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I've often written about thick bar training outdoors being brutal, callous building - and RESULTS producing, so the above should come as no surprise. 

But, I've also written about thick gripz in the past - those THICK foam grips you can add on to your chinning bar - kettlebell handles - dumbbells - or just about anywhere that you can - to make the "gripping" part of the exercise that much more difficult. 

Lots of folks think that this trains only the grip a lot more. 

Incorrect, my friend. 

Like everything else I say and do workout wise, you train the entire body hitting the BIG muscles in the upper body like you never hit before - if you incorporate thick grip training done right into your routine. 

They make pull-ups tougher by at least a factor of 5. If not more. They're DIFFERENT from thick iron bars in that you can really squeeze these suckers, and it REALLY, really hurts - in a different manner from the equally productive thick bars you find outdoors. 

This form of training makes you breathe hard and heavy. 

It builds a grip of CAIN x 10. 

It builds unnatural Kung Fu Like grip x 10 as well. 

And it builds LUMPS of muscle all over your upper body - it gives you the sleek, muscular CAT like look you want - everyone wants. No, guys, the females dont like "big huge muscles and bloat around the midsection when youre fat and attempt to pass it off as "big" or some nonsense". 

The X shape is what everyone wants - sees - covets, yet few can get it, which is a pity, because it's easy if you know how to do it, and THIS sort of training is one of the ways to do it. 

Corrugated Core, currently in production before it goes on Audible is the book you need to pick up NOW if you truly want to become a lean, mean, fighting MACHINE with beast mode perennially engaged if I might say so, as I said in all my videos this morning. 

Post a 100 pushups, nothing feels as good as grip work before getting back to pushups. 

Nothing makes you feel like a BEAST more than pull-ups and grip training do. 

And if you cannot do a single pull-up right now - fear not, we're here for you. Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks, a course that has literally shocked the entire world in terms of "simple and effective" is your ticket my friend - if you just DO.

back to thick grips - I recommend EVERYONE doing pull-ups at home needs to get this cheap but highly productive tool to incorporate into their training. The results far outweigh the pittance you'll spend on them. No, we dont make 'em - as yet - stay tuned though on this one, we will soon! (when T shirts come out...). 

Last, but not least, a great review for - well, the Simple and Effective Diet, which is yours GRATIS with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System ... 

'Simple' just like the title says!

This book has some helpful tips to maintain good health. The tips are simple in the sense that it's easier to maintain the habits mentioned here. So 'bouncing back when stopped' is out of the question. The book also gives the reasoning and how the particular habit helps your body. It is a good short health-related book.

And there we go, my friend. Thank you, Prajakta Telele (FL) for submitting that one - much appreciated!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Get our spankin new, super HOT app at 0 Excuses Fitness:Amazon.com:Appstore for Android. Available on the appstore NOW!

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Friday, 25 November 2022 14:21

Dead hangs, pull-ups - and more!


I dont know why, but I felt compelled to post this video - again. 

I just love dead hangs like nothing else - they are one of the BEST isometric movements you can do for the upper body - bar none. 

Often times I'll start my day with a 30 second dead hang even before my beloved Squats. 

With good reason, along with clubs (which are great to do with pushups, btw - a GREAT movment! They really loosen up the triceps and get the blood flowing again) - they loosen and strengthen the lower back - or entire back, I should say, upper especially like nothing else. 

I still remember Dad when I was young trying - and falling down after a second. Hehe. 

Unfortunately I never did them when I was young. 

But I do them all the time, today was another dead hang day, I loved it! 

Without further ado, here is the video for those that cannot see it at the bottom of the page - Friend, 

I dont know why, but I felt compelled to post this video - again. 

I just love dead hangs like nothing else - they are one of the BEST isometric movements you can do for the upper body - bar none. 

Often times I'll start my day with a 30 second dead hang even before my beloved Squats. 

With good reason, along with clubs (which are great to do with pushups, btw - a GREAT movment! They really loosen up the triceps and get the blood flowing again) - they loosen and strengthen the lower back - or entire back, I should say, upper especially like nothing else. 

I still remember Dad when I was young trying - and falling down after a second. Hehe. 

Unfortunately I never did them when I was young. 

