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I knew there was a reason I was hiccuping. Hehe. 

5 times ... 

Not really (reason). 

But it's one of those idiotic superstitions I believe that means "someone is remembering you" ... 

And an idiot indeed was. 

Here is the latest - 

Device: Mobile

Name: How much for a cuddle?

Device: Mobile

Name: Please Rahul what can I do for you sir

Email: (he finally figured out that all "Glyns" are on block, so he sent "plesuyur at ..." 

Truly, Glyn has NOTHING better to do than troll on the dumbphone (yet more proof it's a dumbphone and nothing else and smart people either dont have it, or use it as less as they can - I fall into the latter category). 

I know a lot of people are getting tired of Bozo, so enough of him. 

But . . . heres another. 

Sir can u give contact detail of astrologer (seer) you meet in himachal

I've no idea, but looks like it came from the good ole I of A i.e. India, the USAs staunch and staunchest ALLY, and indeed the rest of the civilized world (despite having a crapload to improve upon). 

First off, he clearly didnt read my post about NOT calling me Sir. Second, "m singh" apparently doesnt know this, but I wouldn't give out a woman's contact info even I had it, not because "he" would do anytihng trollish, but because of the Bozo like clowns out there (such as Schofield). 

I didnt have the heart to tell him all that. 


I dont have her contact details. She sells ...whats the word? "vastu shastra" in Indian?? (feng shui is the term I use) ... items in Khajiiar, but I'm not sure if she's a seer per se and she certainly isnt an astrologer. All I did though was buy some items from her (my wife did, actually, not me) - so thats really all I know!

Yours truly is called a seer by most people, so if you read that somewhere, it is probably what I meant.


Rahul Mookerjee

(I dont know, I think thats what he meant by the seer part) (and I'm posting it here since he didnt reply with even a "thank you for replying" so he's either not going to, or he never GOT the email. I sort of suspect the former, but whatever). 

On to force multipliers, finally I saw something sensible on Pinked-Out. 

A post talking about B-52 Bombers, foootball sized planes that pack a punch like nothing and no-one else out there does, planes designed and using durin gWWIII that (despite being a pain in the ass to upgrade with technology) still are UNPARALLED in terms of recon and SHEER BRUTE PUNCHING (bombing) power on there ... 

I replied with that YES - I'v ebeen saynig it for a while that the B-52s are what will bring China and a lot of other idiots and morons to their knees, because end of the day, theirs truly nothing like it out there, and then I added in another plea to people not to buy into the panic, not to call it the Coronavirus, what to calll it etcetc. 

Who knows who will listen. 

But Pinked-In has already emailedme saying the post is blocked in China. 

Thank you!

Indirectly, without meaning to, they're looking out for me if you get my drift. 

Not that the jingoistic Bozos in China (not everyone, but a LOT) would benefit from that post anyway except get riled up. 

Anyway .... lets talk workouts!

And if there ever were force multipliers in terms of exercises? 

Well, I'll try and give you a few! 

Upper body, I'd say the handstand pushup and the dip are unparalled for sheer MUSCLE and brutality, MORE than the pull-up though pull-ups are great as well. 

But nothing HAMMERS you Battletank style like handstand pushups!

And lower body? 

I'd say Hindu - and regular squats. 

In the past I said only HIndus, because trust me, you won't be able to walk right the first few days after doing them right. 

No "ass soreness" - pun not intended, more the thighs. 

But the REGULAR "Rahul Mookerjee patented style" squat done both isometrically and otherwise will tax the hips and BUTT like never before! 

Big time. 

Hopefully Glyn won't read this, because this is about WORKOUTS. 

And those two leg exercises work the ENTIRE body. 


I'd say the stud like "hanging leg raise" on the cover of "Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" 

But there's plenty more in Corrugated Core. 

Those are the ones I'd choose right off the bat - if you have more - let me know! 

Now, for workouts? 

Force multiplier workouts? 

I'd say the Noah's Ark Workouts from Animal Kingdom Workouts for one (on that note add in frog jumps to "force multiplier" exercises above). 

Then I'd say workout #8 from Battletank Shoulders - Pull-ups / Handstand pushups "mid point holds" / Handstand pushups workout. 

Oh - MY! 

This KICKS my butt even now. if you can do even 10%, you're already "70% Gorilla and 30% Human" I'd say! 

On that note, workout #3 from that book. It's a static workout for the most part, but oh my will it make you SORE. EVERYWHERE!

I could give you SO many. 

But those are right off the top of my head!

