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Wednesday, 19 January 2022 07:05

"Nothing can defeat me!"

As I woke up this morning, the song "We Shall Overcome" was playing in my mind - from a "kiddie" standpoint 

I laughed.

Kids these days, they've got the opposite problem, too LITTLE to overcome as opposed to when we were growing up. 

But I mentally made a note to tell my daughter about practice. 

Not that shell listen - she will scoff. Hehe. 

But she'll listen too. 

And this is what I wanted to tell her. 

"Someday, you'll look back - and realize the value of what I told you". 

i.e. the 10,000 hours I keep talking about ... 

Now, what do I mean. 

Well, just this -sometime in life, these kids have to grow up, and when they face the real world, in whatever shape it is now ... 

Is when a lot of them will remember these words - if they have been told that. 

And when they will HAVE to do it - a lot of them will do it. 

Even more won't. 

Sink or swim, basically, as it was at THAT job I write so much about, where the boss kept telling me (a year later) - and my wife too. 

"We don't train. We just throw 'em in, see if they sink or swim!" 

Its the way I've lived my entire life (no, I'm not discounting the value of training, but sometimes, you have to learn things yourself too). 

(use what you've been given naturally, a mind and physical tools). 

But anyway later on while doing my meditation - a practice I highly recommend, something else came to mind. 

"I cannot be defeated!" 

This kept playing in my mind in various shapes, forms and guises. 

Now, you guys might think it's all about fitness and working out. 

i.e. if you go through a SOLID workout - blood and tears - and you're lying SPENT on the ground in a pool of "blood and tears", sometimes literally - and you THEN find it in yourself to do a 100 pushups MORE. 

Then you do it. 

At the time of doing it, you might feel you've died an gone to hell. 

After this, after you do it - and you sit back and realize you got to that goal again- is when you realize the feeling is "you cannot be defeated". 

You did it no matter what. 

Training wise, this is exactly and precisely what yours truly did out there on the hill! 

Those long, long workouts I did ... 

Its the feeling of CANNOT be defeated, yet, is is just the physical that makes this up? 


Incredibly, even if you're fit enough to be a Navy Seal or what not, or you go through the training daily - - what bout the MIND?

There is a reason ancient marital arts, when you look at them, you might think "they're not training the hard stuff". 

Oh yes they DO. 

And physically too. 

But mentally is what they focus upon the MOST. 

And mentally is what needs to back up the physical, as I wrote about the other day. 

They both go together, and they both COMPLEMENT and energize each other. 

As the world moves towards more and more "astrology", and other rubbish of "your life number is this and that", and learning from Youtube and other nonsense (from guys that ended up getting it from some other guru that knew exactly squat all) - and try and impart the same so called knowledge to those who dont want it, ie the silent DOERS ... how many times do we see people understanding this truism?

Barely at all. 

And the mental part, the mental part where you can truly wake up in the morning and say - or FEEL, more like it ... "nothing can defeat me" - is when you know you've living life like it's meant to be lived, i.e fearlessly!

Lots of people TALK About it. 

How many actually do it? 

Its fine and dandy to wax lyrical bout all this when the chips are up, what about when it's the other way, so far down youd never imagine things could do this wrong?

Yet, if you're there, bloodied and undefeated, with the feeling of "nothing can defeat me", then you're already halfway there, my friend. 

And that is the lesson for this one. For mental tips and techniques, NOT from the spiritual bent, since many seem to think "its only work that matters" - pick up Zero to HEro And Gumption Galore NOW. 

In the future, I'll put out more on meditation, and mind power. 

For now, those books bove, and the 0 Excuses Fitness System are the ticket to build mental toughness like never before. 

And physical too... 

The kind of combo that cannot be beat, no matter what. 



Rahul Mookerjee

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Thursday, 02 December 2021 03:33

Converting defeat - to VICTORY!

Believe it or not, some of the greatest, most succesful and deepest motivators need support too. 

Oddly enough or maybe  not, the people closest to them hate them the most - closely followed by the legions of trolls eagerly hanging on to their every word, thought, action ... hehe. 

Which is fine. 

As Jeff Bezos once said, 

"You gotta be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time to be an entrepreneur". 

Bezos put it in his own manner. 

I'd say it differently! 

I'd say "the bozos that understand all, but pretend not to". Hehe. 

But anyway ... here are a couple of quotes - old time quotes - NO videos, no inanities, just quotes - that have picked me from the depths of darkness - yes, I've been there too! - when I most needed it in the past, when no-one was there for me - when the whole world was against me - or so it felt - when NO-one had faith in me (a lot still dont, and I love it!) ... when people called me an idiot for doing ebooks instead of paperbacks, when people called me stupid for daring to start a biz, and so much more. 

Edison, with his famous quote on the problem most men have is GIVING up too soon. Most men when they reach the point of giving up do not realize just how close they are to success when they do give up - as it told in the great book "Three Feet from Gold" by Napoleon Hill, I believe. 

