Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 05 December 2022 06:26

Floor pushups vs handstand pushups.

Should be a no brainer, right? 

Most would choose the latter "to build strength, muscle and conditioning at a far higher level" - there would be nothing wrong with doing so either, but ... 

Here is the fact, my friend - like a customer Charles Mitchell once told me in 2018 "less than 0.1% of the population can even GET into a handstand and hold". 

By that I mean a proper handstand - held for time as well, preferably at least 30 seconds. 

Those that can, can barely BUDGE from the up position before collapsing down. 

Not to say they "can't" do it. 

They're usually too lazy or too fat - or a combination of both - and wont work at it assidiously. Trust me, if someone like me can get to elite level at them, so can you - so can anyone. Fact. 

But anyway - while doing them today with pull-ups, I was struck by just how EASY they've gotten for me. 

This is a feeling, I thought to myself as the top of my head touched the ground again -I never had even when doing those long workouts for Battletank shoulders - although I did them then, the FEELING was different. 

Sure, add on 3-4 years of solid, continous practice, thats one reason, my overall health and conditioning levels - another reason. Et al.

The real reason, though, my friend is this - STICKING - and always getting back to - and improving on BASICS. 

In Shoulders like Boulders, I gave you some supplementary exercises to do BEFORE you start cranking out handstands, this section is often ignored by people. 

Along with the dip though - a huge, huge exercise in there? 

The FLOOR pushups I give you - specifically, the table, Hindu and REGULAR pushups. 

Trust me on this one, my friend. 

I've said it before, I've given you real life examples, I'll say it again - nothing beats pushups in their own way, not even pull-ups. 

They build and tax the CORE in a manner even pull-ups dont (no, that ain't me saying they're "better" or worse). 

It's a different sort of conditioning from the inside out - to really feel it, you have to do 100-200 pushups daily for years, and add in other core work, but really - if I were to pinpoint the core reason behind this feeling of "easy peasy" for handstand pushups - it would boil down to really scrutinizing my own form daily on regular and other floor pushups, doing them - and getting better with each workout. 

One of those things you'll have to DO to experience, but I've given you the key. 

Now whether or not, as John Walker, another customer famously once told a price wanker "most have been found wanting when it's time to put in the WORK" - you're willing to listen and DO the thing is up to you. 

And dont think for a minute handstand pushups ever get easy to the point you dont get a great workout from doing 'em. 

They never do. 

And level four in the "Shoulders" series will show you that, and then some (in the works as of now). 

In the meantime - have a great day - train hard - and write back - let me KNOW how it GOETH!!!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - To know all there is about doing pushups at an elite, high class level - invest in Pushup Central NOW. When you get to the point of doing what I do in some of the pictures on the sales page (and if you think thats something, wait till you see the BOOK!) - well, write back again - LET ME KNOW!

In the world famous 0 Excuses Fitness System, yours truly breaks things down and gives you the "10 Commandments of Physical Training" (success at it) before anything else. 

Before the exercises. Before the workouts. Before all of it, because the mind is always the most important. I've made sure to really emphasize this in the first book on pull-ups as well, one of the most notably tough exercises for people to do right, and also in "Shoulders like BOULDERS!" for obvious reasons. 

These lessons and commandments apply not just to fitness, but to life. 

And today I'll give you three golden rules of manifestation which most gurus wont agree with - yet those same so called gurus have either knowingly or unknowingly followed these paths, and are not telling YOU because they're telling you what you want to hear, not what you need to KNOW in this regard. 

Works for fitness - and life both. 

Here it is, if I were to break it down into "three". 

There's more, but these three are core tenets of any sort of successful manifestation which I've struggled with at the start my friend, and it's effortless now.

One, let me tell you what it does NOT involve - saying "I am". 

It doesnt involve becoming a hermit or standing on one leg in the Himalayan mountains, or meditating for days, or growing a long beard like I am right now. 

And any of that self help rot they tell you. 

It aint about the so called Law of Attraction. That is a crock if there ever was - it works, yes, but only in its purest form. 

It's about a lot of hard work first off. 

Second, more importantly. It's about the right WORDS. And FEELING. 

Third, and this is MOST important. 


Thats the three commandments in ascending order, my friend. 

Not sexy, not what most self help gurus tell you. 

Look at the lives of most following those self help gurus though ... 

This, my friend - is how you manifest success in ANY Field - fitness or not. 

I'll have more on this subject later, but as I literally live a life of "think and it WILL happen" - remember one thing. 

There is no magic involved. 

It is a rational art and science both. 

Dont think you can go out not having done any workouts in ages and think you can start sprinting up hills like Walter Peyton for one. 

It aint gonna happen. 

Dont think a million dollars will land at your doorstep tomorrow if you just think about it. 

It aint gonna happen. 

