At the outset, yeah.

Yours truly "El Cowboy" is often called that, hehe.

Along with "Hombre" too!

All par for the course.  I could care less, except if it comes from the Bozo, and it did.

On that note, Bozo disregarded my last warning to him.

He's truly choosing the hard way over the easy way.

Steve Austin was the best, on that note.

"Vince, we can do this the easy way - or the HARD WAY!"

So be it, Bozo Glyn from "Rumpus Ville".

It might not happen today, it won't happen tomorrow, and I doubt it'll be six months either.

But you'll know when it does - much like you NEVER thought your racist trolling was gonna come back to BITE you in the (chuckles) rumpus, and it did, this will too.

Except, I won't just grind you into the dust though - I'll make you wish, most likely metamorphically, but who knows - I'm skilled in many areas - that you were never born, and that ugly face never "made it's way into the world".

It' belongs right there in the sewer with the Big Booty Blowhards you're referring to, Bozo.

Right there with the 300 ton TURD in the Birmingham sewer.

Glyn, for that dont know is one of those guys thats that ugly (I've let it be until now, but his racist comment spurred me to say what he said about me, hehe - yeah - this Bozo actually projected his ugliness complex on me, lol) that (and remember, Bozo didnt say this - he stopped at ugly) that if a newborn was coming into this world head first, if he saw the Bozos' leering like paedophile lard butt face near him?

Poor kid would scoot back into the safety of the womb.

Honest, thats how scary he is.

But he doesnt scare me.

And as of now, it's OK - Bozo made his choice, and so have I.

Anyway, on other notes ...

Big guys?

I mean, dude, here's the fact. I'v ebeen picked upon by nothing but "Big Bozos" my entire life - and its rare that I even ever fought anyone my size.

My size or less, I'll just NOT be motivated and lose the fight.

I might lose with a guy twice my size and better skills than me, but guess what, Bozo Blow - The King of all Trolls, I should say - basement dweller cretin "El Supremo" - I WILL be motivated in that case.

Oh, yes, I will!

To me, it's no big deal and therefore credit to fight someone I could either easily beat - or an equal, even.

To me though, if I can fell Goliath, and I have all my life - THAT TO ME IS SOMETHING!

Therein lies the lesson for YOU, the dear reader.

If you gotta fight, stand up for the WEAK.

Fight the damn bullies EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

As I told my little girl - never give up - never, ever!

You may lose the battle, but you pick yourself up no matter what - and you find a way to WIN!

When I Tom tom my gripping strength, it's because I've measured it against the best of the best.

When I tom tom my handstand pushup abilities, it's because less than 1% of the population can even get into a handstand, and less than 0.1% can DO it.

So said a customer, not me!

When I ...but you get my drift.

It's about BETTERING those better than you, my friend.

Thats how true greatness is accomplished.

But yes, sometimes we gotta get our hands dirty, and at some point with Blowfield, that is precisely, much like last year, what is going to happen.

I'm sure he hasn't forgotten it.

Neither have I forgotten any of what you did, Glyn.

I let it go for years, but no more

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Rolls Royce of Fitness is a must grab for you that is going bonkers "stuck indoors during lockdown". Trust me, as a great customer said the other day, workouts done like this are a great way to blow off steam.

"I dont know what I'd do without my workouts. I'd go insane!"


And to my email guys - thank you - you're the BEST! Especially you, Tomek!

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 11:32

Why I love "Auntie" Gong Li

Gong Li, for those not in the know is one of the best known Chinese actresses.

Though she says "no matter what others say I am Chinese", fact is she's Chinese born - but Singaporean NOW.

Take that for what you may!

I cannot for the life of me understand or support Tom Tomming of any nature, even if it's just so she can continue making her millions in China.

And admittedly, she's a good actress I feel. Better than a few others I've seen ...

(nothing to me though, beats Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, and nothing, not even Gong Li, would disguise the fact that Mulan and "The Meg" were both biased, tom tomming piece of trash "perfect exampe of Hollywood ass kissing" TRASH).

 But anyway ...

So I dont like Li because of her comments about ...well, I said it above.

I dont like the tom tomming, and the way she pussy foots around "sensitive issues".

I dont particularly like some of the characters she's played, and indeed, reading a list of top 10 quotes by her, I must say I cannot find anything I particularly agree with.