And no, nothing "down there" - sorry. Hehe. 

I'll leave that to YOUR imagination!

I'm out - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, down to TWO copies of the Collector's item of Fast and Furious Fitness. Truly a rare GEM, truly a TREASURE bar none, so get this now, because once it's gone, its gone - no more reprints. 

PS #2 - Wacko Glyn is currently engaged in duping young gullible Chinese women by claming he goes to Socksford or what not. ugh. Anywy, enough on him - proof later. 

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Actually, my friend, it isn't so much just me that has pioneered what I am talking about, or any of what I talk about. 

I've learnt from MANY people either directly or indirectly - and I've gone on to better some - and some not as yet, but I will. 

Not that it matters. 

I will still give credit to each and every person I've learnt from and that has truly helped me for as long as I live - because thats how it should be!

But anyway, the W.H.O - one of the most profoundly USELESS and SPINELESS "we love kow towing to China commies" organization (and even they've come out and pretty much said China spread the plague - I mean duh! Now that took a while! Wonder if the Bozos there actually you know, THINK and have a brain and some common sense. Those of you and us with the above have been saying this forever, and it's only now some of the world is STARTING to wake up) there ever was, is, and will be - which I like to call the C.H.O - China health organization has woken up to some things health and fitness wise. 

I did not know of this before, of course but I received the following from John Walker, a DOER And a great customer in the United Kingdom today - - 

Back to training, in this month's Men's Fitness magazine there is an article about how the W.H.O. is now recommending what is being called "exercise snacking" in which you take small "bites" of exercise throughout the day, to combat our "sedentary lifestyle" seems I've heard this somewhere else "ah yes" now I remember, isn't it how you've been exercising for awhile now, must be nice to have W.H.O. finally catch up to with you and underscore what you are doing as a great way to keep fit.

Now I must admit, I didnt know that. I believe I once sent in an article in 2017 to Men's Health and Fitness or something in Oz, I dont know if it was accepted (I never heard back) but thats all I know about them. 

But yes - I've been doing and advocating brief "mini workouts" forever!

And I have been doing them forever too. 

YES, even when I climbed the hill all those times per day, I'd do bridging as a mini workout at night before dinner!

And these days, stuck or chained to the keyboard as I am? 

I do these as a primary means of not just keeping fit, but keeping the motivation and ideas flowing. 

Lots of people get their great ideas in a shower - so do I sometimes - but I get most during my workouts when I'm focusing on something else which is how the subconscious works anyway. 

And of course, it's a great way to keep fit. 

Dont get me wrong - you can do one MASSIVE workout per day and then nothing that day other than maybe gentle walks and errands around the house, stretching and isometrics or what not. 

And you'll do GREAT. 

But mini workouts hit you differently, and cannot be beat either. 

Heavy lunch, you say? 

Well, do 50 pull-ups two hours afterwards, and tell me where it went ... 

And so forth. 

Not to mention they're TIME effective if you do it right. 

It' amazing I gotta say this, you know. The entire world has nothing but time at home right now and people still complain about having no time, but anyway, time effective as well. 

So where is YOUR excuse, my friend? 

Hell, even the WHO - or CHO has endorsed the Rahul Mookerjee way now!

High time, hehe. 

"About time" as most people would say. LOL. 

On that note ... 

I was telling John he's an incredibly articulate and erudite person - unlike most other people these days. I think we were discussing Wacko Schofield or something, and how he got left behind when they were "doling" the brains out (on the dole - pun intended, heeh)

Here is part of what he said. 

Erudite, now that's a word that you don't hear often these day's, in fact I doubt many people even know what it means, why do I say this? Well in an interview for a job I was applying for there were many tests to see if you were worth employing, one of the tests asked the question what does erudite mean, according to the HR Manager who was interviewing me, of all the hundreds of people she'd interviewed over the years I was one of "four" people that actually knew what erudite meant, one wonder's what people are being taught if only four people out of several hundred know what erudite means.

Now, he's right on that one!

And it's a pity. 

Much like REAL old school training producing real results, same thing is happening with language and everything else around us (society included). 

Anyway, for those of you staying sane during the hen basket madness going on - check out one of the very best books I've writtten on exercise - that will literally make you join the ranks of the super humans  if you do it right. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

And I'll be BACK!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Yours truly has made no secret of the fact he's BRUTAL. 

In every regard. 

Brutally frank. 

Brutally honest. 

He goes the whole hog. 

He drinks teh whole barrel. 

He sings songs about "extreme ways have helped me, have helped me every time" ... 

