Saturday, 21 January 2023 16:03

How the Iranian, Persian and Indian wrestlers built insane levels of GRIP strength

I think I wrote about this before, but while watching this movie "D Block" - reportedly based upon a true story about a psycho who stalks a girls's hostel looking for new victims to kill apparently daily - a hostel right smack in the middle of a forest - well, I had two thoughts. 

One, I'd love to study in a college surrounded by Nature like that. 

Not so much living in a college hostel (dorm) in India per se, the facilities would be rather - minimum, if I might say, but otherwise, India's got some great forests and of course the royal Bengal Tiger! 

Anyway - I wont regale you with the story, but towards the end of the movie, when they catch the pyscho - there is massive hunt, and the girls, guys - everyone at the college tries to "grab a hold of him" when he finally comes within grabbing range - except they can't. 

And why?

He's smeared grease all over his body - which of course makes those massive arms and legs of his far tougher to grab! 

Guy's huge - absolutely huge - and not in shape either - huge middle aged spread, and a belly thats seen one lunch and dinner too many I'd say ... 

But his arms - chest - upper body is built like a rock - sort of like, and I haven't seen who the actor is, but I wouldn't be surprised if the guy didnt do wrestling training at some point in his career - he's got those huge arms, powerful traps - and a build that a lot of the ancient Indian wrestlers had - at least in the upper body. 

And the way he pulls himself up to a window while being a peeping Tom in the women's bathroom - well, that in itself says something about the nutjobs physical abilities. 

Anyway ... 

The ancient Indian wrestlers were pretty well conditioned when it came to lasting in the ring, but other forms of conditioning - like hill sprints etc - not so much. Classic case of "training for the job at hand", which is fine - now modern day Indian wrestlers - different tale - as superbly conditioned as you'll ever see! 

Anyway, what these ancient wrestlers used do to - and its a style used by old time Iranian and Persian - likely Russian too - wrestlers as well - was they used to smear OIL on their bodies before wrestling, making it doubly hard to grip a limb or two - and even if you did grip, harder to hold ON. 

Think about the immense grip and forearm strength this sort of training would build, my friend - especially in a sport where "Grab, throw and pin" are the order of the day, and the competitors aren't exactly "skinny" either. 

Now, I'm huge on grip strength but admittedly, although I know just how hard it is to grip and hold onto someone whose got oil smeared on his limbs (from experience) - I dont use this form of grip training in my regimen. 

But the point isnt what you use. 

It's HOW you do it - how you train - and how you make things damned hard to grip on to. 

From using thick grips on a regular pulling bar to doing them outdoors on thick bars - and doing them in a manner most people wouldn't dream of in terms of grip - from using items like RICE for one to build a ferocious grip -newspapers - and so forth - well, there's plenty of ways to do it. 

Fingertip work. 

Anything you do training wise - make it damn hard to HOLD on to - for instance, if you do the farmer's walk - do it with thick handled buckets or whatever you use!

And so forth ... 

Thats probably the #1 and common lesson taught in Gorilla Grip, Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) - and Gorilla Grip (TIPS!). 

And it wont just build the grip, it will build a rugged upper body in its entirety - and lumps of muscle ALL over your upper body - simply by using this one trick. 

And thats that for now. One of our most popular videos at the end of this page - enjoy! 


Rahul Mookerjee

 PS - Speaking of slippery and hard to grip. Happy Chinese New Year for those aware of it - the year of the RABBIT NO LESS! Hehe.