I can still hear it.

A bunch of friends and so called well wishers telling me (in days bygone) “Life would be a lot easier if you got along with your family and did what they wanted you to”.

I’m glad they told me that. It only made me more determined to do my own thang and blaze my “muh” hehe own trail!

Which I am ...

You could replace “fall guy” in my case with black sheep. Skeleton in the closet, albeit one with meat on them bones, hehe.

But no matter what you call me, the overwhelming “rally” (I’m borrowing one of my beloved PG Wodehouse terms here) in the Mookerjee family (at least this one) is this.

“Rahul is always wrong”

“something bad happened? Rahul must have something to do with it!" 

If the sun rose int he West tomorrow, Rahul would be to blame, hehe.


I still remember a time in 2012 when I figured I’d try and make it work with family (well, it was 2013).

My daughter had just been born. Due to my familys prior antics and a host of other reasons, we had just returned from the Middle East.

Pregnant wife, not that much money (though we had enough to eat etc – dont get me wrong!) ... and of course, no transport either since I sold my car off before moving there.

(Which in hindsight was another one of those moves decided to hamstring yours truly, but hey. All for a good “cause” at the end of the day, the way it turned out!).

And of course, a mother that wanted full control of the baby.

We had got back from some inncolulation or the other. Two month old little girl in my wife’s arms.

And of course, Mommy dearest and wifey dearest got into it again over “who was going to do whatever to the child”.

I gotta side with my wife on that one though – she was right. Mommy’s version was to shove chocolate down her gullet pretty much as soon as she was born. NOT a good idea!

And when all was said and done, or while it was being said and done, Daddy dearest piped up.

“I told you to take your beautiful wife away from here!” he said.


First thing you know, I wasn’t even directly involved in the decision to BE There in the first place. Sure, I did it, but I tried choosing the path of least resistance although I didnt want to.

For a short while, hehe. A fox doesn’t hide it’s true colors for long!

And one thing led to another, and the free bird returned to being free and living A-lone in China.

But it’s funny.

The infamous email episode I’ve mentioned in past emails where I wasn’t even consulted or directly involved, and most certainly did NOT give an “ok” to – and did not even KNOW about until it happened.

And yet, of course, guess who got all the brickbats.

(I didnt hear the end of that for MONTHS afterwards. UGH!)

If you’d ask my Dad why, he’d say “because thats just how it is”.


Maybe in your reality, Dad. I know thats how you prefer it. And thats fine, but I dont.

I’d rather prefer the “Colt Severs” way.

That show wayyyyyyy back in the day that I’m sure ya’ll remember! The “Fall Guy”.

I cannot remember the name of the actor? Hasseloff? Nah, that was Baywatch.

Boobiewatch, hehe.

But this guy was equally beefy, strong as heck, and used to sit in hot tubs smoking cigars with women by his side.

My type of guy.

Fall guy. I think he was a stuntman per his “job” and a bounty hunter “by night”.


He lived a life full of excitement – much like yours truly.

He was the fall guy, yes, but he lived on his OWN terms.

And lest you think this sort of thing is limited to you and him and a few others, think again.

IF Amazon, for one, the most successful company in the world by far goes belly up tomorrow, it won’t be Bezos’s senior team or his wife (who controls 30% of the stock now) (ex wife I shoudl say) that will be blamed.



(On that note, feminists reading this - has there ever been , or will there ever BE a "fall girl"? Not that I know of, hehe. So much for Goose and Gander?)

Of course, do something right and make Amazon into the success it is, and he gets castigated by the majority for offering low wages and crappy work conditions.

Hey, no-one FORCED anyone to work at Amazon, did they?

But anyway.

President Trump for one.

The man’s been nominated thrice for Nobel PEACE prizes and has brokered historic peace deals in the Middle East for one that NO prior president, at least not in recent times has.

Bush. Obama. No-one.

Trump did it.

The reaction?

He gets called a war mongerer for rightly pointing out the real threat to all of us – the PRC leadership. (and the PRC in general).

When he wants to send $2000 checks to people instead of giving it to other countries and being blocked by the Democrats, he ends up getting the flak for it.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, but thats the life of a fall guy!

And yet, how many people at the end of the day can lay claim to doing even a quarter of what he’s done, experienced what he has?

I rest my case.


And I’d rather that life than the “plain staid ole boring life”.

I’ve lived life on my own terms all my life and continue to do so.

I’ve been to places and done things most wouldn’t do in two or three lifetimes.

SO has most likely Trump, and a lot of the other fall guys mentioned here either directly or indirectly.

If you march to your own tune – well – guess what.

