Grip training (23)


I've often written about thick bar training outdoors being brutal, callous building - and RESULTS producing, so the above should come as no surprise. 

But, I've also written about thick gripz in the past - those THICK foam grips you can add on to your chinning bar - kettlebell handles - dumbbells - or just about anywhere that you can - to make the "gripping" part of the exercise that much more difficult. 

Lots of folks think that this trains only the grip a lot more. 

Incorrect, my friend. 

Like everything else I say and do workout wise, you train the entire body hitting the BIG muscles in the upper body like you never hit before - if you incorporate thick grip training done right into your routine. 

They make pull-ups tougher by at least a factor of 5. If not more. They're DIFFERENT from thick iron bars in that you can really squeeze these suckers, and it REALLY, really hurts - in a different manner from the equally productive thick bars you find outdoors. 

This form of training makes you breathe hard and heavy. 

It builds a grip of CAIN x 10. 

It builds unnatural Kung Fu Like grip x 10 as well. 

And it builds LUMPS of muscle all over your upper body - it gives you the sleek, muscular CAT like look you want - everyone wants. No, guys, the females dont like "big huge muscles and bloat around the midsection when youre fat and attempt to pass it off as "big" or some nonsense". 

The X shape is what everyone wants - sees - covets, yet few can get it, which is a pity, because it's easy if you know how to do it, and THIS sort of training is one of the ways to do it. 

Corrugated Core, currently in production before it goes on Audible is the book you need to pick up NOW if you truly want to become a lean, mean, fighting MACHINE with beast mode perennially engaged if I might say so, as I said in all my videos this morning. 

Post a 100 pushups, nothing feels as good as grip work before getting back to pushups. 

Nothing makes you feel like a BEAST more than pull-ups and grip training do. 

And if you cannot do a single pull-up right now - fear not, we're here for you. Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks, a course that has literally shocked the entire world in terms of "simple and effective" is your ticket my friend - if you just DO.

back to thick grips - I recommend EVERYONE doing pull-ups at home needs to get this cheap but highly productive tool to incorporate into their training. The results far outweigh the pittance you'll spend on them. No, we dont make 'em - as yet - stay tuned though on this one, we will soon! (when T shirts come out...). 

Last, but not least, a great review for - well, the Simple and Effective Diet, which is yours GRATIS with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System ... 

'Simple' just like the title says!

This book has some helpful tips to maintain good health. The tips are simple in the sense that it's easier to maintain the habits mentioned here. So 'bouncing back when stopped' is out of the question. The book also gives the reasoning and how the particular habit helps your body. It is a good short health-related book.

And there we go, my friend. Thank you, Prajakta Telele (FL) for submitting that one - much appreciated!


Rahul Mookerjee

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This email is only going to be understood by those that truly do the thing -not just specifically train the grip like it's MEANT TO BE (see some new videos I put out on that today) but train hard, and right in general - the way you are MEANT TO TRAIN - taking NO PRISONERS! 

Its also going to be rather long, an ode of sorts to a little kid at the end, who was more inspiring than the hordes of ruffians and bozos I see out there at the park daily with nothing better to do than inanities (one of these nuts was throwing shoes up in the air as a game - an adult at that. He did apologize as it fell right next to me - though tiger like, I was watching him anyway - interesting how animal like training makes you more animal like by the way? You meow to cats, and you "sneak up on people" while walking silently normally on tip toes who then jump up six feet in the air and say "sorry, you startled me!" - the wife does it all the time. Hehe).  .  . 

Anyway, let me start with the first dude I met - a friend of mine -real man who used to train with weights a while back. And he had a strong, strong grip when I first met him, but today - though it was as strong, "something was off" when I gripped his hand, and I put my finger on it instantly. 

"You've not been working out as of late, have you bud" I queried. 

And being the real man he is - he got it - understood, and smiled, and replied in the affirmative. 

And hey. 

Thats fine. 

Life happens!

"I know I'm fanatical about it", I laughed - "but . . . "

"carry on", he said. "I'll be here!" 

And that puts him in DOER category right there - he knows I'm there to work out. For a purpose - isnt wasting my time! 


Wish more people were like that! 

This happened with my buddy from the Marines all the time - a guy with a grip like a cement grinder. 

I'd grip his hand, and I'd tell instantly. 

"Vincent, you've been working out again have you not!!" 

Yes, he'd reply. 20 sets of 20 dips per set was what he did ... Or, 10 sets of 20/set. Pretty impressive, and when he slacked off - you could tell. 

I can tell in myself too.a 

It ain't just about grip training, its how you FEEL - the VIBE. 

When you're training LEGS hard - like hiking hills daily for hours - your grip will change very naturally my friend. 

No, that isn't the key to building grip strength like no other, but ... people will FEEL the difference when they grip your hand. 

It's the X factor that comes when you train hard - daily. The LOOK IN THE EYES - the vibe - it has to be FELT to be experienced - conversely, people who dont work out much at all, and their vibe - same! 

Anyway, as I worked out, there was a crowd gathering today. 

Not going to be able to get a hell of a lot done, I thought. 

But I did, and as I did my pull-ups, I saw an old geezer that normally rolls in a wheelchair around here "get up" and do some baby step-ups on the monkey bar. 

Isn't a bad workout for old geezers at all that sort of thing, but why the hell he rolls in a chair when he's perfectly capable of standing is beyond me. 

Anyway - as he did, he kept repeating, step after step. 

RELENTLESS, as I wrote about this morning!

