I just interrupted my jump rope workout to tell you this, 1000 reps in, I'm barely warmed up, but I have to tell you this, friend. 

I can just hear Rocky telling his son ... 

"I'm going to tell you something you alrrady know. 

The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place, it will beat you to your knees, and it will keep you there if you let it. 

You, me, nobody will hit as hard as LIFE. 

It's not about how HARD you can hit. 

It's about how hard you can GET hit, but still keep moving. THATS how winning is done!

Now if you know what you're worth, go out and get it. 

But you can't keep blaming people, making excuses . 

Thats what losers do. 

And that in't YOU!": 

Old Rocky is almost in tears as he finishes (I quoted him almost verbatim). 

But I feel his pain!

His son knew it, but needed it to hear it anyway. 

Thats my whole point for this email. 

A lot of what I say - you know. 

But sometimes all of us need to HEAR it - from another person, if just to validate and emphasize the truism of the statements. 

The wise will always preface advice with "as you already know" or a derivative therein, instead of trying to "teach upfront" or lecture like a Bozo. 

I've had this said to me back in the day, still sometimes happens when I need it. 

We all do. 

And we all need that kick up the ass sometimes. 

Speaking of which ... 

How high and hard can you kick, friend?

Simple question, but most cannot do it without tearing a quad - or hamstring - or more. 

I keep saying this, you probably know it, you will find it inscribed on my very large tombstone when I go ...(with everything else I keep repeating). 

Hamstrings are a CRUCIAL and critical part of the body to stretch, strengthen and train. 

In Isometric and Flexibility Training I give you a "hamstring" stretch (though it stretches the entire core, lower back, shoulders, traps, sides, all of it) which is simple - you put your feet up on a high surface, one at a time. 

You keep both legs STRAIGHT while doing it!

(I can almost hear and feel a certain Carol slapping my then loose thigh when I was doing it. 

"Hey, Michael!" (she got the "hey" from me. Hehe. So cute). 

"Keep those legs straight!") 

That was at the top of the hill. 

That is a great stretch for your hamstrings, you could work them your entire life and never go wrong. 

When you open - loosen the hammies - you literally TRANSFORM your life with all the GOOD that flows into it!

You feel better, you perform better in all your exercises and workouts , if you've got tight hamstrings like I do, many of you do too, you'll just feel awesome, like you accomplished something. 

In the advanced book on isometrics, I'll be talking about an advanced version of this stretch I did yesterday. 

oh my. 

this one takes that previous stretch to a higher level - literally. 

And you'd be best warmed up well before doing it, unless you're already loose and limber - it's martial arts level (advanced) - this one. 

Look for that in the upcoming advanced book on isometrics, for now, as you know, but you need to hear it, a lot of you AGAIN - GET THE BOOK on ISOMETRICS! (the one out now)

Do so now. 

And something else you need to hear, as I finished my cross over jump ropes this morning (an advanced variation I did not put in Jump Rope Mania!) ... 

Cardio - the right form - I cannot overemphasize just how important it is. 

Lots of you think "pah, I just need muscle and strength". 

Folly, friend. 

You need BOTH. 

One doesn't go without the other. 

And you ain't gonna look like an athlete if you've got a huge belly spilling over "the cup that spilleth over" - simple as that. 

And jumping rope is an ancient technique that has been used by martial artists, wrestlers, swimmers, nigh everyone who does it to get in top shape - and quick. 

And you'll get all the cardio and muscle building you need with this one workout - especially lower body. 

It leaves you with no excuses either - how many do you need to pull out a rope and start doing the thing? 

None, I bet .. 

So get that course NOW too, my friend. 

Really, now. Lots of you keep putting it off - please dont. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - you know it's important, when I interrupted my workout to tell you this!

yes, another one of those "you already know it, but you need to hear it anyway". 

If you're a real man, my friend, you do pushups. 

Its that simple. 

You could do them in reps, you could bang out a 100 in one set (those that can), you could do them in sets of 20 or what not - - but ...whatever it is, you do 'em, and you do them DAILY without fail. 

This last bit is important. 

Way too many people have one good workout, maybe two or three, then "let it go". 

Wrong, big mistake - huge mistake!

If you don't do it, you LOSE it! 

Anyway, the great equalizer eh. 

Bodyweight exercise itself is one of them - along with the (admittedly annoying as heck) "English Wne and Beer Shops" in India, back where you're still treated as a prisoner wanting grog as opposed to a paying customer. 

Money first, usually shoved through iron bars, before they literally (sometimes) throw the grog back at you. 

