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Remember a certain Keith James who was jumping up and down about "Raul just wants 5 star reviews"?

(He forgot to mention that I don't own Amazon, and Amazon even allows trolls like Bozo Schofield that have not bought a single book to submit reviews)...

I'm hardly the person to talk to there, hehe, especially after he claimed his first two reviews were "deleted".

According to him "I dont look like I train".


Most of the trolling is because I DO look like I train.

And the big pictures will be there where they are, because guess what - YES, big guys CAN do pull-ups.

It's the phat phocks and idiots that cannot.

(or are too lazy too, therefore cannot).

(I did 'em when I was a fat phock, but I'm the exception to the rule for reasons mentioned before) (if YOU are - well, you wouldn't be complaining - if you are, hehe). (and if you are, write back and let m eknow!)

But anyway, I got some meats delivered recently from a store I dont quite like, but used because I had no choice.

Dude shows up.

"Sir, leave feedback", he goes.


I was busy writing a tome, and ...

"On the app !! 5 stars!!"

I shook my head - in exasperation.

People just dont get it.

Cross my heart as my little one likes to say, but EVERYONE I've asked for reviews myself - the first thing I tell them is "I dont so much care if they're not 5 star reviews - I care if they're GENUINE reviews".

If they're 5 star, by all means thats great. We all want 'em!

But for me, it's about GENUINE feedback (and no, Bozo like trolling and whining and moaning doesn't count as genuine).

Lik eI said, and like I do, if you talk to me nicely and if it makes sense, I'll always listen.

But anyway, I gave him ZERO feedback - none at all.

I mean, I could have sent this the company's way, but they won't really care.

So I'm telling you ...

And personally, I'm the first to leave a great review for anything if the service was good if I "felt" it if you get my drift.

Yes, I know.

Not everyone is that way!

But I am - and if he just asks me to leave feedback , or had asked, I wouldnt care, and I'd DO It - now, in fact, instead of writing to you.

The fact he's asking me to leave FIVE star feedback is what pisses me off big time.


Thats the customer's prerogative, my friend.

Anyway ...

How this applies to you is this - LOTS Of you have gotten paperbacks delivered, and haven't left a review - as yet.

Lots of you have gotten the digital books - and have NOT left a review - as yet.

Therefore, please do so!

And thats the message for this one. BAck soon, perhaps with a tome, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I (unfortunately) suspect the Tome will be required, but lets see!

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Would you believe it if I told you that 0 Excuses Fitness - for one - and all the great courses we do - wasn't born out of years of "conscious" planning?

It might seem incredible, but neither this, nor any of my other ventures (especially not the other venture with 80 plus books - all fiction) were borne "out of conscious planning".

Would you believe it if I told you that one fine day or evening - in bonny China, I was sitting around thinking, and the idea to book the domain - came to me.

I was thinking of doing it HERE on this site - continuing what I started in 2010, and what kept going "stop start" ever since.

But I didnt - and the decision proved, as always to be the right one.

Our decisions that our gut makes on the spur of the moment are born out of CENTURIES of experience if you get my drift.

And years down the line as I sit here, booking MORE domains for all my businesses, I am struck with the truism and "right nature" of what I did that evening - for BOTH businesses (this and the other one).

More sites, more business, more options and so forth.

Anyway, Advanced Hill Training!

So, as I sit here sipping green tea, I'm thinking. Just how did it happen?

Well, I've mentioned the tale of Ann Lee, and how she introduced me to the hill.

I've mentioned how YEARS later, I noticed that weight was flying off me not per day, or per week - but per WORKOUT - and this with the crappiest diet/other schedules (sleep etc) you could imagine.

I was literally, my friend, at the age of 37 plus burning the candle at both ends!

Big time!

My friend from the Marines told me this when we met a couple of days ago.

"Rahul, I've been burning the candle at both ends! Can't keep doing this!"

And as I waited for another 2 AM trip back home, I agreed. Hehe.

We were literally and indeed "drinking it up" every night!

Anyway, I think that was the day when I was dong handstand pushups, and an annoying pink poodle chose that one day to lick me on the VERY tip of my nose, yapping away like those tiny little dawgs "rat dogs" they have in China do.

IT did its thing and ran away.

Of course, me, as I "came down" - it was a struggle not to break my chin!

And I did land with a nasty bump on the floor.

