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The best and most DIVERSE exercise

In Pushup Central, an "innocent sounding but in reality a MAGNUM opus on the worlds (possibly) oldest, most effective (in my opinion) and DIVERSE" exercise (the opinion part is mine, but the rest are words from a customer I mentioned yesterday "John Walker" from the UK - a great guy and a DOER PAR EXCELLENCE!) ...I give you no less than 55 different ways to do pushups and give you workouts that will last you a lifetime - and get you in shape right quick. 

REAL quick, I might add, if you just do. 

The Bozo fools (Schofield Blowfield of course, who else, hehe) trolled the book by saying "Really! A book on just pishups! ...Boring!

I dont know about you, but this sort of comment is so stupid it makes me want to laugh out loud rather than get angry. 

Bozo is trying to make it sound like it's a fiction book (boring??). 

Just pushups? 

Hey, Schofield, if you'd even do ONE of the exercises I'ved mentioned in them, you'd be flat on your stomach with no energy left for the tongue workouts you so diligently engage in 

Come to think of it, thats perhaps the goal anyway for you (to the Bozo that is). 


But anyway, getting back to it ... 

55 different ways. 

Truth is, and trust me bro - I could put out 555 different ways to do pushups and I still wouldn't scratch the surface of this great exercise. 

Ok, thats a bit of an exagerration perhaps, but you get the point. 

Take the FIRST style of pushup in the book, for instance. 

The humble ole "regular grip" pushup which most people think when they think pushups. 

Right off the top of my head, right NOW, and I'm not even fully awake (the bear takes a while to wake up, hehe) ..I can think of no less than TEN different ways to do just THIS pushup - with the SAME hand and foot positioning. 

Thats right. 

At least 10 different ways, and 10 different workouts. 

So, 550 different ways wouldn't be a stretch, and neither would 555 ... 

The key, my friend, lies in changing the mental pictures you have of this great exercise. 

Most people think of pull-ups as being the champ of fitness. 


The pull-up IS one of the toughest exercises out there, and it makes you feel like a SUPERHERO - or SUPER STUD (along with the handstand pushup, of course). 

But getting back to pushups - I've often touted them as being the big dog of fitness, and rightfully so. 

When all you have is a floor - and we all have that - and a wall - guess what. 

You can get the workout of your LIFE (see 0 Excuses Fitness - I've made mention of pull-ups in there, but you do NOT need 'em - or I should say, yes, you should do 'em - but again - pushups, squats and bridging will get you int he best shape of your life - and that sort of routine is what pro boxers, wrasslers, and champ athletes follow all over the world). 

Dont get me wrong. 

Pull-ups are damn important too. 

But pushups my friend - the mental picture most people have is style #1 that I mention in the book, and hence the "pah! JUst pushups!" 

(I am not referring to Bozo Blowfield here, as he's clearly trolling - I'm referring to people in general). 

And here's the thing. 

"Just pushups". 

Well, if it's just pushups, can YOU give me 100 of them NOW? 

Or 50? 

Or even 10 slow proper ones? 

If it's most people we're talking about, includin Muscle Maniacs, th answer would probably be NO. 

So my point is this. 

Don't be lazy. 

Work these exercises HARD, hard, HARD. 

And change the mental picture you have of pushups FIRST. 

And of course, get the course right HERE

No fancy shmancy marketing on this one, sorry. Just a brutally effective "get it", and thereeth endeth this email. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up the Jaguar of Fitness Training and Jump Rope Mania! as well - especially the latter course - they BOTH go great with pushups!

Its already getting to be hot as heck in this here neck of the woods. 

I'm sitting here SWEATING, panting and the sweat pouring OFF, BRO!

I ain't had a sip ot water. 

I ain't taken my damn shoes off. 

I ain't done none of that. 

A lady next to me was saying "2 PM is too late". 

Like hell it is! 

She was referring to some maid or what not, I believe, but damn - thats a sign from the Universe to write to YOU and so I am. 

