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I saw a post from Chloe, that lady I once brought up here on my LinkedIn (I should say “Shinked-In”, hehe) which said something to the effect of “boss logic being his opinion is right, and yours is wrong”.

Now, I’ve dealt with this sort of rubbish a LOT back when I worked a full time job, most notably with THAT job where after the initiual euphoria of sales galore for the boss wore off (although I dont know – it wouldn’t have for me! Big mistake!) he kept “disagreeing with me”.

Which was a pity, because ... that relationship could really have gone places and in his heart of hearts he knows it, though in public I’m sure he’ll turn it around on yours truly and say “it’s your fault”.

Which he DID do during round #2 of my employment there for a bozo like issue which was really not why he was pissed.

He was pissed because I didnt follow “authority” yet got result doing it MY WAY.

So second time

HA! He thought.

This guy NEEDS a job (to be honest, big fucking mistake rejoining, and it was NOT just my decision, but ah, more on that later!) ... lets screw him over and do what we COULD NOT the last time (because last time yours truly was a SINGLE free bird, hehe).

Lots of my problems started not just at home whem I was young (well, they did, but thats a different tale).

They started after making a decision which I recommend MOST men against NOW.

Getting MARRIED.

Live in. Relationship. Girlfriend. One night or ten night stands. And so forth.

But marriage?

Stay away if you want your T-levels to stay where they are, real man T levels – and especially FIRST marriages.

For some reason, a lot of us do better with the THIRD marriage. Perhaps the age difference and the man’s financial status by then has a lot to do with it.


Anyway, where was I.


The logic shogic.

He went off on a rant about how I should be reporting to person number this and that (who didnt know his ass from a hole in the ground to be honest – I mean thats why I did NOT report to him the first time around and even the second time, the boss made the decisions anyway, but anyway – politics. UGH. I hate it. And will not put up with it!).

No matter what.

But point was, his silly logic.

“I’m right, and you’re wrong”.

And I get this so often from people (or should I say “I USED to get it so often”) that I used to get into arguments with them.

Now, for the most part I just laugh at them.

“Ok, I’m the bozo” I tell them.

This seems to please them no end, and end of silly, meaningless, pointless argument anyway.

(for those of you guys getting in arguments with wives etc - tell them this, and watch them literally hit the ceiling. LOL.) 

I have not advised Chloe to do that – maybe I will. Hehe.

Maybe she’ll actually LISTEN for a change.

But either way, I get the same STUPID arguments from the weightliftters and booby pounders (lifters).

Builders, sorry.

But they probably lift and pound ‘em too, hehe. For them that might just be a workout!

Not to mention lifting their own usually ponderous bellies and man boobies. ...

Why are weights better?

“They just are!”

Why are bodyweight exercises useless?

“They dont build any strength! “Everyone”knows bodyweight stuff is just good for endurance!”

Proof please?

“How dare you ask the obvious!”

Proof to the contrary, please!

“Oh, just go away! We all know!”

And it’s that cacous IMPOTENCY which used to irritate me before, but now makes me laugh if you get my drift.

My advice to anyone on this list dealing with such rubbish.


Big time.

And just say what I did, and watch ‘em SMOULDER in annoyance. Hehe.

Anyway, all of this wouldn’t be complete without my “righteous” plug, hehe. Another one of those Settle terms I so love!

HERE is where you can grab the best damned fitness system ever – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Don’t attempt to convince the BOZOS about it’s efficacy or those that complain it’s too expensive hehe.

They already KNOW it!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up our compilation on pull-ups, one of the best exercises EVER right HERE.

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I'm pretty sure I'll get a lot of backlash over this, but that in mind, here goes.

Here is a comment I recently read from an Indian national cricketer on being forced into lockdown shockdown in Brisbane apparently where they are playing the Aussies.

(And you on this list are well versed with my views on wearing masks, lockdowns etc. Believe me, I have not worn a mask since the so called pandemic that China spread started, and I've avoided situtions when I NEED to wear masks, because I dont believe in “panic shanic” and so forth ... and, well, we've been over this haven't we?)

but it's hilarious.

"We are locked up in our rooms, have to make our own beds, clean our own toilets. Food is coming from a nearby Indian restaurant which will be given to us on our floor," members of the travelling Indian contingent described the hotel as to The Times of India.

Now before I continue, here is what a female Aussie cricketer said on this.

(curiously enough, the dudes haven't been responding. HA! Either way, LOL)

👋🏻 - the Aus and NZ women’s teams did their quarantine in the same hotel last year. Here’s a shock - we survived....

