Wednesday, 02 February 2022 07:35


The last time this permutation of numbers happened date wise was, well, 2/2/2002. I believe I was in NY then, during an unusually warm winter (I still froze my BOOTOCKS off tho, hehe. I'm used to the South!). 

(from Mississippi before moving to NY). 

Today, I chanced upon this at 1 PM. 

Now, apart from the physical most of you on this list know I'm huge on the mental side of things - the Universe - esoterism- andso forth. 

And today just seems to be a special day, not the least of whch being the numbers add up to - well, 10 - and then 10 + 1= 11 - 1 being the number of "regeneration", "new" etc - and it being chinese New year, th e year of the Tiger, or Tigress, what have you (maybe thats why the tiger style loosening movement an other tiger like movements, I've been doing them so much over the past month or so!) - it just seems to be, along with the very POIGNANT dreams I've been having - make it a special day. 

Not to mention, Feb 12 is a special date for me, or should be, at any rate (no, romance ain't got nothing to do with it). 

(not to menton the email I wrote yesterday, "two sticks being better than one, and the number of clicks it got, also in the range of "2....") 

Repeating numbers to me - and certain numbers in general - has always meant the VIBE strengthens - you move closer to your DESIRES. 

I truly believe the Universe communicates with us all the time, we just have to be receptive to listen- recieve - not in that order - and then dO. 

DO being most important, without getting off your arse, the Universe ain't gonna move it for you. 

And so, fitness wise ... (yes, back to terra firma and hard physical training).  

All the excuses people make about not having time to train, being too busy and so forth. 

There is a reason the sales page for 0 Excuses Fitness mentions "do you know what the biggest reason is for people not training? " 


I centered an entire business around abolishing just that - excuses. 

If you dont want to train, just up and say it, at least dont make excuses!

Man up, in other words. 

"I dont have time". 


Well, how about starting with - and ending at - TWO squats today. 

Or, TWO pushups. 

Or, simply two minutes gently jumping rope. 

Something. Anything. 

Dont tell me you're too busy, everyone has two minutes, no? 

Trick being, after that two minues you're likely to want to do10. 

Do it daily, and you'll turn into a fitness phenom before you know it if you keep at it. 

The road to good intentions is paved with excuses, so I say. 

Avoid those like the plague, my friend. 

DO something today. 

And watch your life start to change for the better. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Same thing for purchases you've been putting off, theres never a better time to get to it than NOW. Putting anything off never works. 

Tuesday, 01 February 2022 18:13

Two sticks - better than ONE?

It's interesting, my friend - I've spoken galore about how the great Alexander Zass, renowned for breaking out of prisons (POW prisons during the War) by bending iron bars ... with his bare hands! -built up to that sort of strength (from his childhood). 

In a nutshell,by using simple exercises and movements the Bozos out there deem as being "too easy"! 

"Thats too easy, how can it work" 

But work it does, I've often gone hoarse saying the simplest things work the best. 

And I'm well warranted in saying this, because it's ...TRUE. 

100% plus proof TRUE. 

In fact, I'd argue that the simpler an exercise or movement is, the better it works your body - the more you can really "get inside your muscle" (and therefore the movement) - and experience benefits accordingly. 

Of course, if youre the sort that loves shelling out big bucks for gyms, equipment, fancy trainers, Ipod, pad, or what not - treadmills which end up being little more than clothes hangers at home - and so forth - then be my guest. No arguments from me there, I'll just tell you the oldtimers would have none of it and I'll leave it at that.

This afternoon, the daughter handed me a stick at the park. 

And this stick was sort of like the stick I use for my regular isometrics - a solid, stout bamboo stick which won't break no matter what (unless you're a modern day Zass, of course!). 

So I figured I'd try it for size. 

Picture my surprise then when after a few bends - the damn thing snapped completely in half!

Now, I dont think this boils down to the increased grip (and overall upper body strength) that my isometrics training routine detailed in "Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training" (one of the tips even involves training with a THICK ass grip on the chinning bar, and no, it's not just about "just thick gripz") has resulted in. 

Perhaps some part of it, but I believe part of that stick was wet, perhaps a bit rotten to the core. 


I then took the halves, and tried to bend them by putting them together (an idea given by the little one again). 

Lo, they wouldn't bend!

No matter what I did - or sitting here NOW, do - they wont bend. 


There's always a way to make things harder, my friend - and the beauty of isometrics to be honest lies entirely in its simplicity. 

You dont get much simpler than pushng and pulling - or trying to twist - or trying to break with all your might. 

Further, kids love it too. 

You'll see a video of my daughter on Youtube doing her impersonation of the Great Gama against a young tree - which to her credit she did kind of manage to shake!s

Isometrics builds strength and flexibility like nothing you've ever done before - and the crowning beauty of it all? 

