Monday, 29 March 2021 05:56

"Akal ke Dushman"

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My Hindi, my friend, is rather weak. 

Some of that is a conscious decision, some not . . . 

I dont know, I'd rather speak ENGLISH, which despite what the idiots in China keep ranting about is still very much the accepted Lingua Franca of the world, and no, Mandarin Chinese ain't replacing it any time soon. 

I remember an Indian hotel owner (I was staying at his hotel in Hong Kong) once tellnig me proudly ... 

"Now it's all Hindi everywhere!" 

I looked at him somewhat sadly. 

The bellicose jingoism was apparent, especially when he spoke English to me shortly thereafter. 

No it aint either. 

In fact, Indians in the US do everything they can NOT to speak hindi apparently - apparently the English is a badge of honor or some such nonsense, I dont know. 

But that aside, I dont see Hindi or any Indian language replacing English anytime soon either. 

Abla Espanol, senor? 

Now Spanish, yes, that along with French is a damn useful language to learn. Perhaps Italian too if we're talking a certain "Senorita Daniela " or "Princesspa Dani". Hehe. 

But Hindi, Chinese, I dont think so (though nothing against the languages or ANY language - by all means learn and speak it if you want to!) 

Anyway, loosely translated, that translates to "enemy of brains". (Or "brains of enemy" if y'all wanna go literally literal on me. As with Chinese, Hindi is sometimes "the other way around" if you get my drift). 

(No, Bozo, not that other way) (I'm talking to Bozo Glyn) 

What it means is what my wife keeps yelling at everyone all the time "Use your common sense!" 

If she was told that herself, of course "how dare I". 

So I just listen (when I do, which ain't often, hehe) and giggle internally. Not a Schofield style giggle, though he fits the expression to a T! 

Schofield, my lovely unpaid marketing intern - but please, please stay away from my feet and other body parts bro. And my laundry. Hehe. 

But anyway, some of what my wife says sounds EXCEEDINGLY rude to my "Western" ears. 

Then again, some of what - or most of what - mainland Chinese do, and how they say it does too!

For a long time, I used to get irritated. 

But then I realized it's one of those culture things. 

For instance, the word "brat" might not be "insulting" to say to a kid (for you and I) if the kid is acting that way. 

But to my wife, for instance, it sounds somewhat insulting . . . 

(And to the Bozo, of course, he wants bratty females in his life. LOL. Poor chap). 

(As Alonzo rightly said in Training Day, ain't nutting free in life, son. Not even "nuttin" - LOL again). 

So, I suppose it's one of those culture things, and of course, "Im suppose to know all this", but the next person isn't, because, well ... LOL again. 

Anyway, I dont know why I felt compelled to impart this bit of wisdom to you right now? 

Perhaps because I'm in a JOLLY ole mood, so jolly that I forgot I had to pull the discount on compilations first thing in the morning today. 

Being I wake up at 11 thats hard to do . . . 

But anyway, it's done now. 

No more discounts on compilations for the forseeable future - those that aren't "akal ke dushman" - those that used their common sense and got in while the going was good - well goo don YOU!

Those that didnt, well . . . wait for the next one!

(But I'll give you a discount anyway if you email me politely and ask - but IF - and this is a big IF - and ONLY IF - you deserve it!) 

(if you're a doer, you might get one. If you're a Bozo and pisser and moaner and whiner, you aint gonna get nuttin)

But anyway, here's the real reason I guess I said this? 

The price on Profound Handstands is currently at less than $70, which given the wealth of info jampacked into as FEW words as possible (in itself a skill that) is a THROWAWAY price that makes me feel I'm "giving the house" away. 

Indeed, if I remember right, the original course on shoulders "Shoulders like Boulders!" is priced higher than that, and Battletank Shoulders certainly is too. 

But Profound ... won't remain at the price it is forever. 

This is a SPECIAL introductory price, my friend, and for Bozos with no common sense it means that price won't last. 

So get your thang on while the going is good bro. 

And thats that for this one. See you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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