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Friday, 06 May 2022 14:53

Back to tearing it up am I ...

Did I ever stop? Lol. 

Last night, I asked the wife about a vest (sports vest) that was for some reason hanging off - well, a piece of it has been hanging off my lat area for ages. 

It's an XXL vest - which means it billows around the midsection, and is "snug" but not too tight, so I thought - around the upper body. 

Shopping for clothes can be a bitch when you're fit too! 


But although I hadn't paid much attention to it, a small tear on the other side of the vest caught my attention. 

For a split second I thought of asking her if it could be sewn despite the hell that was likely to follow, hehe (how dare you ask me!). 

Surprisingly enough, it didnt. 

Of course, she said no. 

And of course, I'll get a new one anyway. 

But it's interesting, I'm wearing a XL vest now - and I notice another tear - this time on the left trap. 

A small tear which will no doubt increase as time passes. 

Now, normally the SHOULDERS (delts) are what used to be tight for me, not so much the traps and lats - so I bought XXL. 

But they billow around the waist, but thats fine, some do, some dont (sizes aren't standard - but when we come out with 0 Excuses Fitness T shirts, and more - which a lot of you want - believe me, I'll keep all this in mind!) - and its funny, these repeated tears around the lat and trap region for one. 

You might think I'm focusing heavily on handstand pushups and pull-ups, but compared to my 100 plus workouts before - these days, I'm on 50 - 70 normally. 

so it's not that. 

It's SQUATS and special isometrics (especially a lot of those from Volume Two I'm focusing one) 

We all know how squats kick your ass, but the latter - isometrics - is REALLY what is responsibile for the X factor here. 

Those stretches REALLY work the entire body in a way you never have before, and when you partake of the special workouts at the end of the book, let me tell you, wife or no wife, cooking or no cooking, you'll truly (if you combine it with my other fitness programs) be in the best darn shape of your life. 

Can't vouch for your clothing expenses though. Hehe. 

But, those of you that put down >$500 (a special list has the orders, this isn't going out i.e. the T shirt stuff to the regular list, but if YOU on THIS list want in, let me know) as a pre-order on the tshirts, well, your money is very well invested! 

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For BRUTAL workouts involving pull-ups and handstand pushups, check out THIS book - and THIS book. 

(Edit - I'm writing this right after one of those workouts, albeit an easy one for me, 100 squats, 20 pull-ups, 10 handstand pushups, and isometrics. it was the night workout though, so gotta go easy ONCE! Hehe.)

(Summer's here, so remember that one book I was talking about - AQUATIC Animal Kingdom Workouts - well, covid willing, I might actually do something on that front too - stay tuned!

For now, pick up the regular land version HERE - it kicks RUMPUS - period). (and it'll kick YOUR booty too - guaranteed).

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I was back to an old favorite this morning after knocking out 200 squats and isometrics this morning. 

I finished the first part of my workout by 8AM which is more than what most people can say about themselves by 8 PM... 

I dont know why - but despite my dislike of waking up in the AM's, workouts? I've always done best in the morning - hills, bodyweight, whatever it is. 

No disturbance, or minimal at least, and then the calm that occurs around 8-9 when even those folks that raise cain in the mornings seem to "take a break". 

Over the past few days I've been dealing with a bit of tendonitis - or tennis elbow, whichever it is - I suspect the former more than the latter, since it doesnt hurt "tennis elbow style". 

Perhaps too much time at the computer, or could be too many pull-ups as well. I've been busy as a bee putting out a lot of courses for the other business - and busy doing tons of pull-ups too. 

All in strict form, focusing on the BACK And grip, not biceps which most people focus on when doing pull-ups (big mistake as I've said in the book). 


I felt my form slipping a bit today around rep #20. 

And instinctively, without thinkin about it, I moved a chair aside, and shot up into a handstand!


I did 5 handstand pushups, slow and easy - stomach touching the wall as I tell you in "Profound 70% Gorilla 30% Human Handstands". (currentl being translated into Spanish as well!!)

Lots of people think that is just an extension of Battletank Shoulders, you couldn't be more wrong. 

The latter course is #2, the former is #3, the workouts in #2 are probably tougher. 

But #3 preps you for FREESTANDING handstand pushups, my friend, and the workouts - well, try them on for size, by no means even approaching "easy" even for me. 

