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Sunday, 18 July 2021 11:00

Gotta ask you this, friend!

This is going to be a short one, but I've gotta ask!

In the future, we're planning on putting out 0 Excuses sports wear - and on the menu as of now - hoodies - and T shirts!

Of all sizes, shapes and sorts - colors too possibly (athough I prefer simple white and black, but we'll see). 

I have written before about the nightmare it is for me shopping for clothes - both upper and lower body. 

First thing you know, sizes these days ain't standard anywhere. 

Second, what is XXL around the waist - is, for me, and all you trainees likely too - WAY too tight around the shoulders!

Recently I ordered another one of those XXL T -shirts. 

They fit me nigh perfectly, and don't billow around the waist like some of my other shirts do. 

But look at me trying to get into - and take the damned thing off, you'd think I was trying to rip the arms off, thats how much of a struggle it was!


There's snug fit, then there's EXTRA snug fit!

Especially in hot weather (A/C and everything not withstanding). 

And here's the thing - what I personally would like to find? 

Some manufacturer that makes things for peopl ethat workout - not phat phocks that dont. 

Some manufacturer that understands "slim fit" is fine, but those shoulders should be a size larger! 

Some manufacturer that is truly a 0 Excuses style trainee himself or herself - so he or she - knows the struggle!

Write back - let me know your thoughts. 

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahu Mookerjee

PS - Two courses, if used in conjunction that'll make the top buttons on your shirts pop like nothing you've ever done before - Battletank Shoudlers - or Shoulders like Boulders! if you're starting out. 

And of course, Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - very close to completion. Get your pre-order in NOW my friend - special gift for all those that DO!

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Sage question indeed, my friend. 

I posed one earlier too I believe about "the most vulnerable spots on your body". 

But anything, when I ask you this, I dont mean insanity i.e. I don't mean running away from wild animals or trying to outrun an actual Ferrari or Jaguar, or even Henry Ford's 1940 model. 

I dont mean cheetah or gazelle. 

That, my friend, despite the pictures on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page simply wont happen regardless of which traning programs you're on or will be on, because until we get genetically modified if that happens, humans can never outrun a grizzly for one. 

But, there is a very good reason it's shown on that page...

This is not about Animal Kingdom Workouts, so back on topic we go for a change. 

I'm talking run as fast as in .... 

Well, perhaps my little girl running for her dumbphone the minute it's allowed hehe (not the slow waddle back once times up). 

(I wrote about kiddie dumbphone addiction yesterday, and it seems my "prayers" have been heard. Whether or not my comments helped, I do not know, but hey, the end result counts eh!) 

(And I'd never get credit even if it did help, but I'd get the blame if it didnt. LOL. Sound familiar guys??) 

Or, me running for the bathroom fresh back from a trip to HK - literally off the bus, tearing up the stairs. 

I had to GO if you get my drift, and while I had am empty botlte handy, I couldn't take a leak in front of all in the bus. Glyn might but I wouldn't!

Though the Chinese, some of them have no problem doing it, but then again, in a culture where women putting their dirty feet up on Starbucks tables is accepted ... and takin gcraps in subway stations is accepted (all true stories - reserch if you not believe me) .. what can I say. 

Or, changing diapers on airplane and other trays. UGH. 

But anyway, thats another example. 

Or, perhaps the one and only Bozo "on public welfare in Birmingham" infesting poor ole Blighty Glyn Schofield when he (she?) seems rear ends "open" in front of her. 

aka the Oxford Bozo (he claims he now goes to Oxford). 

I truly, truly feel sorry for Socks-ford. 

Even dirty socks have their limits ... 

And no, that ain't me indirectly commenting upon Oxford, which is, has been, and continues to be one of the most prestigous educational institutions in the world. For a reason. 

It's me commenting on Bozo's "School of Hard Knocks and Dirty Socks". 

Hard knocks being ...well, you get the drift. 

