Sunday, 12 February 2023 10:24

How I can tell from a REAL (emphasis on REAL) man's grip - if he's been training hard, slacking off - or at all.

This email is only going to be understood by those that truly do the thing -not just specifically train the grip like it's MEANT TO BE (see some new videos I put out on that today) but train hard, and right in general - the way you are MEANT TO TRAIN - taking NO PRISONERS! 

Its also going to be rather long, an ode of sorts to a little kid at the end, who was more inspiring than the hordes of ruffians and bozos I see out there at the park daily with nothing better to do than inanities (one of these nuts was throwing shoes up in the air as a game - an adult at that. He did apologize as it fell right next to me - though tiger like, I was watching him anyway - interesting how animal like training makes you more animal like by the way? You meow to cats, and you "sneak up on people" while walking silently normally on tip toes who then jump up six feet in the air and say "sorry, you startled me!" - the wife does it all the time. Hehe).  .  . 

Anyway, let me start with the first dude I met - a friend of mine -real man who used to train with weights a while back. And he had a strong, strong grip when I first met him, but today - though it was as strong, "something was off" when I gripped his hand, and I put my finger on it instantly. 

"You've not been working out as of late, have you bud" I queried. 

And being the real man he is - he got it - understood, and smiled, and replied in the affirmative. 

And hey. 

Thats fine. 

Life happens!

"I know I'm fanatical about it", I laughed - "but . . . "

"carry on", he said. "I'll be here!" 

And that puts him in DOER category right there - he knows I'm there to work out. For a purpose - isnt wasting my time! 


Wish more people were like that! 

This happened with my buddy from the Marines all the time - a guy with a grip like a cement grinder. 

I'd grip his hand, and I'd tell instantly. 

"Vincent, you've been working out again have you not!!" 

Yes, he'd reply. 20 sets of 20 dips per set was what he did ... Or, 10 sets of 20/set. Pretty impressive, and when he slacked off - you could tell. 

I can tell in myself too.a 

It ain't just about grip training, its how you FEEL - the VIBE. 

When you're training LEGS hard - like hiking hills daily for hours - your grip will change very naturally my friend. 

No, that isn't the key to building grip strength like no other, but ... people will FEEL the difference when they grip your hand. 

It's the X factor that comes when you train hard - daily. The LOOK IN THE EYES - the vibe - it has to be FELT to be experienced - conversely, people who dont work out much at all, and their vibe - same! 

Anyway, as I worked out, there was a crowd gathering today. 

Not going to be able to get a hell of a lot done, I thought. 

But I did, and as I did my pull-ups, I saw an old geezer that normally rolls in a wheelchair around here "get up" and do some baby step-ups on the monkey bar. 

Isn't a bad workout for old geezers at all that sort of thing, but why the hell he rolls in a chair when he's perfectly capable of standing is beyond me. 

Anyway - as he did, he kept repeating, step after step. 

RELENTLESS, as I wrote about this morning!

Maybe he's recuperating from something - I dont know, but during physiotherapy and stuff - they start you off BASIC - and you relentless repeat, over and over again. I've never heard some of the fools, asswipes and jokers that complain about high rep workouts being boring or tedious complain to the physio about this ... ? Have you? I doubt it! 

Idiots incaranate basically. 

Anyway, as I was prancing around trying to find a decent spot to go beyond 200 pushups, beyond kids yelling, Madam's walking all over the place - shoes falling from the sky and other BS - I found a ... TREE!

THIS is what I've been looking for in that park - to do handstands and handstand pushups on, and I saw one of the most inspiring things as I did. 

Little kid, all of 3 shows up tree next to mien, and starts apeing me!

It was just so cool, the way little kids ape - and do - until the age of 5, after which I told who I assume is his Dad (perhaps from back Stateside too) - "kids until 5 - they're so curious, after which the formal schooling system kills it all". 

Kid was great, did handstand after handstand, and did it on his shins when he couldn't go no more - I even took a video - with permission - on Youtube! 

Just so awesome to see that happen, kids like the kid in Rambo III where he points at my bracelet, and asks "what is that". 

Then my sunglasses. 

"Those are dangerous", I laughed. 

Kid even wanted my "big" tree


Truly as in the movie - wanted "everything"! 

Anyway, I've no idea where dude was from, or his friends, but back Stateside I thought, not sure tho. 

He asked if I do calisthenics a lot in the park. 

"You've got a strong grip". I noted as I gripped his hand, careful not to over do it, but I could feel his grip too. 

"You work out occasionally, right?" 

Not too often was his answer, but I Suspect his not too often is more than what most people do in a lifetime. Hehe. Or. close to it ... 

You've got a strong grip too, he went. 

I then explained to him I hate the pumping and toning on pointless machines in the gym and would rathe be out in the fresh air. 

"Hey, if someone likes that, by all means ..." I said. "But it ain't for me!" 

Finished off with another little girl wanting to know my name, I said Michael. 

"Thats different from Rahul!" dude said. 

I had to point out that the Chinese pronounce Rahul as Lahoo, and I got tired of being labeled Yahoo or Lahoo, so Michael it is, although I didnt get into the full story. Hehe. 

We were just goin to discuss how HK is SO different today (they have been to HK, but not China) than it was before - but he had to go, so did I. 

Anyway, hopefully lady didnt think I was being racist. in today's PC world, cant never tell. 


Loads of fun, enjoy the videos, and remember to get the 0 Excuses Fitness System - when you train this way - wonders never cease to happen, my friend - you'll be an inspiration to all around you as well!

And little kid - again. Inspiring, he was even breaking sticks to show off the grip. Champ! hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up Shoulders like Boulders! and Battletank Shoulders! if you're interested in truly building "out of this world" shoulder strength that will SHOCK you once you get good at it - and most others as well. Leave the Jim goers GAPING in astonishment as you do one rep after the other of ... the almighty handstand pushup and all its mightier variants. Do it NOW, my friend. Get the books NOW, and start cranking. ZERO EXCUSES MOFO, as Marc would say!