Or, the HIll quote. 

"No man who has achieved anything worthwhile has done so without at one time or the other, having one foot hanging WELL over the brink of failure". 

In the modern day, perhaps the Bezos quote of "never give up on your goal no matter how hard it gets". 

I know all this myself, of course. 

But sometimes, it pays - and helps - to read - the greats!

Precious few people DO though. 

Anyhow, why do I say this. 

Because last night, I watched one of those Amazon Prime movies - something about "dark side of life in Mumbai". 

A run of the mill movie, fairly so, but I love Kay Kay Menon - one of the actors in it - along with Emraan Hashmi, one of my favorite actors and one who unlike Hashmi doesn't seem to quite get the dues that should be given him. 

It's about six couples (I think) in Mumbai, all going through dire, tough times - the toughest - this was pre covid obviously - and how they handle it. 

One couple, hemmed in by financial woes all around them, contemplates suicide. They even get the pills to do it!

"Easy to find the illegal stuff", laughs the husband when asked by his wife if he "got the goods". 

Since it's their last night, they eat up, drink up - they even give the delivery boy a ton of change (like three spare meals) because he didnt have change, and told him to keep their phone too, they wouldn't need it!

They have it out with their rude landlord, they tell their old bosses to piss off, and so much more. 

All the hidden feelings - animosities - they get it all out!

End of the night, they discover living life "carefree and fear free" wasn't so bad after all. 

They never do commit suicide. 

Then, there are others that do. 

Some survive, like a young boy who was homeless in Mumbai, falls in love with a girl that takes him home, introduces him to an old "Uncle" who sort of adopts him, the story goes on and on until the girl OD's on drugs, the guy is devastated, commits suicide, survives, six months later, he's a succesful singer...

And many others. 

Including an impotent (apparently) cop - and the barbs he gets from his girlfriend on a daily basis. 

"You forgot the bullets!" 

"Your lock is permanently jammed!" 

Glyn Bozo of course would have a field day listening to all of that, but I was thinking, what if the GIRL had a problem - do we ever talk about that - and if the guy dared to say half of what the girl was?  

He'd be labled abusive in an instant, whereas the girl gets away scot free? 

"No fair". 

But anyway, cop dies heroically in the end - saving another damsel from a terror attack. 

And his woman at home is devastated and distraught, but thats a lesson unto itself. 

Words hurt and matter - whether or not people admit it or not. 

ALWAYS be careful what you tell the other person, my friend. 

As Napoleon Hill said, your words can plant the seeds of either success - or the OPPOSITE - in other people's minds - subconsciously. 

Some times, like in Glyn's case for instance, harsh words cannot be avoided, but in most cases, its best to do what HIll says ie write the words out either on the beach - right before high tide - or, on a sheet of paper which you then burn up later. 

Anyway .............

The movie, and the reasons for "ending it all" - were to me, frankly - LAUGHABLE. 

But then again, I've been through a LOT. 

Which is why people call me incaring (un) - and insensitive when I nigh on tell them that their problems are nothing in the grand scheme of things. 

Believe me, I've seen it all - and BEEN through dark times like no-one else has - or precious few have. 

And believe me, living to fight another day is what it's all about. 

As the old man in the movie said (my favorite) "even sculptures weren't made without hemming away at stone. Nothing good comes easy!" 

Those old men, people in that age group as I keep saying are really the ones that have it spot on, that I identify with - ever since I was young, for whatever reason, I've always had "older friends" and so forth. 

My Mom hated it "why can't you hang out with your own age group". 

Gee, Mom, like it matters.  

But anyway, living to fight another day, to keep the good fight going - and to convert that defeat into victory through sheer and utter persistence - THAT is what life is all about ultimately. 

I dont know why I saw fit to say this now ... but I did. 

Maybe it'll help some of you going through dark times right about now. Maybe it'll provide a spark of cheer to those that have "given up". I dont know, maybe someone will read these words, and feel uplifted!

As Emerson said, if even ONE person feels that way - I've done my job - regardless of sales or not. 


Being grateful is something we often forget. 

Often, my friend. 

And its probably the best time to tell you to be grateful - again - for what you DO have - and not focus so much on what you DON'T have. 

I know I'm grateful to all of y'all on here, and I'll keep doing all I can in this regard for as long as I live. (on the physical plane). 

Because I know lots of you LOVE my daily dispatches, it makes your day ... 

And that makes mine too!

I'm grateful, and thats what it's about! 

Chin up - shoulders BACK!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Fitness wise, remember, you HAVE To be in top shape to "vibrate" at the highest levels and ultimately attract GOOD to you no matter what. 

THIS is the fitness system that will DO it. 

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I dont know if I should mention his name. 

Maybe I'll let y'all guess, it's an African silverback Gorilla, not from Africa, with arms as big as fire hydrants the last time I saw him, and much like Pompeo (I'm sure) - he cooks up a great, great pizza!