India is a great equalizer in many regards that way...

It don't matter if you're driving a Porsche there, you still gotta maneouver that damn SUV between cows, vegetable sellers, dogs, tots, all and sundry on the roads, if you're walking, you gotta look everywhere for dog poop no matter what ... 

It don't matter how high and mighty you are, once you step out, or into the liqor store - you're fair game. Not that I like that, of course, these things should have been gone from India years ago, but apparently those there don't want them to go? 

"As we think, so we are" ... 

But anyway, bodyweight exercise is a massive and great equalizer too. 

And none more so than pushups. 

When you step out in that exercise yard, when you're loosening up, when you're OPENING them shoulders, swinging them arms, everything else STOPS mattering, or should. 


Or can you not. 

It's that simple, BRO. 

DO you got the LOOK in the eye, or not? 

Its that simple... 

And pushups my friend are numero uno on the great equalizer list. I'd say pull-ups, but so few people can do 'em, if at all properly. 

Let me tell you one thing, even those of you that are just interested in looks and abs etc, YOU guys would be well served by getting the book on pushups and then doing pushups, EVERYDAY without fail - because if there is one exercise that really brings the abs out, it's PUSHUPS. 

Sure, bridging, pull-ups, hill sprints, all do it, but nothing quite taxes them "deep burn" as pushups do. 

John Walker was right when he posted his (by now) world famous review on Pushup Central. 


The Bodyweight Guru has done it again, 55 ways to bring on the pain, a magnum opus on how to really use what is possibly the world's oldest and "most diverse" exercise.

If you're like me, you live for that pain, the feeling of your muscles as they stretch and contract and how your body screams at you to stop but your mind will not allow you to quit, you have that target in your mind and you cannot stop until you hit that target, yes my friends this is training "brutally effective" training.

Buy this book and take up the challenge of Push Up Central.

The Bodyweight Guru is waiting for you, let him show you how with this (innocently sounding) book you can become more than you could ever have imagined, this is hard training at it's absolute best.

Now a word about the previous review, Glyn Scofield is a total moron and his reviews suck almost as much as he does, Glyn, if by chance you ever read this, do yourself a favour and just stop, nobody cares what you think.

Now, let's dissect this a bit more than I already have - in a few words. 

See the bolded parts. 

You can become MORE than you ever imagined. 


If you have the discipline to knock off 100 good pushups daily, in one workout preferably, or more throughout the day, then you have the discipline and gumption to get to the magic 500

More on that HERE

And here

And you'll build mental strength and fortitude in spades, which will allow you to work towards, and achieve any goal you set for yourself in life. 

More on the BURN in his comment. 


Pushups are the only exercise that by virtue of their form and the floor work, make your muscles SCREAM AND BURN - and therefore grow strong, animal like strong. 

There is a reason boxers and wrestlers everywhere have PUSHUPS as their mainstay exercise, period. 

And, abs ... there is NO workout that works the abs better than a medly of pushups. Trust me on this one, even if you're already a super stud with 12 packs, you'll need to do pushups. Simple as that. 

Not to mention all the deep breathing pushups involved. Pull-ups in high reps do too, of course, but not like pushups, not even close, because of the chest work and the heart being so close to the muscles worked, something you cannot get from any other exercise. 

The great equalizer. 

"How many pushups can YOU DO?" 

While looking the other person in the EYE. Chin up, SHOULDERS BACK, my brother!

"nuff said on that one, eh. 

Can you get down on the floor and pump 'em out - DO you got it? 

It's that simple, friend. 

On a parting note, nigh none of this is to say you should not do other exercises. 

Of course you should. 

It works best that way. 

But I will say this, amigo, that if there is one exercise you had to pick, could only do ONE your whole life, it would be pushups, its as simple as that. 

Back soon .... and if you haven't already - pick up Pushup Central NOW - the ONE book on pushups that will truly change your life in ways hitherto UNIMAGINABLE - forever. 

Go NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - For another course that will truly build - and give you the LOOK in the EYE, and the VIBE - Battletank Shoulders!


And, of course, remember the video on dealing with trolls. Hehe. 

It seems social media these days, and people in general - two things. 

One, everyone finds an excuse to be offended, and then kick up a hue and cry over it. 

Could be politics, "off the cuff" statements made by someone - could be "what someone said" - could be "he's SOOOOOOOO racist!" - could be any of that crap - people just have nothing to do with their lives and are interested in finding some issue to gripe about so they can forget the monotony of their daily lives for just a second ... until they go home, of course. Where the wife is waiting with the baton, lol.