It ain’t easy, but it’s rewarding in ways the “beaten path” can never ever begin to give you!

Anyway, where am I going with all this?

Well, it’s this my friend.

My REVOLUTIONARY fitness methods do NOT require you to be the fall guy for one red second – or cent, hehe.

EVERYTHING I give you has been tried and tested by yours truly WAYY (in some cases years and years) before I ever put pen to paper on it.

(In other words, yours truly has and is very willingly the fall guy, guinea pig, and anything else you can think of for EVERYTHING I give YOU).

Therefore (another reason) I do not offer any refunds on anything.

If you do what I ask you to fitness wise, I GUARANTEE that barring a seismic earthquake, global tsunamis, mass plague and what not – you WILL Get to your fitness goals.

And truth be told, you’ll get to ‘em even if the above happen!

And that, my friend is something I can SIGN my name to (and do on the sales pages).

Get on the shtick NOW my friend. Start living a life full of JOY, abundance and fitness.

The way it was always meant to be.

Do it – now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Hilarious, but true. I usually start any and all conversations with my Mom with the following “Yes, I know it’s my fault”. Might as well cut right to the chase eh. LOL.

PS #2 - Funnily enough, if you ask all parties involved in the family thing I mentioend above TODAY as to "if it ever happened", they will hem and haw and say no. When pushed, theyll say yes it happened, but "so what". Of course its Rahul's fault. And even though he wasn't directly invovled, he got the short end of the stick on it anyway. 

It's hilarious, really. 

I used to get pissed off about it before, but now? I welcome it and LAUGH about it. LOL. Some things - thats really all you can do! Makes for a damn good story too, hehe. 

PPS - And in terms of being a pioneer, iconoclast, much hated fitness and bodyweight guru, and a host of other (1114, actually) things ... well, here are 51 MORE pioneering, bucaneering, and unashmaedly SWASHBUCKLING fitness tips to get you in the best shape of your life. Have - at!

PPS #1 - Rule #1. No matter what you do -ENJOY it and then dO IT! I sure do, hehe. 

This is something interesting!

And it struck me right after that hearty, starchy meal of POTATOES and CHEESE, and right now I’m so relaxed momentum and/or pull-ups, or any sort of exercise other than getting my ass off the chair and into the bed is not on my mind.

It will later, but not now.


The tiger BE Ready to rest!

But anyway, pull-ups.

I’ve often spoken about and railed against why KIPPING, despite being promoted by the pundit-shundits, experts-sh-em-experts, gym goers, Crossfitters and many others alike is not only NOT good when doing pull-ups, but it can also seriously impact your gains in the long term in this great exercise if you keep doing it that way

If you do it to “try” and never do it again?

Well, goodie.

But most people get addicted to the “rush” and “kick” (literally) and keep doing ‘em that way to feed their numbers and stoke their EGOS.

Truth is, you do NOT use momentum of ANY NATURE from the lower body while doing pull-ups right bro

Truth is you don’t use the legs at all.

You don’t even (preferably) bend them as it taught. Sure, you CAN do em that way, but advanced pull-ups mean your legs remain STRAIGHT and do NOT generate any momentum while being straight – and this is mentioned in both Battletank Shoulders – and Pull-ups - - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!

But there IS momentum that cannot be avoided, especially with higher reps.

Not the “do one and do five kind”, though thats great.

It’s upper body momentum.

Many people have written in about this in the past too.

“Rahul, when doing high rep pull-ups, I tend to “swing a bit””).

Indeed you DO, Jack . . . 

Now, I dont mean swing uncontrollably.


But if you’re doing pull-ups QUICKLY, up an down, up and down, up and DOWN ... you’ll soon find out one thing if you’re doing ‘em right, chin over bar each time.

That you will generate some sort of momentum and a wee bit of swinging unless you do ‘em SLOW (which is how you should learn ‘em, and how I advocate you learn them in “Pull-ups - - from DUD to STUD within WEEKS!” - and yes, THIS course is a must along with Shoulders like Boulders! Before you invest in the two advanced courses above).

Or you can invest now, but DO the thing per the elementary courses first, and then advanced.

Elementary, I know.

I know.

But you’ be surprised at how many people miss the boat on that one.

Jumping straight to advanced does NOT work. You gotta BUILD a solid foundation first.

And back to advanced pull-ups, I’ve said in the book they work the entire body (workout wise) and give you EXCELLENT cardio.

This second bit STUNS most people, but as you’ll see in the advanced book, it’s VERY much possible!

Yes, you can get a super cardio workout doing an exercise which barely taxes the legs unless you’re doing Swami pull-ups, and even then, you dont move the legs.

Position, but not force!