Other hand, you do the work, use the right words, most importantly, focus like a horse with blinders on and have FEELING behind not just your self talk but your bloody actions too - and it'll happen like "magic" almost. 

Trust me on this one. 

That, my friend is that . . . 

Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore are but the tip of the iceberg on this one, those that can break down, dissect and analyze success will get it ... 

I'll have more on this in the future as well. 

Thats the update for now. 

Back to the bearded pard doing handstand pushups . . . 


Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 30 November 2022 06:28

Forward bends are so underestimated!

I'll tell you one thing - with my high rep workouts, I often wake up sore - so sore in the shoulders sometimes that I can barely put on my T shirt. Hehe. 

It doesn't "hurt" - but it's sore to the bone - there is a difference. 

Ditto for triceps, calves etc. 

Anyway, one area I'm not often sore in - but sometimes am - the lower back. 

Not so much sore as "stiff" occasionally - especially if it's cold and I dont stretch properly post workout (yes, post, not pre!). 

Now, people have come to me with lower back problems galore in the past, and I've ALWAYS told them - and still tell them - to get damn good at the "best damn exercise" ever and all it's variations. 

Along with bridging, there are few better things you can do for the lower back and spine ... 

Or are there? 

I need to come out with an advanced course on bridging - that reminds me, amongst everything else going on, but for NOW - remember this - while my advice is sage and WORKS - for me, for everyone that has used it the right way. there is something else to the equation - another side to the coin that is very rarely acknowledged, or talked about. 

I mention the FRONT bridge in 0 Excuses Fitness

When it comes to the lower back, for some reason, most people equate a stronger lower back with workouts and movements that have you moving BACKWARDS - bending the spine BACKWARDS. 

Now - there is NOTHING wrong with this at all, I myself advocate it... 

But if your hamstrings and hips are naturally weak - and tight - mine are - and lots of you fall into this category, then guess what - you MUST work in forward bends as well. 

In Corrugated Core, some of the FRONT bends are really what get your core working, lower back going, and FAT shifting. 

Dont get me wrong back bridging is damn important, I've said that before, I will say it again, but you must stretch both ways. 

In the past - and this was when I was fat (or big as some folks like to call it, but I'd say fat and big both - and yeah, the weights I lifted "showed" - but I'd rather the fat free frame I have now) - I used to bridge a lot, and it helped me - and I bridge even NOW. 

And it helps me even now. 

But for some reason, those reverse movements have been easy for me - even when I was fat. 

This won't be the case for most people. 

But it is for some, while the FORWARD stretches are much, much tougher for these folks - as it was me. 

And for a long time I ignored forward stretching. 

Today, with super sore shoulders, and a "stiff" lower back in the morning, these forward stretches are exactly what I did to get the blood FLOWING. 

Some mentioned in Isometric and Flexibility Training . . .

My point is this, my friend - YES, stretch backwards, BEND that spine as much as you can - but do the same FORWARDS. 

For some reason, again, way too less attention is paid to the "less fancier" forward bends, which in my opinion is a huge huge mistake. 

Calf and hamstring stretches are also ignored a lot of times, but especially the lower back (forward motions). 

In the future I'll even put out some brief videos of me doing forward stretches - for now, the books above are all you need. 

And thats the lesson for this one. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - If you've bought a product, remember to leave a (genuine) review - we love hearing back! 

Not to mention, all those who leave genuine reviews get a 10% discount off their next purchase, can't beat that eh. Not that hard to write a few heartfelt lines. As a customer once said, as the tagline for 0 Excuses Fitness says - DO IT!

Or, just do it, hehe.


Growing up, despite my complete lack of real world (or any) fitness (despite being skinny as heck) - - there was one thing that set me apart from pretty much everyone else in the family. 

I should say "one MORE thing". Hehe. 

That being, the black flask. 

Back in the day Mom would have a black flask on the mantelpiece which we'd drink water from - except that damn thing was always empty because I'd be refilling my cup from it ALL The time. 

It almost became a running joke, my love for "water". 

I did it naturally, mind you - there was no "pressuring me" to do it, I had no information on why it was good, and so forth, I only learned/figured that out YEARS later. 

That memory came back to me when I was Googling around idly looking at some of the foolishness out there that passes for "ab work" (hint - for REAL core work like you ain't never ever seen it done - Corrugated Core is your baby) - and some news about Bruce Lee and his untimely death struck me as being odd. 

Upon clicking and researching more (do your research, you'll find it) - I'm not sure if the news is even accurate. 99.999% of it these days has the smell of "ripe BS" coming off it, but this, I dont know, maybe, maybe not, although why the scientists waited 50 years after the man's "passing" to tell us his brain swelling might have been caused by too much water is a complete mystery to me for one. 

Thats what they say killed him apparently (his untimely death - not painkillers). 

I call bullshit on both. 

I doubt someone like Bruce Lee relied much on painkillers, whatever they had back then. 