But anyway, all this jovial stuff aside, you understand what I mean now, no? 

And if you had to do it - could you? 

For most people, the answer would be if you answer honestly - NO. 

And these same people would give me an angry retort. 

"Why would I ever need to do that"? 

Well, my friend, you might well need to down the line given how the world is going, but even if you didnt the fact begets that - 

One, most people, even advanced trainees would be well advised not to do this right off th ebat.

And two, if I had to choose ONE method amongst all my superior fat smelting methods and techniques and exercises and what not - it would be this. 

Three, it ain't too simple. 

Four, it's only for super advanced, and even those people cannot just "work up to it" - you do it a certain way. 

Don't believe me? 

Think anyone can do it? 

Well, yours truly when he was a phat phocker (I dont know why, but many Chinese use the "phock" experession and replace "u" with "o" - could it be Bozo Glyn "round posterior" influence?) once tried, and remember this was when I was "thick" and could still do pull-ups and pushups like no-one's biz, and DID do 'em - - - and ended up with a nasty calf strain that lasted for not days, but weeks. 

I could barely hobble home, and I Was driving home!

Anyway, my friend, we all know and are intereste in smelting fat off our bodies at record speeds, about eating more and weighing less, and NEVER worrynig about what we eat (in terms of weight loss). 

And that is why I put out Advanced HIll Training in 2018. Right smack dab middle of Chinese New Year, no less. Year of the OX that time? Not sure! 

some memories are the best!

And I renamed it from Eat More - Weigh less to what it is now to keep the Bozos away. 

And that, my friend truly is a SUPERB course that you MUST invest in. 

Do so now, and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - There is a reason I wrote about "most vulnerable part of the body" shaking workouts a while ago!

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At the outset, let me clear one thing. 

When I say core, I dont mean that silly little six pack or twelve pack that the nuts at the 'Jim Shim' die for , spend bazillions of dollars on protien shakes for, do millions of bunny "shunny" crunches, use useless gadgets and so forth. 

Tummy trimmers, crash diets and so forth and yet, those muscles never really show like they want .

What they want is a CORRUGATED CORE, except they dont know it, because they've consciously bought into the six pack madness. 

If there was something utterly ridiculous in the fitness world, its the craze for six packs - if you've ever heard the saying back it up? 

I'm sure you have. 

And most of the idiots with artificial six packs have NOTHING to show "behind" to back it up. 

No legs, no core, no glutes (but I guess that means Bozo Schofields dont chase 'em, hehe) - and certainly no grip and upper back. 

It's an unnatural look that starts to fade away as soon as you step out of the gym - or even in it, while you stop popping pills (or injecting testosterone, or any of the silly things men do in that regard). 

Thats another thing, by the way. 

Just why the heck someone would need to "inject" T into themselves is beyond me, but gaggles of men do it. 

Instead, why not get MORE T than you ever bargained for - naturally? 

Ah, but wait. 

That sort of training is HARD training - real man training. 

It constitutes things most people will never do, like hiking hills in blazing heat and humidity for years multiple times for one, and doing it in snow, rain, sleet or so forth, or pounding out 150 pull-up per workout ... 

But anyway ... 

Back in the day I used to be fat. 

NO secret there. It's even there on the cover of some of my books, hehe, (hence Bozos like "Keith James" and Mama's boys throw hissies over it, and hence I do not, and will NOT change the cover of ANY of my books). 

And you'd think with all the pushups and pull-up I did, my grip would be stronger than it is now, if just for the insanely moronic and ASS-ININE logic the BOZOS at the Jim have. 

That being, more weight = more strength. 

(and injuries, and other crap, but whose counting). 

More weight - more strength, eh? 

Well, first off, if this was true, why the fat focks can't do pull-ups like I do -and did - is beyond me? 


I know. 

But it's true. 

And my grip, my friend, only got to the scary levels it did when my CORE and rest of the body was in solid shape!