On another site, he has written almost a HUNDRED - yes - books - about a topic completely unrelated to this one (Bozo Scofield loves the books though) ... and he's been equally, if not even more brutal, frank, to the point and from the heart on it. 

Now, lots tell me that "I'm not for everyone". 

And I agree. 

I wrote about the list of people that love me and follow me until the ends of the Earth because I give them the REAL DEAL without pulling any punches is LEGION. 

The list of haters is x 10. 

Or more. 

I put that on the front page of 0 Excuses Fitness too!

But anyway, workout wise, a common grip (and someone once said this about Gorilla Grip too) was that ... "these are too tough". 

And I've always said, no, they AIN'T " too tough" either - and they are. 

if you think they're too tough and can't do 'em, they'll always remain that way. 

If you pull up your socks and determine you CAN, and WILL do them come hell, rain or high water - you will damn well do 'em, and get good at 'em! 

And thats the entire key. 

My stuff is for EVERYONE out there - yes, especially the FANATICS like me, but it helps EVERYONE. 

From the average couch potato to Crossfitters and IRonmen to bonafide fitness MANIACS like the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP members are - and even to Bozo Schofield if he gets off his fat rumpus and decides to make something of himself some day ... what I got to say fitness wise(and indeed on all my other biz endavors too) works for everyone. 

If it worked for me, it'll work for you. 

The DESIRE and FIRE is what is required, bro. 


Most men that succeeded at high levels did because they were (amongst many other factors) persistent and so closely driven by circumstance that they had no choice but to, and I'm not talking money here. I spoke about that in the post before this on the other site. 

I'm talking genetics ... 

Anyway, enough chatter from me. 

First, before you read the SECOND part of the email I sent Charles - read the FIRST part (and his initial email) HERE. 

Lots of lessons there ... 

And once you're done, here is what I had to say (again). 

Here though is another KEY, my brother. One you mentioned yourself in your email beneath.

YES, most would give up just by looking at the workouts.

But and quoting from your email ""Few can master these workouts right out of the box, but it is certainly something to aspire to.  If and when you are able to complete one of these workouts, you know you have achieved something special"

THAT is the key!

ASPIRING - and doing and not being lazy.

If yours truly can do these workouts with my genetics, issues of being overweight etc in the past, health issues that I had - and solved MYSELF through my workouts and THAT ALONE (not what some lard ass doc said about not swimming or drinking beer or popping pills) - then ANYONE can.

I dont know if you know Karl Gotch?

He was known as the God of Pro Wrestlin in Japan.

He had some rather uncomplimentary and (in my opinion) WRONG views about money, which is probably why he passed on poor, but training wise, he was a legend right up there with the best, bar none.

FANATIC in terms of conditioning.

And what he said was this "All I asked of any boy that wanted to learn wrassling was a WILLING HEART and the desire to DO".

(That isn't a verbatim quote, but it's out there on the Internet).

But the point of this - ANYONE can WORK UP to these workouts - and become superhumans - - which as you know is why I DO all this.

THAT is what it's all about, bro!

Anyway, more on this later in another email. Inbox Infestation to start again shorty too, hehe, but for now, just visit the blogs on both sites ...



Well, my friend, thats enough lessons for one post. 

Inbox Infestation starts soon, hehe - and when it does, and you'll probably be so "flooded that you won't be able to keep up. 

Just the way I like it! 

And with the Bozo (Schofield is the top "dog" (I should say "biaaaaaa.....!") there, but there are others too) no doubt creaming his sissy panties to "flooding" and "boy" - LOL - I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Holy Mary. 

Which one should we start with first? 

Well, lets start with the first first. 

Remember the nutjob who claimed my book on isometrics, the "missing link" that connects all my other great books - and an awesome book in it's own regard (indeed, this book will teach YOU the SECRETS the old timers used to build their prodigous strength beyond belief) was "too expensive" because the "quality of pictures was poor"? 

Or some such rot ... 

Here is the comment again - 

Honestly, one of the worst fitness ebooks I've ever read (and I've read quite a few); it's a simple bunch of static stretches and bodyweight exercises. A shallow recommended programming, and the photos quality is simply unwatchable. And never, never all of this for € 46!

Not recommended

Well, well, well. 

As I said before in another post - how dare I put out a book on isometrics that does just that i.e. talk about isometrics. 

Lets take the definition of isometrics again ... 

An isometric exercise is a form of exercise involving the static contraction of a muscle without any visible movement in the angle of the joint.