Not quite as nasty as the thumb injury I suffered earlier on that year when the thumb literally popped in and out of its joint . OUCH!  (when doing fingertip handstands in freezing cold and rain outside - that story I believe I've mentioned many a times!).

That was by far the most painful thing thats ever happened to me.

I was told to go to a doctor, let it rest, everything of that nature.

I Could barely grip!

And yet, the next day, I was back to doing pushups - fingertip ones at that.

Within a few days, and week at most (it was my birthday in a couple of days - there was no way I Wasn't getting a workout in, thumb or no thumb!) the injury that people told me would NEVER heal - that woul d"always pain in winter" - healed - and how.

Anyway ...

So that day, the chin was bleeding!

And it bled throughout my workout.

I thought of stopping.

I didnt.

Wiped the blood off on my shirt.

You can't see it in the pictures, but it's there, trust me!

And then, out there on the hill, after my Battletank Shoulders workout - right out there smack dab in the middle of Lunar New Year 2018 ...

I was working out. Losing weight by the minute. Heart thumping, pounding, hammering!

And it hit me!


Rahul, this could be a great thing!

And the rest, my friend, with a couple of friendly (although sceptical) security guards who didnt know what the foreign devil was up to - is history.

Truly one of them days it was!

And you can see the crowds looking at me as we film right out there ...

This, my friend is one of the best courses ever.

And you owe it to yourself to get it now.

Do so here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - What a trip down memory lane!! I started the day off RIGHT!

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Key word being "convince" ... .

Words have a huge power, my friend.

A short while I wrote about why I love my book being called manuals - and I do!

That email is posted on the other site for reference - do a search, and you'll find it.

But anyway, a long, long time ago at that job, and this is mentioned in the book as well - THAT customer once told me .

"Rahul, YOU are the one that sold it to me!'


I did.

A project that had been sitting for ages, that he had already talked to FOUR other companies first for months, and that yours truly coming on board with less than three people at the office (or in team) got going as soon as I was introduced to the client.

Didnt take but more than a few emails. (and calls).

But note the WORDS he used.

CONVINCE wasn't part of his lexicon - never was.

SOLD was.

There is a reason, and there is a difference.

One requires the other if you have a thinking customer.

Which I want, and have.

The other doesn't require the "other".

I'l llet you figure out which one is which.

But anyway, remember the idiot who showeed up with "Why should I buy your products? can you convince me?" that I wrote about earlier?

"Sir pllsss"

And that sorta thing ...

Well, my answer to him was - and still is - I dont want to.


Well, think about it.

Dude does a Google, finds me. He's on the list. He's reading my emails.

So he's obviousty there for a reason, no?

And then hes asking me this question as if he's some sort of a dumb Fortune 500 company employer badgering desperate interviewees about "why should we hire you".

To which I often answered, look you dodo. You wouldn't be sitting here having this conversation if you didnt want to hire me, so lets cut the BS already!

They didnt quite like it, hehe. Anything but submissive!

Bozo would probably make the perfect employee for them until of course Dr Hyde or Jekyll shows up ... or a combo.

(He's a highly successful Bozo, remember, hehe).

(definitely the king of trolls, I'll give him that)

But anyway, people that ask me this sort of idiotic things are morons with an inflated sense of self worth.

And they get the above answer.

Only exception being though in cases where I ... which I never do, go "door to door".

Now if I'm knocking on your door, you dont know me from Adam etc ... then YES, I gotta convince YOU.

But thats not how I do business.

I was advised to back in the day.

I never did.

And still don't.

And that, my friends, is how I feel about that.

Anyway, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is get the Rolls Royce of Fitness - the entire package, oh, and ...


Some clowns have been complaining about price as usual.

"Sir pplss can be less price"

No, It can't.

And other than all the obvious friggin reasons, I just did up a "inflation check" on the price.

And currently, I should be selling the 0 Excuses Fitness System for $455, not the $249.99 its currently offered at ...  (remember, thats TWO great books, FIVE spectacular, mind blowing vidoes like you've NEVER EVER SEEN BEFORE - with exercises done only like I can teach - results that are MINDBLOWING (see testimonials) .. and NO shipping for you paperback guys (those that choose that option!)).

And if people still complain about price, well ...

It boggles the mind.

How people cannot THINK.

I mean, inflation is a real thing, my friend ... I dont see why it wouldn't apply HERE?