But I do them all the time, today was another dead hang day, I loved it! 

Without further ado, here is the video for those that cannot see it at the bottom of the page - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4pPal3l3Zg&t=26s

And learn. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This is one movement that will like the actual pull-up itself in any of its shapes, forms and guises BRUTALLY expose not just fat around the midsection, but if you're overweight in general, you wont be able to do it for any appreciable length of time - period. Most people that are fat try to avoid pull-ups anyway (big mistake) and whine about "your nonsense about just do it when you could tell people to do assisted pull-ups". 

Sorry, that isn't there (assisted pull-ups or in any appreciable form, even horizontal pull-ups mostly - though I believe I put that in one book somewhere) in either Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! - or Pull-ups -from STUD to super STUD within WEEKS! 

I dont handhold or baby sit pansies. 

When I could do not do an exercise, I hammered myself relentlessly until I could do it, simple as that, so should you if you want to get good at something, no excuses pal. 

I really want to get one taken with my thick gripz, see how that pans out (video on that - and on THICK BARS outdoors!). 

All in good time. Hehe.

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I haven't covered either one of these (the pull-ups) in "Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" - and their pushup equivalents - in Pushup Central. 

(to the idiot "evangelist" commenting upon my books, much like with Bozo Schofield, at least READ the books you're leaving your half ass price wanker reviews on, fool...) 

Maybe I will, but the pull-ups are just too brutal to cover directly. 

Maybe in Volume Three!

One being the towel pull-up. 

Brutal, this one happens if you throw a towel over your chinning bar (just make sure you dont do it right after the shower, hehe - and if you do, make sure no-one is around to either observe your "full moon" or admire and "worse" (think Glyn, ugh)) ... and do pull-ups that way. 

There's many variants to this as well, but the basic movement itself is extremely brutal, and much like the special grip exercises with towels in I believe Gorilla Grip -ADVANCED! - it will truly build a grip from CAIN very quickly indeed even if thats all you do grip wise, and again, trust me, you'll naturally (want to and will) gravitate to MORE. 

Second being something I mention indirectly, that being rope pull-ups - doing them on ROPES. 

Ring pull-ups are often thought of as tough as well, they are. 

But ROPE pull-ups, the way it taxes the grip - and remember, when it comes to ropes unlike steel bars, thin is NOT easier! It's even harder to grip a thin rope while working out than perhaps a thick one in many ways. Try it, and see!

Maybe I'll write more on these later, for now, the pull-ups that are very directly mentioned in the books above and explained in great detail should be more than sufficient for you pull-up monster and afficiandos! 

Now, their pushing equivalents. 

Well, none for the towel movement, I gotta say, unless you count what I do normally, which is to pop off a set of max or not max fingertip pushups in a towel right after a shower, usually a freezing cold one. 

If it ain't freezing cold, which it dont seem to be these days, I take pains to make it that way - right after a workout. 

Yes, more conventional wisdom of "if youre body is warm dont jump into the cold shower" flying out the fuckin window... where it BELONGS, to the trash can. Hehe. 

Try what the Finns do sometimes, boil in a sauna first, then jump into the freezing cold waters of the Arctic, then talk about "logic", body temperatures and such. 

Anyway ............... 

A style of pushup I recently saw which made even me go WOW? 

Handstand pushups - not on dipping bars, which are WOW enough (Doug Hepburn did these). 

But handstand pushups - on get this - ROPES! 

My, the grip required just to do these - I'm not an expert on these, but thats something to work up to, me thinks! 

In the meantime, you can of course use ropes, rings and other pushup bars to do pushups, but I prefer the good old floor, fingertip and knuckle amongst other variations. 

I believe simple, again, works best, and it does. 

Now, last comment to cover, an idiotic one that came in - along the lines of - the long lines of "so what if you're Indian" (followed by some choice words involving color if you get my drift). 



Like I care about the slang - I'm being polite. Hehe. 

I just "junk mailed" the guy again like I'm doing with all spam these days, but his whining was about "so what if you're indian, why does that uniquely qualify you to sell Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" (this relates to an email I sent out in that regard). 

Well first off, you idiot, I never said that was the only thing that does. 

That is the icing on the cake, sure. 

