As I finished up the latter part of that workout in my park, I stretched out.

In many ways.

Stretched myentire BACK. Hamstrings.

And of course my calves, and a s I did that patented calf/hamstring stretch so many people have asked me about, I just had to “oooh and aah” a little as the tension left my body, and the BLISS soared.


A man sitting next to the pull-up stand looked at me curiously as if WTF is he doing.

And truth be told, to most people, what I do are sort of different exercises to say the least. At least a lot of the nutzos that show up in the park on weekends with nothing to do but ogle the babes and make silly comments (behind their backs) about those working out ...

Case in point being the missionary joker who once told me to work my mind and not my body.

While Iwas doing pull-ups.

And who, of course, made off like a rocket as soon as my back was turned, and as I finished my set of 8 pull-ups, there he was, gone with the wind.

Must be something to the “twist of my back”, hehe, which told him I was serious, and he'd probably get a sockful of something on the ole geezer if he kept up his BS.

But anyway ...

Most people store a LOT of tension in the traps and shoulders my friend.

And thats commonly known, but did you know the HAMSTRINGS and CALVES are another area where major stress is stored, almost about as much as in the traps, and in many cases more?

And this is not good my friend.

Excess stress in all areas of your body blocks the flow, but most notably these three areas, and amongst them the hamstrings and calves.

Loosen thy hamstrings right (hint – most people do it WRONG) and you will not only experience a sense of bliss that you ain't in ages, but ALL excess tension will flow out of your body.

You'll be loose and limber, and yet strong.

A cornerstone result you'll get from the 0 Excuses Fitnes ssystem.

You'll be less cranky. Less stressed. Less prone to worrying about rot you can't control.

Less prone to get into fights. Meaningless ones.

MORE prone to getting work done, and real work. MORE prone to getting a LOT of goals acocmplished. And so forth.

And even if all that wasn't enough for you, physically my friend, loosening these areas of your body will improve performance in EVERY other exercise you do.

This afternoon, my pull-up numbers improved when I loosened my calves, for one.

May sound hard to believe eh.

But it' true.

Pull-ups, like many other exercises are done by people in the WRONG manner, with too much STRESS without knowing it.

One of the key reasons, for one, a lot of people can't get into a handstand against the wall is excess “stress” - either mental or physical.

Get rid of that and the kick up either way becomes ... EASY, my friend.

Easy Peasy! 

The Chinese (those that get it) know this. In fact, I learned that patented stretch from the old man in China, but he isn't the only one that does it by far.

The lady I've written about at the top of the hill does it. Many more people do it.

And as for the final question i.e. Why I didn't put out a course on stretching alone?

Well ... I might.

But it would be an amalgamation of what I have already taught with a few twists, and truth be told, if you're on my fitness programs, you're likely already DOING IT.

But other hand, always things to learn. New things!

And for now, I cover those in my coaching sessions – for those interested, apply here.

For all the rest, take a gander at our other products right here. And then take action, and pick up a few!

You'll forever be glad you did!


Rahul Mookerjee

You on this list, and indeed those of you that have bought my books etc are no doubt aware of my liking for the CLOSE grip pushup – and all it's many variants.

That being, to bring the hands in close together while doing pushups – or the “elbows in” boxer style pushup as I like to call it.

I dont know why, but every time I say pushups, people think this means either with arms at shoulder width, or slightly wider than that.

And I have to say this.

If THAT style is all you're (primarily) doing for that type of pushup (and there are many!) then you're not only doing yourself and your strength training a disservice, but the mighty pushup as well!

Believe me, the elbows in variant is so much better than the regular version that I could probably write a mini -manual on that alone!

And while the regular version(s) are fine to start off with I don't recommend you “stay” there.

(Of course, it's still better than benching or doing nothing, but hey ... )

Anyway, in came a question from a subscriber a while ago that I completely forgot to address here.


What are your thoughts on close grip handstand pushups? Would you say they work the body and the shoulders, specifically, more intesely than the regular version?”

There was more. He had another question which I believe I did address ...

... But back to this one, and it's a good question actually 

I don't really advocate the close grip version of the handsand pushup my friend – for two reasons primarily.