So said a certain “Alyssa Healy”.

I haven't followed women's cricket as closely as I follow men's (I know, I know. How dare I).

So, I am not sure, but I think she's the captain of the ladies's cricket team, or something to that effect.

I DO know she's a well decorated player, and has recieved awards etc, so she's a “somebody” in that regard.

But it isn't so much the complaint itself which is funny and which I don't necessarily disagree with.

I'd be PISSED. Big time.

Seems they are too ...

But “making our own beds”.

“Cleaning toilets”.

And so forth, hehe.

I know housekeeping does all that in a hotel (perhaps at home too for some people, but yours truly hasn't any such luck in YEARS).

Yours truly “caveman” probably wouldn't WANT IT either.

Last I was in a hotel was before the plague in January.

And housekeeping literally had to pester me to (as the Chinese say) “Qing” (please) get the room cleaned, beer bottles taken out etc after three days.

And the bed made, hehe.

I still remember the giggles the girl gave me.

Maybe the purpose was different, but hey.

A few days of living alone and doing the things mentioned doesnt hurt no-one, even if you're NOT a caveman that is admittedly allergic to maids, housekeeping etc clanging doorbells and showing up JUST when you're about to write something.

And what not.

I would rather just do it myself.

So I have.

So it is in the military for one, and so would say Mr T who “lives alone and trains alone”.

SPOILT brats is the term that comes to mind here.

And I'm sure Sunil Gavaskar if he is reading this would agree to “some extent”.

So would another former India player Irfan Pathan who keeps urging players NOT to complain as Alyssa healy did – when they're getting to travel, PLAY, and be handsomely compensated for it while the whole world?

Well, you know that part of it.

But perhaps the Punteer, the one and only Ricky Ponting said it best when he said you don't see the Aussies, who are putting up with it too complain.

Neither did the Indians complain when the same thing, or close to it was done during the Indian Premier League (held in India). NO-one did, actually.

Mollycoddling and being SPOILT brats in a country with cheap labor is one thing, and they DO have the right to be that.

I wouldn't be that though. Hehe.

Fitness wise, I want NO PART of such pampering and mollycodding.

Those that expect something for nothing.

Those that expect me to “go easy on them". 

The fat asses who complain about “me saying just do it” when I tell them to just lose weight ... and so forth.

Anyway, thats my take on it.

Get on with it, bro. It's just that simple. And a few days of caveman like living never hurt anyone. Who knows, you might learn to make beds like those ladies do all the time for us (not me, but you get the drift LOL).

I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can find the MOST brutally honest fitness system that just flat out WORKS – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 – Goose and gander. But that isn't a concern for many that complain!

PPS - My living quarters, sans maid and such aren't actually so nasty (for those, and I'm sure certain women are wondering that are wondering). But, more on that on the other site, hehe. 

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 10:05

Charging BIG (huge) bucks for the LITTLE THINGS

It might sound like a pipe dream. Eh?

But thats precisely and funnily enough, or perhaps NOT what some of the Bozos and price shoppers have said about my books.

The first, or one of the first reviews I got for Gorilla Grip on the Amazon UK page has been hacked to bits already by yours truly so I wont go there.

Let me just say that he ended with “he seems to be giving out MINIMUM information for MAXIMUM gains”.

Well, first off, even if I was, so what?

Isn’t that SMART?

What if you think thats what I do (no I dont) - and if you think thats "worth it" (which it ain't, but you seem to think it is!) is stopping YOU from doing the SAME (other than pure LAZINESS - this to the person who wrote that, of course) 

Second, thats NOT what all serious customers, or any of them for that matter say about yours truly and his products.

Charless Mitchell once said the following -

“I am willing to spend more on your products because the workouts are hard and CHALLENGING – and you’re the real deal! I hate books that dont challenge me, and yours DO!”

Another customer from the UK asked for a bit of a discount, and yet, when he first “gets money for Christmas”, here is what he said.

“I can think of NOTHING better to do with it than spend it on your great books”.

He is right.

THEY are right.

And they do it, and did it!

But anyway, lets get back to it ...

I’ve been speaking about How Windblows has brought my entire computer to a freezing, screeching halt over the past couple of months.

No doubt something to do with them trying to pry money out of me. Hehe.

(Hence the upcomin move to Linux).

But, I finally seem to have got things to a point I can WORK. Actually WORK.

Without the damn thing hanging every damn second.

And point of this?