You dont need much at all to get started. 

Even if you're a beached whale right now that can barely hold in the pushup position - isometrics provides you with a starting point that you can start from - and feel comfortable doing so - and progress QUICK, while SEEING said (and tanglble) progress. 

Well, my friend - if something like that was in front of me, I'd jump at the offer. 

Dont know about you, but I would. 

And isometrics wise - if you haven't yet got the first book- get it now. 

If you have, get the ADVANCED book now. 

And if you want to save a "pretty penny", then go ahead and grab the COMPILATION I put out today NOW - truly "value for your $$". 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Remember, "Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training" not only makes you FEEL profound and on cloud n squared the whole day - but you also get to learn SPECIFICALLY about the techniques greats like Zass used to build that iron strength of his. Right down to the stick bending Zass did - it's all covered in the book. Get it NOW my friend - you will love it (if you're really serious about your health and fitness).

Saturday, 29 January 2022 10:35

The Mecca and Medina of Leg Training!

// Start Quote

No discussion of plyometrics would be complete without mentioning what I Consider to be the most explosive, and results producing training combination ever i.e. Hill Sprints with Plyometrics.

Or, land sprints if you don’t “got” hills around!

In Fast and Furious Fitness, I say that sprints are literally the “Mecca and Medina” of leg training, and they are.

And while sprints are incredibly hard for most to do, and sustain – they’re also the key, as mentioned in Advanced Hill Training – to burn fat off your body at record speeds, and improve health and overall strength and conditioning even quicker.

Your body was meant to be a Ferrari, not a Ford, and if you take a look at the impressively muscled physiques of most Olympic sprinters, VS the “skinny yet not too strong” look most marathoners have – you’ll get the photo.

The latter category “pounds the pavement” with “slow” long distance cardio supposedly good for you.


Ive cited cases of WORLD class athletes brought up on this nonsense; the minute they stop playing, their health goes down the toilet.

Look at the great Saurav Ganguly for one, champ Indian cricketer, yet never very good at sprinting between the wickets – and after he retired, a few years later he’s in the hospital to get angio plasty done.

I believe he did a whole lot of “slow” cardio, and he ain’t the only one either.

Other hand, sprinters, wrestlers, boxers, martial artists, some of the most superbly conditioned athletes out there – they do EXPLOSIVE movements.

Plyometrics, in other words.

Their workouts don’t take all day and forever – whatever they do, they do it quickly, and work up a massive sweat while at it.

And when you do hill sprints, remember you’re doing one of the best forms of plyometrics there is.

Now, I’ve covered sprints galore in Advanced Hill Training, so y’all that don’t have a copy of that book will want to get it NOW.

But, for now – remember two things.

One, the importance of BREATHING right when doing these, or any exercise.

Dont breathe in a shallow manner, and don’t – on the other hand, as I state in 0 Excuses Fitness, pant like a runaway train any more than you have to (in the 0 Excuses Fitness System videos, I tell you how to recover from that type of feeling as well).

Second, hill sprints work best when with quick plyometric movements.

Of which you saw some in Advanced Hill Training.

And here, we’ll take plyometrics to the next level – with exercises you might never have heard of before.

Enjoy, and last, but not least – exercise CAUTION when you begin. Some of these exercises will make you very sore and unable to move for days when you first start!

/// End Quote

Well, my friend, I dont know what takeaways you'll get from this, but if you're reading between the lines, plenty. 

That is an excerpt from the soon to be released book on EXPLOSIVE, advanced plyometric conditioning that will blowtorch fat off your body at stellar, warp speeds - and condition you like never before. 

Combine this with Advanced Hill Training and my other books if you want the lean, mean, FEROCIOUS body of an ANIMAL, a wild BEAST. 

Still to come - but coming soon!

Just wanted to share this - thoughts, comments, all welcome!

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 26 January 2022 13:12

Price whiners, monkeys, bozos, and more...

You know, I put all the above into the same broad idiot category along with a host of other "descriptions" if you get my drift. 

I'm sure you do. 

But really, as I finish up - or, actually, I'm halfway through to be honest - the work on Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training, some of the idiotic responses I've been getting as of late, and I get plenty - surprise even yours truly "hard ass" hardened to all this nonsense a long time ago so much so that I actually enjoy being trolled with this inanity these days. 

Hey, it leads to more sales for one. 

See the video on that for more. 

But  recently ... 

"How dare I just put out offers to the sHip and not the whole list". 

Well, as I've explained before, I got tired of idiotic responses or no responses when I spent hours putting together great offers to the entire list, so now, I make sure I only send it to the people that I know will at least be interested. 

Which includes people I send it to personally too (i.e. those not in the Ship, but doers regardless). 