But there's something about the gal.

I gotta say it.

She's ... NATURAL!

And I suppose that, along with her cute "Hanneeebal" accent (natural again, hehe - she ain't that great at English) in Hannibal Rising is one reason I love her!

More than all the fake actreses out there, there's natural about her and then some.

She turned into a lard ass at a certain point years ago.

And hey.

As Carol said, when a woman is in love - two people deeply in love - they, especially the woman, puts on weight.

Aint that the absolute truth, hehe.

And Li was with a husband or something, or a male lover at any rate at that point.

And again, her look.

I've made no bones about the fact that this asinine Chinese preference for bone skinny women is WAY OTC.

Beyond limits.

Chinese men, from what it seems like SKELETONS -not real women.

Dont get me wrong.

I'm not a Bozo Schofield style "junk in the trunk" fanatic, but a woman - and a man's gotta be natural!

(That current trend, that I spoke about - Uniqlo or what not where Chinese babes apparently have to fit into clothes meant for teens.

JUST - UGH!And retarded to say the least).

And Li seems to have reduced her weight some, and now, on her current Wiki page?

I dont know, flat out gorgeous is what I thought!

And NATURAL - which is what I like, despite disliking a lot else about her.

That, and she's a poor girl that finally made it big.

I dont know how she did it, or who helped, or what not, or any of that jazz. Fact is, she did it ... (though fact also is, in China, very few, if any people, make it big without governmental support, and if they do get too big and dont toe the line - well, what happened to Jack Ma happens to them, hence Li's cautious statements I believe).

Dont believe me, do your own research.

As for Chinese MALE actors?

Gotta admit I like ... ZERO.


Nothing against them, as I told a person I was talking to, but they look unnatural - girlish, even.

I don't quite prefer that look.

Nothing against those that do or consider them "Hamsum"  (for context, Bozo Brummie is a 10x fatter version of that sort of "sickly sweet Korean soap opera male star" right down to holding handbags, sniffing Posteriors, and then some).

I freely admit for one I ain't half as Purdy as those dudes are. Promise. I really am NOT!

Anyway ...

The natural look fitness wise is what I like and rail against the artifical pump, tone, buff, preen, shine and massage until the cows fly home.

Natural ways of working out.

If you gotta lift weights, natural weights!

Gotta go to the gym?

Natural gym, as dude told me all those years ago.

And there it is, my friend. There it is.

You just cannot beat NATURAL!


Rahul Mookerjee

If you really want it, you'll find a way to get it.

It's true, my friend. And it holds true for ANYTHING in life.

Even if you're the "butt loving Bozo in Brum" as he calls himself signing up with weird aliases for the site in the hope I "won't notice" (the latest is the Bozo from Brum is signing up with names like "Mr Tejvinder Singh" and he's using email adddress with the word "naan and curry" in them).


But in a way, it ties into what I'm saying (the attracting your goals on auto pilot part). On another site I talk a LOT about attracting WOMEN and other things to you on auto pilot, almost, if you think right that is and most don't.

And obviously, thats another area where the proof is in the pudding in terms of yours truly.

But over the past few days, I've been noticing something.

I've been attracting things I've been deeply thinking about for a while - without even DOING anything.

True, once the "thing" comes, I gotta work at it, or there's no use.

But for instance, some people I recently met, such as a person we'll call "Lucy" on a business oriented site (no, no hanky panky!) for what you'd think would be a business relationship of sorts.

I didnt even add her, or anything.

She did.

Gave me her wechat etc, and of course, Bozo Schofield is no doubt salivating.

I still remember him pestering me after my workouts, sending about 50 messages . . .

"How many girls asked for your WeChat today?"

Like Glyn, my "dear", I don't even take the phone with me when I workout!

(The greatest living troll in this world is truly obsessed with me in a weird sort of way as Dejon once said, and nothing I do makes him disappear. Oh well, lol).

Anyway, point is this.

If you really, really want something, you'll find a way to get it.

Not only that, chances are you're thinking about it all day.

REALLY want to get in shape?

REALLY want to lose that FAT around your midsection - and be able to do pull-ups?

(No, cloaking the desire with a veneer of "big guy" and geting trashed every night won't work either. Subconscious needs and desires don't go away, friend).

REALLY want to get good at pull-ups - - a super STUD?

Remember, it's the one exercise that I've written about gives you that feeling.

