Well, as we come back online after a bit of a "day long" break as it were, I gotta say this.

It's a dog eat dog world, huh.

Been that way for years, except people didnt see it coming - and refused to listen when people that did told them.

Now it's upon us well and truly.

Anyway - you may this is about  me saying "now is the time to get fit with your own bodyweight if nothing else".

And as customers have told me "there is NO time more than now your training methods are more useful, all you need is your own bodyweight, no gym required!"

But while all that is very true, what I'm about to tell you is ... ah, but lets backtrack to a few months ago when I was doing pull-ups in the park, and a friend with two RAMBUNCTIOUS, but not overly huge dogs showed up.

In real life - in my dream last night they showed up too, except they were bigger and more muscular, I could feel the muscle RIPPLE - literally!

Anyway, both dogs are fairly young, one younger than the other.

And both are VERY friendly. Yellow labs both, an ex of mine loved those (she's no longer with us) . . .

"Hi Suresh!" I remember saying.

And just like that, the dogs bounded up to me (dogs and me - I've got a long history there, hehe, right from an uncle once telling me "I was a natural with dogs" in the Indian himalayas when we i.e. a cousin of mine and me befriended the hotel dogs - I remember my sister saying "they're friendly because you feed 'em" - and my Uncle sagely shook his head and said NO - because of the LOVE these boys give 'em! - that was the same Uncle I write about a lot ..) - and one of the dogs jumped up and "high fived me in the chest"

(another Uncle showed up in the dream by the way. Hehe. More on that later).

But that high five, I remember, it felt like a TRAIN hit me - I was almost knocked over, and mans best friend wasn't even running at full tilt.

He simply jumped up from a distance of say - a few "steps away"

I remember thinking back then "woah, what if this dog really RUNS - and then flies up at you!"

Animal kingdom strength is something that when you feel it, you KNOW it - instantly.

It's different from human strength. It feels different, ungodly strength, OUT of this world strength. If you dont believe me, try grabbing a tiny baby chimp by the hand and see what happens. (note - I would NOT recommend any sane human doing this, hehe).

Even if not just strength - then speed, agility, dogs - and other animals mostly - have us ALL beat in those regards.

True, the human being has a brain which he can use far better which puts him on top, and therefore the evolution from chimp to man.

But along the way we lost - or most of us lost - our PRIMAL instincts - what made us REAL MEN.

We became wimps and sissies that claim real workouts and real exercises are too tough to do, we became a group of people looking for and happy to make, and even justify those excuses ...

We became fat and BLUBBERY.

And we became SOFT - at the core - both physically - and mentally. I could write a tome on all this, but the facts bear me out.

Anyway, where was I. I've been interrupted twice while writing this, thoughts in a jumble right now. Hehe. Except maybe thats how it was supposed to be for this one!

Anyway - man's best friend isn't mentioned a lot if at all in Animal Kingdom Workouts - the one book that will truly show you how to workout ANIMAL style - how you can not only get into the best shape of your life, but FEEL the best ever while doing these animal movements.

Lots of people pooh pooh them as being too simple and are then humbled when (if they have the balls to) they actually DO 'em.

Lots of people do 'em, but they do 'em wrong.

Not to mention the ungodly strength you can develop which DOES translate over into real life strength and massive improvement on your other exercises (yes, pull-ups too!) with these movements.

Man's best friend isn't mentioned a lot in the book above - maybe when I come out with Acquatic Animal Kingdom Workouts. Hehe. Doggy paddle and what not.

(though believe me, that is a SERIOUS book in the making).

But the mighty grizzly is.

The monkey is.

The TIGER is (or all cats, really).

And so forth.

Each of these magnificent beasts moves a different way and if YOU the reader want to bring back the BEAST in you- no exceptions - then you owe it to yourself to not just get the course now but incorporate some form of animal kingdom movement in EVERY workout you do!

Trust me, even those of you that can pump out tons of pushups and pullups will FEEL different when you do just 30 seconds of the simple bear crawl for one, and thats only ONE variation of the exercise..

Go ahead and get the course now.

And start developing that ungodly "superhuman like" (as some customers have so aptly said) strength TODAY.


Rahul Mookerjee

It isn't so much their accomplishments in life - or otherwise - or in the Octagon in the former's case, and the football field (and now the Republican Party - GO HERSCHEL!!) - or the boxing ring in the latter's.

It isn't so much just their physical prowress, their never say die spirit, their gumption - its actually ALL of that - but it's something MORE.

With all the bitching and moaning about tough times these days, this is yet another great time to point out that tough times begin - and end - and germinate - and pass away - in the mind of MAN.

Bottom line, period.

Not to forget the fact that any great DOER - accomplisher - anyone that has accomplished anything of note - has usually done so "with the entire world and then some against him multiple times " - and NOT "Elon Musk" style with a silver spoon in his mouth (no, it ain't a rant against Musk either, I just dont like the guy for reasons I have spoken about before, I'll take Jeff Bezos anyday).

That is how they developed not just their iron bodies - but their nigh indomitable WILL AND SPIRIT!

Their gumption, persistence, never say die attitude.

Their desire to keep going no matter what. Their desire to achieve - which ultimately broke through all - and achieve they did.

Walker, perhaps most of all exemplifies this email to a T - or the reason I'm writing it - there is a reason 0 Excuses Fitness opens with a quote penned by him (or said by him in an interview).

Grew up in the era of slavery, despite what my friend Chuck keeps saying, did NOT have the sort of genetics which made muscle stick to him like "shit on a stick" - was bullied galore in school - was one of many kids growing up dirt poor ...

Mike Tyson - similar things, except slavery wasn't there when he was born.

Problem child, constantly bullied, until Gus D Amato took him under his wing, he was "going nowhere".

Once he found a purpose in life -voila!

And again, there's a damn good reason he's mentioned on the sales page for Pushup Central - I dont think anyone can argue with or better either Bruce Lee's or Iron Mike's (2000 per workoout) pushup workouts, and the results show don't they??

Anyway, lets get to the real reason I admire these homies - or good ole boys, hehe - and anyone thats a real doer.

Not once do you hear them bitch and moan about how tough they had it (compare this to the average Joe or Jane who rants all day about exactly that, accomplishes even less, and is way more concerned about hurting people's or their own, to be honest, feelings than being sensible, logical, frank and upfront).

"What happened to the Dunkirk spirit our grandparents had!!"

John Walker and me were discussing all this, and more, and he's right.

I mentioned my take on it - years of easy living, government handouts, getting soft, and well - we are where we're at TODAY. Other than a select few of us, few believe in the axiom of "we keep learning even when we're on top".

There's a whole Chapter dedicated to that in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Think about it, Walker. Tyson. Blacks have historically been treated the WORST when it comes to real oppression - even more so than say the Indians were in India by the colonial Brits (dont get me wrong, there were horrible atrocities happening there too, but end of the day, the Brits didnt hate India to the same extent that blacks in general were back in the day, treated worse than chattel almost) ...

.. and these men, real men never mention it.

I'm sure they had HUGE struggles growing up.

And throughout their lives.

Yet, they forged ahead -and just DID - and ultimately succeeded.

