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There isn't anything necessarily wrong with being on the other side of the spectrum either. The vast majority of the people in the world are just that, followers!

Hey, takes all types. And leaders would have no-one to lead without the followers. 

Where would 0 Excuses be without the famous Ship for that matter. hehe. 

(but it's true - no kidding there!). 

Without a bunch of devoted, almost fanatical followers who will buy what you have to sell, who will promote you for free, even without trying to, give you glowing testimonials, hang on to your every word - well, all of that might sound a bit "cultish" and dictatorial or "fealty" to you. 

Truth being told? 

All successful businesses have droves of these people with them. 

And all successfull businesses know how to sell to them. 

It's funny, these days I keep reading about how "Trump doesnt own MAGA", or how GOP Primary Elections: Results Show Trump's MAGA Movement Isn't All About Him - Bloomberg  - "it isn't all about Trump", and Trump isn't God, or so forth. 

Funny part is they're marketing him without even trying to or wanting to. Hilarious!

I had to restrict myself to this on Twitter... 

People truly GET it so LATE. Hehe. Thats why leaders remain leaders, and followers remain followers. Obviously he doesnt own the "brand", he said it like it is, exploited feeling like any canny marketer, myself most def. included should - all there is to it!

I can just hear ole Donald cackling away with that canny look ... 


Trump never claimed to be God, or even believe in it. (or "him", or "her", or the concept). 

Trump, I suspect would agree with me on Universal Energy and not believing in the concept of God. 

And I dont know anywhere where he said he "owned" Maga, or trademarked it or what not... 

It is simply people looking to profit off his name and popularity- which I always predicted would "vain" (hehe) to a degree given he was removed from Twitter (unfairly) - but more importantly  - well, people have short memories. 

If you were to ask him, and indeed, someone DID ask him - what if you dont win (in 2020). 

Touchy subject I know that with the Trumpinator... but he simply replied "ok, so I'll do something else". 

Which is what I'd expect from Trump i.e. an honest straight answer, and he gave it, and he's doing just that now i.e. 
something else. 

I've predicted for years the base would move on - it was common sense, no-one believed me. 

Certain people like a certain Ricky still think "No-one can pull a crowd like Trump does!" 

Not true, my friend. 

Ron De Santis is one that can. 

And if he were to do it, my man for the next Presidency, Mike Pompeo could probably pull the biggest group of them all that truly matter - the rational right. 

And I dont mean the rabid sort either... 


We attract as we are, my friend. This holds true no matter what. 

Anyway ......... 

Ive predicted so many things years in advance (such as the major war fixing to happen which people still laugh at me when I mention it as if it "can't happen to them" except now it's a laugh which speaks "I wish I could avoid it, but I can't, so might as well pretend it doesnt exist" - nah, newsflash, folks sticking your head in the sand aint how its done - unless your Bozo "Cuck in London" Schofield (he's got pictures of himself trying to touch his fat little toes on Twitter, to show his "you know what". Ugh!) -- - things which people laugh at, say could never happen, yet, down the line they do. 

Things that are basic common sense to me - spur of the moment - take people light years to even begin to grasp. 

And that, my friend - if you've been paying attention is how you spot a leader in any field who cannot be kept down for long, and Trump remains one of them. 

Yours truly does too, of course, I'm sure someday you'll have people complaining "hes not the God of pushups". 

Or isometrics. 

Or pull-ups. 

Or what not/ 


I never claimed to, and am ultra - pun intended - liberal - in terms of giving credit, I probably give more than it's due, but whatever. 

As Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla once said... 

It comes back to me!

True dat, friend. We all get on the roundabout (Michael!). 

Speaking of which that silly thing they've got going on about how guns should be restricted - glad to see that fail today! 

And what goes around comes around, so yeah, I'm sure I'll have people at some point telling me that, and then I'll direct them to THIS post. 

Alrighy, enough tom tomming for now. 

Get your hands on the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW - truly makes leaders out of men (and women). 

In all ways possible!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Tuesday, 24 August 2021 07:11

More on the power of GIVING.

... that most people don't DO ...

Over the past few days, again. 

I've been giving, my friend - without a thought. 

A couple of days ago, I gave away an old oven of mine. Still functional for the most part. 

Yesterday, I gave away (gasp!!) - an old flat screen T.V. - and a perfectly functional, almost brand new DVD Player (yes, some people still use 'em!) ... 

I believe I also gave away a laptop and camcorder a few months ago - both working. 