Well, if you answered yes to any of these or other related questions, guess what.

You're at the right place, and you found me - for a REASON. It all happens for a reason!

Now, the other half of the equation is of course where the rubber meets the road.

It's great to want something deeply.

You'll get the opportunity sooner than you think!

But will you DO?

For instance, those of you wanting to get to super stud at pull-ups - the first step is to GET THE BOOK.

The second, and equally important if not MORE important step is this - DO what I say in the book.

No, getting it and doing nothing with it won't get you to your goals.

DOING, my friend is key.

The Law of Attraction only brings real results if combined with other laws ...

Anyway, I think you get my drift.

I'm out - I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up Zero to Hero for a great little motivational read in terms of what we be talking about above.

One's gotta be a total BOZO to not see it, honestly. An ignorant MORON!

And really, a great customer of mine said this a few weeks back.

"This whole Wu Flu thing was set up to control the populations" (amongst other things).

I agreed with them, but I spoke more about controlling through panic, which i've spoken about so often that post - Apoclyapse (hehe) you'll find me STILL saying it.

Hopefully people in general will listen it.

Right now, Hannibal is indeed leading the very willling sheep to the slaughter.

And as the world's second most, or most, depending upon how you look at it moves closer towards imposing complete lockdown, and has been adopting China like surviellance tactics on social She-dia etc (increasingly, Twitter is banning posts in India much like they banned Trump in the US - posts critical of the government and such) - right down to the latest ie using "students" (medical students" as front line warrior, shades of China's "Great Leap Backwards" in the 1960's and the devastation internally caused by this (no war!) comes to mind.

They won the war with INdia, yes.

but internally - they were destroyed due to their own policies at that time, one of which included getting KIDS - yes - KIDS to berate parents who didnt support their country's restrictive BS.

And it's only gotten worse.

Right now, their censorship is the most sophisticated in the world.

When you think China, you think JAIL.



Well, that still happens, dont get me wrong -Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia etc.

Big time.

But they only put people in jail that they can benefit from - remember, Commies only do things if there is any advantage to them - they do NOTHING WITHOUT REASON!

And right now, my own WeShat messages are being censored - probably personally by someone who doesnt want to.

I can feel it!

It ain't the Bozo reporting me on WeShat either.

They know how the Bozo is. Hell, they deported him, never me.

But I never broke a law. Hehe. He did - many!

But I do say and do certain things that skirt the edge of "censorship" - like this post, and my site is blocked in mainland China, but I could give a rats ass LESS to be honest.

And right now, it's happening.

But right down to the inane control of locking people up at home, scaring people big time, vaccines that were neither tested nor do they effing work 100% - and the fact that India had NARY A CASE before the last year's mad lockdown done on the spurt of the moment (I didnt misspell) - for a REASON! - people still don't get it!

I give up.

All I will say it this, and what Trump has been saying all along, and what I have too.

I truly believe the elections have been stolen.

I always did.

And I truly, truly believe - precautions - NOT PANIC!!

For whoever wants to listen, that is.

And I'm out. '

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No link in this one. Take that for what you may!


I was going to start this with a rant, but I caught myself. Trip down memory shane first.

In 2006, I believe it, was , but maybe 2007 - I can't quite remember (definitely pre 2008 tho) I was watching "Pride and Prejudice" in a movie theater in Hong Kong, killing time.

I had nothing else to do, and while there was tons of Filipina ladies for one winking at me, I got the feeling I'd be better of alone if you get my drift.

So I bought a ticket, went in.

(For reference, I was waiting for one of those year long visas in Hong Kong-- the one I had applied for was a special 1.5 year visa or some rot, so I had to wait longer).

But, travel agent (Indian dude) was one of the crankiest ever.

And he's one of the best travel agents ever, I wouldn't hesitate to recommened if I had to.

Anyway ...

I had to "go" about 20 minutes into the blasted movie. It was so boring I almost fell asleep, so I went.

As I entered, the restroom, spic and span, clean, something was "off".

WTF, I remember thinking.

But it didnt hit me.

I went in, did my thang, and still.

Something felt "odd".

Why were there no urinals, I remember thinking. Maybe they're on the other side ...

And then.

Light bulb.


And this lightbulb struck - when?

Well, a few minutes after I heard a couple of ladies in the bathroom!