And that should tell you a lot. 

When doing handstand pushups, another mistake people make is not focusing and pushing up with  mostly LATS and again - forearms. 

People focus on "shoulders". 

Which is fine, shoulders are an integral part of the movement, but your LATS - again, that pesky back of the body I be talking so much about do - or should do - most of the work, as with pull-ups with grip taking over when it has to. 

The above might sound strange, but it's also a great way to work kinks etc out of the upper body (not "kink". Kinks. Hehe). 

I remember Uncle Bob once asking me after I got off the plane in China and made straight for the hill, posted about it on FB or something ; he saw it. 

"I See you've already climbed the hill! Great way to work the kinks etc out after that plane ride". 

So it is, my friend. 

So it is!

Life's good!

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The above email contains a LOT of tips. Read carefully!

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Yours truly, pull-up stud - pushup monster - Mr Handstand Pushup - Mr hill climber - and many, many, many more (including the well deserved "bodyweight exercise guru" moniker I've gotten over the past few years). 

Exercise champ, fitness freak, fanatic - and more ... and yet ... 

Despite all that, despite all the reps, the sweat, blood and tears, gumption, heat, cold, everything - you know what taught me a hell of a lot about exercising that nothing else ever did? 

Writing books. 


No, not just the writing part. That, for me, was easy. 

It was the "taking photos" part - and not because I couldn't find people to take the photos. Hehe. I found plenty! 

It was because, my friend .... 

... Well, take what I have on the homepage of www.0excusesfitness.com as an example. 

Me doing a one arm reverse pushup (at one point, I was going to put myself doing it on fingertips there - which is in the book on reverse pushups, of course). 

Just getting into a reverse pushup is hard enough for most people, let alone hold. 

If you do a one arm - and one leg hold like I am - to DO that itself is tough enough. 

And just holding the pose long enough for Cindy to take it ... Gawd, Golly, and everything rolled into one, I still remember shaking to the core as she got it right. 

And she was a good photographer. 

With my daughter, it often takes more than one take - usually four or so - that is if Madam doesn't zone out in the middle of a photo!

You can often hear me HOLLERING. 

"Honey, HURRY!" 

Are you DONE as yet already??

I mean, its hard enough getting into some of those positions, let alone hold for time long enough to get a perfect photo. 

Some may not think it's a big deal. 

Well, I have this to say - the next time you do a TOUGH Stretch and come out of it - try getting a picture taken of it - a perfect picture showing the onlooker via pictures alone, "how it's done". 

And you'll quickly start hollering Uncle yourself, hehe. 

Seconds will pass - interminably slowly!

You'll wonder "just why the heck doesnt this photographer be DONE with the picture!" Hehe. 

And more. 

Pushup Central, for one. 

Try the extended arm pushup on for starters!

In the book, youll see me doing it on fingertips. 

Try HOLDING that pose - let alone the actual pushup. 

Then, holding it perfectly for time as someone takes the picture. 

It ain't easy at all, friend. 

DOING the actual exercise is often easier than holding the isometric. 

And thus my contempt for all the bozos out there who claim (despite the plethora of evidence out there stating the old timers all did the so called easy stuff to build incredible strength and power, despite the "easy stuff" being the most important ie basic stuff always being the most important) "it's too simple" 

Just static stretches, an idiot once wrote about my great book Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

It wouldn't surprise me if this bozo couldn't bend down to tie his own shoelaces. 

But anyway, there it is. 

Isometrics, my friend, I've often said gives you a workout from hell, and if you dont believe me - just TRY some of what Ive got - not just in the initial book, but the advanced one as well. 

And then get back and tell me. Hehe. 

As for me, I'm yet to master the clapping pushup - WHILE someone takes a perfect picture of it in "slo mo" hehe. 

That'll be in the Advanced Plyometrics book. 

Well my friend, I'm off for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Only those that have DONE the thing will truly grasp the truism of what I say here, the rest, well..

PS #2 - One of my best books ever, and a book that will make you feel like a billion bucks even if you're long past what some consider "spring chicken" stage? 

Well, go HERE and find out!

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Wednesday, 19 January 2022 06:06

"Practice" vs "exercise" or working out.

I will still remember my Taekwondo teacher in ninth grade seeing me on the road, he was coming to class on his bike, and he flashed me a friendly smile. 


