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It's been “one of those nighs”, and as I wake up (an hour ago, actually) FRESH AS A DAISY, and READY TO GO – RARING TO GO – I'll share some interesting parts of the dream with you.

First “yours truly” (or whatever yours truly symobilizes in a dream for that matter) showed up in front of some sort of a classroom, or perhaps a seminar – I dont know.

It was unexpected. Completely so !

And out of the blue, I take out a book. Might have one of mine, or might not have been. I dont know.

And I ... rip the little sucker in half and then calmly put the “two halves” on the table.

Minutes later, I repeat this with another THICK phonebook – about ten times as thick.

I remember thinking in the dream “boy I haven't done this before!”

And yet, as I think about this ... I “just do it”.


The first page tears, and then the rest do (and yes, there is an ART to this!) ... and as the two pieces are put back on the desk, I announce a 250 GBP prize for whatever reason to ANYONE that can do it.

And needless to say, no-one did and the dream shifted on to even more vivid “details” which I may or may not talk about on here.

Some things are best left unsaid – on this site, that is. And in these emails! ;-)

But anyway, the point of me bringing this up here?

First, you don't just need a strong grip to tear apart phone books in half.

In fact, you need a strong grip yes, but you need strong FINGERS, and a grip that is strong in the REVERSE direction as well.

And all the machines in the world and all the gyms will NOT give you that sort of grip my friend – unless you TRAIN it. Actively so.

Which of course, brings me to my second point.

You gotta train something if you want to get better at it.

Thats obvious, ain't it.

The more you do it, the more you get better at it. 

But here's the third point, which you might find strange as well, and in opposition to the second.

Is that your MIND actually controls way, way more of your muscle than you might think.

If you can tear apart a phonebook right now, chances are you can do so with a book 25% thicker – if you just “visualize” it first.

Your mind can indeed perform miracles!

I remember the tale I heard years ago about a little ole lady who didnt train, and her husband (I believe? Or maybe son...) somehow got pinned under a car bumper.

This lady was frail, old, and did NOT train.

And yet, as the incident occured, she didnt do much but rush to the spot, and ...

... lift the damned car off him!

True story, and I'lls ee if I can find th elink.

Your mind, my friend, is what drive syou to perform MIRACLES and hence my constant babble about the right form of mental conditioing in any endavor.

Anyway, back to the physical.

Think about how your fingers are positioned when you start to rip the damn book apart.

It's NOT the typical “gorilla like crushing” grip position yo udo on pull-ups, is it?


It's the basics, my friend.

Fingertip pushups, for one, done right will give you those sort of fingers, and a GRIP OF STEEL TO BOOT!

(Think Dan Hodge crushing apples with his bare hands at the age of 80 plus, and the fingertip pushup was a favorite in his reportiore).

Handstand pushups, another old favorite will train the forearms in that direction!

It's fingers – and the fact you need to train the wrists and fingers in every possible direction, not just one 

And don't get me wrong – the crushing grip is important as heck too. Pull-ups are as well.

But it's the COMBO that really gets the job done!

And it's a combo I've used repeatedly in ALL of my advanced courses, my friend.

And it's a combo that will get YOU into kick butt, ass kicking shape.

You might not be able to rip phonebooks apart like that. Heck, I can't!

(thats because I dont want to in terms of goals right now, hehe) 

But I do have a pretty strong grip, and believe me – as Rocky said – the grip is the last thing to go on a man!

And it's the FIRST Thing, along with NECK, traps and LEGS and core that tell you a lot about the state of a man's training – and it's something you can't hide in clothing.

Move over bench presses and the mamsy pamsies who focus soles on “building the pecs”.

So useless I can't even begin to say ...

Anyway, thats it from here. If you can figure out more than a few tips from this here jumble (not really, hehe) – well – you're my MAN!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Or woman, for that matter. Believe me, this stuff I do is NOT just for men – women can do it just as well, and Corrugated Core for one is PROOF of that fact. Don't believe me? Crack the book open, and you'll see my wife featured in some of those workouts!

PPS – And KIDS can workout right too – see Kiddie Fitness for more on that !

PPS #2 – Yes, I know. I've driven my family nuts with my caveman ways, and “please be silent” requests. And of course, the workouts! Hehe. But it's a good thing, actually.

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You may not agree. But it's true.

I recently saw a quote from the Trumpinator himself along the lines of “I've played to win all my life”.

The actual words were different.

I believe he said “I've succeeded at everything I've done all my life”.

But if you read between the lines ... notwithstanding his “grand failures”, you'll see he's right. And for those that care to read on (liberals not included, hehe), you'll see this ain't just a “Trump” piece.



A long time ago, Uncle Bob once famously told me the following (which he sometimes didnt do, hehe).

Easier to just do it than ask permission!

Can keep asking for permission later ...