I thought they were talking outside.

But then I Realized not!

(It was a massive bathroom for whatever reason).

Fock, I remember thinking.

I hurriedly pulled you know what up and left like my ass was on fire. That was one embarassing situation I did NOT want to be caught in!

Not quite "pants down" if you get my drift, but still!

And no, I wasn't drunk or anything. I had plenty the night before, but not that day. not a single one.

To this date, I can't remember why the sign wasn't "lit" and why the bathroom for men was way down ...

Anyway, there's plenty of great bathroom stories I could regale you with, including the infamous story which all of us guys are familiar with i.e falling asleep on the throne after having a few or more than a few cold ones.

Sometimes in campus dorms (happened once - almost - to yours truly .LOL).

But anyway - back to the present.

My current throne is acting up.

It won't flush right, and it wont fill.

For the lfie of me, I dont know why.

For the life of me, I dont understand why it makes a gurgling noise like there's nothing but air in them pipes ... (almost like a rock band so loud is the noise when the blasted thang fills).

I know.

It's RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It hates my dark skin!

Think I'm kidding?

Think again, bro.

BEcause that is the latest rant about racism - even the bathrooms are racist.

Check THIS out.

The very fact it was written in "The Ontarioan" should give you a clue as to how stupid it is.

My understanding of this is that for those with lighter pigmentation, the light is reflected and the automatic washroom will activate, but for those with darker pigmentation, the light gets absorbed rather than reflected and therefore does not activate the sensor as well.

I should clarify that I don’t always have this issue of things not working the way they should. There have been many instances where everything works perfectly, and I leave the washroom without a second thought. And there are times where I can’t get the tap to work, but the soap dispenser and dryer work fine. I imagine the possibility of calcium buildup on the faucet sensors makes it harder for the LED light to work properly, so the issues aren’t exclusive to me. But very often, I have an issue with something in these automatic washrooms.

Automation companies need to take diversity into consideration during the creation of their products. Using LED lights to reflect lighter pigment means that 17 million Canadians (visible minority population as recorded by the 2016 Census) may have issues with their products.

I don’t want to fight injustices every time I go to the washroom. All I want is to leave the washroom with my hands feeling clean.

So lovely.

I bow down to Miss Intelligent in supplication. Sometimes, you just gotta learn.


Anyway, I've written about sun drenched workouts before, and worry not.

I dont care if you're black, white, yellow, purple, man, woman, or something in between, you'll get "darker". Hehe.

And I coul dcare less about your gender.

So long as you do the thing, you'll turn into an animal - a BEAST - ... and a REAL MAN if you get my drift.

And even some of us make mistakes, as you've seen above. We all do. It's just some of us that TALK about it if I might say!


Anyway, HERE is the course you want in terms of "real man" - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

LOTS of you have postponing getting this one.

I ain't sure why - maybe you could tell me!

But go ahead and get it now - along with the book on isometrics, truly one of the greatest and best books I've ever written.

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee



A certain person, lets just say a "someone" recently was reading a book on "How to be healthy, wealthy and prosperous!"

One of those typical Tom Tomming books written by a wackjob that most likely isn't any of the above - most likely a woman (which dont get me wrong - women can be GREAT writers and great at anything if they truly DO - success ain't limited to men or "third gender" alone, hehe) ... and most likely someone that ain't got a clue.

I dont know where this person got the recommendation from the book, but it's probably some Baba or the female variant of on some social media or Joo Tube or some BS

If I were to tell this lady (the person that is reading) that most of what is mentioned in the book is UTTER ROT - and UTTER BS - she'd look at me say "You! What did you ever do!"

I would't be able to reply, because of course, anything I did do (and a lot!) would be explained away by "oh, you got lucky!" or "oh, someone helped you", or some such rot.

And then she'd reply with "Oh, you're just jealous I'm not following you!"

No I ain't either. In case you've noticed, I do all I can to make people UNFOLLOW ME.

And anyway, proof is in the pudding - if you'd ask "this person" exactly what she's achieved from those tips?


Point and case, or was it the other way around. Hehe. Oh, I remember, the greatest living troll of all time told me "Rahul can't pronounce schedule or pint" (from a guy whose slurred pronounciation is so hard to understand even his Mom who didnt like his face when he was born would not understand!).

Hey, what can I say.

