About Rahul

Rahul Mookerjee was educated in the US, and has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He has traveled a wide variety of countries during the course of his professional career, and has the ability to interact and communicate succesfully with folks of different cultures and backgrounds. He has an I.T. background, and has put this site together himself. He currently resides in China with his wife and little girl, both of whom have been a constant source of inspiration, and the main reason behind Rahul finally "getting off his butt" and putting something together to share his knowledge with other folks. Rachna also actively helps him in running the day to day affairs of the business. The iconic (if I might use the term!) "long haired" image ..

Rahul is an avid trekker (especially when it comes to climbing hills!), swimmer and workout maniac. He has always been on the lookout for new and more effective workout routines that can be performed by the average individual. In doing so, he has discovered the combinations of exercises that work the best - and that is what is being shared through this website. Rahul has also helped many a person improve their levels of fitness by advising them on how to perform a certain exercise, or how to improve on what they are already doing well.

The Fast and Furious Fitness book was an idea for a very long time, but took a while to come to fruition. Rahul prefers not to call this a professional venture; rather, he terms it as a passion. He truly enjoys learning about different forms of exercises, and is always happy to help a fellow trainee with his workout. He also believes that one never stops learning (and neither should one), and it is with that philosophy in mind that he approaches his workouts.

The roaring success of "Fast and Furious Fitness" spawned a whole new set of fitness ebooks, all tailored towards achieving SPECIFIC goals - - and these are all available via the products page, along with the original bestseller, of course.

On that note, this site will always be a "work in progress" as well. New articles are constantly added to the site (along with the daily newsletter), so do check the site on a daily basis for updates.




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