Thursday, 18 March 2021 17:58

Why the idea of "faking it until you make it" is the dumbest thing the so called self help "sh-urus" spout

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And indeed, doing so could be fatal to your success at anything. 

Life, fitness, anything . . . 

I wrote about in the last email on how the girl "Chloe" (the same complainer I wrote about in an earlier email) has put something to the effect of "Billionaire by age 45" (she's 42, I believe now) on her LinkedIn profile. 

Now, this is fine for those that want to do it. 

Trouble is,it comes from the "fake it until you make it" bullshit the self help gurus spout. 

Affirmations, and all the other crap. 

You keep hearing that affirmations are the BIG dog of self help. That repeating to yourself "I am (whatever you want to be" will eventually make it happen. 

For instance, if you're broke as sh**, you repeat anyway, 108 times, "I'm rich". 

And variants of this. 

There is one huge problem with this, my friend - it sets you up for failure. 

And if I were Chloe, I'd tell her 3 things which would be all roundly ignored. 

One, tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW it first. If you tell them first, chances are excellent and second to none it will never, ever happen. (or remote chances). 

Second, that sort of thing doesn't happen overnight . . . 

And third, and most importantly, when you keep telling yourself "you are", then guess what - your subconscious thinks you are. 

So you might actually have no money, or be deep in debt, but your mind will think you're a "billionaire". 

THIS is the secret the self help gurus do NOT want you to know about. 

THIS is ONE of the secrets I talk about in my coaching calls. 

And THIS is something I tell you to avoid (well, I dont tell you directly, but I tell you a DIFFERENT way to go about it) in my motivational books and courses. 

Zero to Hero! contains one of the REAL secrets - real drivers at the very start of the book, and Gumption Galore! contain it in each and every one of the 51 tips! 

But there is NO "fake it till you make it rubbish". 

Bozo Schofield sends me this sort of nonsense regularly while living in his hovel on public welfare. 

'nuff said? 


I'm not saying all affirmations are bad, by the way, not the least of which the great Claude Bristol' advice in terms of repeating the same chant over an over again until the subconscious GETS IT, but you have to choose the right word. 

And there is a FOUR Letter word here which is much ignore, and which if used right will do the trick (no, it doesn't start with "f" or "a", lol). 

Again, all a topic of constant discussion in the Ship . . . 

Personally, myself, fitness wise? 

I have never ONCE told myself that I "was something" I'm "not". 

When I couldn't do pull-ups, I vowed to get damned good at them, and I did. 

When I didnt sell online - anything - I vowed I'd do it, and I DID. 

When I didnt have my own biz years back and wanted to start one, and break FREE - I said I'd do it, and I did it. 

Never for a minute in any of that did I fake anything until I made it HAPPEN. 

And if I did, it would probably never have happened!

Anyway, several important tips in this one. See if you can find 'em! 


Rahul Mookerjee

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