Maybe he's recuperating from something - I dont know, but during physiotherapy and stuff - they start you off BASIC - and you relentless repeat, over and over again. I've never heard some of the fools, asswipes and jokers that complain about high rep workouts being boring or tedious complain to the physio about this ... ? Have you? I doubt it! 

Idiots incaranate basically. 

Anyway, as I was prancing around trying to find a decent spot to go beyond 200 pushups, beyond kids yelling, Madam's walking all over the place - shoes falling from the sky and other BS - I found a ... TREE!

THIS is what I've been looking for in that park - to do handstands and handstand pushups on, and I saw one of the most inspiring things as I did. 

Little kid, all of 3 shows up tree next to mien, and starts apeing me!

It was just so cool, the way little kids ape - and do - until the age of 5, after which I told who I assume is his Dad (perhaps from back Stateside too) - "kids until 5 - they're so curious, after which the formal schooling system kills it all". 

Kid was great, did handstand after handstand, and did it on his shins when he couldn't go no more - I even took a video - with permission - on Youtube! 

Just so awesome to see that happen, kids like the kid in Rambo III where he points at my bracelet, and asks "what is that". 

Then my sunglasses. 

"Those are dangerous", I laughed. 

Kid even wanted my "big" tree


Truly as in the movie - wanted "everything"! 

Anyway, I've no idea where dude was from, or his friends, but back Stateside I thought, not sure tho. 

He asked if I do calisthenics a lot in the park. 

"You've got a strong grip". I noted as I gripped his hand, careful not to over do it, but I could feel his grip too. 

"You work out occasionally, right?" 

Not too often was his answer, but I Suspect his not too often is more than what most people do in a lifetime. Hehe. Or. close to it ... 

You've got a strong grip too, he went. 

I then explained to him I hate the pumping and toning on pointless machines in the gym and would rathe be out in the fresh air. 

"Hey, if someone likes that, by all means ..." I said. "But it ain't for me!" 

Finished off with another little girl wanting to know my name, I said Michael. 

"Thats different from Rahul!" dude said. 

I had to point out that the Chinese pronounce Rahul as Lahoo, and I got tired of being labeled Yahoo or Lahoo, so Michael it is, although I didnt get into the full story. Hehe. 

We were just goin to discuss how HK is SO different today (they have been to HK, but not China) than it was before - but he had to go, so did I. 

Anyway, hopefully lady didnt think I was being racist. in today's PC world, cant never tell. 


Loads of fun, enjoy the videos, and remember to get the 0 Excuses Fitness System - when you train this way - wonders never cease to happen, my friend - you'll be an inspiration to all around you as well!

And little kid - again. Inspiring, he was even breaking sticks to show off the grip. Champ! hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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As I shook hands with a "trusty" vegetable vendor - I noticed his grip. 

It's surprisingly "soft" at the best of times, but despite the guy being out of shape and having a big belly - he's got THICK hands - the sort of hard, calloused hands that comes from doing heavy duty labor all one's life. 

He used to be a tailor too. 

I've often been told my own hands are "small" - which they are. Delicate, is what I often used to think! And my aunt was right in that I have "long slim fingers, beautiful fingers" as she said (not that I care two hoots about that as my bleeding palms and calluses show, hehe - "surgeon's fingers, talented fingers". 

Well - them fingers can be thick and talented too - though there might be a reason why dude is no longer a tailor. Hehe. 

Anyway - lots of men with strong grips have surprisingly "soft" grips when you grip their hands. 

It's not about trying to out-grip the other person all the time. 

For me, I'll always have a firm grip no matter what - and I'll always remember the lady who shook my hand at work in 2003 - small, petite lady, yet, her grip - my! 

"You've got a damn strong grip", I remember saying. 

So do you, she grinned back (I was holding back - because, well, she's a lady and ... you get my drift, and she knew it. Not that she minded. Hehe). 

I remember my colleagues talking about it later, and how they all agreed my grip and surprise was in response to HERS which was exceptional for her size and gender - just shows, with no excuses, the sky is the limit! 

Anyway - back to old time grip strength - old school forearms - thick - rugged - strong - the HANDS thick and rugged as well as you'll see with many old school weight lifters that do their lifting with thick bars. 

Guys like yours truly who do their training with thick bars might not have that sort of hand structure - but the MUSCULATURE can be built as can the strength which is the good news here. 

Genetically, you may have tiny hands. 

Even Sylvester Stallone does. I remember my ex talking about how small his hands were, and how her hands are bigger than his (apparently Sly's hand size is there somewhere on display in NY). 

Anyhow, as I shook the guy's hand repeatedly this morning, he "no no'd" about his grip, being a bit deferential to the customer. 

But I kept doing it, grinning, and he finally responed with strength in his grip, and then suddenly gripped my hand - arm wrestling style. Hehe. 

Thats the strength that never goes away - years of hard labor - years of hard yards - what I wrote bout RELENTLESS REPETITION this morning! 

(Edit - I knew I forgot something when I first wrote this! It is these sort of people that have seen tough times and therefore dont sweat it with so called "tough times today" and what are essnetially "first world problems" to be very frank - unlike the WUSSES and PANSIES moaning about price rise, inflation and so forth that their own (Democrat) policies have created - or liberal tosh, in short. 

It rhymes too, but jokes apart its true. 

Truly, those who have seen tough times, and these type of folks have - are old school, and dont complain about so called tough times - or do "bad thngs to nobody" - I knew there was a damn good reason I saw that meme this morning! )

Nothing sexy about chopping vegetables or meat all day - or working as an ironmonger - or blacksmith - or a farmer (carrying heavy buckets, corn, and what not all day long in the heat, rain, all of it - especially in countries where farming is not mechanized to the degree it should be - plowing through muddy fields). 