If you've ever done a REAL grip, you'll know you do it like a WRESTLER - naturally - to get that UNNATURAL pull to your grip! 

And the only way you can do that?

Is, much like when you're throwing a punch to flatten, you engage the core and legs. 

And THAT is how the grip goes from "ok" to truly spectacular - I cannot empashize this enough. 

When I do my leg workouts, I feel a sense of INVINCIBILITY. 

Believe me, those leg muscles "pumping" under your clothes? 

Thats when you know it's real training as opposed to the idiotic machines where you do leg presses and such. 

It's when that muscle literally "bulges" out of your thighs WITHOUT you consciously trying to do so. 

And it's when you have a true CORRGUATED core, my friend - that you can truly have a GRIP that is beyond any sort of belief, scary and INHUMAN LEVELS. 

No, the latter doesn't work without the former. 

And its damn near impossible to get the former without the latter. 

My courses linked above have got praise from all over the world, rave reviews, and many other things due to one reason - they work - and they work better than anything else out there. 


And if there was one combo I have to tell you about, it's this one - Gorilla Grip - The Compilation - - and Corrugated CORE

Yes, I coul dmake more money if I told you to get Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (Advanced), and the book on tips seperately, but that ain't what this is about ... 

Combine the above with Animal Kingdom Workouts, and your grip will go from "beyond scary" to "truly out of this world levels". 

Trust me on this one!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Got the first of many comments today to share wth you (I'll be sharing all in future emails, but for now, lets go in order) for my new book "Profound Handstands "70% Gorilla 30% Human". 

James from planet Venus apparently wrote in to say this - 

"Not a bad book, but the author forgets he's not training us to become Army members. Just way too tough! One of the workouts left me depleted for days! While it's not a terrible book, the price! It's too expensive. I wont be buying again". 

Honestly, man (or woman, given the tone of his rant), I dont get it . . . 

If I give it to folks easy, they complain it's too easy (though really, I don't do easy - what I teach LOOKS easy,  but is anything BUT - though it will look easy to you too when you can do it). 

When it's tough, stuff that gets results people bitch about "we dont want to join the Army". 

Like dude, nowhere in any of my books do I say you need to or want to join the Army, but really, THESE are the workouts which not just stalwarts from the Army and Special forces globally use, but also champ boxers, wreslters, ironmen, martial artists etc - - and believe me, my workouts have FLOORED many a great man and woman from those above categories, and thats saying a hell of a lot. 

The price, well, I've spoken a lot about that before - and I'm not going to get into it again. Suffice it to say though that the price on this will go up, up, and UP. 

And for "why" - well, I dont feel like typing it all out again - there's plenty in that regard on the blog etc. 

But by and large, this guy speak of being depleted for days. 

I suppose he means ONE day, since he bought the book on Sunday, a day (or night) after it was released . . . 

Second, isn't that a good thing? 

Why the heck would someone want workouts that don't challenge him or her? 

It befuddles the mind, at least mine, as to why someone would buy a fitness product and expect to be mamsy pamsied and handheld, but apparently lots of folks do. 

And that brings me to a point I keep emphasizing. 

Rahul Mookerjee doesnt cater to wusses, Mama's boys, lily livered poltroons and Bozos of that nature in general, and the above should be reason enough why. 

If not, well, get your brain checked. 

And I do ALL I can to REPEL the above. 

With good reason. 

One bad apple truly DOES spoil the bunch . . . 

Anyway, some great comments still to come - watch this space for more!

And you DOERS and real men out there - you'll LOVE this course. 

Grab it NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Jay, a friend of mine when he saw the Facebook page for the biz made the comment about "I train, I go to the gym, but not like YOU! Macho man!

What I wanted to tell him was this -well, why NOT like me, my friend. 

Ain't like you can't work up to it - everyone can - I did - and if I did - so can you!

And the workouts he was referring to were here - Pushups - Reverse Pushups - the best darn exercise EVER!