Now, I wrote to you about the INSPIRATIONAL recollection in China yesterday and oddly enough the same thing happeneed today in the park - exact same spot - exact same so hot that no-one was there, and the few there RAN away!

Deja VU!

I was talking goals to myself. 

The SONG was ringing in my MIND. 

"Rising up, hanging tough, staying hungry!" 

Mr T from Rocky IIII!!!!!!!

And I was focused on that stupendous goal of mine, doing pushups and PULL=ups - some of the toughest ever workouts from BAttletank Shoulders. 

These BOOKS were forged in the HEAT OF BATTLE - so much so that ordinary folks would RUN away. 

Only the ravens were there. 

This time, three of them as opposed to one flying high in the past. 

This time, THREE flew over me. 


And more birds flew as I returned home, my goals well and truly in THEIR minds too! 

The Raven was CROWING!

And in a good damn way. 

Anyway, there were two skinny whippersnappers out there looking at me from afar. 

One wanted to join the Gym. 

The other said the following. 

"come here, boy! I'll show you what a gym is!" 

He waited for me to finish my set of pull-ups. 

He walked over, did a set of 5 chin ups. PErfect form. 

Other dude shook his head. 

"I can't do that!" 

Then they moved over to the machiens. 

I walked up to the bar. Knocked out PULL-ups! 

Dude #1 looked at #2. 

"I can't do that!" 

And oft they went, hehe. 

And so it should be!

Train like a beast my friend. 

You and your goals. 

And you never know. 


(and once you reach the pinnacle KEEP hanging tough and staying hungry, or esle you'll go downhill. Been there, done that, and am GRATEFUL for the lesson tshirt)


Rahu Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the best damn compilation on pull-ups here. 

PS #2 - No, I ain't gonan spill the goals on my beans as yet, or is that the other way around? 


But really - like me - BRUTAL - and STUPENDOUS - watch this space for more, and ya ll will be the FIRST TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!


If there is one term you could use to describe me above all, my friend - it would be this. 




I say it like it IS, my friend. 

And I'v enever been shy about doing so, regardless of the consequences. 

In 2017, I remember my buddy and myself from the Marines drinking beer and having the conversation about whether the Trumpinator or myself was MORE brutally honest. 

"I gotta give to Trump", I laughed. "If there is ONE person walking the face of this planet who is MORE brutally honest than I am, it is him!" 

My friend winked back figuratively. 

"Not so fast, Rahul! It's by no means a foregone conclusion!" 

He was probably right. Hehe. 

All my life, I've been this way. 

Either hated or LOVED. 


Exteme way of living. 

"Extreme ways have helped me, have helped me every time!" 

"Extreme places 've been that never seen any LIGHT!" 

"Too many heartaches too many ... too many different things! YOu wouldnt even believe!" 

(The credit song for the Bourne Series. Kudos Matt Damon - for a dude who couldn't do a single pull-up when he started, and this was AFTER becoming famous - he knocked out 33 or so in a set for th eBoune series!). 

My own family - same thing, hehe. 

Most would rather steer away from me as far as possible. LOL. 

And thats OK! 

But anyway, that email gate saga, which you on this list no doubt remember. 

During a job in the Middle East my wife angrily shot off an email for some reason too irritating to explain here to the GM of HR. 

Nope, she didnt ask me before doing it. 

And of course the next day I got blamed for "why my wife sent it". 

They were all expecting me to say "sorry, I knew it, I'm sorry for letting it happen" 

Or, castigate my wife. 

But here's the thing. 

She was RIGHT in the reason she said it, if not the way she did it. 

So I stayed silent. Didnt say anything either way. 

As for #1? 

Interesting how it works. 

When I tell a woman to do something, the Nazi feminists scream bloody murder, and when I don't, I'm told to tell 'em. Hehe. 

can't win for losing!

Anyway, I told dude (he was overweight as heck by the way) how it was honestly. 

"Like dude, really. Yes, thats not the way to do things, but I truly had no idea!" 

I was grilled later on why I didnt' just tell the white lie. 