And for those complaining about price when I've not even charged you the entire price as I should, almost half, well, then I got ONE thing to say.

Please leave.

And I'll hold the door open for ya!

Rest of you, well, you KNOW what to do, hehe.


Rahu lMookerjee

PS - There is a reason I'm called the MASTER of my craft. Get the product above for one, implement, and you'll see why very soon.

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This isnt really a "Bozo" email, so relax, but there are parallels yes. 

But anyway, on Pinked In, a lady just shared some unbelievable video of a white dude (big beefy gorilla sort, sort of like he was in the Marines or something (physical build and voice etc)) harassing a black dude (a funny looking tiny little guy) and tellin ghim to "walk out of the neighborhood because he didnt want people like that there" (or his wife didnt, apparently, by the yelling going on in the background). 

Now, for reference, this black dude was part of an interracial family where lady is black, husband is white, and after all this happened they were found to be in violation of their housing contract for some inane God forsaken reason, and the president of the housing association complained about "people looking different coming in an out of your house" or some wacko stuff. 

Clearly these people were BOZOS of the highest order. 

Lady took it to the powers that be. 

Good on her!

And "President of the HOA" or what not got canned promptly and I'm sure apologies etc were forthcoming, much as in the infamous Delhi Police VS Rahul Mookerjee case in 2009 ... (in that case, kudos to the wife for sticking it out in court alongside me) (and being brave enough to GO to court in first place). 

But anyway, black dude at no point challenged the other guy, tho he could have, at least verbally. 

He was polite as ever!

And of course, won later. 

Classic example of "lose the battle, win the war" (and given the dude is in the Army apparently, a Seargant of all things and the military is doing ALL it can to stamp out such things - well - I'm sure his higher ups would have given him an earful!). 

But it brings to mind 2000, when I watched the Bourne Identity in a movie theater with my girlfriend. 

Had to take a leak in the middle of the movie. 

Walked down the aisle, and politely asked black dude sitting there to move his feet so I could "walk" out of the aisle. 

He glowered at me. 

Being the great guy I am I ignored his glower and walked over his feet anyway, since he wasn't moving. 

I didnt walk ON them, but damn near happened, I mean, think about it, darkened movie theater and all that ... 

After the movie, we saw him again with an older black lady, who looked the other way. 

"What are you looking at" black dude yelled at me. 

Huh, I thought. 

I stared at him. Not saying a word. 

Soon, he left, and so did we. 

I remember a white couple that were in the theater with us watching the same movie telling me later ... "You should have asked him "or what else"". 

In other words, she was saying I should have told him "I was looking at him and to stop acting like an ass, and what he'd do about it" and what not ... 

Then before I went up to NY, I remember a prime "Gorilla" - this was the biggest nutjob of the lot here hollering up a storm outside the Jim about how "we dont want ragheads in the US!" 


I stared at him, and almost burst out laughing, it was so stupid, I didnt even feel offended inititally. 

"What are you staring at", dude hollered. 

Then he made off to the JIm to pump and tone. 

My friend was pissed . Big time. So much so that we made it to campus police with a complaint, but being I was going to NY the next day, I didnt file formal charges. 

(personally, I could care less)

Cop went into the JIm and then no doubt gave him an earful. 

My point being, in both these cases? 

Wait and watch. Hehe. 

If either one of those two guys had escalated, I'd have done so too, and probably in a far more brutal manner. 

Until then though, I've always figured, hide your strengths and bide thy time .. 


Same thing with life, and fitness. 

The blowhards usually blow up a storm, but when push comes to shove, they are NOWHERE to be seen . 

With fitness, same thing. 

People talk a big game, but end of the day, results? 

A lot of times, you'll see the belly hasn't reduced one bit, and neither have the strength levels gone up any ... 

(and neither have the phat phocks who deride pullups as being easy and "we can't do them because were big, not fat" do them either). 

Moral of the story being, if you gotta bluster, be ready to back your talk up, and be sure you're in the right first. 

Else, you'll just end up looking like an ape, goon, buffoon or something equally hilarious. 

Bozos of colors, as you can see, hehe, and creeds too! 

And, plenty of ways to react ... 

Anyway, I'm out. 

Pick up the Rolls Royce of Fitness right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This reminds me of the "1000 yard stare" Rambo does to the SAS guy in Rambo IV, hehe, which pisses the latter off no end "I've seen it all before"! 

