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Friday, 15 January 2021 10:25

Whats a bozo?

Short one for once, hehe. 

The lady I referred to int he last post got back with this. 

"Whats a Bozo". 

And I was like ... lady, if I gotta explain THAT to you, then you're missing the entire point of the post to begin with! 

And probably why she's stuck dealing with idiots and bozos as well. You know what they say about ATTRACTION. LOL. 

Anyway, this email will likely hit your Inbox very soon after the last one, as I wanted to give you up and update on this. 

But this lady aside, this is a PRIME reason I do NOT get on social media anymore. 

LinkedIn being one exception, but even that I get on only VERY sparingly, and only for another lady whose posts are interesting. Actually interesting, hehe, not so much the content, but her THOUGHT is ... 

(which of course precious few peope will have actually picked up upon). 

Is it just me or the more I write, the more I get IRRITATED at the idiots and bozos out there? 

How can people be so damn STUPID? 

Or "brainless" ... 

But they are 

And thats why I got off social media in the first place. 

I can just hear people telling me now. 

"Don't say you'll do it! Just do it! "

To which my response will be this. 

"I've done so on MOST social media (except occasionally Freak-o-Book but some people choose to stay in touch with me that way, so ...) (sometimes yours truly decides to be JUST that less of a hermit, hehe) ... and I'll do on this too - but on MY OWN TIME". 

Actually I don't get on LinkedIn at all now, to the point of not using it. 

Company page etc on there is all BLANK. 

And so it SHALL BE. 

Those that want my stuff can sign up for the list - or just flat out GET the stuff

Curiously enough some of my BIGGEST and repeat customers are NOT on the list. 

Which in itself speaks Volumes, hehe. 

Smart guys all of them. 

Not that it ain't smart to be on the list - but ah ... thats more a marketing related thing I'll get into. 

And for those that have a problem wth me saying "I'll do it on my own time" - - I got this to say. 


And on that note, HERE is the program that will GIVE YOU that UNSHAKEABLE, animal like CONFIDENCE SEEPING through every pore of your body when you LOOK them in the eye and say it - Animal Kingdom Workouts

Get after IT - NOW - BRO! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Social media, and the buffoons that populate it, UGH! 

PS #2 - Just do it? To those that say I dont, ever take a look at THIS page? LOL (not to mention the products?) (or the idiots that whine about me telling them to drop the FAT and just do it when I talk pull-ups?) 

PPS (Edit - and I normally dont edit) - Maybe I'll introduce "Chloe" to the one and only BOZO NUMERO UNO - Bozo Glyn Schofield! More on that later as he gnashes his teeth reading this from his padded cell with internet. 

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Thursday, 12 November 2020 08:49

The Troll Pioneer Speaketh!

Dear Reader, 

OK, so I just can't stop chuckling. I was going to leave this one be, but as I look at the list of the comments “the Bozo on public welfare in the UK” has left on some of my books (I think he passed out before he got through the entire list, hehe), I just had to bring it up again.


And why YOU as a genuine customer MUST leave reviews (or the trolls will).

Not that it bothers yours truly. In fact, I was wondering and scratching my head at where the sudden spurt in sales came on a site (or a subsidary of it) which I NEVER promote my stuff on in early October or so.

Now I know. Hehe 

Anyway before reading this one (if you haven't already) – read THIS piece. And then, go on with the rest of today's email.

Which to be frank is to showcase the Bozo one more time.

After all, Glyn Scofield the bozo and druggie on welfare in the UK (and possibly “virgin” at the age of 40 or so hence his inane jealous rants about “Rahul is a stud” and “Rahul cheats on his wife” and even more inane messages daily on WeShat asking me “how many girls added my wechat when I climb mountains”) deserves more than the passing mention I've been giving him.

So you've read the earlier email, yes?


Here then, are some of the reviews he's posted (posted for posterity).

(for Pushup Central)

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 September 2020

A whole book dedicated to... how to do pish ups. Really?