(curiously enough by a person who growing up once asked me "what I'd do if I supported someone (a cricketer - this was during the infamous Australia India "monkeygate" saga and a ball supposedly touching the ground or not) and didnt want to say they might have made a mistake (MIGHT)". 

(Would you stay silent, or would you just say he's right). 

(I chose the former option as a 13 year old). 

Because, as Charles Mitchell once famously said (one of my earliest and greatest customers, though they all are!) 

"That's not you!" 


That ain't me. I don't tell white lies for the most part, if at all. 

I could give a rats ass less about consequences - so long as IN MY HEART I know I'm doing the right thing and can (as Charles the friend told me) "sleep easy at night" - THAT is what counts to me - and the Universe, and everyone KNOWS IT. 

And it's interesting how things come full circle!

The latest review on Pushup Central from John Walker in the UK starts with the following. 

"Brutally effective". 

And he's damned right on that one. 

Go HERE now and read ther est of it - and dont just click - GET the damn course - and GET cranking on it, BRO! 

It's that damn good!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another course I recommended to John was Jump Rope Mania! Pushups go great with jumping rope and vice versa. It was good enough for the greats, and still is, and this combo is good for YOU. Jump - literally - on this NOW and GET THE DAMN COURSE!

(All of you on this list, I mean. Really - that combo is WORTH IT!) 

PS #2 - Did my wife apologize? I'll let you guess, hehe. But guess who got blamed anyway. LOL.

Actually, he DID. 

He understood it better than most, probably! 

And he was spiritual without knowing it too ... 

Of course, those were the hey days in the PRC, and this friend is none other than Major General Michael, him of the FAMOUS "You are both FIRED as SITE ADMINS and MAJOR GENERAL. Public posting to follow shortly". 

It never did, hehe. 

That was Michael, Rahul and Uncle Bob (and a late addition Ziv Glikman whose now the only remaining solider in that battle, and a bonafide STUD in terms of "whos who" in Dongguan and a great guy despite our spats in the "early days" for which I was responsible for the most part, hehe). 


Thats always been me. 

And I was that then x 10000. 

I still am, hehe. 

But doing the right thing, thats always been key for me. 

So it was for Major General Michael, as when it came time to hand over Dongguan Expat FULLY to me, he did so despite me saying initially "I didnt want to buy it". 

Folks were CLAMORING to get the site. 

But he didnt give in. 

He called me one fine night (when yours truly was about to set off on one of his truly infamous bordello jaunts as Michael put it "on the streets of Dongguan", hehe - STREET TOUGH!!! Thats been me always. I remember a friend Aaron back in the day telling me "So what if he's bigger than you. You're a damn STREET FIGHTER!") and said the following which was repeated on email the next day. 

And as I am hit with an outpouting of emotion recalling Sunny Deol in Ghayal, and as I keep getting hit with these great reviews for the course DEAR or DEAREST to my HEART - Pushup Central, I gotta say it. 

"Rahul, lets do this now! I want to do it now!" 

Hey, I feel him. 

When I want to do something, it has be done now. 


As Napoleon Hill says, when you get the urge - DO IT!

DO NOT STOP TO PONDER and think "what if"! 

Else, it might well be FATAL to your success. 

Now, anyway - when  Igot back, the site was there for me. 

Teh next day, he said this on email. 

"No-one contributed MORE to Dongguan Expat than you, Rahul. I created it, WE WORKED on it, but YOU were the biggest contributor". 

Fair's fair, bro. 

And the General was a fair man, and still is! 

I'd love to meet him TODAY and chill and drink a few cold ones with me like we both did back in the day, getting in each others FACES, REAL MAN STYLE!

Thankfully we're (if I may borrow a great guy John Walker's expression" "far more civilzed now". 

But the BEAST lurks! 

Anyway, down the line, I think I mentioned this before (yes, I did!) - I put a Tsingtao beer gal as an opening splash page on the site for no other reason than I love Tsingtao, and the dame was hot - looked DAMN GOOD!

Kinda like the girls I drank with so often back in the day. 

Michael asked me the following. 