Nothing sexy about repeatedly doing what I tell you in Gorilla Grip - monkey bars - pull-up variants - newspaper work -back and forth, back and forth, for hundreds of reps daily without fail. 

But - if you want old timer like strength, that is what you got to do. 

Could be Doug Hepburn pounding out handstand pushups all day long as an example that motivates you - while he was at work being a lifeguard. 

He didnt do one set, or two, or one day or two. He did them throughout the day - every day he went to work. Key, my friend, and there are tons of more such examples - the Saxon brothers, for one - known for their incredible strenght and "out of the world" grip training hard for like four hours a day. 

You may not need to do that much, or even half, but put in the hard yards you simply MUST if you want to join the ranks and legions of the TRUE GREATS - there are no two ways around this my friend. 

Thick hands, rugged hands, and always remember, "the punch is the last to go on a man" - and so is the GRIP. 

Those of us that have done the thing KNOW what this is about, my friend. 

Anyway - if you're interested in building this sort of rugged, cast iron grip that will last for years and years - well, implement the information I teach you in Gorilla Grip - and Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) and Gorilla Grip (TIPS)  - if you so CHOOSE. 

That last bit is also key, only YOU and You ALONE can make the choice in terms of opening yourself up to a whole new world of ruggedly lasting STRENGTH AND FITNESS - or, if you're content to remain at "normal guy" status. Completely up to you - choice is yours - but if I were you - I know which path I'd go down, and have gone down. And if I were your BROTHER, I know which path I'd point you down! 

And that's that, if you're interested in building them THICK MITTS if I might put it that way - then do yourself  a favor and get the above courses NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

The human body,  my friend, was not meant to grunt and groan its way through hard physical labor - especially "unnatural forms" of "labor" (such as the bench press for one). 

Grunting and groaning your way might happen when you're straining to get that last rep. 

It WILL happen if youre a powerlifter or something similar. Or, simply trying to budge a massive sofa that hasn't been moved for ages - think those old school sofas we've all heard of (at least those of that are old school - we have seen 'em, most likely tried to move 'em too - when I tried first at the age of 20, damn thing wouldn't even budge. Hehe). 

For the most part though, we were meant to move powerfully - but in a lithe and GRACEFUL MANNER - much like the apes we so closely resemble. 

And upper body wise, there are few exercises that build brute strength and animal like, ape like power in the upper body than one I wrote about this morning - the monkey bars. 

Much ignored, much maligned, much NOT DONE by most people or even kids these days - these are a GREAT way to fry fat off your body - build strength quickly - including a corsucating iron grip if done right - and much more - but above all, it builds a level of GRACE in the upper body not delivered by any other exercise. 

Hindu pushups look - and are - a grace filled motion. 

Many other bodyweight movements are as well - especially two of the ones I love the most "tiger bend pushups" and "archer" pushups -the sheer MOTION of the latter, fluidly moving back and forth (the typewriter variant) is so gracefilled people will stop and watch when you do it (right). 

Nothing quite captures people's fancy as monkey bar work done RIGHT though. 

And done right, which very few people can do, its an EXTREMELY graceful movement - both in terms of feeling, and for the person watching - sort of like the upper body equivalent of ballet if that makes sense. 

Most just grab on any which way and try to go from one rung to the other. 

This is fine, but you do it SLOWLY. 

When you start, you likely will find it tough to do ONE rung at a time for one rep, let alone more, so focus on the grip .

Focus on the STRETCH throughout the entire upper body as you do the movement, strengthening and burning flab at the same time, and giving you a fluidly isometric workout in a true "ape like, jungle" Tarzan fashion/manner. 

I repeat - focus on the STRETCH and grip the most here. Not so much the reps, those will come. 

When you get better, go back and forth as many times as you can. 

Then you progress to TWO or more bars at a time, which is when the real grace will come into play, as you dont just wildly swing from one bar to the one after the next, instead, you torque gracefully from SIDE TO SIDE - feeling the stretch along the sides especially - even your non gripping hand as it goes from one rung to the other, you're bringing it up in a catching sort of motion, palm outstretched. 

All of these things, my friend, do more than build just brute strength and conditioning, they also build GRACE - and a level of power and maturity in the tendons and ligaments of the upper body you cannot get with other type of workouts. 

They build that rock solid "packed" chest we all want. (and some of us have). 

They build an iron grip. 

They're great from getting oohs and ahs from people half your age and double it - neither age group will likely be able to do 'em right. 

And they're also great for what Brooks Kubik once in a private email conversation with me referred to as "waist whittling" (although I was reporting back on waist whittling done via subway stair sprints at the time). 

Brooks is HUGE on core - always has been - and grip. 

Hallmark of a TRUE fitness stud ... 

Anyway - thats that for this one. 

Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) - and Gorilla Grip (TIPS) contain plenty of info on the monkey bars and how to incorporate them into your workouts - and thats just ONE Of the exercises covered. 

If you're truly interested in building a brutal, IRON clad "black smith like grip" like few others can dare to or dream of having, then get the above books now and start cranking. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

I think I wrote about this before, but while watching this movie "D Block" - reportedly based upon a true story about a psycho who stalks a girls's hostel looking for new victims to kill apparently daily - a hostel right smack in the middle of a forest - well, I had two thoughts. 

One, I'd love to study in a college surrounded by Nature like that. 