My stretching wasn't up to the mark - especially the groin stretches which once literally made me BAWL in pain (tears included). 

"We'll get him going", my instructor laughed!

It wasn't quite the "I" position you see Jean claude Van damme strapped into between trees in the iconic movie Bloodsport, but it was getting there!

Ive always been naturally inflexible, especially in the hamstrings and groin, though a lot of that was due to my early upbringing where "sitting" was encouraged, as opposed to running about "because who can keep cleaning up after the child". 

Parents sometimes harm their kids way more in the early stages than they realize. 

Anyway, I was doing great in 7th grade, 8th grade - and indeed, though I wasn't their best fighter, I was certainly their best pushup guy!


"Good", he'd say, as I made sure to touch my chest to the ground on EACH of the 10 reps he made us do on pushups (along with a lot of kicks, frog jumps, a lot of the things I mention in Animal Kingdom Workouts). 

(I wasn't a bad fighter in terms of the kicks etc - but the FEAR of getting hit, I had never gotten over that mentally, and so ..) 

(Thats huge, once you get knocked out, or hit - and come back - you realize it ain't nothing and the mind moves past it). 

But anyway ........

So he asked me this. 

"Rahul, practice pe kyun nahi ate!" 

(Rahul, why don't you come to practice). 

I told him, too much studies and all the other BS reasons I was pulled out. 

He smiled. 

I never saw him again after that, they stopped the classes in the park a few years later too I believe. 

He was lean and mean though - and gave his little son HELL. 

Really instilled DISCIPLINE in him from a young age, not saying the harsh physical beatings he handed out was right or wrong (to me he overdid it, even then) - but it sure made a man of him, but that can go both ways i.e. a kid can grow up scarred too. 

But anyway ......

I often use the term practice for my workouts. 

Sure, I'm working out. I'm exercising. I'm breathing, etc - but more than "burn fat and build muscle", I'm TRAINING - the body and mind - via PRACTICE - and repetition!

Sylvester Stallone once said the following. 

"Im not the best or most talented or richest or most successful. I succeed because I keep GOING". 

This morning, I woke up to the following on a Medium piece I wrote - a lady Barbora (my own daughter's name is Barbara, so it seemed like a message!) - highlighted this part on the piece. 

"You keep going. You stop if you have to - take a few deep breaths, but you keep going!" 

I said it for exercise. 

She probably used that as inspiration for life, which I meant it to be as well. 

Now .... 


Does indeed make perfect!

"I fear not the man who does 10,000 kicks ONCE - but I fear the man who does ONE kick 10,000 times". 

If the great Bruce Lee said it, if I keep saying it all the time, that the BORING is what gets the job done, that the fundamentals cannot and must not be ignored, then ... there must be something to it? 

No-one, when learning martial arts wants to go through the drills of stretching, inhaling, exhaling, "opening the tight muscles" out - practising the BASIC side kick, for one, and HOLDING the position - mastering CONTROL first before kicking or hitting with POWER ... 

No-one wants to get deep in the body, and spend the time required to master the tendons and other supportive musculature of the body, do they? 

"It's boring" my daughter keeps saying when I "lecture" her on practice. 

Kids these days, globally, are all the same, of course. 

But exercise, life, fitness, whatever it is - it's the drip drip drip, the PERSISTENCE - the gumption to keep going when it might long seem like a lost cause and then some - is really what does it at the end of the day. 

Take or it leave it, but its true, and thats the lesson for this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And thats why it's called PRACTICE. Hours and hours of grueling practice under the SUN - or in freezing cold weather, or in rain ... 

The same reason my books are called MANUALS by the doers. 

The same reason, that ...

I remember a case when my Taekwondo fellow students were discussing "what if there is terrible weather". 

"Well, if its that rainy, dont come",  I said (we were training outdoors)

Another one of my fellow students turned around, looked at me, made the following comment (to the instructor). 

"Sir, if someone shows up in ALL sorts of weather, THAT is when you know they're serious!" 

I still remember him nodding in appreciation. 

There's a reason behind it. 

See if given what I said you can figure it out!

And remember, this is the vein in which I wrote 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections, I've probably got 160 in my mind, so get this NOW, you'll never be short of motivation after ths short read!

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Thursday, 16 December 2021 10:17

Improvement - in SOME sphere - in EVERY WORKOUT!

