Saturday, 19 December 2020 07:32

On “40 years of Rocky”, and more ...

So, I just watched a movie last night. A rather short one!

From an all time favorite actor of mine.

Perhaps My ONLY favorite actor – Sly Stallone!

And he’s made a short little documentary film on Rocky which is little more than a brain dump to be honest. And I knew that from the get go after readin the movie reviews.

And yet, Stallone is a man I highly admire. 

He’s been there, done that, blazed a trail – and then some!

Fitness wise, he’s ... well, I dont think we need to go there! A guy thats making movies such as the Expendables at an age WELL over 65 or so (I think he’s way over 70 now?).

And while the last installment of the Rambo series was more gore than anything else, Stallone’s still in awesome condition for a man his age.

I’ve spoken about the similiarity between his conditioning routines and mine ... and how both him and I later realized that those LONG drawn out workouts with LESS food (and Stallone truly went to extremes!) was doing more harm than good.

They got results, but ...

Stallone’s muscle really exploded once he learned the value of doing LESS, not more – in the gym (and knowing his body!).

Anyway, in the brain dump amongst other things he talks about never giving up.

He talks about how his life was going nowhere fast.

And how it literally EXPLODED the year Rocky was released!

“Keep buying those lottery tickets! You never know when you might hit the jackpot!”

And he is RIGHT.

Now, in the movie, they went into a lot of interesting details about how Rocky was made on a shoestring budget which dwindled even further as the shooting progressed.

And, how the extras that were supposed to show up never did, hehe, because of pay etc, and how they improvised on the spot.

All great stuff, and while the majority of people won’t get it, Stallone is actually imparting more education in that half hour than most will get in their lives (similar to what I do in these daily emails of mine).

Take it or leave it, but the part about rehearsals bears WEIGHT.

They rehearsed CONTINOUSLY for months for the Rocky fights, trying to get it just right.

Stallone said that most movies dealing with boxing do NOT do these lengthy rehearsals.

Big mistake, and so sayeth the man himself.

And again, he is RIGHT.

Anyway, even while doing those lengthy rehearsals, there was doubt in Stallone’s mind as to whether all of the effort would pay off, and would be worth it.

Remember, this is a guy that slept on park benches and Grand Central station at a certain point, and had like $106 in his bank account at the time Rocky was accepted, and sold his dog off, pawned his wife’s jewelry, and, well, you get the picture.

A guy that did what he had to do.

And he put in the work.

Kept the faith.

And the results?

‘nuff said, hehe.

But really.

Point begets.

They say you need at least 10,000 hours of practice to get truly good at a skill.

Could be writing emails. Books. Could be teaching. Could be doin gpull-ups.

Could be hill climbs (those long workouts! I still remember!).

Could be walking X number of steps per day, and feeling ASTONISHED at 30 k steps taken during a single workout (that number adds up!)

But really, bro.

You gotta put in the time.

And you gotta keep the faith!

And if you do these two things, you’re WAY ahead of most people already, and you WILL get results down the pike – line – that will ASTOUND you.


Hang in there – stay strong – and HIT IT! TODAY!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can pick up the BEST damn fitness system out there – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Which of course is a contrarian way to the extreme, and that exact OPPOSITE of what most “gurus” claim (and to be honest, some of those people DO KNOW what theyre talking about!).

And opposite of what I’ve said in the past too.

Perhaps this email should be read by “super motivated” folks.

If you NEED motivation to get started (fitness, life, work etc) ... well, you do the easy stuff first and build momentum.

But for you SUPER MOTIVATED lot out there?

That really want to EXCEL at whatever it is you do??

Could be as simple as fixing a lightbulb, for instance.

This afternoon I had three bulbs to fix.

Two easy peasy, one tough in that I had to take off the “glass cover” around it (an insanely annoying thing to do).

So fixing light bulbs is easy anyway, you say!


IT is!

But I got the “hard part” out of the way anyway!


And my thinking was as follows.

The other two are easy anyway. Why not just do those later?

Thats like saying “thats already done”!

And it was, in a way. Hehe.

So I got the toughie out of the way FIRST.

If I did it in the reverse manner, would it have worked?

Hell yes.

IN probably the same time, but mentally, I’d constantly think of “the hard one remains!”.

And its the same thing with my fitness routines.

I do the toughies FIRST, and unless you’re trying to DO an exercise, it’s the rught way to do it.

If you’re just starting out with handstands and handstand pushups, obviously do the reverse.

But after a certain point, you crank the heat up.