It took me MONTHS Of searching to figure out a temp solution that took all of TWO mouse clicks to implement.

My wife, from what I hear has been having similar issues (not sure, but I think so) with her computer.

And if I tell her as I have in the past how to solve it? 

Rather than any sort of praise, I’ll get this.

“Oh, you’re an IT guy! So you know!”

Or ...

“Oh, that was so simple! Just two minutes...”


What about the time taken to FIND the solution ?

What price the “IT guys who couldn’t solve the problem before?”

Not to mention I didnt learn much of anything other than about life in college ... and what I do now is so far apart from what I “studied” that it ain’t even funny.

But of course, try telling that to the sheeple.

I might not so much care about my wife telling me that.

I do, actually. Hehe.

But I care MORE about the IDIOTS that ask me, as a certain reader once did “why my ebooks are so expensive”.

I bet this same nimrod wouldn’t ask Bill Gates why Windows costs a bomb eh.

While NOT delivering value.

Or why GOOD things in life cost more money ...

It’s taken me YEARS to bring to life all this my friend.

It’s taken me YEARS of hard slog.

It’s taken me YEARS of hard work.

KNOWLEDGE and experience from being in the trenches, and if you or anyone thinks I should lower prices???


No way, Jose.


And thats really I gotta say about that.

It’s the little things in life that COUNT.

Small hinges DO swing big doors.

Ponder that for a while, my friend.

And then just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And no, contacting me nicely and explaining your situation and asking for a bit of a discount or what not ain’t what I BE ranting against. In fact, precious few people do just that ...

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 08:43


As it was MEANT to be lived, bro!

As ... but anyway, flash back time first.

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day (this was REALLY way back in the day), my mother and father finally and grudgingly “reconciled” to the fact their son was “en route” to “spoiling his life by running around in vague places”, and “being adventurous”.

These comments were all made tons of times in some way, shape or form, but luckily yours truly although NOWHERE near as hard headed and HEADSTRONG as I am NOW, didn’t listen.

Like I said, the FORCE was always there within me.

Like a genie, uncorking and unbottling it was what counted. Which I did and do plenty of, hehe. (the bottles).

And anyway, that is probably another reason they didnt want me to go. I remember complaining about lugging groceries up flights of stairs (before writing books about how Chinese damed carry massive and mammoth bottles of water up stairs  (or how skinny cHinese dudes lug garganturan weights up stairs most notably A/C compressrors and such) and why YOU SHOULD TOO – but hey – I was a “Jim Shim at home” addict then!) and the first thing Mom thought was “he’s carrying cases of beer up stairs”.

No I wasn’t.

They were all getting delivered, usually by cut little gals that would giggle and laugh at my ever expanding BELLY (back then).

Nothing if not brutally frank are those gals in China ...

And I love it! (because for the most part they keep it interesting).

Smart girls, really.

But anyway, when they came to visit me, we went to Beijing.

Did a tour of the forbidden palace or what not.

Which was so boring I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel to pound BEER.

(which I did later. Four bottles I think ...)

But anyway, during all of this tour and the friendly tour guide showing us around, Daddy made the comment about a gal (curiously enough the birds be chirping agin as I write this! Spirit!) ....

“you can find all that very easily here!”

(I believe after looking at some young dame hanging on to a Westerner's arm or something)

Now, I already knew this, of course.

But he told me.

The tone was in sharp and stark contrast to what he said at the age of 17.

“Those Chinese girls! Beware! They’ll TRAP YOU!”

curiously enough in all my years in America I never once dated a Chinese gal!

Or one of Asian origin.

Was all hot Southern babes, hehe.

(ah, those summer months and the SORORITIES, hehe).

But anyway, point of this is, you ask?

Is, for one that he made the comment without my mother noticing (she was busy arguing over something on some “Tshirt” or some such stuff with another equally crankly older American tourist. Dont ask. I stayed away, hehe).

Or maybe she did, but didnt care.

Probably didnt care.

My point is this tho.

Everyone wants to do it, my friend.


We’ve all been programmed to believe and think life is a drudgery.

Is it any wonder that looking around us right now, what do we see in the World?

Thought, my friend is what changes things.

You were NOT MEANT to “do nothing with your life and be a slave to corporate jobs (unless thats your thang)”.

We ALL have that something inside of us that we want to do.

Precious few have the balls to DO IT.

And the rest complain saying “they have the chance to do it, so they do, but we didnt get the chance”.

Foeey x 10.

We MAKE our own luck, our own CHANCES!

