Monday, 21 November 2022 05:38

The "key" word that will allow you to get more reps and shoot past personal bests.

I've been giving out a lot of free tips these days (which I normally reserve for my books and the Ship members) to my email list. 

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Anyway - today's tip? 

Last afternoon, we were doing a short video on pull-ups and dead hangs, and at the end of it I decided to give yall viewing a tip on increasing REP count. 

When you're fatigued, when you think you can't do any more pushups, when you can't pull - "at all" - when you're at that point, really speaking, you've only gone to about 30% of your capacity my friend. 

David Goggins said this in one of his books too - and he is right. 

But I'm not asking you to give it 100 plus percent in each workout that way - you'd probably burn out unless that is all you were focusing on (although admittedly some of us manage it) ... 

I'm simply giving you a tip on INCREMENTAL progress - which is ultimately what leads to big gains. 

At the end of that video, you will see that I tell you the exact words to use to say to yourself when you're in that situation. 

i.e. you can't get even a single more rep! 

Or half of it ... 

"Lets do 3 more, just 3 more!" 

The word in bold is KEY. 

Words, my friend, paint a PICTURE in your mind. 

When your mind sees "just" - it thinks of "oh, something easy there". 

And it prods your subconscious into doing the thing, which then calls upon your reserves, and you pump out more reps - or do the dead hang for longer as was the case in that video. 

I can easily go up to a minute in the dead hang, perfect form. 

I've done up to two minutes - and I could go for longer probably using the tip above - in an exercise most people, even a lot of fit guys - struggle to do. (dead hang, forget the pull-up, haha). 

If you say "lets do 3 more" (or 5, or whatever) - you might not get that same impact. 

Because then the mind never goes in to "easy peasy lemon squeezy" mode if you get my drift. 

That, my friend, is a very powerful technique indeed - if you care to listen and implement. 

In that video my little girl mentioned something - a riposte - about "but your name is not Justin". 

On the spur, in the flow, I wasn't sure why she said that. 

Given a guy named Justin wants to market on this site today, well, maybe thats why. Hehe. 

We'll see what happens with Justin ... but as an aside, many years ago, I was at Enterprise Rent a Car in NY (is it still around? I'll Goggle! (Freddie said Goggle, I must too!)) with the girlfriend at the time, I wasn't 21 - she was over 21, (I was a few months shy) - and despite a lot of pleading they wouldn't let me rent in my name - which means the insurance wasn't in my name - which means I couldn't drive for those few months. 


I remember telling co-workers how I had to ask my girlfriend to get smokes for me (although sometimes we got 'em online). Hehe. 

One guy for whatever reason used to buy them from me at work - maybe he wasn't allowed to smoke at home? 

Anyway .................... 

(he'd often show up at my desk "just one more", lol). 

I still remember guy at Enterprise smirking at me and doing his version of being a smart guy and telling me "Thats the KEY age" i.e.21.

Well, we reached that key age shortly thereafter, a brother (a big burly brother if you get mah drift, hehe) hooked me up with a SUV instead of the economy car we budgeted for as I showed up to the house with the girlfriend in tears "because I took so long". 

Ah, the memories, including driving the SUV on the highways as it tilted on the sharp bends up in Maine ...

Man, that water was COLD, cold, cold! I didnt do any Brooks Kubik style workouts on that damn beach, the water touched my little toe, I damn near froze. 

Hotel (motel) had a nice little heated pool though, if I was there NOW - I'd probably jump in the ocean anyway. Hah. 

Anyway, I dont know why this email showed up in reverse, memories later, info first. 

Such as it Is. 

And since this isnt a travelogue, I'll end it here. 

Back soon - but thats the key word!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Nothing happens until you get off your duff and do, way too many of you haven't as yet! Hehe. 

PS #2 - Along with the "Goggle" part, well, once, back in the day, I accidentally pronounced Skype as "Sky pee" in a meeting. 

OK, enough with the ridiculous memories in that regard, but it was hilarious, to me at least - in China though thats how they say it, so it wasn't even noticed. Hehe. I did though later!