THAT is the hall mark of a winner in life, or anything else.

Think this is just about people of color?

No my friend.

Henry Ford for one (we all know him , eh) did not even finish middle school. Edison, I believe dropped out due to his teacher's taunts and ultimate "expulsion from school" (though his Mom it was later revealed always supported him through all that) ...

Modern era?

Someone like a "hell raising Stone Cold Steve Austin" wrestling and traveling great distances - for no more than a meal of uncooked potatoes daily for months on end (yes, true story - times were that tough back then and this wasn't even a Depression Era).

Or the Rock, evicted routinely from apartments during his childhood, almost gave up on his dreams, but didnt ...

My point simply is this, the next time you hear these "feel good touchy feely comments" about "be niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and "not offend anyone" - and "sooooooooo sad" - and I've had it sooooooooo tough - seperate the wheat from the chaff, my friend.

Tough times cut across race, nationality, ages, John said it so well "we all have our own cross to bear".

And we do

The less we bitch and moan about it and use it as a CRUTCH - the better!

And thats what I wanted to tell you, yet something else a lot of y'all need to hear ...

Anyway - fitness wise, get on the 0 Excuses Fitness train NOW if you have not already, truly one for the ages and DOERS, the best book on bodyweight exercise out there - bar NONE, nothing even "comes close".

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Want more? The Great Gama of India who earned that moniker DURING, not after, colonial times ... I'd rather someone like him than Gandhi, to be honest!

Saturday, 30 July 2022 10:15

The opposite of what most people believe.

Contrarian as always (to the last breath at that, hehe) as I wrote on Twitter, but I left the last breath part out lest people "gasp".

If you get my drift.

But really, it's a good way to live life, the proper way ie if the "vast majority of people" believe it, tell you do it - then it isn't necessarily or probably isn't anywhere near the best path to follow.

Ask any REAL doer, anyone thats achieved anything of note - and they'll be the first to tell you that.

And the other thing, as I was talking to a great customer of mine this morning, all these "sob stories" you see out there, just increasing by the day as people become "more and more desperate".

There's so many out there I couldn't even start to detail 'em here, neither will I since it isn't the point of this dispatch, but it's just pathetic.

As he rightly said, we all have our own crosses to bear, to feel as if you have to showcase your struggles "publicly" (as opposed to simply mention them) and "garner sympathy" (pity party seems to be what so many people want, even fitness wise) just shows you're weak deep down inside.

And you know it.

No, this isn't aimed at anyone in particular, it's aimed at the HERD in particular, because it's just exponentially increasing these days when it should be the polar opposite.

You dont see Sly Stallone complain about his rocky (literally) times all the time, do you?

You DO however see him pimp his stuff all the time, for a damn good reason, "positive attracts positive", whines attract whines and so forth.

Anyway, this isn't about whining and moaning so much as it is ... the opposite of what most people do.

You see even more people these days spending all their money on beads, chains, amulets "hoping for good luck". (I sent you an email about it this morning too)

Since 2020, a lot of these self help gurus and sham-scam artists have literally made fortunes and bailed, leaving their followers "stuck in the mud", in most cases WORSE off than where they started - and when they started the mindless affirmations most people so believe and place stock in except not truly.

I've done videos on it, I've written about it, but I'll tell you this again, saying "I am rich" repeatedly will not make you rich if you're not currently - it could and probably will have the OPPOSITE impact.

Saying "I am receiving X amount in sales" daily - same thing (when you are NOT).

Saying "I'm fit" - when you're not or "its ok to be a little fat" - when you're more than a little - same thing.

Dont get me wrong, you reading this can continue doing it if you want, but results speak, and those dont get results (affirmations done that way).

A change of language works wonders.

But really what works wonders is BELIEF in what you're doing - belief you can feel in your bones, deep down in your CORE - and backed up by unmovvable FAITH!

Faith alone moves mountains - of inventory (and no that is not me that said that). (if you're ready and willing to play the long game which I've always instinctively believed in).

"Accidentally spilling tea leaves" wont bring you good luck anymore than spotting magpies will bring you BAD luck - if you truly don't or do believe in both of those things.

Neither will a cracked mirror bring you bad luck by itself.

Claude Bristol explains this so well in the Magic of Believing ...

None of that stuff the Babas use will bring you good luck - all they do is bring the Baba good luck in that their followers believe it adds to their mystique and aura...

Personally, me?

I believe in SO many of these good luck things that you'd think I'm nuts.

Except, I ain't either.

To me, if I have to believe in something, I'd rather believe it's something good or for the greater good/positive.

This belief has ultimately kept positive flowing to me and does right now even when times are probably "dark" for most people.

Personally I would rather, and I DO BELIEVE that "spotting One crow" or "glass shattering unexpectedly" (ole Steve Austin, hehe) is GOOD luck, not bad.

And that is how I run my entire life, always have.

I dont know why I felt compelled to say this, but I guess because of all the nonsense people believe in these days; "everything is bad", everything is doom and gloom.

It all starts in the mind of man.

Zero to Hero is a great little read on what ACTUALLY makes things happen.


either way.

And back to fitness, the mirror is a great tool to get in shape, or command your subconscious to do so if you do it right.

Most do it wrong.

Do it right, you'll be doing it on auto pilot, some of the things that happen in your life won't even be fitness related, but they will GET you into better shape.

Dont believe me?

I understand...

But it's true. I've done it myself, so can you.

And for those that prefer to just get down to brass tacks and DO - well, I highly second that approach. it works, and gets the message across to the subconscious very powerfully as well.

And to do, do how it's mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System - truly the best and most results producing system in terms of bodyweight exercise; nothing even comes close to it (not my words either).

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Recently recieved a rant from an idiot who claimed "but you didnt do 50 Hindu pushups" in the video (workout video in 0 Excuses Fitness).

Like dude ... (and this is some idiot who thinks they're bad for the back or what not) ..

I did 25, I believe. But I'd rather do 25 throughout the 250 pushup workout which was done, by the way, AFTER 250 pushups in the morning (Cindy showed up in the PM which is fine) than do 50 good pushups and then 5 of everything as I've seen some "gurus" do, that don't cut it my friend. (not to mention FORM - lots of these gurus do them in absymally crappy form).

Not that I need to justify anything, results speaketh, but just thought I'd put that out there ...

PS #2 - If there was ever a time to promote Pushup Central, a bare bones manual that is just nothing short of brutal, both in terms of workouts involving "the world's oldest and most diverse exercise" (again, not my words, John, you're right on that tho!) - it is NOW. Get this book now, real fitness lovers will LOVE it. Strips away unsighly blubber around the midsection like there's NO tomorrow.

Friday, 29 July 2022 10:10

Memories that last - a lifetime!

This is going to be another LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG rant - or thesis - or crankiness - or straight from the heart talk as always, what have you.

Gotta say, this here cantankerous cranky bastard would make ole Clint wring his hands in despair (he probably already does anyway, hehe).

Gruff Gorilla or cranky bear, I've been called both, and I am both.

But like I keep saying on another business, life is NEVER black and white.

Shades of grey.

yin and yang.

Two sides to every coin says a T shirt (vest) I wore when I was called Twiggy (no problem there, hehe) ...