Then if you add in old mattresses, old clothes, all stuff people would normally sell at garage sales or what not - hey, I get it - the combined value would probably be a lot. 

BEcause remember, the time is "now" when people are hurting - therefore its now that things are valued more - and therefore, to me, we should help more -those that can, incredibly people globally are doing the opposite, trynig to get more. 

Dont get me wrong. 

Nothing wrong with being a blase capitalist. I'm one myself!

But, there is a time to mint money - and a time to give, and the latter can, should and must be done first. 

Within a few hours of giving away the TV / DVD set, probably the most valuable of the lot, a business deal I had been postponing for a while just came to fruititon. I could have done it before, I didnt. 

I've heard stories like this galore. 

Matt Furey was once trying to sell an old van of his, I believe, couldn't or something - and then he just I believe GAVE it away. 

Again, functional van. 

And within a day or two of that happening, hell, I believe later that night, same thing happened to him - a business deal on the backburner for a while he had forgotten about came to life. 

Trust me, "it's not just Rahul". 

Dreams, Universe, all these are very physical and tangible concepts!

Anyway, phases end - new phases begin. 

And if YOU are ready to end the "unfit" phase in your life, and make giant leaps into the future, my friend - then start by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here. 

Trust me, best decision you'l ever make!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I blessed all items in my own special way, I truly hope they're helping those that need it (I know they are). 

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That wasn't the exact comment Chuck made all those months ago. He literally threw a HISSY at my post on pull-ups - it struck home, because I basically said phat phocks couldn't do 'em, period, and to do 'em you have to lose weight around the midsection. 

That was a hard, hard hitting post. 


Anyway, ;let's see if I can find Chuck's (probably alcohol fueled) rant against a post NOT aimed at him - at all - he wasn't even on my mind when I wrote it. 

Here it is

And this, friend is the original post which dear Chuck ranted against - Deadlifts and grip training and my thoughts on each, and both . . . (rahulmookerjee.com)

Of course, he later batted that away by saying "but I just said that onwechat". 


Much like the Bozo is whining about "But I just trolled you on wechat with racist memes Chuck made". .  . 


I swear, the sense of entitlement lunatics like the Bozo have - and typical Tom tom's like him. And of course, liberals like Charles. 

Of course, he claims up and down "I'm not liberal or conversative! I'm sensible!" 

Yeah. Right. The paradigm of goose and gander, eh. 

Lets see, Charles, did I even mention YOU in the post? 

No I didnt. 

Lets see, Bozo Glyn. Did I EVER say one bad word about you - troll you - refer to your race - and then you respond with what, trolling and attacking me back x 10? 

Trying to destroy me? 

You thought I wouldn't reply, eh. For a long time I decided not to. 


When it biteth though, boy, it BITES. And it doesnt sting like a scorpion. It kills. 


STREET FIGHTER, as a big dude Aaron once called me!

Go for the jugular so people watching will KNOW not to mess with you said Donald Trump. So true!

My friend Rueben once said the following. 

I dont fight fair. I fight dirty - and I WIN!

He probably would, hehe. 

But like Trump, he's really the nicest guy ever. 

Just dont make the mistake of pissing him off. 

"Them damn women....." 

I'll never forget him in traffic, his trusty 9mm by his side (not Glyn's 9mm wang, lol) ... 

It used to be hilarious!

Some chick would cut in front of me, or slam on the brakes or something, and he "done got the red ass". 

I'll kill that motha............ he'd thunder, face all red!

Great guy!

And he'd have his gun by his side for added emphasis. 

Funny part, he knew, and I knew, he'd never use it. 

But it was good to have anyway ... Good ole Rueben! We love you!

But anyway, 

This ain't about my black Mamba for one, Bozo Schofield, so you can click away. 

It's about ... I mean, what do these loonies think? 

That they can make all the comments they like, including claiming "what I teach is gay" (sometimes, and then pad it away by saying "they were just kidding") - and I can't respond at all? 

I mean, here's my response. 

Is being a dancing monkey in China - a dancin gBozo, rather, any LESS gay or faggoty

I dont think so, brah. 

Tell them that though, they're up in arms. 

But apparently THEY can tell ME anythign they like, and I'm supposed to meekly take it!

Makes me wonder, did Charles really create those racist memes? Who knows!

I stil say no. 

But sometimes, I wonder... 

 Anyway, we all know whose advice works, and whose doesn't. 

Charles Mitchell said it best HERE

John Walker has been saying it forever My buddy from the Marines has. Panourgias has. Damn near anyone with half a brain, as Charles said, has... 