An oldie, but a goldie. Another one is Animal Kingdom Workouts - which is a MUST grab too, my friend, if you're in ANY way serious about your health, strenght and fitness. 

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One of the workouts, I believe it's #7, but I'm not sure - I dont have the book open in front of me - in Animal Kingdom Workouts is a workout that sometimes stops even me in my tracks, and I'm the one that wrote it. 

So tough is it, so BRUTAL that even I have to sometimes wonder if I should do something easier. 

I dont, of course!

But here is what Tommy, a former wrassler (high school, I believe) in ... I think Turkey, it was? Currently in china wrote back on Animal Kingdom Workouts (he bought this last week). 

"Rahul, this is not just normal exercise workout! This is AWE inspirengly BRUTAL exercise routune!

Now, I modified what he said a bit, but thats the gist of it obviously. (I simply made it shorter, much like I refer to myself as the Stella Artois of Fitness - that isn't me that said that - I simply shortered the original remark to something easy to type and remember!). 

(Especially after one too many Stellas, hehe, and I dont mean the heffas and Stellas Bozo Schofield so loves and adores (their backsides especially)). 

Cow Schofield, we should call "her", the amount of grazing Miss Bozo Schofield does. Hehe. 

But anyway, Miss Schofield aside . . . 

Tommy said some other things also - in short, it was a book that floored him, and this is a former wrassler that said it. 

Now, Tommy hasn't wrestled for years. 

But there are customers, my friend - that have been into SERIOUS, SERIOUS, physical activity for YEARS - and that have said the same thing about not just Animal Kingdom Workouts, but ALL my books. 

Indeed, my training isn't for pussies, as Charles Mitchell, ex cop said. 

And it never ever will be. 

I will never compromise on who I AM!

Not for sales, not for nuttin (though I do pretty well in the former regard I'd say). 

Ex cops. 

Former Elite Marines. 


And of course, Ji Jitsu experts and the like . . . Former Samurais. 

The list is legion. 

Let me tell you, my friend,even if I dont do a shred or ounce of marketing, my books sell themselves. Most of my customers found me on Amazon for one (where I dont "market"). (or didnt before, at least). 

If just for the results ... 

And thats the tom tomming for this one - and if you haven't already - pick up Animal Kingdom Workouts now to see the "awe inspiringly brutal" workout that Tommy BE referring to, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - But if you're a Bozo, or a Schofield type, stay away. These workouts are unfeasible for Miss Schofields. Utdderly butterly so!

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Saturday, 20 March 2021 07:45

The LAST little bit - when it comes to PULL-UPS.

I ain't talking "wang doodle" pull-ups either here. 

(Sorry that I gotta say that up front, my friend, but you'd be amazed at the inquiries I get - I once got from none other Bozo Schofield saying "my wife won't make love to me since I have a small penis"). 

(He was on Freak-Book under a different nick in my group there. I believe he still is, hehe.I ain't had the heart to kick him out (but I am sure this gives him more ideas which I eagerly await and anticipate so I can share more with y'all!)). 

But anyway, God(dess) pity the woman who would be with Bozo, much less marry him or be in a relationship, even one he pays. (with stolen funds). 

But anyway, pull-ups. 

A long time ago, another old man in China (and again, this was during my afternoon shift workouts) with a great Alsatian dog (thankfully not the pink rat dogs the Chinese so love! - I love German Shepherds. ALWAYS been my favorite) used to see me doing pull-ups out there, and often tried to do what I did. 

Of course, he tried as EVERYONE does the "chin up" style. 

To his credit, he got ONE out ... almost. 

(No Schofield not that one). 

Thats another thing, the people constantly carping on chin ups for SHOW, and not doing the REAL strength builder - pull-ups. 

I have covered reasons on that one before, so won't get into it again. 

But anyway, as he saw me doing 'em, he'd often make the sign with his hand. 

Like a flat hand at the base of the neck, as if he were chopping it off. 