And indeed, some of what YOU guys read here might come across as so emotional and soppy (not really, hehe, I'llt try and remove the sop from it, but I might not be able to fully) that you might not even think it's Rahul Mookerjee saying it (or writing it).

Then again, if you know my history with the gals you might think it is. Depends, hehe. All depends!

Anyway ................

Dude that I've been "bickering with" (as he puts it) back and forth over some trivialities - I call it banter, hehe - sent me a "truce of sorts" on Twitter again.

Along with some photos of him preening and posing he said he was proud of what he's accomplished, that weve both got good things going, that the ONLY thing we have in common is we inspire a lot of people ... and then he asked for a truce, or he "put it out there".

Since he did is so nicely, since it's the SECOND time he asked, since yours truly spiritual has been seeing 2's damn near everywhere, since today is the 29th (2), maybe even because it's his birthday today so I'll go easy on him (I got the "phat phocker" note on one of my own birthdays, but thats OK - that was the best damn thing I could have heard that day John - and I MEAN EVERY WORD!! Hehe. ) ...

(and I mean that because it kicked my RUMPUS into high gear coming from a doer. You know me bro! hehe).

...  I dont know what prompted me to reply on Twitter, something I rarely do. Maybe an angel on my shoulder?

Look, maybe he needs support, whatever it is, but so I said we didnt have a war going on in the first place - it's all banter as far as I'm concerned. hey, just look at any Aus-Eng cricket match. Hehe.

I didnt get into the preening, posing, pumpin, toning, I simply said we see FACTS differently .. Hehe. Which we do. (and I'll never shy away from saying it like it is either).

And then I ended it saying I'd be glad to help him out IF he ever needed it - and thats that hopefully. We'll see, hehe.

But anyway - that isn't why I'm writing this.

As I was tweeting a video of me doing fingertip pushups memories flooded back, as they have all damned day today.

WHAT is so special about today, I kept wondering.

And a short while ago, it HIT ME.


(sop story starts, y'all might wanna bring out the handkerchiefs, hehe)

We met each other on this date ... lots of you on this list know that girl.

My buddy from the Marines would recognize her anywhere probably from the photo he's seen of us together.

"Once I see a face, I never forget it!" (when we first met). (we had "passed each other" training out there on the hills before, but had not spoken)

I think I knew him by name from a group first online.

Anyway ..............

She came into my life when I was low, down, depressed, when NOTHING was working for me, everything was working against me - seemingly.

I mean nothing.

I was broker than a broken gramophone record. Hehe.

My wife was bitching up a storm as usual about something or the other (which she always did when times were tough) (no wonder the so called relationship is what it is today) (but to be fair to her, I'm not exactly the easiest of people to deal with either, especially these days) ...

And - just in general - everything seemed like it was collapsing big time.

I've had this happen to me a LOT during my life - more times than I can count.

NO-ONE would help, NO-ONE was there to help anyway.

So I did what I do best - I tackled it head on myself.

Along the way, I continued to do a great job teaching English (something I absolutely detest doing, but if I'm paid well for something, you can be damn skippy sure I'll do a good job of it!) at the center I was, where I first met her.

Who was to know - I certainly didn't! - that a few short conversation later and a short text I sent her about finding me a housemaid (I didnt want to ask Glyn to do it, hehe) would lead to one of the most intense, romantic, and ... again, just bloody INTENSE four month "relationship" if you can call it that that I've ever had.

Trust me, I've been with so many girls I've lost track.

But this one was different.

"This relationship is beautiful, like these trees, but I can't continue!" I still remember her saying.

It almost killed me to hear her say that.

Some of the other stuff she said made me ANGRY.

And at that point, I had two choices - buckle down - or BUCK UP.

I chose the latter, channeled my fury and emotion into my FITNESS - into BUSINESS - and a short while later, I emerged on top again.

She came into my life for a reason.

And while we were going on that LONG trip together, in itself an adventure given I hadn't even driven in China before embarking on a 17 hour long ass drive (believe me, driving in China is easier than in India, tons easier, but if you're comparing to the US, you've got several thinks coming, hehe).  .  . she said the following.

"Maybe we will be together in the future, maybe we wont but we'll ALWAYS have these memories!"

Although she didnt know at the time, she hit the nail on the head.

Those memories, those romantic memories, those GOOD memories - exactly what is needed for YOU to recharge, and take a break - and emerge rejuvenated.

Napoleon Hill writes about this so often in Think and Grow Rich i.e. "retreat into the recesses of your mind and bathe yourself in the memories of the past, romantic memories" - and who knows, when you emerge - solutions to problems that have been eluding you might emerge! (or they might not, but his point stands)

It's something I talk about in a different form in Zero to Hero.

EMOTION is key to accomplishment or not.

And she truly sparked that emotion in me (although admittedly, without even trying I sparked it in HER - or else it would have never gotten to the point it did - I certainly wouldn't be cavorting around with students - well, maybe sometimes, hehe - but business is business for the most part) ...

Anyway, maybe thats why I've been seeing "her" on social media in all shapes, forms and guises.

Maybe it's why I remember helpng her do handstands on the top of the hill.

Maybe it's why I remember her slapping  my thigh and saying "NOT like this, Michael!" when I was doing a stretch wrong.

Maybe it's why I remember that sweet smile, forever smiling and "happy" ...

Maybe its why I remember her telling me to "go easy on the pushups" (I was doing the floor huggers, hehe - or floor pumpers, or humpers, or - hehe - extended arm pushups with an injured shoulder) ...

Maybe it's why the DATE kept coming to mind.

Good things come in pairs?

So say the chinese.

But either way, I remember, it was on Jul 29th that I first started to chat with her, I believe.

"Hi Carol. Do you have any idea where I can find a decent ayi"?

And that one comment sparked it all. Hehe.

Not to mention, along with Ann Lee, Carol is probably the woman responsible for me WANTING To get into kick ass shape that I did shortly after meeting her. (or after we left each other, or whatever it was).

She ain't responsible for the business, success, failures, but I still remember the RAGE and FURY that drove me to do what I did, the RAGING EMOTION, the . . . I dont know how to put it, anyone thats ever been in that sort of an intense relationship knows how it's like!

And that, maybe is why I'm writing to you about this?

I dont know.

Carol was supposed to review 0 Excuses Fitness too - all she did was giggle at the photos.

(note some of you might not have seen 'em, I believed I removed them from a few drafts of the book, but they might still be floating around out there, I dont know. Doesnt matter either way).


Gotta love women ...

Anyway, I'm out.

Had to get that off my chest.

I have!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - YOU too will build memories of a LIFETIME by training in the 0 Excuses Fitness manner - try it - and you'll see what I mean, they'll be some of the best "me" times you've ever had.

PPS #2 - If you're currently struggling with excess flab and blubber around the ole core, the "belly button getting too tight on the shirt, buttons popping off or what not, hehe, as the great PG Wodehouse says", then extended cardio ain't the answer.

BRIEF bursts of exercise are the answer.