I've said it before, I will say it again. 

If you're not improving - in some way - in every workout, you're not doing it right. 

Lots of people complain of being "stuck". 

Either they're not losing weight beyond a certain point, either they're not increasing their rep count on pushups, either they're not getting their workouts done quicker, could be anything. 

The complaints come in thick and fast, and the human mind being what it is ... 

"Its not working". 

No, my friend. 

The routines WORK. 

What a lot of people forget is the "improve with every workout maxim". 

If you're doing jump rope workouts, for one, and you do it daily - you may or may not hit a max rep count daily. 

Thats fine. 

But you improve SOMEWHERE - daily!

Could be you do them in less time. 

Could be you jump HIGHER on each rep, on the double unders... 

Could be you work in other exercises with it, and feel great doing so!

It could be anything, key thing is to NOTICE. 

Now, the other thing. 

If you're doing multi-faceted workouts, like practically all my books (if not ALL) advocate, you're starting off on the right foot. 

You banish boredom and lethargy INSTANTLY. 

You're constantly challenging your body with fresh new exercises and workouts. 

And - you're never "at a loss" as to what to do. 

Ever embarked on pushups, for one, and just - in the middle of the workout - you felt it was not the day for pushupS? 

OK, so what else to do. 

You could push through the workout, not entirely a bad idea... 

Or, you could do OTHER things in the workout - from one of my workouts!

Truly leaves you with no excuses, and yet, you might ask - how do I IMPROVE with each workout if I'm doing different things? 

Well, you'll see by working out this way it's not only easier to improve - but you'll improve in small , minute ways you might not even notice. 

For me, that was my pushup workout last night. 

I did my pushups that much SLOWER - with that much better form - and felt so GREAT - GOOD - the best!

Then this morning, I was doing jump rope Mania! workouts. 

But, it wasn't the day . 

My timing was off. 

I still powered through 2000 reps, of course, but something wasn't "there". 

Something wasn't clicking. 

Out came the Lumberjack club! 

And presto, my swings improved immeasurably while doing those. 

I went higher - and lower - on each rep, getting a solid stretch in through the chest and trap fibers... 

And I improved my rep count to - currently I'm at a 100 per set - don't even THINK about starting with that sort of rep count when you start, by the way!

And there it is, my friend. 

It is one of the keys to success at anything - - not just training. 

So that is the lesson for this one - enjoy!

And be sure to remember what I said about the offers ALL being extended until December 25, 2021 - lots of people have already asked about it. 

Will I see YOUR NAME amongst those that have taken advantage - or asked about the Ship. 

I hope so, my friend. 

Because really, if there ever was a time to buy what you've been PUTTING off, it is ... 


Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Really, putting off what you should have done ages ago constantly and finding new excuses, it doesnt work for anything in life, my friend. Fitness is the same!

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Monday, 13 December 2021 06:22

Lets suit up - and BOOT up - ladies!

Interesting how thats often used for the most alpha of males you'll ever see, the most macho, virile, rugged and so forth . . . 

I don't even mean "hidden desires" here - this email isnt' about that. 

It's just about when MEN - real men - such as in the Expendables, maybe - now there's a movie with very little romance, although the second movie had a wee budding bit of it! (I still remember my friend Jay watching Rambo II in 1990 something, and telling me "great movie, little bit of romance, great body (sly) - and lots of action!) ... 

Sly is nothing if not SMART. 

I dont think it's a coincidence that Expendables II had " a little bit of romance" like Rambo II, and none of the others did!

The tough guy with a soft exterior. Or was that interior. 


Sly, you're a genuis and legend, I'll never stop saying it. 

Because it's true. 

But anyway ... 

You know you're in good shape when non faggotty (the polar opposite of Bozo Glyn, for instance) look at you with women, or just in general and they notice YOUR shape more than hers. 


As Carol once told me. 

The boys are looking more at you! 


And they weren't gay either. 

This, of course, reminds me of Bozo Schofield ... another one of those anecdotes, before I tell you what I was originally goin gto tell you. 

Bozo apparently salivates over memes such as "if you look at this, and not me, you're a faggot". 

With sneering women showing their boobs on one side, and a huge fat "member" if you get my drift on another side. 

Bozo apparently (from what he once drunkenly told me in a 3 AM message) "meditates" to that daily. 