I'm a Twain fan. And I aint got nah yooz for a man that can only pronunce or spel a certain wei.

Anyway, back to it. Why me?

So, lets see.

Off hand.

Got to fitness levels and levels at bodyweight exercises that most people couldn't ever dream of.

Yes, I'm Tom Tomming, you could say.

but it's true.

Started more than one business - more than 5, I'd say - many others too - and failed at COUNTLESS ones - picked myself up - tossed away the garbage thrown at me continually - and MARCHED ON.

Most nutjobs don't start even ONE.

I didnt make excuses for my failures at the businesses, and Tom Tommed my successes roundly.

I didnt mince words - ever. In alone, being politcally incorrect and brutally honest is a skill most don't have.

And dont care to pick up.

Made sales - more than "Croesus" - at THAT company, so much so that the next employer made the statement about me bringing the company from Zero to Hero.

Pulled Houdinis in life, work, fitness - just when no-one expected - without hours of idiotic deliberation or more.

Wrote books in DAYS - one day - 20k plus words in a sitting.

And this is all just off the cuff, off the top of my head my friend.

(Created brands).

And of course, if "this person I'm referring to" - if I'd list these out and tell her I'm WAY more qualified to give her advice than any of the wackjobs she follows, she'd say I'm a Bozo and an idiot.

Such as it goes, my friend.

Those supposed to be the closest to you are often the ones that will do ALL they can to tear you down and want you NOT to follow your desires - and this is NOT because they "hate" you (perhaps in some cases, but NOT all) - or dont "want you to do this or that".

Simply the crabs in a bucket mentality and the subconscious fear most have of "Oh, he'll succeed, but I'll be left behind!"

Anyway ...

Exercise wise, I've proven my credentials over and over again, which is why (barring a few brief spurts on social she-dia occasionally) I rarely get on there .

I don't bother proving my creds anymore.

If they dont trust, well, you ain't gonna verify ME, hehe.

Of course, if you want to trust but verify, you're more than welcome to do so!

Anyway, Zero to Hero contains some of the best tips you'l ever read on success - practical, actionable tips with NO tom tomming

If you're in any way interested in success or motivational reads, this one is a must grab.

and I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

Seems the Labor Day holiday in China is bringing out the nutzos in "full" (much like the full moon in the UK, I thought, hehe, has brought Glyn out from his hiberation for the past week).

Behold this one!

I haven't been able to book a hotel I want for the 5-day May 1st national holidays in China. Everything has been booked since late March

As I predicted tourism in China is roaring after it was suppressed over covid fears during Chinese New Year - restaurants, planes, hotels, bars, luxury shopping will all do well. Investors should look at Hyatt Hotels Corporation China Duty Free Group Haidilao

After the devastation of the Spanish Flu & WW1, the Roaring 20s stormed the world. China has witnessed the same sort of hedonism - GenZ from Beijing flew to Shanghai last year when nightclubs were still shut in the Capital. Maotai & Wuliangye alcohol sales are up & patriotic Red Tourism is soaring

I'm off to Tibet soon if govt approvals come through!

If you're a western brand & are not investing heavily in China regardless of troubles in your home market, it'll be too late to catch up

You might go out of business

Chinese brands are grabbing market share. The Made in China label used to mean cheap, bad quality but not to Chinese GenZs who equate Chinese brands w patriotic pride

Adidas can be replaced by Li Ning

L'Oreal can be replaced by Perfect Diary

Starbucks can be replaced by HeyTea

Toyota can be replaced by NIO

Think hedonism & fun

Me yesterday in Shanghai

I won't mention the guy here, but he's got a "suited" picture of himself, and he's smiling in such a fake manner that I can almost feel the "CCP hand" behind his you know where, cackling away.

It's sad...

But lets break this down!

After the devastation of the Spanish Flu & WW1, the Roaring 20s stormed the world. China has witnessed the same sort of hedonism - GenZ from Beijing flew to Shanghai last year when nightclubs were still shut in the Capital. Maotai & Wuliangye alcohol sales are up & patriotic Red Tourism is soaring

MaoTai and the other brand he mentioned are the "working mans" liqor in China. "nuff said. Panic-demic or not, their sales NEVER DROP. Hehe.

Neither does "Snow beer" sales ever drop, despite it being one of the crappy lagers out there. (I love Tsingtao though, and Snow "draft").