So are pushups, my friend, and if there was ever a no nonsense one of it's kind book on the oldest exercise out there that will CARVE that core into granite - it is Pushup Central. Along with squats (book upcoming soon!) - and Corrugated Core - truly what the ole Doc ordered in that regard. Get 'em NOW.

PPS - Yes, she's not the only one for those that are wondering. Hehe. But it sure was one of the most intense. Like I said, the best things happen when you aint expecting them, that might be a message some of you need to hear TODAY.

I wasn't going to write about this to be honest, but with all the Pity Party Central going on, this constant back and forth with a certain whiny "Ben" I gotta really stop doing (if he knew the OTHER BEN I so admire, another cranky "bear" like me, hehe - he'd have kittens!) ...but really, Benny isn't the only culprit by far, there is WAY too much "aww poor little baby feel good" crap going on in this world today, and I'm sick and damn tired of it as I always have been. Not to mention, if there was NEVER a time for that - it is now, when cold hard deeds and ACTION - and bloody minded CUSSEDNESS - and gumption, not feel good crappy "bask in this or that glory" is required in order to WIN - and SURVIVE - more so than ever before.

You know what I just saw?

Some idiot actress whining bout being "skinny shamed" because she had to "pad up for a photo shoot".

I mean grow up lady, real men want real boobs, that was all there is to it, its a goddamned business is the move industry, it ain't Pity Party Central now is it.

I wont name her here, in fact I would but I cannot recall her name to be honest.

Then of course the phat phocks and their sob stories of "inane justifications for not being phat but "big"". I've debunked this crap enough times, logically, emotionally, every other way possible, they know it, I know it, the world keeps revolving, and so forth ...

Then of course all the nonsense about "say I loooooooooooooooooove you" and so forth ...

I mean, all of that is great but it does not replace action, neither does it by itself rectify shortcomings either personally or business wise which are FACTS. Everyone has a sob story and pity party, but when it comes down to brass tacks, few "really" DO.

(speaking of which, I just asked Gorilla Girl to send me some of her ... I hate to say it, but I will, "cleavage". Hehe. She says she's put on more weight, I'd love to see it! Hehe).

Anyway .... before the Nazi fems jump on me (Sophia just ignored me in her girlish manner, hehe).

(which is fine, I love the games she plays)

... where was I?

Ah yes, this pity party central shit.

Look, to me, growing up, I've had plenty of reasons to want "pity" - more so than the average Bubba sitting around drinking beer whining about "how tough it's gotten" would in a lifetime.

If I had - and sometimes I did - I got hit with more shit.

Which if you think about it, pity attracts pity, not something "good" per se. Like attracts like.. Bozos attract Bozos, success attracts .. well, more of it and trolls  ... and so forth.

But anyway, I've always been one for the "bring it!" sort of attitude.

"Let me tell you something, Jack" a sneering Mickey Rourke goes in Get Carter, fighting with a half amped Stallone.

"You're going to end up like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest".

"Your brother, your precious brother Richie was no goddamned saint. Everyone's into something, Jack, plain and simple! He got drunk, he wrapped his sorry ass around a tree, end of story. NOw you still wanna do this little dance for old times sake, Jack? Then BRING IT!"

And he truly ends Jack Carter's sob story there. Hehe.

I like the movie, but I loved the original too - the original movie "Get Carter" - a hard ass looking for revenge in that one, no pity parties there for sure! BRUTAL! And he ends up that same way too - shot in the head by the sea ...

Anyway - I've also been a huge advocate of the "if you can take it FIRST - and take it a lot of times - you can THEN dish it out".

To dish it out, you have to be able to take it - multiple times.

I still remember Marc's punch SMOKING Off my left pec (he's a damn good boxer by the way) - snake's tongue. Hehe.

"You're a man, you can take it!" was what he said. hehe.

I knew I could, but still!  (later on I asked him if he really gave it his all, I knew he had given it about 80% hehe - and his reply when I said "you probably didnt really hit hard" -

"No, I clocked you pretty hard back there!"

And thats good. Hehe. )

And a lot of idiots think what I write is "one sided", favors me and so forth.

Maybe, but it's also TRUE.

Here's the thing - I've been torn a new one plenty of times, but I have not whined about it one single time.

I've reverse torn x 10 these people a new one when the situation warrants, when it often does.

As Marc once said -

"You'll tear them apart!"


He was also the guy who once said "you're acting like such a loser I dont even know where to begin".

Maybe I was. So I never argued that point. (he was just sending me directions "off the top of my head", I was going to write them down, didnt have the time or inclination right then or what not .. and well, that misunderstanding then occured).

I was having a rough, rough day - and I've always been one for whom directions - I WRITE things down - I'm the guy who back in the day drove around with reams of "mapquest.com" (remember those days?/) even if the directions sometimes ended up wrong i.e. "drive over a cliff or into the sea", hehe - and he was wanting me to meet him someplace, I was pre-occupied, and well, maybe he was right.

Maybe I did sound kinda whiny in my reply to him.

John Walker, a great customer of mine once made the comment about "I have to say something very difficut to you, but you look FAT!"

I've written about that publicly before too, and at the time he said it - well, he was RIGHT.

"Glad to see you take it like a man Rahul , you never know how people will respond!" was what he said (again, I'm not going to elaborate on that one yet again here, I just bring it up to give you a BALANCED viewpoint of how I do things) ...


To me, if someone is brutally honest - and he's given me SUPERLATIVE (and TRUE) reviews for so many of my books that I so deeply appreciate (because they're heartfelt and TRUE) - then he's got the right to be as brutally frank and hand out an ass kicking (figuratively) when the situation demands it too. Hehe. Simple as that.

Goose and gander, if a certain Benny is reading this, you'll understand what I mean now Ben.

Aint nothing personal, just the way it is!

Funnily enough most of the people I consider my friends - are bigger, stronger, and better in SOME regard than I am.

I wouldn't associate with people that aren't better than me - I'm always looking to LEARN.

I'm better in some regards, but physically, a lot of these dudes have skills that I dont have (and probably never will).

My buddy from the Marines, fighting him is like going up against a T 72 - or the Abrams Tank - what have you.

Marc, the African Silver back Gorilla sometimes reminds me of a charging, angry rhino ... Hehe.  (I doubt you'd want to tangle with him in that mood!)

And so forth.

To me, its about never giving up.

NEVER saying I quit.

Remember that iconic Steve Austin Bret Hart Match?

Steve never quit, and a legend was made, bleeding, limping, he walked back (I still think Bret is a FAR superior wrestler, but Steve got it made there, kayfabe or not!)

Thats basically how I live.

Knock me down, I'll take it.

If you give me pain, I'll take it x 10.

If I can't react now, I wont - but I wont forget it either.

And so forth.

Bottom line, you wont hear me say I quit - or I give up - or anything of that nature. You certainly wont hear me whine about it, and if some comments are warranted, even if they show me in a somewhat poor light, I'll go to the ends of the world to point 'em out - much like I would if they weren't warranted.

I dont hide who I am.

Phat pictures are there on my site for a reason.

To motivate YOU, simple as that.

But I can only motivate DOERS, true doers - it has to FIRST come from within YOU.

Keep going, pick yourself up YET again, and keep going has always been my motto, always will be.