And while doing advanced pull-ups, you WILL generate momentum, but it’s from the lats and armpits.

I’d still say minimize the swinging, but to a certain extent you’ll see it’s unavoidable.

And that, my friend, is the takeaway from THAT.

Many, actually.

See how you can implement them into your own training.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re the “Value grab” sort – make sure to pick up the compilations on pull-ups and other upper body workouts that together will build an Adnois like (or “female equivalent” I can’t remember the name now!) body - - and GRIZZLY like strength to boot -

Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!

Barnstormer SHOULDERS!

Have ... AT!

Without knowing it, I rectified one of the KEY mistakes I made with regard to all my businesses for many years.

By no means was this a deal breaker.

I made sales. Continued to put out products, books, courses, and what not.

Continued to get trolled by Bozo Scho-Fo “the rotund one” for one, hehe.

But point is ... that one thing?

I remember talking to a friend of mine Dwayne once about something, and as always, this man gave me some SOLID advice.

He talks a lot when we do talk, and I listen to it all.

(Thats one of the things I really hate about “conversations” in general, and people that say they want to listen, talk etc - - but then end up saying that “too many audio messages” - - when you’ve only sent one in about 6 months or so!).

Believe me, yours truly is a true caveman in that regard, and I prefer to do everything in WRITING.

Thats how I run my life, and business etc (and thats why as my lovely wife says, I’m so hard to “live with”).

Hehe. She is probably right in her own way!

She always is, isn’t she.

LOL Again.

That ole thing of keeping your balls ... ah, but I won’t go there!!

But anyway, Bobbitting or assumed Bobbiting aside ..where was I?

Ah yes.

Charles for one (the friend) who is the “mutual friend” (not sure about now) for both Bozo Schofield and myself knew about the trolling before I did it.

Never told me.

And claims “it doesnt matter”.

Maybe to him it doesnt.

But what matters to me ain’t that

I could care less about that ... what I DO care about is two things.

One, if it’s racist, and he isn’t (which he isn’t, really) - - then continuing to encourage that racism from (admittedly, as he said) “a known lunatic” ?

Not on, friend.

And two, and more pertinently here, he never really bothered to listen to any of the audios I sent him – which was only when we DID talk, which wasnt a lot ...

Apparently he “got too may”.

But apparently Bozo Schofield’s insane rants (his own words, not mine) and 200 plus audios and inane chattering in WeShat groups was easier than listening to someone who says it like it is about issues that MATTER as opposed to which kid didnt learn ABC well enough today and so forth ...

Anyway ...

Dwayne said the following.

“Email something DAILY. Even if you’re not in the mood, just do it”.

And being he was talking about something else actually, this just came up.

But it was one of those hidden gems that I’m not sure if even he remembers telling me, and from a man thats failed way more than he’s succeeded, and from a man that KNOWS a thing or two about TRUE success, and a man that is NOW living life on his OWN terms (and he should!) ... well, that was a sage comment.

I knew it all along.

But for some reason I slacked off “sometimes”.

And this happened over the years.

I dont know which famous person it was that put a cross on the calendar every time he got his “joke of the day” written out.

Perhaps a comedian?

I am not sure. I cannot remember.

But those strings of X’s added up, and he said he’d never stop experiencing success so long as he didnt break the chain.

In 2020, for whatever reason, I didnt just do THAT.

I did about five times more, hence the “success”, “trolling”, and the GROWTH in the biz.

Which was there before too, but the more you do the right things, the more you grow!

And no, if Bozo Schofield is reading this, I dont mean that sort of growth either, LOL.

Now, here is the point.

A very lengthy one you might say .... and so be it.

But what if you “can’t write” one day or “just have nothing to write about” despite being a prolific writer otherwise.

Yes, I’ve had it happen too!

Even me.

And the key is to realize you ALWAYS have something to share.

You ALWAYS have something you CAN do.

And yo ujust gotta do it!

Believe me, it’s as simple as that.

This afternoon, I was shooting emails back and forth with a customer Charles, and I was in a relaxed mood. I hadn’t done any of my daily emails etc.

Wasn’t sure what to write.

Then the brain kicked in.

“Get to work, boyo!”

And I did.

And hence this email. And all the others!

And momentum wise, the five or so you get daily from me despite the promise of ONE.

UNDER promising and over delivering is what has got me to where I’m at today – both in life – and business.

And fitness.

Just start, bro.

Dont feel like the pull-ups today?





Then you’re done for the day. We will “do it again tomorrow”.


Done now?

Feel the blood flowing, the heart pumping?

OK, why not one handstand.

Just one. Not even a press up. You can do that! 