But anyway, why do I mention this. 

I dont know, I just got this email about ... 

The Blitzkreig of emaisl you're sending!

This was NOT meant in a bad way. 

Tomas is a 0 Excuses Fitness and Shoulders like Boulders! customer. 

He's considering Battletank Shoudlers as the next step. Smart dude! 

He had questions, I covered those, so what he said in terms of blitzkrieg was basically ... just that one line. The email was about something else. 

But it made me think. 

The left, and loonies in general complain, but do we ever see them complain about the blitzkrieg of BAD NEWS - idiotic crap that don't help you NONE that is Tom Tommed globally daily? 

For instance, this idiotic China virus. 

Or, the damn panixines. 

Or, the economy (ever notice how even when it's up, no-one says it is?)? 

Folks love to be the bearer of doom and gloom and the harbinger of BAD NEWS, ever see anyone say things are GOOD? 

Trust me, we attract what and how we think. 

You cannot escape thi struism, friend. 


Look at the world NOW. 

But anyway, I just noticed Governor De Santis in Florida made a great decision on making masks OPTIONAL in schools.

I cannot applaud this man enough. 


They're useless beyond a point, and it's personal choice. 

Kids can't make that choice. 



Governor Santis - great job!

Of course, Twitter came alight with the left attacking him of being a murderer, and worse. 

OF course, when asked about China - the country that SPREAD this (ccp) - no answers. 



I give up. 

Goose and gander is truly an alien concept these days... 

Anyway, my advice Works, friend. 

Take it or leave it, but you cannot dispute the results... 

And it will work for you too - if you let it! 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW. 

PPS - Charles (the former friend) isn't exactly all for freedom of speech, of course, as y'all know, and can see HERE ... 

Glad to know the other Charles -a great customer - came out strongly against that too!!!!! KUDOS!!!!!

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Monday, 12 July 2021 16:10

No-one cares, my friend...

Or, I could say, the hidden side of self-help - but a very necessary dark side indeed that nobody out there is willing to bring to you - except me. 

And I wouldn't say it, but several of the whiny form entries I'm getting on the coaching page ... well, let me just say a lot of those have prompted me to say what I am now!

In short - my friend - if you're aiming at something - if you're frustrated - if you're not getting where you wanna be - and so forth - and the thing that "gets you the most" is "no-one notices or no-one cares", well, then I've already told you about the values and virtues of vision, persistence, gumpton, sales and marketing and so forth ... 

... but what I didnt tell you is this, my friend. 

No-one freaking cares. 

Get used to it. 

It's a fact of life. 

It's how humans are wired. 

And it's especially applicable (me saying this these days) as its something the veritable barrage of mostly armchair self help gurus wil NEVER tell you. 

They'll post glitzy photos of themselves showing plenty of skin, usually tanned bronze like they were yoga contestants, hehe, or on some movie inspired vacation with their best make up on saying ... " do it on your own time!"

To the hustlers that contact them after hours, they'll whine about "family is most important", or "take time out for your mental health" and other such airy fairy feel good BS and garbage which has NO impact in the real world. 

Oddly enough, one of the people posting tripe such as this sleeps with her phone in hand when she's doing a new project!

The hypocrisy and foolishness, my friend, is beyond belief at times. 

I wont name her here. 

But it's just a case of getting more clicks for their own business etc is what these people are aiming at - not any real self help. If it was the latter, the focus would be on TALK - heavy talk - not all the garbage videos and pictures!

Not to mention, motivation works best when it comes from someone thats been in the trenches and shares their real story - the nitty gritties - the unsexy parts - and so forth - parts that I share, for instance, that most wouldn't dream of sharing on their sites to their lists etc. 

I do because ... its REAL LIFE!

Real success, my friend, involves something NO-ONE has ever wanted to talk about, even less so now. 

Plague or no plague, good economy or bad - there are two things constant - 

One, The GRIND as Mike Pompeo calls it in his new venture. 

You can call it the har dyards. 

the slog. 

Call it what you like, but ditching it in favor of airy fairy rubbish of "weekends are for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" aint gonna get you any closer to your goal - likely the opposite. Perhaps if you've already got to where you want to be, you can structure some flexibility into your routine ie. you own your biz, not the other way around so much, but before that - it'll always be a grind, and even after that if youw anna STAY on top! 

I cannot tell you the number of people that have risen - gotten complacent - and fallen again to greater depths. 

