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From an old sofa with spring worn out over time – which the daughter jumped on and made even worse, hehe, to a picture of it sitting in the middle of the garden in broad daylight, and no-one willing to take it away, and certain people SO eager for it to just “go, go, GO!” - that ………… well, the whole thing is just hilarious to me and I couldn’t help but chuckle – out loud.


Dont get me wrong, I did my best to get the damn thing carted away, I even offered to lift the motherfucker up – I mean, thats a good workout!


Id gladly load the damned thing onto whatever cart or truck can cart old furniture away, of course, I ain’t paying to throw trash away if you get my drift, insane as it might sound, all the guys I asked wanted money to take it away.


Including the garbage man. Ugh.


And I’m not even getting into the FIRST of it here.


Life in the subcontinent, life in Asia, life in general outside the West and perhaps Eastern Europe – SO different from what most people might envisage.


I can handle China and the Far East and the girls, dominating as they might be, hehe, just fine, but I do my best to stay FAR away from the subcontinent. Ugh.


Anyway ……. thats just me!


Now, I’ve been reading a lot on the Trumpinator as of late.


No, I don’t support taking classified records out of the White House or dumping them in the commode – LOL.


Neither have I ever supported or condoned what went down at the Capitol in early 2021. That sorta thing should NOT happen in a civilized country, period. The rule of law must prevail.


Of course, when the law itself is “bought” in that regard (so say some) and when half the nation is doing their best to defund law enforcement anyway while sending billions of dollars overseas for a lost, wrong and useless cause (one amongst many) ...what can one say.


But anyway, I read this piece recently – https://www.businessinsider.in/politics/world/news/trump-treated-my-family-like-disposable-pawns-and-tore-us-apart-says-daughter-of-convicted-jan-6-rioter/articleshow/93696208.cms.


And this article was posted on Yahoo! News and many others too (all sources of salacious gossip, peppered with language that makes you want to look – I do to snicker).


Here is what stood out to me -


"The former President Trump is not entirely responsible for my father's actions that day on January 6. However, in my opinion, I believe he used orchestrated language that uses subliminal projection, leading up to and the day of, that in a real way bypasses his supporters' rational thought and appeals to their deeper emotions," she told Insider in a text.


Insider changed to Yahoo! News in their version of the article.


Now, when I Read this I had to write about it.


First off, I don’t know if the Trumpinator ever actually urged his supporters to invade the Capitol, I don’t believe he did, I just believed he said “fight” for your rights (that was the gist).


I believe personally it was Trump being Trump, and nothing more, and even Trump later told these guys to NOT enter the Capitol – I mean really, who would do something like that anyway??


Regardless of whatever grouses (and there are many) I have with Sleepy Joe and his pathetic, bumbling, useless, admin I Would NEVER think of doing something like that, as it adds to the problem.


No, civil war isn’t here as yet – despite what people are thinking and saying!


It will though if people keep acting like they are of late – globally.


Anyway, back to Trump, I don’t know if people realize it, but he’s a perfect example of natural marketing.


You either love him or hate him, but you can learn a hell of a lot from him, my friend.


His language may seem to be orchestrated.


It is anything but, I’ll tell you that, and any marketer worth his bloody cojones will as well.


The best selling and marketing is done naturally.


The best communication and most effective ones are doing when you paint pictures effectively inside the other person’s mind.


Such as what I spoke about most people looking like they could birth Saturn – or Jupiter, perhaps these days – really, take a walk around the block, grab some wood at a mall or wherever, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s pathetic, but nigh true…


And Trump’s just damn good at doing that.


And if someone follows through, well, it ain’t Trump that “made him do it”.


Trump just unleashed his inner beast is what he did, all marketers do that to an extent.


Again, I get it.


It’s different when a sitting US President says something!


But still, ultimately, for the Trumpinator, its always been about natural marketing.


Effective communication.


And selling yourself, your products successfully … hey, all of that sounds a lot like a certain Rahul Mookerjee we all know. Hehe.


But anyway, marketing wise, life wise, there is a lot the average Shmoe can learn from Trump, even if you hate his very guts…


…. Same thing with me, my friend.


A lot of you hate my guts for selling products that cost a bit more than the average “put together over a weekend” nonsense selling for “dirt cheap” or whatever the cheapasses want.


A lot of you have to also grudgingly admit the results I’ve gotten over the years, the way I’ve done it, the “in the trenches” knowledge I have … well, all of that is priceless.