This was with regard to the erstwhile “Major General Michael and Rahul's spats” ... which were infamous in bonny DG back in the day.

Still are to the old timers, hehe.

And he was right, actually.

When Trump wants to do something, or say something, he may be right or wrong.

He may be inviting a catastrophe, or he may be doing something RIGHT. REAL RIGHT!

But one thing is for damned sure.

He doesnt sit around vacillating and thinking what if.

He doesnt think about “what they'll think of me”.

He just says it and then does precisely what he says.

End of story!

And THEREIN, my friend, lies the key, which amazingly enough the very people that complain about no freebies are missing.

Some don't lay it out straight for you.

They want you to buy marketing books to learn it (my wife recently bought one on “Internet Marketing” of all things, and oh boy. A glance inside shows it's SO BORING and utter bilge that even the most desperate of marketer would be hard pressed to use it, but of course, my wife, and ... well, enough said.)

(I'll see if I can find the author. LEt me know and I will, but I believe the name of the book was "Fundamentals of Internet Marketing")

(A prime way NOT TO title a book, any book ...) 

Men are always “wrong”, hehe. Aren't they?

But jokes and jibes aside The secret behind Trump's successis simple.

Follow thy gut.

And just do it.

Now, the former entails being WRONG a lot of times, but guess what.

You have to lose in order to win even bigger, and be WRONG in order to be RIGHT later.

A while ago, a friend of mine was in a situation partly created by his actions, but the mess he landed in was a nightmare I wouldn't wish upon even “Bozo” scofield to be honest.

Something most people wouldn't be able to cope with or even imagine the specifics of.

It ended in six months, though no-one gave it a chance of ending before THREE YEARS.

In another month, it started again.

And presto, right now, as we speak, he's in a far far better place today than he was then.

And if he didnt take the actions he did then, he wouldn't be where he is now. Everything DOES HAPPEN FOR A REASON!

And it only happens because you follow your gut.

Could be Trump and the way he is. Could be Ford and his insistence on making the 8 cylinder enginer no matter. Could be Edison with his 10,0001 tries. Could be Jeff Bezos. Could be anyone!

But you take a decision – change it slow – and then just do it.

Don't muck around!

The Universe has a way of throwing it's weight behind the person who knows what he or she truly wants, and is willing to go to any length to get it, even when it seems IMPOSSIBLE and then some.

Not mine.

Napleon Hill. (I mean the part in bold)

From that same guy.

The Universe truly knows NO SUCH THING AS THE WORD “impossible” or “permanent failure”!

The Trumpinator was recently asked what if he didnt win the election.

I believe he will. So does the ROW ...

But, if he didnt.

Sage answer as always.

Crisp, and to the point.

From the heart.

From the gut.

“Ill do something else!”

And if this doesnt make you understand, I dont know what will.

Fitness wise, lifewise, marketing wise, relationship wise, biz wise, same damned thing.

Just do it.

There are those that spend time vacillating over “will the 0 Excuses Fitness System really work” despite proof in front of their eyes. (same thing for Advanced Hill Training).

Then the bozos who can't do pull-ups, and yet question the efficacy of methods from a man who DOES IT ...

(on that note, be on the outlook for the next email, and workout that truly shake your BOLLOCKS up, hehe).

And we have those questioning the efficacy of the humble pushup when champ boxers and wrestlers all do it ...

Stop vacillating my friend.

The time for talk stops NOW.

Just do it – and let the results flow – and if you adopt this method to LIFE IN GENERAL, well watch out. You might well be surprised and then some!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Plenty more such nuggest in Fitness Pioneer – Volume 1. Pick it up right NOW, right HERE. (bozos not welcome tho, sorry, hehe)

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And it certainly ain't gonna make you as strong as an ape, my friend.

If anything it might actually SLOW your gains down.

But hold your horses. Let me back up a little ...

... What I'm talking about right now ain't really fitness. That comes soon.

For now though, it's about the ever growing “tribe” of not just haters, but “lovers” ... that blindly try and APE what I do.

I see it on my WeChat all the time. People peeking into my marketing style and trying to do what I do and get the results I do ...

... which by the way has included pestering me to buy said services after I looked at their post, something I absolutely do not, have not, and will never do (and neve rhave done).

Desperation perhaps.

At their stuff not selling, or the services not getting bought.

In some cases its because their stuff is downright crappy (like the guy who recently tried to sell me “China VPN for X amount! Watch all sports on this, brother!”)

But in most cases, the products seem decent enough.

It's the marketing and selling, by far the most important part of the whole process which fall flat on their face.

The desperation shines through, though some do a better job of concealing it than others.

And it never fails to amuse me when I see “Rahul Mookerjee” clones out there that try and ape exacly how I do things and get the precise opposite in results.

Lets take the Bozo for an example.