Yours truly very proudly ranks in that sort too! (at various points in my life thus far). 

But the grind, my friend is unavoidable, and the ONLY PATH to success. There is nothing else leading to lasting and long term success!

And two -no-one cares. 

Lets face it, friend. 

thats how we are wired as humans, to look for "whats in it for me". 

SO unless you MAKE your business, your life, whatever you do something that Impacts your target audience positively, guess what - your struggles or not, your up times, downtimes, no times, zero times, hehe - no-one CARES. 

That may sound especially galling to some reading this. 

"He's rubbing it in " they might say. 


So am I, I suppose. But it needs to be!

EVERYONE is in it for themselves my friend. 

My old bosses - Uncle J and the lot. Yours truly. You. Me. Donald Trump. Ultimately, we're ALL wired to function that way!

And those that understand it quicker, the better off they are!

More - 

You talk about people not caring, eh. 

Well, it's well known that the Trumpinator for one picked up the plague from China in 2020. 

You know that. 

But did you know that while Trump was roundly ridiculed for doing the sensible thing i.e precautions but not succumbing to panic, that privately despite his campaign never saying it - he was actually in bad shape there for a while ?

He was truly havin trouble breathing etc. 

True, he pulled through. 

He's a fighter - always will be!

But not for once did he allow his focus to waiver from the goal i.e. the elections at hand. 

Till date, he hasn't pissed, whined, or moaned up a storm about this silly thing ... and neither should he! 

He understands one thing very well. 

"No-one cares!" 

Thats the sort of positive attitude YOU need my friend - when times are down - bleak - tough. 

THOSE are the guys that eventually make it through to solid greener pastures - and succeed!

Fitness wise, same thing - tough times? Pushups too tough? Feeling exhausted and run down? 

Often times, you have to just push through it!

Much like most of my other advice, this sort of thing ain't sexy - and no-one wants to hear it. 

They're rather the airy fairy garbage the self help clowns spout. 

Fitness wise, they'd rather the "easy make me feel good" fitness books. 

So be it. 

Yours truly - well, thats one reason as I've said before, hehe, that I'm not as rich as Jeff Bezos as yet, LOL. 

But seriously. 

I'll never stop giving it to yo ustraight. 

It's what I'm known for everywhere, and I dont plan on changing!

Alright, enough for now. 

Be sure and pre-order Lumberjack "Lodestone" fitness HERE. 

And I'll see you soon!


Rahul Mokerjee

PS - Real world self help actionable tips and techniques HERE - Zero to HERO! - and here - Gumption Galore!

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Thursday, 15 April 2021 16:32

Think BIG - or not?

A while ago, I wrote about a post which was based upon the nimrod like question a lot of employers ask "where are you going to be five years from now". 

Basically, heck, I said most people dont know where they will be five HOURS from now, let alone 5 years. 

Asking them to set goals they've never set on the spur of the moment (if they had those five year plans, they likely would not be applying for a job with these employers anyway, and they know it very well) is tough even for a doer (sometimes, you just dont know where you'll BE as opposed to "want to be" and even if you ask "where do you want to be" - well - thats none of anyone's business except the person's). 

Classic case of NEGATIVE energy being spread around and demotivation by the employer i.e. you have to stay in our Bozo job, because guess what, you'll never make anything of yourself except in an indirect "paper pusher" sort of way or personally (depending upon if it's a question on a jackass form or some jack/jill ass asking you). 

The post is here

But, I realize, as always, I missed a tiny little something ... 

An elderly gentleman (I'd assume, heh) from OH asked me the following 

"Dream big or NOT? Think big or not?

He said it in a large paragraph, but that was bascially what he asked. 

He replied to the email in question above while asking (he's behind on the emails, and with all the emailing going on as of late, do I blame him? Hell no! )

Well ,let me clarify ... 

I've always told EVERYONE to dream big. 

Precious few listen. 

Even fewer believe. 

I've always said think big - have big goals. 

Those big goals though, setting a "X" amount of time in which you gotta there is almost always counter productive for most people. 

For instance, someone that can't do more than 10 pushups now, and thats his entire workout for the day, and its hard for him. 

If you ask this person "when he'll get to 500 pushups" or how long, you're setting him up for failure in a way. 

And indeed, if the person over-focuses on the number, he may well end up failing. 

I advocated baby steps daily towards the big goal. 

Which is the whole point. 

Most people "crash and burn" after the initial excitement of a huge goal, so in those cases, I'd say its far better to set and focus on doable daily goals. 