And THAT is something most of you need to hear TODAY, not the mamsy pamsy sob stories "emotional crap" people so love to tell you.

Toughen up.


Man up, nikka. (Alonzo, hehe).

Anyway ...........

The thing people keep babbling on about "saying good things and so forth".

To me, I've always been one for the "actions speak louder than words" mentality.

Look, I've always agreed with what Emerson said about "if your work affects even one person positively and they remember you well, consider it job well done".

I think Jeff Bezos has that quote (Emerson said it far more eloquently than me, hehe) - pasted on his fridge "sticky note". Jeff didnt do too badly for himself did he?

"General" Michael said it best about our work on Dongguan Expat too.

"The guys processing our visas dont know this, Rahul!"

(he was referring to the work we did together on there, work that benefits people TILL this day, and that was in 2003...)

When I started the business, hell, even these days when I write new books, THAT thought is uppermost.

Sure, I'd love for it to sell big time, most of my books do, but even if it helps ONE person ... I'd feel great about it!

"I'm 63. This one exercise has made me feel better than anything else I've ever done!'

(Pushups - Reverse Pushups - the best darn exercise out there!)

"You motivate thousands daily!" (I got that in 2020).

And so forth.

To me, DOING is what its about.

Daniela, a Spanish lady that translates for me asked me for a recommendation, I gave it to her, I had no inkling if it would help or not.

A month or so later, she got a new job, and she's BUSY with it - and that recommendation DID help.

You won't hear me crowing or Tom Tomming that.

But I helped the girl out, thats what counts (to me).


Perhaps Paula, a lady that has done just superb work for me in the past and continues to to this date on the other business says it the best ...

Congratulations Mike! You are a man who while you appear to be weak, you
are totally strong in reality and with that you have them all the time, without them
realizing it.

Dear readers! If you want to be like Mike it is. Do as they say “Follow the leader”,
“Just do it”.

And I wrote about that before … (remember, she said “Just do it” without knowing this was the tagline I use HERE on this business. Truly  a case of thoughts TRANSMUTING!) 

Anyway .. more on that here - https://0excusesfitness.com/2022/07/21/more-on-true-and-real-leadership/.

But I wanted to talk about this a bit, I wanted to say it because THIS is the sort of thing everyone needs to be hearing these days, not the mamsy pamsy feel good flimsy crap that doesnt last.

DO you have it in you ?

CAN you do it?

Sink or swim, my friend, there is no other way out. Brutal, but true.

Anyway ...

Time to pimp the 0 Excuses Fitness System before I end this one.

And that is that.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

This morning, I viewed a brief video of a lady (a friend of a lady I once trained in China) doing monkey bar work - which is great.

Monkey bars are another hidden secret (and often ignored by MOST - and again, the more fat you have around the midsection, the less able you'll be able to do your version of the "Da Xing Xing" workout) ... (YES, big guys can do 'em just fine, just like with pull-ups, phat guys CANNOT do them well though) (and if you're scared of calluses stay away from these) to superlative grip and upper back - and upper body in general strength.

Swing yourself like an ape across the branches - or bars - much like Tarzan did, with or without Jane, and you'll see why. You'll FEEL WHY! Hehe.

Anyway, this lady is doing them pretty well - with ONE huge glaring flaw - this flaw I see often when people are doing pull-ups as well, usually towards the end of "a high rep workout" - - even if these guys and gals are doing the exercise in proper form "otherwise".

So what am I talking about here?

Well, the LEGS.

Lots of people have this idea that pull-ups are only supposed to be done legs "crossed at the ankles".

This idea is RIGHT when you start, perhaps even long into your journey of pull-up mastery, which will never happen to be frank (it hasn't for yours truly either, much like Bruce Lee himself would be the first to admit that even though he could do 50 thumb only fingertip pushups, there's still a long way to go. Always a long road if you know what you're doing - always fun - always interesting - always new things to learn, if you're not of that mindset, you ain't a doer. Whole chapter dedicated to this (mastery) in the greatest bodyweight exercise book ever - nothing even comes close- 0 Excuses Fitness by Rahul Mookerjee).

Anyway, doing them that way is FINE - but in the ADVANCED book on pull-ups "Pull-ups -from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS!" - and Battletank Shoulders - I tell you to keep the legs straight and dangling when you do pull-up workouts.

Not "flopping around", but straight from the waist, and you do pull-ups that way.

Some have said this works their hips and lower back even more.

Some have said their "glutenous maximus" gets more work this way.

They're all right.

The KEY mistake though I see people make?

Is dragging the legs "up" - much like you would during a "knees to chest" movement (which is a killer core workout, dont get me wrong) ... while doing pull-ups.

This is WRONG, my friend.

It makes the pull-up easier, yes, but it is NOT proper form.

When you do them this way, you deprive your lower back of a lot of the indirect work the tendons and muscles there get from doing pull-ups right.

Look, the thighs should be perpendicular to the floor always.

I dont care if you cross your legs at the ankles or if you keep the lower legs straight, but what I see all too often with folks is thighs coming up "parallel to the floor" while doing this exercise.

A huge no no, and one you really need to work upon.

And no, kipping aint acceptable either if you're working out RIGHT. Maybe if you're "looking to get over the bar by any means possible" - and maybe in the military there are traning regimens structured around pure survival which is perfectly fine (and required) - but if you're doing pull-ups, bottom line - do em right.

We had this discussion (my friend from the Marines and me) - and even he conceded my way of doing pull-ups was the "right way".

So, to all those who claim there is "no right way" of doing an exercise (because doing it the right way is tough, because phat phocks look for any excuse not to do a pull-up RIGHT) - well, you're spot on dead wrong.

I realize a lot wont agree, and thats fine.

But this message is for the doers, real doers...

And back to "lovely lady doing monkey bar work" (I really should put that as a click baity sort of headline.. hehe)  (but really, this gal has it spot on, she was doing diamond pushups much better than many MEN do!) ...

... she was doing the exercise fine, except for the mistake above - and the CARDINAL sin I always see committed when people do pull-ups or grip work, something I've spoken about a LOT.

See if you can spot the mistake - and what I'm talking about. If you can, you're definitely part of the "0 Excuses Faithful". Write back if you can, I'll do up a special discount for you for your next purchase!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I really need to start moving (again) on some of the other books I've got planned. Squat 101 being one of them - but I'll get to it soon. So much to do, so little TIME...

In the meantime, check out this review (one amongst) many that my book "Pushup Central" got ...

Since you’re in the mood for asking,  I’m asking when you’re going to put out a book on static holds like what you talk about in your recent pushups book.  The pushups book is awesome!  Why?  Because the F…ing exercises and workouts are hard as HELL!  That’s why!  I hate workout books that don’t challenge you.  I think I also asked you once before to put out a plyometric calisthenics book as well.  DO IT!  Your stuff is the best.  You are the real deal, which is why I don’t mind paying the higher than normal prices for your books.  I’m also glad that you now put them on Kindle because I have no more room for paper books in my small apartment .