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Yesterday, I wrote about employers - both those I liked - and got along with like a house on fire (at least initially, hehe, before it "all fell apart as it always does" - Bourne was the best!! Ill say that till the day I pass on!) - and the Bozo sorts that asked retarded and ridiculous questions. 

This morning, I remembered something interesting ... 

Back in the day, at THAT job where I made all them sales "seemingly" out of the blue, willy nilly? 

Well, we were dealing with a particularly tough client at one point (but I'll always thank him - oddly enough his name is John too - one of my great customers from the UK is named John too - but anyway, "client" John as I'll call him was a great guy). 

Probably a guy you'd love to sit down with and drink a beer or two, as I'm sure most of my customers are (definitely John in the UK with his love for hard training, and "Stellas", hehe). 

But client John was a TOUGH negotiator, and great story teller. 

He probably met his match in me, as (later on) he told me "Rahul, you sold me when no-one else could!" 

That was Rahul at the age of 26, still "raw" in the art of selling, but I've done it unconsciously since I was born - I've just refined and gone to a higher level now!

And I learned a hell of a lot from dealing with that client who didnt pay us a cent until we DID what he asked us to (I can understand his point of view - way too many times you send money, get ripped off etc and so forth). 

Some of us just do it naturally, tho ... 

And it was during a meeting with the boss in which we were going to decide if we were going to "keep" the client (he was giving us hell, but he was right!) that it happened. 

I wanted to keep the client - and GET the job done - because I truly believed that if we could handle him - we could handle anything. 

Much like the 20 odd list in 2010 - I believed if I coul get THOSE poverty condtioned minds to rise up - anything was and is possible!

Operations didnt want it. I can understand why, hehe. 

Neither did "General De Facto" (though I think he was tilting more towards wanting it as I convinced him). 

But, as operations said. 

"The boss is on Rahul's side!" 

He was (at the time). 

I advised him to keep the client, and he replied with, well, WE took him on - so WE need to get this done. 

He was right. Spot on. But what I am referrig to here is this - I sent offf one of those longgggg emails to the client. 

The boss left our office, and went to his which was a five minute or so drive (10 maybe) away from ours. 

And by the time he was seated at HIS desk, he saw the email from me!

A long email which  I dont know, most would have taken at least 30 minutes or so to do. 

And I dont know as my friend and "General De Facto" told me later. 

"There's been no-one that can bang out emails quite that fast as Rahul!" 

It's strange. 

I always had the tools. But never the REAL confidence to go it on my own - if I had done that THEN - you'd probably be wearing 0 Excuses FItness T shirts by now, hehe. And thats something that will happen too in the very near future - so stay TUNED. 

(Currently, the physical shop link is DISABLED on the other site - well, it's not disabled, but its hidden. We're selling teas there. But I plan on selling T shirts soon - and with everythign else going on - that will happen too very soon - stay tuned!) 

(I've got the design in mind already and am working on it as we speak). 

(When it's time, you'll see it!) 

But anyway, thats what John (a customer who ordered the Fast and Furious ORIGINAL book - it's the original , which is what makes it different. Although it's mostly the same as 0 Excuses Fitness (well, the latter has more on pushups and nothing on dips I believe, while the former DOES have dips - and the latter doesnt have some of the exercises the former does, and vice versa) - overall, I'd say mostly the same - but it's different big time!) said yesterday. 

(And it's different because it's the FIRST book I wrote, thats the FIRST edition that was EVER printed, and other than the reasons above (different exercises etc) - it's special, therefore a Collector's Edition and we have TWO left right now, so if you want in - jump NOW - because these will not last forever and I will not be printing this edition again). 

"Mate, I can't keep up with all the other emails!" 

"I've forgotten how fast your brain must work. In the time it took me to send you one email, you've sent me five!" 


I'm high energy, high octane. 

I've always been that way. 

And I dont plan on changing any time soon, hehe. 

Anyway, thats the blast from now. To get on the sort of workouts that keep me in this sort of shape both mentally and physically - well - the Rolls Royce is YOUR ticket, friend. 

Get on the program now. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The other workouts I do during the day, between emails etc? Lots and lots of squats (my hamstrings are sore today from 250 I pumped out, oddly enough while writing JOhn emails. Never an excuse!) - and workouts out of Animal Kingdom Workouts - a book you really must grab if you're REALLY and truly serious about your fitness and conditioning. 