Literally. And figuratively.

And the way to do that is harder workouts , and the way to do that?

Well, it’s to do the toughies FIRST when you have the most energy instead of waiting until the “fag end”. Hehe.

Dont get me wrong. You can do it that way and still make great gains, but in my NOT SO HUMBLE opinion on this one, the first way is BETTER.

Boith work, but if one is better, why not choose that and see how it goes??

And this works for life – fitness – everythang, really.

And I’m out for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – HERE is where you can pick up a book on ONE exercise done in reverse – the best damn exercise ever, and with DAMNED GOOD REASON! Be sure to check out the testimonials on this one, hehe.

Friday, 18 December 2020 08:04


This morning, I chanced upon the news.

Which I do NOT read.

I repeat, I do not read most of the garbage out there thats put out for news. Denzel was right in Training Day about it being 90% B.S., and people reading it for entertainment, but yours truly caveman has other things he does for entertainement.

Like writing these typo ridden emails to YOU on this list.

OR talking about something MEANINGFUL.

Or, writing books. And usually very unconventional ones!

Dr Bisland, a great professor of mine for “databases class” if I remember right had this to say once about an instance when the grader literally TORE me apart on an exam.

Now, getting D’s and F’s was nothing out of the ordinary for yours truly.

Including a summer where I believe a friend of mine did nothing but drin kbeer all semester, and ended up with three D’s and a F, and yours truly made A’s that summer, but made up for it with an F the next time around (although to be FAIR, that was more Dr. Burgess going hard on me, hehe, I didnt really deserve that F. Well, maybe if you were to follow the letter of the law – but I digress!).

(I went rough on Burgess too tho with the "Brit" jokes, so even stevens, and NO hard feelings now, hehe. I'd shake his hand if I met him today!) 

Anyway, I took the paper back to the good Prof for re-grading.

And upon looking at it (it was a question related to relational databases) - - well - - the prof “hmme’d” and laughed.

“You have an unconventional way of doing things”, he went. But hey. If it works, is what he said, while reversing the negative points.

“Thats why I wanted to bring it back to you”, I said.

He shrugged. 

By all means son, if it works – then you get the grade! (he didnt say that, but that was his import).

I still stay in touch with him!

One of the BEST profs ever, despite the INANE rants about him being “racist” and so forth, while the real racists sometimes got a free pass ...

Anyway, where was I.


Saikar Majumadar, an author I HAVE NOT heard from ADAM until today, popped upon on some news today.

I ignored it initially.

But something told me to go check i tout, and I did.

Guy is a Bengali. Hehe.

Just like yours truly (perhaps thats why I love the Bengal TIGER so much, heh) – but yours truly never really grew up in Calcutta other than a few visits.

(And yes, I said Calcutta. I did NOT say Kolkata. Some things should be left as they are, much like I’m against renamining military bases etc with “confederate” sounding names or what not – history is history, and thats the bottom line, folks!)

But anyway, it’s funny. I still remember an instance in Hong Kong where a guy just walked up to me and started speaking a language I had NOT IN YEARS – Bengali!

God knows how he knew, hehe, or Goddess perhaps since a “Goddess” seems to be the reigning deity in that part of the land!

But anyway ........ this dude has written some unconventional books apparently.

And on topics which in conventional India, which back int he day was the MOST OPEN society ever (and YES, they DID EAT BEEF AND PORK in ancient India – it’s the modern day Modi inspired religious BS that has put all that to paid and more) are best left undiscussed 

Homosexuality. Class barriers. And such.

All taboos topics apparently.

I write about them!

Yes. Thats another one of those businesses I do, but hey.

Yours truly has ALWAYS BEEN called out for being unconventional.

“Why can’t you do what everyone does” , goes the chant.

For ANYTHING. Life. Work. Business.

And fitness!

I go by GUT, and gut often seems miraculous and unconventional and it IS, and guess WHAT. It ain’t changing!

My fitness books are some of the most unconventional ones you’ll ever see, with workouts that would make most strongmen puke within the minute or couple.


My TECHNIQUES of doing things (specifically how I teach th ehandstand pushup) is UNCONVENTIONAL to a T!

Everything about me is.

But does it WORK?

And BETTER than the rest of the junk out there?

Well – you be the judge, my friend!

Unconvetional should be embraced, my friend.

And truth be told, if all of us paid heed to intuition and less on “logic”, then the world would be a far better place TODAY!

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of the pushups in Pushup Central are the most unique and unconventional ever. Check ‘em out NOW!