But the cake itself, if that ain't there, there's no point having icing is there - unless you're into that, of course. 

What I mean is this - just like I kept telling Charles the former friend, no, "Indians aren't necessarily better than a qualified white chef, or any color, for cooking Indian food" (I sure ain't) - the same way, my "heritage" doesn't have F all to do with this. 

If I wasn't the bodyweight exercise Guru, a term very well deserved even if I say so myself, then none of what I say would matter. 

But that dedication and fantacism to training is what qualifies me, my friend, along with everything else I speak about - and my heritage merely means what is "alien" to most is "common knowledge" for me, but again that is only because I'm interested in training, and I do, as opposed to "evangelist arm chair wanking for Bozos" if you get my not so subtle drift. 

Nothing matters except that, pally. 

It aint bout the BS, it's about cutting right on past it, which is an alien concept for most - especially these days, that I admit. 

And thats that. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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This morning, I viewed a brief video of a lady (a friend of a lady I once trained in China) doing monkey bar work - which is great.

Monkey bars are another hidden secret (and often ignored by MOST - and again, the more fat you have around the midsection, the less able you'll be able to do your version of the "Da Xing Xing" workout) ... (YES, big guys can do 'em just fine, just like with pull-ups, phat guys CANNOT do them well though) (and if you're scared of calluses stay away from these) to superlative grip and upper back - and upper body in general strength.

Swing yourself like an ape across the branches - or bars - much like Tarzan did, with or without Jane, and you'll see why. You'll FEEL WHY! Hehe.

Anyway, this lady is doing them pretty well - with ONE huge glaring flaw - this flaw I see often when people are doing pull-ups as well, usually towards the end of "a high rep workout" - - even if these guys and gals are doing the exercise in proper form "otherwise".

So what am I talking about here?

Well, the LEGS.

Lots of people have this idea that pull-ups are only supposed to be done legs "crossed at the ankles".

This idea is RIGHT when you start, perhaps even long into your journey of pull-up mastery, which will never happen to be frank (it hasn't for yours truly either, much like Bruce Lee himself would be the first to admit that even though he could do 50 thumb only fingertip pushups, there's still a long way to go. Always a long road if you know what you're doing - always fun - always interesting - always new things to learn, if you're not of that mindset, you ain't a doer. Whole chapter dedicated to this (mastery) in the greatest bodyweight exercise book ever - nothing even comes close- 0 Excuses Fitness by Rahul Mookerjee).

Anyway, doing them that way is FINE - but in the ADVANCED book on pull-ups "Pull-ups -from STUD to Super STUD within WEEKS!" - and Battletank Shoulders - I tell you to keep the legs straight and dangling when you do pull-up workouts.

Not "flopping around", but straight from the waist, and you do pull-ups that way.

Some have said this works their hips and lower back even more.

Some have said their "glutenous maximus" gets more work this way.

They're all right.

The KEY mistake though I see people make?

Is dragging the legs "up" - much like you would during a "knees to chest" movement (which is a killer core workout, dont get me wrong) ... while doing pull-ups.

This is WRONG, my friend.

It makes the pull-up easier, yes, but it is NOT proper form.

When you do them this way, you deprive your lower back of a lot of the indirect work the tendons and muscles there get from doing pull-ups right.

Look, the thighs should be perpendicular to the floor always.

I dont care if you cross your legs at the ankles or if you keep the lower legs straight, but what I see all too often with folks is thighs coming up "parallel to the floor" while doing this exercise.

A huge no no, and one you really need to work upon.

And no, kipping aint acceptable either if you're working out RIGHT. Maybe if you're "looking to get over the bar by any means possible" - and maybe in the military there are traning regimens structured around pure survival which is perfectly fine (and required) - but if you're doing pull-ups, bottom line - do em right.

We had this discussion (my friend from the Marines and me) - and even he conceded my way of doing pull-ups was the "right way".

So, to all those who claim there is "no right way" of doing an exercise (because doing it the right way is tough, because phat phocks look for any excuse not to do a pull-up RIGHT) - well, you're spot on dead wrong.

I realize a lot wont agree, and thats fine.

But this message is for the doers, real doers...

