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And most don’t.

Which to me is a massive mistake right out of the gate.

I’ve written about this before, but the thought struck me to write to you AGAIN about it, so here I am now doing just that (and I think really, with the way the world is thinking collectively, what it needs right about now is a massive kick up the ass to do more – and think POSITIVE from the inside out as opposed to just words).

Anyway, this “it is what it is saying”. . .

Look, most people just use it when there is something they would like to change about their life, but CANNOT – and have NO idea on how to either motivate the person in front of them to change their live, or do so THEMSELVES.

Usually a combo of the two, I’ve found.

You’ll find that without exception, every time the average person is in a rut, he may “want” to, on the outside, change things, but then reality hits – hard.

“It is what it is”, he shrugs . 

Maybe it is, my friend.

But I know one damn thing.

Saying just that and nothing else IRRITATES the HELL out of me.

It is also why I’ve STOPPED talking about anything important with most people, problems, nuisances, annoyances (hey, we all got ‘em), because a) I usually draw a giant blank with most people (they have not experienced half or less of what I have so they’ve got no idea HOW to respond or what to say), b) because the average nutzo out there wants to hear just that “it is what it is” and then lament about it and c) because saying just that isn’t exactly the most productive of things to do.

Adding the “for now” on makes a huge, huge difference.

Let’s say you don’t like where you’re living at the point.

Until you can change that reality (could be an apartment, country, city, whatever) – “it is what it is”.

But if that is what you think, and nothing else, chances are nothing ever WILL change.

If you, however, take that statement, and think internally, for now, but like hell it will REMAIN that way.

I will CHANGE it.

IF that is what you think, then you may or may not need to add the suffix externally.

But even those that think that way, a rare breed would be well served by SAYING the suffix too – so as to leave your subconscious in NO doubt about what you want, and how you want it.

“When” is something I’ve never paid attention to. My deadlines just “happen”. In the flow!

But all the results I’ve created and attracted in my life (wrt things I did not want, or things I was forced to change or what not – well – NONE of that would have happened if I sat on my big ole rumpus and said “it is what it is” and then nothing).

(not big rumpus now, hehe. But you understand the point!)

Take ACTION, and do so NOW BRO.

It’s those baby steps that will get you to the GOAL …

Fitness wise, fitting into those dream jeans might be a long, long way off – NOW.

Will it be that way forever?

You decide.

Doing ONE perfect pull-up may sound impossible. Right about NOW. Especially when your chinning bar at home can’t support your weight …

(it happens!)


The future, my friend, only YOU and only YOU can choose.

It is what it is – for NOW.

And that, more than anything else in my opinion is what people need to hear GLOBALLY TODAY.

Tell as many as you can!

And be sure to pick up some pathbreaking and the greatest ever fitness products right here.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Check out my latest compilation of fitness tips HERE – Fitness Pioneer – Volume TWO.

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Sunday, 03 January 2021 08:56

More on Pooja Madam, and showing up when ....

It’s the second email on “Pooja” (Madam as the ladies like to call her, so I am too – how dare I not, hehe – but they call her something quite else and UNPRINTABLE her privately – and still BUY from her – funny how all that works eh).

But anyway ...

The cold, wintry conditons. SLEET. Hail. And so forth ...

Brings to mind two things.

One, a time I wrote to you about a few years ago in 2015 in China (southern China) where it NEVER snows, and yet did that year.

A teensy weensy bit as my little girl would say.

Yet, it was enough to send the denizens of the city I lived into “paraoxyms” of joy while simaltaneously bundling up in about 50 different layers of parks, hoodies, clothign and what not.

Like the Artic freeze had shown up or something.

But either way, yours truly went for his usual climb that day.

I dont miss workouts!

And I still remember how COLD it was, and the frosty conditions, but I enjoyed it.

Came home back in one piece.

Which is more than I can say for the next time.

So the next time, it was winter in 2017. Well, no. Early 2018. A couple of days before my 28th birthday.

It “came out as 28”.

But it’s really a decade more, but folks dont beleive me, and maybe thats why It “came out” the way it did. Heh.

But anyway, it wasn’t just cold that day.

‘twas that nasty BONE CHILLING COLD – with RAIN.

Which made it ten times worse.

Oh my. I still remember doing handstand pushups in a deserted park, and doing pull-ups in those conditions on thick and cold metal bars.

Oh my. I still remember taking my jacket off and I Was wearing shorts of all things

Nothing if not a masochist on occasion I am, hehe.

Anyway, finished my climb(s).

And believe me, my fingers were NUMB to the bone (I had to go home and literally put them under REGULAR temperature water to get feeling back – and believe me, regular temperature was COLD! - yet it felt hot – thats how numb they were!!) ...

And amidst all this, I decided to finish off with fingertip handstand pushups.

Bad idea.


My thumb slipped.


I heard it!

Slipped INTO it’s joint, then out, and then luckily back again.