PS #2 - I still remember Vincent telling me once "your not like most people from India!"

And in terms of Bengalis, we're (and truth be told, sometimes I wonder if I have INdian roots at all, hehe) SUPPOSED to be intellectuals, and great poets and that but NOT physical, hehe. Perhaps that explains my up bringing and Mom's "he thinks he's so strong" jibes. Hehe.

And how did it turn out on BOTH fronts?

Well, you be the judge - and read what Gautam, a customer from INDIA no less had to say right HERE !


I remember a conversation I had with my Dad when I was “ye small”, I believe. 

I believe maybe a little more, I dont know, maybe around 13.

And given the “problem child” tag they attached to me pretty much since birth, I couldn’t help but ask.

(On that note, I recently bought a RED sweatshirt which says the following “Trouble Maker” on it. Hehe. I love being one! The next one probably will be “Rabble Rouser”, hehe.

Hey, what can I say Dad. I know you didnt bargain for me, but thats what you GOT, hehe).

Anyway, I had to ask.

“Dad, since kids are such a massive burden, why have them anyway?”

(Which actually is NOT a stupid question in this day and age, but back in his day, things were different, and in that day and age, yes, having kids was something I’d still advocate to most people for many reasons.

Now? Now, it’s entirely an individual decision I’d say, and if you dont want any, don’t have ‘em is what I’d say! Especially given how things have become in ALL regards).

He laughed.

“Well, it all turns out well in the end”.


Did it?

I dont think so !

And while yours truly is a bit of an extreme case in that regard, I could point out plenty of “somewhat less extreme” cases where it did NOT turn out alright, especially in my own family.

And speaking of family, I believe other than my paternal grandmother and an Uncle that mysteriously “chose to go missing” are the two people I’m most directly “descended from”.

I spoke about living A frigging ALONE in the last email.

And my “first” paternal Uncle would probably understand that!

To an extent, so would the next . Hehe. He called me a caveman and a WOLF, and those were some of the best names I’ve been called, hehe. I love it!

(And it’s honest too, which I appreciate).

(At least he ASKED me about pushups. More than anyone else in my family ever did, hehe).

But anyway, point being, that FAITH is the elixir of all miracles as Napoleon Hill rightly said.

Without faith, NOTHING AT ALL will happen bro.

If you dont keep the faith, NOTHING will materialize.

But it’s REAL faith.

I spoke about blind faith in an email prior to this that people in general place in fancy degrees, jobs that “sound good” but are the exact opposite, doctors that don’t achieve any tangible results (other than substantially lightening your pocketbook every time you show up – and sometimes wrinkling their nose at you, as some have, hehe, at me. Apparently someone with a medical problem goes to a doc, and that same doc wrinkles his nose at you “becaus ehe can” and with Uncle Bob, “because she can” – and these are the people that the Bozos place their trust in. Truly sad that it’s come to this!).

And blind faith, bro, doesnt work.

Same thing for fitness, and especially fitness.

Just because everyone goes to the gym doesnt mean the gym will give you results, or you even NEED a bloody gym.

Just because the “sheeple” rant about “how your heart needs to be in the target zone for cardio” doesnt mean they’re right.

They’re NOT.

It’s usually the OPPOSITE of what most people DO normally is what is RIGHT – both in terms of life – and fitness.

Am I saying that “going against the grain” is alwayss the best idea?

Well ... YES.

In 99.99999999999% of the cases, it is.

But in that remaining 0.00001% cases, maybe not, but to be honest ... I haven’t seen a single case that qualifies int hat regard, hehe.

And thats what I gotta say for now. Have at, bro!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and get a quickie in today. I will – and I mean workout, a real workout, not Scofield Quickies, hehe.

Yes, indeed!

Everyone’s gone through the guilt trip part, of course – especially if you on this list is trying to DO something with your life (and most of you on the list ARE).

Or have at some point.

And of course, doing something worthwhile requires sacrifice which the indisciplined, LAZY, and “no motivation” nutzos will never understand .

They’d rather see the “bills paid now” present as opposed to see the future from a broad, overall viewpoint.

Yours truly has obviously never been that way. And it hasn’t been easy. Still isn’t (in terms of dealing with the BS sometimes, which is probably why for the most part I live ... A-frigging-LONE!).

Yes, you heard me.

Alone works best a lot of times, and especially with all the Nazi feminists running riot everywhere ...

But really guilt trips – and the other side of the coin – shaming.