I seriously, highly doubt someone like him especially with his Asian heritage would drink "too much water" to the extent he'd die from it. 

True, too much of anything is never good. 

But its very hard, especially for elite athletes working out damn near all day long to drink the amount of water that would kill them - even if they tried. 

Maybe it was just his time, maybe he had kidney issues, I dont know, but despite being on a juice fast/diet before his death, I doubt "too much water" had anything to do with it. 

I myself am probably going to start a fast tonight, how long it goes is anyone's guess, maybe I'll shoot for 5 days as i did last time. 

Maybe not. 

We'll see, but I know one damn thing when I'm fasting, I drink EVEN more water - not because I feel hungry, but just because I want to flush my body out completely (and I drink tons of water anyway). 

I'm also huge on NATURAL green tea as you guys know - not the tea bag crap you see everywhere. 

I'm 100% sure Bruce Lee was a fan of that too, and as I once told a certain Brooks about myself "he drinks pots and pots of green tea" (hey, I did, and still do, I used to make it in the coffee maker back then, oddly enough, the perocolation works great with green tea!). 


For most of you reading this, let me tell you my friend, you need more water. 

Probably a hell of a lot more water than you are drinking right now, and no, the "urine color" test isn't always that accurate either. 

Drink at least 12 oz per two hours is what I'd say (waking time) - no, like I say in the Simple and Effective Diet, coffee, colas, etc dont count - green tea etc is great, but plain ole water has it's benefits, and then some, never skip it. 

As an ex kept telling me, drink, drink, drink! 

And make sure the water you drink is of HIGH quality - that reminds me, I gotta go get my water dispenser fixed sometime - or revert back to bottles like I have used most of my life . . .

Water is one of the best substances you can put in your system, my friend - I highly recommend you drink up on a daily basis, and lots of it too. 

I'll have more on this subject later, but for now thats that. 

Oh, remember to workout hard too - the 0 Excuses Fitness System is your baby there. 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Friday, 25 November 2022 14:21

Dead hangs, pull-ups - and more!


I dont know why, but I felt compelled to post this video - again. 

I just love dead hangs like nothing else - they are one of the BEST isometric movements you can do for the upper body - bar none. 

Often times I'll start my day with a 30 second dead hang even before my beloved Squats. 

With good reason, along with clubs (which are great to do with pushups, btw - a GREAT movment! They really loosen up the triceps and get the blood flowing again) - they loosen and strengthen the lower back - or entire back, I should say, upper especially like nothing else. 

I still remember Dad when I was young trying - and falling down after a second. Hehe. 

Unfortunately I never did them when I was young. 

But I do them all the time, today was another dead hang day, I loved it! 

Without further ado, here is the video for those that cannot see it at the bottom of the page - Friend, 

I dont know why, but I felt compelled to post this video - again. 

I just love dead hangs like nothing else - they are one of the BEST isometric movements you can do for the upper body - bar none. 

Often times I'll start my day with a 30 second dead hang even before my beloved Squats. 

With good reason, along with clubs (which are great to do with pushups, btw - a GREAT movment! They really loosen up the triceps and get the blood flowing again) - they loosen and strengthen the lower back - or entire back, I should say, upper especially like nothing else. 

I still remember Dad when I was young trying - and falling down after a second. Hehe. 

Unfortunately I never did them when I was young. 

But I do them all the time, today was another dead hang day, I loved it! 

Without further ado, here is the video for those that cannot see it at the bottom of the page - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4pPal3l3Zg&t=26s

And learn. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This is one movement that will like the actual pull-up itself in any of its shapes, forms and guises BRUTALLY expose not just fat around the midsection, but if you're overweight in general, you wont be able to do it for any appreciable length of time - period. Most people that are fat try to avoid pull-ups anyway (big mistake) and whine about "your nonsense about just do it when you could tell people to do assisted pull-ups". 

Sorry, that isn't there (assisted pull-ups or in any appreciable form, even horizontal pull-ups mostly - though I believe I put that in one book somewhere) in either Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! - or Pull-ups -from STUD to super STUD within WEEKS! 

I dont handhold or baby sit pansies. 

When I could do not do an exercise, I hammered myself relentlessly until I could do it, simple as that, so should you if you want to get good at something, no excuses pal. 

I really want to get one taken with my thick gripz, see how that pans out (video on that - and on THICK BARS outdoors!). 

All in good time. Hehe.

I will never forget the experience I had climbing the hill once in China - when a gaggle of schoolkids stopped me before I was even halfway up. 

From a distance, the chorus started. 

"Mei Guo Ren, Mei Guo Ren!" 

(American, American in Mandarin Chinese)


If you've seen the scene in the famous movie Bloodsport where Van Damme and his pal enter the "Walled City" where they are stopped at the entrance by people checking - their guide ushers them in, but not before one of the guards chimes in with this ...