And at the end of the day, I bet you’ll have done MORE than what you intended to do, if you keep going this way!

And that my friend is what it’s about.

Momemtum builds upon the same. Laziness does too.

Success. Failure. All does.

Birds of a feather not only STICK together, but FLOCK together. So does misery. And happiness.

You get the point.

Now .... get to work fitness wise.

And – just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the latest compilation I just put out – long and much awaited – the compilation on SHOULDERSBarnstormer Shoulders! This course is truly IT, my brother. You WILL build them barndoor lats, BARN STORMING shoulders, core of steel, grip of iron, and MUCH MORE!

I remember it.

I was 14 years old or so. Something like that.

And the cop came up to me. Plainclothes cop, and a damned nice fella, or so it seemed.

He was polite as heck anyway . . .

“Can you come with me”, he asked me out of the blue. “Our boss wants to speak with you”.

Who are you, I asked.

Apparently he was the “Constable” on beat or something in that part of New Delhi (back in the day). 

And apparently his “boss” wanted to see me, though he wouldn’t tell me why.

And the boss was the polar opposite of the guy that took me to him.

Rude, abrasive, condescending and IMPOLITE to a T.

Not only did he not tell me why he brought me to the tent, but he pestered me up and down for inane details (inane because he wouldn’t do me the courtesy of telling me WHY he hauled me in).

Just wouldn’t tell me.

Bully boy to the extreme as compared to the other cop.

Good cop, bad cop. Strike a bell? Hehe.

(Anyway, yours truly has had a long history with Delhi Police, most notably so that high court case which is still very much there all over the Internet, despite 2009 being a LONG time off (or 2008 I believe it all happened in)).

He let me go finally.

“What the fuck would I want to do with you”, was what he told me, minus the English F bomb, but he used a local variant of it.

I went home. Told Mom about it.

She was “worried”, but not because of anything else other than “the cops must be right!”

Remember, the cops were “right” when they booked me for “kissing” (I didnt even kiss, LOL) my own wife too!

And remember, it does no good to protest and speak of RIGHTS.

So says yours truly’s family . . . until the shoe lands on the other foot, and then of course . .

but anyway, Dad didnt say much initially. 

Took me to the guy. TO “find out” what I did.

Nothing, said the cop.

Excruciatingly polite - - I couldn’t believe it was the same guy.

Apparently there had been a string of car stereo robberies around the place and they thought despite “knowing I didnt do it” that I might have, or some such bullshit.

And of course, back home my Dad said “I wouldn’t like what he was going to say”, but he said it anyway, and said “my long hair was the reason”.

Well, I still have it for a reason Dad. And it aint the girls as you once so nicely told me. Hee. Hee.

(Like you very rightly said, "they'll like me anyway", hehe. Hey. Gotta give credit where credit is DUE!)

But anyway, I like cops in general.

They’re generally good people and have a tough job to do.

I’ve spoken about being “stopped” randomly at night in the Southern United States, and I could have complained about that. But I didnt.

I co-operated with them, and till date, they’ve been nothing but polite to me.

Not so the police officers that took me in India during that “kissing case”.

And certainly not the police commissioner who claimed “I’d never get a job in IT” (before then going on to rip his own guy a new one behind the scenes).

(Before the High Court intervened, and we all know what happened then!).

And certainly not the guy who questioned me all those years ago ...

Anyway, I still have those nice (not) memories.

And for whatever reason, I thought fit to bring it up.

Stereotyping, my friend, sucks. But it happens . . .

And so long as the person who “has to do it” is at least halfway polite and somewhat semi-apolegetic about it, I’ll take it . . .

. . . with a pinch of salt, or a grain of it.

Point of all this, again?

Well, much to your surprise my dear reader this time none really.

Other than “brain fart” and my long hair.

But here is the best damn fitness System out there anyway - - - The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Potbellies have been known to disappear almost over night when on this program, and more . . .

And I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

In middle school, yours truly was getting the heck pounded out of him.

Nothing unusual for a kid who (while admittedly on the smaller side) (and who had his confidence shattered growing up by Mama in every which way – to an extent my father too, but mostly Mama) got it a lot at school.

“Because he didnt accept his place”.

Which, as “they” thought was to buckle down and take it.

Anyway, so fat boy was in front of me. On top of me. And everything else. Hehe.

And as I was getting the pulp squeezed out of me, I did it.

I put the GRIP on him.


Around his neck.

Instantly, he let go.

Went crying to Daddy (his own) who then showed up at school and “complained”.

The result?