If you're Rahul Mookerjee or his ilk that does mini workouts throughout the day, and writes books galore, and is chained to the keyboard, and deals with a lot else too, perhaps you could keep focusing on the big goal too. 

Most people though, just get frustrated when they "over focus" on the big goal, which is my entire poiint. (and therefore drive that goal AWAY in that regard). 

Most people aren't ready, willing or even able to take the massive action that results in achieving massive goals quick. 

Which is fine in my opinion. 

It ain't how long it takes you or even HOW you do it - so long as you GET there, at least that is how Id look at it . . . 

So thats what I meant, my friend. 

Hope that helps - and there's more very "actionable" self help tips in Zero to Hero!

And for motivation - Gumption Galore. I might put out a second edition on this one "sometime". 

All depends. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And even for huge goals and huge action taken daily, "incremental" huge improvement daily is always the KEY.

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So says the cowboy from Texas, hehe. 

"The Hombre from Texas", hehe. 

Or, any of the other (it's crossed 1400 now, that list of names - and someday, I'll write a book on just the list of names I keep getting called, hehe) names people loveeeee to call yours truly. 

But really, back in the day (it seems back in the day now ever since he ranted about my book on pull-ups) "Charles the former friend" and the Bozo himself contacted me about the Bozo. 

Apparenty the Bozo sent Charles more than 200 messages all day long, all night long (which is about par for the Bozo), most of them to the tune of "Rahul is mentioning me! Boo, hoo!" 

I wonder if they knew the chuckles a person Dejon, a real strongman and - me - were having over it, not to mention the world at general. 

Especially the way the Bozo pronounces Chuck - for some odd reason he keeps pronouncing it as "Ch-oo-k". 

I dont know, maybe thats the accent thing coming in ... 

But anyway, English is hardly one of the Bozo's strong points, as his rants on Amazon show, and that sad, given he grew up in "Ole Blighty". 

Anyway . . . 

Why I won't stop mentioning the Bozo, you ask? 

Well, bear with me a MINUTE my friend. 

Yes, I get it. I've responded to him x 1000000 in ways he'd never imagine or dream of, and I'm just getting started. 

I've truly rubbed his nose in the DUST, and continue to do so, and will do so. 

But, bear with me for a minute. Bear with the man with a an elephant's memory talking about the Wacko with an elephant gut, hehe. 

Because ... 

When the Bozo started trolling me and some other people with not just trolls, but despicable memes, racist thoughts, and much worse - NO-ONE (well, certainly not "Chuck" who said "he sent me a few", but oddly enough NEVER once condemned the Bozo for doing it, instead implicitly SUPPORTING him by not doing so) .... NO-ONE Told him to stop or calm down. 

No-one told him that with his various attacks on other folks. 

No-one told him to calm down when he posted those rants and reviews on Amazon. 

If anything, he played the "poor Bozo being blamed" female blame game (given what he is i.e. a cuck at heart, that doesn't surprise me one damned bit) and got away with it on the Chuck and a few other fronts. 

The only person man enough to tell the Bozo to go straight to hell was Dejon. 

A bonafide Gorilla himself, hehe. 

Maybe the reason Charles never told me himself is because "he deep down inside felt the same way about me". 

Or, maybe it's what the Bozo said. 

"Ch-ooooooooooo-ck created the memes!" 

A claim I found specious then, and find insane NOW. 

Charles has some strange thought about pull-ups, sure, and does all he can to convince me that he's "big", not fat. 

OK, great. 

But that doesnt mean he's a troll. 

Quite the opposite. 

But anyway, THAT is primarily why I will not stop - until I deem it the time to stop (or until the groveling apology comes, and it will). 

I'm sick and tired of these idiots (they tend to be Nazi feminist for the most part - either male or female) that do all they like when they're on top, but when someone turns the tables on them x 10000, they whine and moan. 

If you can't take the heat, stay out of the goddamned kitchen. 

Come to think of it, making sandwiches and staying out of the kitchen barefoot is exactly what Bozo Schofield does NOT want to do . . .

Poor chappie. (pie). 


(as the Bozo would pronouce). 

But inanity aside, that is why. 

It's not so much the sales the Bozo makes for me, especially the ADVANCED book on pull-ups which he trolle dby saying "Rahul is a super stud" (even in the trolling, the truth and jealousy sparkles, as it did when he said the book was the jewel in the Mookerjee CROWN of fitness books). 

