Thursday, 25 March 2021 06:25

The million dollar "Magnum" question.

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I've been asked this one many times, most of the times by angry WOMEN. 


The female of the species is indeed deadlier, until they find out they're not . . . 

But anyway, here is the question .  .  . (and the question of "a Magnum pointed at my head", or an angry woman demanding to know "why" ... well, I'll take a raincheck on that one, hehe. I'll plead the 4th too!). 

"If you had to choose between me (a girl) and your damned beer, which woul dyou choose!" 

I've heard this one a LOT, hehe. 

"You love beer more than me!" 

And so forth . . . 

Well, if I had a 747 pointed at me, and I had to answer no matter what? 


A nice cold frosty beer. 

It never lets you down, no matter what. 

End of the day, I'm sure all real men would agree with me on this one! 

But anyway, that brings to mind another one of those "Magnum pointed at you" questions (btw ... this was John Walker who coined the "if you have a Magnum pointed at you" - one of my great customers from the UK) . . . or two . . . 

One, and its a real, real toughie and a serious question indeed. 

Handstand pushups or pull-ups? 

Well, I dont know. 

Off the cuff? 

Right NOW? 

I'd say pull-ups, but that don't mean the former exercise isn't tough or doesn't have great benefits or so forth - it probably has as many if not more benefits!

If asked why, I'd probably say I dont know - or - more accurately PERSONAL preference. 

And they should BOTH be done TOGETHER - always - forever - your entire life!

And the #2 question is even tougher. 

Regular pushups - or handstand pushups! 

This is one Charles Mitchell wrestled with, of course, as he read through Pushup Central and finally chose it as a book over Battletank Shoulders - and again, that ain't by ANY means a "diss" against the latter, which he rightly said the workouts within will turn you into half gorilla, half human. 

But for me? 

Regular pushups, if I really had to choose, and why? 

Because of the sheer variety, myf riend. 

Because they give you a leg workout from HELL. 

And the ones done on your back - well - (and yes, you can do pushups on your back!) - they will BLOW you away with how good they make you feel above anything else!

Truly the BIG DOG of fitness are pushups. 

And if you're a Bozo reading this complaining "just pushups" and "we know it all" , well, might as well unsubscribe now - because what I'm offering ain't for you. 

It ain't for lily livered poltroons, pansies and so forth. 

Neither is Animal Kingdom Workouts - which is an EVEN MORE BRUTAL book in terms of the workouts!

You'll see what I mean when you get on em! 

And for now, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember that 20% discount on compilations - take advantage of it now - and pick up Barnstormer Shoulders while you're AT IT.

PS # 2 - My daughter seems to be drawing me a Statue of Liberty drawing with the lady holding - you got it - a COLD BEER - a frosty FOAMING ONE at that in her hand. Hehe. Now thats a tough choice, beer or daughter, but I'd choose the latter, but like I said and I told my daughter this - - honey - - we dont need to make those extreme choices, and I'm damned glad we dont! 

Amen, hehe. (even if I say so myself). 

Anyway, if you've got a beer belly from too much drinking on what not - well - THIS course is what the doctor ordered, along with THIS ONE