Not so much living in a college hostel (dorm) in India per se, the facilities would be rather - minimum, if I might say, but otherwise, India's got some great forests and of course the royal Bengal Tiger! 

Anyway - I wont regale you with the story, but towards the end of the movie, when they catch the pyscho - there is massive hunt, and the girls, guys - everyone at the college tries to "grab a hold of him" when he finally comes within grabbing range - except they can't. 

And why?

He's smeared grease all over his body - which of course makes those massive arms and legs of his far tougher to grab! 

Guy's huge - absolutely huge - and not in shape either - huge middle aged spread, and a belly thats seen one lunch and dinner too many I'd say ... 

But his arms - chest - upper body is built like a rock - sort of like, and I haven't seen who the actor is, but I wouldn't be surprised if the guy didnt do wrestling training at some point in his career - he's got those huge arms, powerful traps - and a build that a lot of the ancient Indian wrestlers had - at least in the upper body. 

And the way he pulls himself up to a window while being a peeping Tom in the women's bathroom - well, that in itself says something about the nutjobs physical abilities. 

Anyway ... 

The ancient Indian wrestlers were pretty well conditioned when it came to lasting in the ring, but other forms of conditioning - like hill sprints etc - not so much. Classic case of "training for the job at hand", which is fine - now modern day Indian wrestlers - different tale - as superbly conditioned as you'll ever see! 

Anyway, what these ancient wrestlers used do to - and its a style used by old time Iranian and Persian - likely Russian too - wrestlers as well - was they used to smear OIL on their bodies before wrestling, making it doubly hard to grip a limb or two - and even if you did grip, harder to hold ON. 

Think about the immense grip and forearm strength this sort of training would build, my friend - especially in a sport where "Grab, throw and pin" are the order of the day, and the competitors aren't exactly "skinny" either. 

Now, I'm huge on grip strength but admittedly, although I know just how hard it is to grip and hold onto someone whose got oil smeared on his limbs (from experience) - I dont use this form of grip training in my regimen. 

But the point isnt what you use. 

It's HOW you do it - how you train - and how you make things damned hard to grip on to. 

From using thick grips on a regular pulling bar to doing them outdoors on thick bars - and doing them in a manner most people wouldn't dream of in terms of grip - from using items like RICE for one to build a ferocious grip -newspapers - and so forth - well, there's plenty of ways to do it. 

Fingertip work. 

Anything you do training wise - make it damn hard to HOLD on to - for instance, if you do the farmer's walk - do it with thick handled buckets or whatever you use!

And so forth ... 

Thats probably the #1 and common lesson taught in Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) - and Gorilla Grip (TIPS!). 

And it wont just build the grip, it will build a rugged upper body in its entirety - and lumps of muscle ALL over your upper body - simply by using this one trick. 

And thats that for now. One of our most popular videos at the end of this page - enjoy! 


Rahul Mookerjee

 PS - Speaking of slippery and hard to grip. Happy Chinese New Year for those aware of it - the year of the RABBIT NO LESS! Hehe.


Do ya'll know what sheesh kababs are? 

They're a delicious meat delicacy - Do a google, you'll find it. A close equivalent is the "seekh kabab" - another equally delicious kebab which is basically rolled meat and spices - and then grilled - have it with a cold Corona and lime - there is nothing better food wise (except perhaps a juicy T Bone steak, or perhaps a RUMP Roast, hehe - but they qualify, but don't "go ahead" in the "which one is better" race!). 

Trust me, these are delicious. 

In china, they have their own version of roadside BBQ which I've always loved - which is of course where I wanted to take Charles out for dinner, he got too drunk, so the bozo whined and tagged along, ate damn near everything I ordered, hehe - and then never paid for it (apparently the usual excuse of "trying to find his ATM card"). 

I just up and told him to stuff it and paid anyway, what a lunatic! 

Like Chuck rightly said, if you go out with Glyn, always remember, he'll NEVER pay! 

Well Chuck was flat on his ass in the hotel bed - happily drunk on Chinese liqor, therefore ... (and there's no way I'd dare to ask a certain K anything - except how to direct a taxi, etc - and the way those eyes shot daggers at the Bozo and myself at 3AM in the morning, I'll always remember that. Hehe. She wasn't that bad though - it was just Chuck was being a real man and told her to shut up with the nazi feminist nonsense she was starting to spout at the time. Say what you like about ole Chuck, but he's got his good points... hehe. Unlike the Bozo, he seems to be the one person on this Earth who isn't a mixture of "good and bad" - just DUMB x 1000 and nothing else). 

Anyway, I love meat - huge meat eater. 

And point of all this isn't to tell you you get some great "Chapli Kebabs" in the Middle East, hehe. 

Dont even tell the wife that one - or my father. They'll both explode - for no fault of mine, trust me on this one. 

I mean, think about it .I'm there working a job (which I didnt like admittedly, but I was at least trying to make a decent go of it, the location was new at least) - and three months into it I find out that the wife shot HR a nasty email behind my back I knew nothing about - then they called me to the office to bitch about it - I was like dude, I know NOTHING about it - and I didnt. 

They were like, well, you should be apologizing for it. 


Apologize for some rubbish I neither did nor authorized nor even knew about? 

I dont think so, Jose. Not to mention the HR Dude there really puts the "F" in fat -or the O in obese, I pity the seat of the poor BMW he drove... 

And Dad started hollering about how I should apologize, I was like dude, wtf, not like I knew shit about it anyway? 

dont ask me, long story - but bottom line, kebabs - they have them there too in the Middle East. Hehe. 

And the wife has named a certain someone ... ah, I wont go there. 