Thats just how it works brah.

You attract it into your life.

Point is, really, live life KINGSIZE.

That isn’t always the easiest way to to do it.

Fitness wise, following the roid monsters in their pump shump dump routines might look like the easiest way out NOW.

Joining a bozo job might look great for someone that is “down and out” (or thinks he or she is).

In the long run, is that what you really WANT?

Get after what you WANT, bro, not what they say you should want.

You KNOW you want to do pull-ups galore and be called “pull-up champ” or “You have that X taper to your back” or “you look like a movie star”.

You KNOW you want the Jim-bo Bimbos to GOGGLE as you crush their hands with that GRIP ship.

And you KNOW, nothing compares to the feeling you get from cooly and casually pumping out handstand pushups right there in the gym, right under their very NOSES!

(or, in the park outside bathrooms with dogs licking your nose, hehe).

Get after it. NOW.


You got one life, bro.

Do it – NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Really. Just DO IT!

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 07:51

On going “mano a mano” and more!

George Bush II and his Presidency aren’t anything I’d writ ehome about.

Bush isn’t on the list of people (a very short list though!) I admire, and wish to emulate (or should I say those people that have traits I’d wish to emulate myself).

But I’ll always remember the “mano a mano incident” when young Bush (at the age of 40, hehe, if I’ve got it right, but perhaps I’m wrong!) showed up drunk one night to the home ranch, and when his dad asked him about why he ran over the neighbor’s trash, the challenge was issued.

“You wanna go MANO-a-MANO right here?”

Now, I dont mean to say that physical violence solves all. FAR FROM IT!

But, what Bush said and did was REAL.

You know, the way in which it was done, and the way “it came out!”

Bush was nothing if not a colorful character (a term my mother loves to use).

Albeit in a mournful manner, as if it was something “bad” ...

Sports cars, heavy drinking, drug usage, lots of women ...

Hmm ....

Sans the drugs and sports car (some of the ones I’ve driven have been anything but sporty) yours truly comes to mind. Though I’d probably outdo Mr Mano a Mano in the girl count, but who knows!

I never counted, hehe.

But anyway, growing up, there was this Indian actor my mother often took a “liking to” in a strange sort of manner, apparently because his “mustache was manly”.

I was at the age where macho men should appeal to me the most, but for some reason this dude?

He seemed cool, but that was about it. The mustache certainly didnt seem “manly” or what not to me.

No accounting for taste eh.

And a comment, which according to my father, she will “never live down”.


But anyway, point of this?

Is that colorful characters in my family have always been people that are “secretly” watched.


“Whats he up to!”

“How much money does he have!” (this ONE question burns in my Mom’s mind so much so that it creates all the other friction, hehe). Only she can’t ask outright. Gone are the days when yours truly “not truly in the know” would tell her what they paid me at the job-shob ... so far gone I dont even care to remember!

(A certain girl Sophia went so far as to ask me this the FIRST time we met. But at least she made it interesting. Nothing if not interesting and colorful are most Chinese gals I've met, hehe, so FAR away from "plain and staid" that I cannot even begin to tell you, but back to it..) 

Control is what it’s all about.

And yours truly “bad boy” and “Colorful” has NEVER been one to be controlled.

At least for the long term.

That bird ultimately and usually gets back to doing what it does best.


And as I had a dream of me last night (curiously enough) doing just that, fly, I’ll write about it now!

But anyway, those bad boys are also the same people women secretly LOVE – and men “aspire” to follow many of their traits as well.

Let’s face it. We all do!

But you wouldn’t want him dating ... or marrying your daughter, or sister. Would you?

(So said a nutty feminist once. "Rahul, you'd make a great party guy, but I wouldn't introduce you to my friend that wants to get married!"

Hey. We were discussing GOOSE and GANDER. Not marriage. Not relationships! 

My response? 

Hun I never ASKED to be introduced. 

Not like I got a shortage of girls around me anyway. 

Perhaps thats why she said it anyway. )


I dont know.

I wouldn’t care so long as he had a good heart.

But thats me!

Anyway, colorful lives and bad boys aside, thats what I love so much about my fitness system bro.

They make you feel not just like a BADASS.

But FREE Too.

Free like the bird you were MEANT TO BE.

Free from all the BS.

Free from unwanted WEIGHT!

Free from ... health issues, and poor energy levels and so forth.

From “Dud at pull-ups” to verifiable STUD, and then SUPER STUD and beyond.

(Papa the Pull-up Champ!)

ditto for handstand pushups ...