And what I’m saying about people becoming increasingly fatter, more slovenly, out of energy and so forth, chances are YOU reading this fall into the same category, friend.


Take action NOW.


Take back control of your LIFE NOW – and the first thing to do is take control of your FITNESS – and therefore your mind and body both.


Once you do that, the rest will start to fall into place.


I don’t know what pictures these words paint in your mind, my friend.


But what I said is all true …


And fitness wise, YOU can start to get into the best shape of your life now.


If you so choose, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is the one tool you need for the job.


That’ll do it for this one!


Back soon.



Rahul mookerjee

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I was 15 years old at the time.

I was pissed off big time.

Because ... well, on a trip to Atlantic City the almighty casino and the waitresses therein (while I must admit the liqor was what drew me in – I have never ever been one for gambling of any nature! Hehe – that, and the smiling ladies of course! ;)) ENTRANCED me.

But of course, I wasn't allowed to enter.

And I got irritated. Cranky. And ... several other things that my daughter gets on a regular basis with the exact OPPOSITE reaction (even when I was her age, hehe) that I got.

My grandmother asked me to see the splendor of it all, which I did. She was right in a way when she said “have you ever seen anything like that in your whole life”?

I hadn't at that age, no!

And thats why I wanted to ...

Anyway, being I was on a trip with my parents and my good “Uncle” (him of the “caveman” comment and rightly so), I remember how irritated he got at me getting ticked off.

So did my parents but they were used to my grumbling. Yours truly “el groucho” as I often like to say, with good reason, hehe.

My wife is used to it. So much so that she doesnt even call me “her husband” anymore, and from a certain standpoint, I don't blame her.

And I don't mind at all. Being single is great! (even if “just in name”, hehe).

Anyway ... point of all this?

We'll get to that, my friend.

But I remember, that night as I returned “home” (which was Uncle's place in NY) in an irritated mood I pulled out my slippers from the bag they were in and they “crashed” on the wooden floor.

My uncle had a snarling sort of response to that to which at that age I must admit I Was somewhat “intimidated” ... (mostly because everyone acted like that one mistake was the mistake that brought the Tower of Eiffel (was it the other way, hehe) crashing down).

My son is sleeping, he yelled!

So he was, but I had no intention of waking him up. 

Hey, bro.

Mistakes happen. We err! And some of us are crankier than the average person and thats just how it is ..

.. But anyway, as my slipper done crashed today while doing something similar in this here neck of the woods, I was reminded of something similar.

That being, MARKETING.

It's always been this way for me.

People eithe rhate me or love me (and the latter category is small, focused, and doesnt have a lot of people in it at all).

The former has plenty, and it is growing by the day. Hale, hearty and healthy!

But for good or bad, or whatever reason, or perhaps just naturally (yes) – I've always been that sort of person to POLARIZE.

You either love me, or you hate me.

And in a Trumpian sort of manner, that is what I PREFER too.

I'd rather take sides.

I'd rather not straddle the fence. And so forth.

And if you look at the way Trump markets himself, or Dan Kennedy, or any of the other great marketing minds of our times, you'll see that the polarization technique is something they have all used in one way or the other down the line.

Truly, my friend – there truly is VALUE IN IT.

Why do I keep calling out the bozos and freebie seekers for one?

Well, because I dont want them clogging up my list for one.

Second, and more importantly, the minute you remove what you do NOT want from your space, the minute it starts getting filled up with what you DO WANT.

And I've made plenty more sales by doing just that and selling to those who truly believe in what I do, and why I do it as opposed to “trying to convince the fence sitters” than th eother way around

And thats pretty much what I intend to do down the road as well!

Take it or leave it, bro. Thats me (as my friend said once).

He was right!

Anyway, if you're into political incorrectness, and doing things that work – then I highly recommend my fitness system right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Of course, it does require work.

No handholding, no excuses, no mama's boying around. No mamsy pamsy intro (if anything , I've got Herschel Walker in the intro).

And the stuff flat out works.

And thats all I got to say about that!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Check out Pushup Central while you're at it. My fingers grow raw from saying it, but I challenge you to find a better course on pushups out there! Hehe.

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. . . but especially on social media I should say.

A while back I wrote that “infamous” piece about how I would not learn Chinese if you paid me to do so. And believe me, I MEANT EVERY WORD!

Perhaps that is why the article was such a resounding success in many ways i.e. came straight from the heart, and was true.

Believe me, my friend.