Anyway, thick gripz. 

I've spoken about them in the past, those grips I use all the time for my pull-up bar at home which turn them into a version of the thick steel bars that I do them on outside. 

With less abrasion on the hands - they work great. 

I think they're almost a couple of inches thick, which is less than the steel pipes I do pull-ups on outdoors. 

But you can really SQUEEZE those suckers, which adds an extra dimension to it all. 

You can do the same with iron pipes, of course, if you can ... 

But anyway - what I did today was an idea I had when I woke up this morning. I could barely wait to finish my meditation before I wrote this to you - but I had to test it out first, and I did. 


My arms feel - or my forearms, more to the point - like SHEESH kebabs basically. 


Almost to the bone. 

(oh, the China roadside BBQ - make sure they're not serving you RAT instead of lamb if you try it. Hehe). 

Anyway, the clubs I use for my workouts - the 20 kgs, or 40 plus pounds depending upon how you look at it - those have thick handles anyway - around 2 inches thick, I'd say. 

And this morning, what I did was put my thick grips on it! 

Let me tell you, that adds a HUGE extra dimension to it - except, if you're a grip fanatic - not as much as you'd think, but you'll feel it. 

I did some of the exercises (one handed) which are tough for me with 20 kgs in one hand with this (again, if you're an idiot that thinks "it's too light", then please stop wasting my time here) ... 

And I did them without the club flying out the window or hitting me in the jaw, hehe - but then I did them again - without the gripz. 

And they felt so much easier ... so much easier!

Granted, I did them fresh out of bed, granted, I've been doing them for donkey' years, but when you can do club work - heavy club work - with damn near 4-5 inch thick grips, you know you're getting somewhere grip wise - and upper body strength wise. 

Not to mention CORE strength, this isn't sitting on your butt and lifting a dumbbell. 

This SAME concept applies to kettlebell - hammers - sledgehammers - axes - or whatever "toy" you used to train with. 

Trust me on this one. 

Is it necessary? 

Not unless you're a grip fanatic, but with all the mind body brain benefits of being a grip fanatic, why would you NOT be one? 

Anyway - you dont NEED Them because ... most of these implements come with thick handles anyway. 

And often times, it's best to go back to basics even if you're an advanced man or woman training these - and train without thick grips - indeed, I often do pull-ups on a regular chinning bar just to perfect form and getting the sternum to the bar even more than with the thick gripz. 

(And last but never not least - - the combo I just mentioned, I've written about it before, it'll fry even advanced trainees to the bone - WITHOUT additional grip work, so ..) 

All fun and games to start a Saturday morning - wait, that was noon I woke up at? 

Afternoon off. 


And thats that. 

Grip wise, Gorilla Grip - and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) - MUST be your constant companion, along with Gorilla Grip - TIPS!

And remember, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is an absolute must, you dont put the horse before the cart. Or the cart before the horse, what have you hehe. 

And GET IN - repeat, GET IN THAT PRE-ORDER for Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness - if y'all love these sort of emails which I know you do - well, you wont be able to put the book down for months after getting it, that I guarantee, and the changes that will take place in your body once you get on my routines - my - all I can say is you will WONDER. 

PS - Affiliates, keep doing the great job you're doing, but remember (I doubt this email will go out to affliates, but either way) - remember, your OWN words on the book, the product, Rahul Mookerjee etc are what really matter and count in terms of promos. 

I've admittedly been guilty of not offering certain people that worked for me in the past copies of books etc, but if you have a proven track record, come talk to me, we'll see what we can "hammer out". Hehe. 

This afternoon, there were tons of families out at the park - enjoying the last (hopefully) of the winter. 

And one mother and daughter combo was there at the monkey bars - with the mother egging her young ones (daughter, who was about 15-17 and another younger boy) to "become monkeys". 

Every time I do that with my daugher, I usually get declined. Hehe. 

For two good reasons - one, working the monkey bars can be tough - it IS tough. 

Two, it's one of the best upper body movements you can do, period. 

In fact, if you were to swing on monkey bars all day, and for the legs do monkey style martial arts as some do in China (as they showed in the movie Bloodsport) - you'd be in such awesome freaking shape so quick you wouldn't even believe it yourself. 

You'd have an iron grip - wiry upper body muscles - little to no fat on your frame - a complete upper and lower body stretch - and more!

With the notable exception of hamstring stretches, you'd need nothing else if you did these two. 

Other than this, back to it - the daughter made several game attempts. 

But every time "it's too hard" thinking pushed her back to the starting point. 

Which for her was one rung, she could barely hold on (and she wasn't even that fat, or fat at all). 

Lady (her mother) wasn't fat either, she did manage to hang on and swing a bit, but that was it. 

I looked on from the side, prancing about like a tiger ready to pounce. 

Tried not to say anything. 

Finally, I had to. 

"It's not that hard", I said. "Just take it easy, one rung at a time!" 

And I showed them swinging myself two at a time 4x for starters. 

"Wow", said the lady. "I couldn't do that even when young! I've never been able to do it". 

And to her kids - "thats why they call it monkey bars!" 

I laughed. 

"Yes", I said. 

"And neither could I when I started". 

That was that, before I moved away to another area to do my own thing, but it was a pleasant experience, actually, nice to see people at least trying - if just for ONE day. 

Then, got into a conversation with the neighborhood dentist who by all accounts is doing very well for himself, and yet, talking to him - several issues going on there too workwise, not the least of which being the jet lag all his travel (he was in a position where he dealt with Medicare and Medicaid, or something like that) - was driving him insane. 