(Mr Handstand pushup).

Or, simply getting in the best shape of your life.

(Advanced Hill Training, 0 Excuses Fitness, and HILL climbs. - - “You look like a movie star!”)

And so forth.

I dont know about “Jim Shim”, but can he – or they give you a single benefit that compares?

If there is, I haven’t seen it as yet.

And no, I won’t go (or ask to go) mano a mano with you if you tell me, hehe. Trust me. I’m not that wild anymore – well, not most of the time!

I am deep down inside though.

As an aside, and on a funny note, even when I do NOT say that, and merely say things to defend myself when people try (emphasis on “try”) to attack me, then said people feel threatened.

Absolutely hilarious if you think about it.

Anyway, I’m back to lollygagging around and doing not much of anything since my computer finally quit throwing several hissies. Gazdooks!

And you, my friend, in the meantime, be sure to pick up some products right HERE.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Yo uchoose.

But a couple of years back, or maybe before that, I dont know, I remember my wife mentioning this to me.

Well, she made the “infamous” (by now) comment.

Two, actually.

One was “you look taller now!”

And two, of course, the Mr. Handstand Pushup comment.

Which received a lot of hate, and a lot of love, much like yours truly does. Hehe.

But I believe somewhere around that time, my little girl made the comment about “Pull-up champion Papa”.

(or, if you're Bozo Schofield on speed reading this from "Oxford Shocksford" (so he claims now!) ... a STUD. A SUPER STUD, actually at pull-ups) 

That I AM, my friend.


Very unabashedly so.

Even folks that could knock my ass out in the boxing ring, out wrestle me, our write me (nah, not that one) – or KNOW a way more about things than I do in general would admit that much.

Conditoning champ.

And pull-up champ.

And ardent LEARNER and student at what I dont know, and firm believer in “being good enough to best your guru someday – and then giving HIM credit for it!”

Giving credit.

In 0 Excuses Fitness, I freely mention Matt Furey as the source of the Hindu pushup and squat (I mean, not where I first heard about these exercises, but the man who brought them to light).

Until he did, in my mind and perhaps millions of other people, they were just “some exercises those wrestlers did (and do)”.

I was cautioned not to do this by a certain “jill ass” who claimed it would lose me sales.

Did it?

I think the opposite, actually.

Hey, if someone is better at you at something – and if someone DID something – then you give cREDIT!

And ditto for you.

Now, point of this?

Two, actually.

One, you decide which name is better, hehe.

Ill choose #2 but #1 is a close runner.

But now, hark back to THAT time.

While doing those pull-ups, for whatever reason, I was goin “OOO RRAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

like the Marines do.

Like probably a lot of serious trainers and trainees do in their own way and lexicon.

And ... a way that gets RESULTS.

It fires you up.

It pumps you up.

It FREES you up.

And as I told my little girl, “When you’re faced with a problem or enemy? ATTACK, ATTACK, and ATTACK – and never give up!”

Attack, bro is truly the best and only form of defense.

The Trumpinator, for one.

He’s being PILLORIED right about now.

And Mike Pompeo is continuing down the Attack China road via the new Taiwan policy, and more.


Mike Pompeo. Mike Pence. Bill Barr. Lots of others.

And most of all the TRUMPINATOR.

Men that get it. Men that just DO the thing. Like our great soldiers in the Marines etc. And special forces everywhere.

OOO ... RAAA!!

And I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Those pull-ups did feel easier that day!

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in the entire Bozo Schofield sage, I’ve omitted to mention one thing.

That Charles, the “former” (I assume??) friend who never bothered tot ell me about his antics when he first came to know of them “yeah he sent me a few” was his response when quizzed on it (I didnt push it though ... but ... HA! That elephant like memory ...) and Bozo Schofield don’t exactly have the best of history.

Both of them have had so many falling outs that I could write a BOOK about it, and they probably STILL do.

In fact, a group someone invited me to a while back showed precisely that – Charles laying into the Bozo, which to be honest he has every right to do after the way the Bozo screwed him over and treated him.

Believe me, Charles treated him like a brother, or better.

What did he get in response?

Shit. Backstabbing. Thievery. And more ...

Anyway, The bozo has his own tales on that (all made up obviously).

And if there is one thing they “sort of unite on”, from what I can tell.

“How dare Rahul write what he does about pull-ups”.

“How dare Rahul post articles that criticize the PRC”

How dare Rahul does ... but you get the picture.