HE meant, thats how you do pull-ups. 

I was doing them to the chest, of course ... 

But this old man (not one of my favorites admittedly, but friendly enough anyway - not favorite because he talked too much, and didnt do the thing) had it spot on. 

Look, guys. 

Lots of you have gotten good at pull-ups after investing in my course "Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!" and yes, it truly is the best out there for newbies at the pull-up, or even Jim Shim guys who claim they're big and can bench Manhattan when they're FAT and can't do a pull-up or hang on to the bar after YEARS of trying at the gym (and after all the advice the idiot trainers at the gym gave 'em). 

But lots of you, and I've noticed then when coaching, even those of you that do it without momentum like I tell you to - bring the chin up to the bar, slightly beyond, and then repeat. 

Now, this is great. 

Thats how it's meant to be done, but for max effect? 

You dont just bring your chin across the bar and repeat. 

You pause - and you pull up just that little more until your Adam's apple or preferably base of the neck is touching the pull-up bar, THEN you repeat!

This last bit, my friend, if you're using the lats - really CRUNCHES The biceps. 

Not the peak. 

Not the third intergalactic strand the bros pump. 

But the BOTTOM of the muscle, where it starts, and this does more to build trap and bicep strength than anything else, including all the chin-ups you do. 

Even the chin up, when it really hits you, you'll feel the muscle "bulging out". 

FRom the bottom. 

And with the pull-ups, your elbows will naturally come down to LATS if you do 'em right. 

Truly lats like bats, hehe. 

So remember, much like in life - with the pull-up - the LAST bit is what counts!

Napoloen Hill said it for life of course. 

MOst men experience their greatest successes just a step beyond their greatest failure. 

Read "Three Feet from Gold" for more on that or a condensed version in Think and Grow Rich

But for now, thats the point. 

Apply it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - It's impossible not to talk shoulders with traps, no? That part of the body that everyon eloves, Bozos, gym goers, women, real strength trainees and so forth? 

Well, get building them in a superlative manner with Barnstormer Shoulders now, and turn into a human beast with the routines therein. 

Move over "Simple and Effective Diet". THIS is the book that is Simple and Effective, as a customer said! 

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Saturday, 20 March 2021 07:16

My wife wondered "how much I write about her"

A month or so ago, or perhaps two months, I'm not sure - my wife made the following comment to me. 

"I wonder how much you write about ME!" she said in one of those very (rare) moments of self reflection she has. 

She was of course wondering that after the numerous fights, arguments and everything else that goes on both online (and especially when I'm there at home - which is why I live A-LONE for the most part) ... 

And given that I rarely, if ever (at least from last year) engage in pissing contests with her (actually I didnt even back in the day), but I'd get annoyed. 

Now, it's just like whatever. 

Nazi feminism central continues ... 

For some inane reason, that makes my wife think she's "won". 

So be it. 

I'm hardly concerned about winning or losing in such stupid thing - my mind is always focused on those STUPENDOUS goals which I still ain't told you about, and which you would honestly think I'm nuts if I told you!

But anyway ... 

The same thing for most people, I'd say. 

Bozo Buttblower Schofield (who sometimes seems like a bonafide woman instead of a "sissy man") coud well be a Nazi feminist too. 

His dialogs, and the laughable garbage he left as reviews on some of my most inspirational and BESTSELLING books speaketh Volumes to that regard!

But I wonder if he knows other than here how much I "really" write about him. 

He'd be SHOCKED. Hehe. 

Anyway, I reveal all later ... in that regard. 

But for now, where am I going with this?

A, and I've said this before, virtually anything that happens in your life is a GOLDEN opportunity to sell and make money if you know how. 

And if you're a DOER. 

And two, well, that discount I've been offering ends TODAY, I believe ... 

I think it does - yes - I just checked - it DOES. 

So if you're indeed interested in my in depth knowledge of fitness and finding out more - check out the products page. 

Actually, I think you should start here - The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Build slow, go from there!