He even apes my email style right down to the “Best,” and signing off with his full name (at least in some of the rants he sent me, that was the case).

And he's (as a mutual friend said) “obsessed” with me.

As if yours truly was a movie star, hehe, though I've been called that as as well.

But here is the thing my friend.

Apeing me in terms of marketing or even fitness isn't exactly the ticket.

First thing you know, YOUR customer have a different mindset than mine (or your list, or your “besties”, or your nikkas, or whoever you sell to) ...

... And giving them the “Rahul” treatment will likely have the very opposite effect you intend.

(Unless you do it RIGHT, but no, I won't reveal how here, hehe).

And second, and most importantly ...

YOU aren't ME.

And I ain't you.

And neither is anyone me, or neither am I “anyone”. 

I keep saying one thing, the Creator, or Universe, or whoever has made everyone unique my friend.

We all have unique skill sets and talents (look at the Bozo for instance. He's uniquely good at trolling, and yet is too lazy to make a career out of it, but apes me just coz ...).

And the minute we “ape” someone blindly, it shows.

At least, those of us in the know can see.

Unless you really, really do it well and most don't ...

And fitness wise, same thing, and I've said that before of course. I think I said it a day or so ago.

We, my friend, are unique.

Fitness ain't a one size fits all deal.

Doing handstand pushups all day might have worked for Doug Hepburn, but he had his unique situation to deal with.

So do YOU.

And thats why despit ethe barrage of workouts I give you in damn near every book, I do not handhold, and I make that very clear.

Im all about results.

And you ain't gonna get 'em if you ... ah, but we went there, didnt we?

Might not sound like music to your ears, but it's true, hehe.

And on that sage note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, almost forgot! While “apeing” ain't good, building APE like strength is definitely what most modern men WANT and NEED (the Bozo is a prime example). Bozo even wrote in to me about how he wished I'd build a gorilla grip. Funnily enough I'm the guy that wrote the book. Fancy that, eh. But really. Train like an ape, my friend - - you'll never regret the pulling and sheer overall upper body GORILLA strength you build! ;)

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If you look at the results most people achieve from their lives (I mean in an overall sense), then they are ... to say a word, AVERAGE.

I don't mean the size of a person'a bank account necessarily. Or how many houses, cars and other Bozo like “to fit in with society” accrouements they pile up.

(although that is a marker for many, it never has been for me) 

What I mean is overall.

How satisfied is the average person really with their lives my friend?

How FULFILED are they with their lives?

Can they really look back and say “No, I wouldn't change a thing about the way my life is” or if you look deep down within yourself, is there that little voice saying “I wish I had done things differently”.

That little thing you know you were good at.

The things you missed. The things you really wanted. 

And so forth.

And while this isn't a push to “break out of the mould” and do what you really, really want (although you should!) - the fact remains.

We are all unique my friend.

We all have UNIQUE skills and talents, whether we realize it or not.

Most of all stop realizing the immense talent and potential we're ALL born with a few years post “birth”.

The subconscious mind picks up enough negative vibrations from society in general around it (unless you have parents that KNOW how to raise a child, of course, in which case it's different) and pretty soon it's the usual humdrum “do what the rest of the sheeple do” and (when you're an adult) “keep up with the Jones”

(Which was pronounced “Jonses” when I was growing up. WTF?? Why would it be pronounced that way? But then again, not all English words are pronounced the same by everyone and certainly not the way they're spelt a lot of times, hehe).

School. College. Get a job (which you may or may not want). Get a job that “pays well”. Marry. Have kids (the last two are changing in certain parts of the world, but not to the extent they should). Buy house. Buy car.



Ad infinitum.


Of course, we have the few “misfits and outcasts” such as the great author O.Henry I believe it was ... who ended up in prison before he could finally display his immense talent to the world.

Or Abraham Lincoln who was a nothing and nobody before the age of 43 before the love of a woman inspired him to the great heights we know him to be at ...

Strange indeed are the machinations of that “power” -- that “hidden force” that tests those that HAVE it via all sorts of trials, tribulations, temporary defeats and such until it decides that the person can “take it” and opens the doors to success!

The lesson above is clear enough, methinks.

And fitness wise, perhaps you don't realize it, but it's TRUE. (that the one size all approach fits all).

In my daily emails and teachings I tell you to do something DAILY.

And it's true. You should!

But I also tell you not to train to failure daily. Not to burn out daily. Not to shoot for max reps daily.

And guess what.

For years, I did just that, and still made gains.

Now, people have tol dme “I'm exceptional” and perhaps I was. But the person who said that (at the time) also said this.

“Thats all youdo! It's your life! You train!”

And for a period therein, while I was pumping out books and courses galore, it was.

It was my LIFE (well, one part of it, and the other part was the other business I shall not reveal here, hehe).

And a pretty damn good one at that.