"USA! OK! ?" 

Right down to the thumbsup. 

Its hilarious but true - that is how it is often in China. 

"Hen duo Qian!" was the next chant. 

(a lot of money) 

For reference, at the time - this was years ago - I was hardly even at the financial level I am at now. 

(which I'm hardly a millionaire now, neither have I ever claimed to be one, nor is that goal - though I probably to be honest will be one someday. Hehe).

I found it interesting, I told my wife, who was ranting as usual. 

"No money, yet they look at you that way and think so highly of you". 

I didnt reply, but I grinned. 

Little did she know. 

The secret I've been using before dumbphones and so forth . . . before all the so called motivational videos came out, before a lot of the crap passing for "self help" came out - a lot of the crap these lunatic Nazi feminists live and swear by. 

And it's simple - I THINK rich. 

Most of these idiots on their videos think they think that way too, but their reality shows otherwise. 

Anyway, it wasn't just one time, I've often been taunted in the past this way by the lovely wife who when she's in a good mood sends me long odes of "I want to sit at your feet forever" (true story my friend, I've got the emails if you're so interested) and bad, well you read it. HEhe. 

"You're a business man! You are rich, you have money, you travel to so many countries!" 

And it's people supposed to be closest to me that have done it but you know whats funny?

This whole "you're soooooooooooooo rich" thing I keep getting. 

(not to mention the sheer impotency behind the comments - these usually come from women, because they know, as a certain Charles said "you wont smack 'em in the head". And coming from my dumb ass wife whose day consists of being Buddha in the bed on an old creaky laptop with an external HDD attached so she can hammer her brain with meaningless videos all day - I can sort of understand the frustration she has about "me going here, there, and her precisely NOWHERE". Well, my dear, if you'd stop being a complete cunt for one ... ah, but wait. That isn't part of their lexicon!). 

And of course, the business is great when the money rolls in, when it doesnt, according to the wife "it's an useless biz". 

For reference, she was referring to the trading business which we were literally rollin in money before COVID hit, of course, once it did it was my fault. Hehe. 

We - or I, rather, am back up to steam there, but thankfully without my idiotic wife (the first time I was forced to depend on her for deliveries, now I just pay someone to do it). 

When these same people watch motivational *so called* videos all day long - which tell them to affirm "I'm rich!" to themselves, but yet those riches never quite materialize - when these same people affirm to themselves "I'm happy" - yet stay in "three days foul mood, one day so so, then the mood swings back to super jubilant the next ..." 

I did a brief talk on this here - a must watch, but in short, affirmations only work if you use them right and understand them, most do not, never will (because they're too damn lazy for one). 

I can almost predict it, hehe. Come to think of it, I can predict it like clockwork, and I play these people like fools all the time. Hehe. 

Look, it's all about the subconscious mind and activating it at levels that most people dont. 

And empty affirmations backed up without any sort of emotion for one - or fake emotion - doesnt work. 

Your mind isn't stupid, and it knows the reality of the empty bank account staring back at you, my friend - hehe (to the Nazi feminists). 

And thats how it will be unless you do what is REQUIRED. 

Anyway - point of this? 

Lots of you deal with this on a daily basis, and feel trapped, but you dont have to my friend. 

You dont necessarily need to go full on MGTOW either though that wouldn't be a bad thing. 

If you want to profit and benefit from these Nazi feminists and others of their ilk at unimaginable levels in manners even you didnt dream possible - well pick up "How to not only COMBAT - but profit from Nazi feminists BIG TIME from the Nazi feminist disease PLAGUING modern day society NOW. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The male equivalent of the Nazi feminist is usually a loser troll - of which there are tons in this world. 

Learn how to benefit at levels hitherto dreamed IMPOSSIBLE by investing in the one and only book of it's kind HERE


I've been giving out a lot of free tips these days (which I normally reserve for my books and the Ship members) to my email list. 

About how to do advanced exercises, how to get more reps, and a lot of everything in fact - you'll want to sign up for the newsletter if you ain't signed up already here

And, you'll want to subscribe to our Youtube Channel here - lots of great stuff! 

Anyway - today's tip? 

Last afternoon, we were doing a short video on pull-ups and dead hangs, and at the end of it I decided to give yall viewing a tip on increasing REP count. 

When you're fatigued, when you think you can't do any more pushups, when you can't pull - "at all" - when you're at that point, really speaking, you've only gone to about 30% of your capacity my friend. 

David Goggins said this in one of his books too - and he is right. 

But I'm not asking you to give it 100 plus percent in each workout that way - you'd probably burn out unless that is all you were focusing on (although admittedly some of us manage it) ... 

I'm simply giving you a tip on INCREMENTAL progress - which is ultimately what leads to big gains. 