Champ boxer too, I've never shied away from saying that, because he is, but he has - or at least HAD back when I knew him - a lot to improve on condioning and core fitness wise. 

But anyway ... 

If there is one defining comment he made that stands out to me - it is this. 

"You're the person thats changed how I view Indians!" 

Now, he didnt view Indians as anything bad or nothing like that, trust me. 

But you know, the "pre concieved" notions, the accent, the mannerisms (ever notice the "head bob"?) - and well, you know ... 

When you think India, its usually SOME good - and a lot of negative that comes into your mind, eh. 

Lets face it, we all think that ... 

Yours truly though took all that, and just threw it out the window - and I didnt even try. 

I was just being myself. 

And knowing my background, knowing how I didnt come from anywhere near a priveleged background, and allt the other stuff. 

He made that comment several times, and I dont know if I ever told him, but it's a greater honor than the "Indian porn star" he once called me, hehe. 

Marc, THAT is the comment that stuck because it's true, and such an honor!

I get the same feeling from some of you on this list too - so thank YOU!

And for me, fitness wise - or should I say MARKETING wise, Matt Furey and Brooks Kubik, all these guys back in the day were who planted that seed. 

Of course, I was focused on everything but business back then. Hehe. 

Gotta sow those wild oats, I still do!

Somewhere along the line the horse matured a little bit though, but he's stil got some "chainsaw" elements to him, and is a huge, huge supporter of the NRA, Amendement numero two, and so forth! 

He loves him some great barbie too... I'll let ya'll figure it out. 


And if there is one thing YOU guys have told me, that is the greatest honor for me, it is that. 

That my stuff is far tougher and more advanced than anyone else's out there, including the GREATS - who are far greater than I ever could be. 

Remember Mark Taylor, the great Aussie captain who wouldn't surpass Don Bradman's 334 in Karachi despite being able to ? 

Thats the respect!

But RESULTS wise, I've gone one step better ... and so it should be for you too!

Anyway ... 

Off my chest now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Eat More Weigh less will WORK, period, even if you're "El Glutton" like yours truly is. 

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Despite being a forever Trump supporter, and that I continue to be. Dont get me wrong here either!

The Donald is one of a kind, unique, nothing and no-one comes close to touching him. 

But as Trump himself once said in 2020, I believe - "if I lose, I'll do something else". 

Sometimes, the time comes to move on. 

Sometime, the time comes to not move on - but TRAIN others to do the job - take your spot - be that mentor, which Trump can be! 

And while we hear a lot about Ron De Santis maybe running, anyone talk about Pompeo? 

Very few, yet, he's the silent contender - the WAR HORSE, much like Mitch McConnell, always on everyone's minds!

I've made no bones of the fact I consider him to the best Secretary of State ever. 

It's fine to have bombast and pomp, but sometimes, often times, indeed, I have it - you have to back all that up with SUBSTANCE. 

Look at Jeff Bezos, look at Amazon. 

Till today, they're the one company that stuck it out for the long term, they dont flood your inboxes asking for money, they dont even push you to buy. 

They never did that even in their infancy. 

They know when people want to buy, people will naturally shop about for the best deal - the smart ones, at any rate, which you wanna keep. 

Nothing wrong with bombast in your marketing. 

I use it all the time, and it works!

But in politics, I have not found one single person other than Pompeo who just blends style with substance so well!

Lets take a look at his CV in brief (and lets forget the idiocy people spread about him, apparently he once asked an aide to walk a dog, peopel got on him for that too!) ..

Ex Army. Solid!

Ex Cia director. Solid! 

Before that, he was a businessman. With actual companies. Solid!

There's more to him, but just look at the way he speaks - ever come across anyone as erudite? Maybe me, hehe, but I dont plan on entering politics ever!

(unless it's for "Deli" independence. Nah. Inside joke that, fella! Hehe. BUt it's true... those of you on the list know it!) 

(the best laid plans, I know, I know). 

He just says it like it is. 

Trump does too. 

But Pompeo - like myself - has the knack of hammering you with facts subtly which you just cannot argue with, like him or not ... 

Most of all, that weight loss! 

i've no idea how he did it. 

But I'm sure he used some of the techniques I teach in Eat More - Weigh Less - I'm POSITIVE!

Nothing would explain that dramatic weight loss - I know it, been there done that in 2014-15! 

I dont know, I'd unabashedly support the guy if he ran. Which I'm sur ehe will! 

The SILENT, solid WARHORSE, the KNIFE that cuts deep, much like with my workouts

anyway ...

Out for now - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Not to mention, Pompeo likely makes GREAT sphagetti and pizza, hehe. 

Not EVEN a Rocky Moment where Creed talks about "if he can't fight, he can cook!" - this man can fight and cook both, hehe. 

Brings to mind the inane stuff people brought up about him doing dishes or what not, I mean , Secretary of State, and people focus on the BS, I mean - COME ON - give me a break. 

(had to use the Biden Come on! there, hehe). 

Anyway .............. 