PS #2 - Only two copies of the collector's edition left for Fast and Furious Fitness, so if you want in, jump NOW in that regard (I know, I said it before, but I've been guilty of saying it less in the past, so I'm making up for lost time, hehe). 

PPS - Took me around 7 minutes to tai-pe out this probably Tai-Po ridden 1000 odd words. . . 

PPS #2 - While linking the books above, I remembered something. Dips are a great workout, and I've been meaning to write more about them too. I haven't written much AT ALL (other than whats in the book above I believe) ... but I need to (and will) rectify this in the near future - stay tuned!

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Behold, if you so would, the blindingly friggin obvious playing out in front of YOU.

In other words, the reaction I got to my last email on this. Predictably, the Bozo Brickbats are rolling in, most of them not even reading what I Said.

White knights galore too from what I can tell.

And here is what “Jamie from Scotland” wrote in.

All this decadent rubbish you keep talking about! who do you think you are, Ms Casanova? Goodbye!

The “goodbye” was emphasized. Not just in bold but in red.


That hurt bro (not). Hehe.

Before that, he went on a long rant about this

“How dare you constantly engage in aggressive promotion that you do daily! There’s no value!”

Yawn (in terms of the no value part which I addressed HERE a few days ago).

But really, these sort of emails make me google.

Or goggle.

Google because I just googled “is there any limit to Bozo’sim”.

Bozo Schofield didn’t pop up, but he might as well have.

I mean, really, fella.

It’s my site.

My work.

My products.

And you’re crying about me self promoting?

Clearly this idiot didn’t read the email he referred to first, where there was no decadence of any nature.

I mean, all I did was congratulate a woman on being promoted.

Is that decadent?

I spoke about a few non fitness books (admittedly with decadent content some of them) I’ve written.

That wrong to do, bro?

I don’t know – I didn’t even link ‘em here.

So much for “promotion”. Hehe.

(and for references, they’re no more decadent than Sidney Sheldon’s are, all they really are is women that are MASTER PLANNERS getting what they want in ways you’d never think – and I don’t exclude men from that list either!)

(Hell, even my lovely wife calls me the Hindi sort-of-pjeorative "Yukit" which means master planner, and thats even more hilarious considering I hardly ever consciously plan ANYTHING) 

(so I don’t know what Bozo James is yellin about).

Sometimes in life, we gotta just do it, friend.

Being a Bozo doesn’t help anyone, least of all you James…

Anyway, Mr Casanova, curiously enough is a name that isn’t there on that burgeoning list I’ve been talking about for so long (almost at 1500 now).

For those that don’t believe me, well, it’s true.

I’ve saved all the names I have been called and while “fornicator” and movie star are two of the inane ones I’ve been called often (I haven’t done the former in ages, and don’t plan on it, and the latter? Maybe, but it ain’t a conscious plan Ill tell you that!) . . . Or “Tv Star” (no way!) . . .

For a damned good reason which I won’t reveal here.

Anyway, Mr Casanova WILL say one thing.

That if you’re looking to get laid, or get the lady of your dreams – behaving like an utter Bozo won’t help any.

Getting in shape might.

And the discount I have going right now may make it easy for you to make the decision on (for those of you that are still wanking around “waiting for the right time” – hint – it will NEVER be the right time as Napoleon Hill sagely said in Think and Grow Rich. Time waits for nobody. Strike while the iron is HOT. If you believe in my products, then go ahead and DO IT!) buying or then again, I don’t know.

It may not.

But it’s a never seen before (for ALL customers) 30% discount and given the raging demand, pun intended, I won’t keep it going too much longer.

I might pull it TOMORROW even.

So get in while the going is good, bro.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I have taste, and everyone must abide by it!

So said my little girl. LOL. Well, what can I say. She can carry it off unlike the adult Bozos!

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Actually, I should say you should treat ALL your routines like a business, but we'll stick to fitness for this one. 

That last email I sent you a while back was about "waking up" from a "grog" as it were (nah, no benders for me last night - that hasn't happened in forever). (But it doesnt mean I still don't enjoy going out with friends or what not and getting plastered occasionally, hehe, but it only happens every six months or so. Once at that. Otherwise, it's beers at home, but thats it). 

Speaking of which, the one beer I'm really craving right now is a GUINESS. Damn, those things are "stout"! 