One, BALANCE and reducing unneeded stress and strain on the wrist (and indeed, by extension) the elbows are parmount when doing any upper body exercise, and all the more so for intense workouts such as what handstand pushups lend themselves to.

And believe me on this one – no matter how much of an expert you are or will get to be at these, the closer you get, the more “unbalanced” you'll start to get.

Handstands and handstand pushups are meant to work the MAJOR big muscles of your upper body and the forearms. And the core, of course. And lower back.

But again, upper body wise – that means traps, shoulders and LATS (is it any surprise that I've always mentioned handstand pushups as one of the keys to getting better at pull-ups, and why the two together make an unbeatable workout combo?) . . .

And the closer you get with your hands when upside down, the more strain goes AWAY from said muscles.

Not good, and not what you want.

And as for “diamond” style handstand pushups?

Well, you could try – but again – I believe the variants I give you in Shoulders like Boulders, combined with the pulling variants in Battletank Shoulders are ALL you need for your entire life in that regard my friend.

As for pull-ups, well, you're already well aware of my views on the close grip pull-up – and why 

One of the best ever movements! Enough said, hehe.

Anyway, these and MANY other “faq's” make their way to me pretty frequently my friend, and sometimes I forget to address them in these emails.

And that is why I did up the “faq” on handstand pushups – and PULL-ups.

25 in each book, I believe – or mini book I should say, and if you're ordering off the 0 Excuses site, well, they're yours FREE with the purchase of the other books.

But if you're ordering off Amazon etc, well, it's a seperate order.

I don't believe I've gotten around to putting them anywhere else, unlike my other books, and I probably won't either. Hehe.

Well, my friend – thats it for now. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best course on pushups right here – Pushup Central. My fingers grow weary of typing it, but I'll do so anyway – I nigh on challenge you to find one better than THIS! ;)

And I mean consciously acknowledging, of course!

Anyway, I just asked my “wife” (if I can even use that term for her, hehe) the following.

“Do you mind running the coffee pot through the wash?” I mildy queried.

Being I did the laundry, and she was doing the dishes anyway, I thought it was a fair enough request ..

“No!” she yelled back at me. “You'll kill me if I break that thing!”

“Kill you??”

She meant it tongue in cheek, of course. But the gist of her entire argument boiled down to “what if I break it accidentally”, and “what your reaction will be”, and other such utterly irrational things ...

After all, she handles glass far more delicate than that daily!

Bad mood. Mood swings. Et al. All adds up to irrational behavior at times from the best of people.

 Now, in the past this would have led to a shouting contest.

“How dare you react like that”, I'd have said.

She'd have yelled back with some insult or the other. Childish, but in the “heat of the moment” all matters.

And nothing would have come out of it – nothing productive that is!

And thats another reason why yours truly caveman avoids political debates as well. Or discussions with any but those that GET it. And can recognize FACTS and FACE 'em them fair and square!

We're seeing th epolitical drama play out right now w.r.t President Trump refusing to “vacate” the Oval office.

While I highly doubt Trump of all people will refuse to do this (he's too smart!) - I think the reason he is vacillating is because he wants to “win even after he's lost” from a persona l standpoint.

He wants to keep his most core supporters energized. He wants to get donations etc for either this “fight” in the courts (to be frank, it was always a losing battle with no evidence) ... and probably if you read the fine print, for further Trump political campaigns etc.

Now don't get me wrong fellas.

I love Trump. 

Always been a massive supporter, and still am, but THIS sort of behavior and these antics?

I mean, to me its clear that there was monkey business going in in terms of the elections, but unless that can be PROVEN – well – the courts ain't gonna accept it.

And delaying transfer etc even during the best of times is NOT a very President like thing to do, regardless of political affiliations!

If this was a business deal, I'd be fully behind Trump doing what he is.

He's actually doing the right thing for the future Trump brand in many ways, but for the country right now?

I dont think so, my friend.

If you've lost, and you can't prove that the elections were rigged, well, by all means say they were.

But repeatedly delaying cruical transfer of power is NOT the best thing for the country – any country – especially in these times of the Chinese plague 

And of cours,e the reactiosn from the pro Trump camp these days are ILLOGICAL to say the least.

Emotional “how dare you” responses, and insults.

And there's no point going down that line.

What does it accomplish – zilch all, I'd say.

