Wednesday, 10 February 2021 08:37

Top 10 reasons I found (off the cuff) to be GRATEFUL!

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Without further ado, and without further explanations on the "Law of Gratitude", or the power, or the sheer importance of this - which most ignore - lets dive straight into it. 

I dont know, right off the cuff ... 

1. I'm grateful to have the ability to LEAD. It is in part what has always landed me the positions I like - and enjoy - and it is again in part, a reason I'm doing what I am today (just one reason, but an important one). 

(I would replace the word ability with "opportunity" because I believe we ALL have the ability, and we create our own opportunities if we do the thing, and take the steps required to achieve what we WANT out of life)

(and I dont know if you can feel the happiness - for no reason- coming off these words!) 

2. I'm happy to have the ability - or opportunity for ...well, nothing and EVERYTHING! 

There is so much abundance!

3. This damn green tea I'm drinking. It's by far the BEST I've had in a while!

4. The ability to keep myself in top shape, and learn from the best  - by DOING, not so much by getting instruction - and then "bettering the Master" in many ways. 

There is a reason that my customers say my courses are truly the best out there, better than a lot of gurus, and they pay big bucks for them, and it ain't vanity or Tom Tomming. It's fact

5. I'm grateful to be able to inspire and help YOU on thi slist!

6. I should have said this above and first, but I'm grateful just to be able to TALK to you on this list - for yall to be part of the small but elite 0 Excuses Fitness family (or for those that choose to be, the SHIP!). 

(Fear not - the "small" is expanding very rapidly. Hehe. ) 

7. I'm grateful to have a functioning BRAIN - but more importantly, I'm - and this should really be #1, though they all are! To have the opportunity to read Napoleon Hill and Claude Bristol's books - and in the "contemporary era" although he ain't self help or fitness, the great Ben Settle. Believe me, I'm not his customer. HE and I dont know each other from Adam, but great minds think alike my friend. We all "are". And I've always been a huge believer in what he says - his philosophies of doing biz - and on life in general. 

And while I won't say "he is the reason behind my success or not", I WILL say this - when I need motivation (yes, I'm human too!) - then I go to his blog, and I read. Anyway, shout out to him - he's a great guy - I know that and we ain't even met. 

And one of the best sales persons I know, heh, and the reason is self explanatory. 

Gotta give credit where it's due. I thought of emailing him directly, but telling you on this list would help him more, so I'm telling YOU! 

8. I'm grateful for the "gift" of always having shelter over my head, food in my stomach, and even in the direst of times, beer in hand, hehe. I'm being facetious for the last one obviously - but ... it's TRUE. 

True, I am the one "responsible" for this through my thoughts. But still ... I gotta say it! 

And anyway, I wanted to give you 10 reasons, but I gave you 8, hehe. 

I dont know why, but I'll stop here. 


And that should be #9, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And to make it even greater and better, remember that it's only when you're in top physical shape that you vibrate like the WILD CAT you were always meant to be. Find out more here!

PS #2 - The "opportunity" to learn from the school of hard knocks. YES! YUS!