Patriotic red tourism?

Jingoism, more like, and even the most patriotic of Chinese has an Iphone, for one . . .

(and they'll tell you that despite the brands mentioned above, they truly want NIke and H&M, except they can't come out and say it).

Then this wacko calls it the "Spanish flu".

which is fin. That is what it was.

Of course, if you call it the plague from China ?

You can well imagine!

Investors should look at Hyatt Hotels Corporation China Duty Free Group Haidilao


Cheap bookings, discounted rooms galore ... and pent up demand which won't last.

I'm off to Tibet soon if govt approvals come through!

That says it all. If!

If you're a western brand & are not investing heavily in China regardless of troubles in your home market, it'll be too late to catch up

You might go out of business

Chinese brands are grabbing market share. The Made in China label used to mean cheap, bad quality but not to Chinese GenZs who equate Chinese brands w patriotic pride

Adidas can be replaced by Li Ning

L'Oreal can be replaced by Perfect Diary

Starbucks can be replaced by HeyTea

Toyota can be replaced by NIO

Think hedonism & fun

Me yesterday in Shanghai

And this, to me sums up the China tom tomming idiocy up big time.

Since when did hedonism and fun  - and really, grabbing a few drinks is hedonism? This is probably another one of those guys cucked by his Chinese wife or girlfriend or owner or whatever while she cavorts around and he's, well, stuck posting on PInked-Out ...

As for Made in China?

We've been over that many a times, I doubt there is any need to go over it anymore.

Let's just say the Chinese themsleves are the people that have made iPhone, for one, a brand NOT making any real profit nowadays in the US of A popular ... enough said.

You can replace it, maybe.

But you ain't getting the quality, bro.

I shoud have asked him that.

But I didnt.

And I'm happy to be a business that loses business for saying it like it is.

Really, the insanity of it all.

Anyway, I haven't seen sales hurt at all by my recent posts or anything. If anything, all is going very well.

So much for the panicdemic!

Anyway, last note -

1. Remember the discounts we have going on NOW. They will not last into next month, so grab while you can - a few hours remaining. I just grabbed a domain, so you might want to get that end of the month shopping done too!

And two, well, we've got ONE copy remaining for Fast and Furious Fitness.

If you hurry, you might just be the "last" one to get it!

(and if you need it autographed, let me know.

The "Untouchable Fitness Expert" as the Bozo says is happy to do it, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

China, you beauty.

And it's not even just that - my long hair and English name in China "Michael" gets me called "Michael Jackson" a lot - a name that is #4 on the name of uncomplimentary names (now ballooned to over 2000 plus like a certain Jumpty Humpty if you get my drift we spoke about earlier who as usual never responded to my call to get it on mano-o-mano and is instead sending me inane notes like "CurryGuzzler!" .. I swear, if there is ONE person that stays glued to my dispatches. its Schofield from Brum) . . .

Hey, I love me a good curry. Although I can't cook it if you paid me to do so! Hehe.

And every time it does (the name)?

I tell the person NOT to call me that - the other names, I could care less.

(In China apparently Michael Jackson is "face". Much like with the profoundly useless Apple phones, the Chinese see only "face" - and with Jackson, most dont even know the crappier side of him - or they choose to ignore it. Ugh!)

but anyway, Michael Jackson?


I saw a post on Piinked Out (go figure) about a person that got involved with the Black Hole that is Joo Tube, for one.

And so I read it, but unfortunately its a post about "missing a legend".


I dont know.

To me he's vile, lowest of the low - right up there with Bozo Schofield - wacko - child molester - and paedophile - call me all the names you like, friend, but not Michael Jackson, that guy is just ... not fit to live.

And the Universe saw to that apparently.

Sure, his music was popular, his work was no doubt good if looked at it in isolation.

But sometimes, you can't look at things in isolation!

Ugh is all I gotta say to that.

Anyway, real life heroes?

I am loathe to mention his name here since it wouldn't do it justice to mention him in the same breath as Jackson.

So, go here to read about a REAL HERO if you get my drift!

THESE are the people we need to celebrate.

THESE are the people that deserve to be mentioned.

THESE are the people that get it!

And THESE are the people the world needs to mention and talk about as opposed to wackos.

And more ...

I'm out -I've been sending too many emails, already, hehe. So I'll keep this short!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, and pay attention to what he says about GRIP. YES!