And back to "lovely lady doing monkey bar work" (I really should put that as a click baity sort of headline.. hehe)  (but really, this gal has it spot on, she was doing diamond pushups much better than many MEN do!) ...

... she was doing the exercise fine, except for the mistake above - and the CARDINAL sin I always see committed when people do pull-ups or grip work, something I've spoken about a LOT.

See if you can spot the mistake - and what I'm talking about. If you can, you're definitely part of the "0 Excuses Faithful". Write back if you can, I'll do up a special discount for you for your next purchase!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I really need to start moving (again) on some of the other books I've got planned. Squat 101 being one of them - but I'll get to it soon. So much to do, so little TIME...

In the meantime, check out this review (one amongst) many that my book "Pushup Central" got ...

Since you’re in the mood for asking,  I’m asking when you’re going to put out a book on static holds like what you talk about in your recent pushups book.  The pushups book is awesome!  Why?  Because the F…ing exercises and workouts are hard as HELL!  That’s why!  I hate workout books that don’t challenge you.  I think I also asked you once before to put out a plyometric calisthenics book as well.  DO IT!  Your stuff is the best.  You are the real deal, which is why I don’t mind paying the higher than normal prices for your books.  I’m also glad that you now put them on Kindle because I have no more room for paper books in my small apartment .


Keep up the good work

(Charles Mitchell – after the initial testimonial beneath)

Got your new push up book off Amazon.  Very impressed!  Was a little hesitant due to the price, but once I got it I was not disappointed!  Just like all the other books I’ve bought from you in the past It’s great!  If I’m ever able to master the fingertip versions of all these push ups I will have hands like sledge hammers and fingers like steel!  Keep up the good work, and start working on a book of training unilaterally, one arm, one leg, etc.  I look forward to this in the future.  Using various progressions, you will truly build incredibly powerful indestructible human beings.

Charles Mitchell, USA

Amen, my brother. Amen!



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Monday, 18 July 2022 05:03

Slow Mo pull-ups

Most of the literature out there on pull-ups focuses, sadly on rep counts - and not FORM. 

Most of the books out there that teach FORM on pull-ups - teach it WRONG. 

Sadly again. 

And what is most galling is a tip that literally makes your pull-up numbers sky rocket, and upper body strength go STRAIGHT through the roof - is HOW you grip the bar. 

And  MOST people get it wrong, even seasoned fitness fanatics. 

I cannot tell you how many times I've almost thrown a hissy when I see people kipping during pull-ups (an utterly useless practice in terms of bettering form - it does the opposite - in terms of improving strength, or conditioning - maybe if you're trying to save your life, you use your legs, but not otherwise!) - or when gripping the bar when doing either pull-ups or another hidden gem - monkey bar work (if they ever do it, precious few people have the gumption to take that one "callus deep" as it were). 

My two books "Gorilla Grip" - and "Pull-ups from Dud to Stud within a matter of weeks!" - as well as the ADVANCED book on pull-ups i.e. "Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" explain these secrets very well. 

If you're someone that has been paying attention to what I write here and not simply thinking "free, free" - then you know the tip, or part of it already. 

But that ain't what this one is about. 

This is about - SPEED. 

Pull-ups - especially the pulling up part - should be done SMOOTHLY for one, and in a CONTROLLED manner, those jerky "by all means possible" pull-ups dont cut it, friend. 

They only give you pulled shoulders and tendonitis amongst others (speaking from personal experience back in the day here). 

While speed is somewhat important, ideally, when getting a good pull-up workout in, the movement upwards should be explosive, and take 1-1.2 seconds at most (with a brief pause once the chin is over the bar, not AT THE BAR!!) (OVER!) ... and then smoothly CONTROLLED back down, perhaps another 1.3 seconds - while you BREATHE correctly, another huge reason for people failing at pull-ups, most forget to breathe or hold their breath - how has been covered in the books. 

And, in the 0 Excuses Fitness System too - I give you tips on how to RECOVER from hard "puffing" workouts as well in the System if you really listen to what I say! 

But despite the 2.5 second pull-up being a great workout, there are ways to make it tougher - equally productive if not more. 

I did 25 pull-ups in my workout yesterday. 

But they felt like 75. 

Most of everything was done SLOW MO. 