At the end of that video, you will see that I tell you the exact words to use to say to yourself when you're in that situation. 

i.e. you can't get even a single more rep! 

Or half of it ... 

"Lets do 3 more, just 3 more!" 

The word in bold is KEY. 

Words, my friend, paint a PICTURE in your mind. 

When your mind sees "just" - it thinks of "oh, something easy there". 

And it prods your subconscious into doing the thing, which then calls upon your reserves, and you pump out more reps - or do the dead hang for longer as was the case in that video. 

I can easily go up to a minute in the dead hang, perfect form. 

I've done up to two minutes - and I could go for longer probably using the tip above - in an exercise most people, even a lot of fit guys - struggle to do. (dead hang, forget the pull-up, haha). 

If you say "lets do 3 more" (or 5, or whatever) - you might not get that same impact. 

Because then the mind never goes in to "easy peasy lemon squeezy" mode if you get my drift. 

That, my friend, is a very powerful technique indeed - if you care to listen and implement. 

In that video my little girl mentioned something - a riposte - about "but your name is not Justin". 

On the spur, in the flow, I wasn't sure why she said that. 

Given a guy named Justin wants to market on this site today, well, maybe thats why. Hehe. 

We'll see what happens with Justin ... but as an aside, many years ago, I was at Enterprise Rent a Car in NY (is it still around? I'll Goggle! (Freddie said Goggle, I must too!)) with the girlfriend at the time, I wasn't 21 - she was over 21, (I was a few months shy) - and despite a lot of pleading they wouldn't let me rent in my name - which means the insurance wasn't in my name - which means I couldn't drive for those few months. 


I remember telling co-workers how I had to ask my girlfriend to get smokes for me (although sometimes we got 'em online). Hehe. 

One guy for whatever reason used to buy them from me at work - maybe he wasn't allowed to smoke at home? 

Anyway .................... 

(he'd often show up at my desk "just one more", lol). 

I still remember guy at Enterprise smirking at me and doing his version of being a smart guy and telling me "Thats the KEY age" i.e.21.

Well, we reached that key age shortly thereafter, a brother (a big burly brother if you get mah drift, hehe) hooked me up with a SUV instead of the economy car we budgeted for as I showed up to the house with the girlfriend in tears "because I took so long". 

Ah, the memories, including driving the SUV on the highways as it tilted on the sharp bends up in Maine ...

Man, that water was COLD, cold, cold! I didnt do any Brooks Kubik style workouts on that damn beach, the water touched my little toe, I damn near froze. 

Hotel (motel) had a nice little heated pool though, if I was there NOW - I'd probably jump in the ocean anyway. Hah. 

Anyway, I dont know why this email showed up in reverse, memories later, info first. 

Such as it Is. 

And since this isnt a travelogue, I'll end it here. 

Back soon - but thats the key word!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The key word to turn around your fitness in terms of supreme conditioning workouts - that build health, strength and vitality all in one quick (or many quick) movements - is Animal Kingdom Workouts - and the key word there - BUY. 

Nothing happens until you get off your duff and do, way too many of you haven't as yet! Hehe. 

PS #2 - Along with the "Goggle" part, well, once, back in the day, I accidentally pronounced Skype as "Sky pee" in a meeting. 

OK, enough with the ridiculous memories in that regard, but it was hilarious, to me at least - in China though thats how they say it, so it wasn't even noticed. Hehe. I did though later!


The hurdles in most case, if not all, are IMAGINED my friend - no matter how "tough" the predicament might be or whatever the situation is ... 

All my life, Ive been called either directly or not (in addition to a lot of the other "beautiful" epithets I've gotten - some deserved, some not - well, I could care less either way) ... "cat with nine lives". 

Or maybe a version of Harry houdini, hehe. 

Chuck once had this to say about Bozo Schofield. 

"No matter what, he always lands on his feet". 

Well, I dont know so much about that - he landed flat on his ass without a passport (which Chuck confiscated) on the streets of Jieyang in his underwear, and his only recourse was of course - to beg an older fat lady he'd been "seeing" (she felt sorry for him) for a while (not that they did much, or anything, other than tongue in unmentionables, hehe) ... and then once that was done, get back to scamming others. Proof's in the pudding, but with me, most people know it - but dont say it. Hehe. 

Glyn is basically a joker everyone loves to poke fun at, so be it. 

But anyway ....

This cat with nine lives, this mysterious manner of manifesting what I want ... all of it isn't so much nine lives or one, as it is activating the subconscious mind correctly, my friend. 

All my life, on auto pilot I've done so, without even knowing it (until the last few years when I really started my study of dreams, the subconscious - in great detail). 

Maybe I'll write a book on it someday. 

Chances are though, if YOU reading this have REALLY wanted something in your life - REALLY - and you kept the desire UP - it eventually happened. 