I'd highly support the man if he chose to run!

Which I'm sure he will.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2021 08:28

Why ThunderBolt Beer had it so spot on! ⚡🍻

I've been getting some very unique and interesting responses as of late. 

One person, the same one whining about "I'm not interested" also complained about the emojis that I sometimes use (emoticons, you know, the little smileys and such showing up in your email reader or browser or dumbphone screen or what not). 

Those same emojis you use without thinking about 'em. Like :( for instance, even without the visual impact. 

EVERYONE uses them, friend, much like everyone watches videos, whether they're dumb or not (most aren't just dumb, they make YOU dumber x 100 - unless its the ones I've put out). 

(no that last bit ain't marketing either, it's the flat out, very unvarnished solid TRUTH). 

Just check out what people are saying for one! 

But anyway ... I didnt reply to him - maybe he's the overly serious sort, or perhaps a Martian - for whom these things make no impact, maybe he is, that sort does exist, but it's rare. 

Maybe he is, so whatever - plus rare or not, I dont particularly CARE . . . 

Nothing if not a budding poet I BE. 

But anyway again ... 

Back in the day, in 2004, I once purchased a brand of SUPER STRONG beer - something you could not, I repeat, COULD NOT - never - PAY me to do. 

I'm a light beer fan, my friend, I dont know why. 

OK, Guiness ain't light, neither is Stella, but thats different. 

For me, I'd rather sip on light beer all day - Budlight, maybe, but I'd prefer Corona as I've said many times before. 

You COULD pay me to do that, and I'd do it - even if you didnt pay me to do it! 

All day. 


And lose weight while doing it ... remember THAT? 

But anyway, Thunderbolt in India was, and probably is one of the nastier strong beers - much like the awful Colt 45 and MAGNUM's in the US. 

Yet, incredibly, I drank bottles of the last, bottles and bottles, Ricky used to keep sending them to me, I kept drinking them!

"Black dudes drink it up all day!" Ricky would tell me 

Well ... 

NONE of those beers tasted good. 

They ALL had the kick of a mule, and they all hit you like a thunderbolt WHILE drinking, and the day after. 

Or, the butt of a Colt 45 smashed up against the back of your noggin the next day it felt like!


Point being, though ... 

Kingfisher is a far better known brand. 

Great light beer, but equally terrible strong beer, and In India for some reason, at least back then, I suspect even now - India is a more a nation of hard liqor drinkers, not so much beer, so perhaps that explains it, and why I hardly live there, hehe - people drink a lot of that too. 

I didnt. 

I still remember the HORSE on the bottle of Thunderbolt, Mom saying "Akta Ghoda Laygayiye Dieche!" 

Pardon my shitty Bengali, Mom. 

I know, you tried your best. Hehe. 

It translates to "look, that thunderbolt, even the picture of a HORSE!" 

Said satirically, mockingly - I wonder where I got 'em skills from, hehe - but she said it. 

Colt 45 and Magnum to me, my skinny ass at the time would often remember what Jay, my friend told me. 

"Youre starting to look like them black guys now!" 

(he was referring to my swimming , pushups, rapidly bulking up CHEST) ... 

You kno wwhat I mean. 

Arms like gorillas, traps till the sky, and of course that big glass bottle or tin. Hehe. 

Just conjured up real manliness to my 19 year old self... 

I wouldn't drink any of them today if you paid me to. 

But, the point is this - and what the guy above told me. 

There is a reason PICTURES speak directly to you, your subconscious, they speak a thousand words, often times better than even my written words which are often called BETTER than pictures because of what and how they DRAW and imprint on YOUR MIND .. are used by all successful marketers, even people in general. 

Ever see how the pic apps are the most popular ones? 

It might seem dumb. 

For the most part it is. 

But the subconscious functions on that level, and its anything but dumb... 

So THAT is what it's about, friend. 

And if you reading this are feeling a billion bucks after your workout, and can see yourself - I KNOW you can - in a 0 Excuses Fitness hoodie or something, then take advantage of the special ⚡THUNDERBOLT⚡ offer we have going on on that. 

Basically, boils down to this - - put $1000 in your site wallet, and get $300 off - no questions asked - off the apparel purchase. 

More details here, will be updated on the rewards page shortly too. 


(And, youll see a special email on this too coming up soon). 


Truly PARTY TIME, folks. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I love that wife beater beer, hehe, and the T shirts too. Have not quite been there and done that, but HEY!

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Beta fag, by the way, by Glyn's own persistent admission - every time someone calls him a bozo, he responds back with "Beta Fag Glyn" so forcefully that you gotta wonder, I mean yes, he's that, but it actually turms him to be called that. 

No accounting for taste, even if it's the Bozo we're talking about. 

Anyway, in response to THIS email of mine, I got the following pseudo-faggoty response - 

U have good info but u shld remember, not All uR customer are so RICH AS u!

apparently this was typed out on a mobile phone, or perhaps it was a drunk Bozo doing it, I guess. Idont know (Bozo himself, his typing is even worse, so who knows!) - and apparently not being content to start off with this, his email was a long rambling one about "why I didnt support the trans movement" more and other nonsense. 