And in my case, jumping back to the “S.O” scenario, she calmed down almost immediately thereafter.

Sometimes, my friend, it pays not to react!

And by hiding your strength, and biding your time, and doing so sensibly.

Anyway, I'd rather stay focused on my goals.

And one of them is something so “outrageous” that even my most ardent dectrators will be hard pressed to believe I pulled it off.

If those of you thought the 2018 'ending' was a miracle – well, you ain't seen nutting yet, hehe.

And no, I ain't gonna let the cat out of the bag just as yet

Tell the world what you're going to do, but show it first! ;)

Fitness wise, same thing.

You! Fit! You can't even touch your toes properly!” I heard people sneer often because of my naturally tight hamstrings. 

Um ...

First thing you know, that isn't necessarily a matter of fitness. IT's a matter of properly stretching, and you'd be surprised to know some of the fittest people on the planet have the tighest hammies for one.

Not a deal breaker by any means.

“You! Lose that much weight! It'll never happen!”

And rather than get into the debate of if it will – channel that “emotion” (reaction) and make it happen – andthen enjoy the illogical “my jaw dropped” style responses coming your way.

They'll do all they can to discredit you and not believe it happened, and at that point YOU can laugh at them – and how!

And thatsmy point for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up 0 Excuses Fitness right HERE.

It's been “one of those nighs”, and as I wake up (an hour ago, actually) FRESH AS A DAISY, and READY TO GO – RARING TO GO – I'll share some interesting parts of the dream with you.

First “yours truly” (or whatever yours truly symobilizes in a dream for that matter) showed up in front of some sort of a classroom, or perhaps a seminar – I dont know.

It was unexpected. Completely so !

And out of the blue, I take out a book. Might have one of mine, or might not have been. I dont know.

And I ... rip the little sucker in half and then calmly put the “two halves” on the table.

Minutes later, I repeat this with another THICK phonebook – about ten times as thick.

I remember thinking in the dream “boy I haven't done this before!”

And yet, as I think about this ... I “just do it”.


The first page tears, and then the rest do (and yes, there is an ART to this!) ... and as the two pieces are put back on the desk, I announce a 250 GBP prize for whatever reason to ANYONE that can do it.

And needless to say, no-one did and the dream shifted on to even more vivid “details” which I may or may not talk about on here.

Some things are best left unsaid – on this site, that is. And in these emails! ;-)

But anyway, the point of me bringing this up here?

First, you don't just need a strong grip to tear apart phone books in half.

In fact, you need a strong grip yes, but you need strong FINGERS, and a grip that is strong in the REVERSE direction as well.

And all the machines in the world and all the gyms will NOT give you that sort of grip my friend – unless you TRAIN it. Actively so.

Which of course, brings me to my second point.

You gotta train something if you want to get better at it.

Thats obvious, ain't it.

The more you do it, the more you get better at it. 

But here's the third point, which you might find strange as well, and in opposition to the second.

Is that your MIND actually controls way, way more of your muscle than you might think.

If you can tear apart a phonebook right now, chances are you can do so with a book 25% thicker – if you just “visualize” it first.

Your mind can indeed perform miracles!

I remember the tale I heard years ago about a little ole lady who didnt train, and her husband (I believe? Or maybe son...) somehow got pinned under a car bumper.

This lady was frail, old, and did NOT train.

And yet, as the incident occured, she didnt do much but rush to the spot, and ...

... lift the damned car off him!

True story, and I'lls ee if I can find th elink.

Your mind, my friend, is what drive syou to perform MIRACLES and hence my constant babble about the right form of mental conditioing in any endavor.

Anyway, back to the physical.

Think about how your fingers are positioned when you start to rip the damn book apart.

It's NOT the typical “gorilla like crushing” grip position yo udo on pull-ups, is it?


It's the basics, my friend.

Fingertip pushups, for one, done right will give you those sort of fingers, and a GRIP OF STEEL TO BOOT!

(Think Dan Hodge crushing apples with his bare hands at the age of 80 plus, and the fingertip pushup was a favorite in his reportiore).

Handstand pushups, another old favorite will train the forearms in that direction!

It's fingers – and the fact you need to train the wrists and fingers in every possible direction, not just one 

And don't get me wrong – the crushing grip is important as heck too. Pull-ups are as well.