I could, of course, tell you "my site, my choice". 

I'd be perfectly justified in saying that, not even my greatest detractors would have a response to that. 

But really, the "entitlement" mentality ... like, I can't send offers to who I want? 

Damn skippy I CAN. And WILL. 

And those that agree NOT can kiss my righteous booty - and uh, dont let the door hit you in the backside, or ... 

... where the sun dont shine, or Bozo Scofield hides/makes deposits (his, not mine, UGH) ... 

Derriere, for those with a bit of French in you, pun not intended. 


GROW up is what these folks need to be told. 

Then .. 

"You say you want to help, but the prices are so high! Who on God's green earth would pay ..." 

I believe we covered that whine in a prior email. 

But really. 

YES, my prices are what I consider reasonable, and they will only go up in the future. 

But here's the thing - is price WHY I do what I do? 

Hell no. 

Do we all gotta eat? 

Fuck yeah, bro. 

I'm the same. 

But when a DOER emails me with a request for a discount, for one, I'm MORE than happy to give one out. 

The sheer thrill and JOY I experience when a true doer buys my product, it helps him or her immensely, immeasurably, some things are beyond money comparisons .. when they leave GENUINE feedback - everything pales in comparison to that. 

If it were just for the money, I'd never have come as far as I have. 

If it just for the money, I'd never spend so much time giving y'all offers to SAVE a buck and then some (really, these idiots that complain, were they at the back of, or even in the line when "God" handed out the grey fungola?). 

Sure, money is damn important, prices will stay "high" but it ain't why I do this whole shebang, or anything I do. 

Its a passion. 

A passion that helps YOU immensely too. Bottom line, and if I do all I can NOT to get shortchanged, well, all I got to say about that - anyone with half a brain would, could and SHOULD be attempting to do the same. 

If not DO IT. 

Anyway .... 

Back to Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

We still have plenty of pictures to take for that one, so this book will take at least two more days to be ready for release. 

In the meantime, remember that YOU would do good to get in on the pre-order NOW ... because the price will only go UP my friend. 


And remember - this book has a special section on how Alexander Zass, the great old time strongman trained. 

Idiots will diss it as too simple, but before dissing, DO the thing, then tell me. 

If it doesn't kick your ass from here to Timbuktu I'll be a monkey's uncle and horses ass rolled into ONE. 

That section alone "stick isometrics" is, to me, worth the price of admission, not to mention all the other great benefits the book has. 

Since this is another email Im typing out of the shower, I better go get clothed. 

TMI, hehe. 

Back soon!

And get in on the pre-order NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

This email might get me pillioried from several, indeed, many quarters - so be it. Hehe. Let the fun - BEGIN!

Most of you on this list likely have heard of Matt Furey. 

Most of you that are reading this "on the internet", likely have no clue who the dude is.

Well, he wrote a bestselling book years ago, and he is the guy I freely credit in 0 Excuses Fitness, Pushup Central, and a few other of my books as being the guy who while he did NOT (and credit where it's due, Matt never claimed this either) - "invent" some of the exercises he taught and (apparently) made millions from, IS the guy who "brought them to the mainstream". 

That don't mean he's the be all and end all of bodyweight fitness. 


In my case, I believe it was a case of the student besting the teacher at a lot of what he did - and then bringing that to the world. 

I dont think Matt would mind at all - that is the goal any good "shifu" should have. 

No, I was never training under Matt directly, and as he once said years ago, "unless you're in direct contact with me, you're NOT being trained by me". 

I think he said "Im not your mentor unless.." 

And again, he's right. 

But I've followed the guy with much interest for years, and I've discussed him with my list, and people in general ... 

On the internet, and even with family etc (I remember my wife once saying it, I remember some people on the list saying it) - 

"Fat" seems to be the #1 gripe people have with him. 

Admittedly he's never looked in super shape - even when creating that bestselling book. 

And of course, you've got bazillions of fools doing the same as they do with my books, i.e. whining about price. 

Now, me, if you were to ask me in one word? 

I'd reply thus - LEGEND. 

Then I'd tell you this too. 

"That don't mean I agree with everything he says and does". 

What do I mean? 

Let me explain. 

First off, guy's got WAY too much weight around him - not necessarily "now" (he's pushing 60 now) - I'm talking back in the day to be considered a serious bodyweight enthusiast. 

That said, he could still do things with his body flexibility wise with all that weight that supposedly "fitter" people couldn't, so he's got it right there... 

But really, some of the stuff he's put out in the past, he looks like a lard ass, and has admitted as much in his own emails. 

But that ain't my main gripe with him. 


I get it. 

Matt got married, and stopped being "wild" - if he ever was. 

Read THIS post. 


It happens!