He also apparently wants to know Glyn's address to invite him on some "pride march" or some rot. 


If theres one thing both faggotty Glyn and decidely NOT so myself are very happy that we DONT know? 

It's Bozo's actual address. Me, because I've got better things to fill up my "always lit up with ideas" brain and "perenially lit up" Glyn Bozo because well if I did, I'd have handed him the ass whooping of his life one more time by now. Hehe. 

Anyway, why I dont like selling to this sort? 

Before I get into that, and again, let me tell you one damn thing - I ain't got nothing, not one single damn thing against gay people - or bisexuals - or people with any sort of sexual fetish so long as its SSC i.e. safe, SANE and consensual and carried out between consenting adults. 

I could give a damn less what you do in your bedroom, and quite frankly, it aint none of my business. 

What a lot of these faggoty sorts do though is try and "force" the other person to "convert" to their way or the highway. 

And I aint gonna stand for that. 

Its THAT sort I'll go to the ends of teh earth to call out, not people who are normal, but have "different" preferences in bed. 

It's the Bozos, idiots, morons, harassers, pyschos, racist jerks, and ... asses (Glyn, I mean the braying sort) in general I dont like one damn bit, and rightfully so, and never will. 

Live and let live. Bozos dont get that, which is my prime grade A beef with them. 

Anyway, the other thing and why I dont like selling to this sort?

It's always about price when it comes to something useful. 

Always a rant about money. Which like Glyn, they NEVER ever have enough of, or at all. 

Like Chuck rightly said about Glyn, dont ever go out with him! You'll ALWAYS end up paying, because Glyn never ever does. 

And judging by what he did the night we met i.e. "the ATM was never there for Glyn" - Chuck was spot on. 

Thats OK, I dont mind .. its his other rot I dont like (Glyns). 

And honestly. Glyn, even when he got paid, he was usually broke the day after because he'd go berserk chasing over the hill hookers to "put his nose in their backsides (God knows what it is with Bozo and Chinese rectums, both male and female) .... and there went his dough right there. 

So pathetic, like Glyn, be a man for once in your life... but anyway, back to money. 

I mean, they never have enough of it do they - but talk about going bottoms up with the nearest cruddy hoooker on the street corner or the nearest seedy X rated bar, and they always have tons of it. 

Misplaced priorities, and I dont like selling to this sort, then dealing wth the price whinging. 

I mean, look. 

I've spent year and years in the trenches here putting together info you cannot find anywhere else, training info that is so valuable I'd equate it with GOLD in terms of your health and fitness - truly coming "from the Master", and I dont use those terms lightly, and given what you pay in gym fees, doctor and chiro visits, meds, and the whole shebang, my prices are a DOWNRIGHT STEAL. 

Trust me on this one (or calculate it yourself). 

Even if they weren't the info costs what it does, friend. 

If thats too much, too bad. 

Pay peanuts, get monkeys. 

You want "Michelin":, then you gotta PAY the tab as well. 

And it's explaining all this to the Bozos that never get it, and the vibes etc - I just dont want to deal with it. 

And therefore, I do all I can to REPEL this sort from myself and my businesses. 

He also sent this (another one off the top of my head)

"We r working class men here!"

Oh, God. 

Class, no class, like I've always considered myself "classless" - i.e. without any of this BS. (not "not classy")

Upper class, lower class, working class, pseudo class, ranting class, Burgoeise, Turqiose, Burgundy, did I leave any out? 

Put me in a room with any of them, I'll talk to them in MY language - THEIR language, which will both be the same. 

Identifying with people and getting on the same page with them regardless of anything else is what true sales, and anything in life, really is about. 

You nail that, you can do damn near anything. 

The only class I did attend, of course, the class of WHOOP ass, and I'm always ready to open a can or two of them!

All for now!

As far as Glyn, his latest is "I want to lick Dejon's ass". 

Apparently "strongman Dejon" was doing squats, and that was all it took for the Bozo, of course, nothing doing in terms of derreries and Bozo went back chastened (and wrote me a nasty email about "pubes in the gym showers" - I mean this guy, just UGH!) ...and then went on another bender. 

Happened last week, not sure if he's off it now. 

But anyway, thats why I stay away from these beta fags... 

Just not worth it, my friend. 

I suggest you do too. 

And I also highly suggest and recommend picking up the 0 Excuses Fitness System (those of you that have not already), truly the best fitness related investment you'll ever make.

back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee 

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Saturday, 23 October 2021 08:31

Thoughts truly do CREATE - and DESTROY.

I have been saying this forever, and a day, my friend, but most people - even on this list - dismiss it as "just spiritual stuff" - or "we dont understand these things" despite me breaking it down into bare bones form. 