Some dumb ass note in an “almanac of sorts”, and an invitation for yours trulys Dad who “menacingly” told him “I dont like going to schools too often!” (like he was the Grim Reaper or something. HA! If only I could tell you the tales of what MEN outside the HOUSE did to him when he talked tall tales and his utter shit) to paddle the heck out of me.

“You should be beaten by the police!” went Daddy dearest. 

(Curiously enough the guys who beat on me were "alright". They didnt deserve that!) 


I’ll leave that one up int he air.

But it did cause two things to happen.

One, the wound festered, and today there is not ONE book on grip out there – but three. Hehe. Four if you include the compilation.

All DOES happen for a good cause, even the tennis player who knew my right hands was injured and yet gave the gorilla grip to a 17 year less than half his size.


I wonder what woul dhappen now (and trust me, I ain’t a big dude even now)

And two?

Dude let go.

And still likely carries the scars on his mind, and his neck ...

Point of all this being – attack, my friend, has always been the BEST form of defense for a reason.

President Trump is a huge advocate of this – and so is yours truly.

I’ve always BEEN A huge advocate of this.

And it doesn’t necessarily mean an all out frontal assault. 

Sometimes, the knives that cut the deepest take a while to do so in ALL Regards, and they dont necessarily do so upfront either ...

But you attack – in whichever way is convenient and suitable at the time.

Because, my friend, the fact begets.

ATTACK truly IS the best form of defense bro.

And in terms of fitness, I’m here to tell you that the DIRECT method works the BEST.

The direct method is ATTACK the problem – while keeping your mouth shut.

(unless you want a host of Bozos passing inane comments).

Do the thing.

GET to a point where you can tell ‘em to sod off, and rightfully so.

And then you’ll truly understand two more things.

A) revenge is a dish best served COLD and b) Revenge matters NOT in life. In fact, it’s best if you “let it go” to whatever extent possible, but if possible, fully.

All of this, of course made a great bedtime story for my kid every time sh easks.

And no, I ain’t gonna paddle her for putting grips or anythign on anyone if that person deserves it.

A quick read through of Kiddie Fitness for one will show you that I’ve been encouraging it ever since I remember. Since age three, actually, when dude whacked her one, and I’m glad to report with me behind her, she whacked him – BACK – HARDER.

Thats how to do it, bro.

Hit ‘em hard – hit ‘em heavy – hit ‘em where it hurts.

And remember that attack is always the best form of defense.

Glyn the Bozo Schofield on public welfare in the UK and running around being a monkey or lap dog teaching ABC to kids who could care less (honestly, calling ESL teaching is doing REAL teachers which they all claim they are, of course and REAL teaching a mammoth and massive DISSERVICE) claims the following.

On my book on pushups.

“Really? A book on pishups and thats that?”

Lets see the Bozo DO the thing.

(Edit - and a customer from, oddly enough the UK, was RIGHT in asking him publicly how many books he'd written. A sum total of ZERO) 

(I swear - it's committed people like HIM that make all the difference and make all this WORTH IT! True WARRIORS!) 

Ditto for his other inane and admittedly hilarious comments which I want more of on Amazon. LOL. But he seems not to want to oblige this time around.

LOL Again.

Or any of the other jackasses who claim “it’s about the mind and why I’m doing pull-ups out there”,

Idiots incarnate the lot of ‘em.

Lets see ‘em do it.

And that, my friend is what matters.

The satisfaction - - not the “revenge”, hehe.

I’m out. 

And I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – One of the most and most immensely satisfying experiences I’ve had that neither one of the nuts mentioned above and a lot of GOOD people reading this will never have – that being to pop off sets of 10 perfect pull-ups willy nilly, helter skelter almost in my sleep. Ditto for handstand pushups,and the rest.

Wanna get there?

Then do the thing, bro. And do the thing.

And you will!

It’s as simple as it gets.

Really, and again. Just friggin DO IT.

PS #2 - I don't generally edit posts, but the exact comment was "You should be beaten with an iron rod by the police". Of course, made by the same person who later exhorted a moron who taught "Clay Modeling" or some such thing and apparently was pissed off I didnt attend his nigh on higly BORING class (that was the only "crime" - as opposed to certain other kiddos who put clay on the picture he had hanging there - right on his nose, LOL) ... no prizes for guessingwho. LOL. 

Sometimes I can't figure out whether to shake my head - - or laugh - - or both. PErhaps thats what I'll do, both! HA!

Thursday, 07 January 2021 08:12

Why I keep my Amazon PRIME membership . . .

Over the past few days I’ve been pestered incessantly by Amazon (UK).

Apparently they want me to “make my VISA card default” to get some 5GBP coupon code etc on some products (and as usual, the products I WANT aren’t eligible for the offer. Hehe).