I dont know if its just he eats too much or what it is though ... but the weight is an issue. 

Anyway - that ain't my concern, never was. 

What I really don't agree with him about - or didnt back in the day was his constant insistence on "China being the be all and end all of everything". 

Several folks have noticed this too, and if you've followed the guy, you'll know that "if it wasn't china related, it wasn't worth it, period". 

He literally took the "ancient Chinese mystique" thing to giddy limits, and it was laughable. 

A customer of mine once asked me this. 

"I dont know why Matt is so China centric either, I know he married a Chinese lady, but he's a rich man, he can live anywhere he likes, but yet he choses to live in the good ole U.S.A,so China must not be all that great a place to live, maybe?  I dont know about you, but if I had a choice, my vote would be from the U.S.A. anyday". 


My vote would ALWAYS be for the U.S.A, I think everyone knows that. Dont get me wrong, China has some great things about it, but overall, good ole Texas and the USA , nothing beats "home" as it were. 

Matt from what I understand does have a home in China too, but it's more like a vacation apartment or something ... 

I dont know, I could keep putting out stuff on, and I'd be from a certain perspective justified, given all the stuff I get about "you look like a movie star!" - or "you're an Indian porn star!" - or "is that a cock ring for your 10 inch..." (Marc, you'll never live that one down, LOL!) (he was referrng to a bracelet I was wearing in the boxing ring) ... 

... I could put out a book on (with justifiable techniques) "ancient INdian Baba techniques to sport a 10 inch monster you know what and have the ladies SCREAMING for more" or some such rubbish (Matt put out something about "Chinese culture secrets" which used to be marketed the same way) ..... 

But,well, I never have, it doesnt seem too keeping it real to me!

Maybe marketing wise it worked for him. 

Hell, what do I know. 

But here's why I really respect the dude - 

He's been through some dark, dark, times and he PERSEVERED to see (finally) the light. 

Both financially, life wise, and otherwise... 

He knows what the word "struggle" means. A lot of people really dont. 

He's spoken about being so hungry in the past he;d look through boxes of old coins - hey. I get it. I've been there too many times!

I respect the guy for that - and just because, despite all his flaws, and we ALL have them, I find him INSPIRING. 

He'd no doubt read some of this and say "Well, Rahul, I made a million dollars - you haven't - YET". 

Yet being key. 

Hehe. (not that that was ever a goal for me, I dont know if it is now)

But anyway, some other things I dont agree with him about ... 

One being his constant insistence on pushups - which is great. 

In one of his videos he says ... 

"I'm not saying pull-ups are bad. They're great, and you need to figure out a way to include them in your own training" - but then he goes on to say "you dont see the Hindu wreslters do pushups! All over the world, wrestlers and boxers do nothing but pushups, squats and bridging". 


TRADITIONAL Hindu wrestlers don't, yes. 

The modern day Olympic wrestlers in India do tons of 'em, and look at their cores. 

Traditional Hindu wrestlers do plenty of other stuff though, digging with a hoe in the mud pits of India, climbing ropes - doing monkey runs - and so forth ... 

And Matt, and I've always said this - this is a huge "no no" I've always had about the guy. 

I've never seen him, despite being a self proclaimed bodyweight guru, do ONE single pull-up. 

I think there was a picture of him doing a half pull-up in one of his newsletters. But thats it. 

i've never seen him do ONE pull-up. 

Or a dead hang. 

I truly believe the excess flab around his midsection is what prevents it. 

In his books where he references pull-ups, his webmaster Eddie Baran (in super shape) does the pull-ups, which to me is not keeping it real, if I'm writing a book, I want to be the one doing the exercises and workouts, simple as that. 

Now dont get me wrong. 

Matt's a college level wrestler. 

For that alone, I tip my hat off to him - that is one of the hardest things to do, period. 

I dont know so much about the "shuai jiao" championship he won in China - I'll let that one be, but college level wrestling in the good ole USA, and I believe Matt at one point had Dan Gable, a verified, bonafide LEGEND as a trainer ... well, that alone demands RESPECT. 

More than that, the way he sold his books, has been in the trenches, etc ... 

But pull-ups? 

Sorry to say it, but Matt ain't got it, and as a customer whose opinion I'll always respect once told me. 

"I have to agree with your assessment of Matt, I dont think he's in any condition to do pull-ups". 

And if you're not doing pull-ups like a stud, you're not a fitness expert, period. Sorry to say it, but it's true ... 

That doesn't mean he doesnt have other skills. He does. 

But, not doing pull-ups, not being in shape to do them, putting out lousy videos i.e. form of pushups etc...then doing pushups on boards, with implements etc "because it's tougher" - no it aint - the humble pushup done on the floor is the toughest, period, while pushup boards might be great, I've found they end up emphasizing the stronger muscles of your body more and increase imbalance ... 