People can see past the BS, and while they may or may not like you (or hate you in my case) for saying it like it is, they WILL follow you to the ends of the earth to hear what you got to say if you follow that one rule above and KEEP IT REAL.

Ah, Keeping it Real in China. What a “nice” group that used to be before I gave it up. Lots of rants in there that would do just great printed out on a roll of toilet paper, as Uncle Bob once said about our communication (daily (hourly, actually, if not more) emails while bored shitless at the factories we worked at – long story).

But really.

That one article generate SO MANY comments that at one point I was literally hearing my phone beep every second. Believe me now and trust me later, yes, it did tick people off a lot.

I posted it in a China Facebook group of all things . . .

The irony. How dare I eh.

Well I did.

And the beeping is an exaggeration in that my phone  is always on silent mode no matter what. But the point stands, as do the notifications I got.

And guess what, they weren’t all hate and the usual “your racist” nonsense (it still befuddles me as to how Im racist by choosing not to a learn a certain language but for the mainlanders it’s their way or the highway, much like the liberal lunatic left, so that don’t surprise me one bit().

Some of the comments actually made perfect sense including some of the responses to the “hes a racist” chants which I’ve covered before.

And I did respond to a couple of comments on that thread (no more tho).

But really, mi amigo.

Its far better in most cases to NOT get into a pissing contest on social media.

In most cases.

In that case, it was warranted to a degree, but even then, I eventually took the fight back to my own den. My own lair (which most of those people that comment up a storm are too LAZY to create or foster).

The same type of people that badger you incessantly with idiotic questions and yet when you ask THEM questions about their own life or situation, they never reply.

“Will India defeat China?”

“China’s a powerful country! Can India defeat it?”

(just a couple of replies to a recent post and the guy got on FB Messenger for them)

Look, dude. Get on Google for fuck’s sake and then Google it .  . .

And when I asked him a question, of course. The question that mattered.

Resounding and ringing silence so loud it could have woken the dead.

As TEMB (who for whatever reason chooses to call himself “Eric”, hehe) said “no answer is often an answer with these nuts”.

And it is, in many ways.

I can’t stand people like that.

Nor those who say “I won’t discuss it publicly” and then pester me with 1000 voice notes for something that could be said in writing in one paragraph (usually the voice them justifying the non-existence of their point to themselves if that makes sense!).

Or those that say “my friends might see”, but I agree with you privately.

Dude (or lady) at least have the balls to say it publicly. There are extenuating circumstances on occasion, but far less than what most people make out to be, and the above two cases ain’t it for sure.

And yes, this email is mostly MARKETING, and I’ve already given you many different marketing tips, but before I cover the why, here’s something else.

Aside from fitness, I’ve made no bones about the fact that I AM a damned good marketer even if I say so myself, and CAN AND WILL Teach those interested tricks that will double, triple or even quadruple your sales in ANY Economy if I say so myself.

Believe me, if I can do it (and here’s proof) then YOU can too.

IF  you’re serious.

And if so, I can help . . .

But back to it. Because . ..

It accomplishes zippo for one.

Not only are you getting nothing out of that effort (and in most cases heartfelt comments with emotion behind them) but you’re rarely if ever going to convince someone to change their POV on most things.

That emotion might be best spent doing what I am right now, or with your SO (or on him or her) or other things . . .

. . . Things that matter.

IN certain cases, yes. Perhaps getting into a bit of a fistfight online may help if the person youre attacking has a massive audience.

But even then perhaps not . . .

. . . And if you’re Bozo Schofield for one that claims . . . ah, but we’ll get there.

These are the two main reasons why other than waste of time, and one last “monkey in the wrench”?

Or was it spanner in the works, hehe.

It’s well known that a lot of people hate my very guts, and existence. Much like Major General Michael once told me years ago “Rahul you hate my guts don’t you” (I didn’t, really!) . . .

But curiously enough it is these people who can’t resist following yours truly.

“lets see what he’s got to say”

(because deep down inside they know I say what is TRUE and what I say makes perfect SENSE).

“Lets get a couple of tips for freeeeeeee!”

And so forth.

And as the liberal left no doubt latches on to this post with renewed vigor (believe me, I might as well not post it on social media as people are going to look for what Rahul Mookerjee is sayin anyway even if the social media post isn’t out there) hey – I welcome it! ?

Go for it!

Oh, and if you’re Bozo Schofield on drugs trying to convince me “I have no followers and can’t market worth a damn” with a sum total of two followwers on Twitter yourself, one being an alter ego of you, and the other being ..  I don’t know, but the profile pic is so weird I won’t even go there … well, please  Glyn.