"Great splash page! But ... is TsingTao giving you credit for all the publicity??" 

He was right. 

And Iremoved the page later after pissing a few uppity morons off (and Nazi feminists, how dare I put the image of a sexy hot woman on there, hehe. "I dont want to see that!") ... but it probably got a lot of eyeballs. 

He said it in jest. 

But here's the point. 

I dont SHY AWAY from giving CREDIT where it's due bro. 


I'll talk all day long about how great they are!

Bozo Schofields? 

Well, you know that story too. Hehe. 


I'll talk all day long about it and give it credit!!

People that inspired me? 

I dont just give them credit here - FREE credit - and no, I dont expect nothing in return - they deserve it - and then some! And I give them credit in my BOOKS TOO!

That is how the Universe works - I wrote in a NON - FITNESS related book about an English expat coming "home" to his Indian "dream gal' - and how "life always brings things full circle". 

I gave you the example of - well, in THAT book of Stallone in Rambo being asked by Colonel Trautman. 

"When are you going to come full ciricle, John?" 

And Michael ... (which Michael? I'm Michael too, hehe - not just in China, but on ANOTHER site too!). 

There is a reason I chose the name. 

The man inspired me, and still does! 

(and it pissed off a lot of people that I liked him, but hey. So be it!)

"We all get on the roundabout , Rahul ... " 


And as I come full circle, you do so TOO bro. 

With the OLDEST exercise known to man out there (no, Bozo Schofield, not "that exercise"). 

No you know what fist pumps with old you know what's. 


Come full circle, bro. 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I love pushups. Cannot overstate how important they are to fitness, and if you haven't seen it yet - well - the Rolls Royce of Fitness explains it very well too along with videos. Grab both of these NOW. 


I've made no secret of the fact that Pushup Central is a book that is dear to me for reasons specified in emails before. 

Pushups, that exercise I've been doing since I was a kid - that I've been doing well with poor genetics etc, and NO training on how to do it except some movie montages - and one that always made me feel like a MAN. 

A real MAN!

Pushups, which my Tae-kwondo instructor praised me on ... 

And pushups, my friend, an exercise that virtually ALL great athletes and DOERS throughout the ages have gotten good at - and done - and continue to do - is what I bring to you in Pushup Central. 

I haven't said this as yet, but I literally had "tears and smiles" in my eyes as I wrote that book last year! 

And I bring it to you not just because of what pushups have done for me - but what they can - and will - do - for YOU!

And the proof, my friend is in the pudding. 

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System, I tell you that pushups are the BIG DOG of training. 

(I did 100 yesterday outdoors with 100 pull-ups - ALL Floor pushups, all as done in Pushup Central, and let me tell you, I'm feeling it!). 

And there is a damned good reason for me saying that, and curiously enough, just as I was thinking of pushups and my "sore" muscles - which I WILL hit hard and heavy again today? 

Another great review from a DOER - and without further ado, here is what he says. 

Brutally Effective!!!

The Bodyweight Guru has done it again, 55 ways to bring on the pain, a magnum opus on how to really use what is possibly the world's oldest and "most diverse" exercise.

If you're like me, you live for that pain, the feeling of your muscles as they stretch and contract and how your body screams at you to stop but your mind will not allow you to quit, you have that target in your mind and you cannot stop until you hit that target, yes my friends this is training "brutally effective" training.

Buy this book and take up the challenge of Push Up Central.

The Bodyweight Guru is waiting for you, let him show you how with this (innocently sounding) book you can become more than you could ever have imagined, this is hard training at it's absolute best.

Now a word about the previous review, Glyn Scofield is a total moron and his reviews suck almost as much as he does, Glyn, if by chance you ever read this, do yourself a favour and just stop, nobody cares what you think.

And that, my frend, says it all - right down to what he says about the Bozo, hehe. 

Especially the part about his sh-views for books he never bothered to read in the first place, which of course is nigh obvious. 

Anyway, Bozo Blowfield aside, get this book NOW, my friend. 