Ain’t that how it works for the most part, my friend.

Every time you see a discount or coupon or what not – the products you WANT aren’t eligible.

Anyway, thats one reason I keep my own coupons etc applicable to ALL products, including the recently concluded “big 40” birthday SALE I just had, which many of you RESPONDED to.

Sure, there is a minimum “amount” that needs to be purchased.

i.e. getting a 20% discount on a $12 product, for one, doesnt make sense to me and neither would it to any business owner, at least not one with a halfway or even barely functional brain ...

(Believe it or not, one person asked for the discount for just that one product!)

The things we see, live with, and deal with ...

Anyway, Amazon UK has also been incessantly pestering me to sign up for Prime.

I almost accepted. In fact I think I did but then backed out.

Too many of those “all in one” memberships that I keep getting plagued with in my Inbox, and I reject all but ...

Well, Amazon.

I DO have an Amazon prime membership but not in the UK.

And I can use it to get stuff delivered etc for free wherever I want regardless of whether or not I’m in the country myself, which to me makes it worth it (delivery charges are free).

Of course, the products applicable for “free delivery” have reduced in quantity and increased in cost.



But more than the Prime Video and all the other “benefits” that come along with it, for me, its about free delivery of products I want, and nothing else really.

And thats why I continue to have “prime” membership on the sites I do and there ain’t a lot of ‘em to be honest.

Now, point of this?

Point is this my friend.

The 0 Excuses SHIP works in much the same way.

There are folks, for instance, who want to buy the book on pull-ups – but “dont have the cash just as yet”.

I get that.

But with a Prime ... ah, excuses me, SHIP membership, remember one thing.

More than the forum, more than increased access to yours truly, more than everything else, it’s FREE digital downloads for ALL our products which really matters, my friend!

You NEVER have to worry about cash being tight or what not.

ONE yearly membership gets you there – access to EVERYTHING we offer digitally at the click of a mouse – and remember, the number of products will only go up, up and UP.

And that, my friend, to me is worth the deal.


Access forever (so long as the membership stays valid and active).

Jump on this NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And there is no “try before you buy” on this, or any of our other products, so before you or anyone asks, I said it. Hehe. No refunds either. Once you’re in, you’re IN.

It’s a common thread.

Could be Napoleon Hill

Could be Edison.

Could be steve Jobs.

Could be yours truly.

Could be ... well, the security guard in India that got laid off early last year, started a shop selling snacks or something, failed, and then ...

... I was waiting for it.

Although he was TRYING To do something else, although he did NOT give up, although he had a vision, guess what.

“His family lost faith in him”

Which is expected, myfriend ...

I dont know if you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s life story, but you might be surprised to know the personal life of a man that motivated literally BILLIONS and continues to do so.

Or any of other achievers above.

Now, the bozo jokers and “English teacher in China” and excuse makers, and other fools will chime in.

“If he (or she) can’t motivate his own spouse ...”

(While conveniently noticing the NOT so obvious – which is what I wrote about a few emails ago about leading by example, and the RESULTS – and the OBVIOUS – i.e. my own daughter being motivated from a YOUNG, YOUNG age, and doing all the RIGHT things without being TOLD to).

It’s not their “failure”.

It’s the fact that most have NO VISION, period.

And refuse to get one when told so.

Which explains the state the world is in today. 

Everything for these people is either one of two things.


“Right inf ront of you” i.e. the here and now, but they forget the successes and failures of the past – big mistake – and the WONDROUS future. Even bigger mistake.

If you’re going on to bigger and better, for one, don’t be surprised to fall out with friends (most) and family (all, I’d say, if not most).

If you’re doing the thing, don’t be surprised to be trolled (you should welcome it, hehe. I do).

(for more reasons than one).

And fitness wise, same thing.

When you’re going places the same people that laughed at you and said you were fat won’t miraculously congratulate you.

Theyll sniff and say “oh, it was easy for him!”

“Oh, muscle sticks to him like shit on a stick!”

And other idiotic, asinine remarks.

Which would be better off in the Book of Non Achievers and Bozos, hehe.

Anyway, enough of that.

To pick up the most effective and indeed MOTIVATIONAL fitness system ever, go right here – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Truly the best. Get it, and you will SEE why.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pay special attention to the intro video, which most skip. Remember, digital download (or both digital and paperback) is the way to go for this one!

PS #2 - And please, PLEASE, do NOT get back to me saynig "I dont know what he's talking about". Yes, you DO. STicking your head in the sand won't make facts disappear tho brah!

PPS - By the way, dude's a success six short months later, and was featured on the news -shnews too ... 