But would I advocate this method to all and even myself today?


Another example – pushups.

I'd do at least 500 pushups a day wayyyy back in the day.

Sometimes it took me forever, but I'd do 'em anyway. Sometime sI didnt feel like doing 'em, but I'd do 'em anyway.

Would I recommend this toe veryone? NO.

YOU, my friend, have to take a fitness program and then see how YOU CAN ADAPT best to it!

“It truly is what you make of it”, and that axoim holds true- - both for LIFE - - and FITNESS!!

This is why I don't pay much attention to the clowns that show up and tell me that my (already very well) structured books should be “more structured”.

i.e. Tell them what to eat, what to drink, when to piss, when to take a dump, when to go to sleep, when to ... ah, but you get my point.

In 0 Excuses Fitness I plainly state I ain't intereste din handholding.

Workouts? Well, I provide plenty of those for you in all my books.

But even those need to be tailored to an extent for each person (at least, that is what the wise amongst us would be wise to do).

And thats just how it is my friend.

There is no one size fits all to life – and fitness.

Emblazon this in your mind, and say it to yourself daily every time you encounter any form of “doubt” w.r.t “why is this not working the way it does for him”.

We're ALL different!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Gumption Galore contains plenty more such motivational tips, for thsoe of you that love 'em! ;)

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I was 15 years old at the time.

I was pissed off big time.

Because ... well, on a trip to Atlantic City the almighty casino and the waitresses therein (while I must admit the liqor was what drew me in – I have never ever been one for gambling of any nature! Hehe – that, and the smiling ladies of course! ;)) ENTRANCED me.

But of course, I wasn't allowed to enter.

And I got irritated. Cranky. And ... several other things that my daughter gets on a regular basis with the exact OPPOSITE reaction (even when I was her age, hehe) that I got.

My grandmother asked me to see the splendor of it all, which I did. She was right in a way when she said “have you ever seen anything like that in your whole life”?

I hadn't at that age, no!

And thats why I wanted to ...

Anyway, being I was on a trip with my parents and my good “Uncle” (him of the “caveman” comment and rightly so), I remember how irritated he got at me getting ticked off.

So did my parents but they were used to my grumbling. Yours truly “el groucho” as I often like to say, with good reason, hehe.

My wife is used to it. So much so that she doesnt even call me “her husband” anymore, and from a certain standpoint, I don't blame her.

And I don't mind at all. Being single is great! (even if “just in name”, hehe).

Anyway ... point of all this?

We'll get to that, my friend.

But I remember, that night as I returned “home” (which was Uncle's place in NY) in an irritated mood I pulled out my slippers from the bag they were in and they “crashed” on the wooden floor.

My uncle had a snarling sort of response to that to which at that age I must admit I Was somewhat “intimidated” ... (mostly because everyone acted like that one mistake was the mistake that brought the Tower of Eiffel (was it the other way, hehe) crashing down).

My son is sleeping, he yelled!

So he was, but I had no intention of waking him up. 

Hey, bro.

Mistakes happen. We err! And some of us are crankier than the average person and thats just how it is ..

.. But anyway, as my slipper done crashed today while doing something similar in this here neck of the woods, I was reminded of something similar.

That being, MARKETING.

It's always been this way for me.

People eithe rhate me or love me (and the latter category is small, focused, and doesnt have a lot of people in it at all).

The former has plenty, and it is growing by the day. Hale, hearty and healthy!

But for good or bad, or whatever reason, or perhaps just naturally (yes) – I've always been that sort of person to POLARIZE.

You either love me, or you hate me.

And in a Trumpian sort of manner, that is what I PREFER too.

I'd rather take sides.

I'd rather not straddle the fence. And so forth.

And if you look at the way Trump markets himself, or Dan Kennedy, or any of the other great marketing minds of our times, you'll see that the polarization technique is something they have all used in one way or the other down the line.

Truly, my friend – there truly is VALUE IN IT.

Why do I keep calling out the bozos and freebie seekers for one?

Well, because I dont want them clogging up my list for one.

Second, and more importantly, the minute you remove what you do NOT want from your space, the minute it starts getting filled up with what you DO WANT.

And I've made plenty more sales by doing just that and selling to those who truly believe in what I do, and why I do it as opposed to “trying to convince the fence sitters” than th eother way around

And thats pretty much what I intend to do down the road as well!

Take it or leave it, bro. Thats me (as my friend said once).

He was right!

Anyway, if you're into political incorrectness, and doing things that work – then I highly recommend my fitness system right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Of course, it does require work.

No handholding, no excuses, no mama's boying around. No mamsy pamsy intro (if anything , I've got Herschel Walker in the intro).

And the stuff flat out works.

And thats all I got to say about that!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Check out Pushup Central while you're at it. My fingers grow raw from saying it, but I challenge you to find a better course on pushups out there! Hehe.