An immensely painfuly injury, and my first thoughts were “will I be able to celebrate my birthday by writing MORE – and working out MORE?

As it turned out, the cold Corona I held that night in my hand was all the healing it needed, but believe me, it was a NASTY injury.


And most would have gone to the doctor. Gianni, an ex student and ex wrestler and Army man told me to do so.

Vincent, my buddy told me that thumb would ALWAYS ache in the winter.

And yet, none ofthat happened.

The next day, I was almost back to normal, doing fingertip work no less!

Sure, I didnt attempt more crazy stunts in the cold and rain.

But there are several lessons to be learnt from all this.

One, to be damned careful when doing fingertip handstand pushups. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, and I’ve even said it in the FAQ, which along with the FAQ on pull-ups is now up for sale on the site.

For some reason I was selling on Amazon, but not on the site, so I rectified that last night.

Now, tons of other lessons there.

But let’s talk Pooja ...

She shows up, yes. I said that before, but I omitted an important part.

Perhaps the most important.

... WHEN no-one else DOES. 

And that, my friend, is another key to success at life, and working out in general.

She shows up in freezing weather. Thunderstorms. Hail, shine, blazing heat, what not.

Much like youc an count on Amazon to deliver no matter what, you can count on Pooja Madam to badger the heck out of you no matter what ...

Pooja Madam . Madam “ji” as they call her either lovingly or mockingly or a combo of the two.

Female brains are a hard thing to decipher, but I think I’ve cracked part of the code. Hehe.

For reasons I’m NOT going to mention here.

Anyway, lesson learnt?

I hope so!

Keep going out there my friend. Keep doing it.

Because, I tell you.

You never know!

You just NEVER, ever know!


Rahul Mookerjee aka “Michael” aka plenty of other alter’s you haven’t heard about as yet (but the Chinese all know me as Lahoo or Michael, hehe).

PS – A book that is getting an insane amount of attention right about now is the compilation not on pull-ups - - but handstand pushups and shoulder workouts, and rightfully so. Gawd knows why I took so long to have it up for sale here, but it is now – go HERE to check it out! Truly BARNSTORMING!!

PPS - Oh, and pick up "16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections" right HERE. You that LOVE and can't get enough of these emails will LOVE that little compilation. Volume TWO out soon! (yes, I know. So much to do. hehe). 

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Saturday, 26 December 2020 08:11

Doing what you were truly MEANT To

Most people never figure it out over a LIFETIME.

There is that ONE thing our “Creators” or Universe, or God, or what have you instilled in ALL of us that makes us UNIQUE.

Sure, our personality. Our traits. Our character. But other than the obvious, what we DO.

Some of us are multi-faceted. Multi-talented. Genuises. What not. But the point begets.

(Personally I believe we ALL have genuis inside of us, if we're open enough to admit it) ... 

And I’ve spoken about this before. 

What you were MEANT To do – put on this planet to do – isnt’ necessarily any of the following -

- What everyone “tells” or advises you to do (usually you should be doing the precise OPPOSITE).

- What makes the easiest and quickest (or long term stable) MOOLAH

- What your boss at your job tells you to do (you shouldn’t even be working a “job” for a lot of you out there.

- What Mama and Daddy guilt trip, badger, pester ,and ... ah, but we’ve all been there ... YOU into doing. (if you do it)

And so forth.

Here is the QUESTION, then.

What is that ONE thing that even your most ardent detractors can NEVER EVER find fault with even if they WANT to – or try?

This question may require some deep thinking. Some deep thought. I know it took me YEARS to finally understand what Napoleon Hill talks about in “Outwitting the Devil”, and many of his other books.

Hill was meant to write, and inspire.

Yet, he would never stay “consistent” with it until a certain point. 

That little voice in the head often spoke up in times of extreme emergency.

“You’ve been humiliated and placed in this position so you can LEARN A LESSON!”

(Not verbatim, but this is the sum and substance)

“Your job was to compile your findings into writing and INSPIRE others. Understand one thing – you will only find happiness by helping OTHERS FIND IT! You have been a stubborn student and have had to be CURED of this through various obstacles and temporary defeat.

Go NOW, and start what you were meant to do!”

(Hill was compiling the secrets behind TRUE AND LASTING SUCCESS by interviewing those that had been there and done that).

There’s a lot more to it.

But Hill speaks of the two MOST pressing and urgent situations in his life when when all seemed lost, his OTHER SELF woke (because he found the determination to WAKE IT UP)!

And he made two very potent discoveries.

One, the subconscious can solve damn near anything you throw at it – provided you do so in the right manner.

And two, and more (well, equally) importantly, you were put on this planet for a PURPOSE ... And until you keep “avoiding” (Either consciously or not) what you were put on Earth to do – guess what.

You will never succeed at the highest levels.

‘Tis a fact as clear as daylight, Jack. And no, you dont need to die a pauper either as many did.

Money is a different beast, and attracting it, and what not.