Much like the good ole Trumpinator, yours truly is a man that people either love and will die for (figuratively, so please, before the brickbats show up!) or HATE with a passion and will kill if they had half a fucking and fighting chance.

Right (that last part).


(for those people).

But anyway, same thing with my wife and mom and the eternal drama.

Every problem they have between them is miraculously all “solved” within the space of a nanosecond or less when yours truly “wild” shows up between them (IF he does, and if he has the misfortune of doing so).

Hey, what can I say. The common enemy. LOL.

Your enemy’s enemy is my friend, even if thats friend “until the enemy disappears”.

And last I heard, the enemity is still very much there despite the claims to the contrary.

How dare I. I know.

How dare I even think that.

I know.

How dare I even breathe, these people would love to tell me, so much do they hate my guts.

But guess what, boyo.

Thats how I’ve been .

Thats how I always will be, and intend to be.

Thats also how I advise YOU to be.

As Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla once told me.

“At least with you I knew where I stand! There is no bullshitting!”

And he was RIGHT.

What you SEE is what you GET with me.

I don’t play games, backstab, run around the proverbial Mulberry bushes, even when “spode” is after me, hehe.

Well, I’ve been known to do it often with a dame in hand. Hehe.

But other than that, back to it.

What you see is what you get.

Brutal, wild, HONEST to a T, and saying like it IS.

And that is how I will be until the day I pass on, brah.

And after I do, the products will remain.

And THEY Will be the same.

THEY will remind you of a man who once “was on this planet” and pioneered certain training methods that the ROW is only waking up to NOW at the time of writing this.

A long haired brutish “ladies man” (yes, they seem to love bad boys, LOL) who “just does it”.

Does what he WANTS.

And so should life be lived, bro.

Anyway, point of this?

You either love my fitness programs, or you dont.

And I’m equally adamant in telling you that there are NO refunds of any nature offered, that the programs are TOUGH and demanding (but they WORK) – that there is NO CODDLING of any nature, no “warming up”, NO Mama’s Boy bullshit, no “Mamsy Pamsy” whining, groaning pissing, moaning, and no Bozo like excuses about walking for miles at 3 am supposedly and still having the “ginormous” Belly of Buddha, man tits and more.

Walking my ass.

In his dreams.

Anyway, thats it from the man people love to LOVE – or HATE.


Back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re wondering WHY Gorilla Grip is the book that arouses the most rage and passion in my supporters and haters, worry no more. The reason is explained right above, hehe. And grab the book while you’re at it – best ever!

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Oh boy.

I just saw a video I HAD to share with you guys.

I don’t normally watch videos in the first place, but this one was special.

The headline itself was special.

A 70 kg (yea, thats right – 70!) arm wrestler beat a veritable GIANT – and one of the world’s strongest bodybuilders Larry Wheels in a MATCH.

A 5 round match.

Rahul Panicker from Kochi was the arm wrestler who did it.

And while he looks FIT and hardly a midget as described in the headline, next to the gigantic Larry Wheels and the even more gigantic bloated muscles ??

It is indeed David VS Goliath, and then some!

The small dude lost the first two rounds, but he’s just getting warmed up it seems. Hehe.

And the match took place in “Jim Shim” of all places with boobybuilders with rippling muscles looking on. 

Round 3, 4 and 5 went to “Rahul”.

And as he walked away from the table smiling, I can’t help but LAUGH.

At all the people who say “size is really what matters”.

Or, “I could pick you up and throw you through the window”.

My former friend Charles comes to mind, hehe.

Can’t do a pull-up despite years of trying, finds every opportunity to criticize me for saying what I do the way I do, supports Bozo Schofield and his racist antic, and so forth ...

... and of course, says “he’s a big guy” when he’s actually FAT.

He’s bigger than me, sure.

But his grip is about 10 times weaker despite the deadlifts he supposedly does.

Now, this isn’t a rant against him or fat guys.

But the point begets.

It ain’t about size, or size of the dog my friend. 

It’s about the size of the FIGHT in the dog!

I still remember an incident in college, where a person named Bruce asked me if I Could arm wrestle him.

That was my pre Gorilla Grip days. But I did do pushups (albeit just one kind occasionally).

“Um, I don’t know”, I said. I was skinny and had a weak ass grip at that point, and Bruce laughed.

“Nah. You do pushups and you could probably beat me!”

And at that point, we never arm wrestled, but knowing his grip strength back then, built from a lifetime of working on cars?

He could probably have beat my ass at arm wrestling despite being even skinnier than I was.