Truly a lunatic, yet, for nutjobs like him, I guess if thats what he wants, thats fine, but at least stop being faggotty about it! 

Be open about it, at least, not a perv, of course, expecting Glyn Bozo to learn all that is like asking a brick wall to make sense (it probably would, more than him). 

Anyway ..............

Suit up, ladies!


Yours truly is NOT the type to wear suits, or formal attire. 

Or to own or wear excessive jewelry. 

The other day, my friend made the comment about my dumbphone (in an era where most people change their dumbphones as often as their underwear) .. 

"Youre STILL using that!" 

Showl am, hehe. 

There was a period in my life where I had two pairs of jeans (light blue, dark - both STRAIGHT cut, tapered - showing off the body) - and THREE pairs of polo Tshirts, and I'd recycle those till they were threadbare. 

Nothing to do with money either. 

I just didnt need anything else, except my workouts!

I'm minimalistic in most regards, my friend 

You don't need a lot, especially the crap constantly shoved down our throats, oddly enough what you really need is never mentioned. 

Anyway ........ 

Im about to suit up and boot up for a long workout. 

I invite you to join me. 

And if there is one course that imbibes that spirit, that feeling, it is Eat More - Weigh Less. 

I Dont know, I just feel INSPIRED and raring to GO when I see that on the cover - that being me. hehe. 

But it's true, YOU too can feel the VIBE!

I'm out. 

If you ain't gotten the course, do so NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

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This one's yet another one thats sure to cause a lot of angst. Hehe. 

But, it's true - and one of the off the cuff, yet TRUE comments made by a friend of mine "Prem" - who much like "Tan" (who very kindly took the pictures for Battletank Shoulders, one of the most awe inspiringly brutal trainingt courses out there - ever) - took a great little "snippet" video for Gorilla Grip that some of you have asked for (specifically, a bit of grip work on the monkey bars). 

The last video I took in that regard during Chinese New Year, well, that was done on my Xiaomi, and I ran out of space, hence the "tiny" video. 

But I've gone one better this time, you'll see when I finally get it up. 

For now though - three great new videos up here (0 Excuses Fitness - YouTube) for "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" - which you really need to place a pre-order for NOW ... 

And join the legions that are doing so/have done!

There is a damn good reason the pre-order process has stretched out as long as it has. 

Anyway, he was telling me about pull-ups, and how, much like in 2018 - he's unable to do a single one, or hang on to the chinning bar. 

"Because you never got your ass down to seriously trying", I gently admonished. 

And he didnt!

I remember, the day after or so, he never did any - and he was off to the gym a few days later. 

He was telling me about how these days he does 30-40 pushups daily - in sets of 15, the regular pushups, he says he does them in proper form along with squats, a 100 at a go. 

Let me see you do the squats, I asked him. 

He showed me - but he barely went "almost" halfway down on each rep, so I corrected him. 

"Hmm", he said. "What benefit does going all the way down get me?" 

Well, so I told him about all ths "ass to grass" benefits i.e. improved flexibility, flexor strength, far greater work load on the hips and thighs, therefore, greater work done by the lungs, all in all, a far superior workout. 

And he was doing regular squats, not Hindus. Which is fine, of course... 

Pushups, I dont know. He says he does them in proper form, so we'll take his word for it!

"I could do 40 of these at one time:", he told me - wistfully pointing to the dipping bars. 

One set, I asked? 

Yes, was the answer. 

Which that, now if he could do them at one time, thats pretty good!

Right now, of course, he's not doing ANY. 

But anyway ... 

He made the above comment about gyms - and I laughed - more than "music to my ears"- I'm so used to people telling me this when they see me do bodyweight!

"Machines, etc - all USELESS" - I told him. 

And then I Told him about the "Stand on your feet" training done in the gym or elsewhere with weights - if you do that right, now that will get you places. 

Still doesn't hold a candle to bodyweight training, of course, but its real training if done that way - either Lumberjack style - or military presses etc. (or overhead presses). 

Anything that requires you to stand on your feet and hoist. 

Now, Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness features NO weights. 

None that are easy to grip like barbells and dumbbells. 

The machines, well, those are for buffoons - Ive always said that!

But anyway .............

Great to hear my friend say that himself!

And it just shows you the POWER bodyweight training has - the sheer appeal - and the sheer results. 