Those are the reasons I dont agree with him. 

Overall though? 

In one word, and again?


And I freely credit him in my books and courses for much more than just the "royal court" he brought to the world all those years ago. 

I truly do believe you can respect someone greatly, and yet disagree with them on many things. 

OK, thats finally off my chest. 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The 0 Excuses Fitness System has been turning weaklings into wimps, studs into super studs, gurus into super gurus and more - if you're into fitness, and since you're on this list you are, you'll want to invest in this NOW. 

I just had to write about this as soon as I saw the man himself DOING it. 

My word, my word. 

The table pushup - or the "faggoty" pushup as a certain "Mydnight" once claimed - LOL -and then he was soundly refuted, not by yours truly, but by former cheerleaders, gymnasts and such getting back and saying "THAT exercise is one of the hardest to do! Youre doing great!". 

Not that I needed the validation, but I was. Hehe. 

And that exercise is a super, super exercise. 

Anyway ... 

He was likely joking in his "dark" style. He's actually a great guy, and I love the dude. Hehe. Especially his dark sense of humor. 

But anyway, this morning I woke up and viewed a video of ... well, a guy that BROUGHT this exercise to the mainstream years ago. 

I love the guy again, and I'm not going to kick ass and take names, but dude's got serious weight loss to do, I'll say that!

But anyway, that aside ... 

The "table" pushup is one which really exposes the fat around your belly - ass - and LOWER abs -BRUTALLY, more than anything else. 

Ya'll - those of y'all that are overweight won't be able to do this, period. 

And even a lot of "fit" people when they start, their lower backs cave in when trying to do it the movement. 

It's hard to enough to get into the position and hold - and then do the exercise for reps. 

In Pushup Central, I give you a super advanced variation on your fingertips that will smoke the forearms like never ever before - if you can even DO 'em. 

Believe me, much like the extended arm pushup on your fingertips, you'll want to be DAMN Careful when you do them on your fingertips. 

Yes, even grip monsters like me have to focus and really concentrate EXTRA HARD on this one!

Anyway ... 

I saw "guru" post a video on it. 

Apparently it's how you exercise after a huge meal, which I Really dont agree with. 

Right after a huge meal, you do what Mr Tiger does i.e. REST- and sleep, if you have to, but you certainly don't do pushups right after, or any intense exercise, and certainly not the "Table" pushup. 

Given the guru, and I respect him, dont get me wrong, and I won't name him here - but those of you in the know will have guessed already - is himself constantly talking about the ways of the animal and how humans should train like animals (and he is RIGHT there) - you'd think he'd have this one down pat. 

Anyway, video also had this bit about "getting power glutes" with this exercise. 

He's spot on there. 

The table pushup will build your glutes and lower back like nothing else. 

It will also burn FAT - if you do it right, and guru was barely able to do IT, let alone do it right. 

Anyway ... 

Some of the most common mistakes, and I Saw this in Matt's video too. 

(ok, I had to KATN - Matt, my friend, if you're reading this, please know that I would have posted this as a comment in the comments section of your video, but I respect you too much to do that - it would no doubt start a cat fight of sorts, so I'll just say it here). 

(as for y'all, well, you know ME. Leave comments publicly anywhere on anything, or email me - I love brutal, and would never mind. Hehe. So long as it's honest and not Bozo Schofield trolling..) 

(even then I wouldn't mind it, see my video on how I deal with trolls). 

Anyway ..... again. 

When doing this pushup, your entire lower back should be aligned naturally and when you think you're doing it right- you're NOT. 

You really need to tighten the GLUTES - and "push" the entire pelvis up so that your neck is not looking at the sky in a position parallel to your body - but your neck is PERPENDICULAR to your body. 

Looking backwards, not necessarily up. 

The latter is an easier way to do it, maybe when you start you can do it that way. 

But you need to be really concentrating on the lower back muscles and the GROIN area (i.e. lower abs) - and glutes on this one. 

Second, HOLD at the end of each rep, and then bring yourself back - in perfect form - which means your ass doesn't just come back DOWN or where your arms are - you end up with your buttocks being "behnd your arms". 

Again, remember. As I have said before, if you are doing this right, you will feel the stretch at the base of your neck - big time - and your GLUTES. 

Most, even those with good intentions don't do this right. 

Form is paramount my friend on this one, or you won't get 50% of the benefit you would by doing them in proper form. 

And Matt, in your video, I'm sorry to say it, but you weren't doing them in proper form. 

In fact you were barely DOING them at all to be frank. Maybe that was ONE reason behind the video ie. showing beginners how they do it, I dont know ... ? 

;-) Hey, I love marketing as much as the next person. Hehe. 