I say iti in ALL my books- the MENTAL is the most important - witjhout the mental, you wont get anywhere. 

Actually, you'll always get SOMEWHERE - because the subconscious mind is ALWAYS WORKING!

Trust me on ths one!

Read the Magic of Believing - you might not believe ME, but believe Claude Bristol, eh? 

Of course, the Tom Toms will claim "he isn't famous" so ... 

Well, he should be - and Napoleon Hill - he most definitely is! He said the SAME DAMN THING!

I just went to the bathroom, and was thinkiing about "how nice it would be if a certain type of light for my room which I couldn't find online could be delivered to me anyhow". 

That is all I thought, I dismissed the thought after thinking it would happen. 

Lo, a couple of minutes later, someone DID deliver it. 

Despite it not being available online, and the person that delivered it - you'd say she was my enemy subconsciously in most regards, and she is, yet, she did it!

I've often thought about "how nice it would be if I could have that pizza - or chicken - or what not". 

Back in the day, when I could not afford it - mysteriously, friends would call me up out of the BLUE and order these things for me - or invite me out. 

Now, what happens is either I do it - WITHOUT any conscioius plans to do so - it just HAPPENS!

Ever notice sometimes you "wish something would happen" - really happen -and it DOES - either by hook or by crook? 

The other night, some woman I didnt know from Adam (or Eve) showed up at my doorstep. 

I had NO clue who she was, perhaps a lady of the night. 

But I had been oddly enough thinking about a woman with her exact features ... NOT for "sexual" purposes - and bang, there it was. 

She wouldn't tell me the name of the person she was looking for, hehe. 

BUT - the address was mine!

Trust me on this one, this happens ALL The time for me, my friend. 

Thoughts do CREATE. 

Think it's just positively? 

No, thoughts DESTROY TOO!

Your DESTRUCTIVE thoughts will create just as much as CREATIVE, constructive ones will!

And if there is ONE lesson I can give you amongst all the doom and gloom being spread around, which the only reason it's being spread around is that PEOPLE dont believe in "the mind stuff" - it is this. 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

You have to SEE yourself do the thing - you have to see yourself positively first!

You have to keep going despite all obstacles, physical, mental or what not!

Unless you do that, nigh NOTHING will happen - no matter if you buy my books, or if you buy someone else's. 

Trust me on this one!

And that, friend is the lesson. 

Ponder it for a while without dismissing it as airy fairy bunkola. 

It might just benefit yo umore than anything else I've ever written!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Thursday, 21 October 2021 12:44

"Why I cant sign up again"

I was recently chatting with a girl Lucy - who I blocked earlier this afternoon. 

Its the usual BS with her of not replying to anything (except what suits her), it's the usual nonsense about "I am tooooooooooooooooooo busy all the time", the usual crap about "there's always a reason I dont reply directly to questions you pose" - and so forth. 

I got sick of it eventually, and blocked her - not so much in a pique, but AFTER explaining all this to her, much like I did with Dani the other day (to her credit, Dani responded as I expected her to, in a sane and calm manner, of course, she's someone with brains, not some Bozo like this Lucy whose apparently into "sleeping around" or some nonsense - nah, I'd rather stay away!) ... 

A few hours later, I unblocked her. 

Blocking people is something I rarely do, as oppposed to the majority of people out there who will simply up and block people, and wont give them a chance to reply. 

Like people saying something, then just "blocking" so you canot reply. 

It's JUVENILE, my friend - childish to the extreme, and usually happens when the other person is in the wrong, which she was here (to me, I can tolerate everything and any preference, but rudeness and disrespect - someone trying to curtail my freedom of speech (like former friend Charles) - dishonesty - backstabbin (Bozo, all of the above)) - that is a RED LINE FOR ME. 

But I unblocked her, just to give her a chance to reply, though I knew it would be some BS. 

Sure enough, I got a "smile" - followed by a "recall" message i.e. a feature WeChat has where you can send the other person a message, then they can "take it back". 

Another one of those chilidsh, idiotic features, in her case, it was to see if I unblocked her. 

Which I had, of course, she wouldn't answer anything I had addressed before that. 

So I let it rip, let her have it, and of course, she bailed . Hehe. 

Which is fine ............. 

I dont know what has happened to people in general, especially over the past few years - just STRANGE is the way people are acting. 

Including other agents etc who apparently are always too busy making excuses about being busy to DO any real work ... 

Anyway, I've been known for removing people from my life - and WITHOUT EXCEPTION, once the stale energy goes, better comes. 

So like I've been sayng, I've been doing a cull on this list. 

I've been paring down the over 13K (at this point) list to something far more "niche and manageable", and MORE curated than it already was... 

Because if I'm sending you all this, if there is NO action from your end on anything then really, and I have said this before, it is pointless for you to be on the list. (free reading can be done via the website, but people just dont do the right thing and unsubscribe themselves if they have NO intentions of ever "taking action" and doing something i.e. buying anything). 

So I took matters into my own hands, and sure enough, the complaints started. 