Do it if you must.

But really, you’re making a massive fool out of yourself.

Which you are, anyway, so I suppose youre being honest in that regard and kudos for that! ?

And there endeth this particular rant. The haters will find reasons to hate and the DOERS that GET SOMEWHERE IN LIFE will LISTEN – and learn

If I were you, I know which Id choose!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you want to apply for life coaching, send in your application right here. Be aware that I’m usually dealing with several things at once, so if you’re not serious or if I get a bad vibe off your email, you’ll be blocked pronto. You can wail and moan all you like later, but sorry, I won’t be unblocking you . . .

PS #2 – Here is where you can pick up the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales (that works in ANY economy bar none).

PPS – A certain poster who specifically asked not to be named and so I wont name him wrote in to say I was a pompous ass for saying “masks aren’t necessary” and I didn’t “value human life”. Yada, nada, schnada. All I can say to that? Ho hum! Hey, pally. China spread the plague and then of course disappeared leaving the ROW to deal with it, and guess what, hiding at home ain’t gonna make it go away. Might as well man up and get rid of it the natural way which is to ignore it and eventually you’ll see it as just the flu or other common diseases. Really, my brother. All it is is a version of the super flu, and that’s it!

PPS #2 – Donald Trump is back in office (I mean, back in the White House). Yippee!! Here’s to the one and only Trumpinator!

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I know that sounds strange, but bear with me - and yes, I didnt so much "learn" as it reinforced what I already know (and do). 

But anyway, I bought a different "style" (flavor) of toothpaste from the one I normally use. 

For whatever reason, I've been wanting to buy this one for a while. 

I dont know if it's the blue color or peppermint or what not - but the ad just "struck home". 

More than that, China colgate (at least the ones Ive bought) with that color have always been super good, and being I was buying the same brand? 

I figured it would be GREAT. 

Upon opening the pack though, and trying it - it wasnt. 

But looking at the ad for it, would I buy it again ? 

I'd probably be tempted to yes for whatever odd reason, even though I know the toothpaste ain't that great!

But anyway, thats a very very rare example of marketing done right - or maybe it just hit home in terms of the color combo etc for me, I dont know. I've never seen most people in China use the brand of toothpaste I do, so ... 

But it brings to mind an interesting point. 

Those people - and I'm talking not just fitness books, but everything in general - that talk and market a big game, but their product falls FLAT on their face. 

Those people that invest a ton of time and money into taking "the perfect picture", proof reading their book about a bazillion times, making sure the cover is a piece of art, and thereforth ... 

Yours truly, my friend, has always been the exact and polar opposite. Overdeliver while UNDERPROMISING  - and this holds especially true for the fluff etc like pictures, book cover etc. 

I always laugh at people who say "covers matter a hell of a lot" to the exclusion of CONTENT. 

True, covers sell - big time. 

But the sort of person that judges a book by it's cover and that alone is an idiot in my opinion. 

I'd rather customers like I have who know that despite there being no fluff or filler in the books, my books deliver. 

Despite the covers not being fancy in the least. 

(Most are black and white!). 

Despite no fancy showboating, showbiz style stuff etc ... 

And I'm only getting MORE this way, as you can see from the cover of Profound Handstands

Or the cover of Battletank Shoulders, or Shoulders like Boulders!

Would I sell more if I made the workouts easier, and SOLD OUT (in my view)? 


Would I sell more if I gussied up the book covers etc? 


Truth be told, I could care less about any of that and therefore I will NOT do it. 

I want the covers, the books, everything to emphasize my bare bones BRUTAL training style. 

And they do! 

And that, to me is what really matters - along with the results. 

And my very best book ever is a prime example of just that - Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

If you haven't got it as yet - you'll want to do so NOW. 

Truly spectacular!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020 19:14

Why I dont and probably never will segment my lists.

And go completely contrary to the advice that most gurus (so called) spout on this. 

You keep hearing “segmentation” and segmeting i.e seperating people on lists to “give them more of what they prefer” to make more money.

And truth be told, there is logic to that.

For instance, if you're selling feminine items, for one, such as bras, underwear etc – you wouldn't want to come across as an uber macho “mysognistic” “male supremacist or “MGTOW” or whatever they call it (no, that last philosophy isnt what I mention in the second – far from it – but most people on the “outside” think it is...) ...