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Sunday, 25 October 2020 11:03

When they “don't care about your blog”

I remember getting this comment more than once on my social media (WeShat, I believe, but I'm not sure).

“I could care less about your blog”, goes the angry refrain with that “impotent” (I don't mean physcially, of course, hehe) vibe to it ...

I've never quite understood one thing.

Why people that don't care about pull-ups and diss bodyweight exercises as being useless, and the “iron being the real thing” and “nothing beats the iron” follow yours truly obsessively ...

... Why the very people that claim about “saying it like it is” go into paraxoyms of fury and can't sleep at night wondering “what he's going to say next” and “how dare he” ...

How the very people that claim being fat doenst matter are the ones that want to get that CORRUGATED CORE the MOST ...

And so forth.

Actually, I do know.

And as I conclude my latest writing SPREE, oh boy, I gotta say I do know.

It's because, well, they DO CARE.

IF they didnt, they wouldn't notice it. Simple as that (and for the life of me I really don't know why they do care when they say they do but yet they do and ...).

... I know, I know. All Useless “just talk” right?

But not really my friend.

The blog is how you most likely found me.

The “just the blog” is what drives, and has driven multiple businesses and will continue to do so in the future ...

And when you get the “I don't care” comment in terms of life, or anything you do, the best way to respond, and I've said this before is the following.



Or, say nothing at all.

Let them “not care”. I mean, really. Do YOU care?

And if you do, you shouldn't!

Yours truly made the mistake of “caring “ (a little, not a lot) years and years ago about many things ...

And now? I could care less, to be honest.

I could care less what people say, write or talk about me ... or how they troll me for instance. I actually enjoy it!

But that brings me to an interesting story.

And the reason I'm writing this.

Bozo Scofield the sociopath and myself were once part of a WeShat group I set up for a good reason - -to “keep it real in China”.

Great group, down to earth and adminstered by yours truly with an iron fist (which obviously wasn't all that “iron” as I let the Bozo in as well).

You know, you try and help certain peopel sometimes ...

Anyway, he showed his “colors” soon enough.

Being the troll he was, and i kept him in there for amusement (and the like).

And while he routinely made his brand of personal attacks against many people, put out nigh on false info about many people and much, much more, I still remember what he did to another (admittedly “willow like” guy called “Americana” (but he was a good guy, actually)).

That was his nick on the group, at least. Bozo Scofield was ... “Glyn”, I believe. Or Sir (eh??) Glyn or some nonsense of that nature.

And he trolled this guy relentlessly, all day long.

I still remember the messages coming in from the latter, and at a certain point although I was laughing, I just had to tell the Bozo to stop.

And he did, I believe, for a while, before he started sending the most idiotic and salacious texts to another girl I know who was also a part of the group (and who shall remain unmentiond here).

And more.

Why do I bring this up? 

Well, it' scurious how life goes FULL CIRCLE eh.

As the Bozo himself is throwing fits and hissies at being “called out” (rightly so) for the nutzo that he is ...

Anyway, enough on that. Fitness wise, same thing. Remember that what goes around, comes around.

And if you make that choice to neglect the fat around your waist for one, well, guess what.

It WILL come back to bite ya, and then some!

And more.

And I'll be back soon. Truly another writing binge today!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS -I thank my workouts for that, and about to get #1 in NOW. Soon, at least! ;)

PS #2 – HERE is where you can pick up another bestselling course of ours – Corrugated Core.

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I woke up today feeling GREAT.

At around 1230 in the aftenoon, after not being “able to sleep” until about 6 AM in the morning, hehe.

Actually it wasn't that I couldn't sleep.

It was that I was so worked up from my workout #2 and the awesome feeling I got from the pull-ups, that I was pacing up and down, thinking of things, and indeed my new book (which has been put on the back burner as of late, but rest assured – when the times comes, I WILL GET TO IT!).

This “morning” when I woke up, I knew something good was gonna happen.

And it did, but that isn't the point of me saying this.

I've actually written posts and emails before about “when you FEEL good, you ATTRACT good”.

And I mean really, really feel good deep down inside.

We truly attract “how we feel”.

And on that note, on to point #2.

(Although I will say, I have not come across ONE single person that “feels this good” without doing a lick of physcial activity).

Donald Trump made the famous comment about never exercising because it “depletes his batteries” but the man routintely works 20 plus hours a day at the age of 74, and moves around more than most 20 year olds do!

So you gotta take the OVERALL picture into consideration my friend. And no, Trump IS exceptional – so you can't simply take that one comment in isolation and ... make excuses for yourself!

Zero excuses my friend. Coming from yours truly who was called exceptional as well a year or so ago ... anyway, enough of my “bragging”. Hehe.

Where was I?

Ah yes. I just scrolled up and saw point #2.