Look, if I've removed you from the list there has to be a damn good reason I DID it in the first place. 

And if I've blocked you from signing up - that reason multiplies by 10. 

Sure, you can still EMAIL me - thats fine. 

But the list - no - it's a highly curated list, and I'm getting tired of certain people on it that DO NOTHING - just ... I dont know, are little more or less than "bumps on a log". 

Same thing with my life. 

And it's pretty much what I'd encourage YOU to do too, my friend ... 

OK, enough of this. 

But if you're getting a "not allowed to sign up" message, now you know why. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness System is right HERE

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Tuesday, 19 October 2021 06:53

"What you gonna do NOW?"

Marc the African Silverback Gorilla often had this to say when we were discussing "TIC" *this is China". 

"What you gonna do" he'd often say. Hehe. 

Which he was right, a lot of the "This is China" things... there's not much "a single person" can do. 

It's about collective thinking, when peoples mindset as a WHOLE changes - right down to the idiocy about skin color, foreign devils, dancing monkeys, idiotic rules set up to oddly enough, shoot themselves in their own feet ... and so forth. 

But I dont know, to me, it's also another memory, that of my Dad's friend once telling my Mom when she was (at the age of 17, before going to college) (as usual) "stop me from drinking beer" (which I hid and did anyway - including smoke fags etc - pun intended, and not, hehe - without anyone knowing about it. I suspect Dad knew a little, but as long as Mom didnt know, he didnt give a shit either way. oddly enough Dad's house was one when he was growing up, "all was allowed"!! Mine? Think AGAIN!) ... 

"How will you stop him when he leaves the house" was what this guy said. 

From a lifelong drinker and smoker, and quite like an Uncle of mine who passed years ago, so SAGE!

My Mom, of course, the next day complained about it.  

"What if it were his own son!" 

Well, he woudl probably have said the SAME thing, friend. 

True, his "own son" wasnt a rebellion "do it my way" sort. 

Much like my older cousin wasnt. 

And therefore, both of them were the "ideal sons" for my Mother. actually, everyone was for her - except me. Hehe. Bozo Schofield would be too, I'm sure!

But anyway ... 

I remember an instance in middle school where I was WHACKED - hard - by Dad (who claimed "I should beat you with an iron rod like the police do!") when I did nothing but "push back" against an idiot girl in school taunting me. 

Not being content to make me stand outside class for the whole day in the heat, apparently "she was a girl" "so she could do anything". 

And of course, my mom fed into this too, and growing up, in my family, it was all about "what made Mom happy". 

The sheer rage I feel NOW at it when I think? 

It isn't because he was physcially stronger than me at that age (physically my Dad has never been "strong" in any which way). 

It was the way in which that sort of thing shattered my self confidence. 

Right from the age of 3, when my mom pushed me against the wall - three corners closing in - I still remember it - for the cardinal sin of puking in the swimming pool (havent we all done it at some point??) - at the age of 3 - right after lunch (when I told my wife, she was like "jeez, at least go a bit AFTER lunch!") ... it was always that way. 

Now, why do I bring these two instances up. 

Because, as I've said before, a LOT of us feel this way ... 

A great customer of mine once emailed me saying he had an abusive father too - who once told him "not to take more milk" from the breakfast table. 

All the abuse caught up, and this guy, at the age of 13 bopped him one straight on the NOSE. 

Needless to say the abuse stopped thereafter. 

My own confidence was too shattered to do even that tho, plus I was always a "small specimen" (no, Vincent, I was not always a big dude, hehe) physcially... 

But it was things like "women can do it" but men can't that always amused me. 

In school us eighth graders would make boobs out of handkerchiefs, we got found out. 

Routine guy thing, you'd think. 

Yet the hammering I used to get at home for it - oh boy!

I remember asking Abhishek Raathi, a friend of mine about it - what HE got at home. 

Beyond the routine scolding, nothing. 

And dont get me wrong - I Dont condone disrespect - but neither do I condone NO goose and gander. 

Look, "just because he's a boy" doesnt mean he can be whacked and brutally punished - while women get away scot free. 

Especially if you're a kid doing what kids do ie PRANKS! 

But that was life for me growing up in a Nazi feminist household. 


If physically or otherwise attacked by anyone - woman or man - or in between Bozo - I'll go after them and then some. 

I could care less if they are weaker or stronger. Like Charles once famously told me. 

"I dont care who they are - woman, man or child - if they deserve a whack, they're getting it". 

Its sad the world has come to this, of course. 

But as my own wife said, people have no feelings anymore for anything - or anyone. 

And a lot of it is due to our experiences growng up and such. 

But anyway ... 

I grin every time I think of it "what are you going to do now" statement. 

It's so fuckin true ... 

And lesson herein for YOU with kids. 

REmember, you can beat them NOW. 

You can berate them until the cows come home!