Maybe he was doing them after a while. Hey.I get it!

But that form wasn't right, and what do I know. I'm anal about form, as a lot of you are!

Do it right, or not at all ... 

Anyway ... 

Kick ass and take names is right. Hehe. I've always done that on auto pilot. 

But remember, youll want to WATCH me do this exercise. I put out a short Youtube the other day on it, but for long exhaustive videos, view the "pushup" video and "workout" video in 0 Excuses Fitness, you'll get the hang of it. 

And ...remember, get the book Pushup Central, it truly is a one of a kind book, and both kinds of table pushups are covered it and then some. 

"Some of those pushups are almost undoable!" 

I remember Charles Mitchell saying this. Albeit in different language. Hehe. 

They're doable, and they'll make a MAN out of you - see the reviews for the book. 

Im out. 

GET the books above - NOW. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

I wrote - have been writing - on the other site about how that impromptu FAST I Went on sparked changes in me I've never seen before in all my life. 

I'm not unfit, I'm not FAT, I'm not someone that has never done a pull-up, I'm not a Bozo, none of that. 

And I ended my 48 hour "on the fly of the moment" like everything else is for me, fast last night - and this morning I wrote to you about it. 

I've had no deleterious side effects, and I've been waxing INSANE and lyrical bout the manifold POSITIVE side effects I've been having. 

One of which was of course starting work on Advanced Isometric and Flexibility Training, which is a quantum step up from the last (spellbinding and truly RESULTS producing) book. 

If quantum leaps in your flexibility, and QUICK, I'm talking within minutes or less is of interest to you, along with the associated strength and conditioning benefits, then this is for YOU. 

Not to mention if you want to feel PROFOUND all day. 

Massive upper body strength & Power

This book is "short and sweet" and so will this review be.
If you're looking to develop massive upper body strength and power you need this book.
Yet another masterpiece from The Bodyweight Guru, buy the book you won't regret it.

So they said, hehe. 

Anyway ... 

What I want to write to you about now is this - the quantum leaps in fitness, and ACHIEVEMENT - and creativity - you get AFTER you break the fast. 

All I ate was something simple. 

A variety of "food items" to put something in basically, but thats it. 

No huge feasts, nothing. 

What did I eat - well, soup, kidney beans, honey - all basically more hydration than anything else, and a few toasted breads. 

But thats it. 

And NOW? 

12 or so hours later, well, I'd say ...14 or so hours later, I'm focusing on my goal(s) even more. 

LASER Sharp focus. 

Its different, I cannot begin to tell you how!

Not to mention, my MUSCLES feel different. 

I wrote to you yesterday about how I can truly FEEL the rep in each rep while doing the workout. 

Today, while doing pull-ups, I truly understand, and remember, this is the pull-up STUD telling you - what it means to "pull from the very core of the triceps". 

Not to mention, the ideas for writing keep FLOWING IN in a manner they never ever have. 

My friend, there are two things to end this one. 

One, many of you have not got the books above, I cannot understand why ?

Get them NOW, and experience them results for yourself. 

And second, while fasting is by no means required to achive super fitness, to be a stud or studette or simply have a flat tummy, I highly, highly recommend it all that might be interested. 

Trust me, the benefits will BLOW you away. 


Rahul Mookerjee


Saturday, 22 January 2022 06:58

Why soft and flexible is the way to go.

Murli, a customer that left a great review for 0 Excuses Fitness once remarked to me the following. 

"My muscles are soft and flabby NOW, Rahul. But when I used to play cricket (he's from India) you should have seen me!"

And he made some imaginary "muscles" and tightened them all. 

Those were the days when climbing four flights of stairs to the office would leave him winded and red faced for like at least 10 minutes. 

All credit to him, he got on the bike - and did pushups etc - and lost a ton of weight. 

I've no idea if he's still kept it off, we haven't spoken in a while. 

But when he said this back in... I think it was 2008? I still remember thinking "what is he talking about". 

But I said nothing. 

In China, they have a saying about "soft muscles" - and it's meant in a complimentary term. 

People in the modern world have been taught that "tight" muscles - even when you're not exercising - is the way to go. 

The "puffed, buffed" look - chest out, and so forth,muscles ready to "break loose of the T shirt" at any moment ... 

... That is what people have been conditioned to believe is desirable and aesthetic, so much so to the point that movie stars routinely puff and buff with weights or bodyweight exercises before shoots. 

"To look pumped"

Maybe it's fine for movies, but in real life? 

I'd rather have .... 

... before telling you, let me ask you this. 

If you've been training 0 Excuses Fitness and BREATHING correctly for any length of time, you've likely noticed a few things. 

One, the increased ELASTICITY of your muscles, without even focusing consciously a lot upon it. 