Here is a review (for Animal Kingdom Workouts) that comes to mind in that regard. 

From John Walker in the UK - - 


This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

The bolded part sure is KEY!

I'm out. 

Be sure and pick up the CORNERSTONE of alll bodyweight training right here - the 0 Excuses Fitness System - if you have not already (and many of you haven't at the time of writing this). 

And, leave a review, please!


Rahul Mookerjee

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I knew there was a reason I was hiccuping. Hehe. 

5 times ... 

Not really (reason). 

But it's one of those idiotic superstitions I believe that means "someone is remembering you" ... 

And an idiot indeed was. 

Here is the latest - 

Device: Mobile

Name: How much for a cuddle?

Device: Mobile

Name: Please Rahul what can I do for you sir

Email: (he finally figured out that all "Glyns" are on block, so he sent "plesuyur at ..." 

Truly, Glyn has NOTHING better to do than troll on the dumbphone (yet more proof it's a dumbphone and nothing else and smart people either dont have it, or use it as less as they can - I fall into the latter category). 

I know a lot of people are getting tired of Bozo, so enough of him. 

But . . . heres another. 

Sir can u give contact detail of astrologer (seer) you meet in himachal

I've no idea, but looks like it came from the good ole I of A i.e. India, the USAs staunch and staunchest ALLY, and indeed the rest of the civilized world (despite having a crapload to improve upon). 

First off, he clearly didnt read my post about NOT calling me Sir. Second, "m singh" apparently doesnt know this, but I wouldn't give out a woman's contact info even I had it, not because "he" would do anytihng trollish, but because of the Bozo like clowns out there (such as Schofield). 

I didnt have the heart to tell him all that. 


I dont have her contact details. She sells ...whats the word? "vastu shastra" in Indian?? (feng shui is the term I use) ... items in Khajiiar, but I'm not sure if she's a seer per se and she certainly isnt an astrologer. All I did though was buy some items from her (my wife did, actually, not me) - so thats really all I know!

Yours truly is called a seer by most people, so if you read that somewhere, it is probably what I meant.


Rahul Mookerjee

(I dont know, I think thats what he meant by the seer part) (and I'm posting it here since he didnt reply with even a "thank you for replying" so he's either not going to, or he never GOT the email. I sort of suspect the former, but whatever). 

On to force multipliers, finally I saw something sensible on Pinked-Out. 

A post talking about B-52 Bombers, foootball sized planes that pack a punch like nothing and no-one else out there does, planes designed and using durin gWWIII that (despite being a pain in the ass to upgrade with technology) still are UNPARALLED in terms of recon and SHEER BRUTE PUNCHING (bombing) power on there ... 

I replied with that YES - I'v ebeen saynig it for a while that the B-52s are what will bring China and a lot of other idiots and morons to their knees, because end of the day, theirs truly nothing like it out there, and then I added in another plea to people not to buy into the panic, not to call it the Coronavirus, what to calll it etcetc. 

Who knows who will listen. 

But Pinked-In has already emailedme saying the post is blocked in China. 

Thank you!

Indirectly, without meaning to, they're looking out for me if you get my drift. 

Not that the jingoistic Bozos in China (not everyone, but a LOT) would benefit from that post anyway except get riled up. 

Anyway .... lets talk workouts!

And if there ever were force multipliers in terms of exercises? 

Well, I'll try and give you a few! 

Upper body, I'd say the handstand pushup and the dip are unparalled for sheer MUSCLE and brutality, MORE than the pull-up though pull-ups are great as well. 

But nothing HAMMERS you Battletank style like handstand pushups!

And lower body? 

I'd say Hindu - and regular squats. 

In the past I said only HIndus, because trust me, you won't be able to walk right the first few days after doing them right. 

No "ass soreness" - pun not intended, more the thighs. 

But the REGULAR "Rahul Mookerjee patented style" squat done both isometrically and otherwise will tax the hips and BUTT like never before! 

Big time. 

Hopefully Glyn won't read this, because this is about WORKOUTS. 

And those two leg exercises work the ENTIRE body. 


I'd say the stud like "hanging leg raise" on the cover of "Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" 

But there's plenty more in Corrugated Core. 

Those are the ones I'd choose right off the bat - if you have more - let me know! 

Now, for workouts? 

Force multiplier workouts? 