Keep up the good work

(Charles Mitchell – after the initial testimonial beneath)

Got your new push up book off Amazon.  Very impressed!  Was a little hesitant due to the price, but once I got it I was not disappointed!  Just like all the other books I’ve bought from you in the past It’s great!  If I’m ever able to master the fingertip versions of all these push ups I will have hands like sledge hammers and fingers like steel!  Keep up the good work, and start working on a book of training unilaterally, one arm, one leg, etc.  I look forward to this in the future.  Using various progressions, you will truly build incredibly powerful indestructible human beings.

Charles Mitchell, USA

Amen, my brother. Amen!



I got the following comment on Fast and Furious Fitness, the Collector's Edition from a customer John Walker - 


This book is the perfect manual on how to get into serious condition with the absolute minimum of equipment, all that you require is something to hang from to perform Pull-Ups and a couple of bars, boxes or chairs to perform Dips and you're all set. If you're looking for a minimalist approach to getting strong and supple you cannot do better than this book. Get the book, put it to use and it will turn you into a Leopard, why a Leopard? Because a Leopard is the perfect balance between suppleness and strength. The book delivers on many fronts but it is it's no nonsense "spartan attitude" that makes it stand out from the crowd, I believe that this book will transform anyone with the smarts to put the information in it to good use. If you want to be a beast you have to train like an animal, this book is all you really need to transform yourself into the absolute best version of you, you can possibly be. Your new strong and supple body awaits, the only thing you have to do is buy the book, apply the information therein and you'll never look back. I highly recommend this book, outstanding, bravo Rahul bravo. John Walker.

And he's absolutely right. (and covers the "why" part very well). (in short, but thats how a review should be, concise, yet get the point across).

I could end this email right here and tell you to get the book now, but first ... 

I could keep it BRIEF and "short and sweet" like a review John once posted on the great little book "Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands" (level #3 in the handstand progression and the very all important BRIDGE to free standing handstands, book #4 "yet to be written") ... 

"This book is short and sweet, and so will be the review. Massive upper body strength and power. Another excellent book from the bodyweight fitness guru". 

I might have got a word or two wrong, or extra, but that is the gist of it. Amazon it for more... I couldn't be bothered to do so right now. 

Anyway, I just saw a brief 1:33 second clip from the Animal Kingdom - three cheetahs - and a leopard takes them - all of a sudden, out of the blue! 

Here - Male leopard takes on three cheetahs - YouTube

The clip is short, sweet, brutal and gets the job done. 

The three cheetahs, all taller at the shoulder - amble along to prey, they prepare to eat it, when OUT OF NOWHERE - a massive leopard, shorter, but far bulkier than any of the cheetahs shows up!

He doesnt just show up. 

He bare bones BULLIES the cheetahs off the prey - swaggering machismo is what it reminds me of. 

There was a scene in Sly Stallone's Cobra once where Sly literally walks up to a guy, cool in aviators and all, and rips the front of his shirt off 

Believe me, if that doesn't scream machisom, nothing does! 

Remember the guy I once put a Gorilla Grip on ?

His friend did the same to me (just pocket though) - in eigth grade. 

Trust me, I know a thing or two about being bullied, and then giving it back to them x 100! 

in true blue MACHO MAN as I'm called style. 

So does the leopard, mi amigo. 

The ONLY other animal I've seen literally BOUND out like that out of nowhere and use the element of surprise so well is the tiger - that has been known to hunt leopards too. 

For it's size though, the leopard - and the JAGUAR, another highly underrrated beast - sure do pack a punch! 

It's just bold, swaggering machismo in the Animal Kingdom. 

Kill or be killed. 

Eat or be eaten. 

WIN OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! (trying) 

I keep asking people which side they're on, they say I'm a fool. Not anymore though ... Hehe. 

Anyway, all reminds me of a Mike Tyson statement that Iron Mike recently made about "I'd beat any of the current heavyweights in my prime". 

Just heavyweights? 

I'd say he'd KO the welter weights with one hand, and the heavy weights with another. Iron Mike was the REAL deal, still is, I STILL wouldn't bet on any current heavy weight going up against him (yeah, I'm an unabashed Tyson fan, but with damn good reason). 

Reminds me of how people keep talking about Tyson's height, normal height, but that build - my word. 

Certainly what sets him apart, with his peek a boo style he actually made his height an advantage as opposed to a disadvantage. 

A real doer (who once kept, and slept with (as in the animals were on his bed, nothing else) massive Bengal Tigers no less!!). 

I'd be wary of doing that myself. Heh. Then again, who knows, maybe not! 

but all of this, my friend, leads up to the following - If you truly want to turn into a BEAST, the closest thing to a human beast? 

Then get Fast and Furious Fitness NOW, you'll see yours truly "human leopard" in the book as well. 

And the next level to that, I guess if you want to as a customer once said "join the ranks of the superhumans" - Animal Kingdom Workouts (if you want to truly become the closest thing a a human can to a TIGER!)

And dat BE dat. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Bozo Schofield, him of the LGBEQINSYYYTTTTTTTTT crapola once sent me a trolly rubbish message about being "Rahul Tyson". 

I can almost feel the Bozo's jaw crack, hehe. 

Come to think of it, I think it done cracked in 2020 - felt good eh Glyn? More is coming - BOYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I call it so called because it all starts in the mind of man. 

Inflation, depressions, all start in the mind of man first. 

And foremost. 

The same thing for GOOD times - they start in the mind of man, and in addition to that you have the Universe dispensing "karmic justice" to the world as a whole in its own way. 

Both the above two are INESCAPABLE truths - no matter how much you may rant or rave against 'em. 

Anyway, this constant chatter of doom and gloom, costs rising and so forth. 

I saw the following comment on one of the articles I read - 

"Put 'em in the cold, let them fend for themselves. We had no heat growing up either. It's not America's war, even Trump told them to reduce reliance on cheap Russian fuel and gas!" 

That was in reference to the gas crisis in Germany where apparently some streets in some wealthy part of Germany were not lit up or something and that caused the whole fuss. 

My reaction to all this is the same as always. 

One, people have become way too damn SOFT. 

(and really, all these billions of dollars wasted overseas, what does America itself get for any of it? F all, from what it seems?) 

(ah, but wait, those defense companies and Biden's benefit!) 

Second, pissers and moaners have neither any idea what the human spirit is capable of accomplishing, nor have they known or seen what it means and how the "other half lives". 

All this fuss about "no heating during winters". 

I remember freezing my bootocks off growing up because I hated wearing warm clothes indoors, yet, I was forced to if I wanted to stay warm. 

Most of India has no heating. Neither does most of China - well, half of it doesnt (unless you buy your own heaters etc). 

I would bet the same thing is true in many parts of the globe. 


My own preference for 24/7 AC is well known, I stand by it no matter what. Hehe. At 16, no less my AC always is... 

When I came to China first in 2004, Amy, a girl I knew once angrily told me the following when I was bitching about the A/C not working right, or the idiots in the office constantly turning it down claiming they felt cold in the middle of summer, or turning the cold water switch off on the machine. 

"We sleep in this heat too, without A/C" ! (she was referring to Chinese in general). 

Guy next to me from HK wisely kept his mouth shut. Hehe. 

I didnt. Even wiser. 

I wont get into the result of that argument, but point is this. 