And remember to pick up some of our great motivational reads; you'll love 'em. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - "He cheats on his wife, so what can he do to his friends!" 

Poor Bozo. The second part of that is self reflecting The first is too, except the jealousy shows from one who "can't get none if he paid for it", hehe. 

Anyway, think about it. The book was Fitness Pioneer - and that was the comment he left. That, more than anything else proves why he belongs in a padded cell far away from Hannibal Lecter (for the latter's safety). 

As Charles his one time friend said "A known lunatic!" 

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Friday, 05 March 2021 05:53

When you KNOW you're serious about FITNESS!

Do y'all on the list remember an ex girlfriend from way back in the day in New York that was traveling with me back to the ole "Sip" if you get my drift? 

(Mississippi, for those that don't) 

We were flying, as opposed to the Greyhound we took on the way UP THERE. 

And the first thing, of course, I did when moving out of my apartment was give, give, give. 

There was a lot of stuff we had bought (women seem to want to buy the whole damned store every time they shop!) that we hardly ever used - and we gave most of it away to (oddly enough up there in a little bitty town in NY State) to our Indian neighbors. 

Dude wouldn't take the beer though! 

So we had Miller Lite literally sitting in the garbage dumpster, hehe. 

"Sad day", as a friend Rueben said. 

Hey, I couldn't take those 30 packs on the plane, and I sure couldn't drink 'em all befor ethe flight either. 

It's funny though. 

I got a notice once from the management in that complex and a hefty FINE too for "disposing of a package" in the wrong dumpster or something. 

I think I got something delivered, didnt shred the damn package or what not as the rules were, or whatever. So long ago, I can't remember!

But it's funny. 

The Communist Republic of NY has it's own rules, but as you can tell (those on the list for a while) from the notices yours truly once received in China for - get this - dumping beer bottles in the TRASH CAN - Commie dictatorships are a kind unto themselves. 

Oddly enough the ladies (and guys) dumping dirty diapers and empty packs of "fags" right on TOP of the damn bin, they're too lazy to open the lid apparently didnt and doesnt' get censured though ... 

And of course, the great notices Bozo Schofield received for tossing beer "bottling" out of his 11th floor apartment and "bringing women of ill repute back home to lick you know what". 


(I wonder what those poor ladies though. Bozo was a kind even they probably never saw before, and a step "down" for even THOSE ladies!). 

But anyway ... 

So the pink dumbbells. 

I bought a set for the girlfriend during our 6 month stay in NY. 

Of course, she never used 'em even once. 

And they sat there, looking pretty. 

When we were overweight, they were the first things to get tossed out. 

Security said "put in your handbag" if you want. 

"Nah", I said. "We don't want 'em" ... 

The girlfriend started whining about "but those are my pink dumbbells" - and I didnt think that was the time and place to remind her how utterly USELESS They were, and how she had never USED Them int he first place. 

So off we went ... 

But it's funny. 

I remember other instances of being "overweight" on flights. 

One time I carried 45 kgs on a flight out of China to India (this was in 2005 I believe) - when the limit was 30. 

Gotta love Cathay, and the ferry terminals that either never check or say "they'll handle it in HK". 

Of course, Hong kong doesn't handle it either, being "they were supposedt o handle it in China". 

Ah, the travel tips. LOL. should I write a book on that too? 

(Actually, I've got some pretty good travelogues written, but I haven't put them in book format as yet. ) 

(laptop, and all that) 

But anyway ... another instance where I was overweight. 

And my jump ropes which weighed a bomb were the first to go, or so said the cute little gal behind the "Dragon Air" or whatever plane that was. 

No way! 

I tossed my clothes. 

It was winter, I believe then. 

And I tossed some heavy woolens etc. 

"This guy is NUTS", the girls were thinking as they giggled politely. 

That I AM!

But I didnt want to lose my weighted jump rope! 

And to me, thats really what shows if you're serious about training - whether you do it with equipment or not. 