(or rolling pin, or what not, but you get the drift). 

Much like Bozo Glyn who as a great customer rightly said, "has an axe to grind" (oddly enough, my mom says the same thing "everyone has an axe to grind" and we ALL know the relationship there!! Hehe) ... People just fail to focus on or stick to the facts. 

Reminds of a scene in one of the best Bollywood movies ever "Munna Bhai MBBS" (the great Sanjay Dutt - one of the few actors in Bollywood I truly DO admire) ... 

Basically, a pickpocket shows up in a crowded station, and picks an old man's pocket - gets caught instantly. 

I wont get into the story and detail here, it's hilarious, but it was set in India, and naturally a crowd forms and starts beating on him. 

Old man has pity on him (or his wife), and then asks the crowd to stop. 

"Guys, stop. Whats YOUR problem? After all, its my wallet he's trying to steal!" 

And then he lectures the pick pocket. 

"See these people? They've all got some problems!

Some guy fought with his wife this morning, some guy is frustrated about money, some guy is angry about something else ... 

Point being, they're all ANGRY. 

And they are all looking for an excuse to vent their anger. 

You are the target ; a prime one!" 

.... Case and point with all this "getting offended" you see these days, if idiots in general would invest that energy and time they spend in getting offended on their own lives... 

But I forgot, how dare I talk SENSE. Hehe. 

Anyway ... 

I was thinking about this this morning when I woke up. 

Truth be told, Glyn doesn't have a leg to stand on either way in terms of his rants. 

He's the one who started it all, he's the one who was blatantly racist and abusive with no provocation, he's the thief that stole money and scammed countless women out of their hard earned cash, stabbed his friend Chuck multiple times in the bank, tried hitting on his girlfriend with wierd "sissy" notes he left for her, and much, much more (not to mention he's just a lying piece of butt licking shit in general) .... 

(I will share the story of how his drugged up self once literally shat in class, so drunk was he. No wonder he ultimately got DEPORTED!)

But even if he did - one question. 

Just how the heck his trolling on the BOOKS - which he never read or bought was warranted is beyond me. 

Why drag those books into it? 

Can Bozo do a pull-up - or a handstand - or even hold the pushup position for any length of time. 

Can Chuck, who constantly complained about my emails do 'em? 


have they DONE what I mention in the books to be ABLE To do them ?


Then my dear friend, you have no right to bitch and moan and complain. 

Because you haven't got the books, you haven't read them, you haven't got off your lazy duff and done a damn thing other than be a troll (in short) - and take advantage of the fact that Amazon, although they're working on it - currently allows these trolls to troll freely, but real commenters like John Walker I mentioned in an email or so up there get censored. 

My daughter asked who you were John (in the video). 


I told her, she loved it!

Anyway ............. that aside. 

"I'm independent. I pay my own bills. I am not kept. I do the keeping". 

I keep seeing these sort of statements - usually accompanied by a sneering sort of photo (with full make up on and such) on social media these days. 

And the simps love to simp over it. 

"Ma'am you're SO NICEEEEEEE!" goes Bozo Schofield. 

(for saying that, and being a bratty, entitled ... well, I dont want to go there, but you can guess the word). 

That aside though, facts. 

One, don't we ALL pay our bills? 

Two, how many times do you see MEN that pay the majority of everything anyway bragging about it? 

And three - perhaps most important, ever DELVE into the HISTORY behind these statements?

Usually - not always, but usually, these so called empowered women have GOTTEN to the point they are at now by virture of a man doling out the cash. 

Sounds misogynstic? 

Maybe . 

But it's TRUE. 

And I can corrobate this with tons of women's stories that I've been with in the past. 

Could be their ex's bought the car and house, or Daddy set up their little pharmacy or what not, or their ex husband sending them fat alimony checks... 

These facts are never brought up, eh? 

But they're TRUE. 

To me, if a woman has REALLY done it herself, you'll never see her spouting such statements. 

Or if she does, she'll say it in a matter of fact way. 

Or, most likely, her work - or something else - will speak for herself. 

Case in point being "Sunny Leone", a woman all love to troll, because she was in porn first, then made it big in Bollywood. 

Another one of those people people love to get offended about. 

Point being though, a woman like her - truly did it herself. 

Got cast out from her ultra conservative Indian family for choosing to do it her own way, then did it, probably struggled a lot, and today, she's a rising star. 

Thats my type of person - or woman. 

Thats the sort of person I like to associate with - or do business with. 

Business people. 

Sensible people. 