I know immensely wealthy people that are NOT happy. I know people that have NOTHING that are HAPPY. And everything in between. So this isn’t about money bro.

Anyway, I was thinking about all this last night.

My mind flashbacked to 2008, I think.

I had started “fastandfuriousfitness.net” at that time.

Just a blog. Getting my feet wet.

Incredibly, people LOVED IT (I didnt have a single product to promote at the time).

I used to give off myself freely on forums, discussion boards etc. IF only I knew how much wasted effort that was. E bay She bay my ass ...

But inexplicably, the flame died (or so I thought).

I let the domain expire. The blog died. I moved on to other things (a nascent web development biz).

In 2010, the bug HIT me – and hard – AGAIN.

I wrote Fast and Furious Fitness, and a few other books in anothe rbusiness venture.

And truth be told, if my wife hadn’t encouraged me to do it at the time I probably woul dnever have.

True, my wife and myself are like strangers NOW.

But, credit where credit is due. If she hadn’t said what she did, albeit unknowingly, and she likely doesnt even remember it, yours truly wouldn’t have done it.

Or it would hav ebeen delayed ...

So, i wrote Fast and Furious Fitness, Gorilla Grip, and Shoulders like Boulders, all NOT as exhaustive as today ( I revamped them all in 2017).

Other than a bit of marketing here and there, I didnt really market myself full steam.

In fact, you will notice that from the earlier posts themselves.

And although I didn’t, again. People signed up for the newsletter. The list grew, and grew, and grew to a bulky and unmanageable (because I didnt manage it!) 15,000 plus.

Inexplicably, I didnt go full bore at the time.

Years passed, but I’d keep writing in this and other verticals. No-one “knew” about it. No-one would have cared anyway.

And I made a few sales here and there, but certainly nothing spectacular.

In 2017, I had an epiphany, and got tired of my life depending on bozo like jobs.

By chance or not, I read Pyscho Cybernetics, a great, great book I recommend for everyone out there.

It changed my life. Literally. So I thought, until I read Think and Grow Rich and “The Magic of Believing” – and after THAT, I devored everything I could find from these authors.

I’ve read a lot, by the way. Both fiction and non fiction. Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon. Robert Ludlum. Michael Crichton. Just about any decent fiction, and on the non fiction, and the above?

Ted Nicholas, for one. Ben Settle (his blog etc). And many others (but the above three books changed my life – especially the latter two, and I will never, ever stop tom tomming their virtues. Hehe.)

(Not tom tomming actually).

It was only then that I really went full bore on all of this. 2017, 2018 .... and there were problems. Troubles. Many things!

But life had one last throw of the dice for me.

I still did this in 2019, but nowhere near the full bore speed I should have, and for obvious reasons, that year would probably have really been a good one to RAMP this up.

But I didnt.

I “squandered” the opportunity. But I found plenty of others, much like Napoleon Hill did – if there is ONE person whose life mirrors mine, it is HIS!


I believe I’ve learnt that lesson – the HARD Way.

The school of hard knocks, hehe, and I belive we should ALL go through that at some point or the other.

It’s great READING about others, but it’s only when you actually DO is that you LEARN.

Anyway, Fast and Furious Fitness.

Still have the logo on my site.

Still have the book.

But people know me as “0 Excuses Fitness”now hehe.  (and a host of other lovely names on that burgenoning list. 1112, last I checked!)

The guy who (as Marc said) created a brand out of nothing.

Actually, I’ve created three. Hehe. But the third isn’t public on this site as yet . . . but it SELLS like hot cakes day in and day out.

Marketing genius, or deeply flawed individual – YOU Decide. Hehe.

But the results can’t be denied. . .

Anyway, thanks for reading – if you’re still WITH me thus far, hehe.

This might make it into a book I’ve been writing, but have been MUM about. Stay tuned!

Lesson to be learnt – FIND what you were meant to do my friend.

And then just DO it ... PRONTO.

Life will reward you with BOUNTY, thats for sure! (and I dont mean just money).


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS – This entire email is about 4 pages long, and I didnt include a plug for my products?? WTF?? Well, I’m going to do so NOW. Here are the all time bestsellers – grab ‘em now -

0 Excuses Fitness

Gorilla Grip

Shoulders like BOULDERS!

PS #2 – Why didnt I just pick up on Fast and Furious Fitness in 2017 and go full bore?

Well, two reasons. One, an epiphany – and thus was born the other site (and another down the road).

And another? Hey, I admit it. Even as recently as 2017 a part of me was wondering about “what will they say”.

Hey, it’s normal. We ALL do it. ALL successes you hear of TODAY have been through that phase.

But I cannot tell you how damn liberating it is truly NOT to give a fuck! And I mean TRULY!

Anyway, and either way ... it was the right decision. Hehe. Now we have TWO barnstorming “basic” fitness books (I didnt just update Fast and Furious Fitness – I re-wrote the damn thing and included way more exercises – but the original was always be dear to my heart!).

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Is usually a recipe for disaster, and then some.