And two, the increased "fluidity" and "flexibility" you have - especially if you're an Isometric and Flexibility Training devotee- which you should be. 

Not only that, you'll see that when you exercise - your muscles are like iron yet otherwise, you're walking around RELAXED - with "soft" muscles. 

This, my friend, is the way to go. 

As you get better at the Hindu squats, a lot of the pushups I teach you, you'll be amazed to see how you can pop off a 100 squats that the guy with perenially "pumped" quads couldn't dream of doing.  

It's about ELASTICITY. 

A relaxed muscle when coiled can always exert more force - that matters - as opposed to if you're tense throughout the whole movement (yet another reason I keep emphasizing full reps). 

In martial arts, they're huge upon relaxation - both mental and physical. 

Look at a tiger in the wild, my friend. 

When resting, feel it's back - or a housecat's. 

Smooth skin, you'll feel the muscles underneath it, coiled, strong, yet NOT pumped. 

Yet, when that cat wants to move - BAM!

At that point, those muscles turn into IRON -flexible rebar. 

THAT is the sort of strength you want, my friend. 

From 0 to 100 like a Ferrari, not "creaking up" like an old Ford or whatever. 

Sleek, cat like explosive strength, power and endurance, thats what all my programs give you, my friend. 

And you'll want to start right now, right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 19 January 2022 07:05

"Nothing can defeat me!"

As I woke up this morning, the song "We Shall Overcome" was playing in my mind - from a "kiddie" standpoint 

I laughed.

Kids these days, they've got the opposite problem, too LITTLE to overcome as opposed to when we were growing up. 

But I mentally made a note to tell my daughter about practice. 

Not that shell listen - she will scoff. Hehe. 

But she'll listen too. 

And this is what I wanted to tell her. 

"Someday, you'll look back - and realize the value of what I told you". 

i.e. the 10,000 hours I keep talking about ... 

Now, what do I mean. 

Well, just this -sometime in life, these kids have to grow up, and when they face the real world, in whatever shape it is now ... 

Is when a lot of them will remember these words - if they have been told that. 

And when they will HAVE to do it - a lot of them will do it. 

Even more won't. 

Sink or swim, basically, as it was at THAT job I write so much about, where the boss kept telling me (a year later) - and my wife too. 

"We don't train. We just throw 'em in, see if they sink or swim!" 

Its the way I've lived my entire life (no, I'm not discounting the value of training, but sometimes, you have to learn things yourself too). 

(use what you've been given naturally, a mind and physical tools). 

But anyway later on while doing my meditation - a practice I highly recommend, something else came to mind. 

"I cannot be defeated!" 

This kept playing in my mind in various shapes, forms and guises. 

Now, you guys might think it's all about fitness and working out. 

i.e. if you go through a SOLID workout - blood and tears - and you're lying SPENT on the ground in a pool of "blood and tears", sometimes literally - and you THEN find it in yourself to do a 100 pushups MORE. 

Then you do it. 

At the time of doing it, you might feel you've died an gone to hell. 

After this, after you do it - and you sit back and realize you got to that goal again- is when you realize the feeling is "you cannot be defeated". 

You did it no matter what. 

Training wise, this is exactly and precisely what yours truly did out there on the hill! 

Those long, long workouts I did ... 

Its the feeling of CANNOT be defeated, yet, is is just the physical that makes this up? 


Incredibly, even if you're fit enough to be a Navy Seal or what not, or you go through the training daily - - what bout the MIND?

There is a reason ancient marital arts, when you look at them, you might think "they're not training the hard stuff". 

Oh yes they DO. 

And physically too. 

But mentally is what they focus upon the MOST. 

And mentally is what needs to back up the physical, as I wrote about the other day. 

They both go together, and they both COMPLEMENT and energize each other. 

As the world moves towards more and more "astrology", and other rubbish of "your life number is this and that", and learning from Youtube and other nonsense (from guys that ended up getting it from some other guru that knew exactly squat all) - and try and impart the same so called knowledge to those who dont want it, ie the silent DOERS ... how many times do we see people understanding this truism?

Barely at all. 

And the mental part, the mental part where you can truly wake up in the morning and say - or FEEL, more like it ... "nothing can defeat me" - is when you know you've living life like it's meant to be lived, i.e fearlessly!

Lots of people TALK About it. 

How many actually do it? 

Its fine and dandy to wax lyrical bout all this when the chips are up, what about when it's the other way, so far down youd never imagine things could do this wrong?

Yet, if you're there, bloodied and undefeated, with the feeling of "nothing can defeat me", then you're already halfway there, my friend. 

And that is the lesson for this one. For mental tips and techniques, NOT from the spiritual bent, since many seem to think "its only work that matters" - pick up Zero to HEro And Gumption Galore NOW. 