It truly WILL make a CHAMP - out of you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another book along the same lines, except dealing with sprints is this one - Advanced Hill Training. Jump on this now too. 

Monday, 01 March 2021 09:01

Sun drenched workouts . . .

What a pain Win-Blows is! 

I had this post nicely typed out (email) and then the computer chooses just this time to crash. Hehe. 

Lets try another time (I'm still on a hunt for that Toshiba I want!). 

Anyway, sun drenched workouts - and spoiler alert - this ain't what you might be thinking. 

No sun drenched beach, warm sand you can feel, sparkly water right next to yo uthat you want to DIVE into (even if you just saw the Meg, hehe) ... and certainly no girls lying on their tummies with their posteriors pried tightly SHUT so that leering Bozo Schofields can't even try and pry 'em open. 

Now, admittedly the Bozo looks harmless from a distance, but he ain't. 

Appearances can be deceptive, and believe me, not even the most desperate of old women would want the Bozo anywhere near her posterior. 

Unless he flashed "wads" of cash but beign those are usually given to him by women, gullible ones in China he dupes, and being he's "stuck" in Mom's basement for now in the UK, that ain't happening either! 


The lovely Bozo. 


But he's great fun in some regards as you can tell! 

Anyway, sun drenched. 

I just got done with a sun drenched routime myself out there - a 100 pull-ups in the park and the sun literally "bathed" my back and "kneaded it from the inside out" as I worked out!

Great, warm feeling, and my calves are still BUZZING with that buzz you get from great workouts. 

But it brings to mind some recollections - and this one - I have NOT posted in the workout memoires - workouts, if you're the nut job reading this - for "salacious memoirs" you'll be redirected to the right site, LOL - truly one of the best fitness memoirs EVER - and a book very dear to my heart (and trolled roundly, since it's just so damn inspirational, just like Pushup Central) - 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections

Golly, those memories! 

Anyway, back in the day I'd often workout at 1PM or so - outdoors. 

Remember this is Southern China, my friend. The sun would be BLAZING and BASHING down on me as I trained. It's so hot in that part ofthe country that it would rain one minute - tropical style downpour - you'd be SOAKED to the bone. 

Next minute, sun would show up, and you'd dry out, and be soaked again within a minute - with sweat. 



I completed many a tough hill climb in those conditions, tons of 'em! 

Not for nothing they call me Mr. Ironman, hehe. 

But the time I'm talking about, I climbed the hill at the end of my routine. 

First, I would do Hindu squats out there, out by the lovely lake int he park as the cool breeze blew across my face. 

I loved that lake - still do! 

Then I'd do 150 pushups - once done, I'd dust off, and do MORE - with feet plonked on a bench. A style I believe I popularized in Pushup Central ... 

Then, it was on to the park itself - unshaded area, and I'd bang out pull-ups and more pushups. It was so hot that the thick bars felt like molten steel, and my hands used to literally feel like they were BURNING!

You gotta experience it to FEEL it, hehe. 

And I'd do those 100 handstand pushup/pull workouts out there in that heat. 

The park used to be deserted at that time. Save a few "aunties" fanning themselves under the trees wondering what the Da Xing Xing was up to, there was no-one crazy enough to be out there at the time. 

Just me, myself, and the SUN! BLAZING DOWN!

And I'd finish them workouts, then climb the hill, then finish off with a Bourne sprint or two. 

Some of the best toughest workouts of my life - and some of the best times I HAD and continue to! 


And .. good news is this. 

YOU don't have to be NEAR as extreme to get in great shape. 

I'm not asking you to do any of this necessarily. In fact, when you start out, I would NOT recommened this type fo thing!

But YOU, my friend - and this is a promise Rahul Mookerjee makes - -you, my brother, can get into the best shape of your life in less than 15 minutes in the comfort, privacy and AIR CONDITIONED ENVIRONS (if you so choose) of your Home . 

You do NOT need extreme. 

You can work up to it. 

But no, you do NOT need it! 

And you might just SWEAT in the air conditioned environs too - you'll see me doing that in the Rolls Royce of Fitness workout video! 