For most people, because following the GUT doesnt come naturally to most people (or if it does, the urge is SUPPRESSED).

Now, when you follow the gut it may seem like (to the Bozos out there) that “you do nothing”, or there is “no plan”.

Or things may seem random.

But when those results come, they COME!

With the speed of a black Mamba striking, hehe.

And thats how the Universe and it’s plans work, but back to what I’m saying above.

People have an annoying (and strange, to me) habit of PROCRASTINATION, and then raising all sorts of Cain about it.

Por ejempelo, my beloved and lovely wife.

She’ll wait until the last minute for ... say, when the groceries are about to run out.

When they do, it’s time to blame Rahul for not stocking up in advance, and of course, all the things he DID Stock up on in advance are nigh forgotten, hehe (things that are still LASTING).

Or, if she’s in the mood to do cleaning.

Which only ever happens when it hasn’t happened for ages and the work just PILES Up for ages.

I dont know why, but the concept of “doing things a little daily” (or bit by bit) is alien and uncomfortable for a lot of people ; the majority, actually, and no it ain’t just “my wife”.

Yeah, I know.

Yours is different, right?

The most hard working until she’s not, and so forth ...

Well, lets hope she is bro.

But the point isn’t so much her or my wife. Point is people do this with their FITNESS.

They wait until (as a certain Tracy once told me) “things get out of control”.

Of course, for her, every thing is out of control, hehe. She’s cool though! 

And gorgeous too, hehe.

But waiting until that belly EXPLODES out of your pants, or the man boobs really droop down is never a good idea my friend.

Do somethign NOW.

No, tomorrow never comes!

Get off thy DUFF and do something NOW, so you dont complain later.

Thats as simple as it gets my friend.

And with Christmas and everything going on, and people eating more than they should (and no, I’m not buying into the “majority of world is going hungry for Christmas” nonsense the leftist media is spreading either. True, the plague from China has wrecked things and plans royally, but still!), this needs tobe said ... now.

Get on the best fat burning program there is now, my friend.

You won’t have to worry about “later” if you do the thing NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Along with the above program, make SURE to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right HERE. (Right now, bro! No sense in delaying that decision ...) 

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Puff and buff.

Huff, puff, and blow the house of cards down but nothing else.

I’ve seen a LOT of that throughout my life!

And I continue to see it via inane messages and Bozo like rants I get in my Inbox. I’ll get into that later, but for now, flash back from the past, and one I’ve written about before.

Back in college, I took a “physical education 101 and 102” class amongst other things.

101 was great. I loved it!

And it was EASY too.

I remember having a paper or something to turn in at the end of the semester, and the instructor’s only requirements were – workout – and tell me about it!

And to be honest.

Being I was at 60 pushups at one go there ... I wrote abotu that.

I asked Rueben, a friend of mine. 

“What if he doesnt believe me”.

His response was apt.

Said with a shrug.

“Just get down right there on the floor and show him!”

And he was right. But the instructor was a smart, smart dude and a BULL of a man who likely did a lot of bodyweight himself too.

I passed I believe. With a B or something.


Had a pretty young instructor teaching the class. 

Yours truly remembers telling “Vince”, an Italian friend of mine (I love Italy, btw!!) the following.

“She alone makes it worth it”.

But she didnt.

Her version of teaching was to get everyone in the gym.


And while I did manage to get my ass seated on one of the inane machines, I just couldn’t figure out how to use it, and even back then, when I used it, I remember saying OUT LOUD – (and I didnt mean to offend – it just happened) – what the hell are these useless things??

I mean, even back then, when I didnt have much knowledge of fitness, they just seemed like the most BOZO like contraptions ever.

Something that Bozo Scofield would use, for instance, especially the seated chest press.

Ridiculous, especially considering the last version of the class 101 and the beefy police officer like STEELY STARED MAN - REAL MAN that did the class.

(nothing against ladies, this email ,by the way. But she was a bimbo!)

And she made the following comment to me and I was irritated as hell at that point.

Came over to me, rubbed my shoulders of all things.


I’m not Jassy! Hehe (although Jassy and I wouldn’t meet until YEARS later).

And then she said it.

Comment for the ages.

Said with a tinker and giggle.

“We’ll get you puffed and buffed right away”.

(something about “pumped” as well)


No wonder I still rant about the puff and buff routines and the bozos, weight tom tommers, and puff duffs that sit on their asses and pretend to be bad asses type of thing ...

If you’re really a bad ass – do this in the gym, my friend.

Get down ont he floor – and get into a handstand – and then pump out 10 perfect HANDSTAND pushups.

Or, 10 perfect pull-ups at ONE shot.

Or something like that.

THAT is BAD ASS, and the puff duff’s know it!

And thats why they dont do it, hehe.

Anyway, to end that story Vince ran after me.

We were in the truck together, figuring out if we should grab a beer to calm yours truly down. I had an exam later, but being I often showed up for Calculus exams half drunk it wouldn’t matter.