Not all the wankers on social media...

Anyway, my book on combating and BENEFITING from Nazi feminism - is a great, great read, my friend. 

Here it is. 

Oh, on that note. 

These same women then proudly post about "how the maid is also SOOOOOOOO independent". (usually a mistreated, overworked abused domestic servant with no rights, and as my wife once said, women are the one doing most of that abuse - and if you dont believe me? Go research it). 

Truly, women can be their own worst enemies, even the independent ones (the ones that BRAG about it). 

Apparently doing their own housework is beneath these independent women. 

I give up. 


To each his own. 

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

Something that a lot of you have spoken about, and that I notice all the time, especially when I see videos of her and stuff - is the SHOULDERS!

Lots of you have commented upon the broad shoulders and upper back my little girl has - YES, thats a good thing even for "girls" or ladies!

Makes the waist look far slimmer for one, but beyond that - most people - such as my wife, for instance, or my mom - they put it down to "genetics". 

Maybe there's a bit of that at play, I dont know. 

But here's the bottom line - her genetics come from mostly me - mentally. Physically, perhaps its a medley - but my family isn't exactly one which exercises a lot, has broad shoulders etc ...

Heck, until the age of 18, or 19 - I was SKINNY, period. 

I didnt even have shoulders, almost. Hehe

That ain't my fault, of course, as I was never given the environment to workout in - and more importantly I knew not a SMIDGEON of what I know today - that I learned from being in the trenches. 

Most importantly though, it's "learning by example". 

The only example I had of physical activity growing up was my dad collapsing in a second or so after hanging on to the pull-up bar - or, when climbing a hill, and asked to do again - "NO WAY!". 

Or, the pink dumbells we had lying around at home that were suppose to build "size". 

And fitness!

"Thats how you get ripped", I was told. 

It ain't either, my friend but you know this, of course. 

There was never anyone around to teach me how to do pushups - pullups - or even lift weights - that was "for those nasty BIG people" as my Mom kept saying. 

True, the mind the most important muscle of the body to train, but you only train the mind fully if you have a physically FIT body functioning at optimal levels in all regards. 

Anyway, enough about me.

My daughter's secret to those shoulders? 

Handstands - and handstand pushups. 

"Dad, I couldn't even do them", she often says. "But from a young age I saw YOU doing them, and then I started!" 


That is the key my friend. 

Little kids are like monkeys. 

Monkey see, monkey do. 

They see you sitting on your arse all day, guess what they will do. 

They see you on the dumbphone all day, guess what they will do (no, all the explaining in the world that "this is for work, I earn money from it" wont help either). 

You teach by example, period. 

As simple as it gets. 

That is the reason for videos and such anyway - come to think of it. 

My daughter has an example from a young age, unlike yours truly who started at 25 for the most part. That don't mean you can't start late - but it DOES mean those who start EARLY always have an advantage. 

Remember, the early bird gets the worm. 

Anyway ... 

Handstands - or handstand pushups - or both - are the secret key not just to building Brahma Bull like Shoulders like BOULDERS!

They're also the KEY to a ripped core - midsection - and so forth. 

And fat loss bar none. 

Even if all you do all day is hold a handstand for 10 seconds with the right breathing ... whooops!

I forgot. 

Most people can barely get into a handstand of any nature, let alone hold. 

My current best is 60 seconds at one time, though I'll do more if I have to. 

I mix in some pushups with it too ... 

Real strength, real training my friend. 

Get the ONE AND ONLY course on it - NOW!

And if you're looking for advanced - get Battletank Shoulders, the course people have been raving about for ages. Some of you have been PUTTING off this purchase - big mistake!

Get these NOW. 

And remember the lesson!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Kiddie Fitness is a must grab for those of you with kids, and if you're looking to progress into freestanding handstands, then build the bridge for it FIRST. By getting "Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands". 

Here is a recent review for the book - 

Massive Upper Body Strength & Power

This book is "short and sweet" and so will this review be.
If you're looking to develop massive upper body strength and power you need this book.
Yet another masterpiece from The Bodyweight Guru, buy the book you won't regret it.


Thursday, 23 December 2021 10:30


Be .. like an Abrams tank, my friend - the famed M1 Abrams. 

That tank, along with the Marines in it was orignally the cover for Battletank Shoulders - before I changed it to the great Doug Hepburn on there NOW - and if ole Doug was here today physically, he'd be the first one recommending these workouts. 

Doesn't get any better than a monster - a legend for the AGES - Doug Hepburn recommending something, does it? 

