Monday, 22 August 2022 08:28

The latest on the Trumpinator, my thoughts, and more …

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From an old sofa with spring worn out over time – which the daughter jumped on and made even worse, hehe, to a picture of it sitting in the middle of the garden in broad daylight, and no-one willing to take it away, and certain people SO eager for it to just “go, go, GO!” - that ………… well, the whole thing is just hilarious to me and I couldn’t help but chuckle – out loud.


Dont get me wrong, I did my best to get the damn thing carted away, I even offered to lift the motherfucker up – I mean, thats a good workout!


Id gladly load the damned thing onto whatever cart or truck can cart old furniture away, of course, I ain’t paying to throw trash away if you get my drift, insane as it might sound, all the guys I asked wanted money to take it away.


Including the garbage man. Ugh.


And I’m not even getting into the FIRST of it here.


Life in the subcontinent, life in Asia, life in general outside the West and perhaps Eastern Europe – SO different from what most people might envisage.


I can handle China and the Far East and the girls, dominating as they might be, hehe, just fine, but I do my best to stay FAR away from the subcontinent. Ugh.


Anyway ……. thats just me!


Now, I’ve been reading a lot on the Trumpinator as of late.


No, I don’t support taking classified records out of the White House or dumping them in the commode – LOL.


Neither have I ever supported or condoned what went down at the Capitol in early 2021. That sorta thing should NOT happen in a civilized country, period. The rule of law must prevail.


Of course, when the law itself is “bought” in that regard (so say some) and when half the nation is doing their best to defund law enforcement anyway while sending billions of dollars overseas for a lost, wrong and useless cause (one amongst many) ...what can one say.


But anyway, I read this piece recently –


And this article was posted on Yahoo! News and many others too (all sources of salacious gossip, peppered with language that makes you want to look – I do to snicker).


Here is what stood out to me -


"The former President Trump is not entirely responsible for my father's actions that day on January 6. However, in my opinion, I believe he used orchestrated language that uses subliminal projection, leading up to and the day of, that in a real way bypasses his supporters' rational thought and appeals to their deeper emotions," she told Insider in a text.


Insider changed to Yahoo! News in their version of the article.


Now, when I Read this I had to write about it.


First off, I don’t know if the Trumpinator ever actually urged his supporters to invade the Capitol, I don’t believe he did, I just believed he said “fight” for your rights (that was the gist).


I believe personally it was Trump being Trump, and nothing more, and even Trump later told these guys to NOT enter the Capitol – I mean really, who would do something like that anyway??


Regardless of whatever grouses (and there are many) I have with Sleepy Joe and his pathetic, bumbling, useless, admin I Would NEVER think of doing something like that, as it adds to the problem.


No, civil war isn’t here as yet – despite what people are thinking and saying!


It will though if people keep acting like they are of late – globally.


Anyway, back to Trump, I don’t know if people realize it, but he’s a perfect example of natural marketing.


You either love him or hate him, but you can learn a hell of a lot from him, my friend.


His language may seem to be orchestrated.


It is anything but, I’ll tell you that, and any marketer worth his bloody cojones will as well.


The best selling and marketing is done naturally.


The best communication and most effective ones are doing when you paint pictures effectively inside the other person’s mind.


Such as what I spoke about most people looking like they could birth Saturn – or Jupiter, perhaps these days – really, take a walk around the block, grab some wood at a mall or wherever, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s pathetic, but nigh true…


And Trump’s just damn good at doing that.


And if someone follows through, well, it ain’t Trump that “made him do it”.


Trump just unleashed his inner beast is what he did, all marketers do that to an extent.


Again, I get it.


It’s different when a sitting US President says something!


But still, ultimately, for the Trumpinator, its always been about natural marketing.


Effective communication.


And selling yourself, your products successfully … hey, all of that sounds a lot like a certain Rahul Mookerjee we all know. Hehe.


But anyway, marketing wise, life wise, there is a lot the average Shmoe can learn from Trump, even if you hate his very guts…


…. Same thing with me, my friend.


A lot of you hate my guts for selling products that cost a bit more than the average “put together over a weekend” nonsense selling for “dirt cheap” or whatever the cheapasses want.


A lot of you have to also grudgingly admit the results I’ve gotten over the years, the way I’ve done it, the “in the trenches” knowledge I have … well, all of that is priceless.


And what I’m saying about people becoming increasingly fatter, more slovenly, out of energy and so forth, chances are YOU reading this fall into the same category, friend.


Take action NOW.


Take back control of your LIFE NOW – and the first thing to do is take control of your FITNESS – and therefore your mind and body both.


Once you do that, the rest will start to fall into place.


I don’t know what pictures these words paint in your mind, my friend.


But what I said is all true …


And fitness wise, YOU can start to get into the best shape of your life now.


If you so choose, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is the one tool you need for the job.


That’ll do it for this one!


Back soon.



Rahul mookerjee