And it was Friday.

“you can’t be better than everyone else in the gym, Rahul!”

Hmmm ....

Thats what Vince THOUGHT I was upset about. You see, he loved the gym! And probably the lady teaching the class too, heh.

But that wasn’t what it was about.

I wasn’t trying to outdo anyone. I was simply saying it was BS.

And it was.

As for outdoing others, here is what Charless Mitchell, a customer (he owns both Shoulders like Boulders! - and Battletank Shoulders! - - smart dude!) had to say about my wife calling me “Mr Handstand Pushup”.

“Thats a name to be proud of! Less than 0.01% of the population can even do a handstand pushup!”

This is NOT verbatim, of course. As always , from memory, but being I have that of an elephant, I believe it’s accurate enough, hehe.

And he’s right, my friend. He’s right.

Better? Or not?

You be the judge!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – YOU TOO – can get to super stud level at these exercises, my friend. Even if you’re a DUD right now that can barely hold on to a chinning bar (believe me, most so called men these days CANNOT) ... you CAN get to stud level – and then SUPER STUD. Just DO the thing, and you will.

Here are the two courses you need to be looking at (in that ORDER, by the way!) -

Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks!

Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS! Hidden secrets that have NOT been revealed until now!

And they haven’t bro, they haven’t.

Or, if you’re really smart, you might check out the compilation. Your eyes might pop upon looking at the price...

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Growing up my “eldest” cousin was my Mom’s favorite for some reason.

“He’s so serious and studious” I kept hearing my mother say, and in the same breath she’d look at me with a censorious Victorian era stare.

“some people aren’t that serious about their studies”, she’d go in that manner I do NOT – I repeat – NOT recommend you talk to your kids that way at all, even if youre highly dissatisfied with them because it believe me, it can really mess kids up.

Permanently. And yours truly felt the effects too, but yours truly had one thing which not everyone does – that being a desire to FIGHT. Always. Even when the chips were down.

But as Uncle Bob said upon hearing about my family.

“Parents can really screw up a kid’s development”.

He was right, of course (and I can hear the chorus of “no he wasnt” from a certain quarter who is admittedly secretly and avidly not just reading this, but gobbling it up).

Anyway this eldest cousin never “tried to be physically strong”. So of course he was the bomb! 

His brother?

Nah. Not so much.

I never heard my mom utter ONE complimentary word about him.

If anything, at the age of 19 apparently he came to my Mom’s place to stay with them while he went to college.

I still remember my mother writing to me about ... guess what?

You got it.

“He sits at home! He doesnt go anywhere! He just sits at home! ” she wailed. 

(apparently going to college didn't count)

For whatever reason, those that “sit at home” dont go down too well with my (not in her opinion) dysfunctional mom even if theyre going to college or makinh money or what not – of course, she herself has the right despite not even FINISHING college herself, let alone ever work a SINGLE DAY IN HER WHOLE LIFE.

(Apparently the excuse for that is “I got married young”.)

Right, Mama .........

I gotta give it to you.

You’re the best Nazi feminist I ever knew!

Anyway, cousin #2 is a great guy.

He drinks beer. Sits at home. Probably makes money doing it too (or at least he sat at home then, not sure about now, hehe).

And he was NAUGHTY when growing up.

Same as my own child. Whom I love more than anything else in the world, and (admittedly) pander to her to a T.

She had me wrapped around her little finger from the minute she was born, with those large eyes staring at me!

“IS this Papa?”

I could FEEL IT!

Anyway, cousin #2 was a carbon copy pretty much of my Uncle, who always tried to help me. Praise me. Singing. Otherwise. Etc.

OF course, he drank like a fish, so he was persona non grata for Mom too (and he smoked like a chimney, hehe).

Much like yours truly.

And that alone should tell you a lot about why I Dont and have never gotten along with family.

Their view is life is a grind.

Mine is the opposite.

And so it stands.

But I remember my aunt though never directly praising me other than the wistful “you’ve got slim surgeon’s fingers” (in a good way she said that) always being KIND.

Never had a bad thing to say to ANYONE growing up. Any kid, that is.

Of course, this was a lady that actually WORKED in her life at a certain point.

An English teacher no less, so shes no doubt NOT HAPPY With all my typoooooooooos and miz-spelings”.



Anyway, I won’t go there.

But point is, even my Dad ... despite his tendency to pander to Nazi feminism (truth be told – hey – he chose that path – more power to him!) ... was mostly FAIR.

To ALL the kids.

Unlike my dear Mom.

And thereeth, my friend lies the tale of dysfunction, at least for now.

Ok, enough of this brain dump.

Pick up the MOST functional fitness system you’ve ever been on right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Believe me, the results will BLOW you away.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - - A recent customer termed my book on CORE training Corrugated Core to be one of the most functional ever in terms of REAL strength and fitness. Go HERE To check it out!