"I can barely see my kids!" 

Which I get, traveling for like 20 days a month plus jet lag - kinda like what long haul truckers do except in the sky. 

"No amount of money is ultimately worth that" I said. 

He seemed to agree. 

Then, we shot the bull a bit more about cheapskates - he lives in a "so called" well to do area (actually, the people there have money) - that try and constantly barter his rates etc (which ain't that unreasonable to begin with) down. 

Boy did I emphathize. 

Cheapskates. Hehe. 

"Pay peanuts, get monkeys", I laughed (though my initial reaction was "even at dentists???I mean thats a fixed price, period!).

(apparently people want to be cheap and get cheaper dentures etc or what not). 

he laughed back. 

"Thats their mentality". 

Anyway, monkeys. 

It's great to train like one, it's great to move like one, it's great to act like one - sometimes. 

But the monkey like thinking which leads to thinking "money money money" for everything is just ... well, asinine. 

Some on this list have it too, as my readers well know. 

So be it. 

To each his own. 

And to end this, if you ain't yet gotten the best course there is out there on building grip strength like NOTHING else ever will - get Gorilla grip NOW. 

You'll be damn glad you did, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Wait, you already have the first book? Already applied what it said? 


Then, Gorilla Grip (Advanced) - and Gorilla Grip (Tips) are right there for you NOW, friend. Get these two as well now. 

It's interesting, with my own injured forearm that I wrote about yesterday - really starting to hurt like a SOB now, hehe, but then again, its not going to stop me from going about my daily work! - and us grip maniacs - well, we're used to it - the REAL grip trainees, not the idiots sitting on the bench at the gym posing with heavy weights in hand (dont get me wrong, there is a right way to train at the gym, but preening with the "third peak" of the bicep popping up "under the bros shirt" isnt the way to go about it) ... 

I wrote about that HERE

But, I wrote about something far more inspiring, a story from one of my best and greatest customers John Walker in the UK - where he quite literally did a Cliffhanger to save his nephew's (and likely his own too) life out on the cliffs (in the UK John? I dont know, I never asked him - but I'm sure it must be out in the country there in Wales somewhere? John , if you are reading this, write back and let us know!). 

That was written HERE

But if you've seen the Sly flick Cliffhanger, you know what happens at the beginning. 

Three (or was it four?) people are climbing dizzying heights somewhere in the US - was it Montana??

And Sly of course is being Sly, "hanging out" under cliffs where he's not seen, and when his girl asks him where he is, thats his response. 

Anyway, his friend and his girl are there too. 

And while Sly, the friend, and Sly's woman are all experienced climbers, the other girl isn't. 

And disaster strikes, when her harness comes aloose (they were traversing the space BETWEEN cliffs, which looking down below, hell, I wasn't comfortable myself seeing it on screen - never been one for heights, though it's gotten better as I've grown older - so I can understand why in the movie SHE was nervous  - with her not being an experienced climber) - and Sly shows up, of course, on the line, and catches the girl just as she is about to DROP. 

Trouble is, he catches the glove, which slips off, and then so does, unfortunately the girl. 

Thats how Cliffhanger starts. 

No such unfortuante occurences in John's case - he literally ... well, let me paste his story again, like I said last night, it's just too inspiring not to keep sharing. 

Truly an unsung hero, a "real man" that trains hard and heavy - the right way - and well... here goeth again!

(his story was in response to something my old friend Charles was bitching about in terms of "how dare Rahul make it sound like grip strength is more important than breathing")

Hello Rahul

​Oh yes, I get the picture, it’s the same stupid logic the idiots use when they tell you they’re using lifting straps because their backs are so much stronger than their grip, well done geniuses, you’re now lifting something with your “inbuilt” safety mechanism overridden (you shouldn’t be able to lift what you can’t hold on to) and you’re only making the disparity between the two even greater, now that sounds like a devastating spinal injury waiting to happen to me.

​An example of why grip training is as important as breathing (to me anyway) is because it can save not only your own life but also someone else’s.

​I was climbing a 100ft cliff without any safety equipment because I know the cliff well I’ve climbed it many times before and I know the safe route up the cliff, however my teenaged nephew had never climbed the cliff before so I warned him not to try and follow me as it was too dangerous, nearing the top of the cliff I’d thought he’d listened until he was suddenly beside me with a huge grin on his face but that grin did not last long because as he passed me he grabbed hold of a large chunk of rock which immediately dislodged and he was hurtling down the cliff, in the split second that it took for him fall I managed to grab his left wrist with my right hand, so I had his whole bodyweight in my right hand whilst I was holding on for dear life with my left, I managed to stabilise myself by pressing my body flat against the cliff face, with every ounce of strength I could muster I curled my nephew with my right arm which allowed him to reach for the top of the cliff with his right hand, once he’d established a firm enough grip with his right hand I was able to let go of his left wrist so he could grab a hold of the top of the cliff with both hands, now that he was holding on with both hands I was able to place my right hand under his butt and I was able to push him up to the top of the cliff where he managed to scramble to safety and I (at last) was able continue up to safety as well.

​I tell you this not to make myself look like some kind of hero (I’m not) but to illustrate why I believe grip training is so important, if my grip had not been “rock solid” that day (no pun intended) I believe the sudden jolt of my nephew’s bodyweight hitting my right hand grip, would have been too much for me to hold on to, I also believe it would have also jerked my left hand grip away from the cliff face and we both would have gone hurtling down the cliff to the rocks below.