But more than strength, more than fat loss, more than gumption, more than building a REAL MAN INDOMITABLE spirit, more than all the benefits I mention on the sales page, here is another I didnt word there- or I didnt mention it explicitly. 

These workouts teach you, and give you the DESIRE and will to be BOLD - BRAVE - RELENTLESS, and KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT. 

I dont care what the situation is, or how hopeless it seems.

You fix your eyes on your TARGET much like the Marines, Navy Seals, and special forces everywhere do, and you block out the bullshit. 

Then you become a tank - literally. 

You keep rolling, period. 

Sometimes, you might get stuck in the mud. Or, your hands might bleed hwile doing that medley of handstand pushups, pull-ups, Gorilla Grip work and a lot of other stuff that is there in the workouts, truly unlike ANY other anyone, myself included has ever put out. 

Then you get out and PUSH that damn tank till it moves again on its own.

Yes, they used to do that in World War II when the need arose, most specifically during the German miscalculations in Russia. (when the snow and slush wouldn't let the tanks roll normally). 

You do what you can with your bandaged hands - or busted chin (which as I told you, happened to me once when an idiotic pink dog showed up woofing anyway) - or thumb poppingin and out. 

You just keep going, period. 

You dont stop. 

Like my friend from the Marines once told me. 

(about the Paras in India toughening their recruits up by sticking their heads in rotten animal carcasses for one)

(and drinking crushed glass during grad time- yes, that happens in reality too! (its like sand once you get it right, but just the thought will make a man out of you!))

"They do all that so they can keep going even if they lose an eye or whatever it is". 

And he is right. Spot on.

You BULLDOZE through obstacles, or you make your way around them, you make them disappear. 

You just do it, you just KEEP doing it!

And there it stands, my friend. 

In life, fitness, anything - THAT is the spirit required. 

Far too few people have it these days. 

And the workouts in this book, the SPIRIT in which I wrote it, it will bring you that indomitable WILL and GUMPTION to keep going, keep going, no matter what, and ultimately GET to where you WANT to be. 

And that, my friend is really all that is needed. (and what it is all about, truly about). 

NEVER GIVE UP - on any goal - fitness or anything, for if you persist, you shall GET. It's as simple as that. 

I'm sure you agree!


Rahul Mookerjee 

"The secret to getting ahead is getting STARTED". 

"I have no use for a man that can only spell a word a certain way". 

I might have semi-butchered the last one a little... 

But those quotes explain it all (from Twain himself). 

Lets address the first one first. 

Lets say you're in a position where doing ONE pushup right now is an impossibilty. 

Yes, there are many people in that position - they can barely hold the start position of the regular pushup for any length of time before the arms quiver, lower back gives out etc. 

(Though NOT most people are as batty as Bozo Glyn is, LOTS are in as bad shape as he is). 

Going down for the pushup?

Forgetttttttt about it - for many people. 

Yet, getting started - getting that first rep is key -once you get the first rep, you'll do more naturally. 

You will progress - naturally. 

Same thing for pull-ups. 

Once you can finally get your chin over the bar, you'll naturally do more, and progress much quicker. 

As opposed to if you never got started, or looked around the gym or park thinking "what will people think if they see I'm unable to do it", or "half my life is gone, I dont need to do anything great now!" or so forth. 

Twain may have missed "and keeping on going" in that quote, but I'm sure he knew the value of persistence. Here, let me look it up - 

That is their way, those plagues, those scientists – peg, peg, peg – dig, dig, dig – plod, plod, plod. I wish I could catch a cargo of them for my place; it would be an economy. Yes, for years, you see. They never give up. Patience, hope, faith, perseverance; it is the way of all the breed.


Plagues indeed. 

I can almost hear a certain Gaby telling me "well done!" for looking it up. Hehe. 

She did when I looked up a Brit actress that she's apparently attracted to ... 

Anyway, Bozo Schofield is getting famous in the UK - more on that later though - but back to it - yeah. 

Get started NOW, my friend - that is indeed half the battle WON. 

Now, the next thing - spelling.

With all the idiots complaining about tai-pos in my emails, and Schofield himself, King of all trolls "writing style is very poor" (oddly enough, Glyn Bozo himself once read a piece I wrote about Balboa International School in China, and his first comment - "very well written!") . 

Even Schofield has to admit the obvious. Hehe. 

But really, tai-pos or lack thereof aren't important my friend. 

Especially keeping in mind the Twain quote above 

That don't mean my books are littered with them, in fact, my books usually have NONE as opposed to my emails. 