How dare I, hehe.

How dare I put out information that was good for the Great Gama, Alexander Zass, Bruce Lee, and many others... 

But his main beef wasn't with the course. 

What he really meant was this a) too expensive and b) "you took the pictures at home and didnt hire Sylvester Stallone's make up artist, producer, director, and an entire crew to take the pictures, make it purdy and so forth". 

What a joker! 

Now, we've covered the price part before. 

(btw - I dont know where he got the "46 Euro" price from!) 

Simply put, as an awesome customers, one of the very BEST, John from the UK said . 

"You cannot put a price on knowledge". 

And then, "fitness books are about the information, not the typos or lack thereof" 

(The first in response to the price thang, the second for Animal Kingdom Workouts) 

(both paraphrased) 

But in Mamma Mia (the commenter)'s case, he was really upset about the "looking like a movie star" guy not taking movie star pictures. 

I mean really. 

Lets get REAL FOLKS! 

These courses ain't about looking like a pretty boy! 

And hence, this comment on Corrugated Core ... 

This is functional core training, not your usual get "buffed for the beach" nonsense.
This is hardcore training for a hard core, if you're after performance above pretty, then this is for you.

Sure, some of my books - such as Advanced Hill Training have pictures taken outdoors. 

So does Battletank Shoulders

But some dont. Corrugated Core for one. 

If it can be done indoors, why go outside? 

Is that not the entire point of the 0 Excuses Fitness System for one?  (i.e. the ability to get in workouts anyplace, any time - and with NO Excuses?) 

Anyway, for those interested, no, I won't be hiring any make up artists in the near future. The girls dont seem to mind it, and if the guys do, well, thats ok. LOL. 

And in any case, getting back to it - fitness books are about the knowledge. INFORMATION! 

(not information about turning into a movie star, heh)

Anyway, lets get to DOMS now. 

I've spoken about my legs being sorer than SORE - HECK - by doing 500 Hindu squats a couple of days before? 

And it's really hitting me now, hehe. 

For some reason I get DOMS more than the next person does ... 

And this info I'm about to give you is just as applicable to heavy weight squatters (you should not be doing that in the first place) as it is bodyweight trainees, or the average ole couch potato that jumped off his perch (and hasn't in years) and climbed a hill like yours truly did with Ann Lee back in the day. 

And it left me hammered for DAYS. 

Anyway, right now it's mostly thighs

And it's nowhere near the soreness most people get when they START out with Hindu Squats, when they can barely WALK the next day after 40. 

I've seen grown men that can squat kangaroos and elephants in the gym COLLAPSE the next day. Literally! 

(dont know why the "roo" came to mind, hehe). 

Maybe because of it's prodigous LEG strength! 

But anyway, exercises #11, 12, 14, 16 and 17 in the book on isometrics address the legs specifically, and will literally stretch out any soreness you have within the space of less than a minute. 

And that, my friend is yet another benefit of this wonderful, wonderful and once in a lifetime course. 

That being - getting back to it - ASAP! 

We all hate missing workouts as much as the next person - and I'm sure you know what I mean here. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to pick up the perfect complement to this course HERE

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Way back in the day, at the age of 17 one of the possibly most humiliating things that can happen to a teenager happened to yours truly. 

We were in P.E. class, a class I was stubborn enough to take despite advice to the contrary to take "some study related class" if you get my drift. 

Yours truly rebellious didnt have the confidence growing up physically - and the reasons have been well outlined in posts before, so I doubt there is a reason to get into that (again) here. 

Lets say our "earliest influences" have a LOT in terms of either building/destroying confidence in any regard!

And for some of us, we pick up VIBRATIONS more than others do. 

Anyway, it was final exam. 

I still remembe the instructor making us RUN - a sum total of two rounds or so on a soccer field - in hot weather granted, but today, at the age of 40 plus, I'd jog around that damn field in my sleep. 

I could barely make it HALFWAY around and neither could a lot of my friends (though they did better than me) at the age of almost 17, and I was sore for ...DAYS later! 

FRom a gentle jog! 

But the pinnacle of humiliation was to come later when it was time to throw the shot put, and given their natural size advantage, the boys naturally threw further than the girls. 

Yours truly threw it ...and it landed ...well short of the mark. 

And it was a WEAKER throw than many of the other girls! 

Rajinder a friend of mine nudged me "desperately". 

Come on Rahul! You gotta throw further than the girls at least! 


He was right. 

but I tried, and couldn't! 

Humiliating to a T ... 

And now? 