People just dont get it, my friend - and it's getting WORSE by the day - has been for years now.

You see, and hear about it all the time where laziness and the "abnormal" or what they consider normal and you consider an aberration to the norm just HAS to be not just accepted, but applauded also because if you don't, you know, you'll hurt their wee delicate feelings, and all Cain will break loose in a whiny fashion ..

Let's say a person is lazy - is supposed to do writing, or start a new business, or get a start on it at least, and has been "promising" to herself to do it for a month or so.

Over an entire month, she's done "F-ALL" towards this goal.

She finds time to piss and moan on social media about "I dont feel like it, so I'm not going to be hard on myself! IT's ME!!! I need me time! I need this, that (insert excuse of choice)"

"Im so awesome, because I'm ME!"

"I dont need to think about what I should be doing. It's me! I do it MY WAY!" 

Or, you might have a wacko that gets fired from each job he or she is at.

"So what! It's them! It's not me! They claimed I had BFF syndrome (RBF)"

(and none of their posts will honestly say "hey man, I hated the job, so I did all could to GET fired or just quit myslf") (I'd get it if they said that).

Or, a lazy ass thats supposed to start a fitness program tomorrow, then day after, then the day after, and then .... well, he takes to social shedia.

"I'm tired! My life is stressful! Understand me!"

Followed by a bunch of idiotic she male like "sympathy" images if you get my drift.

Or, someone that doesnt quite understand a new language (or even any language).

So what, thi sperson might say. I have my own good and strong points, and when someone explains or tries to explain what he or she doesnt get, of course.


I am not sure, my friend, when "accepting a person for who they are" means that person doesnt need to improve upon and fix their flaws and weak links as opposed to Tom Tom them and believe me, we all have 'em?

It's one thing to market yourself that way.

Hell, I do it all the time!

But I make damn sure I'm an expert, or close to one, on the topics I'm talking about. Fitness. Life. Motivation. Sales. Business. Hell, even "girls" to an extent. Bozos. or what not.

I make sure I'm an expert, or at the very least, I KNOW what I'm yellin about as opposed to trying to cover up my own flaws!

Look at Donald Trump, a master of marketing this way (and I do it too, like I said).

He does it so naturally I dont think he even realizes it.

So do I, come to think of it ... have been all my life!

(It's only later that I realized what an asset it was that I didnt know)

But he's got personality - and he's got BRAIN - and he's got common sense, and he UNDERSTANDS what he's talking about as opposed to Mr or Miss or in between Bozo "limp fish" personality that is just making those statements to cover up their own shortcomings, flaws and weaknesses that DO matter, and that they're too lazy to fix.

I dont know, thats my take on it. I see it all the time - and it's not so much the words as the vibe behind 'em!

To me, it's about FIXING the weak links in your chain - and making them your strongest points - like I did with my grip - and pull-ups.

To me, if Jeff Bezos came to me tomorrow and looked at what I do, and said "hey, Rahul, thats great! But you should probably be doing this this way...."

Guess what I'd do.

I'd be tearing the door down to do exactly as Jeff said and LEARN from him, even though I might have done the same thing myself!

THAT is the attitude to have in my opinion along with the "accept me for who I am" thing which is fine - until a point.

Anyway, thats my take on it.

I know a lot of you have encountered this sorta thing these days - whats your take on it?

Write back - and let me know! (and dont even get me started on all sorts of idiotic ways of living and piercings and what not been "Forced" upon thos eof us that dont want it and we're expected to say its normal. Eff that!).

I'm out. For some well deserved R & R if you get my drift ...

I'll let you know how it went! ;)


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In the meantime, remember Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collectors Edition - we got two copies left, so if you want it - jump on this now, because once gone - you got it. They're GONE!

PS # 2 "Me, Me, Me" is great - IF AN DONLY IF the person makes SENSE! If not, it's just more idiotic babble from Humpty in Brum as it were .. (again, if you get my drift, hehe).

And really - whatever happened to the good ole kick up the rumpus for someone that DESERVES IT?

Back in the day, I believe I mentioned I worked for Freddie, a great dude?


I also believe I've been very upfront about the fact that that job was one I should NOT have left the way I did.

Not because it was a "good job" - it wasn't - the conditions were shitty, and the factory food - UGH - but then again, thats factories in China ... (at least the ones in the boonies). But Freddie himself was a great guy!