That being, having more than one option in your kitty.

For the past few days, some of my customers might have noticed that one of my websites is down.

Yes, I have more than one site. I have more than two, actually! ;) And other businesses as well, mostly all online.

Years ago, in the past, these sites were all sitting on one server owned by the (by far) worst web host I've ever come across.

And my current host for the fitness websites – well – I cannot say enough good things about then. In fact, as I keep telling Peter, I try and find excuses to compliment them occasionally for no reason. They're that damned good, and they deserve it!

Ditto for the other two web hosts I use for other businesses.

Ditto for most of my other business partners.

Anyway, one of my sites is down due to a “misunderstanding” of sorts if I may call it that.

And while we're working it out, it's interesting that a customer from Google of all things noticed, and emaile dme about it.

It ain't the fitness sites, but the other busines s(one of them).

And in the past, when one site was down, they were ALL Down.

Right now, I could move the “other site” to any one of my own privately administered servers. My “own” servers really if I might say that, as that is what it is now as opposed to before ...

I have choices. I have options. And all good ones at that.

And why should that affect you, especially you the fitness guy who knows squat all about websites and such, and has no intention of “learning” (and hey, it ain't everyone's cup of tea! ;)).

Because. . .

You got it.

The SAME THING applies to fitness. Yes, I know I find a way to work that in somehow.

So shameless am I with the sales pitches that even my haters led by Bozo Scofield (even after being roundly blocked from all social media) seem to obsess about yours truly all day long and perhaps all night long as well (ugh, let's not even go there!). . .

 But really.

 No matter how good a fitness program or exercise is, variety is the spice of life, fitness, and is KEY.

 No matter how effective a regimen, sometimes you need to change things up either due to compulsion or otherwise.

No matter how much you love pull-ups, sometimes you gotta do OTHER WORKOUTS!

And so forth. And there's the lesson of the day, or two in fact.

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Offf I go now!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Monday, 19 October 2020 12:26

When that SHOE is on the other FOOT!

It BE a most satisfying feeling hehe.

And I mean that in terms of life, fitness, biz, and just about everything else you can think of.

And the satisfaction comes not from the final result so much as NOT having jumped the gun and been “impulsive before” (although I do recommend this, there is a time and place for it my friend).

What exactly do I mean?

Well, consider the following for one.

As the great Deng Xiaoping, the one and only Chinese leader I do admire despite his faults (the rest aren’t even fit to be called leaders to be quite frank) once said.

“Hide your strength, bide your time”.

And no, tom tommers. He did NOT say “to get rich is glorious”. His words were taken out of context in that regard.

And neither did he support the current shenanigans going on w.r.t. the PRC, and neither WOULD he have. In fact a speech he made to the contrary in the UN years ago pretty much says it all when he said “should China turn imperialist, then the PEOPLE of China should support the ROW in fighting against it” (I am paraphrasing – but that’s the sum and substance of it).

Anyway, what do I mean. Hehe.

What I mean is this my friend.

Let me give you an example.

Years ago, Bozo Schofield, who by dint of his silly dancing monkey job in China (while on the lam from the police) thought he “had it made”.

Between bouts of drug usage, going insane, being locked up temporarily (and kicked out on the road – literally – by friends who got tired of him taking advantage of them repeatedly – trust me – he literally took advantage in the worst way possible and then some), he found time to troll yours truly.

With racist memes and stickers. Apparently according to Bozo Scofield (his thinking which is nigh obvious) “Colored people have no place in the American South”.


And this bozo over the years has been curiously following my every move, and getting his panties into a wad at just about everything I Write. Hehe.

I blocked him on social media. He gets around that block by “snooping” on my websites.

I blocked his IP. He used another. I blocked about 15 different email addresses he signe dup for when he emails me. He persists.

All this for a “one man show with no contacts”, as someone once so “adroitly” told me.

For someone “that would take 10 years to get his biz going” (as a friend told me).

For someone “with no ambition” (as another nutto once told me).

And the comment are numerous. The list of names I’ve been called is now past 900 (well past) and I look forward to hitting 1000. Not to mention I could write a BOOK on the comments themselves, and probably sell it too. Hehe.

As they say, you’re indeed defined more by your haters than those that “so called” support you while privately doing the very exact opposite …

Anyway, amidst all this, the satisfaction comes from not “living life on my own terms and enjoying it”.

Bozo Scofield’s latest claim is he’s a multimillionaire (apparently he was before he turned 40 or what not). When in actuality he doesn’t have two pennies to rub together, got kicked out of his Mama’s basement a long time, and is currently apparently in “public housing” and … ah, but need I continue?

I think NOT. LOL.

And yours truly?

I’m not a millionaire let alone multi. In fact, I’m quite far away from even selling a million books! ?