PS #2 – all the stories I tell are TRUE, hehe. Just in case you were wondering – yes – such dysfunction DOES exist!

PPS – But, and I almost forgot to say this, As Napoleon Hill famously said.

“Every adversity, every temporary difficulty carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. Mind you, I did not say the FLOWER of full blown success, but the SEED from which said success might be said to germinate”.

Sage, my friend. Sage. I highly recommend reading “Outwitting the Devil”, even if you’re not religious (I sure ain’t, and I love the book).

I wouldn’t be where I am today without all of the above and then some – so thank you in that regard, Mama. I wouldn’t have the DESIRE To get back and keep going after constantly gettring knocked down. I’d have never created this or other businsesses, or accomplishe dwhat I have in MANY OTHER sphere of LIFE and believe me, there are many. I’d probably be one of the bozos you like so much if all of this wasn’t there. 

Come to think of it – that is what you want – and don’t. Hehe. ‘nuff said!


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Some of you read this in the last email.

But it’s interesting, how things work ...

Yours truly with all the “castigation” coming from “home” (and while the “el cranko” part is well deserved, to be very fair, a lot of the rest of it isn’t).

But then again.

Like strongman Dejon (and he does the REAL STUFF, the real lifts!) said ... you can and should always a measure a man’s worth by the number of HATERS he has.

‘Tis true my friend.

‘Tis true.

And it’s also one prime reason behind “tell the world what you’re going to do, but show it first!”

Anyway, the monkey part was covered in the last email.

If you can be a monkey, so can I!

So she said, so said the “fiery lady from Northern India” (and they make a lot of them fire breathers up there in them neck of the woods, hehe).

Probably what drew me to her in the first place, and I won’t even get into mistakes or not HERE. LOL.

But really, point of this.

My daughter is 7 years old. So getting her to do as much activity as possible is GOOD.

The more she does, the better, especially with all the inane donkey like lockdowns globally.

Really if there was a more USELESS activity which pretty much forces everyone into a huddle together when they don’t want to be, and an activity that kills global economies much like the plague is scathing through the globe, I’m yet to see it.

Not to mention that lockdowns don’t work, period.

They EXCABERATE pre-existing problems, and they do NOT solve the spread of the China plague, or Bubonic plague, or any which anything.

And they weren’t implemented for SARS. They weren’t implmeneted for Ebola. And for some of the deadlier viruses around, and yet now ...

Yes, I get it. This thing spreads differently.

But the bottom line, as I told my “buddy” out there in the park.

Him of the “running” really works! Do you remember? Hope so!

“China done spread this shit and now we’re left dealing with it. What you’re gonna do bro? Mask up and run scared, or just man up, face it, DEAL with it,and MOVE ON!”

And he agreed in full.

He’s not a mask wearer either except when he really needs to ...

But back to it, my wife seems to be getting a little “heavy” around the tummy area apparently (from what she says, at least).

And for a woman who used to have a 13 pack (or 12, hehe) from working out in the field when young – well t hat must be galling!

I wrote about field work in the last email. Well, a few emails ago!

And how it builds fitness like few other things can ...

And anyway, back to monkeying around. 

The sort of workouts I advocate go beyond “just pull-ups” and pumping the lats.

They’ll get your obliques in shape – FAST.

You’ll build a rock solid grip, and start developing that SIX Pack you’ve always wanted.

Indigestion, flatulence, and other issues like insomnia plaguing most people will become a thing of the past.

You will become a real man – or WOMAN – or “in between”, hehe. Whatever it is, it won’t be fake.

And you’ll develop strength and fitness levels, that, as Charless Mitchell, a long time customer rightly said will put you into an elite “0.00001%” bracket.

Get on the train NOW, my friend. Truly worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, almost forgot the dancing monkey part. Just saw it when clicking “post”. Them ESL gigs out there for one, hehe. Prime example of bozo like dancing monkey. No wonder that the BOZO himself, Schofield did pretty much that and nothing else to fuel his drug infused rants, binges and what not. But yeah. No worries. I’ve turned her – and myself into PRIMAL CAVEMAN – and WOMAN – with REAL “from the inside” GUMPTION and strength.

Don’t believe me?

Get on the pull-up workouts – and then tell me!

And check out the testimonials on all of this while you’re at it too, hehe.

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Monday, 07 December 2020 14:41

Why hope is not a PLAN of ACTION

I was talking to Joy, a “dating coach” today and we were discussing COVID, the plague (and how it’s no longer present in China etc), and so forth.

Just basically saying “hi” (as far as yours truly was concerned).

And as far as her, she was basically saying “I hope we can get back to traveling the world” (we being anyone in general).

“I hope so, Joy”, I said.

Immediately followed up by a lengthy explanation of facts, and why I didnt think it would happen anywhere in the world anytime soon.

(Sure, most countries are open for travel internally, but the hassle you go through with masks etc, and the moronic comments made towards those of us (yours truly for one) who refuse to buy into the “mask or else” moronic scare and so forth make one (again yours truly) that it’s best to stay put in the country one’s AT right NOW).