Well - it's the polar opposite. I can do things men half my age or less couldn't even DREAM of doing. 

And though it was really the pushup that got me started on my "strength and conditioning" journey and the HILL - the ONE exercise that really caused the muscles to GROW and the strengh to really ROLLICK was handstand pushups. 

That story is mentioned all on the Shoulders like Boulders! page - a must grab for you shoulder fanatics and upper body strength/conditioning guys too! out there. 

And on a side note, my daughter came home today after whooping some ASS in the park (apparently - I wasn't there - so I dont know). 

But apparently she whooped ass, and while apparently there was "no real reason" to get physical with the dude, she did anyway. 

Reminds of me of years ago when a dude her age slapped her for no reason. 

She started crying. 

I was there. 

Dude's Dad was there. 

And I walked STRAIGHT up to the Dad and took my daughter with me. 

"Honey, give him one!" 

She looked at me. 

"But, Dad ....!" 

Just do it, I said. 

She did. 


Dude burst into tears. 

Dude's Dad glowered at me, but he knew his son was in the wrong. 

And off they went. 

I'd rather my daughter err on the side of caution my friend. I've been hammered way too many times in school and told "not to be violent". There is no way I'll let my daughter suffer the same fate. 

Oh, and I did "quietly" watch the WWE even when my ass was beat ragged (not really, hehe - a normal ass whipping really) and I was told not to. Some things you gotta do, especially the attitude era. 

Reminds me of what Uncle Bob said to me when an idiot doctor told me not to go swimming (this doctor had a belly bigger than Croseus by the way and he was a "general health doctor") to "let my liver recover or some nonsense". 

Dont know about the beer, Bob said. But the swimming? A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. 


Anyway, that kiddie story above is mentioned in Kiddie Fitness - and you know one more thing? 

When the trolls troll it big time, you know it's GOOD. 


Grab it now for your kids - the gift of fitness (much like the gift of GAB, hehe) is the gift that NEVER EVER Stops giving! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Shoulder workouts available in COMPILATION format (both courses + the FAQ) HERE

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What I didn't mention in Shoulders like Boulders, and any of my other "shoulder" courses (or upper body, for that matter), is the emphasis on profound. 

Its there in the 0 Excuses Fitness System in a direct maner, and indirect in most others (so I did mention it, - just not directly). 

But there are few, my friend - FEW more profound positions than doing the handstand (not even getting into the pushup) - and then following it up with one of the positions I show you in Isometric and Flexibilty Training - a LEG POSE that most diss as being "too easy" or too simple to work. 

These idiots don't know that the greatest of men did the simplest of things, and so it is with yours truly and what I ask YOU to do. 

But anyway, I should have added the word "profound" onto the book on isometrics. 

I didnt, but those positions, most of them are very profund. 

The clarity of mind you get after a workout like these - stunningly enough some of the simplest and QUICKEST workouts (see the end of the book!) you can do is MIND BLOWING and AMAZING to say the least. Ideas flow. THINGS flow. Life flows. 

It just - IS!

As it's meant to be, as you want to! 

Now, anyway - back to the physical from the spiritual although both of them are very closely LINKED ... 

I say in Pushup Central that the LEGS will get a super workout from doing pushups. 

I keep repeating this over and over again through the book for good reason. 

One, because it's true, and two, to get the nuts who believe "pushups are just an upper body" workout are IDIOTS

I am NOT just talking "Hindu" pushups when I say working the legs while doing pushups by the way. 

Those are great. 

But the other styles of pushups mentioned, believe me, you won't need anything more for the legs after a hard, hard pushup workout! 

And especially profound handstands, and the ADVANCED way in which I'm doing them now off the wall - they give you a SUPERLATIVE workout for the LEGS. 

Truly like nothing I've ever felt before! 

If you're interested in a course like this, do let me know. Profound handstands, or handstands that work th elegs, or FREESTANDING handstands. 

Or a combo therein. 

And I know you're interested in especially the last. 

Anyway, give me a shout out (John, I know you're eagerly waiting for the book on training with the Gada, Jori etc - but patience my BROTHER - that will come soon too!). 

And for now, make sure to pick up what is possibly my best book ever - right HERE. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Go HERE for more workouts that will FRY the fat off your body in ways you NEVER imagined possible. And - HERE too! 

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 These could probably be condensed – or seperated – and then hung out to dry, hehe – as TWO emails.

But first, a bit of a strange occurrence – or questions – or both.