I paused for five seconds at the TOP of each pull-up, really feeling the lats and grip with chin over the bar. 

I did dead hangs for 10 seconds before going onto the next rep - without letting go of the bar. 

On the way up, I made sure to slowly go up - ironing out kinks in an already "perfect" technique - I took maybe 5 seconds up, 4 down ... 

In the middle of all this, I kept doing long dead hangs with thick grips. 

Believe me, this workout wasn't easy. 

And believe me when I tell you, THIS workout will make YOU sore for DAYS if you do it right!

As will most of the workouts in the books mentioned if you do 'em RIGHT. 

I'm not saying go this slow all the time - but be honest, how many times have you heard about these slow mo workouts as opposed to "fast"! 

Slow, even with Animal Kingdom Workouts often taxes everything DEEP down inside. 

It sparks muscle growth like never before. 

It irons out and rectifies weakenesses in your tendons, ligaments and joints. 

IT strengthens the grip beyond belief. 

And so much more, my friend. 

Be sure and try some of these slow mo workouts in terms of pull-ups, or perhaps even pushups every so often. 

And, get back to me and tell me how it feels. 

OK, all for now. 

And before I forget : GET the books above. Best ever!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Oh boy.

I just saw a video I HAD to share with you guys.

I don’t normally watch videos in the first place, but this one was special.

The headline itself was special.

A 70 kg (yea, thats right – 70!) arm wrestler beat a veritable GIANT – and one of the world’s strongest bodybuilders Larry Wheels in a MATCH.

A 5 round match.

Rahul Panicker from Kochi was the arm wrestler who did it.

And while he looks FIT and hardly a midget as described in the headline, next to the gigantic Larry Wheels and the even more gigantic bloated muscles ??

It is indeed David VS Goliath, and then some!

The small dude lost the first two rounds, but he’s just getting warmed up it seems. Hehe.

And the match took place in “Jim Shim” of all places with boobybuilders with rippling muscles looking on. 

Round 3, 4 and 5 went to “Rahul”.

And as he walked away from the table smiling, I can’t help but LAUGH.

At all the people who say “size is really what matters”.

Or, “I could pick you up and throw you through the window”.

My former friend Charles comes to mind, hehe.

Can’t do a pull-up despite years of trying, finds every opportunity to criticize me for saying what I do the way I do, supports Bozo Schofield and his racist antic, and so forth ...

... and of course, says “he’s a big guy” when he’s actually FAT.

He’s bigger than me, sure.

But his grip is about 10 times weaker despite the deadlifts he supposedly does.

Now, this isn’t a rant against him or fat guys.

But the point begets.

It ain’t about size, or size of the dog my friend. 

It’s about the size of the FIGHT in the dog!

I still remember an incident in college, where a person named Bruce asked me if I Could arm wrestle him.

That was my pre Gorilla Grip days. But I did do pushups (albeit just one kind occasionally).

“Um, I don’t know”, I said. I was skinny and had a weak ass grip at that point, and Bruce laughed.

“Nah. You do pushups and you could probably beat me!”

And at that point, we never arm wrestled, but knowing his grip strength back then, built from a lifetime of working on cars?

He could probably have beat my ass at arm wrestling despite being even skinnier than I was.

His roommate Vincent was one of the gym gorillas, agood friend, and the same person who once told me that “you can’t be the strongest in the gym” when “Bimbo instructor” in physical education102 or some such BS was trying to get me on the machines and all “pumped and toned” and I threw a hissy (rightfully so).

But he had a weak grip, and I remember beating him at arm wrestling often.

But anyway, back to the video.

I see Larry Wheels’s biceps PEAK.

I see the peak of his biceps RIPPLE and RIPPLE MORE!

As he tries to defeat the much smaller guy.

Who then pulls his arm to the “floor” as it were.

And that, my friend, is all the proof you need in terms of real strength NOT being related to size (in case you needed any more, that is!).

And I don’t know what sort of training Rahul does.

Not yours truly.


But I bet the MAN from Kochi does pushups and pull-ups amongst other things ...

Anyway, thats the David VS goliath story for now.

And to get a grip as strong as Rahuls, or perhaps MORE – if you do the thing – here are the two courses that will do it.