His roommate Vincent was one of the gym gorillas, agood friend, and the same person who once told me that “you can’t be the strongest in the gym” when “Bimbo instructor” in physical education102 or some such BS was trying to get me on the machines and all “pumped and toned” and I threw a hissy (rightfully so).

But he had a weak grip, and I remember beating him at arm wrestling often.

But anyway, back to the video.

I see Larry Wheels’s biceps PEAK.

I see the peak of his biceps RIPPLE and RIPPLE MORE!

As he tries to defeat the much smaller guy.

Who then pulls his arm to the “floor” as it were.

And that, my friend, is all the proof you need in terms of real strength NOT being related to size (in case you needed any more, that is!).

And I don’t know what sort of training Rahul does.

Not yours truly.


But I bet the MAN from Kochi does pushups and pull-ups amongst other things ...

Anyway, thats the David VS goliath story for now.

And to get a grip as strong as Rahuls, or perhaps MORE – if you do the thing – here are the two courses that will do it.

Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip (Advanced).

Have at (Oh, and the book on tips is there too in case you so choose!).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and pick up the best compilation on pull-ups right here.

PS – I was around 65kg when my wife said I was “too skinny and weak”. And people IN THE KNOW said I was in great shape (from following the 0 Excuses Fitness System).

Who was right? YOU decide!

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Saturday, 09 January 2021 09:20

How dare I write about “famous” people

Biden Shiden Hiden.

Sure, he’s going to be the next President barring a miracle 

And sure, given the courts haven’t shown much interest in doing what should have done in terms of calling out a faulty and flawed election for what it is, and given that the Trump legal team did an equally crappy and unprofessional job of presenting their case apparently, thats how it is.

But his one comment to Trump’s not attending the inaugartion comment said it all.

“Who cares”.

Or something like that, is what he said.

Um, Joe Biden...

President Biden.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but damn near half the country and MOST of the world, even as far away as in Japan where a pro Trump rally recently took place CARES.

LOTS of people care in India.

LOTS of people do in China too, though we cant really say a lot about it publicly...

Anyone with half a brain knows that monkey business was afoot..

But anyway, point being this.

Every time I saw Joe Biden during the election, campaign etc and even now, it seems he’s been “hiding”.  

First doing his calls etc from his basement apparently.

Because of plague shague. Panic “sh”anic.

And so forth. And then of course his campaigns where virtually no-one attended as compared to the massive crowds that showed up for the Trumpinator.

Not to mention all the “zombies”, literally, who showed up to vote for him!

Anyway ..

Trump’s my President, and a GLOBAL Prez, and the REAL LEADER and despite his antics recently, my opinion of him hasn’t changed one damned bit.

And Twitter blocking him?

Well, I wrote on that this morning. A lengthy piece!

And on that note, as I was making my green tea, a thought struck me.

How dare I say anything about famous people, went my Mom.

Back in 2018, they were pestering me (yet again, ugh) to do a Bozo like job shob.

Bear in mind the relationship died a long time ago. We’d probably be pointing guns at each other the way it is NOW.

And anyway, being it was none of her business, I told her anyway.

But I made one last attempt.

“Have you ever read how many times Ford failed?” I asked (and note – this was in 2018, when THIS PARTICULAR biz was hardly a “failure”!!).

And of course.

Don't you talk about those people! she said in an ugly tone that would ... ah, but I better not go there. Let me just say that certain women take UNDUE advantage of their gender when badgering men. 

She went off on a rant about how “those people were intensely motivated and creative”, while I was an idiot who was the opposite. 

Coming from a person who hasn’t earned a single red cent her whole life, didnt complete college, sits on her duff all day long and pretends to be “Queen Elizabeth”, and if told otherwise, of course, how dare i.

“You’re a boy! So yo ubetter stay under my thumb or else”.


We all know how that woudl work out.


But really, it seems to piss a lot of bozos off.

And this plays into what people think in general about successful people “having it easy”.

Trump for one was born rich, yes.

But he’s failed millions of times too, and ask the man, and he’ll be the first to admit it.

And most of the other successes you see around you went through EXACTLY the same thing as yours truly writes about.

Years and years of FAILURE.

Stallone. Slept in a train station for two weeks, sold “Butkus” off as well to eat!

Pawned his wife’s jewelry without his knowledge.

Life puts men that finally do make it through all sorts of struggles that would KILL the average person, and if not, force them into a Bozo shozo like job ...

Anyway, the same thing with my books.

I mention the Great Gama in my books.