Why, I ask, why (Bozo schofield, pay attention, LOL) would guys (ostensibly STRAIGHT guys) talk about “hanging condoms out to dry on clotheslines so they could be re-used” – or send dick pictures galore in what was decidely not a porn group on WeShat?

I can tell you why I call it WeShat.

But can these fine fellas, all fine upstanding “Gym Shym” preacher with big bellies (some) and even more gigantic bloated MUSCLE (some) tell me why they would be doing the same?

I won’t take names and kick ass (for a change).

Bozo Schofield, well, he’s the epitome of lunacy so I just HAVE To. Plus he makes me sales.

But I kinda like the other two dudes, hehe. Especially the boobybuilder with knee injuries who I Once asked to run sprints.

To his credit, cliff listened.

HE might not have DONE it.

But he didn’t trash talk bodyweight like a certain other guru shuru does.

(not to mention he came out and agreed with - or shoul di say had the GUTS to admit that the Chinese are one of the most racist people ever in certain regards, and he said this despite being a color you wouldn't think would say it, hence my rants about "not all people are bad!") 

(Credit bro!) 

Shuru, lol.

Thats “start” in Hindi.

Here I start again, I can heer certain people thinking.

Here I GO again. Like that Energizer Bunny, hehe, as certain female shave called me.

And to the other guy’s credit?

He said the following

“Rahul doesn’t just “do it” (to a silly question along the lines of “if I do it”.). He TEARS it apart”.


Now, inneundos aside (would you believe, that was the sort of conversation that went on in “Keeping it Real in China” (one reason I GAVE the group away, and Bozo Schofield of all people ended up getting it through a third party, and he promptly turned it into a porn group)) (and Charles was right. Dont give it to Glyn, he repeatedly told me, hehe).

But I didn’t.

Glyn “got it” …

but anyway. Point of all this you ask?

Brain dump for one, and this brain dump occurred during a SUPER STUD workout, my friend.

No, not pull-ups although that happened before and after.

But when, and hear me out, you can do 500 jump ropes in approximately 1:45, you truly ARE super stud level at jumping rope right if nothing else.

You’re probably pretty damned good at other things too.

(I wont go thre, hehe).

But jumping rope does increase blood flow all over the body, including to the nether regions where most modern day men and boobybuilders selling supplements get LESS flow.

Far lesser, I should say …

But anyway, I haven’t put out an advanced course on jumping rope as yet.

Maybe I shall.

But for now, Jump Rope Mania! Is advanced enough to keep you busy and sweating your WHOLE Life.

Now, the inner citadel?

Well, it’s simple

Tracy once told me that “you’re always so positive! I love it!”

High praise coming from a fine, fine lass … hehe.

And most people whether they agree with me or not have told me the same thing (on my list, and pretty much most people I meet) except THREE people.

Two, actually.

The Bozo = Hannibal, not “human”.

The other two?

I’ll let you guess, hehe.

25% discount off for those that DO guess – RIGHT!

Oh, and in an email or so prior or perhaps one that I wills end soon, there’ll be a goof that doesn’t seem like a goof, and the number “25” or a derivative thereof will be involved.

See if you can spot it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Get to ANIMAL like fitness levels and become the REAL Man you were meant to be (hint – Mother Nature didn’t intended you to turn into a puff duff boobybuilder my friend. Adding more poundage on to the bar ain’t where its at either. REAL MAN training is done on your FEET, not your back and ass (unless its the lovely not Schofield, of course, hehe) by INDULGING galore in the WORKOUTS that will get you there – Animal Kingdom Workouts, the book that is possibly my best and most controversial ever, and is raising eyebrows and getting RAVE REVIEWS!

PS #2 – I “Capped” off my workout with a 1 minute isometric stretch. Thats right, just one minute. And those workouts I give you in Isometric and Flexibility Training – last guess how long?

Righto, my friend.


And they WILL kick your ass. Guaran-damn-teed.

PPS – Citadel, “sh”it-adel. LOL. Never got to that. But basically it’s a Napoleon Hill expression which basically means you let NOTHING but the thoughts you WANT to come into your innermost mind. I’ve written about this before, and despite it NOT seeming that way, I practice it almost daily, and the results are wondrous. So should YOU!

And if you don’t know how, apply for COACHING on it here. (how dare I, eh. Hehe. But I did!) 

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And I don’t mean the actual writing phase.

That, my friend, happens LIGHTNING quick – think 20,000 words per day or more once I’m IN THE FLOW.

With typos galore, hehe 

Nah. I do spell check my books!

(But the odd one might get thru, and so be it).