And anyway, I was hired to ostensibly build a website, write code for them and ... well, in a position wher eI was sort of a manager without ALL of the benefits (but I had most anyway in a sort of indirect manner).

Company cars, phone bills etc all paid, not to mention those lovely $100 burgers at Dan Ryans (more on this later, hehe. I love Freddie, even when we were on a trip to HK and he thrust packs of Nachos or what not at me and asked me not to break them (at that time those weren't available on the mainland, hehe))...

Never one to shy away from being a "Courier boy". LOL.

But he's a great guy! Right down to asking me to bring him "curry powder" or something, lol.

Anyway, that one time I got the best car in the factory - his - so I Can't complain. Hehe.

But anyway, so I was hired for that reason, and I did their website.

Freddie was nothing if not a harsh taskmaster.

IT looks awful!

Was his public comment when he first saw it.

I love Freddie, hehe. It didnt look awful. but it looked "basic", because it wasn't fully designed as yet.

Manny, a manager (design, I belive) was standing next to me (it was a packaging factory).

"No, no, no", he tried telling me, before Freddie whisked him away.

Later, he told me the following.

"So critical!"

"I mean, he can say that privately!"

Probably, hehe, but funny part? I didnt mind!

Anyway, we had a meetingon the site, all was great fun in the meeting, and then I was supposed to create some sort of system based upon feedback from other managers, which of course they were all too busy to provide, and yours truly got along great with all of 'em - so I never pushed them. Always the nice guy, hehe.

A week or so later, Freddie's indirect boss showed up.

Asked why it wasn't done!

And a flaming email showed up from Freddie, who in person just said the following.

"I'm gonna talk to you, Rahul!"

I knew that wink meant something ...

He sent an email completely "tearing apart the site", the project, all from an IT standpoint, and he CC'd all the managers in.

Talk about baptism by fire. Hehe.

When I asked him about it?

"You know, if I dont say it, no-one will do it!"


He was right there!

And a classic way of avoiding the point, but again, I didnt mind. I liked Freddie!

He was part Chinese (US citizen) and said most people mistook him for Indian, lol.

Anyway - Mannie once emailed me about a Tai-Po on the website.

"Buddy, I noticed a typo here. Fix it, or Fred will kick your ass!"


Fred never did.

But I fixed it, but point of me saying this/?

Well, first off, I 'm not quite sure WHY I was hired there.

IT yes, but ...

I think really it all boiled down to two things.

One, we enjoyed a great Corona during the interview, got along well, and that was that.

And two?

As Uncle Bob told me, he probably doesnt know any more about hiring than you do!

Hey, thats China and "life at the ole factory".

But point of me saying this?

Sometimes, these things matter - usually not tho.

Por ejempelo, another TaiPo I made on the website (not sure if it was after the Chinese Annual New Year party where I drank more than I ever have in my life, so much so that Freddie came to my office and said "I saw you! You were really pouring it down!") I think ascribed a product to a competitor or something.

"Fix that, Rahul!" said ole Fred. "You'll get my ass in some serious trouble!"


But most cases, I'd say these things really don't matter my friend.

Again, and for example, the comment the Rum Dum in Brum left on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page about Tai-po's ...

"His writing style is very poor!"

Coming from a bozo that never READ the book and that used to previously praise my writing style to the heavens, I'd say ... BS.  (and a jackass that never wrote anything beyond what his ole tongue tied to ass tongue did in unmentionable "nether regions")

(Poor gals and older women in Brum)

And so said other people, including a great customer on that very page.

For reference, most of my books don't contain Tai Pos.

No, I dont hire copywriters or fancy editors. All done myself, so the odd one may slip through.

But I really don't think there are many at all in my books.

These emails, of course, that is a different matter.

Point of all this, of course is two fold.

One, a trip down memory lane.

And two, really, my friend.

Focus on what MATTERS.

In this case, exercise.

And I do a damned fine job of bringing it to you ...

Anyway, before I go - and as I've been trumpeting all week long.

Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition DOES matter.

You DO want to get your paws on this if you're serious about fitness (in any way, even if you lift weights).

And the time to do so is NOW - once the last few copies (3) are gone they're gone.

No more reprints, fella.

So jump on this now.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Back soon!

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