(And internationally pretty much nothing and nowhere is oopen anyway).

That was a time I used the word “hope”.

But my immediate explanation thereafter belied the fact that I’m not much of a one that relies upon “hope”.

It springs eternal, sure.

But I’d rather TRUE hope – which comes from the subconcsious, and works. 

Every time in the past I’ve talked about an exceptionally difficult and seemingly impossible situation I’ve faced (and surpassed) – I hear the following.

Or a variant of it.

“I hope you’ll get out of it”.

“I hope it doesnt happen again”.

And so forth. 

And while this sort of thing used to irritate me, it positively annoys the heck out of me now .

Hope, my friend is NOT a plan of action, and the very word tome invokes a sense of “it’s too difficult, and it might not happen{“.

I’d rather be the guy that tells the other person (or I’d rather hear this, either from someone else or said to myself) – “It will pass”.

“Or, the darkest hour is often and always before the dawn”.

Or just a simple “Snap out of it, bro! Go GET ‘em!”

and so forth.

Note how the last three involve a tangible something as opposed to the vagaries of hope!

Mercy be on the person who “casts his life’s ship” upon the waters of Hope, because he may or may not get to his destination – probably won’t!

Other hand, a strong willed person that takes the oars of his life and says I WILL get it, no matter what – or no matter what it takes – or no mater how long?

Well, THAT is my man – or woman – or in between – right there!

Fitness wise, don’t be the guy that says “I hope I’ll be able to do pull-ups someday”.

You’ve got the course.

Now, You better KNOW you CAN and WILL do it!

IF you start out with nothing but hope that ship done sank before sailing.

But if you mix positive intent, an iron WILL, and most of all persistence, gumption and a never say die spirit – then guess what.

You will be doing them – and then some – and better than what you thought you could, or how!

Thats the lesson for today, my friend. Take it or leave it – choice is up to you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can pick up your copy of an exercise most “hope” to be able to do, but few ever make up their mind to go the hard yards, the whole humpty, and DO IT. Those that do tho – watch out – and read their testimonials – and you’ll know what I mean!

Pushups – Reverse Pushup – the BEST darn exercise ever!

As the man said, a master piece of a book if there ever was one!

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You on this list know why!

But I will say it yet again – videos are something Rahul Mookerjee does NOT WATCH.

I repeat. 


I mean, I’d like to stay out of the “bozo” category, and the minute you stare non stop at anything that kills your imagination (TV, soap operas, inane and idiotitc promotional videos, or those “trying to make some sort of inane point in a long winded and overly showboaty manner” and so forth are PRIME EXAMPLES OF THIS) is the minute you slide further towards inertia and BOZO like behavior 

And “boredom” and complaining galore too.

Michelle, a friend of mine (or ...w ell, FB friend) once told me this.

“I am not the type of person who complains about where I live!”

(That being the PRC).

Last night, she messaged me out of the blue.

“Hey how are you"

I could tell that part was a formality. She needed someone to .. .

“Have you watched the videos”, she went three times without even allowing me the chance to do so (becuase deep down inside she knows I won’t, hehe).

Anyway, she sent me three links one after the other.

Bear in mind this person only talks to me either when she sends lengthy voice notes – or – you got it – videos.

In the “friendship” thus far I think it’s the first time she’s ever typed because “her English is supposedly too weak” (but it isnt weak when she speaks, hehe) 

So we got to talking.

“I’m bored!”

“China is so boring!”

OK ....

“I’m an interesting girl! I am not like most Chinese girls ! I travel all over world!”

And I tried to switch the topic to something interesting that being hiking.

“DG hiking is nothing compared to where I’m from!”

Apparently the “mountain” in her hometown in taiwan is far “better”.

It probably is, to be honest.

But really, hiking never gets boring my friend.

Neither does LIFE.

You have to FIND something to do. You gotta MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE interesting, no matter what.

I Could tell you a bazillion things to do within the confines of a room in that regard!

It’s not a matter of “boring”.

IT’s a matter of not being open minded enough to ... ah, but whatever.

What do I know, I told her.

And she bought it. Hook line and sinker.

“I’m just the fitness guy”, I tittered. “Maybe thats why I like hikes, foot massages (I dont, actually) and the like”

(I DO like body massages though)

(and thats why I put out a section on MASSAGE in the 0 Excuses Fitness book)

but really, the video she sent were LONG.

I watched about a few seconds of one.

That was enough.

Some inane nonsense about some tom tommers claiming “Taiwan is a much better place to live than America” – and then dissing America (curiously enough he’s American) in favor of China, Taiwan etc.

Punctuated by the most asinine and juvenile music ever.

So much for interesting and well traveled “different” ladies.

I rest my case.

And on a side note, as my friend from the Marines rightly said.

“Taiwan exists because of it’s friends. Simple. “

And it IS that simple.

Maybe thats what causes all the angst as well, hehe.