But if the odd one snuck in, well, as John Walker said in his review for Animal Kingdom Workouts ...



This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

And that, my friend says it all. 

Get started NOW, my friend. 

The time will never be riper... 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - To get to SUPER STUD level at pull-ups - check out Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS! now. 

I've said it before, I will say it again. 

If you're not improving - in some way - in every workout, you're not doing it right. 

Lots of people complain of being "stuck". 

Either they're not losing weight beyond a certain point, either they're not increasing their rep count on pushups, either they're not getting their workouts done quicker, could be anything. 

The complaints come in thick and fast, and the human mind being what it is ... 

"Its not working". 

No, my friend. 

The routines WORK. 

What a lot of people forget is the "improve with every workout maxim". 

If you're doing jump rope workouts, for one, and you do it daily - you may or may not hit a max rep count daily. 

Thats fine. 

But you improve SOMEWHERE - daily!

Could be you do them in less time. 

Could be you jump HIGHER on each rep, on the double unders... 

Could be you work in other exercises with it, and feel great doing so!

It could be anything, key thing is to NOTICE. 

Now, the other thing. 

If you're doing multi-faceted workouts, like practically all my books (if not ALL) advocate, you're starting off on the right foot. 

You banish boredom and lethargy INSTANTLY. 

You're constantly challenging your body with fresh new exercises and workouts. 

And - you're never "at a loss" as to what to do. 

Ever embarked on pushups, for one, and just - in the middle of the workout - you felt it was not the day for pushupS? 

OK, so what else to do. 

You could push through the workout, not entirely a bad idea... 

Or, you could do OTHER things in the workout - from one of my workouts!

Truly leaves you with no excuses, and yet, you might ask - how do I IMPROVE with each workout if I'm doing different things? 

Well, you'll see by working out this way it's not only easier to improve - but you'll improve in small , minute ways you might not even notice. 

For me, that was my pushup workout last night. 

I did my pushups that much SLOWER - with that much better form - and felt so GREAT - GOOD - the best!

Then this morning, I was doing jump rope Mania! workouts. 

But, it wasn't the day . 

My timing was off. 

I still powered through 2000 reps, of course, but something wasn't "there". 

Something wasn't clicking. 

Out came the Lumberjack club! 

And presto, my swings improved immeasurably while doing those. 

I went higher - and lower - on each rep, getting a solid stretch in through the chest and trap fibers... 

And I improved my rep count to - currently I'm at a 100 per set - don't even THINK about starting with that sort of rep count when you start, by the way!

And there it is, my friend. 

It is one of the keys to success at anything - - not just training. 

So that is the lesson for this one - enjoy!

And be sure to remember what I said about the offers ALL being extended until December 25, 2021 - lots of people have already asked about it. 

Will I see YOUR NAME amongst those that have taken advantage - or asked about the Ship. 

I hope so, my friend. 

Because really, if there ever was a time to buy what you've been PUTTING off, it is ... 


Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Really, putting off what you should have done ages ago constantly and finding new excuses, it doesnt work for anything in life, my friend. Fitness is the same!

Bit of a strange, and somewhat philosophical note to start off the email day on!

But it's something that popped up in my Inbox, and caught my eye. 

I never read the article. But the question it posed is pretty genuine!

If today was the "last day on planet Earth for you" (I dont mean for those of you going on space travel, hehe, apparently Japanese billionaries have joined that race too!) - I mean, if today was the last day you know you'd be here on the physical plane - what would be your regrets, if any? 

Answer honestly, my friend. 

Lots of people say "no regrets" but thats an off the cuff remark, not well thought out. 

For me, I thought for a good two minutes or so, which is way longer than I think about for this sort of thing. 

No regrets. 

IF today were to be that last day, which it most certainly isn't - none at all. 

I know I've done my best - given my best - in and at everything I've done. 

I know fitness wise, I've done everything I wanted to, and then some - and while I have goals right now, most notably the jump rope goal I wrote to you about - - I'll get after those too. 

If I wanted to start a business, I just up and did it regardless of the neighsayers, admirers, encouragers (usually none) and so forth. 

Regardless of the falls I'd take, if I wanted to do something, write something, say something, no matter how outrageous, no matter what the consequences, I've always done it. 

That to me is what its all about . 

When Jeff Bezos was asked this, he said "his only regret would be not trying". 

And, with regard to space, and his ownership of the Post - "when I'm 90, those are things I can look back and be proud of". 

Which I agree with Jeff on both. 

What about YOU, my friend? 

Fitness wise, have you done - and been - all you CAN BE?