When I started to write books, the reaction from family and friends was (and unfortunately, this is what happens most of the time to EVERYONE, yes, including most of the biggest successes you hear about TODAY) “You? How dare you!”

(Or, how can you!)

And hence what I keep saying about following the Napoleon Hill dictum of “Tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW it first!”

If you invert the order, you’re playing into their hands . . .

And the shaming part starts when the person doesnt listen to all the (usually utter hogwash and BS) advice he’s (unwanted advice at that) given.

I cannot tell you how many times thats happened to me.

But the way I see it is this, bro.

They’re going to shame you anyway (the nuts).

They’re going to guilt trip you anyway.

So ... rather than try appease a bunch of idiots and morons, why not just buckle down, take it, and keep doing your thing anyway?

Believe me, once these bozos see RESULTS in front of them, their tune will change.

And I can relate. I can relate 

Not only that – what matters in life ultimately is what works for YOU.

IF writing erotica works for you, so be it.

If sitting in your man cave making money without leaving the house works for you, SO BE IT.

If working a dead end full time job turns you on ... so BE IT. 

NO-ONE, I repeat, NO-ONE has the right to tell YOU how to live your life, NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION MIGHT BE!

Ultimately, we can only take care of others once we take care of our own selves.

And thats a truism the bozos cannot escape either.

Anyway, fitness wise the lesson is obvious.

One, do what it takes to stay in shape.

But two, and more importantly, don’t get suckered into QUITTING by the shamers, pooh poohers, and the nuts that claim “it’s their way thats the best or the highway”.

Make your OWN decision.

And base them on RESULTS.

It’s obvious that you’ll see rapid fat loss, for instance, when you start doing Advanced Hill Training – or Animal Kingdom Workouts

It’s also obvious that the goops will show up saying “oh, thats childish! How could that ever work!”

Same thing for the chest puffers and handstand pushups and the profoundly idiotic bench press exercise.

Or, any decent bodyweight exercise for that matter.

Stick to your guns, my friend. You’re in it for the long haul, and for YOURSELF.

And at the end of the day, THAT is what really counts – and MATTERS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the BEST DAMNED FITNESS SYSTEM ever – right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 - And as for the idiots that talk about plans until the cows come home, and thinking about plans until they can't think no mo, and disregarding gut feeling, which at the end of the day is really what counts, here's the Tyson quote I like to pull out. 

":Everyone's got a plan until ... they get PUNCHED in the mouth!" 

Sage, my friend. Sage indeed! 

Tuesday, 15 December 2020 10:20

“Every time I do ‘em, it’s better!”

Or something of that nature said Charles Bronson, apparently “THE” or one of the , at any rate deadliest prisoners in the UK.

I’m not going to get into what he was originally put in for, or whether or not he’s a “Reformed character” now. Thats for another day (but quite frankly I could care less either way – this is about FITNESS).

And Bronson’s a PRIME example of a truly fit, strong and rugged individual, or at least so he was when he wrote “Solitary Fitness”.

Now, the book (a friend lent it to me) wasn’t really as advaned as Id have expected.

But from a man that can reportedly “do 1700 odd press ups in an hour”, for one and knock out press -ups with “two men on his back” – amongt other mind boggling feats if the reports are to be believed, well, as I said in an email or so prior to this.

SIMPLE AND BARE BONES IS USUALLY – and often times – the very BEST !

And Bronson had this to say about “hand stand press ups” (one of his favorite exercises apparently, and I d o NOT blame him one damned bit either!) 

“I love these! Every time I do ‘em, the workout is better!”

The quote isn’t verbatim, but I believe he did say that.

As probably did Herschel Walker every time he undertook a workout (before it).

As probably did Tyson.

Anyone’s that has ever done anything of NOTE in life, or fitness wise, or anything really.

You keep improving, bro.

I dont care if you add half a rep to your “10 rep pull-ups” per set for instance 

Or even if you hang on for a little bit longer.

Key is improvement in some way, shape or form.

And if you ain’t improving, you ain’t doing it right bro.

Same thing holds true for cardio – or strength training – or a combo of the two if you’re doing it right (and if you are, combo is what it’s after).

Life goes one way, bro – or two.

Either UP or DOWN. No in between’s – and thats what I gotta tell you for now!

Back soon, I’m sure.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Learn the KEYS that will take you to SUPER STUD level at pull-upskeys that will BLOW your mind and exercises you’d never DREAM of in your LIFE, let alone DO – right here – Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Just got done with a brief meditation session.