When you're moving, you take special care to move your training stuff well. 

On flights etc , you toss OTHER things away if you need to. 

And, so on and so forth. 

I dont know if this makes sense to you on the list, but it does to me. 

Anyway, onto other things - Lumberjack Fitness (along with a cute little course on handstand pushups with variations I have NOT covered before) are the next two courses that will hot off the RahuL Mookerjee press. 

Once I get a computer that "stands the test of time", hehe. 

And in the former book, you'll have me telling about training with all the implements you can think of. 

Heavy stones. Heavy bags. Rocks. Bottles. Gada. Jori. Chains. And (no, Bozo Schofield, no "whips and chains" here sorry) ... 

And many more I will not detail for now. 

Be looking for that course in a few weeks for now. I dont have the sales page up as yet for pre-orders, but will soon. 

And be looking for the cutie course on handstands too. 

Hey, I might well name it that, hehe. 

And in the meantime, those of you looking to build brute strength like the above things imply - pick up Barnstormer Shoulders HERE

Or, some of my great books on pull-ups, and DEFINITELY These two - Pushup Central - and Jump Rope Mania - and Advanced Hill Training - And Animal Kingdom Workouts!

They're truly ALL must have products. 

Get to it NOW ,bro. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For inspirational fitness recollections like this one - go here

PS #2 - If TRAVEL interests you, especially in the mighty Himalayas that I went to SO often back in the day, let me know, and I'll see what I can do! Not in the plans as of now I must admit, but I've got some many travelogues and tips and advice on that that I'm going to put it out in a book very soon! So much to do, so little time, hehe. 

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Wednesday, 24 February 2021 06:58

500 pushups VS 100 pull-ups?

Received a great, great question from Gary in the U.S. (Montana??) on "rep numbers" when doing high rep bodyweight stuff. 

He had other questions too, but I'll post the relevant one here - 

(He's a "Zero to Hero!" buyer, so his other questions were in that regard) 

"If I do 500 push-ups daily - when I can. Which is better. 

Or, should I aim for doing more pulluups till Iget to my goal?" 

And that was his question - and it's a great one!

(His goal in terms of pull-ups is 100 pull-ups a day, and he's bought the first book on pull-ups i.e. Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

Now, this is a great question again!

Back in the day when I was "el Tubbo", I used to do 500 pushups. 

I set a goal to do them daily. 

I didnt quite get there daily, but in 30 days (it was a month long goal) Id say I cranked out 500 on at least 25 or 26 of those days in my living room in the winter

I'd be sopping with sweat. 

And I'd do them slower than I do now (in the 0 Excuses Fitness System I pound out 250 like nothing in 20 minutes flat, but remember - I didnt know what I do now back then - and remember - I was much fatter back then!) but I still DID 'em. 

Pull-ups, I would do maybe 20-30 and be done with it. 

I'd do 'em on thick bars outside . . . 

In itself, this is a great lesson of who is truly big and who is truly FAT. 

Or, a myth buster that "fat" guys cannot get in shape by doing tons of pull-ups. 

But anyway, so if I had to choose? 

Both great goals, both will get you in great shape. 

If I had to choose? 

Well, it's like a choice (my daughter once posed this question) - if I had to choose BEER or my daughter, which would I. 

"Of course you, honey", I responded. 

"But ... thats like asking me if I had to choose between breathing or drinking water!" 

Of course, it isn't like that, but it is - sort of! 

Same thing HERE. 

BOTH goals should be there in your mind. 

BOTH exercises should be uppermost, first and foremost! 

And aim to get good - damn good - at BOTH!

Having said all that, if it's 500 pushups, ultimately, those make you stronger overall in a way pull-ups can't, and tax the entire body in a way pull-ups cannot, so I'd have to choose that 

But tough one! 

100 pull-ups a day gives you grip and core work like pushups - well, the grip part - and upper back part - and the PULLING MOTION cannot really replicate. 