Anyway, thats that for now.

I dont like videos, but sometimes they’re necessary.

Last one I watched was of a guy taking apart a water dispenser.

Now that was cool. Learned me a NEW TRICK, hehe.

A do at home kinda thing.

And I believe I watched a Trump video (part of it) about going out and voting, but he made it interesting.

“Maybe you’ll vote for me, and maybe you won’t”, I remember him saying.

And after reading all this, maybe you’ll stay on my list, and maybe you won’t.

Maybe you’ll invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, or maybe you won’t.

Or maybe you’ll just send me more inane idiotic vidoes and wonder why I Dont reply to you.

All good either way, hehe ...

And thats truly that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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It's been “one of those nighs”, and as I wake up (an hour ago, actually) FRESH AS A DAISY, and READY TO GO – RARING TO GO – I'll share some interesting parts of the dream with you.

First “yours truly” (or whatever yours truly symobilizes in a dream for that matter) showed up in front of some sort of a classroom, or perhaps a seminar – I dont know.

It was unexpected. Completely so !

And out of the blue, I take out a book. Might have one of mine, or might not have been. I dont know.

And I ... rip the little sucker in half and then calmly put the “two halves” on the table.

Minutes later, I repeat this with another THICK phonebook – about ten times as thick.

I remember thinking in the dream “boy I haven't done this before!”

And yet, as I think about this ... I “just do it”.


The first page tears, and then the rest do (and yes, there is an ART to this!) ... and as the two pieces are put back on the desk, I announce a 250 GBP prize for whatever reason to ANYONE that can do it.

And needless to say, no-one did and the dream shifted on to even more vivid “details” which I may or may not talk about on here.

Some things are best left unsaid – on this site, that is. And in these emails! ;-)

But anyway, the point of me bringing this up here?

First, you don't just need a strong grip to tear apart phone books in half.

In fact, you need a strong grip yes, but you need strong FINGERS, and a grip that is strong in the REVERSE direction as well.

And all the machines in the world and all the gyms will NOT give you that sort of grip my friend – unless you TRAIN it. Actively so.

Which of course, brings me to my second point.

You gotta train something if you want to get better at it.

Thats obvious, ain't it.

The more you do it, the more you get better at it. 

But here's the third point, which you might find strange as well, and in opposition to the second.

Is that your MIND actually controls way, way more of your muscle than you might think.

If you can tear apart a phonebook right now, chances are you can do so with a book 25% thicker – if you just “visualize” it first.

Your mind can indeed perform miracles!

I remember the tale I heard years ago about a little ole lady who didnt train, and her husband (I believe? Or maybe son...) somehow got pinned under a car bumper.

This lady was frail, old, and did NOT train.

And yet, as the incident occured, she didnt do much but rush to the spot, and ...

... lift the damned car off him!

True story, and I'lls ee if I can find th elink.

Your mind, my friend, is what drive syou to perform MIRACLES and hence my constant babble about the right form of mental conditioing in any endavor.

Anyway, back to the physical.

Think about how your fingers are positioned when you start to rip the damn book apart.

It's NOT the typical “gorilla like crushing” grip position yo udo on pull-ups, is it?


It's the basics, my friend.

Fingertip pushups, for one, done right will give you those sort of fingers, and a GRIP OF STEEL TO BOOT!

(Think Dan Hodge crushing apples with his bare hands at the age of 80 plus, and the fingertip pushup was a favorite in his reportiore).

Handstand pushups, another old favorite will train the forearms in that direction!

It's fingers – and the fact you need to train the wrists and fingers in every possible direction, not just one 

And don't get me wrong – the crushing grip is important as heck too. Pull-ups are as well.

But it's the COMBO that really gets the job done!

And it's a combo I've used repeatedly in ALL of my advanced courses, my friend.

And it's a combo that will get YOU into kick butt, ass kicking shape.

You might not be able to rip phonebooks apart like that. Heck, I can't!

(thats because I dont want to in terms of goals right now, hehe) 

But I do have a pretty strong grip, and believe me – as Rocky said – the grip is the last thing to go on a man!

And it's the FIRST Thing, along with NECK, traps and LEGS and core that tell you a lot about the state of a man's training – and it's something you can't hide in clothing.

Move over bench presses and the mamsy pamsies who focus soles on “building the pecs”.

So useless I can't even begin to say ...

Anyway, thats it from here. If you can figure out more than a few tips from this here jumble (not really, hehe) – well – you're my MAN!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Or woman, for that matter. Believe me, this stuff I do is NOT just for men – women can do it just as well, and Corrugated Core for one is PROOF of that fact. Don't believe me? Crack the book open, and you'll see my wife featured in some of those workouts!

PPS – And KIDS can workout right too – see Kiddie Fitness for more on that !

PPS #2 – Yes, I know. I've driven my family nuts with my caveman ways, and “please be silent” requests. And of course, the workouts! Hehe. But it's a good thing, actually.

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