Saturday, 05 November 2022 06:45

Thick gripz + Club + Pull-ups = sheesh kababs for hands.

Do ya'll know what sheesh kababs are? 

They're a delicious meat delicacy - Do a google, you'll find it. A close equivalent is the "seekh kabab" - another equally delicious kebab which is basically rolled meat and spices - and then grilled - have it with a cold Corona and lime - there is nothing better food wise (except perhaps a juicy T Bone steak, or perhaps a RUMP Roast, hehe - but they qualify, but don't "go ahead" in the "which one is better" race!). 

Trust me, these are delicious. 

In china, they have their own version of roadside BBQ which I've always loved - which is of course where I wanted to take Charles out for dinner, he got too drunk, so the bozo whined and tagged along, ate damn near everything I ordered, hehe - and then never paid for it (apparently the usual excuse of "trying to find his ATM card"). 

I just up and told him to stuff it and paid anyway, what a lunatic! 

Like Chuck rightly said, if you go out with Glyn, always remember, he'll NEVER pay! 

Well Chuck was flat on his ass in the hotel bed - happily drunk on Chinese liqor, therefore ... (and there's no way I'd dare to ask a certain K anything - except how to direct a taxi, etc - and the way those eyes shot daggers at the Bozo and myself at 3AM in the morning, I'll always remember that. Hehe. She wasn't that bad though - it was just Chuck was being a real man and told her to shut up with the nazi feminist nonsense she was starting to spout at the time. Say what you like about ole Chuck, but he's got his good points... hehe. Unlike the Bozo, he seems to be the one person on this Earth who isn't a mixture of "good and bad" - just DUMB x 1000 and nothing else). 

Anyway, I love meat - huge meat eater. 

And point of all this isn't to tell you you get some great "Chapli Kebabs" in the Middle East, hehe. 

Dont even tell the wife that one - or my father. They'll both explode - for no fault of mine, trust me on this one. 

I mean, think about it .I'm there working a job (which I didnt like admittedly, but I was at least trying to make a decent go of it, the location was new at least) - and three months into it I find out that the wife shot HR a nasty email behind my back I knew nothing about - then they called me to the office to bitch about it - I was like dude, I know NOTHING about it - and I didnt. 

They were like, well, you should be apologizing for it. 


Apologize for some rubbish I neither did nor authorized nor even knew about? 

I dont think so, Jose. Not to mention the HR Dude there really puts the "F" in fat -or the O in obese, I pity the seat of the poor BMW he drove... 

And Dad started hollering about how I should apologize, I was like dude, wtf, not like I knew shit about it anyway? 

dont ask me, long story - but bottom line, kebabs - they have them there too in the Middle East. Hehe. 

And the wife has named a certain someone ... ah, I wont go there. 

Anyway, thick gripz. 

I've spoken about them in the past, those grips I use all the time for my pull-up bar at home which turn them into a version of the thick steel bars that I do them on outside. 

With less abrasion on the hands - they work great. 

I think they're almost a couple of inches thick, which is less than the steel pipes I do pull-ups on outdoors. 

But you can really SQUEEZE those suckers, which adds an extra dimension to it all. 

You can do the same with iron pipes, of course, if you can ... 

But anyway - what I did today was an idea I had when I woke up this morning. I could barely wait to finish my meditation before I wrote this to you - but I had to test it out first, and I did. 


My arms feel - or my forearms, more to the point - like SHEESH kebabs basically. 


Almost to the bone. 

(oh, the China roadside BBQ - make sure they're not serving you RAT instead of lamb if you try it. Hehe). 

Anyway, the clubs I use for my workouts - the 20 kgs, or 40 plus pounds depending upon how you look at it - those have thick handles anyway - around 2 inches thick, I'd say. 

And this morning, what I did was put my thick grips on it! 

Let me tell you, that adds a HUGE extra dimension to it - except, if you're a grip fanatic - not as much as you'd think, but you'll feel it. 

I did some of the exercises (one handed) which are tough for me with 20 kgs in one hand with this (again, if you're an idiot that thinks "it's too light", then please stop wasting my time here) ... 

And I did them without the club flying out the window or hitting me in the jaw, hehe - but then I did them again - without the gripz. 

And they felt so much easier ... so much easier!

Granted, I did them fresh out of bed, granted, I've been doing them for donkey' years, but when you can do club work - heavy club work - with damn near 4-5 inch thick grips, you know you're getting somewhere grip wise - and upper body strength wise. 

Not to mention CORE strength, this isn't sitting on your butt and lifting a dumbbell. 

This SAME concept applies to kettlebell - hammers - sledgehammers - axes - or whatever "toy" you used to train with. 

Trust me on this one. 

Is it necessary? 

Not unless you're a grip fanatic, but with all the mind body brain benefits of being a grip fanatic, why would you NOT be one? 

Anyway - you dont NEED Them because ... most of these implements come with thick handles anyway. 

And often times, it's best to go back to basics even if you're an advanced man or woman training these - and train without thick grips - indeed, I often do pull-ups on a regular chinning bar just to perfect form and getting the sternum to the bar even more than with the thick gripz. 

(And last but never not least - - the combo I just mentioned, I've written about it before, it'll fry even advanced trainees to the bone - WITHOUT additional grip work, so ..) 

All fun and games to start a Saturday morning - wait, that was noon I woke up at? 

Afternoon off. 


And thats that. 

Grip wise, Gorilla Grip - and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) - MUST be your constant companion, along with Gorilla Grip - TIPS!

And remember, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is an absolute must, you dont put the horse before the cart. Or the cart before the horse, what have you hehe. 

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PS - Affiliates, keep doing the great job you're doing, but remember (I doubt this email will go out to affliates, but either way) - remember, your OWN words on the book, the product, Rahul Mookerjee etc are what really matter and count in terms of promos. 

I've admittedly been guilty of not offering certain people that worked for me in the past copies of books etc, but if you have a proven track record, come talk to me, we'll see what we can "hammer out". Hehe.