If you're selling products on pull-ups, and that alone, then you probably don't want to be talking about the benefits of lat pulldowns to those on that list.

(unless you want to do something I do VERY often to make more dough, and something marketing related, and unfortunately something most people don't do well at all, so I'll let that sleeping dog lie for now, hehe).

But segmentation isn't the magic bullet it's made out to be.

Nothing is, to be quite honest.

It's about showcasing YOU, if I can put it in one word (or a few) – and I get that most people reading this won't believe me, which is fine. I'm not trying to convince you to do that.

But anyway, on the other site, one person wrote to me about “how he shouldn't have to read about what I was writing about” (I was writing about something RELATED but not what “he liked” or “claimed he liked”).

It's wierd.

Probe people's minds, and you'll find that they WANT the very thing they claim to despise (for instance, the nuts claiming that “weights are where it's at” and that “pull-ups areOK, but the deadlift RULES” while secretly poring over yours truly pul-up books) ...

... And thats people in general for you.

Way, way too scared to acknowledge what they truly want, even to themselves, and thats why when you ask people what they WANT, you'll come up with a blank in MOST cases.

No, “more money” doesnt cut it either!

And back to the topic at hand.

It's impossible for me, for one to talk about pull-ups or getting better at them without talking about PUSHUPS in tandem.

Specifically Hindu pushps and handstand training. (and pushups).

And if its impossible for me, yours truly pull-up “Master” in many regards, you'd better bet your bottom dollar it can't be done.

The two are mutually symbiotic.

Much like if you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

And so on both the sites (0 Excuses Fitness and this one), you'll see you sign up for ONE list.

Because fitness is an all encompassing thing, my friend.

And the sooner you realize that, the better.

And those that dont', well, the unsubscribe link is right ther.e

Anyway, enough on that. HERE is where you can pick up Jump Rope Mania! - a course I've been meaning to put out for ages, but dillied and daddled on, but finally got around to a couple of days ago. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and pick up the course on pushups as well – goes with the above!

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Friday, 02 October 2020 07:40

Red ants, black ants and MORE . . .

And my thoughts on this little meme that seems to have sweeping social media as of late.

Basically a somewhat (not to me really as it’s obvious and common sense and has been for a WHILE NOW) “interesting” take on the EXTREME polarization that’s been sweeping the world and that I HAVE WRITTEN about it multiple times BEFORE . . .

(Yes, I told you so, and it happened. Yes, there are no prizes for being right, but there sure aren’t any for being wrong either, and I know which side I’d rather be on at the end of the day! ?).

I saw this first posted by a friend (typed out) and I thought he created it.

Apparently not though as I see the same thing in various forms and guises being spread all over the Internet (except perhaps of course in mainland China where of course “all is always well”, and the roses always bloom, and “there is never a problem”, and thus forth ) . . .

And since you guys on my list won’t get this if I attach it (believe me, yours truly would do so in a flying jiffy if it made his task easier), I’ll type it out too.

(On another note I was going to do up a “how dare I” email for y’all, but that will have to wait until this one, hehe).

Here goes then –

“If you go to the South West desert and catch 100 red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants and put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen.

However, if you violently shake the jar and dump them back on the ground the ants will fight until they eventually kill each other.

The thing is, the red ants think the black ants are the enemy, and vice versa, when in reality the real enemy is the person that shook the jar.

This is exactly what is happening in society today.

Liberal VS conservative

Black VS white

Pro mask VS anti mask

The real question we need to be asking ourselves is whose shaking the jar and why”

And there endeth that one.

Now, really, I could have said this in a far more pithier fashion.

I mean, really.

“Why is the world so bloody polarized”

Well, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it againm and people are going to HATE me for saying this, but here are the facts boyo.

One, polarization and HATE is exactly what needs to be done in terms of marketing – for anything.

I don’t care if it’s getting re-elected, or selling fitness books, or even selling lemonade down the road and outdoing the other sellers by a huge margin.

You HAVE TO SHOUT from the rooftops, and how!

There ain’t no sense (and more importantly MONEY) in “being as shy as a dormouse” or “worrying about what others will think”.

Of course that needs to be blended in with a proper degree of ASSURANCE in that your PRODUCT is actually a GREAT ONE and that you can back your talk up!

Yours truly CAN. As you can see from the testimonials page. Yes, I’m bragging, and unashamedly so.

Donald Trump can too, and as I write this, the SAD news just came in.

HE and his wife have tested positive for the China plague, and although it didn’t look even remotely likely to happen a day or so ago during the debate, hey, what can I say.