But really, a friend (or a contact, I might say?) asked me this a couple of - - well, no, more than that – in APRIL last year actually.

“Rahul, WHEN will the book on animal kingdom workouts be out? It’s been a while already! “

he’s a good man.

Great guy.

I get his question.

But see, here’s the thing fella.

With me, EVERYTHING is a matter of flow and taking it as it comes.

I do attach importance to deadlines, but many things in life I never actually SET ONE.

So that book that I say will come out “tomororw” might be next month, or next year.

Way back in the day, I wrote the pathbreaking and GREAT book on pull-ups that has been getting people from DUD level at pull-ups to a bonafide STUD, cranking them out EFFORTLESSLY.

Really, my friend. It has!

Check out the reviews for it.

And I didn’t do much else to the book other than let it sit. I always knew there was MORE that could be added, but I didn’t.

Years later, SIX years actually, and a ton of experience down the line, I added what I had to without planning for it or thinking about it.

I just did it.

IT just happened.

And thats the key here.

EVERYTHING I give you is tried and tested and WILL Work unless you’re a “Bozo that has never worked out in his life (no, tongue and forearm workouts on wankers doesn’t count Sco) and has NO intention of doing anything productive with your life in general”.

In that case, no, what I Tell you won’t work.

But for almost everyone else, including those with some sort of preexisting medical condition, my stuff will work miracles -0 because guess what.

All tried, tested, dusted and DONE - -before I bring it to YOU!

Por ejempelo, the book on REVERSE pushups – which is not only getting rave testimonials, but making people feel GREAT – and “rolling back the years as it were”.

And so it was with Animal Kingdom Workouts.

The 68 exercises and 10 BOOTY kicking workouts came after a lot of DOING bro.

And until that point is reached, I simply ain’t gonna sell it.

Once it is, I WILL Sell it.

I WILL sell at high prices. (Want a BMW? Well, it aint free my friend).

And I’ll do so WITHOUT a care in the world.

Because guess what.

I market well.

But I can back that shit up, hehe.

My products ROCK. Everyone knows it!

And thats what really counts I.e the stuff you buy WORKS.

Get on the train NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And remember, the ship membership is a ONE Time fee that gets you access to EVERYTHING we have digitally – for life! (provided your membership stays ACTIVE).

PS #2 - - I was going to do pull-ups and handstand pushups, but ditched the idea at the last minute, and did some BEAST workouts from Animal Kingdom Workouts. Now, I can barely type after a THREE minute workout!

And my core feels like STEEL – more so than ever!

My products are truly the best, BRO. BY FAR. NO-ONE does it like I do, and puts out such challenging stuff, and yet EASY if you DO the thing.

I CHALLENGE you to find ONE better!

(As a customer said “I truly KNOW what it means to be a beast and turn YOU into one!)

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I’ve done it, and today seems to be yet another one of those days.

Unplanned, and in the flow, and thats how most of my days are. Hehe.

The only planning I do, believe it or not, is before Igo to bed (in bed) where I VISUALIZE.

And right after waking up – writing my dreams down (which no, I dont over analyze. I hardly even look at what I wrote throughout the day).

And yet, my output in every which way (if you’re on the other site, not THAT way hehe, but I’ll write about that as well soon. LOL).

I’m sure I will!

Anyway ...

Ideas beget ideas.

I’m not sure who said it, but it was a “somebody” that once said his books were written in the margins of other books.


One exercise a day or workout.

IT’s a great idea ... sometimes.

I do not recommend you do this often, but sometimes, it happens.

And I’ve written in 0 Excuses Fitness about how difficult it is to achieve TRUE MASTERY over any exercise, havent I?

Yes, I have!

And these one exercise workouts push you further along that road to mastery which truth be told you’ll never master.

I won’t.

No-one will!

Thats the beauty of exercise. Always new peaks to conquer (if we’re talkin gbodyweight exercise, not bozo like pump, tone, grunt and gruff and the lot at the ole gym shym bim (bo)).

And one exercise routines could be you doing JUST pull-ups and noting else.

Or ONE type of pushups.

Perhaps just handstands throughout the day.

Or, perhaps just climb hills three times a day!

Pick one exercise – and really, really FOCUS On it!

Key to making this work?

Two keys – 1) the same thing that makes ALL my workouts WORK.


Not “kiss” the workouts or your partner, even if it’s Jassy, hehe.

Keep it simple. Sweet. Short. Brutally short and effective!

And two?

Do MULTIPLE workouts throughout the day.