It's because, as the Trumpinator once famously said, "we will never forget". 

And it's because actions have consequences, and some people need to learn that the hard way, and so they WILL and are. 

And thats why, for those wondering. Hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh, almost forgot the "ending pimp" to this - Animal Kingdom Workouts is THE course everyone BE Talking about now. Check it out here. 

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Friday, 26 March 2021 08:27

"It wont happen" VS "Make IT HAPPEN!"

Growing up, I remember the looks of incredulousness on the face of people - often unsaid, when I spoke of goals, or complained about something that wasn't right (and should be!). 

It could be family - friends - even strangers. 

Often times and most times, it wasn't said. 

It was a look of "who does he think he is" - and "how dare he try to change the status quo" mixed in with .... "THAT Goal! YOU??  That'll never happen!" 

Topped off by a look of resignation in terms of "it is what it is" (without the most important part, which is FOR NOW!). 

I've never bought into this BS mentality, and therefore, have been at odds with people that do my entire life, and continue to be, and dont make any bones about the same. 

Why not MAKE the damn thing happen? 

NOTHING HAS to remain as it is - MAKE it happen!

The real DOERS - Henry Ford's that were scoffed at as Doubting Thomases and Edisons told they were idiots that would never accomplish anytihng and scores of others thankfully didnt buy into this BS Mentality, which by the way doesnt just corrupt individuals - its SOCIETY at large. 

Countries, too. 

You may not think so, but entire swathes of people resign themselves to "this will never change in my country".

As the great Claude Bristol wrote about in the Magic of Believing. 

As we THINK, so we ARE! 

(It wasn't him that is given credit for the saying, but it might as well have been him or any of the DOERS out there). 

Say what you like about Communist China, with all their flaws but you gotta give them credit for one thing where it's due - getting their people to believe, albeit they take it to extremes, such as the recent boycott of H & M, Nike etc in china because they RIGHTLY called out China for its Nazism in Xinjaing. 

Jingoism you say? 


Yes, and it aint good in this regard - BUT - they did imbibe their people with the spirit to DO it - even if that means bellicose challenges to the US and the rest that obviously sound and are fake, but given the speed at which China has progressed - you gotta admit that you might not agree with how they did it, but did it they did! 

To an extent anyway. 

Which is betteR? 

NOT doing it, or doing it the way they did? 

Thats a discussion for another time, but for now, this is why I keep telling people to play their cards close to the chest. 

I made the mistake of not doing so too many damned times in my life. 

Tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW IT first!

Remember, subsconsiously, youll encounter far more negative from people - and in some cases those people dont even know what they're doing. 

You're best off focusing on YOUR goal. Like a horse with blinder on. 

And speaking of horses, and STALLIONS

My compilation on Shoulders will turn you into the STUD AND RAGING STALLION you've always wanted to be, guys - and a MARE - a BUCKING AND REARING "heroine" (as my lovely wife says) for you GALS, but that ain't why I'm telling you think - I'm telling you coz ... 


FITNESS wise, same thing. 

Never think the goal is "too big". 

Now, if you're stuck at less than zero pushups, can barely hold the pushup position - then getting to 500 might seem huge. 

Well, I get it. 

And THIS is why I keep blabbling so often about the Law of Practice. 

DO the thing daily, even if it's in small increments - remember the journey of a thousaand miles which DOES start with a single STEP. 

Do, even if its a LITTLE everyday. 

Take one step at a time, sometimes two, occasionally FIVE. 

Be persistent! 

And you'll get there, bro. 

(or SIS). 

Believe - and make it happen. 

Last, but not least, believe me when I tell you this - Animal Kingdom Workouts is a MUST HAVE COURSE for all of you. 

Truly one of my, if not THE best ever, and if you're letting price stop you - you're sadly MISLED. 

Trust me, this course is pricess, and a MUST have. 

Click on over - and MAKE IT HAPPEN - NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore give you plenty more such motivational and SUCCESS tips. Make sure to pick both up NOW. 

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Thursday, 25 March 2021 06:25

The million dollar "Magnum" question.

I've been asked this one many times, most of the times by angry WOMEN. 


The female of the species is indeed deadlier, until they find out they're not . . . 

But anyway, here is the question .  .  . (and the question of "a Magnum pointed at my head", or an angry woman demanding to know "why" ... well, I'll take a raincheck on that one, hehe. I'll plead the 4th too!). 

"If you had to choose between me (a girl) and your damned beer, which woul dyou choose!" 