Gorilla Grip

Gorilla Grip (Advanced).

Have at (Oh, and the book on tips is there too in case you so choose!).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and pick up the best compilation on pull-ups right here.

PS – I was around 65kg when my wife said I was “too skinny and weak”. And people IN THE KNOW said I was in great shape (from following the 0 Excuses Fitness System).

Who was right? YOU decide!

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And how you should too ...

On the other site, and recently I wrote about how to know if you’re dealing with a cauldron of NEGATIVITY.

Towards the end of that email, I wrote about how the bozos, nutjobs, wankers, pissers and moaners, Mama’s boys, Schofields (the Bozos that is), whiners, and LOSERS IN LIFE (and everything else) complain about “you’re so fit because you have good genetics”.

One of the most ridiculous things I heard recently was this.

“You have long hands so you can do pull-ups better”


Lady, (this was a lady) what frigging planet you BE living on.

First off, the size of your hands has nothing to do with anything other than (according to what some people say) whats in your PANTS.

The thumb, or whatever.

I’m not even sure thats ACCURATE.

Second, and more importantly, I have SMALL hands. I’ve often laughingly compared them to female hands and (though they said it was a “little bigger”), my hands were by no means much bigger.

Look at Sylvester Stallone for one, a guy thats achieved more of NOTE and WORTH than the Bozos and MONKEYS out there couldn’t dream of. 

When you think action – who do you think ?


HE IS THE ONE that inspired Arnie, Willis and the rest! (and more recently perhaps Vin Diesel and the lot, and if you’re into Bollywood, whoever you follow there).

Sanjay Dutt for one openly admits to being influenced by Stallone!

And if you see his earlier movies, you’ll notice that he copied Stallone on many of the things he did. It aint’ just him either. Sly is a legend, and a trail blazer – nuff said!

And his hands – and shape in general?

He’s not a big guy. HE’s a SMALL GUY!

His hands are probably even tinier than mine. They did a wax something of his hands somewhere in New York, and a past girlfriend once saw it.

My hands are bigger than his, she said.

And yet ...

Ditto for yours truly.

If I’ve been able to do what I have with crappy genetics, and an even crappier and UNINSPIRING upbringing – what will YOU be able to do?

Herschel Walker, for one – you wouldn’t think it – but he wasn’t a big guy naturally, and no, “muscle doesnt stick to him like shit”. These excuses are so damned pathetic, especially when THE MAN HIMSELF has refuted this bullshit!

And back to it.

I’ve got LONG arms. Longer than the norm.

Monkey arms as it were, hehe.

And they ARE long.

And when doing pull-ups thats another natural disadvantage along with my SMALL hands.

Yet, I made up my mind to become the BEST at grip – and I did.

I made up my mind to get STRONGER than a lot of people triple my size – and in many ways I DID.

Lets see how many big dudes can even get into a handstand and hold for one!

Including you weight lifters and preeners and posers out there ...

I made up my mind to get the Corrguated Core I write so much about – and I did. Tell that to the nutwards who supposedly walk miles daily at 3 AM or some such nonsense on planet “I’m wayyyyyyyy out there, broooooooooooooooo”.

I made up my mind to get good at pull-ups.

And by God, or not, I DID!

You focus on the SOLUTION, bro.

As they say in the Seals and other elite units (including most likely SWAT teams etc).


And get her done.

And thats what it’s about – BRO.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of you have said the advanced book on pull-ups is too expensive. Well, hey, I get it. It IS expensive, but it will stay that way (fortunately or not is another story). The solution there is to get the compilation - - and when you compare the prices ... well ‘nuff said!

(But hurry – I might re-price in the New Year).

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Some of you read this in the last email.

But it’s interesting, how things work ...

Yours truly with all the “castigation” coming from “home” (and while the “el cranko” part is well deserved, to be very fair, a lot of the rest of it isn’t).

But then again.

Like strongman Dejon (and he does the REAL STUFF, the real lifts!) said ... you can and should always a measure a man’s worth by the number of HATERS he has.

‘Tis true my friend.

‘Tis true.

And it’s also one prime reason behind “tell the world what you’re going to do, but show it first!”

Anyway, the monkey part was covered in the last email.