(But I’m getting there)

And to be honest, I’v never quite thought of becoming a multi-millionaire (even without the multi).

Sorry, Glyn the Bozo Scofield and all the rest who must be smacking their chops with glee at the statement above.

But it doesn’t really interest me. If it does happen, well andgood.

What interests me is my freedom, and being able to live life on my own terms as I choose.

No 50, 60, 70, or 80 hour work weeks. No silly monkey jobs. No silly jobs which you get kicked out of for stating facts as they ARE …

And certainly no mooching up to your girlfriend or SO hoping she’ll give you money for your latest beer blast (on your lonesome, if you’re Bozo Scofield) and then whining about it when she doesn’t, and getting kicked out on the road in China, and running to the cops because youre too much of a you know what to to admit you stole quite a significant sum of dough from (again) you know who…

So anyway.

The person with zero contacts, and the one that “never made it” is the one being followed, trolled and way worse.

And he’s happy about it, hehe. In fact he THRIVES on it!

And as my friend from the Marines recently told me, and he’s SPOT ON.

“Rahul, you should consider that a compliment. Obviously he feels threatened by you (they – sic)”.

And they did way back then as well. The racism only started after this Bozo Scofield got to know of ONE business of mine, hehe.

And none of this would happened if I had “tom tommed” things before they happened.

None of this would happened if I claimed to have followers before I hit the mark I’m at now (and it grows by the day – how funny eh? ?).

And so forth.

Hide your strength, bide your time.

Ignore this advice at your own peril, and YES, it applies to fitness too!

I didn’t write those books on pull-ups before I could do them myself, and how!

I didn’t write 0 Excuses Fitness before I got into the best shape of my life (and no, fat doesn’t equate to ‘strong” or “big” – sorry).

(Neither does my “strength” when I was admittedly “thick” obscure the fact I was FAT at a certain point in time – this is for a certain selective reader, or perhaps a whole bunch (I could start the name of the bunch with “L”)).

And so forth.

GET the results first, and then talk about ‘em.

As Napoleon Hill famously once said, tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW IT FIRST!

Actions count brah. That’s just as simple as it gets.

Take this little gem and apply it if you so choose, and watch your life start to change before your very eyes!

Last, but not least, to the person who I recently had an agreement with “not to mention” (so long as you don’t hound me) – fair enough.

But neither were your “disclosures” incidental nor were they “unintentional”.

And I’ll reveal ALL in a future email.

For now, stay tuned for the next email – contains an important tip or two about LOWER ab fat!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Apparently Bozo Scofield decided he’d copy my email style as well. How coincidental, eh. LOL.

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Saturday, 19 September 2020 11:27

On truly letting GO . . . TRULY!

And receiving, receiving way, way more than you expected (and in forms you never thought possible!)!

When I first started 0 Excuses Fitness, I was “eagerly waiting for customers”. Every day, I’d check my email to see if I had new customers, and how many.

The sales.

I’d check it every so often during the day on all my various channels.

I’d even check occasionally in the middle of the night so “hungry” for success (at that particular endavor at that time) was I.

Now, this approach paid dividends, sure.

But do you know when my sales really started shooting through the ROOF?

When I really started meeting customers that form the very nucleus of my busines, the very CORE – customers that are REPEAT customers, own most of my books an dcourses and aren’t just avidly waiting for my next product; they’re on TENTERHOOKS For it!

When I truly let go.

And I’ve written a lot about this before.

When you let go is when your desires start to manifest my friend, and the more you let go, the more EFFORTLESSLY and often (amazingly enough) QUICKER than you thought possible.

The more you TRULY LET GO!

And most people no matter how smart or disciplined have a very hard time truly letting go of something they truly DESIRE.

Now to the unschooled, this may sound like a bunch of baloney.

But bear with me my friend.

Yes, if you really, really really want something youll obsess about it. As Napoleon Hill said, it’s impossible to really HAVE anything unless you work up DESIRE for that thing, a WHITE HOT SPARK of desire!

That could be via sexual transmutation. Could be via working out. Could be via just wanting the thing or occurrence or event so damned BAD!

Any which way, really.

But the other side of the coin is knowing when enough is enough.

And letting go.

Truly letting go, which means “stop caring about the outcome”, and HAVE FAITH!

Believe me, there is no desire small or big enough for the Universe to accomplish.

You get what you put into it, first of all.

Second, you only get once you show that you truly don’t “care” (even though you do).

If you’re desperately running after something, chances are you ain’t gona get it.

And if you telegraph “want” as opposed to “need” to the Universe, then guess what.

It will sense both those thing s (or the presence of the former, and the lack of the latter, or vice versa) and respond accordingly.

Like a well oiled machine, the best of them all!

I can recall so many instances of this.

Take for instance a year or so ago

I was craving some pizza. Big effing time!

Some GOOD pizza.