Herschel Walker.

And a host of other GURUS that did and do bodyweight, and get in the best shape of their lives.

And yet.

How dare I, eh.


But guess what.


Thats just how it is, my friends. 

And if you don’t like it, well, the unsubscribe button or “block Rahul” button is always there, hehe.

And so it goes.Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure to check out what the one and only Herschel Walker had to say about bodyweight training in 0 Excuses Fitness.

PS #2 – Be sure and check out what ole Mike Tyson had to say about “plan shan” in terms of life, fitness, and IN THE RING!

PPS – And of course, what yours truly has to say and advise on all this.

How dare I, hehe.

But I did!

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It’s interesting.

My daughter made a comment today to me about reading “Ruskin Bond”.

Seems to be a dude from the UK if I’ve got it right who grew up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day in India, but I’m not sure. I haven’t read much of him, if at all.

I love Jim Corbett and his tiger hunting stories though, hehe. 

But anyway, it seems to be a good read for kids her age, but the comment?

“Reading helps put your thoughts on paper, Dad”, my little one sagely commented.

No doubt she learned that from the person who gave her the book. No prizes for guessing who.

“Does it”, I asked back.

And then I thought about it.

Sure it does.

“It’s a good habit”, I told her.

And then, of course, it had to come.

“Adults don’t have much time for creativity. You know, Dad, they have jobs ...”

And while I have NO idea who actually gave her the book, and I haven’t (obviously) even read it, i think you on my list know.

Think “job shob”.

Think “how dare you “sit at home””.

Think “how dare you drink beer every night in China”.

Think “How dare you go to china and “sit at home””.

Think “If I all did was “sit at home and do nothing”, then I wonder how I’d pay my bills for one...”

And think other moronic bozo like comments.

And you get the photo. Hehe.

But it’s true.

My Dad once had this to say about drinking beer.

“No-one drinks beer every night!”

(This to a comment of me about “relaxing and drinking beer after work”. Apparently no-one does it. I’m pretty sure Mei Yi Jia, 7-11, and a host of other highly successful convenience stores would disagree with him, but hey, who am I to comment eh. LOL.

And in any case, last I checked, India doesnt even HAVE those stores...)

And about job shob ...well, we’ve gone there.

But it’s funny.

The very people that seemingly encourage creativity are the very ones THAT KILL IT later - - at a later stage in life, and then try and cover it up by saying “we made mistakes! You’re the first kid, so ...”

And then of course, turn around say they never said that (while drinking up, curiously enough in complete and utter contravention of what they themselves said years ago. Ah, but wait. I forgot. All OK for Daddy, but not anyone else apparently).

But those creativity killing Bozo like jobs.

Don’t EVEN get me started.

One of the main reasons I worked the jobs I did was initially they all seemed to give me some leeway in terms of doing things, structuring things etc.

IF there is one thing I cannot, and never will and have done, it is this – being a Bozo following orders and nothing else, and doing BORING ass shit.

No way, Jose.

I’d rather sell door to door if it came to that ...

But either way, workouts?

Well, ONE main reason I love my workouts these days is not so much the manifold and many physical benefits, bro.

It’s the massive boost of CREATIVITY I get from these mini workouts throughout the day, a concept I’ve ranted on and on about, and a concept that I’ve rightfully done so for!

These mini workouts do MORE than get you in great shape.

With all the writing I do, I constantly need inspiration, and I dont get it from Bozo Schofields, thats for sure, hehe.

But my workouts DO it.

They enable me to connect to the INSIDE.



Ideas FLOW.

I get inflow – more than I was before!

And every time I Do so, I thank my “lucky stars” (though I made my own luck) that I’ve had the good fortune to, at the end of the day, do what I WANT with my own life, and live life on my OWN TERMS.

And that, my friends is something for you to be grateful about too.

Be grateful you have a life worth living. That you’re not in a third world hellhole or worse where getting food to eat is an issue. That you have all your LIMBS intact. That you ... ah, but you get the picture!

And in that spirit, be grateful for these workouts that get you in the best shape of your life!

Man oh man, I know I AM!

And that said, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure to check out our book on CORE training right here – Corrugated Core.

PS #2 – Charles the fomer friend once told me “I write about him creatively”. Well, my friend, so can YOU. So can YOU if you just get off your DUFF and do what I’ve asked you to about a bazillion times. Get rid of teh Bozo Shozo ESL nonsense. MAKE something of yourself. DO something ...ah, but wait. All water off a duck’s back, I know. Heh.

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