If you can be a monkey, so can I!

So she said, so said the “fiery lady from Northern India” (and they make a lot of them fire breathers up there in them neck of the woods, hehe).

Probably what drew me to her in the first place, and I won’t even get into mistakes or not HERE. LOL.

But really, point of this.

My daughter is 7 years old. So getting her to do as much activity as possible is GOOD.

The more she does, the better, especially with all the inane donkey like lockdowns globally.

Really if there was a more USELESS activity which pretty much forces everyone into a huddle together when they don’t want to be, and an activity that kills global economies much like the plague is scathing through the globe, I’m yet to see it.

Not to mention that lockdowns don’t work, period.

They EXCABERATE pre-existing problems, and they do NOT solve the spread of the China plague, or Bubonic plague, or any which anything.

And they weren’t implemented for SARS. They weren’t implmeneted for Ebola. And for some of the deadlier viruses around, and yet now ...

Yes, I get it. This thing spreads differently.

But the bottom line, as I told my “buddy” out there in the park.

Him of the “running” really works! Do you remember? Hope so!

“China done spread this shit and now we’re left dealing with it. What you’re gonna do bro? Mask up and run scared, or just man up, face it, DEAL with it,and MOVE ON!”

And he agreed in full.

He’s not a mask wearer either except when he really needs to ...

But back to it, my wife seems to be getting a little “heavy” around the tummy area apparently (from what she says, at least).

And for a woman who used to have a 13 pack (or 12, hehe) from working out in the field when young – well t hat must be galling!

I wrote about field work in the last email. Well, a few emails ago!

And how it builds fitness like few other things can ...

And anyway, back to monkeying around. 

The sort of workouts I advocate go beyond “just pull-ups” and pumping the lats.

They’ll get your obliques in shape – FAST.

You’ll build a rock solid grip, and start developing that SIX Pack you’ve always wanted.

Indigestion, flatulence, and other issues like insomnia plaguing most people will become a thing of the past.

You will become a real man – or WOMAN – or “in between”, hehe. Whatever it is, it won’t be fake.

And you’ll develop strength and fitness levels, that, as Charless Mitchell, a long time customer rightly said will put you into an elite “0.00001%” bracket.

Get on the train NOW, my friend. Truly worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, almost forgot the dancing monkey part. Just saw it when clicking “post”. Them ESL gigs out there for one, hehe. Prime example of bozo like dancing monkey. No wonder that the BOZO himself, Schofield did pretty much that and nothing else to fuel his drug infused rants, binges and what not. But yeah. No worries. I’ve turned her – and myself into PRIMAL CAVEMAN – and WOMAN – with REAL “from the inside” GUMPTION and strength.

Don’t believe me?

Get on the pull-up workouts – and then tell me!

And check out the testimonials on all of this while you’re at it too, hehe.

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Its funny, ain't it.

Not only is the grass always greener on the other side (sometimes it truly IS, hehe), but we tend to crave that what we “cannot do” (or think we cannot). 

And fitness, and exercise is a prime example.

I've often asked the average boobybuilder and bench presser if they (for instance) would want to be able to walk up and down flights of stairs repeatedly daily ...

.. Without support ...

On their hands!! ;)

And the more outrageous (seemingly so) the act (though really, if you train for it, and can do it, you'll need to do NOTHING else in terms of exercise) the more the denials.

“Hmmph! That stupid stuff!”

“HA! Thats gymnastics bro! Why would I want to do that rubbish! I'm here for strength, broooo!”

“I don't care about bodyweight! We all know it's useless!”

And so forth.

It's funny.

I just received an email from a guy who claims to be great at deadlifts and can “pull a house” according to him (or was it curl).

And this guy had emailed me before as well.

Both times wrt a course on that almighty exercise, the pull-up ...

I didnt really respond at length to him the first time.

And the second time all I said was this.

“Hey, thats great man”.

Thats it.

And apparently that set him off.

How dare I.

How dare I ignore the fact that despite his repeated trilling about “bodyweight exercises are useless”, he wants to do pull-ups secretly but can't?

Hey, I get it.

We all do, whether we admit it or not.

And hence the folks that want free copies of my books “because they want to read it”.