And much like my workouts, I work these in throughout the day, believe it or not. 

You don’t even need a quiet place if you’re doing it right, though that helps.

And as yours truly “seer” as some have called me (perhaps they’re right)’s fingers FLY ... and my mind is so “out there” ... I gotta tell you this.

Meditation wise, most people bitch about “we’re not doing it right”.

Or question themselves 10,0000 times about it ...

Or wonder when the time will be just right ...

Brings back a time when my Mom once famously made the comment about “we should abort our kid since we weren’t fit to be parents, and other assorted rubbish about the tim enever being right”.

It’s pointless trying to reason with her.

So I didnt.

But a friend, Michael told me the following.

“I dont agree at all. The time will never be right!”

And he was RIGHT.

I would have said the same damned thing to Mom, but ...

Anyway, this ain’t about her.

It’s about just DOING THE THING!

Fitness wise, why not just get down and DO THEM darn pushups and bear crawls, and FIND OUT FOR yourself just how effective they are?

Instead of pissing and moaning about form on pull-ups, why not start by DOING what I tell you the best you can?

In terms of “Hindu pushups” being too difficult – and the form “needs to be down pat” (and it does, dont get me wrong) – again – why not just START?

Make a start, bro, and do so NOW.

That isn’t to say form don’t matter. 


But sometimes, and often times, you’re far better off just DOING THE THING as opposed to endless “rounds of questions”.

Believe me, I’ve done these exercises for damn near my whole life or so it seems, and I learn something new EVERY TIME.

Something to be learnt there,methinks.

Now – go out there – andjust do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the BEST course on pushups right here – Pushup Central. I challenge you to find one BETTER!

PS #2 – The Bozo asked me if “really? A book on pishups?” (I’m sure he spelt it that way on purpose, hehe). Well, yes. A book on pushups bro. THE BEST EVER! GRAB IT NOW!

PPS - A customer responded to the above comment in a SAGE manner indeed by asking the Bozo how many books he'd written or what the Bozo knew about any sort of training or anything at all. No response from the Bozo, of course. Hehe. I love it. 

(I'm NOT loving the Mc Donalds the Bozo so loves, tho. UGH!) 

(Speaks volumes though as to why he's a fat puddle of PUDGE). 


I’ve often been asked how I get so much writing done – while working out – and living a rather, as “Milan” put it STORIED life . Hehe.

(He didnt use that word, but thats what he meant).

Or, as my mother keeps saying (and it seems she secretly admires the same for certain people – but of cours enot with me, hehe. How could I ever do anything right eh) a “colorful character”.

Anyway, the key is this.

Mindset. Fitness (yes, staying fit extends way beyond the PHYSICAL and health benefits alone).

And you already know about that.

But, what you may or may NOT know is the following.

I can write to you in any “voice”, for instance.

I’v ebeen called a chameleon multiple times, and it’s true. Hehe.

Back in the day when I worked a job, and when they actually wanted PEOPLE with REAL SKILLS as opposed to disposable monkeys as the case is NOW, I’d put the following on my resume.

“Can work with many different cultures successfully”

(or a variant of that, gussied up and all)

(“Gussied” is an expression in the Southern US for those that dont know, hehe).

But anyway, the point is ...

... IN order to truly connect with anyone, you have to understand them first. How they think. How they FEEL. How they react. And so forth.


The whole she-bang.

And its part of the reason why trolling me, for instance usually doesnt just end up flat on it’s face -it (as a customer recently put it) whacks the bozos right across the face and then some.

I can write to you as a woman right now if I so choose.

Or a “sissifed” male.

Or, a “gym goer beating his chest about how the bench press is soooooo much better than handstand pushups” and that the “iron is what really counts and builds real strength”.

Man. Woman. Anything in between (I haven’t done this as yet tho, hehe).

(Because no, I dont have a biz dedicated to in betweens. LOL) .

But the point begets ...

And fitness wis,e this is why the idiots who claim “bodyweight exercises don’t build strength” or “bodyweight is only good when you cant get to the GYMMMMMMMMMM BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” or “bodyweight exercises only build endurance” or “bodyweight exercises get you healthy, but thats it!”

The last puzzles me.

I mean, yes, they’re right on that one.

But thats not all they do.

And if bodyweight truly gets you healthy, and the other stuff doesnt really do it, why would you not want to make the switch? 

Befuddles your struly!

But point is, they have NO INKLING. They’ve never ever done the thing!