In the future, I'll put out more on meditation, and mind power. 

For now, those books bove, and the 0 Excuses Fitness System are the ticket to build mental toughness like never before. 

And physical too... 

The kind of combo that cannot be beat, no matter what. 



Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 19 January 2022 06:06

"Practice" vs "exercise" or working out.

I will still remember my Taekwondo teacher in ninth grade seeing me on the road, he was coming to class on his bike, and he flashed me a friendly smile. 


My stretching wasn't up to the mark - especially the groin stretches which once literally made me BAWL in pain (tears included). 

"We'll get him going", my instructor laughed!

It wasn't quite the "I" position you see Jean claude Van damme strapped into between trees in the iconic movie Bloodsport, but it was getting there!

Ive always been naturally inflexible, especially in the hamstrings and groin, though a lot of that was due to my early upbringing where "sitting" was encouraged, as opposed to running about "because who can keep cleaning up after the child". 

Parents sometimes harm their kids way more in the early stages than they realize. 

Anyway, I was doing great in 7th grade, 8th grade - and indeed, though I wasn't their best fighter, I was certainly their best pushup guy!


"Good", he'd say, as I made sure to touch my chest to the ground on EACH of the 10 reps he made us do on pushups (along with a lot of kicks, frog jumps, a lot of the things I mention in Animal Kingdom Workouts). 

(I wasn't a bad fighter in terms of the kicks etc - but the FEAR of getting hit, I had never gotten over that mentally, and so ..) 

(Thats huge, once you get knocked out, or hit - and come back - you realize it ain't nothing and the mind moves past it). 

But anyway ........

So he asked me this. 

"Rahul, practice pe kyun nahi ate!" 

(Rahul, why don't you come to practice). 

I told him, too much studies and all the other BS reasons I was pulled out. 

He smiled. 

I never saw him again after that, they stopped the classes in the park a few years later too I believe. 

He was lean and mean though - and gave his little son HELL. 

Really instilled DISCIPLINE in him from a young age, not saying the harsh physical beatings he handed out was right or wrong (to me he overdid it, even then) - but it sure made a man of him, but that can go both ways i.e. a kid can grow up scarred too. 

But anyway ......

I often use the term practice for my workouts. 

Sure, I'm working out. I'm exercising. I'm breathing, etc - but more than "burn fat and build muscle", I'm TRAINING - the body and mind - via PRACTICE - and repetition!

Sylvester Stallone once said the following. 

"Im not the best or most talented or richest or most successful. I succeed because I keep GOING". 

This morning, I woke up to the following on a Medium piece I wrote - a lady Barbora (my own daughter's name is Barbara, so it seemed like a message!) - highlighted this part on the piece. 

"You keep going. You stop if you have to - take a few deep breaths, but you keep going!" 

I said it for exercise. 

She probably used that as inspiration for life, which I meant it to be as well. 

Now .... 


Does indeed make perfect!

"I fear not the man who does 10,000 kicks ONCE - but I fear the man who does ONE kick 10,000 times". 

If the great Bruce Lee said it, if I keep saying it all the time, that the BORING is what gets the job done, that the fundamentals cannot and must not be ignored, then ... there must be something to it? 

No-one, when learning martial arts wants to go through the drills of stretching, inhaling, exhaling, "opening the tight muscles" out - practising the BASIC side kick, for one, and HOLDING the position - mastering CONTROL first before kicking or hitting with POWER ... 

No-one wants to get deep in the body, and spend the time required to master the tendons and other supportive musculature of the body, do they? 

"It's boring" my daughter keeps saying when I "lecture" her on practice. 

Kids these days, globally, are all the same, of course. 

But exercise, life, fitness, whatever it is - it's the drip drip drip, the PERSISTENCE - the gumption to keep going when it might long seem like a lost cause and then some - is really what does it at the end of the day. 

Take or it leave it, but its true, and thats the lesson for this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And thats why it's called PRACTICE. Hours and hours of grueling practice under the SUN - or in freezing cold weather, or in rain ... 

The same reason my books are called MANUALS by the doers. 

The same reason, that ...

I remember a case when my Taekwondo fellow students were discussing "what if there is terrible weather". 

"Well, if its that rainy, dont come",  I said (we were training outdoors)

Another one of my fellow students turned around, looked at me, made the following comment (to the instructor). 

"Sir, if someone shows up in ALL sorts of weather, THAT is when you know they're serious!" 

I still remember him nodding in appreciation. 

There's a reason behind it. 

See if given what I said you can figure it out!

And remember, this is the vein in which I wrote 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections, I've probably got 160 in my mind, so get this NOW, you'll never be short of motivation after ths short read!

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