It isn't an indirect push to buy products. 

It's a simple question.

If you had a goal to do 100 pushups per workout -have you got there? 

If you were once in super shape - and you keep looking back at that picture saying "I used to be like that" and wistfully wanting to be more - HAVE you done it? 

Have you honestly given your best at all- business, and everything else?

Have you done the right thing as far as possible?

These are just questions from my end, I highly encourage you to think of them for yourself!

Anyway, that's an interesting note on which to start things off. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S - Fitness wise, if you want do something - try something - buy a product - then just DO IT, my friend. 

Pushups wise, for instance, think about it - would it not be nice and satisfying to look back at the age of say 80, and say "I did (or do, if youre Clint Eastwood) one arm pushups willy nilly - or, 500 pushups per workout)? 

Similiarly for pull-ups ... 

I know a lot of you on here want to buy certain products, but you aren't "saying anything" for some reason. 

Seize the day, my friend. It's the "Yuletide" time, if I got that right, hehe (my agnostic / atheist self sometimes does get these things right!) - GET something for yourself, DO something for your fitness. 

Trust me, you'll feel great once you get on my workouts, which is really what makes it all worth it!


There has never been a better time for two things. 

One, it is my belief that Depressions, or "so called" depressions are some of the best times to make money, or set the foundation for doing so. 

Before you throw bricks at me, take a look at a certain Henry Ford, or Marshall Fields, or ... countless others. Yes, times have changed, and no, they haven't. The basics remain the SAME. In any economy, any "world"!

And two, it's never been a better time for the Bozos, neighsayers, moaners, pissers, whiners, and perhaps most of all the "I told you so's". 

"I told you this business wouldn't succeed, you gotta get a jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb" go the idiots who have never done much of anything in their own life, never faced hardship THEMSELVES etc - yet, dispense advice on how to deal with willy nilly to all and sundry (usualy those who do NOT want it). 

I've seen this sort of thing upfront - in the past Ive experienced it personally, these days I'm seeing more and more of it in the third person. 

PIcture this, a guy running what you'd think is an "essentials" store i.e. selling utensils. 

He was forced to shut down. 

And whether covid had something to do with it or not is NOT the point. 

The point is ... well, covid did - that was part of China's grand plan, inflation, lockdowns, they know how the sheeple globally would react, and if all else fails ,make "essentials" or the procurement of the same more expensive for the  average guy, middle class, what not. 

But the point is, he was getting so called "advice" from some idiot who kept telling him "I told you, Amazon is the death of us all!" 

Now, Bozo is not necessarily wrong (not Schofield, he doesnt have the brains to mount any sort of argument beyond asses, both male and female and their innards - but the Bozo above). 

But really, picture this - other dude has to survive. Literally. 

You might not know it, or hear about it, but a lot of small business owners at some point live hand to mouth - a lot of them will never tell you about the hardships THEY face, but will listen to YOU all day. 

Thats just successful business, you help others FIRST. 

It's successful LIFE, more like. 

Relationships 101, or should be ... 

But really, with all else going on, the LAST thing that man needs to hear is "Amazon is the death of us all". 

(I wonder if other dude told him about all the benefits of Amazon, most notably selling on there...) 

(finding new customers, Amazon marketing products on auto pilot, Billpay's, much more!) 

Like Jeff rightly once said, has anyone ever focused on how people Amazon has made and continues to make RICH - not just stocks wise? 

He needs to be focusing on what he WANTS i.e how to stay afloat - rather than the panic nonsense being spread about - thats good for alcohol fueled discussions at night or rants or what not, but real life - it ain't gonna do you a SMIDGEON of good focusing ont hat rot. 

He needs to focusing on making his offers, albeit in person more attractive - especially given the current situation. 

Customer service. 

And more ... 

But the LAST thing , if at all, he needs to focus on is this inflation rot. True, he needs to be AWARE of it - but thats all!

People are just idiots, my friend - the ones dispensing this free advice. 

Pretty much why I never listen to anyone anyway ... 

Anyway, had to say that. 

Maybe there's a message in there for YOU somewhere, I dont know. 

And remember the Tuesday 50% offer I just emailed you , my friend. ONLY for yo u on my list, and no, it ain't gonna last beyond Tuesday, so get in NOW while you can. 

Save big - remember, only applicable on ONE order, so get all you can i.e. "load up". 


Rahul Mookerjee

Well, well, well. 

Seems my rants (all very well warranted) on Nazi feminism and the lot aren't just being read - they are, as I've been saying all along what a lot of (non cuckolded and simped) men FEEL - on a damn near daily basis - especially if you're born after the year 2000 or so. 