I'm not saying be happy with your living standards being lowered, wars happen pretty much because of that reason if you look at it honestly. 

What I AM saying ... 

The Piper has to be paid sometime my friend, and people still dont get it. 

I mean, if gas etc is really so important, shouldn't the countries that depend so much on it made alternative arrangements well in advance? 

No, the politicians and companies were busy filling their pockets with profits from "cheap" gas. 



Buying cheap is fine, I can hear Bozos right now saying "it was cheap, so we bought it!" 


But cheap comes at a very tangible cost. 

As does lack of foresight and preparation and the next few years - I predict until 2025 will keep exposing this truism for what it is. 

The world needs a reset and reboot - period. 

So does your FITNESS

And back to cheap - my point also is this - you can buy all the cheap $9.99 100000000000000 word fitness ebooks you want, but remember, all comes at a cost - price. 

If you truly want to learn from the best, if you truly want to benefit from knowledge gleaned over years in the trenches, if you truly want to learn from someone that DOES the thing, and can help YOU too - really help you, not molly coddle you, then you pay the price, friend. 

Or, you go cheap and suffer later.

Choice is yours. 

And thats how it relates. 

Most wont get this lesson, thats fine. 

It's for the 1% or less that DO. 


Rahul mookerjee 

PS - People have just become WAY too soft overall. Ugh. 

They're all great, my friend. They're all excellent "cardio" - the RIGHT kind (if you do 'em right). 

And I wasn't going to write about this, of course, but I saw a piece from a guy I ...well, I wont mention him, he's alright really overall, but he's been going on and on as of late about how "step ups are so much better than squats for him" and so forth, and morphing that into "they are sometimes an overall better exercise" - something which I take exception with, except I'm not reverse trolling him or anything, I'm simply going to put out my view on it as I have so many times in the past. 

Ain't I an ass for having an opinion on damn near everything and expressing it (and others learning from it on it, like this dude. Hehe). 

Well, as they say, opinions are like assholes - we all have 'em. 

Doesn't mean right or wrong, good or bad, they're just ... well, opinions, but FACTS? 

You can't debate those. 

And this guy writing the pieces he is is just plain ole sloppy and FAT with a massive gut hanging over his pants, and it shows in his reps. 

He claims to have done 500 or even 1000 Hindu squats all at once "without a break" - then "it got too boring". 

I call baloney on that - it can never get "boring or tediious" if you focus right and have the gumption to keep at it those 15 minutes (really, if you cannot focus your mind for fifteen minutes on something, you will never accomplish nothing of note). 

He claims "who the hell came up with the number 500 as a gold standard for fitness". 

Next he'll probably ask why pushups are the big dog of fitness - and why squats are the big Daddy of fitness. Hehe. 

Look, dude, clearly you've never done 500 or anything - it shows physically - if you had, you wouldn't be making these statements or asking. 

Agreed, you dont have to do 500 all the time or daily, but there is a reason certain numbers have been passed down over the ages by greats as "the gold standard", or some sort of a standard. 

Perhaps this comment stood out the most - 

but I don't need some standard to tell me how fit I 'am.


OK ... 

The very fact he's saying this blares out "latent insecurity" like a loudspeaker (because he can't DO the thing, so he's claiming that golden standards aren't standards, or important ones at any rate). 

Not to mention his writing - all of it -sreams out "I need validation or else I'll wail". And that neediness likely turns off most serious readers/buyers as well. Some free advice for him if he's reading, although he likely wont take it. I can see the smoke fillied riposte "coming out of his ears" hehe.

Now, he makes some other somewhat good points, maybe he's just not getting his point across right, with the whininess overwhelming the other "good things" (sort of) he's saying. 

He keeps saying squats feel boring. 

Dude, because you aint doing 'em right. 

True, you dont do the same workout everyday. 

But that dont mean squats should feel boring, or are boring. They're something you should do daily without fail - EVERY great fitness writer, or anyone that has done the thing - yours truly - Brooks Kubik - Matt Furey - and anyone that has done the thing - has said it. 

Not this tripe about "Unless you're a fan of the exercise or want to stay in relative condition for daily life or in sports, it isn't that magnificent of an exercise. It has it's perks and I'll do reps from time to time but after doing 500 so many times, it became boring and it didn't have that spark of excitement to do that many anymore. "

Really, these statements sound STUPID. And clearly he's never DONE 500 at a go, which is fine, but to diss it without doing it, well ... 

(not to mention relative condition - or conditionING - which dude clearly has no idea about? Dude that should be "awesome conditioning" if you're talking any sort of serious squats. 

And he wouldn't know a magnificent exercise or anything if it hit him square on his phat noggin, hehe. Really, to make these sort of statements just shows...) 

All I've seen from him are brief 2 minute training videos where he trains one exercise for a bit, another for a bit, then some Tik Tok stuff, and he's done, which is GREAT - dont get me wrong, if thats what he WANTS, but it doesnt change standards or lack thereof one bit. 

Clearly conditioning wise the dude himself has no standards. 

Again, thats perfectly well and good, but that don't mean the standards don't count, or aren't there for a damn good reason. 

Sad part, so many of these so called fitness gurus or writers or promoters talk this nonsense, because the average person reading and buying from them is LAZY - period. 

And so they count on making more sales "in the short term" from these guys, and never think about long term, either for themselves or their customers (or lack thereof, in this dude's case). 

Which again is fine, to each his own. 

But with this constant rambling about how step ups are superior to squats? 

They're not, my friend. 

They're somewhat - not a lot, but somewhat - easier for phat phools to do. 


Thats flower in Hindi, I can see these flowers wilting as I type. Hehe. 

Nothing compares to, or replaces, or is an adequate substitute for (unless you've GENUINELY got injuries in that regard) the "legs bending up and down" motion you have in squats, either bodyweight, or HIndus, both ass to grass as it were. 

NOTHING. period. Add in the breathing, and oh my - the benefits are out of the world. 

Step ups are a sorry alternative, at least if you do them like most do, with barely any elevation. 

I just did 50 on each leg in the bathroom (this particular bathroom has a very small ledge seperating the shower area from the rest of the space) while waiting for a bucket to fill. Hehe. I barely felt it - squats? I'd have felt it for sure.

But anyway - drooping wallflowers and lily livered poltroons aside - they're certainly not "better overall" than squats. 

They're a good workout, dont get me wrong. 

But NOTHING beats the squat - period. 

Ask anyone with any brains, anyone thats written any bestsellnig book on fitness, they'll tell you the same thing - in fact, it will be there in their books (Combat Conditioning, 0 Excuses Fitness, Dinosaur Bodyweight Training etc etc) and so forth. 

Now, step ups and stair climbing? 

Y'all know I'm a huge proponet of stair climbing - outdoors. 

And rock climbing too... 

Yet, rock climbing NEVER replaces pull-ups. 

And stair climbing doesnt replace squats either - with the very noteable exception of HILL training - not just sprints, but HIKING those suckers in various ways over and over again. 

Sprints are great, yes, but the "leg work" has to be there too. Along with the roadwork! 

Let me tell you nothing works the core and LEGS better than squats, or climbing hills (either on slopes, or with stairs hewn in) . 