Other than DAMN this damned plague and DAMN the people that created and wifully spread it to all corners of the globe.

He WILL Recover. We WILL Win this war together.

Anyway . . .  that topic could go on forever. I’ll write more about it later, but for now. . .

Let’s talk about what is happening in the world NOW.


Left VS right.

Fitness VS “so called fitness”

And in all of this, there are two things that really stand out.

One, doing the right thing and being open enough to SAY the right thing and being unapologetic about how many people it offends is an art, bar none.

And if you can do so in a brutally honest fashion (manner! ?), all the better.

If you can say it like it TRULY is – believe me, very few people can, then you’re one of a RARE breed mi amigo.

And of course, people are too scared to SAY IT LIKE IT IS!

Take for example (a small example).

From what I hear, my daughter’s school lessons in India have been reduced to an ultimate FARCE.

The China plague means lockdowns again, and schools don’t look likely to reopen until March next year. Assuming full scale war doesn’t break out, and it most likely will, and in that case all bets are off.

And the fact is that online teaching just don’t work.

Especially not when it’s peppered with, as is going on in CHINA and India now, overly simplistic and in your face jingoism, religious ‘programming’ done on young, impressionable minds in the very nastiest manner possible and more . ..

Believe me, I could write tomes about what the education system in both countries has descended into as of late!

At least leave kids out of it! But they wont.

And that’s my point.

(Well, not really. The point there was that people are still forking out fees - that have been recently INFLATED! - at that for these idiotic and utterly USELESS lessons the kids hate, and so the schools keep doingit, because there are still tons of bozos out there that believe they ain't got a choice. Good news though, some people are apparently (from what I hear) NOT paying the schools anymore - hopefully that boycott movements keeps up!)

The world, my friend, is going to hell in a hen basket and has been for a while, and most people are scared to come out and SAY IT.


“I’ll offend people”.

“I’ll lose business”

“My friends may see that post”

“The backlash may be severe”

Well, goody.

But when someone DOES come out and say it like it is, people brand it as stirring the pot, and in some ways it is, because it instantly gives people something to argue about SAFELY (hey, I didn’t say it, he did – there’s your scapegoat eh).

And of course, the other “side” will come out and tom tom their beliefs too.

Question is, who is RIGHT?

Should be bloody obvious (if you look at what is going on in the world today).

(Remember what I wrote about calling out a dude in my daughter's school for bullying once? NOBODY would dare to post about that (whatsapp I believe) and when yours truly did they all jumped on the anti-bullying bandwagon behind me. People truly are SCARED! And this coming from a person(yours truly) not even in India where her school while the rest of  the parents WERE and bloody well could have spoken UP, but didnt!)

Unfortunately the wrong side thinks they’re right too (Nazis, anyone?)

And here’s the MAIN point.

Why do people CARE?

Because people globally are FRUSTRATED.

A lot of people are “tired of waking up to the same old shit daily”.

Deep down inside, EVERYONE (almost) wants change, and they want it NOW (2020 being the year of the survivor, and thus forth).

And when someone comes along and says it like it is, those INNER feelings boil up the surface.

What has been bubbling along in the subconscious is finally given a “vehicle” to ride out. And when that happens – watch out!

‘Tis unfortunate, but ‘tis true my friend. As my buddy from the Marines told me a coupla of weeks ago, the world needs a cleansing.

And how!

The Universe has it’s own ways of dispensing justice my friend, and that is precisely (in a way) what is happening right now in the world (and the “why” should be OBVIOUS again).

Anyway, that’s my take on it. It’s gotta happen my friend.

Best thing you can do is be on the right side of it.

And as Charles Mitchell said, be prepared for anything, both physically and MENTALLY, and if an ex cop with years of service on his belt says you better damn well believe it!

And he’s right, actually. That’s what I base my entire training system upon.

Look, pally. When someone’s got you to the ground in a chokehold, or arm bar, that bench ain’t gonna save your ass, and neither will the deadlift.

A strong grip, the kind you get from doing pull-ups right, and lots and lots of them at that might well break that chokehold and reverse it and then some . . .

And that’s the fact of the matter my friend.

Train RIGHT. Train hard, but RIGHT.

That’s how I do it, and that’s how YOU SHOULD TOO!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My best wishes for the Trumpinator once again. I’ve posted everywhere but if there is ONE takeaway from all this I’d like y’all to share, it is that. Share away, and lets do this TOGETHER!

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