Again, I dont recommend doing this type of thing all the tim e- we all know, for instance, what happens when you pound out nothing but pull-ups for ages, and flop on thy FACE when it comes to pushups, hehe.

I do!

But sometimes, it’s worth it.

Try it – let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The alter I use for one other site keeps coming to mind. Hmm!

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Puff and buff.

Huff, puff, and blow the house of cards down but nothing else.

I’ve seen a LOT of that throughout my life!

And I continue to see it via inane messages and Bozo like rants I get in my Inbox. I’ll get into that later, but for now, flash back from the past, and one I’ve written about before.

Back in college, I took a “physical education 101 and 102” class amongst other things.

101 was great. I loved it!

And it was EASY too.

I remember having a paper or something to turn in at the end of the semester, and the instructor’s only requirements were – workout – and tell me about it!

And to be honest.

Being I was at 60 pushups at one go there ... I wrote abotu that.

I asked Rueben, a friend of mine. 

“What if he doesnt believe me”.

His response was apt.

Said with a shrug.

“Just get down right there on the floor and show him!”

And he was right. But the instructor was a smart, smart dude and a BULL of a man who likely did a lot of bodyweight himself too.

I passed I believe. With a B or something.


Had a pretty young instructor teaching the class. 

Yours truly remembers telling “Vince”, an Italian friend of mine (I love Italy, btw!!) the following.

“She alone makes it worth it”.

But she didnt.

Her version of teaching was to get everyone in the gym.


And while I did manage to get my ass seated on one of the inane machines, I just couldn’t figure out how to use it, and even back then, when I used it, I remember saying OUT LOUD – (and I didnt mean to offend – it just happened) – what the hell are these useless things??

I mean, even back then, when I didnt have much knowledge of fitness, they just seemed like the most BOZO like contraptions ever.

Something that Bozo Scofield would use, for instance, especially the seated chest press.

Ridiculous, especially considering the last version of the class 101 and the beefy police officer like STEELY STARED MAN - REAL MAN that did the class.

(nothing against ladies, this email ,by the way. But she was a bimbo!)

And she made the following comment to me and I was irritated as hell at that point.

Came over to me, rubbed my shoulders of all things.


I’m not Jassy! Hehe (although Jassy and I wouldn’t meet until YEARS later).

And then she said it.

Comment for the ages.

Said with a tinker and giggle.

“We’ll get you puffed and buffed right away”.

(something about “pumped” as well)


No wonder I still rant about the puff and buff routines and the bozos, weight tom tommers, and puff duffs that sit on their asses and pretend to be bad asses type of thing ...

If you’re really a bad ass – do this in the gym, my friend.

Get down ont he floor – and get into a handstand – and then pump out 10 perfect HANDSTAND pushups.

Or, 10 perfect pull-ups at ONE shot.

Or something like that.

THAT is BAD ASS, and the puff duff’s know it!

And thats why they dont do it, hehe.

Anyway, to end that story Vince ran after me.

We were in the truck together, figuring out if we should grab a beer to calm yours truly down. I had an exam later, but being I often showed up for Calculus exams half drunk it wouldn’t matter.

And it was Friday.

“you can’t be better than everyone else in the gym, Rahul!”

Hmmm ....

Thats what Vince THOUGHT I was upset about. You see, he loved the gym! And probably the lady teaching the class too, heh.

But that wasn’t what it was about.

I wasn’t trying to outdo anyone. I was simply saying it was BS.

And it was.

As for outdoing others, here is what Charless Mitchell, a customer (he owns both Shoulders like Boulders! - and Battletank Shoulders! - - smart dude!) had to say about my wife calling me “Mr Handstand Pushup”.

“Thats a name to be proud of! Less than 0.01% of the population can even do a handstand pushup!”

This is NOT verbatim, of course. As always , from memory, but being I have that of an elephant, I believe it’s accurate enough, hehe.

And he’s right, my friend. He’s right.

Better? Or not?

You be the judge!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – YOU TOO – can get to super stud level at these exercises, my friend. Even if you’re a DUD right now that can barely hold on to a chinning bar (believe me, most so called men these days CANNOT) ... you CAN get to stud level – and then SUPER STUD. Just DO the thing, and you will.

Here are the two courses you need to be looking at (in that ORDER, by the way!) -

Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks!

Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS! Hidden secrets that have NOT been revealed until now!

And they haven’t bro, they haven’t.

Or, if you’re really smart, you might check out the compilation. Your eyes might pop upon looking at the price...

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