I could literally TASTE and smell the damn thing - - so badly did I want it!

And within 3 days of having this desire Marc the African silverback gorilla “just so happened” to invite me out for pizza – on him!

I had never spoken to him about this before.

I was going to buy a pair of shoes later that year I really wanted, but for some reason Amazon didn’t have ‘em.

And guess what.

Within a WEEK of that desire being telegraphed, the shoes showed up - - from a different source - - at less than half the cost without me even buying em!

Mysterious indeed are the ways of the Universe, my friend, and it’s only when we accept what is, and accept that we have to have FAITH is that when things truly start to turn around for us.

ALL of us, regardless of what we’re into.

And it’s the same with fitness.

Have faith you’ll get a 100 pushups in a row.

Have faith the fingertip pushups will get easier.

Have faith the belly of Buddha will go away.

Provided you put in the hard yards, telegraph intention to the Universe, and truly do let go, there ain’t nothing “impossible” for you my friend – in any sphere of life, and I mean that from the bottom of my very heart!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the best damned course on pushups, a course that has been garnering RAVE REVIEWS and then some – Pushup Central.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2020 08:33

You have to take a side . . . or DO YOU?

As events across the globe spiral out of control and processed towards the inevitable and (to me at least) bloody obvious conclusion (and as the vast majority of people in the world, especially China seem to be preferring to go the “if we don’t talk about it it will go away on it’s own” route on this one), I gotta say one thing.

Something I’ve been saying for a while now.

Something I’ve been saying for ages, actually, and something that is nigh on crucial to success in ANY field or endavor.

That being, you gotta stop VACILLATING my friend.

No if’s, buts and maybe.

As George Bush once famously said, you’re either WITH us – or you’re against US.

He had his heart in the right place, and though his actions in Iraq for one are NOT something I support (for obvious reasons again, and even back then I didn’t support ‘em) what he said is true in times of crisis, and actually, when discussing anything important.

Way too many people right now are vacillating between offering lip service to the countries that are being directly affected by the Chinese aggression on their borders and elsewhere - - while adopting the silly and pacifist response of “we’ll continue to do business with them”.

And to me, it don’t work that way.

Thank heavens President Trump and his team don’t believe that, for one!

You simply cannot continue to support a bunch of thugs like that my friend. Every dollar spent in and on China goes back either directly or indirectly to the CCP and that’s just how it is.

Secretary Pompeo was very clear on this a few days ago too when he said the same thing, except in greater detail and was more “verbose” about it.

And in any case, I believe people will be FORCED to take a stance very soon, whether they like it or not, and the sooner they accept that reality the better it is.

Saying this, of course, has lost me more friends than gained, but that’s fine.

The few that remain are the ones I truly care about, and the ones that are worth remaining.

I was truly saddened last night by a good friends response to this entire mess last night.

He did not say one word against the CCP, the inaction by PM Modi in India, or the HIGHLY COMMENDABLE actions Trump and team have taken or anything of that nature.

All he said was the official CCP line (or something very dangerously close to it) of “we have to work together for mutual benefit”.

This floored me.

How can it work that way when one party is hell bent upon bullying the other and the entire world?

And yet, this blindingly simple concept doesn’t seem to be penetrating for a lot of people . ..

NO, you cannot separate border issues from everything else!

NO, you cannot allow Spy Way (Huawei) and other such CCP sponsored telecos to be the backbone of your infrastructure. Ditto for Chinese apps, Chinese programs etc.

We cannot discuss things in a void my friend.

And the same holds true globally.

And the sooner folks REALIZE this, the better it will be for ALL Concerned.

Thankfully, the developed world seems to be moving in exactly that direction, and I believe it is a matter of time (very soon now) before the Asia Pacific as a whole gets tired of the Chinese bullying and finally says enough is enough.

And now, fitness you ask.

OK. Let’s go there.

And let me throw a FINAL spanner into the works! ?

Fitness wise, you DO have to be on the side of the sensible, for one.

If what you’re doing right now is not working, then TOSS it regardless of what the bros tell you or regardless of what you read on the Internet.

If you’re NOT getting the results you want, well, guess what. Time to make that CHANGE!

But on that same note, do I believe that “lifting weights” (as many of you like to do) and bodyweight stuff cannot co-exist?


Done right, they can. And the old timers did it that way with great results.

What I DO believe cannot co-exist is pumping and toning, puffing and buffing, and REAL training.

That, to me simply cannot co-exisit.

And which side of that fence you’re on, only you know – and can tell me!

Let me know! ? I’m out for now, but will be back later with more! ?


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ve completely deactivated one of my WeShat accounts as of now. The only reason I had it was one of my friends, and given what he said the other day, well . . .

PS #2 – Good news – you can still follow me on other social media! Try Twitter, for one . . .

PPS – BE sure to check out our products page right HERE.

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