Because they'd love to be in that sort of shape, but are too petrified to actualyl do it (remember, anytime you give anyone ANYTING for free, it's never valued – the exact opposite in fact almost instantly) ... and of course are looking for an excuse to diss you down the road in terms of “the iron is where it's at”. 

I could certainly take names and kick ass in that regard on the above, hehe, but I'll let the “suspense” build (mindblowing I know, hehe).

But really.

If you want to do it, then just come out and say it my friend.

And then just do it, and it's that simple!

Fitness wise, start right HERE.

Truly the best investment you'll ever make, and the best results ever as you can see!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – More on Bozo Scofield in a while for those of y'all looking for a few giggles. Stay tuned! ;=)

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Wednesday, 09 September 2020 12:50

Pull-ups done on UNEVEN surfaces.

This is something I’ve been meaning to write about for a long, long time but haven’t for whatever reason.

Once I was having a conversation with my friend from the Marines (an ex Marine, the same dude I’ve written about so often).

And we were talking pull-ups, and the right way to do ‘em.

And I think we ended up getting into a bit of a discussion about form and kipping, which apparently my friend said was OK to do to get your numbers have (if you have to!).

I disagreed. As I always HAVE Done, for reasons I’ve been pointing out a lot as of late.

And while that was the discussion, we ended with this.

“Rahul, the way you do ‘em is the RIGHT way” my friend said.

“But in the military, we do pull-ups in many different ways! You don’t always get a pull-up bar to perform that sort of movement, often under duress, in real life . . . “

I added the part about duress, but the rest of the quote is pretty much what he said.

Now, he’s spot on.

Pull-ups are a functionally effective exercise if there ever was one, and there are just so many different ways to do ‘em.

Ways that could well save your life even if you’re not in a war . . . or save OTHER lives with the brute strength it builds and the capacity to perform physically at higher levels for a much longer period of time.

This morning, there was a heavy ass plant at the house I moved.

I mean BIG and heavy.

And I pulled it like nothing - - like it wasn’t even heavy to start with (most men would struggle to budge it).

Most “modern day men “ that is.

And I don’t care if you’re doing pull-ups to build that sort of brute strength, or simply to be more functional and STRONGER in your daily movements (believe me, when you can move couches up and down stairs on your lonesome, it not only makes you feel good, but has a very practical aspect to it!).

Or, if you do what Sig Klein did during a fire which was to climb down a drain pipe with one hand, a lady in danger nestled in the other . . . while the entire damned building was on fire.

Now THAT is strength. Useful strength!

So back to uneven surfaces.

There are MANY ways to do pull-ups, my friend, and I’ve found that doing ‘em on uneven surfaces not only makes the exercise far more difficult, but also more interesting.

And more advanced.

Believe me, there is a reason I put out a TON of new pull-up movements in “Pull-ups - - from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks” (my advanced course on pull-ups) and I would not be lying to tell you that most of these movements are anything but mainstream, and certainly anything but EASY (and usually way, way too ignored!).

That’s the advanced course, of course.

But what good is that gonna do YOU, you ask, if you can barely hang on to the bar, let alone even start to execute a proper pull-up?

Well, take heart for one. Tons of “men” are in your position, and that’s why I created the BASIC course on pull-ups – Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Definitely one you must grab, so do so NOW my friend, and once you’re done with THAT, and getting better at pull-ups, grab the advanced course.

Functional strength that can save your life one day, and definitely make the one you’re living a heck of a lot more convenient. Can’t and doesn’t get better than that does it mi amigo?

Hey, that should have been the title of the post!

Anyway, YES.

That’s what I thought too!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I’ve been doing my pull-ups (some of ‘em) on a massive thick IRON monkey bar set out in the park, which is NOT even. It’s triangular, and doing “walks” up that sucker is something to be honest, not to mention the monkey bar work which is tough enough as it is, but doing them this way is not only more functional and productive, but also adds a whole new DIMENSION to things!

PS #2 – That above tip right there is worth it’s weight in GOLD, as are all the tips I put out in Gorilla Grip. Truly the definitive course in terms of developing that cast iron kung fu like grip, and to be honest, that can only HELP you while doing pull-ups!! ?

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