But it's the COMBO that really gets the job done!

And it's a combo I've used repeatedly in ALL of my advanced courses, my friend.

And it's a combo that will get YOU into kick butt, ass kicking shape.

You might not be able to rip phonebooks apart like that. Heck, I can't!

(thats because I dont want to in terms of goals right now, hehe) 

But I do have a pretty strong grip, and believe me – as Rocky said – the grip is the last thing to go on a man!

And it's the FIRST Thing, along with NECK, traps and LEGS and core that tell you a lot about the state of a man's training – and it's something you can't hide in clothing.

Move over bench presses and the mamsy pamsies who focus soles on “building the pecs”.

So useless I can't even begin to say ...

Anyway, thats it from here. If you can figure out more than a few tips from this here jumble (not really, hehe) – well – you're my MAN!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Or woman, for that matter. Believe me, this stuff I do is NOT just for men – women can do it just as well, and Corrugated Core for one is PROOF of that fact. Don't believe me? Crack the book open, and you'll see my wife featured in some of those workouts!

PPS – And KIDS can workout right too – see Kiddie Fitness for more on that !

PPS #2 – Yes, I know. I've driven my family nuts with my caveman ways, and “please be silent” requests. And of course, the workouts! Hehe. But it's a good thing, actually.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020 08:38

How yours truly got to America

I still remember it.

Opening the envelope, and leaping for joy (internally).

The unthinkable had happened. I got a scholarship to an University – and given yours truly's truly “terrible” (according to most), in “12th grade”, who woulda thunk it?

Of course, they did say that I got the scholarship based upon my tenth grade grades which were (miraculously) 98 percent overall in my exams, and pretty much very close to 100 in certain subjects.

Of course, the lead up to this “miracle” was anything but spectacular.

Yours truly flunked all the “prep” exams that were held for this purpose.

Yours truly's “long suffering” Dad showed up and said the following “Good results in History and Math”, but “what about the rest”.

In a serious and stern manner that made me feel like Balaams ass was being led to the slaughter, hehe.

And in a manner that made me dig my heels in MORE (internally).

Hey, I never got the point of NOT being allowed to study what you “wanted”.

I liked History. I liked Math. I like the Arts. And yet, because those were “girly” subjects, and “there wasn't a career in them”, I was pushed into something I absolutely detested, that being the Sciences.

Anyway ... in tenth grade, I believe my Math score was 90.

That wasn't good enough.

My tutor remarked “we were expecting better of him”.

OK ....

If there is ONE reason I detest modern day academics that prioritizes ROTE over everything else (creativity be damed), it is THIS!

And it's also why I tell my daughter that all I care about in terms of her life is that she should be fit, healthy as a horse, DO WHAT SHE WANTS – and be good at sales, COMMUNICATION and negotiation so she can truly “sell her way through life” as I do!

I started late.

Maybe thats a good thing in many ways as the struggles allowed me to learn more than I would have otherwise.

I had and have zero “support”.


But, I'd like for her life to pan out differently in those two regards.

Will it? Who knows. We'll see!

But anyway, with all the out of state tuition and all that, the scholarship was how I made it to Univ.

And of course, two years later I lost it.

I was back to my beer swilling “F grade” getting ways, hehe (nah I ain't “proud” of it, but it is what it is!).

Anyway, thats part of how I got to the US – or should I say “Univ” as that would be a better descriptor, really.

But here is the one university that I'll never regret going though.

The school of hard knocks.

The school of REAL life.

The pain of LEARNING – in the toughest manners possible.

God gives his toughest battles to those that can handle it” 

So said Sanjay Dutt, an Indian film actor I greatly admire (not so much for his movies, but his STYLE).  

A true fighter, drinker, smokers, and womanizer til lthe end ...

.. and even the women that hated him had this one thing to say about him,

“But he maintains himself. He's in damn good shape!”


'nuff said.

Anyway, that off my chest (honestly I'm not sure why I felt compelled to say this now! It popped up in my mind while meditating, and so I said it) ... here is where you can go to pick up the BEST damned fitness system ever – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Do so now – you'll never regret it!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Pull-ups were a regular part of the “Indian Terminator” (back in his days) workout routine – even if they weren't quite always done in the style I do 'em. And the RIGHT way to do 'em – well – you can learn that right HERE – Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

PS #2 – Some of you seem not to be getting my emails – check your “junk” folder if you just signe dup and aren't getting my comminiques (sometimes I do use them fancy words, hehe).

