

And that shines through in BattleTank shoulders – and “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER stud within a matter of weeks” – and Animal Kingdom Workouts – and literally ALL my fitness stuff and other writing.

I go the whole humpty friend. I either do it or I dont. No middle ground!

But anyway, the same people who said what they did ...

The profoundly loony and moronic Bozo? Well, enough said on him.

The other person was one who always HAS to have her own way no matter what and make others do her bidding and a person who hasn’t earned a SINGLE dollar, rupee, RMB, or anything in her life – and yet tells others how to do it.


Like a bald man giving yours truly advice on how to grow hair, hehe.

The other person?

Well, despite her many stellar qualities she steadfastly refuses to either acknowlege or realize, she has to blame everyone else BUT her for her current position in life.

And I’m not going to get into specifics here.

But point begets.

If YOUR own life ain’t where you want to be, bro, then STOP BLAMING others for it either consciously or not.

YES, some of us have it tougher. Always have.

YES, the cards aren;t always dealt FAIR in life.

But guess what.

Thats how the cookie crumbles, brah.

If you take longer to get good at handstand pushups than I did, or do it much quicker – well – thats how it is!

From Christ to Edison to Ford, all the men that have really accomplished anything of note have done so ONLY after surmounting temporary defeat of the MOST frustrating, disappointing, obstinate and stubborn onces.

That is not me saying it. It’s Napoleon Hill in “Outwitting the Devil”.

And he was right.

Think of that line anytime you’re down, my friend, and if you’re truly a person that gets it, and one of life’s doers, you shouldn’t need any more of a pick me up other than this!

Gotta go now, but I’ll be back with more soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Fitness wise, I already gave you the link for some inspiration. But life wise? Well, I’ve put out Gumption Galore, a collection of my best tips of yore ... and if you print that little sucker out and keep it by your bedside, I can guarantee you one damn thing.

You’ll never ever run short of inspiration again!

Sunday, 29 November 2020 10:37

Wolf workouts, and building momentum!

It’s often said that once you’ve got momentum BUILDING – or BUILT up – at anything – you’re unstoppable.

Could be a cricket match (currently we have India vs Australia where India is chasing a mammoth score that the Aussies pulverized India for – btw – a shout out to the Aussie cricket team – I’ve always loved ‘em - - great, great “barnstormers” if I may borrow the term John!).

Especially Smith and Maxwell, but of course, Kohli and Rahul may have something to say about that! ;)

(Edit - just checked, and the "King" of one day chases is out, hehe). 

We’ll see how it pans out.

In the meantime though ... I’ve been feeling weak today. That stomach bug left me a bit weak it seems, and though I slept most of it off, and woke up feeling fine, I wasn’t sure what to write to you about.

Guess what I did.

I (and I know many are going to hate me for saying this, hehe) ... JUST DID IT!

Built momentum with a few sentences and though today was supposed to be a writing free day, I’m back at it!

Same thing for workouts, bro.

You just do it. Despite the hoo haa that Charles, a friend of mine made about my “just do it” approach ultimately it’s what WORKS – in life – biz – fitness.


And then YOU JUST DO IT, bro!

No whining. No whinging No Mama’s Boy Scofield drama.

You get down to it.

And you just do it!

Anyway, wolves.

I’ve written before about that, hehe.

How an Uncle of mine often called me a “wolf” for my lifestyle.

And he was right, of course. I prefer “caveman”, but lone wolf works fine too!

(The Bozo got that part right, although he used the term “loner” as if it was something to be ashamed of. Yes. Figured he’d say that. Bozos generally make those judgements!

Guess what – when you cut out bozos out of you life and become a “loner” and associate ONLY with those that are aligned with YOU and lift you UP as opposed to drag you DOWN – is the day your life will improve, and how!).

(You wont believe it – it’ll seem like magic, but it’s true. Cut what you dont want out of your life, and scary though the thought might be, guess what replaces it!)

And for a brief while there, I thought about becoming “Denzel” in Training Day and putting out “Wolf Workouts”, hehe.

Thats a rooster, dawg! Give me a wolf!


I love ole Denzel. Training day is one of my favorite flicks. Right up there!

And ... it’s workouts like I advocate – WOLF like workouts done on your lonesome without the bros primping and preening and posing and looking at the girls next to you.

It’s the WOLF like workouts that give you gumption – strength – character – and the DESIRE, WILL and power to face ANYTHING in life!

Ever wondered how most prisoners are in such kick ass shape? Charles Bronson for one?

And I’ll leave you be on that note!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pushups and Isometrics were part of Bronson’s routine. Dont believe me? Well – read his book – and no, I get nothing for promoting it, but what he said was true – and thats precisely what I have been saying !

PS 2 – NO, I do not advocate breaking the law to get in shape, hehe. I know that sounds silly to say, but trust me – with some of the nimrods out there on the Web readin gthis via Google or whatever – well – I had and have to say it! Hehe. Like I tell people to be “careful” when doing handstands. You would be nigh on surprised at how the elementary things need to be drilled into the vast majority of people!

Recently a customer ordered three of my books off Amazon (in addition to a few others he owns already).

His goal is to own everything I’ve written (fitness books) . . .which I can’t say is an entirely bad thing if you’re into true and functional fitness routines – that just flat out work – and make NO excuses for doing so!

What do I mean?

Well, lets hear it from the man himself, John Walker (from the U.K.) ... here is what he has to say about Battletank Shoulders (he owns Shoulders like Boulders already) - -

Another Barnstormer Rahul!!!


Yet again the bodyweight guru smashes it out of the park with "the book" on building shoulder size and power.
Like Rahul's other books this one is elegant in it's "simplicity" (simplistic not easy).
If you like to "train savage" this is must have book!!!
Bravo Rahul bravo.
John Walker.

 .... for Corrugated Core .... 

Not Another Abs Book

This is functional core training, not your usual get "buffed for the beach" nonsense.
This is hardcore training for a hard core, if you're after performance above pretty, then this is for you.
John Walker.


For "Gorilla Grip" (advanced) - he owns the "basic" version already ... 

Awesome book! 

If you've ever dreamt of having a grip so strong that it's literally intimidating, then look no further than this book, if you follow the advice in this book and you're prepared to put in the work you will develop a grip that is quite literally terrifying.


Well, my friend, I think (for a change, hehe) yours truly doesnt need to say much in addition to whats been already said.

Except for thanks for the great reviews again ,John – and happy, happy TRAINING!

I’m out – and I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And he’s right. Simple doesnt necessary equate to easy. Like the great Fred Herman said, selling is simple – but not necessarily easy! And the SAME thing holds true for my fitness programs. Get on them NOW my friend – you’ll never look back!

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