For some, like me, this may mean carrying a tattered piece of paper, unreadable after many machine washes (sorry Glyn, I dont hand wash, hehe) .... or a mere scrap  of the A4 sheet of paper it once was. 

Thats something I learned years ago - or something I read about, which I wasn't doing, people carrying goals around in their pocket in written format and looking at them every opportunity they got. 

Oddly enough, with me, I rarely, if ever looked at it once I put it in my pocket. 

Some people may need to look, for me, my subconscious GOT it at the first go. 

All our life, my friend, we do small things that propel us to success at something, whether we know it (realize it) or not. 

It doesnt have to be what I mentioned above either. 

And all our lives, we STOP doing what made us successful, often times in ways we never think about or realize not because we want, but because "thats how the cookie crumbles!" 

This applies to students, business men, successful authors, fitness guys, anyone you can think of. 

I've been guilty of making this mistake in the past, and  I continue to do so (nothing about the paper, I'm talking about life in general). 

Again though ... 

If you really really want it, you'll find a way. 

Trick is to activate the subconscious mind FIRST - and do so the right way. You'll know when you've done it! 

And then the "doing" part happens on auto pilot if you really want it. 

It is that subconscious mind which solves issue - almost instantly. 

That don't mean "everything you want" will come to you or happen NOW. 

In many cases, it's been months before "anything happened" in my case - and so it will be for you. 

Look, I'll give you an example - amongst many. 

Squat 101 was supposed to be out this July, I only got it out a few days ago as of writing this - Nov. 

Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, well, still not fully done. 

Same thing for Advanced Plyometrics, I dont even have the pre-sales page up as yet (note to self - DO!). 

And thats fine. 

It'll happen when it happens, except it ain't about just that, its about when the subconscious deems it the right and most appropriate time to happen. 

As Claude Bristol rightly spoke about in the Magic of Believing, you must trust the subconscious fully, or it will not work for you. 

SELF DOUBT must never be allowed to creep in no matter what. 

The subconscious mind is what solves our problems, and is responsible for our current lot in life - and if you truly WANT something, my friend, it will show you the way - or PUT you on the way to getting it, after which inspired action is the next natural step. 

Most people will pooh pooh this and go back to their Youtube videos that scream "affirmations", "I am this, I am that... " which well, if you want to do that be my guest. 

Yet another key is mentioned very broadly - and specifically too - in the opening paras of Zero to Hero, which after reading this lots will jump to look at the free preview... Hehe. 

Anyway if you truly want it - you'll figure out a way to get it and you will ultimately. It's that simple, applies to anything in life, now fitness wise? 

Well, first off - if you're doer and want our products, you'll find a way to get 'em no matter what. 

Funnily enough, even if you're a price wanker - this applies. 

If you look at the reviews the price wankers leave, the common thread? 


There is very little FACT in their reviews. None, actually, and the few mentioned, such as what a certain jackass mentioned in the "Grizzly Power" review - are WRONG (he said I "repeated info", but that is inaccurate, clearly this clown only read the free preview of "Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - within WEEKS!"). 

Look pal, it ain't jump street for me. 

I've been around this price wanking block several times, and I can spot losers like you a mile away, hence, the free previews are what they are. 

(As a customer here once famously termed these Bozos "those that SQUAWK about your prices" ... hehe) 

But even in that review, he left this little gem - "who will pay that much without seeing the contents of the book first". 


He WANTS it. 

But he's too cheap to pay for it. Hehe. 

And in his mind, the way to get it is by being cheap and posting one star reviews that people laugh at essentially... 

Which is fine - hey. 

The subconscious does what it's told, it does not distinguish between right and wrong, "imbecilic" and smart and so forth ... (hence you see the Bozo doing what he does).

It just does, and it's the greatest power to ever hold sway on this Earth, and even beyond, and thats a fact, Jack, you cannot argue with irrespective of anything else. 

Anywhow - look, there's things that I give out for free, there is a place and time and way to do it, but givin the entire house away for free as a lot of jokers want me to do ain't happening. 

Video wise, some clown once wrote to me (I think, I can't recall who, but I think it was someone I mentioned here before) - about "showing full workouts". 

This joker knows fully well about the five very exhaustive videos in the 0 Excuses Fitness System

Of course, facts are meant to be ignored eh Hehe. 

And yet, he was whining about more "free" stuff - because he wants to see how I achieve the superlative results I do (he said as much in his email). 

Not for free, pally. You pay to play, its that simple... 

And thats that. 

Oops. Just noticed as I twitter this, I did not put in the "Best" part, so I'll do so now - with what I just put on Twitter - aren't Republican women just gorgeous? 

Hehe... if you've noticed it !

Real women, such a change from the Nazi feminists, and I love it. 

How that applies, I dont know, but thats the thought that popped in, so here it is. 

and thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 13 November 2022 05:51

My very first piece of fitness writing...

