TESTIMONIALS (from a "life" standpoint). 

These testimomials are from a "life" and motivational standpoint. Originally when I diversified the sites i.e. created the 0 Excuses Fitness Site to focus JUST on fitness - -I figured I'd leave this one just for the rest of the stuff i,e. my private coaching , life advice, life coaching etc - but I soon saw that the best of plans often end up "awry", hehe. 

You'll notice posts of both nature on both sites ... but the PRODUCTS are still well and truly on the 0 ExcusesFitness site. 

For now, hehe. 

But anyway, FITNESS and other testimonials - GO HERE

And for the rest of it - here you go! 

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 ....You seem to have figured out how to live on your own terms and very few men can say that, especially the married ones....

John Walker, a customer from the UK (see the other site for his reviews on the fitness books) 


Pushups – done on your back – in REVERSE - are one of the ...: …. BEST DARN exercises you can do, PERIOD! …

 I see something in you.

Even if the books didn’t have no value for exercise etc I enjoy reading you.The other book is reverse pushup.With all my heart and respect I give you now one tip myself.The exercise think you got it more or less.... 

(There's more, but this is from "Panourgias" - another one of those guys who GETS it - and does everything he can to get my products! Kudos, CHAMP!!!)

"I dig your writing. It's good stuff!" (this from a long time follower "Dejon")

"It's the spirit of not giving up that keeps  us moving forward in life. Keep up the good work! You inspire 100s."

"People need people like YOU to keep pushing them forward. Whenever I'm low or lose my focus, I look up to motivational speakers like many others Hope you keep growing and glowing.

Hey Rahul! Great writing! I'm impressed. You obviously have a knack for it. I like how you connect with your readers.

Marc Lauzon, phonics instructor and boxing coach, Dongguan, China

I first met Rahul Mookerjee in 2004, when he was working full time for a trading company in Dongguan. We worked together on an online community (tailored towards expats in Dongguan), and it was during my partnership with him on that project that I realized just how good he was in terms of coding and database work (specifically, PHP and MYSQL). In addition to that, Rahul is a highly effective marketer and sales person - I partnered with him on another website down the road, and he was instrumental in bringing in one of the biggest advertisers we had on that site (this can be verified independently). It was then that I realized his penchant for entrepreneurship, and his desire to “git her done” despite facing the usual obstacles any start up starved of cash usually encounters. Rahul’s communication and writing skills are nothing short of phenomenal - and a quick visit to his blog at http://www.rahulmookerjee.com/index.php/blog (one amongst many) is all that is required to verify this.

Robert Szabolscky, Product development, commercialization, quality USA