But thats all you need bro. 

And thats a promise Rahul is making to you - and whe he makes ones - he does it - and DELIVERS - and you can take his word to the BANK, my friend - and my great customers around the GLOBE know it! 

(so do the Bozos, hehe). 

I'm out. Man, that felt good!

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The hill I trained on is HERE - Advanced hill Training. Be sure and grab it now - truly the JAGUAR of fitness, and goes great with the Royce here . . . 

I cannot stop laughing as I think about the messages the dame in China sent me (well, she's actually someone I knew before) - from Glyn. (a few years back). 

He was one of his infamous benders as he is now, and some of the stuff he's written about "Goddess, I want to buy you things, be your servant, and obey every order" was met with an incredulous "WTF". 

Poor Josie wasn't well accquainted with the Bozos fetishes, or fetishes in general and probably still isn't. 

Anwyay, the Bozo was roundly rebuffed. 

She laughed at him. 

And of course, Dr Jekyll+ Mr Hyde (which he is NOW, hehe) emerged. 

And he told her some of nastiest stuff you can think of - even trolls don't usually get this nasty. 

There is a reason, my friend, that Hannibal Lecter and the Bozo would make great cellmates. 

actually, not. 

The former was at least SMART. Smart as heck. 

The lattter is a buffoon x 100, and makes no pretensions about being one. 

But anyway, she blocked his ass. 

And he tried contacting her again, but couldn't. 

You'd think what he said would be like acid in her veins, and it was. 

But this older lady understood the truism of "Remove that which you do NOT want in your life, and you get what you DO want" - something I keep telling you on this list about. 

And thats why yours truly roundly blocked the Bozo as soon as I heard back from him last year on social media, email, list etc. 

Everything he CAN do goes straight to trash. 

Even his IP's are blocked ... 

And there is a reason behind it which should be obvious by now, but after all the blocking, you'd think he would give up - but no, he keeps posting inane reviews on Amazon for books he hasn't bought - and even people that are NOT into fitness are tittering at him right now. 

All great fun, and makes me SALES (as a friend said, "must be great for your bottom line"), left right and center every time he trolls. 

Poor Bozo, heh. 

But thats a reason I'm so ruthless about calling people out on BS - on making sure people that get my products DO the thing - or making sure I only get those that VALUE quality and aren't just looking for free, cheap, or instant gratification. 

And one of the ways I do it is putting out the best products out there. 

The best for the best, and, as a customer recently said, if you want to learn from a Master, a true Master at his craft, the name is Mookerjee, Rahul Mookerjee. 

And the other way? The law of repulsion. 

Believe me, the sorts I mentioned above - I do NOT want ANYWHERE NEAR me - or my  life - or my business. 

and so should YOU, my friend. 

We truly ARE the sum of people we hang out with, fitness wise or otherwise. 

Anyway, more such wisdom available here - Gumption Galore - and Zero to Hero - from a LIFE standpoint. 

And from a fitness standpoint, you KNOW where to go, hehe. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up what is possibly my BEST book ever - Animal Kingdom Workouts - and start applying what is in there NOW. Write back and let me KNOW how you DO!

PS #2 - I'll keep you posted on Bender Bozo, hehe. 

Sunday, 28 February 2021 11:11

What you CAN eat - while working out!

This might come across as a surprise to many of you on this list, and indeed many that are reading it - given my preference for NOT eating "when most people tell me to". 

Given my GREAT gains on an admittedly (so the idiots and experts) say a shitty diet, and breaking cardinal rule #1 of eating (I mention this as the SECRET - or one of them - to super fitness and even "ripped" if you want that in the Simple and Effective Diet - which by the way is GRATIS with your purchase for the 0 Excuses Fitness System). 

And on that note, some free entertainement first. 

The "Glyn Files" as a friend of mine and REAL STRONGMAN - and a DOER in life -a nd FITNESS put it, hehe. 

Latest on that is that the Bozo apparently gave up after his bender last night, but apparently not. 