The stair climbing machine in the gym doesnt even come close. 

There is a reason Brooks Kubik asked me if I was in the military all those years ago when I sent him that famous (by now) "Rahuls hill walking workout from China" ... 

It all comes full circle now. 

Step ups at the end of the day are easier than squats - Hindus or bodyweight. Simple fact my friend. 

True, you can claim otherwise, but claiming the sun rises in the West doesnt make it true.. 

And if I really had to choose between stair climbing and squats? In a pinch I'd choose SQUATS. 

In fact, I did squats even back in the day when all else I did was hill climbing. 

Moral of the story - dont take the easy way out, my friend. 

Rocky IV tells you there ain't no easy way out - and as the man himself seems to wanting "more rights" to the Rocky series from what I can glean from the news - this seems to be as good a time to tell you as any, that I've been saying for YEARS now - the world really WANTS back to the good ole days when men were men, women were women, hard work was hard work, excuses were excuses, not mainstream whiny garbage of "what works for me" and so forth ... 

Ok, enough of this. 

But you get the point! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Get your hands on the best, most old school training program right HERE

PS #2 - 

 Training is meant to be an adventure, not a chore or something that will make you feel bored.

 If you don't feel a spark or excitement when you exercise, you're just going through the motions and it becomes typical and tedious.

Um, no sir... 

sometimes, those boring, tedious HARD yards - often times, in fact are what give you LASTING long term results like nothing else would. 

Persistence when the entire world seems against you. 

you wouldt know much about that though, which is fine. Hehe. (referring to dude here). 

Whoever gave him the idea that "it has feel like something new each time" was an idiot (though he probably thought of it himself). 

It's DOING the thing daily that gets results, friend, simple FACT... 

Anyway - those of you that love reading my words "even if you're not into fitness" - Gumption Galore! and Zero to Hero! are two great books. 

So is the Fitness Central series ... and the Fitness Pioneer series...  

More coming soon! 

It's interesting how thoughts transmute eh - if we take the requisite ACTIONS to make it happen. 

I was thinking of a few customers the other day, especially the great (and forever FRIEND of mine) John Walker - and I emailed him out of the blue. I just did it. 

And pat came a response back from him "I was just thinking of you, Rahul! We must be pyshically connected!

This same thing has happened with Charles, another great customer of mine in the past, I'd be thinking of him, but for some reason wouldn't email, and he'd email me back suddenly when I least expected. 

Now, this morning I was thinking of an embarassing (sort of) thing that happened to my daughter when she was 1 year old - something that probably happens to a lot of kids - and I wont get into the specifics, but I was thinking "eww, how was that CLEANED up". 

I wont get into more details. Hehe. 

But on another email list, a guy got back to me with some strange comments about just that sort of occurence, except in a different background. 

Again, no details there. 

(not because it's "too gross" or "not for public eyes" or what not, but it's not relevant here). 

But it got me thinking about various things, and the X factor that seperates the best from the "rum dum's" - and the truly great from the great, and so forth. 

Books, writing, how do you feel the spark the person has - the truly "good" writin that just has the X factor that sets it apart? 

(and believe me, we can ALL do this, if we know how). 

(and if we're open to it). 

It's not grammar, storylines, plot, book length or how good the pictures are, how great the words are at getting a picture to form in your mind (for some genres more so than others) - not even sales, that golden indicator everyone seems to use (dont get me wrong, sales are what count ultimately, but they aren't the one and only indicator of greatness). 

(look at Salvator Dali and Vincent Van Gogh, both great artists in their own right, geniuses, yet one almost starved his entire life, the other was financially pretty successful). 

Sales, or lack of it NOW doesn't mean squat, either in terms of the future, or otherwise. 

What has a lot to do with sales, and money in general - and everything in life in general is the PICTURE you have in your mind as you create what you do, art, writing, whatever. And we all have that picture in our minds, whether we know it consciously or not. 

My point here is... the X factor that sets it apart? 

That makes you FEEL it? 

It's something every great leader has. Every great writer, orator, statesman, or so forth - Trump would be a perfect example of this. 

For long periods you dont even hear from him (when hes not on Twitter of course, hehe) but when you do - BAM!

It hits you like a LOG on the head - Glyn, no puns please. Really, this guy Glyn, takes a dump in class, accuses other girls of doing it when apparently according to a certain other girl that got back to me the othe day on it "thats another one of Glyn's sick fantasies" ...) 

Anyway - it hits you in the pit of your stomach - figuratively. 

You FEEL something. 

Like Panourgias once said about my books ... 

"Your books are the best! I love reading them even if they did not have any fitness value, which they do, I'd buy them just to read em!" 

(I'm paraphrasing there, his exact comments are HERE). 

(and it's why people even if they're "just into fitness" - buy everything I have, even from a life coaching perspective, because .. the writing, the way, the X factor that stands out. As P rightly said "I see something in you!") 

Or, what John said about me being eloquent, and putting things in a genius like manner... 

It isn't so much the praise or the words I deeply appreciate, because they're true - it's - the point I'm making - the X factor. 

Here it is - those that have their fingers on the pulse of their audience, sometimes months in advance - HAVE it. 

Those that can get in their audience's HEADS - have it. 

Those that KNOW that every thought in your head transmutes, that EVERY thought you have in your mind no matter how shameful or embarassing has an audience (if you express it correctly - Glyn, are you listening again? Really, the way in which you said "NO!" that first day when I asked you about all your weird cuckold fantasies and what not - hey, it's ok, we ALL have "some" fantasies, but dealing with your lack of - ahem, utter lack of, but we wont go there- achievement in that regard or any other except trolling where you are admittedly one of the best - but I've known better - by trolling others and claiming "you're not into it" don't fly. Anyone with brains can see through that farce of yours).  ... HAVE IT!

And of course, those that can manipulate these thoughts in a manner that it helps their audience who will gladly buy from them for that reason i.e your stuff HELPS THEM! 

True sales means not just knowing your audience well enough to understand what and how they're thinking, its also about predicting their THOUGHTS. 

And then writing accordingly, or selling accordingly... 

That X factor is what I wanted to talk about today, and have, and fitness wise? 

My workouts, my friend have the X factor to them.  

Maybe thats why the book on reverse pushups, and the advanced book on pull-ups - one amongst many will give you the X "shape" to your abs so many of you REALLY Want ... Hehe. 

But thats not where the buck stops. 

In my workouts, I give you VARIETY - I give you BRUTALITY - I give you numbers - reps - and all of this x 10 to keep it interesting, and also to make sure YOU can modify your workouts per your own body. 

Within certain parameters. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Get the 0 Xcuses Fitness System today. 

Truly the X factor you've been looking for in YOUR training!


Rahul mookerjee

PS - Another great email coming up training wise - stay tuned. 

PS #2 - The 10 Commandments of Successful Sales (I give you 20, to be sure) is another GREAT read on this topic, especially since it shows it from a personal perspective as to how I do what I do and make it financially very profitable. 

Yes, I can hear y'all "salivate" for it. 

Pavlov done rang the bell, hehe. 

But you gotta complete it by pulling out that wallet and credit card and getting the book NOW . . . 

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