Sunday, 06 February 2022 15:46

"Thats why they call them monkey bars!"

This afternoon, there were tons of families out at the park - enjoying the last (hopefully) of the winter. 

And one mother and daughter combo was there at the monkey bars - with the mother egging her young ones (daughter, who was about 15-17 and another younger boy) to "become monkeys". 

Every time I do that with my daugher, I usually get declined. Hehe. 

For two good reasons - one, working the monkey bars can be tough - it IS tough. 

Two, it's one of the best upper body movements you can do, period. 

In fact, if you were to swing on monkey bars all day, and for the legs do monkey style martial arts as some do in China (as they showed in the movie Bloodsport) - you'd be in such awesome freaking shape so quick you wouldn't even believe it yourself. 

You'd have an iron grip - wiry upper body muscles - little to no fat on your frame - a complete upper and lower body stretch - and more!

With the notable exception of hamstring stretches, you'd need nothing else if you did these two. 

Other than this, back to it - the daughter made several game attempts. 

But every time "it's too hard" thinking pushed her back to the starting point. 

Which for her was one rung, she could barely hold on (and she wasn't even that fat, or fat at all). 

Lady (her mother) wasn't fat either, she did manage to hang on and swing a bit, but that was it. 

I looked on from the side, prancing about like a tiger ready to pounce. 

Tried not to say anything. 

Finally, I had to. 

"It's not that hard", I said. "Just take it easy, one rung at a time!" 

And I showed them swinging myself two at a time 4x for starters. 

"Wow", said the lady. "I couldn't do that even when young! I've never been able to do it". 

And to her kids - "thats why they call it monkey bars!" 

I laughed. 

"Yes", I said. 

"And neither could I when I started". 

That was that, before I moved away to another area to do my own thing, but it was a pleasant experience, actually, nice to see people at least trying - if just for ONE day. 

Then, got into a conversation with the neighborhood dentist who by all accounts is doing very well for himself, and yet, talking to him - several issues going on there too workwise, not the least of which being the jet lag all his travel (he was in a position where he dealt with Medicare and Medicaid, or something like that) - was driving him insane. 

"I can barely see my kids!" 

Which I get, traveling for like 20 days a month plus jet lag - kinda like what long haul truckers do except in the sky. 

"No amount of money is ultimately worth that" I said. 

He seemed to agree. 

Then, we shot the bull a bit more about cheapskates - he lives in a "so called" well to do area (actually, the people there have money) - that try and constantly barter his rates etc (which ain't that unreasonable to begin with) down. 

Boy did I emphathize. 

Cheapskates. Hehe. 

"Pay peanuts, get monkeys", I laughed (though my initial reaction was "even at dentists???I mean thats a fixed price, period!).

(apparently people want to be cheap and get cheaper dentures etc or what not). 

he laughed back. 

"Thats their mentality". 

Anyway, monkeys. 

It's great to train like one, it's great to move like one, it's great to act like one - sometimes. 

But the monkey like thinking which leads to thinking "money money money" for everything is just ... well, asinine. 

Some on this list have it too, as my readers well know. 

So be it. 

To each his own. 

And to end this, if you ain't yet gotten the best course there is out there on building grip strength like NOTHING else ever will - get Gorilla grip NOW. 

You'll be damn glad you did, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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