Seems to be on a weeklong bender (poor UK, hehe). 

And though his stuiff, signups etc go straight to "trash" I occasionally check Trash, because some of my best customers are from the UK and I dont want email signs up etc landing in the "trash". 

Many reasons why folks don't get emails ... And NOT all of them are because they dont want to get 'em (but yeah, if YOU signed up, and don't get the email, and do NOT ask me WHY, then you WILL be deleted, because it shows you dont WANT to hear from me bro). 

More on "repelling what you dont want there" (from me). 

But anyway, the Bozo is ready to implode into a fat, chubby, bloated mess of "eww". 

Latest names he signed up for with? 

Other than "RahulisafitnessGod", of course, which I mentioned last night. 


It's absolutely hilarious - given the next name he signed up with for was "Bozo Schofield" (he copied and pasted a customer name to an email address which of course went straight to junk because it's a non existent email, hehe) ... 

The Bozo truly IS projecting. As he always does. LOL. 

Funny part, even if he meant that for me, I'm not exactly the most favorite, or even close to it, person on my own Mama's list. LOL!

Anyway, I was chowing down on corn between sets of pull-ups, and I remember my wife once telling me the following back in the day (she picked up some roasted corn on a cob for me). 

"Don't stand upside down!" 

(this was said in Hindi!) 

"After eating! Your stomach won't magically digest it! I'm not cleaning up the puke!" 

Now, I can understand why she said that - I often tell my little girl not to do that. 

And yours truly does NOT workout on a full stomach, or ANYWHERE NEAR IT for reasons I've specified a lot of times. 

But, SOMETIMES, somethings ... 

Look, I was mid way through the workout, first off. 

And second, if it's a couple of bowls of boiled corn, that digests pretty quickly when you're doing the REAL thing. 

I dont think it would have made me puke (though yeah, I stopped doing handstands because my wife then would have a coronary, lol - and immediately switched to)? 

That old favorite - and a KILLER exercise that makes men out of gym bimbos, bozos, preeners, posers, pumpers and the like REAL QUICK. 

It's mentioned in the Animal Kingdom Workouts course, a course that will (according to a customer) truly make you join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS. 

And, according to me, you'll never have erectile dysfunction and "I want a stud in the bedroom, not just GYM!" complaints and snickers about "women only want men who can do THAT thing well!" problems again once you get on that course, but for now, this ain't about putting the big V outta biz, this is about YOU - and the bear crawl. 

And I remember telling my daughter, grinning from ear to ear. 

Well, the bear eats - and ends up shitting at the same time, and moving, doesnt it? 

And look at monkeys. 

Chowing down on bananas all day while swinging from limb to limb. 

BIt extreme I know. 

And no, I dont advocate YOU to jump into a workout while or after a heavy meal, but sometimes, a bit of a snack if you need one? 

(I dont - I did not then either - I just love me some roasted corn on the cob!) 

Go for it. 

The Earth will still revolve, hehe. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Be sure and pick up the course on isometrics and pushups as well - both complement the above one perfectly, as does the compilation on pull-ups

I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Had a great conversation a while ago with a great guy "Dejon" . Shout out - kudos to YOU bro! 

(yes, yours truly DOES get on the dumb phone sometimes, hehe). 

I once dated a chick who said exactly that. 

I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it. 

But it did give me an indication of her temper, which of course attracted yours truly "hot tempered" (way more than I am NOW) to her back then. 

She ended up becoming ... well, my wife, and we all know the story there. 

She also drank vodka on the first date ,I believe or the second. 

I know I drank 5 bottles of Foster's beer that first date (after the movie and the shennanigans and "my own movie", hehe). 

And she became a die hard wine lover down the road and vodka lover too. 

Not quite as much as I drink, and not quite as much as Ann Lee loved BEER, but she can put away a fair bit, I believe ... 

But anyway, it's funny - I was talking last night about why Idont try to convince people. 

Well, I never tried to convince my wife of drinking, or that I'd stop when I got married, or none of that. 