(Speaking of which, my Mom oddly enough never said a word against the makers of the super hit Hindi Film Khalnayak which WOMEN loved too! - which really made the "boobie" thing popular in school at the time) 

(She took it out on me though for sure!) 

Anyway, you can do all that - now. 

But what exactly will you do once they grow up, friend. 

They're going to do what theyre going to do, and the more extreme the abuse growing up, chances are in many which ways, the more extreme the PERSON becomes. 

To me, I have channeled my own "anger" into succesful businesses - and indeed, when someone attacks me, my first thought is "how can I profit off this"

And I usually DO!

But not everyone is like that. 

Look at Glyn - look at the criminals globally - look at serial killers, the "worse than scum" paedophiles etc, one common thread amongst them all is a very unhappy and turbulent childhood. 

And, look at the successes - a LOT of them have the same thing. 

All depends on what you DO with life, and the lessons it imparts, but if you have kids, I'd say you should bear all this in mind, and then some, when dealing with them!

My Mom often asked me if "we should have let you run wild!" 

Oddly enough, the fascination I had with running wild would probably never be there if that were to be the case. Hehe. 

Fact, as the Bozo would say as well. 

Anyway ............................ 

Lifelong fitnes is another lesson ya'll should impart to your kids. 

And Kiddie Fitness does the trick very well indeed. 

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Adult version of the above course here. If you want some, come GET some. 

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The chant just gets louder, doesnt it? 

Me, me, me ... 

It's always all about the person saying it. 

Never about what anyone else might think - or not - or never about how the person himself or herself treats other people, and always about "this is ME! He (or she) better put up with it - or else!"

As of late, this line seems to have become even popular than the line above - 

"I dont run after people!" 

"Whoever comes into my life comes, whoever goes, goes. It's up to them, never ME!" 

Which is fine until a point, but people have been taking it to giddy limits over the past few years, and it's only increasing NOW (when it should be the opposite). 

Look, it's fine to put yourself first. You SHOULD. 

Yet, there is a line, often a fine line between narcissism which can spiral into an extreme version before you know it - and putting yourself first. 

There is an even finer liner beyond NOT letting other people be a drain on your time and energy - and not letting yourself be controlled or taken advantage of - and doing the same thing to others, or worse. 

There is a fine line again, between wanting RESPECT - for you - but being disrespectful to others. 

A pet peeve of mine is when people dont get back to me. 

It's only gotten WORSE over the years, and it aint just me either. 

You send someone a message - they dont reply. 

You send them emails - repeated emaijls - they dont reply. 

When they finally find time in their so called busy schedules (busy watching inane soap operas all day or the male equivalent) - they'll reply with annoyance at your asking mildy "well, why didnt you get back to me". 

Apparently getting back is about "me" and "when I feel like it!" and "I'll get back when I can!" and "if you dont like it, get out of my  life!" 

Sad it's come to this. 

Whatever happened to basic human decency? 

This afternoon, I was wondering what happened to a person whose always been fairly good about getting to me via email. 

She's disappointed me - as I eventually figured she would - i.e. the same "no response", and no, in case you're thinking, ain't nothing romantic or near about involved here. 

If I ask her, I'm sure she'll get back with "I'm sorry". Or, "I need time off from the world!" 

OR, her latest and most inane excuse "I blocked my email accidentally!" 

When the truth is, she's frustrated about something, and just doesnt want to reply - but Jay Roy, a guy I once worked with (a conman who was from Cameroon and pretended to be from the US, though anyone with half a brain could see right thru it, but then again, not many people at that workplace had anything resembling a brain to begin with so they thought anyone who wore their hat backwards and used the term "whatsup boy" in a made up voice was a rap star or some rubbish) had the following to say about this. 

Send them a red packet, see how quickly they reply!

I.e. send them China's version of digital money. Hehe. 

But really, it's pathetic. 

Like I said, one thing to stand up for yourself, be yourself, and NOT letting others dictate to you how to live life. 

Quite another to lose all sense and sight and even smell, if there is a such thing of human DECENCY .. 

Rise up, folks, rise up, I grow weary of saying it. 

ah, I get it. 

No-one cares anymore, right ? 

Well, you SHOULD care. 

Anyway, thats that from me. 

Remember, folks, the BEST damn fitness system is waiting for you - a system that alongwith the stellar and ONE OF ITS KIND videos (nothign like this out there) will get you in the best shape of your life - in your living room. 

No, it aint just pushups and squats, no, you cannot Google it and find it, no I dont provide "teasers" except on You Tube (i can just see people typing it in Google for "freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" hehe) and so forth. 

Did I answer all your objections as yet? 


I thought so. 

If not, let me know what I missed, and it shall be covered. 

And, that said, now the "call to action" for YOU - right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another pet peeve of mine is idiots trying to constantly draw me into conversation with the "how are things" line - when they have no real intention of asking me how things are - its always to talk about them. 

I've lost track of the number of people who equate friendship with "shoulder to cry upon", but "never reciprocate". 

Sad it has come to this, aint it.

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