So, I dont know! 

Do BOTH is what I would say .. 

Last but not least, there is no "equivalent". 

People say "1 pull-up equals 10 pushups" in terms of strength. 

No it doesn't. It doesn't the other way around either. 

Drop these asinine notions if you got 'em my friend. 

I can make ONE pull-up tougher than a hundred press ups, or FIVE, an accepted number in "Jim Shim La La World" pushups way tougher than 50 pull-ups. 

And so it goes, my friend. 

Great question though - thanks for sending it in!

In the meantime, remember that Pushup Central is really starting to ROCK my friend. 

PIck it up now - and remember, please, please, PLEASE leave reveiws - honest and genuine ones. I dont so much "want" 5 star reviews as HONEST reviews. 

(Of course, if you think I'm the Michelin of Fitness like some customers and great trainees do - then by all means - click those 5 stars!). 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here is the link again for Pushup Central. A must grab!!

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My wife often gets frustrated with me when we live together (which as you know ain't all that often) not just because I dont live with her, but when I do, I dont "sleep with her". 

Not as often as she would want, at least. 

(God knows why she would, given the amount she complains about me, hehe)

(then again, I DO know. LOL). 

But anyway, she ain't the only one. 

Anne, a lovely lass I knew WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back in the day kept asking me. 

"Why you no enter me!" 

And Ashley, another girl I knew back in the day would keep complaining about "is this make love!?" 

Or, "I want have sexy!" 

My wife made the great comment about 

"We Women want STUDS in the bedroom, not in the gym! Women only care about THAT exercise!" 

Reminds me of what Matt Furey's wife once told him about "not wanting a man whose a stud in the gym, but a DUD in the bedroom"

Great, or greater minds think alike. 

And given yours truly has a very "colorful" history for the most part .... 

But anyway, it's true. 

I'd rather conserve my seed like the great boxers and wrestlers of yore did. 

Bozo Schofield trolled Pushup Central as me being "Rahul Tyson". 

Poor Glyn. I can hear him CRYING in frustration in Mommy's dingy basement which she's ready to boot him out of, but hasnt because he's just so ham handed and PATHETIC - but he also made the comment "We know you write books on cucks!" 


But he never tell me WHICH book yours truly wrote on cucks. 

IF anyone can. please tell me, and I'll post it here. Might as well make more sales for it hehe. 

But really - with the feeling I get that I wrote about on the other site? 

Why would I want to "do hanky panky in China" (as Ann Lee once famously got upset at me about - and remember, she was a beer/hill girl) when there are far better alternatives? 

As for spouses - why on EARTH would I want some when there are FAR better alternatives? 

YEs, I know this sounds out there, but here is the fact. 

Napoleon Hill wrote about the same thing in the chapter on Sexual Transmutation in Think and Grow Rich, that being most men do NOT succeed before 40 (thats one reason, not the only reason) because of their tendency to "sow their wild oats". 

And right about now, I dont wanna sow any. 

Not to mention, it saves me a fortune in potentail kids, hehe. 

The one time I did recently (years ago) sow seed was a SPECIAL TIME IN my life - and it resulted in the best thing ever for me, and the BEST KID I could ever have asked for - a true GEM, a true LODESTONE, a true SHINING STAR - a true ASS KICKER - a true STUDDETTE that at the age of 7 could whack Bozo Schofield so hard he'd never get up again to troll, and sof orth ... 

She is just lovely is my daughter - truly so! 

And anyway, I'm out. 

But you know why now, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For workouts that feel better than sex go HERE. Hey, even Bozo Scofield will like it - plenty of "quickies" in it. 

(I heard he doesnt do quickies tho. His tongue is usually perenially "ass deep" if you get my drift. But hey, to each (her) own!). 

PS # 2 - - I wonder if Bozo knows the BEAST HE UNLEASHED, and I AM JUST GETTING STARTED. YEe - HA!

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