We often don’t realize the very treasures that lie before our EYES, do we?

Could be life. Could be biz. Could be relationships. Could be anything!

Ole Napoleon Hill said it the best.

“Your big opportunity may be where you are NOW!”

Unfortuntely back in 2003 I hadn’t read Hill’s books.

Or Claude Bristol’s books.

Do my own thing?

I was just happy to have a great job (well, it paid me well, that I’ll say) in china!

I was just happy NOT to be home (you on this list know about my childhood, why etc).

And I was happy to go straight from college to China basically, and more.

But hell, one of the best training tools was right there inf ront of me.

I still remember standing there on the fourth floor of my apartment building (no elevator).

And looking at the red lantern on top of that hill ...

I’d look at it. I’d stare at it.

But I never bothered to find out (despite my love of hills) to find out where it was!

I’d run around the block. 

Those were my smokin days.

And I’d fail miserably. Couldn’t do two rounds, and I’d wheeze up the stairs after that and I’d think I got a workout.

I’d get frustrated as heck with (despite the positive notes about my forearm strength etc from a lot of people) the BALLOONING weight (despite me lifting lots of weights).

And my lack of flexibility, endurance, and deep down inside I knew, as “Maria” once told me.

“You’re fat inside!”

Well, she was RIGHT. And I was nowhere near the tubbo status most people out there are (I mean those that are fat, or unfit, or what not).

She bodyshamed me.

But she did it in a cute way, hehe.

My Jie Jie is nothing but not honest (elder sister, hehe).

But anyway, life has a way of taking us to where we HAVE TO BE.

Our destiny.

We all have one.

How we start and get there is the “intrigue and SPICE” – of LIFE!

And for me, that first date in Qi Feng Park in China did it.

And the spectacle remains in my mind.

Ann Lee floating up the hill, yours truly gasping, panting, wheezing and barely making it up as other girls giggled at the foreign devil (admittedly a “handsome” one apparently).

And the admonition later as she gave me a massage.

“You can do this daily!”

That look in the eye !

And that set it all off ...

But remember, my friend.

Fitness wise ,same thing.

Do you realize, for instance, that the ONE exercise you can do to get in and stay in great shape doesnt require a chinning bar?

Yes – pushups!

Do YOU know that squats (Hindus) done right will fry off lard off your body quicker than every before?

HAVE you EXPERIENCED the sheer thrill and exhiliration that comes from doing BEAR CRAWLS and other ANIMAL KINGDOM WORKOUTS?

For most people, the answer is no.

And for them, I’d say ... you’re ignoring a fitness treasure right before your very eyes!

There is NO better time to say this than now, with the plague and what not sweeping everywhere globally.

Plague Shague.

My rear end.

I’ve never been in better shape and FELT better – without a mask. Hehe.

And thats it from me.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW, my friend. Really. Don’t postpone it thinking “money will come in later”. Nothing ever DOES. IF you gotta and wanna do something, strike while the iron is HOT. Get it DONE – and NOW!

As I hit the big 4, I BE thinking.

I’ve been thinking.

And one of the things that came to mind was an old song, oddly enough one from 1995 I believe. Real old ...

Anyway, in 2003, when yours truly was planning on going to China, he received many a “dont do it”, and “stick to a bozo job” and “its unknown” nutty remarks.

Discouraging and disparaging to the extreme, not to mention demotivating and depressing.

So much so that I ignored the initial email from my boss then asking me to show up there.

I just didnt reply either way.

And I remember the ominous warning from dad.

“You can’t be running around vague places at this stage of your career!”

And oddly enough, that was when I had had enough of living in India, albeit for six months and thats all.

I accepted the offer the second time my boss emailed me.

Only mistake I made was not asking for more money, which at that point I would have gotten.

Of course, how dare I. Hehe.

If only .. !

But thats OK, my friend. I’d rather learn from the School of Hard knocks than the school of “Thee Coddled”, so to speak.

And running around vague places provedt o be a decision I’ll never regret.

Not to mention China isn’t exactly vague ...

OPEN mind, is what my parents and people in general do NOT have.

But anyway ...

Running around there got me in the best shape of my life.

I made, and continue to make the MOST money I ever have there.

(And even 0 Excuses Fitness STARTED there, which really got the ball rolling after the initial “Fast and Furious Fitness” book).

I worked two or so jobs there, and a few in between, and none of them were the Bozo Shozo like UTTER CRAP jobs I was pushed into elsewhere, but LEFT.

And so forth.

Point of all this .. .keep an open mind my friend.

What you don’t know is not necessarily bad or evil.

And thats a short blurb on that one.

On another note, be sure and avail of the special sale we’ve got going on at 0 Excuses Fitness.