Before that the effects of the World wars were still there, when (right after the wars) men were at a premium in most places (indeed, today, look at places like Russia, still the case! I heard they used to give Russian females awards for those that pumped out 10 babies - such was the paucity of people in general - quite different from today's vastly over populated coddled world!). 

Anyway, from CBSE Drops 'Sexist' Passage form 10th English Exam, Students to get Full Marks (news18.com) ... 

Since I couldn't copy and paste from that link, I googled, it's all over the place. 

According to the contentious section, "women acquiring independence is the primary cause of a wide range of societal and household difficulties." It further stated, "The wife's emancipation damaged the parent's control over the children." It added: "By lowering the male from his pedestal, the wife and mother robbed themselves, in reality, of the instruments of discipline."

Essentially, this was there in a question paper or something for some exam for students in India, therefore, had to be studied first in some textbook (I'm not quite up to speed in that regard, especially nowadays!). 

But what people felt was what was put into the text, and of coure, there was a massive hue and cry about it, now it's been taken down, students get full marks for the question whether they got it right or wrong, everyone is bashing the leading BJP for it (true, I'm not exactly enthused by what they've accomplished in India over the past few years, but neither has the opposition, at least, end of the day, BJP took a STANCE!) ... 

Thing is though, that is how a LOT of men - and quite a few REAL women feel. 

This "emancipation of women" is all well and good, but it has been taken to extremes. 

Female rights and equality dont mean the men have none practically speaking, yet, the liberals everywhere have made it that way, and / or are doing their damndest to make it that way. 

No matter where you might fault the ruling BJP in India, there is ONE silver lining - a huge one for me. 

They're NOT liberals in any sense of the word. 

Sigh of relief ... 


But anyway, I'm not for teaching this sort of thing to kids either. 

But, point being this - they're being force fed Nazi feminist idelogies damn near all over the place everywhere else, so I dont blame someone for taking a stance and saying it like it is (like I do, and no, I could care less about lost sales in that regard). 

More to the point - anyone notice the disaster single mom families are - in all regards - both economically and otherwise? 

When you turn over any and all decision making power to the woman - it is an UNMITIGATED disaster. 

That is not support patriarchy necessarily, but men are a very vital cog in the wheel of parenthood and family for one. 

The trend these days is to marginalize the men to whichever extent possible (of course, in my family, that has been going on since birth). 

But how does that work out - look at the stats for one. 

Then you take goose and gander. 

What say unequal divorce settlements - downright unfair ? What say "if women are truly independent, why do THEY get alimony, and mammoth amounts of it - while the man gets zero or less?"

What say visitation rights? 

Even in the families where men do live with their kids, taking the man out of the decison making process has never ended up well for anyone. 

If the man has any brains, he'll do what I did and go mgtow. 

Trouble is though, the kid can't do that. 

And a father is essential for kids, my friend - any kid. 

Ask even the most coddled and Nazi fem spoon fed kid - and they'll tell you wistfully how they wish their DAD was with them. 

That ain't theory I'm spouting, it's FACT. 

And of course - not a word has been said, even in India, about men being on the hook for everything financially. 

And the rare cases they arent, it's only so the woman can "do it her way or the highway". 

That ain't the case with a male head of the family. 

The woman often and almost always STILL has her say and decides on matters that are "female domain". 

Yet, the opposite case - females decide damn near everything, the men nothing - not even the "male domain" issues. 

My take on it remains the same - real woman, feminism, all OK and well and good. But when it morphs into Nazi feminism - or anything morphs into Nazi anything - THAT is where one needs to take a stance!

Anyway, it's great guirella marketing for the politicians too, hehe. 

If it was intended to be that, of course. I dont see how it could be anything else (CBSE is national level education, so I'm sure they anticipated the hue and cry). 

Anyway ............................. 

For those of you stuck dealing with Nazi feminism, remember - you can not only combat it, but BENEFIT from it. 

And unlike the CBSE - my book on it ain't going anywhere anytime soon, neither is mgtow. 

Get this book NOW, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'm off to do handstand pushups now but before this - there has been an EXPLOSION of interest in the great course "Shoulders like Boulders" which gives new meaning to the phrases "power packed" and "pocket dynamite" and "good things come in SMALL packages". Truly, this course offers more value per WORD than ANY OTHER fitness course out there. Grab it yourself NOW, and see what people BE yelling about. 

(and if you have already bought it, please leave a review. Thank you!)

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