But anyway, Guiness aside (and no new records coming up either, hehe) ... 

I said in the last email you should mentally go through your workout before doing it. 


Even if it's just for a brief instant .. 

When I got in top, top shape by hiking them hills daily, and doing bodyweight exercises in China, I didnt just "plan my workouts" when I woke up. 

I was thinking about the END Results I wanted and the look I wanted damn near all day long in some way, shape or form. 

I started slow, yes. The events of 2015 gave me impetus in ways nothing else could have at the time. 

And I just kept doing it - day after day. COld, rain, sleet, blazing hot tropical weather, whatever. 

5 Am in the morning climbs in utter and sheer darkness to "Angel of the City" . . . 

And sometimes a groggy Carol by my side, hehe, though she would show up around 545, by which time yours truly was done with round #1, hark off to her workplace around 7:20 I believe, or start the descent at that time, and then I'd continue doing what I was. 

Walking her back to the car was an extra workout too, so I was happy to do it! 

But anyway, I'd PLAN what I wanted to do - no, it didnt take forever either. 

I'd plan the routes going up and down. I'd plan the speed I'd go at. I'd see myself doing it. 

And then I'd do it, and the results ... well. They've been great!

I do the same thing business wise and life wise. 

Sure, it's not the same as training where you just do it without other variables involved - business for one involves many variables, but its the same thing at the core. 

Wake up. 

Do it. 



Think about the goal. 

See yourself GETTING to that goal. 

Think about it all the time!

And while people do this sort of thing with business (the smart ones), for some odd reason, we dont see the same importance being attached to workouts where you just show up and do what you want as you want and as you feel when you feel like it. 

No, my friend. 

Your workout needs to be treated with the SAME seriousness as you would any major project, or perhaps MORE given it's what is fueling that project. 

Even if you're doing brief 5 minute workouts, plan those too!

See yourself doing it, and at the "end of the workout" before it happens. 

And that, along with the 10 Commandments of Physical (or any) Success in the Rolls Royce of Fitness is the best tip I can give you for now. 

(It's actually one of the tips in it anyway)

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Saturday, 03 April 2021 17:41

Why I UNABASHEDLY Tom Tom reviews of any nature.

I swear, some of the idiotic questions I've been getting as of late makes me stop and wonder if the Kung Flu truly hasn't made Bozos and idiots out of the "wilful non thinkers" i.e those that choose not to use their noggins, if even for a split second. 

Truly, some of the questions I get are beyond wacko. 

One being "why do you keep mentioning reviews". 

Admittedly Tracy asked this very politely, and therefore no, I'm not going to "tear it apart". 

(her question) 

But really, it brings to mind what a great customer from the UK once told me about this sort of nonsense . 

"Rahul my friend, you must have the patience of a saint. I dont know, but if I were you, I wouldn't even bother responding to these cretins". 

He was referring to the price wankers and Schofield-sort trolls obviously, not the person above. 

But (and he said it in slightly different language over email - I paraphrased) he's so right ... 

So I haven't replied to Tracy as yet (btw, this is a different Tracy from the "India man very hot" Tracy I've spoken of before!). 

But ... really, why would any business owner, at least some one with ANY sense, even a modicum of common sense and nothing else NOT do it? 


Anyway to explain the obvious. 

First, what Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing, which by itself is a marketing lesson unto itself (and life lesson, and should answer this). 

Repeition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations leads to belief - and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. 


But more on the obvious ... 

I mean, lets see, if a product HELPED a genuine customer achieve their fitness or other goals, then why the hell would I NOT mention this? 

I mean, isn't that the very point of the business ? 

Sure, we all have to make a living, but isn't the very point of all this to HELP people achieve THEIR goals? 

Brings to mind what Gautam, a great guy and a customer for the first book on Pull-ups i.e. "Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!" said. 

"I can't wait to shower you with a glowing testimonial!" 

This was said BEFORE he actually bought the book! (so sure was he that the book would WORK - flat out work - plain and simple). 

Truly, the DOERS - do GET IT. 

And being birds of a feather flock together, if a doer reads a review from another DOER - well - it can only be HELPFUL, productive an dgood no? 

Sometimes, even the patience of a saint is tested by having to explain all this!

As for the -ve? 

Well, I tom Tom those even more. 