​People who neglect their grip are not only risking their own survival but also of those that they love and care for.
Buying the cart before you buy the horse would be one way of looking at the problem, another way of looking at it would be, if you’ve put the “cart before the horse” i.e. in front of the horse you’ve got things back-to-front, “horses pull not push” so neither the cart or the horse are going anywhere with that setup if you catch my drift.


​Warmest Regards

Now, that my friend is a story and a half - and a true one at that!

When I read it, I couldn't believe my "eyes". 

But, he did it!

John Walker keeps telling me he is not a hero, I keep telling him he is - an unsung hero - one of many! 

Much like the story of Sig Klein who saved the day (mentioned in Gorilla Grip (Advanced)) and countless other UNSUNG heroes – you – ARE a hero!

​Mucho kudos!

​Yes, as for the Bozos that claim “we’re big and not fat” and all that, well, enough said – I’ve said plenty in that regard, and so have you.

​I gotta share this with the fellas NOW – this is truly, truly inspirational!

Now, unsung heros... 

I've always been very effusive in my praise of cops, firefighters, first responders, and other people that DO - i.e. the day to day work we all take for granted, services we need - but never think about in terms of who is providing them ... 

The very people that are always talked about, blamed (often for things that aren;t their fault) - yet when we need help, who do we call? 

These very people. 

Doing a fine, fine, job out there on the streets - usually UNNOTICED and UNHEARD. 

Dont get me wrong, there are some bad apples everywhere, this applies to the above category too, but for the most part - outstanding and fine people! 

And Charles Mitchell, another one of my great customers responded back to the email about "Cliffhanger" with this. 

(he's an ex cop from NYC, as y'all are aware) 

Impressive story!  What's also impressive is that John was able to curl his nephew's bodyweight with one arm!  You're not going to be able to do that if your grip strength is not at the top of its game.  Good job John!


Here is part of what I replied with - 

Yes, not easy curling that sort of "moving" weight with one arm - not to mention the situation, which even though he was an experienced climber with a head for heights and everything else, that sort of life or death situation - requires not just rock solid grip strength - but superb OVERALL body strength to "pull-jerk" the person up - and most of all, a rock solid nerve!

John keeps saying he's not a hero - to me, thats one of the most (albeit) unsung hero stories I've heard of till date, and thats saying a lot - so I keep sharing it!

As an ex cop, you probably have some stories like this too - even if it's in "the city" as it were - feel free to share, and I'll share 'em with the world!

Now, think about this for a minute, my friend. 

First off all, the SITUATION. 

Even if that situation didnt require grip, or any strength, and was simply a mental game (which it ultimately all boils down to mental - dont get me wrong - the tools are necessary, but the MIND is what controls all) ... think about the REFLEXES John employed. 

Think about the "way" in which he did it - much like a leopard jumping on to it's prey - he did the same - in a split second - holding on to his nephew for "dear life" while trying to save his own - in that situation!

That doesnt just require rock solid NERVE - it also requires years of training - the right way - which develops your instinct - KILLER INSTINCT - and survival instinct - and GRIP AND CORE STRENGTH - real strength - and most of all, that SPEED with which he moved. 

Think about it, friend. 

A split second literally was the difference between life and death - and it wasn't over even then. 

Think about pulling up a "live, moving" weight like that - Ive no idea how much his nephew weighed, but I'd bet it wasn't anything pithy! - with ONE arm - suspended off a cliff (while HE Is hanging on for dear life) - think about the grip - but also the CORE and trap strength required for something like that. 

Or, try and do it at the gym - I dont know what they call the gym equivalent, the real equivalent - was it the "bent press"? (not the bench, hehe). 

Arthur Saxon would know!

But just try and do something like that WITHOUT The duress for one, WITH safety and such, and so forth ... 

John - you indeed are an unsung hero, I've said it before, I'll say it again!

And as I keep saying, grip strength, my friend is maybe not "as important as breathing", but damn near as ! 

And training wise, grip, core and legs - the MOST important. Train those areas right, you cannot go wrong overall. 

Training like an ANIMAL - much like I advocate in Animal Kingdom Workouts - and Advanced Hill Training - you CANNOT go wrong. 

Anyway, as an aside, I remember an instance in the Indian Himalayas once where an army man gripped my hand to shake it. 


He wasn't necessarily a big guy, or even overly strong or anything, but he had that grip, the same "pull" to the grip that my buddy from the Marines says I do. 

That "unnatural pull to your grip" which people pooh pooh as being "not required". 

But THAT,and your mind, my friend, will save you in life and death situations, or any situation for that matter, be it a fight in real life - or a street fight ... or, I dont know, ANY situation that requires some real strength,coordination and/or RESILIENCE. 


When the going gets tough, the tough give it the BOOT .

Anyway, to Charles ... if you have such stories, and you probably do - share 'em with the world! I, and many of our readers, most I'd say - hold the "men in blue" in very high regard - and I'm sure you have stories you can share as well!

OK, this has been a LONG one. Hehe. 

Grip wise, here are the two books you need to get - Gorilla Grip, and Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) - or just the compilation if you so choose. 

And dont forget the tips. 

Last, but not least, and this is something we do EVERY year - we'll soon have an annoucement where I'll be re-directing ya'll to a link which has other fitness authors, people into bodybuilding and such on the page. 

I am NOT affiliated with or make any money off any of the products mentioned there in any way - but it's a "share" (quid pro quo) thing we ALL do every year to build our lists, and to share the word about other stuff to our lists - so I'll be doing it again this year. 

Starts on the 11th - Paul Becker, thank you - you're a great, great guy!