Or, perhaps just re-sign up with a different email address ...

If all fail, let me know and I'll see what I can winkle out.

Matt Furey.

You guys have likely heard the name.

The man who started with nary a pot to piss in, and went on to become a multi-millionaire and has two home in two continents (and probably counting as we speak, hehe).

And then some.

A man that has motivated MILLIONS of peope globally.

A MAN that yours truly looks up to, admires, and always has.

And a man that was the basis for 0 Excuses Fitness in terms of a FEW of the other exercises – the main ones – and a man that I made my mind up to get better at certain exercises than he likely is. ;)

Hey, it's always about the “student” besting the teacher!

That is what I tell ALL my customers.

I don't care if it is Gautam who I once told could do pull-ups BETTER than I could if he just buckled down and did the thing! (which he DID DO).

Or if it's Charles Mitchell whose furiously working the exercises in Pushup Central (especially the fingertip versions ;)) ...

(As I told him – you can best me at them!)

He said he wasn't quite up to par as yet, but hey.

He's trying.

And I'm sure he'll get ther e(but I WILL be training too in the meantime, hehe. ;)).

But the point stands.

And as I've been comunicating with John Walker, the customer I speak so highly of, and the custommer that left me many a glowing review (with reason – and this is important – you'll see why beneath) ... a recent communique from him left me speechless.

Again in a good way!

He literally compared me to the legend.

Something I've often done privately (including with Ben Settle, another genuis and legend if there ever was one – not fitness related tho).

And something I never thought despite my books reachin thousands of people globally anyone would say.

Matt Furey, my friends, is truly a LEGEND.

Along with a few others I could name (Brooks Kubik being one!).

Anyway ... enough babble from me.

Here is the email and followeth my response too.

Dear Rahul

You are most welcome my friend, I just hope that I've done you justice as I don't write a lot of reviews, that's because I do not put much faith in other peoples opinions (opinions are like arseholes "everyone's got one") and I do not take anything I'm told at face value whether it's good or bad.
I tend to think most people are like minded and wish to make their own mind up about whether a product has true merit or whether it's just overhyped garbage.
With regard to your books I'm more than happy to shout from the rooftops how great they really are, whether anyone will be interested in what I have to say is "unknown" but if it helps you in any way then I'm more than happy to write as many reviews as you want.
I know there seems to be a lot of sceptics out there these days and if you try to give people your honest opinion they automatically assume you've had some kind incentive if the review is a positive one.
Your books on your training methods are unique I have never read anything like them, the closest being Combat Conditioning by Matt Furey, however, Matt's book could only be considered "basic training" compared to the "advanced methods" you proscribe in your books and although I don't own them all (yet) I know from what I do have that they are the best training books on the planet bar none, thank you for publishing the best training material in the world.
Warmest Regards

REsponse beneath - 

Hi John

Once again, thanks!! Yes those reviews did justice and then some ... and well ... enough said on that - I'm equally eager for them books to reach you so you can start cranking the workouts, and DO THEM justice too! ;)

(As I'm sure you agree, hehe).

Yes, I agree. Opinion are indeed like A-holes, but when that opinion is backed by FACT (as yours are) and has the RING of TRUTH to it (as a buddy of mine once told me) - well - then they do count!

Yes, do keep writing reviews - either on Amazon or to me personally (whichever works better for you is fine - although Amazon etc is probably the best best as "more people" would see it there) ...

And last, but not least, thank you again! To be compared to Matt Furey and as you rightly say, the workouts being more advanced than what the LEGEND (Furey) put out - well - I am left speechless for one. In a good way! But yeah, thats why I mentioned Matt in 0 Excuses Fitness - he deserves the mention and then some!

And so it goes. Thanks again my brother - you truly DO make all of this worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

Well my friend, enough said on that one eh.

I'm out for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I was just telling my daughter how to do Math (something about addition – the question was a great one) – and the first thing I told her ? Handstand pushups solve all problems!