I'd say the Noah's Ark Workouts from Animal Kingdom Workouts for one (on that note add in frog jumps to "force multiplier" exercises above). 

Then I'd say workout #8 from Battletank Shoulders - Pull-ups / Handstand pushups "mid point holds" / Handstand pushups workout. 

Oh - MY! 

This KICKS my butt even now. if you can do even 10%, you're already "70% Gorilla and 30% Human" I'd say! 

On that note, workout #3 from that book. It's a static workout for the most part, but oh my will it make you SORE. EVERYWHERE!

I could give you SO many. 

But those are right off the top of my head!

And no, nothing "down there" - sorry. Hehe. 

I'll leave that to YOUR imagination!

I'm out - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, down to TWO copies of the Collector's item of Fast and Furious Fitness. Truly a rare GEM, truly a TREASURE bar none, so get this now, because once it's gone, its gone - no more reprints. 

PS #2 - Wacko Glyn is currently engaged in duping young gullible Chinese women by claming he goes to Socksford or what not. ugh. Anywy, enough on him - proof later. 

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Actually, my friend, it isn't so much just me that has pioneered what I am talking about, or any of what I talk about. 

I've learnt from MANY people either directly or indirectly - and I've gone on to better some - and some not as yet, but I will. 

Not that it matters. 

I will still give credit to each and every person I've learnt from and that has truly helped me for as long as I live - because thats how it should be!

But anyway, the W.H.O - one of the most profoundly USELESS and SPINELESS "we love kow towing to China commies" organization (and even they've come out and pretty much said China spread the plague - I mean duh! Now that took a while! Wonder if the Bozos there actually you know, THINK and have a brain and some common sense. Those of you and us with the above have been saying this forever, and it's only now some of the world is STARTING to wake up) there ever was, is, and will be - which I like to call the C.H.O - China health organization has woken up to some things health and fitness wise. 

I did not know of this before, of course but I received the following from John Walker, a DOER And a great customer in the United Kingdom today - - 

Back to training, in this month's Men's Fitness magazine there is an article about how the W.H.O. is now recommending what is being called "exercise snacking" in which you take small "bites" of exercise throughout the day, to combat our "sedentary lifestyle" seems I've heard this somewhere else "ah yes" now I remember, isn't it how you've been exercising for awhile now, must be nice to have W.H.O. finally catch up to with you and underscore what you are doing as a great way to keep fit.

Now I must admit, I didnt know that. I believe I once sent in an article in 2017 to Men's Health and Fitness or something in Oz, I dont know if it was accepted (I never heard back) but thats all I know about them. 

But yes - I've been doing and advocating brief "mini workouts" forever!

And I have been doing them forever too. 

YES, even when I climbed the hill all those times per day, I'd do bridging as a mini workout at night before dinner!

And these days, stuck or chained to the keyboard as I am? 

I do these as a primary means of not just keeping fit, but keeping the motivation and ideas flowing. 

Lots of people get their great ideas in a shower - so do I sometimes - but I get most during my workouts when I'm focusing on something else which is how the subconscious works anyway. 

And of course, it's a great way to keep fit. 

Dont get me wrong - you can do one MASSIVE workout per day and then nothing that day other than maybe gentle walks and errands around the house, stretching and isometrics or what not. 

And you'll do GREAT. 

But mini workouts hit you differently, and cannot be beat either. 

Heavy lunch, you say? 

Well, do 50 pull-ups two hours afterwards, and tell me where it went ... 

And so forth. 

Not to mention they're TIME effective if you do it right. 

It' amazing I gotta say this, you know. The entire world has nothing but time at home right now and people still complain about having no time, but anyway, time effective as well. 

So where is YOUR excuse, my friend? 

Hell, even the WHO - or CHO has endorsed the Rahul Mookerjee way now!

High time, hehe. 

"About time" as most people would say. LOL. 

On that note ... 

I was telling John he's an incredibly articulate and erudite person - unlike most other people these days. I think we were discussing Wacko Schofield or something, and how he got left behind when they were "doling" the brains out (on the dole - pun intended, heeh)

Here is part of what he said. 

Erudite, now that's a word that you don't hear often these day's, in fact I doubt many people even know what it means, why do I say this? Well in an interview for a job I was applying for there were many tests to see if you were worth employing, one of the tests asked the question what does erudite mean, according to the HR Manager who was interviewing me, of all the hundreds of people she'd interviewed over the years I was one of "four" people that actually knew what erudite meant, one wonder's what people are being taught if only four people out of several hundred know what erudite means.