Yours truly ain't the sort of person that paints a "rosy" and "all is well always" picture like "Medam Cicy" loves to do. 

That may work for some people. 

I'd rather be a REALIST. 

I'd rather be honest about the fact I ain't for everyone - indeed the vast majority. 

I'm probably for the 3% - the TRUE DOERS in life - and FITNESS. 

And thats fine. 

I'd rather be honest about it! 

And admittedly I DO love calling out the Bozos on their nonsense, hehe. Always good to have some great entertainment coming your way, even if it's puerile and facile (when the Bozos do it). 

Last, but not least, rest assured that the only reviews I really tear apart are those sent in by price wankers, freebie seekers and Bozos (a large majority, but by no means "everyone"). 

If someone disagrees with me on something in a rational manner, I'm more than happy to give them their say and to HEAR what they have to say. 

I might not agree, but presented rationally, I am not going to tear most view points apart just because I dont agree with them, unless of course they're profoundly idioitc racist rants and such from jokers, ass clowns and jackasses. 

Anyway, folks, hopefully that clears that one up. 


All in a day's work, hehe. 

I'll be back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here are some REAL words (reviews) from real customers ... 

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Saturday, 03 April 2021 16:33

On providing valuuuuuuuueeeeeeeee and more ...

Ya'll on this list probably remember the drunken and rather lengthy, pissed of rant a friend (former) of mine sent me about an innocous post on pull-ups on WeShat (which apparently hit the spot as it were). 

I've covered that before, but he ended with the following. 

"Your tips are useless! Yo ujust say just do pull-ups and handstand pushups and provide no other value!" 

Now, the rest of the rant has been covered on the sites and emails before. 

If you want to take a look, either do a search or let me know . . . 

But really, this silly value virtue signalling which the "so called gurus" always jumped up and down over, and which seems to have, for whatever reason gained a lot of traction this year. (and more so with every passing month). 

Maybe the Kung Flu is indeed driving folks insane ... 

But anyway, it ain't just him that had the "no value" grouse, so lets address - and DEBUNK. 

First off my friend, you signed up for one email a day - and you get like 6 to 8 daily. If that ain't value, I dont know what is. (for free).

Second, his REAL grouse was this - the link I (or the links I) specify in my email i.e. how dare I "sell with every email). (and make $$ off it). According to some people its perfectly fine to pay huge bucks for everything except less than a fraction of that for life changing and life changing fitness info. . . 

I get it. My stuff actually requires you to get down to brass tacks and DO. 

In other words, not everyone is ready to be a doer. 

And call 'em out on it, and the rants start. 

But really, I'd rather be honest and point people to a product which can solve their "problems" and address their pain points as opposed to dancing around the mulberry bush and pretending I dont sell or dont want to when I clearly do .

(and be a "so called value providing Tom Tom"). 

Really, I dont think there is anything at all wrong with that (as opposed to shammy marketing, sneaky discounts, wacko and inane "lead ups to the sale" and so forth, all of which is designed for one purpose - to make a sale - and it usually doesnt when done that way). 

I'd rather be honest about it, and am. 

But anyway, back to value. 

Off the top of my head, lets look at three of th elast email sI sent. 

This morning, the first one was about "Roofus Rumpus Schofield and more". 

Lesson - hypocrisy, and MORE, and yes it applies to fitness. 

Then there was one in there about what to do if you do NOT want to or feel comfortable posting genuine reviews, and how to work up to it. 

Its a thought many have, and I addressed it pretty well I believe!

Then, third - there was one about handstand pushups, and I explained to you why my latest product on it is not only something anyone serious about fitness should get, but is also worth the (SO CALLED) big bucks I charge for it. 

(Yes, the Keith James of this world are already throwing fits over a product they weren't even asked to buy either directly or not). (more on that later). 

So I dont know, bro. 

Methinks thats value compounded x 10 if not more. 

Then you have my books and products. 

Most experienced athletes can't finish or even get halfway through my workouts when they first start. 

Let alone the average Joe and couch potato and Jane (and Bozo, or combo therein). 

Valuoooooooo, you say? 


But anyway, we all know the Rolls Royce is my flagship, and premier and first product I put out here - - that, and Gorilla Grip. 

And being a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a bazillion ... well, I put out five videos for the former which have got not only rave reviews thus far, but even with all the trolling, not ONE single negative review. 