Meditation and exercise time are when I get my best ideas - out of the blue - even when I'm not thinking of anything - (that shows you the power of the subconscious mind, or STARTS to) - and therefore, I do as much of both as possible if just for those reasons (though I do it, obviously for many other reasons too!). 

And this morning, I was "interrupted" by ideas showing up into my mind as usual. 

Now, it's different when an idea I gotta act on NOW shows up. 

When that happens, I know it - when it's "normal" ideas, they come, they go ... 

You'll see what I mean if you ever get into meditation deeply (I highly recommend it, except most people do it wrong, it's not about "finding the inner you" while meditating and other crap the gurus tell you, or to "tune out while putting music on" or so forth - all of those are many forms of what work yes. But they aren't the real thing). Maybe I'll write a book on that next. We'll see. Again, with my background in all this ... 

Anyway, that aside, my first piece of fitness writing came to mind. 

And it wasn't Fast and Furious Fitness as I have mentioned here, as this entire site is built upon. 

It was "fastandfurious" yes, but a different domain I no longer own, and wont mention here, but that was my first "blog" ... fitness wise, I believe. 

I was selling ole Fred Nicklaus's stuff - remember him, guys? 

Martial artist with two hip replacements and more, anyway, that lasted a short while. 

I got bored with it, didnt maintain the blog. 

"What could have been", of course, is an interesting story!

If I had started all this in earnest in 2004 when I first spoke to Brooks Kubik- well, what "could" have been with all the resources I had back then ... well, the question always begets!

(this particular blog I'm referring to was in 2008). 

I sometimes wish I could read what I wrote back then, if just to relive old time' sake, how I did things back then. The "waist whittling" as Brooks so often called it. Hehe. 

Anyway ....... 

I quickly figured two things out - selling other people's stuff wasn't for me, never has been. 

Nothing wrong with being an affiliate if that is your thang, plenty of people are - but for me, it's always been about building my own brand - in one way or the other. 

And other than the great relationships I built that way, being a "follower" wasn't either. 

I didnt know all that in those terms back then - I do now, but looking back, I've always blazed a trail - either with my workouts - or with my lifestyle - or with how I do things in general. 

Women, dont get me started. Hehe. 

And so, I wrote my own book two years later. 

Fitness wise, that was the start. 

I still didnt get going at the speed I should have back then, I really got to it in 2017 though - Cindy - thank you! - and have never looked back since then. 

If you were to ask me when all of this REALLY started to take off, it was when most other businesses started to die out - in 2020!

My wife was making a telling comment about malls the other day, how they're pretty much all empty now - something no-one talks about, but it's true in many parts of the globe. 

Those without stickability are already being forced out of the game. A lot have! 

Anyway - I'll see if I can dig up some internet history on the old domain. I believe I can, the posts are probably saved SOMEWHERE too. I know myself too well, I wouldn't let it go without a backup!

Anyway .... 

It all happens when it does - for a reason. 

When the time is right and ripe for it to happen. 

And fitness wise, my friend, if the time is RIPE for your own fitness to blossom, then start planting seeds today. 

Those seeds are what will really grow, nay, BURGEON into fitness machines down the road if you tend to them regularly , daily, and with proper care. 

Get on the 0 Excuses Fitness System now fitness wise - long overdue for those of you not "already" on it. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - We still have some of the Collector's Editions of Fast and furious Fitness - so if you want one, shoot me an email, I'll have it sent out asap. 

And yes, I am STILL autographing those, or any other paperback/hardcovers you guys might buy - just say the word, pal, and it will be DONE. 

The vast majority of people live life "scripted" - and never go with the flow. Never on auto pilot, and therefore, they will never even BEGIN to feel the sheer freedom and joy - and more importantly results from living life unfettered - by the boss, wife (are they the same, hehe) - or "you should be more responsible" taunts by idiots - and so forth. 

And it shows. 

Man, I still remember ole Steve Austin getting the "Hall of Famer" award at the WWE ceremonies. He had pages worth of speech ready, yet, first thing he said getting up on the podium - - ? 

"I've got these speeches, but..." 

And then he launched into extempero mode. 

Sign of a true genius, a doer..

I still remember the first time I did a video in public - on my channel for all to see, the introduction to the 0 Excuses Fitness videos, I had a script - sorta. 

And I hardly even looked at it, though I was kinda nervous being filmed for the first time. 

Nervous, me, you might ask? 

Well, I might not have looked it, but I was - sorta. Not really, but sorta, but it passed within a minute or so ... 

Man, looking at a certain fat boy's Youtube channel replete with his nasty pics of gyno and boob jiggling and stuff he calls workouts - getting past all that (I think we all know which fat boy is currently haunting this place) ... 


To say "pukeworthy" would be doing it a disservice. 