Now, he's right on that one!

And it's a pity. 

Much like REAL old school training producing real results, same thing is happening with language and everything else around us (society included). 

Anyway, for those of you staying sane during the hen basket madness going on - check out one of the very best books I've writtten on exercise - that will literally make you join the ranks of the super humans  if you do it right. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

And I'll be BACK!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Yours truly has made no secret of the fact he's BRUTAL. 

In every regard. 

Brutally frank. 

Brutally honest. 

He goes the whole hog. 

He drinks teh whole barrel. 

He sings songs about "extreme ways have helped me, have helped me every time" ... 

On another site, he has written almost a HUNDRED - yes - books - about a topic completely unrelated to this one (Bozo Scofield loves the books though) ... and he's been equally, if not even more brutal, frank, to the point and from the heart on it. 

Now, lots tell me that "I'm not for everyone". 

And I agree. 

I wrote about the list of people that love me and follow me until the ends of the Earth because I give them the REAL DEAL without pulling any punches is LEGION. 

The list of haters is x 10. 

Or more. 

I put that on the front page of 0 Excuses Fitness too!

But anyway, workout wise, a common grip (and someone once said this about Gorilla Grip too) was that ... "these are too tough". 

And I've always said, no, they AIN'T " too tough" either - and they are. 

if you think they're too tough and can't do 'em, they'll always remain that way. 

If you pull up your socks and determine you CAN, and WILL do them come hell, rain or high water - you will damn well do 'em, and get good at 'em! 

And thats the entire key. 

My stuff is for EVERYONE out there - yes, especially the FANATICS like me, but it helps EVERYONE. 

From the average couch potato to Crossfitters and IRonmen to bonafide fitness MANIACS like the 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP members are - and even to Bozo Schofield if he gets off his fat rumpus and decides to make something of himself some day ... what I got to say fitness wise(and indeed on all my other biz endavors too) works for everyone. 

If it worked for me, it'll work for you. 

The DESIRE and FIRE is what is required, bro. 


Most men that succeeded at high levels did because they were (amongst many other factors) persistent and so closely driven by circumstance that they had no choice but to, and I'm not talking money here. I spoke about that in the post before this on the other site. 

I'm talking genetics ... 

Anyway, enough chatter from me. 

First, before you read the SECOND part of the email I sent Charles - read the FIRST part (and his initial email) HERE. 

Lots of lessons there ... 

And once you're done, here is what I had to say (again). 

Here though is another KEY, my brother. One you mentioned yourself in your email beneath.

YES, most would give up just by looking at the workouts.

But and quoting from your email ""Few can master these workouts right out of the box, but it is certainly something to aspire to.  If and when you are able to complete one of these workouts, you know you have achieved something special"

THAT is the key!

ASPIRING - and doing and not being lazy.

If yours truly can do these workouts with my genetics, issues of being overweight etc in the past, health issues that I had - and solved MYSELF through my workouts and THAT ALONE (not what some lard ass doc said about not swimming or drinking beer or popping pills) - then ANYONE can.

I dont know if you know Karl Gotch?

He was known as the God of Pro Wrestlin in Japan.

He had some rather uncomplimentary and (in my opinion) WRONG views about money, which is probably why he passed on poor, but training wise, he was a legend right up there with the best, bar none.

FANATIC in terms of conditioning.

And what he said was this "All I asked of any boy that wanted to learn wrassling was a WILLING HEART and the desire to DO".

(That isn't a verbatim quote, but it's out there on the Internet).

But the point of this - ANYONE can WORK UP to these workouts - and become superhumans - - which as you know is why I DO all this.

THAT is what it's all about, bro!

Anyway, more on this later in another email. Inbox Infestation to start again shorty too, hehe, but for now, just visit the blogs on both sites ...



Well, my friend, thats enough lessons for one post. 

Inbox Infestation starts soon, hehe - and when it does, and you'll probably be so "flooded that you won't be able to keep up. 

Just the way I like it! 

And with the Bozo (Schofield is the top "dog" (I should say "biaaaaaa.....!") there, but there are others too) no doubt creaming his sissy panties to "flooding" and "boy" - LOL - I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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