Friday, 19 February 2021 18:37

More on not buying into the "too expensive" mindset - and why

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I ain't in Texas as of now, but I did some reseach right quick and what I saw made even my "wearied" eyeballs goggle. 

Due to the recent mess with power etc (which seems to be mostly fixed by now from what I hear from people I KNOW living there) - electric had shot up to something like $9000mwh from $20/MWH. 

Like a 10K $ increase. Damn! (Government there or something finally put a cap on it, or it might have "Risen" further). 

Cold weather has hit MOST of the Southern US this year, but damn, in Texas, the #1 energy producing state and a very independent state for the most part - that would be the last place I'd imagine a power outage like that to happen. 

Like I said though, always stay prepared!

Then I read something on the sh-news about some billion dollar gaffe or something about Citibank. Apparently they sent some folks close to a billion green 'uns "by mistake:". 

Like, WTF? 

How does that even happen? 

I can tell you, I ain't seen one red cent of it, hehe. 

But really, it's another reason why I rarely if ever read the sh-news these days. Except to check on what Trump is up to! 

I mean, does this even sound believable (the "by mistake" part)? Not to me, my friend. 

Then from what I hear from my lovely wife back in India, the petrol (gas) prices there have risen to record highs never seen before. So has almost everything else for that matter. You'd think that India, being in the grip of the China plague much like America is, where nothing is really still back to normal or anywhere near it would have LOWER gas prices, but of course, big government can't deal with the hit to their under the table moolah, hehe. 

And in INdia, and again from what I hear last year they imposed a "Corona" tax on beer of all things! 

(liqor as well). 


A man can't drive without the government sneering at him, and neither can he enjoy a drink without that happening. 

THAT is their mentality, and it all adds up to panic, panic, and more panic. 

Sadly enough, I seem to be in the minority when I say this, because the sheeple in general don't believe it. 

Anyway, I try and not buy into this "its too expensive" stuff. 

First thing you know, the minute I do, my OWN prosperous mindset goes down the toilet. 

Like Napoelon Hill said, keep a mind tightly closed against any and all negative influences!

This doesn't mean don't acknowledge REALITY - do so - but you could do without reading some of the BS the "sh news" serves up on a regular basis, that I will say! 

Money, my friend, at the end of the day is spiritual and is ENERGY that flows to you. 

The more you "hoard" or treat it with a panic mindset the more it will RUN away from you. 

Much like the girls do from Bozo Schofield, hehe. 

But thats actually an apt metaphor and one Napoleon Hill uses in Think and Grow Rich as well where he states the methods of getting rich are not dissimilar in many ways to those you would use when wooing the maiden of your dreams. 

And the first and most important key is this (and most miss this) - it starts in your MIND. 

The deepest recesses of your mind is where it starts . . . 

Once you get that right, you'll never bother about "being broke" again or "running out of money", because you'll truly understand it's all a state of mind. 

True, this email may cause a lot of you to rant and rail against my saying this, but it's true - money - and all "material substances" on our great planet are formed FIRST AND FOREMOST - and ONLY - in the mind! 

And as to why this is true - and why deep emotion is really the key to all this (i.e staying prosperous no matte rwhat) - well - Zero to Hero explains that bit in the very first Chapter itself, I believe. (that, and the Henry Ford and Henry Kaiser statements that I've included in the book).  (a few from those great men). 

Get it if you so choose, and along with "10 Commandments of Succesful Sales" - be sure and APPLY the lessons learnt to your life too!

Let me know how it works for you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - These are the times when you really go back to the basics, even those that have been reared on the Jim Shim. I mean, I'm hearing from long time gym addicts looking to install pull-up bars at their houses, and good on them for finally coming around to the TRUISM of pull-ups being one of the best yet toughest exercises out there. And to address and GET OVER the "tough" hump - get my course here - and start applying - now!