Remember the coupon code too ...

THEBIG40  (and ONLY valid until the  6th, if even then. Knowing my mercurial self I might pull it sooner ...) 

And I’ll see you aboard!

40 and counting, hehe. To more!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – Here again is that coupon code THEBIG40. Hurry, because it ain’t gonna last forever (the discount).

It’s the second email on “Pooja” (Madam as the ladies like to call her, so I am too – how dare I not, hehe – but they call her something quite else and UNPRINTABLE her privately – and still BUY from her – funny how all that works eh).

But anyway ...

The cold, wintry conditons. SLEET. Hail. And so forth ...

Brings to mind two things.

One, a time I wrote to you about a few years ago in 2015 in China (southern China) where it NEVER snows, and yet did that year.

A teensy weensy bit as my little girl would say.

Yet, it was enough to send the denizens of the city I lived into “paraoxyms” of joy while simaltaneously bundling up in about 50 different layers of parks, hoodies, clothign and what not.

Like the Artic freeze had shown up or something.

But either way, yours truly went for his usual climb that day.

I dont miss workouts!

And I still remember how COLD it was, and the frosty conditions, but I enjoyed it.

Came home back in one piece.

Which is more than I can say for the next time.

So the next time, it was winter in 2017. Well, no. Early 2018. A couple of days before my 28th birthday.

It “came out as 28”.

But it’s really a decade more, but folks dont beleive me, and maybe thats why It “came out” the way it did. Heh.

But anyway, it wasn’t just cold that day.

‘twas that nasty BONE CHILLING COLD – with RAIN.

Which made it ten times worse.

Oh my. I still remember doing handstand pushups in a deserted park, and doing pull-ups in those conditions on thick and cold metal bars.

Oh my. I still remember taking my jacket off and I Was wearing shorts of all things

Nothing if not a masochist on occasion I am, hehe.

Anyway, finished my climb(s).

And believe me, my fingers were NUMB to the bone (I had to go home and literally put them under REGULAR temperature water to get feeling back – and believe me, regular temperature was COLD! - yet it felt hot – thats how numb they were!!) ...

And amidst all this, I decided to finish off with fingertip handstand pushups.

Bad idea.


My thumb slipped.


I heard it!

Slipped INTO it’s joint, then out, and then luckily back again.

An immensely painfuly injury, and my first thoughts were “will I be able to celebrate my birthday by writing MORE – and working out MORE?

As it turned out, the cold Corona I held that night in my hand was all the healing it needed, but believe me, it was a NASTY injury.


And most would have gone to the doctor. Gianni, an ex student and ex wrestler and Army man told me to do so.

Vincent, my buddy told me that thumb would ALWAYS ache in the winter.

And yet, none ofthat happened.

The next day, I was almost back to normal, doing fingertip work no less!

Sure, I didnt attempt more crazy stunts in the cold and rain.

But there are several lessons to be learnt from all this.

One, to be damned careful when doing fingertip handstand pushups. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, and I’ve even said it in the FAQ, which along with the FAQ on pull-ups is now up for sale on the site.

For some reason I was selling on Amazon, but not on the site, so I rectified that last night.

Now, tons of other lessons there.

But let’s talk Pooja ...

She shows up, yes. I said that before, but I omitted an important part.

Perhaps the most important.

... WHEN no-one else DOES. 

And that, my friend, is another key to success at life, and working out in general.

She shows up in freezing weather. Thunderstorms. Hail, shine, blazing heat, what not.

Much like youc an count on Amazon to deliver no matter what, you can count on Pooja Madam to badger the heck out of you no matter what ...

Pooja Madam . Madam “ji” as they call her either lovingly or mockingly or a combo of the two.

Female brains are a hard thing to decipher, but I think I’ve cracked part of the code. Hehe.

For reasons I’m NOT going to mention here.

Anyway, lesson learnt?

I hope so!

Keep going out there my friend. Keep doing it.

Because, I tell you.

You never know!

You just NEVER, ever know!


Rahul Mookerjee aka “Michael” aka plenty of other alter’s you haven’t heard about as yet (but the Chinese all know me as Lahoo or Michael, hehe).

PS – A book that is getting an insane amount of attention right about now is the compilation not on pull-ups - - but handstand pushups and shoulder workouts, and rightfully so. Gawd knows why I took so long to have it up for sale here, but it is now – go HERE to check it out! Truly BARNSTORMING!!

PPS - Oh, and pick up "16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections" right HERE. You that LOVE and can't get enough of these emails will LOVE that little compilation. Volume TWO out soon! (yes, I know. So much to do. hehe). 

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