The bench presser bragging about how much he can press has likely never done a decent OVERHEAD press in his life, let alone get into a handstand.

The wackos who claim they’re big and strong (but are really more FAT around the MIDSECTION than anything else) and so can’t do pull-ups - - and then claim that pull-ups dont build strength while secretly trying to do ‘em – well, the less said the better !

And so on and so forth.

Lesson in all this?

Dont’ comment unless you’ve been there and done that, bro. And most people have not.

You could, of course – but it would just make you look like an idiot.

And thats what I had to get off my chest.

It’s off now, so I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to pick up the BEST darn fitness system out there right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Well, she said “you’ll become a macaroni”.

(should have also said "soft and flabby in the middle, with nothing uip there in the noodle, hehe, much like a certain Bozo Schofield is. I can't get past that, hehe. Just hilarious his vauge and wierd and insane rants!) 

To many giggles ...

And it wasn’t Ann Lee either!

Yours truly doesnt like macaroni. Even during my FAT days, I never ever had junk food (other than beer, which admittedly is junk health wise unless it’s Guiness, but hey, we all have to have our “releases”...pun NOT intended again!)

Now, she was telling my daughter that as of late.

My daughter loves junk food. Of course.

No problem there. All kids do, and they have way more leeway than us adults do, but the plague from China means kids everywhere are stuck at home.

And thats not good, bro.

I keep hearing about my daugher’s junk food habits, and how it needs to be controlled.

I agree.

But try telling my mom that.


The “benovolent” grand ma taking to an extreme from what I gather.

But this ain’t about Granny either, bro.

This is about JUNK food.

The truism “garbage garbage out” is TRUE.

It holds VERY true indeed.

If you eat junk all day long, you won’t function at your best either mentally or physically.

In the Simple and Effective Diet, I give you diet tips, sure.

Which most will ignore, along with a liquid diet tip I give you ...

... but at th OUTSET of the book, I give you one of the most “mind blowing” (for most people) tips ever that will have the experts screaming bloody murder. The so called experts at least, but thos ein the know will KNOW what I BE Talking about.

It’s also the secret to my weight loss (well, a lot of it).

It’s also included FREE with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, or you could fork out a pittance and learn what it is “on it’s lonesome” (but really, I’d rather you get the System and get it free, but you choose!).

Am I saying you can’t get in shape that way?


You CAN eat junk and still lose oodles of weight – and QUICK.

Hence another PATHBREAKING course on it – Eat more Weigh LESS.

And if you see the proof within, you’ll be convinced (in case you aren’t already, and you should be, if you know what I BE Talking about!).

But still.

Junk in, junk out.

Why not adopt all the above ALONG with a clean diet as far as possible?

Do so – writ back – and let me know!

(Be prepared to be astounded too, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, I ain’t telling you to turn into a saint either. We all have our indulgences, and I have more than many. Moderation though, bro is KEY!

(another key that should be obvious, but isnt apparently!).

Monday, 14 December 2020 08:28

Feed your business, and IT will feed YOU

One of the silliest, in hindsight things I did when starting out in biz was neglecting the above truism.

And amazingly enough, many people with years and years of experience under their belt do the very same thing often!

Starting out, making that choice can be tough.

Do I buy the bread and cheese, or do I invest in the biz?

YES – I’ve been there.

Many times!

Every successful person HAS.

And its that choice, or one of the choices at any rate that you make then that will DETERMINE whether you will ultimately go UP or DOWN.

Or, stay “middling”.

Believe me, the tough choices are what count.

When everyone around you is yelling, hollering, putting you down etc – and REFUSING to believe in what you do – and you have to make the choice.

What do you do?

You make the right choice regardless.

You think logically. 

And you invest in your business above ALL if you’re serious.


Family. Life. EVERYTHING!

(Sure, unless the “other things” are life threatening but problem rarely are!)

We MAKE problems far bigger than they actually are, to be honest. Most of us at least ...

And believe me, when you do the right thing it comes back to you.

If you’re serious about BIZ, it will come back to you.

Same thing for FITNESS Too.

You make time to get in a workout ANYWAY, regardless of everything else.

Regardless of that nasty fight you had with your S.O. last night.

Or this morning.

Regardless of the financial situation, or perhaps abundance of it.

Regardless of the two kids lying in bed sick of the flu (I dont mean the plague!).

And so forth.

Give it time, even if it’s just TWO minutes a day.

And believe me, the returns will be manifold.

And I’ll have more on this later. For now, enough to chew on – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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