I didnt even say I'd lop my long hair off. - that she did manage to get me to do, but it grew back open. 

I should say "grew back", but a gust of wind suddenly SHOOK the door I'm next to and it opened as if by :magic" and the Spirit. Truly strange and GREAT things happening today after that isometric workout!!

I'm going to go open it again soon, but for now? 

Really, that is why I have this list etc - for people that at least have an open mind internally. 

If you're willing to listen, then you might just benefit, and benefit way more than you have fitness wise in the past. 

Not to mention get in the best shape of your LIFE, my friend. 

Start right here if you so choose. 

And remember, if it's "I'd love to" - I dont want it. 

IF you come to me saying "YES, I WANT IT!" - then I want - YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

Words, my friend are indeed powerful. And we should choose 'em wisely!

Those of us "in the know" either consciously or subconsciously do. 

But though I've been in the know on all of this for most of my life, even I've missed certain things. 

Back a few years ago - yes - not that long ago! - I'd think that when someone told me "I'd love to read it!" that they WANTED the book I wrote. 

This happened with 0 Excuses Fitness for one. 

Two people - friends - told me "they'd love to read". 

Years later, they've probably either forgotten they have the book or that they never read it. 

Then there was an idiot who claimed she'd read it and give me a review. 

Another rookie mistake on my part, I admit it. But that was years ago! 

Of course, she did NEITHER. 

And it wasn't necessarily because I "gave it to them for free" or what not. 

True, most of us don't value what we get for free. 

Hence the prices on my product being HIGH. Hence why I STATE it upfront. 

(Of course, a certain select bunch of doers would probably USE free information with gratitude - I did this for years - but anyway, everyone doesnt think that way!). 

My wife and daughter were getting into it the other day, I believe - about my daughter "running her mouth too much" about what she does at home, how good she has it, her ":knowledge" (she knows way more than the average kid her age) and so forth. 

On this one, I support my wife. 

I once told my daughter - well, I have given the analogy in the past - and I did this by putting two glasses right next to each other. 

"Imagine one full and one empty, or sort of empty", I asked her. 

Now, what happens (and I told her she was the full glass) - - I asked her if people keep MOOCHING off the full glass? 

What is mooching, my little one asked, I remember. 

OK, Siphoning! 

She didnt know, so I taught her the meaning. Hehe. 

But anyway, a colleague in China in 2003 once told me the same thing about the "all foreigners are rich" and the locals trying to mooch off them with a "full well and everyone drawing from it until the well itself is DRYER THAN DRY" mentality". 

And when my daughter got it, I told her that most people are just massive ENERGY drains, and therefore, while it's fine to socialize and fraternize, it's NOT OK to tell everyone, and indeed most people - your goals, desires, dreams etc. 

"There's a lot of Bozos out there", I finished off with. 

"Dad, can't you ever use language for kids", she scolded me. 


But she repeated the Napoleon Hill saying of "Tell the world what you're going to do but show it first" and then asked me "Why I kept repeating it". 

And I repeated the Claude Bristol saying of "Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, lead to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen!

Some of the best education you can give your kids other than the rot they fill their brains is stuff like this. 

Anyway, back to wording. 

Now, the "I want it". 

EVERY time a custome rhas said "I want it" - they have DONE it. 

John Walker from the UK once said "I want to own all the book". And I've no doubt someday he'll DO IT!

People use words often without being conscious of it, but even those that know the difference and dont mean one but say it as if they do - well - sorry, but the VIBE shines through. Everything you say and write has a huge VIBE coming off it!

And thats why you see "I WANT IT" "NOW" as the order buttonfor all my courses. 

I dont want wishy washy lukewarm idiots with "I'd love to read it" because they never will. And if they get the course, they will never USE the information in it. 

Instead, thats what I want To REPEL. 

And I think I'm doing a pretty good job of doing that. 

And if you after reading this consider yourself a DOER in life - and are so pumped you can't wait to get "some" - then go HERE, my friend. 

And I'll see you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, that link is HERE. GEt you some now and get cracking TODAY. 

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