I've heard this one a LOT, hehe. 

"You love beer more than me!" 

And so forth . . . 

Well, if I had a 747 pointed at me, and I had to answer no matter what? 


A nice cold frosty beer. 

It never lets you down, no matter what. 

End of the day, I'm sure all real men would agree with me on this one! 

But anyway, that brings to mind another one of those "Magnum pointed at you" questions (btw ... this was John Walker who coined the "if you have a Magnum pointed at you" - one of my great customers from the UK) . . . or two . . . 

One, and its a real, real toughie and a serious question indeed. 

Handstand pushups or pull-ups? 

Well, I dont know. 

Off the cuff? 

Right NOW? 

I'd say pull-ups, but that don't mean the former exercise isn't tough or doesn't have great benefits or so forth - it probably has as many if not more benefits!

If asked why, I'd probably say I dont know - or - more accurately PERSONAL preference. 

And they should BOTH be done TOGETHER - always - forever - your entire life!

And the #2 question is even tougher. 

Regular pushups - or handstand pushups! 

This is one Charles Mitchell wrestled with, of course, as he read through Pushup Central and finally chose it as a book over Battletank Shoulders - and again, that ain't by ANY means a "diss" against the latter, which he rightly said the workouts within will turn you into half gorilla, half human. 

But for me? 

Regular pushups, if I really had to choose, and why? 

Because of the sheer variety, myf riend. 

Because they give you a leg workout from HELL. 

And the ones done on your back - well - (and yes, you can do pushups on your back!) - they will BLOW you away with how good they make you feel above anything else!

Truly the BIG DOG of fitness are pushups. 

And if you're a Bozo reading this complaining "just pushups" and "we know it all" , well, might as well unsubscribe now - because what I'm offering ain't for you. 

It ain't for lily livered poltroons, pansies and so forth. 

Neither is Animal Kingdom Workouts - which is an EVEN MORE BRUTAL book in terms of the workouts!

You'll see what I mean when you get on em! 

And for now, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember that 20% discount on compilations - take advantage of it now - and pick up Barnstormer Shoulders while you're AT IT.

PS # 2 - My daughter seems to be drawing me a Statue of Liberty drawing with the lady holding - you got it - a COLD BEER - a frosty FOAMING ONE at that in her hand. Hehe. Now thats a tough choice, beer or daughter, but I'd choose the latter, but like I said and I told my daughter this - - honey - - we dont need to make those extreme choices, and I'm damned glad we dont! 

Amen, hehe. (even if I say so myself). 

Anyway, if you've got a beer belly from too much drinking on what not - well - THIS course is what the doctor ordered, along with THIS ONE

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Saturday, 20 March 2021 07:16

My wife wondered "how much I write about her"

A month or so ago, or perhaps two months, I'm not sure - my wife made the following comment to me. 

"I wonder how much you write about ME!" she said in one of those very (rare) moments of self reflection she has. 

She was of course wondering that after the numerous fights, arguments and everything else that goes on both online (and especially when I'm there at home - which is why I live A-LONE for the most part) ... 

And given that I rarely, if ever (at least from last year) engage in pissing contests with her (actually I didnt even back in the day), but I'd get annoyed. 

Now, it's just like whatever. 

Nazi feminism central continues ... 

For some inane reason, that makes my wife think she's "won". 

So be it. 

I'm hardly concerned about winning or losing in such stupid thing - my mind is always focused on those STUPENDOUS goals which I still ain't told you about, and which you would honestly think I'm nuts if I told you!

But anyway ... 

The same thing for most people, I'd say. 

Bozo Buttblower Schofield (who sometimes seems like a bonafide woman instead of a "sissy man") coud well be a Nazi feminist too. 

His dialogs, and the laughable garbage he left as reviews on some of my most inspirational and BESTSELLING books speaketh Volumes to that regard!

But I wonder if he knows other than here how much I "really" write about him. 

He'd be SHOCKED. Hehe. 

Anyway, I reveal all later ... in that regard. 

But for now, where am I going with this?

A, and I've said this before, virtually anything that happens in your life is a GOLDEN opportunity to sell and make money if you know how. 

And if you're a DOER. 

And two, well, that discount I've been offering ends TODAY, I believe ... 

I think it does - yes - I just checked - it DOES. 

So if you're indeed interested in my in depth knowledge of fitness and finding out more - check out the products page. 

Actually, I think you should start here - The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Build slow, go from there!