And more on FREE - - other than these emails and such, years ago, I figured I'd give people a sneak peek into the videos for free

It was a great idea, and an AWESOME, spectacular SUCCESS - but it's something I no longer do, and will never do ever for obvious reasons, but the original videos are up HERE - the sneak peeks, rather - and the one I love the most is "huffing and puffing". 

And those short snippets should be more than enough to give YOU an idea of the superlative nature of the workouts I teach you in the Rolls Royce (for those that dont know already). 

And of course troll fodder too, but we'll let that happen. Hehe. 

Gotta draw the Bozo back out, hehe. He's gone a bit silent! 

(Mommy pulled his Internet most likely). 

But anyway, Gorilla Grip doesnt have any videos, because the nature of grip training courses means its impossible to put together a one size fits all workout - even more so than my regular stuff. 

But it's still one of my best selling products!

So value, or no value ... you, my friend DECIDE!

I'll be back soon. Just wanted to address a bit of idiocy, and I have now. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - IF you want more videos let me know for which product specifically, and we'll see what we can conjure up, hehe. 

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I dont know if you guys have noticed this, but the discounts etc that are being handed out these days - are - in one word - SHAM. 

And the rampant price rise etc - dont get me wrong - I'd be the LAST person to complain about this given my own prices which are higher than almost anyone else's in the market out there (but with damned good reason - my workouts are tougher and give you better results than anyone out there!) - but some of the stuff I'm seeing going on in 2021 ain't just price gouging or highway robbery. 

It's above all a dumb way to do business. 

Green tea, for instance, I noticed (in a country where it isn't really a "staple"). (this is from Amazon India and I've been following the madness there for good reason because I sell stuff there too). 

(yes, I sell physical tea etc too). 

Some of the brands out there ... 

Here is how it goes. 

New brand comes out. Special introductory price. 


Second purchase - customer pays more. 

Ok, fair enough ... 


Customer has to buy TWO of the same thing. 


The price skyrockets, but the "two of the same thing" doesnt change. If anything, it becomes "3". 

All of this within a couple of weeks. 

If you think I'm kidding - no - I'm not. 

Obviously I haven't bought of any of that gimmicky stuff,  but many people get taken in by the first discount. 

Yours truly gets tea from Cicy and Taobao, hehe (though increasingly I'm avoiding the latter like the plague from China too). 

But anyway, thats not the point i.e. where I source and enjoy my teas. 

The point is this - when yours truly gives you discounts, there are NO strings attached. 

As John Walker, a great customer from the UK once said "my discounts are uber generous". 

And I've been known to do up discounts for almost ALL doers - with NO strings attached. 

For instance, a couple of weeks in response to my "favorite product question", a great customer from Greece "Panourgias" availed of the then on going discount (I gave him an extra discount on top of that) on the compilation on pull-ups

At that time, i was doing 20% off on ALL compilations. 

I gave him 25. 

I dont know why. Maybe because he's a doer!

But anyway, next purchase he made? 

I gave him the same discount again - with NO Strings attached. 

No "you gotta buy this much the next time around". 

Then another example - the $400 discount we've got going on now (i.e. if you order $400 worth of products, you get a 20% auto discount regardless of the product). 

However, customers such as Sandy who I wrote about on the other site that availed of this offer - it doesnt mean YOU won't be eligible for the next offer when it comes! 

Thats how to me, discounts should be as opposed to flat out gouging. 

But anyway, what does your truly el caveman know, hehe. 

Me, personaly, I dont give out discounts except to those that deserve it, and if I give 'em out in general, there are no strings attached other than minimum cart value etc. 

Plain and transparent, just like yours truly. 

And for the Bozos that claim "he's in it just for money" (some idiot recently wrote in - and so did the Bozo with "since I have so much money to burn") ...well, this above discount has been ongoing for the past one and a half week, and I believe it's the first time I've even brought it up ... 

Believe me, I'm the last person you'd think that would "run after you" asking you to buy my products. 

Only for seriously committed DOERS! 

And that, my brother, is that. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If you haven't picked up Animal Kingdom Workouts as yet, do so now. One of our (my) best ever, if not THE BEST (for the best). 

PS #2 - Sometimes the coupon codes "barf" - so if you've got one (personally) from me, and it didnt work the first or second time for some reason, let me know and I'll have it looked at (I have no idea why that happens sometimes, but no biggie either way - will get it taken care of - let me know!). 

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