Much like the famous Boris Becker who I much admired, even when he climbed up to the referre's chair to "get in his face" about a tennis ball being called out or something, hehe. I believe that was the French Open I remember!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If you're talking GRIP? 

Tennis will build it!

But, those guys often have unbalanced development - especially the ones that hit the backhand and forehand one handed. I've always hit both with two hands, despite being told it was "girly" to do the backhand with two hands. 

I dont get it, why not? 

I mean, the more strength you put into the shot, the better it is!

Anyway ... I was once called "Michael Chang" on a tennis court. More on that later, but remember the tale of the tennis player that gripped my once injured right hand and I literally screamed with pain? 

That, and many other instances growing up are what caused me to have the grip I do TODAY - and teach things the way I do TODAY. 

Trust me, the courses above just work - they flat out WORK. 

Just read what John for one has to say about them if you "be doubting". 

And last, but not least - please leave reviews!

Thursday, 03 June 2021 06:51

The blue FAT gripz report!

I just got it, and I have THIS to say.

Wow. JUst wow!

Whichever company made this is good!

And while I've got other interesting stuff on the way, this is about the fatgripz. I'll include a picture on Twitter!

But anyway what makes these grips different?

First, they're heavy duty grip stuff!

The last ones I had, as you can tell were barely an inch or so thick I think - plus the chinning bar. Which for a bonafide Gorilla like me wasn't enough by far, therefore the mess I made of 'em!

In Gorilla Grip, I teach you (and int he book on pull-ups, and many others) that the KEY - one of the very man keys (man? it came out right! LOL) keys (should be MAIN) to developing grip strength beyond your wildest imaginations is to train on thick bars.

Even if you're just lifting weights or pumping at the Jim, you'll get far, fat better results with THICK bar training!

Every weightlifter - real weightlifter, and strength trainees down the ages - and the old time strongmen - worth his salt - KNOWS THIS!

Thick bar training is where it's AT, bro!

And while I do my thick bar chinning on swing sets etc outside, this one felt different.

First, it's got give - and it doesn't.

Second, you can grip as hard as you like (another key) - or lesser - and it's different from doing it on a static thick metal pipe with no give.

The latter is great too isometrically, and it's an isometric training secret I mention in the pathbreaking book on it.

But these fat grips I've got are at least FOUR inches thick when done right - plus the bar. Well, I'd say three maybe, plus the bar ...

Whatever it is, I could barely hold on this morning!

And I feel great -And I'm going to be doing some heavy duty workouts with them this afternoon!

In fact, I'm gonna go do Hindu squats NOW - after I tear myself away from my recent Twitter mania on another account.

Another business, where it's really booming!

Anyway, thats the report on those.

I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Guys from Greece, listen up - I've got a cool little introduction planned for you if all works out - watch this space for MORE!

Come to think of it, thats probably the only grip training a lot of the Bozos do i.e. "wank".

Schofield or not, I've received so many such comments on Gorilla Grip - I used to ignore it "I m ean how can people be such prime lunks of grade A buffoons" - but apparently they are . So be it!

You make it sound like grip strength is just as important as breathing or more!

Yes, I do.

So be it!

(because it IS - any real doer will tell you that).

So, since the "it's too simple" nutters are fixing to wail up a storm - before they do, here are some more simple grip workouts.

They're even simpler, and even more brutal.

They dont even require you to GET into a pushup position (those morons that complain "were too big" so we cant do it - listen up) or hang (again, the fatsoz that claiming they're big but not fat - this is for you).

 Nothing fancy at all ...

The first is an exercise mentioned in Gorilla Grip.

The Newspaper crush.

All it requires you to do is take a newspaper, or sheet of paper, and crumple and uncrumple it repeatedly into the TINIEST ball (Schofield? LOL!) you can imagine.

Thats all.

"Too simple", the nutjobs wail.


That it is!

but have you DONE it?

I repeat - have you DONE it?

Do it for 30 days straight, 2 minutes a day, and then get back to me with a report on your new found finger and grip (and forearm strength).

Then, you've got the "rice bucket" drills mentioned in Gorilla Grip (Advanced).

The more advanced it gets, the more simpler I make it - this one involves proper form yes, but you basically squeeze and unsqueeze RICE for as long as you can in a bucket ful of it.

No, Googling it won't get you the exact deal either (though you can try).

This, along with another oldie but goodie "the towel" (which I dont think I've mentioned in any of my books as yet) wil FRY the forearms beyond belief, and if you want to literally cry for mercy, combine with jumping rope - basic or not - as taught in Jump Rope Mania!

Too simple, the bozos blather.


It is.

Sure, you can build grip strength - to a degree by doing curls on the latest gizmo machine and cables and shables and forearms "shollers" or what not ...

None of that is necessarily bad, but functionally, that sort of grip doesnt even come close to what you need in real life.

Hence, the comments I get about having ...

An unnatural kung fu like grip!

I've never seen anyone with a pull like that to their grip!

You've got the pull! Once you pull him towards you, he's YOURS!

And so forth (so can YOU if you do the thing).

(and why so called 300 lb plus deadlifters have weak grips compared to yours truly and weak overall. Get real, fella. REAL training is REAL training!)

The ONLY one exercise I recommend with weights for the grip is the Farmer's Walk and not necessarily with dumbbells either. That builds solid grip/core strength.

The rest, well ...

Anyway, I'm out.

Remember the best damn fitness system out there is waiting for YOU to grab it NOW - the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Truly the Rolls Royce of Fitness it is, and how!


Rahul Mookerjee

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