My response (since Amazon won't let me do it) – yes. Really. Snicker. Pushup Central. So it's about pushups ... snicker.

For Fitness Pioneer, a book where I posted an admittedly “handsome” selfie of myself as the cover – which by the way is something I HATE doing (taking selfies))

Being as I'm something of a pioneer myself, I thought I would try Rahul's book. Utterly, utter drivel spurting from the mouth of a barely literate mad men. He cheats on his wife, so what can he do to his friends? Avoid this book.

My response - - Yes. Indeed. A troll pioneer, as we can see.Not to mention probably the #1 troll right now on WeChat, twiddling away furiously as we speak, read or type ...

(and though this was addressed before, the jealousy? And “do to his friends”? What does any of it have to do with fitness or the price of fish in Germany for that matter?)

Indeed insane, as the bozo himself says. Hehe.

On the compilation on pull-ups ...

Although reportedly a jealous and self loathing illegal worker in China, I thought I would purchase the jewel in the crown of his works. Sadly, I was more than disappointed. Feeling pity for Rahul as he clearly is unwell in the mind with his strange lies about highly respected and successful people, I hoped his book would be ok. How wrong I was. Beyond awful.

My response - “strange lies about people”? As far as I recall, the book contains references to ONE person, yours truly ...

Jewel in the crown? Hehe. The Bozo must be on one of his drug fueled binges ...

(but he did say one thing right, that he WAS an illegal worker in China. Hehe. Dancing monkey more like ... seems he's lost track of time as of late as well, hehe). 

On Animal Kingdom Workouts

 I keep going back to Rahul's work as I have so much money to burn. Disappointment yet again. His writing style is very poor and the content focuses only upon himself.

Well, gee whiz brah. It shows the author doing exercises, yeah. What else would a genuine purchaser expect from a book on fitness? Certainly not the lurid “raunchy” novels the Bozo gets his dirty little paws on (some probably written by yours truly, hehe), and complains about being a “cuck that can't get it up” (which according to what I've heard from more than one person is true. His email sent to me in that regard probably was too, hehe).

Money to burn ... Hmmm. Wouldn't Amazon UK show the book as being “bought”? Hehe.

More than likely this bozo got a hold to a friend's account and used it to post (and is now no doubt being “hunted” by that same person as we speak, hehe).

And so forth. I was going to post MORE of the reviews here, but I did it for two purposes.

One, it should give you a chuckle. MORE than one person is obsessed with yours truly and his truly wicked ways (caveman like as well) and as the Bozo says “loner like ways” ... but Bozo Glyn Scofield is truly at the top of the heap.

Gotta give credit where it's due, hehe.

And two, a call out – or shout out – to ALL you customers out there to take a few minutes out of your time – and leave a review.

Really. Please.

An honest review.

And really, I am NOT going to “make you famous” if it' a genuine review. Chances are I'll take the feedback on board, and gladly so.

Take for example the review posted HERE -

Now, do I agree with the review?


And I've written about it before.

But I would never, ever in my wildest dreams dream of “dissing the review” simply becuase it was something I didnt agree with (and if you want more on this – do a search on the blog, and you'll find my thoughts on this).

But really, and as I said before.

DO leave a review. If you don't, the trolls will!

And that latter part might not be a bad thing for yours truly.

In fact, it isn't to be honest.

But to those looking for honest reviews, and those that still LIKE to read reviews (my wife still does for whatever reason, for one) ... well, DO leave a review, and a genuine one at that.

You will be doing the entire community a favor by doing so!

And thats all I gotta say about that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Don't forget to pick up 0 Excuses Fitness right HERE (Curiously enough the one book he forogt to review, along with the videos, but I have no doubt he's getting to that right NOW as he reads this, hehe) – 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 - For you trollish types that have nothing better to do than TROLL, here is the link to my YouTube page - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfQncNP-R0mETIOgNKkU1w


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