I mean, the dude looks like a nervous 16 year old girl - a fat one - in front of her high school crush or something, yammering, stammering, and constantly looking down at either his wanker, or more likely a "script" someone prepared for him. 

I mean you can literally see his heart pound out of his chest!

Now, not to be down on such folks but ...given he just can't stay away from mentioning me in some weird drunken rants he keeps posting on his youtube channel (I wont mention either him or the channel here) and claiming "I hate HIS rants too" (another real man I wont mention here) (I hadn't really heard of that dude until fat boy mentioned him, but reading his blog, I can sort of understand why liberal "sucking on government teat" (or the wife's bank account) fat boy" wouldn't like him. Different philosophies in life eh) ... 

.. Well, given that, I had to call a spade a spade. 

And ,well, this time I'll just let some of the commenters do the talking. 

"His carer has disappeared again it seemes". 

Man, I thought those guys were trolls on his site. 

Viewing just a few seconds of that was enough to make me almost spit out my beer, but that would be a waste of a perfectly good brew. 

I did 25 slow pushups to get it out of my system. 

But really... 

Benny truly seems to be LOST. Hehe. And thats being very kind, Benny Boy, those comments he keeps deleting are all spot on. 

Anyway ............ 

In life, in business, in politics, I'd rather a Trump  - or myself - or a Steve Austin "off the cuff" (most of the latter's success was achieved exactly that way, Vince gave him a free hand on RAW pretty much within certain very broad and flexible guidelines - nothing, including shoving catheters up nether ends in hospitals was "off limits". Hehe). 

Biden, Obama, these script readers - Ugh. 

These liberal wackos are all the same, but Benny takes the cake, I must say. 

Not to mention the amount he praises himself, then looks at the script anxiously "did I miss something", and then you can almost see the tail wagging for approval. 

Look, dog, UGH. Thats just ... cringeworthy. I mean, if you gotta praise yourself to the high heavens and beyond, well, that explains why most real men want NOTHING to do with a Bozo of this nature (and the system was right in "spamming" his affiliate application in the first place. Ugh! Really, not just his fat or his training or what not, I can stomach all this, but someone this pathetic? I'd rather engage with a Nazi feminist woman than him, at least she's female... Hehe (so called)). 

(with this dude, who knows. Ugh). 

Then again, I'm sure we've all seen someone far more pathetic? Bozo "drunken" Schofield being one ... 

Anyway .......... 

Look, bottom line, grow a pair man. 

And thats really all I got to say on this one, pure rant, but man, is it well deserved or what ... Hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - REAL man workouts, not sissified Youtube "glory shots" or whatever they're called are what build confidence from the inside out, that swagger that shows even when it don't, boyo. And a Corrugated Core is a MUST for that, if you're fat, you're not only fat, but you wont have that swashbuckling confidence, my friend, and thats a FACT - Jack. 

Deny it all you like, but it shows. 

Along with the course above, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is an absolute must. 

And thats that. Oh, life isn't scripted, "natural" is what works best, pally, of course, try telling that to utopia dwelling nutcases and Bozos...

Not to mention, these liberal fools - it's truly pathetically mind boggling how hypocritical and far up their own fat backsides their pea sized "heads" are. 

please dont use your imagination here. Hehe. 

But really, this fool here that was rightly put in spam for six months, there's a reason why he jumped at it even after six months (and that was only me being generous enough to email everyone that had slipped through. Sometimes, like Rueben once told me "I need to stop being so nice"...) 

And he, despite claiming "he hates what I stand for" (and presumably from his latest woozy rant - every real man falls on his "hate" list) ... he was more than happy to play ball here because his greedy beady little eyes saw a way out, MONEY, unfortunately like most liberals, he didnt pass the test of persistence - he didnt even start. 

Pathetic, dude, really, but I done forgotten all that a long time ago, but GAWD, that god awful wanker video ... ugh! 

Liberals = utopian (the worst kind) hypocrites, and thats being kind, but then again we all know that about these LGBBBBTTTTQQQ (maybe thats why he parades his gyno does Benny Boy) lovers dont we ... ugh again.

I mean, the minute he saw he'd have to put his fat butt to - ahem - WORK - he threw a hissy, and that was that. 

He seems to hate Johnny grube too, which I get, being "wild" isn't exactly up his alley. Hehe. 

Anyway .................. for posterity's sake while he is wacking off to "wacking me into oblivion" or whatever his latest (I gotta say, I read it thrice, I couldn't understand what he was yammering about) rant is ... 

(like dude, being a keyboard warrior ain't exactly an example of "tough guy", but then again, what do I know. Hehe. Like I said, get in the ring with me, and thats that - except I wouldn't with women  or "in between's".. Hehe.)...

Anyway, for posterity's sake, here is who this guy is - https://0excusesfitness.com/2022/06/30/did-i-ever-sell-many-of-my-products/

Logic to the rescue, not that these fools will understand the L of logic... 

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