And remember to pick up some of our great motivational reads; you'll love 'em. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - "He cheats on his wife, so what can he do to his friends!" 

Poor Bozo. The second part of that is self reflecting The first is too, except the jealousy shows from one who "can't get none if he paid for it", hehe. 

Anyway, think about it. The book was Fitness Pioneer - and that was the comment he left. That, more than anything else proves why he belongs in a padded cell far away from Hannibal Lecter (for the latter's safety). 

As Charles his one time friend said "A known lunatic!" 

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Wednesday, 17 March 2021 06:46

What "RB" knew about the value of LISTENING!

Fitness wise, Sly Stallone might never be the paradigm of "bodyweight exercise guru", but he's an inspiration to many! 

And I'll start this one out "from the bottom" as it were. 

The Bozo Bottom, hehe. I cannot stop cuckling - I mean chucklin - as I think of him! 

But anyway he said this about achievement in life - and this holds true for fitness too. 

"You've got something great to bring to the world! It might seem no-one is watching, but just keep on doing it anyway!" 

"The reason I succeed isn't because I'm the best, richest, most talented, and so forth. It's because I keep going!" 

(like the Energizer Bunny, hehe). 

These are a couple of Sly quotes I'm pulling from memory, and it applies to fitness too. 

It might not seem at the time I did the hard slogs up the hill that anything was happening. 

People called me crazy left, right and center and still do, but the results eventually? 

Same thing for you, and say pull-ups. 

You keep trying, people keep "pulling you down, or trying to". 

You keep AT IT, ignoring th eBS out there and especially the moronic pull down machines etc. 

You become part of a select bunch of ACHIVERS and DOERS! 

And eventually, you succeed at a grander level than you ever thought. 

Anyway, what does have to do with "RB", you might ask? 

Well, first off, I've had a great affinity with and for "RB's" - ever since college, hehe. 

Dr Bisland, that great Prof of mine I've always admired (along with Dr Kolibal, another great dude) used the name "Arby Bee" quite often in his great teachings. 

The same guy that once told me "You've got a strange way of doing things - but does it WORK? Hell yes! And if it does, well ...

Brings to mind what another person Michael told me (he of Dongguan Expat). 

"It might not look purdy". 

"But does it WORK? Congrats, Rahul! There is NO plugin for PHP-Nuke as of yet with this functionality. YOU might be the first one!"

All true quotes, bro. 

Any of that ring a bell with YOU fitness wise

Hopefully it does! 

Unfortunately at the time I didnt believe " I could be the first at anything" despite having all the proof to the contrary and a very hefty bank account to back it up too, and - most importantly - NO "strings" in the form of relationships etc. 

Young, single, the world was my OYSTER. It still is, of course! 

But anyway, lets get to RB. 

He was my boss at "that job". 

And he knew the value of LISTENING. 

I still remember a time when yours truly along with the HR Manager and Operations Manager, both earning way more than me (I was woefully underpaid there - I DID get some other benefits, but I had To "wrest" those rather than get 'em!) were discussing sales (obviously my forte). 

I spoke up, was interrupted, didnt speak again. 

If I'm not wanted ... hehe. 

The BOSS spoke up. 


He silenced the rest. 

In his own polite manner. 

"Wait a minute! Let me hear what Rahul has to say!" 

A few weeks ago, I had (since I was new at the job) - for once in my life "asked if I could do something". 

"No, it's your call", said the boss. No need to ask anyone! 

My type of guy, hehe. 

Anyway, he knew the value of listening, and that is the job that I've mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, which if you on this list WANT to achieve, you want to get - grab - NOW!

But, here is the point. 

He didn't listen because "I was his favorite". 

Maybe I was at that point,  but that wasn't the real reason. 

The reason was this - he knew I gave it to him straight - and he knew if I said someting in that regard, it was TRUE. 

Which is why I was hired in the first place. 

Same thing with me. 

When I go to seminars, when I read books, when I listen to people talk about how they did things, I dont sit there and say "I know it all". 

Even though MOST of the stuff they say is stuff I've been doing naturally all my life, I do NOT say that to myself. 

I simply check the "do" list. (i.e. I've done it). 

Then I absorb like a sponge, and move on. 

There is a time to listen, and there is a time to learn, and a time to talk . . . 

And right now, I hope THIS particular talk with all it's quotes helped you! 

Anyway, I'm off. Back soon - and in the meantime - if you workout today - make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I give it to you straight, no punches pulled in the Rolls Royce of Fitness and the FIVE included videos - grab your copy NOW

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