(and those of you paying attention on the other site KNOW WHAT I MEAN! ;-))

Next thing I know, she's in a handstand, hehe, and the four “sums” seem to be over and gone by the wind.

Again enough said!!!

PS #2 – Pick up Kiddie Fitness for your kids right now, my friend. It truly is a better gift than smartphone, endless inane videos, and other such “nonsense”. Get them started now. Get them started on the right PATH EARLY – I did mine at the age of 6 months on the monkey bars, and have never once looked BACK!!

PPS - It isn't often that my hands "shake" while writing, but really. Matt Furey. He is a legend! 

PPS #2 - Just remembered, you ADVANCED trainees will love the ADVANCED book on pull-ups - pick it up right here - Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!

Monday, 16 November 2020 07:24

More great reviews coming in – jump in!

So, in response to my call out about taking the time to post reviews publicly (if you buy from Amazon, or some of the other bigwigs) – or privately via email to me for those that have bought off the website, I've been innundated with a FLOOD of responses.


And I'll cover them ALL in future emails!

For now though, I told you what John Walker, a great, great customer of mine had to say about 0 Excuses Fitness in a previous email.

He's also planning on (has already pretty much done it, actually) buying some of my other books – namely Battletank Shoulders, Corrugated Core, and Gorilla Grip (Advanced).

A man that truly GETS it – and he's right when he says that “these workouts styles are indeed unique, and not the run of the mill stuff you find in most other books!”

Indeed, my friend.


And to that I'd add (and did add) – that they get results- and QUICK!

Now, without futther ado, this man also owns a few OTHER books (yes, I have a LOT – and thats just the fitness lot – I haven't even got into some of my other writing on this newsletter, hehe) written by yours truly.

Here are the books (along with what he said) -

 Pushups – reverse pushups – the best darn exercise ever!


A Masterpiece of a book!!!

Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I'm 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I've ever done.
A masterpiece, thank you. 


My comments – Spot on, J!! There was a reason I mentioned this oldie but GOLDIE in the last email – and it was to wake some of you out of your lethargy and show you how ONE exercise can indeed be a FULL Body exercises – and one of the best ones ever!

And YES – he's right about how GOOD it makes you feel – I've covered this galore in my books before as well as my emails. Do these in high reps, and it's truly the best “juice” you'll need for youe entire day, and the DEEP BREATHING that goes with this is something else altogether!

(And the trick indeed in that regard!)

And of course, the numerous benefits to your overall FLEXIBILITY and spine strength (a vital area often ignored by a lot of people) – and CORE strength. Remember those comments about people's elbows “bouncing” off my core as a ball might off a wall?

Well – THIS exercise did it for the most part!

Get this now, my friend. You'll love it!

Then the next book he wrote about was the book on pull-ups – Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

(and the claim isn't baseless either).

Brilliant Book On The Most Important Upper-Body Exercise.

Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Quite simply, if you cannot pull your own bodyweight from a dead-hang till your chin passes over the bar you are not "strong" and no amount of lat pulldowns will correct this weakness.
Buy this book and learn how to do the most important upper-body exercise correctly and you'll never look back.
Brilliant book, thank you.


My comments – Well, he's said it all! Not only are pull-ups a MUST to do for upper body strength – real strength – but if you can't pull your own bodyweight up repetitively in PROPER form – then you just ain't strong my friend. (and you're probably FAT as well, especially around the midsection).

Sorry if that last bit sounds harsh, but it's TRUE.

And last, but not least, his comments on Gorilla Grip, that old (and still) bestseller I've got out there.


Excellent Book On A Very Important Subject.

Format : Kindle Edition | Verified Purchase

Hand/Grip training is vital just for survival let alone sports.
If you take the time to develop a strong grip you'll automatically get stronger all through your entire body, the reason for this is simple, you have more brain signals to your hands than any other part of your body.
Buy this book, train your grip and everything else will become easier, excellent book, thank you.


My comments – Spot on, my brother. Spot on! Grip strength is truly the MOST important to develop in ANY endavor – and thats just the “bottom line” as ole Stone Cold himself would say, hehe.

Well, my friend, thats all for now. Grab some of these courses right HERE. I'll see you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And yes, all available INSTANTLY upon reciept of payment for you “e book” fans out there (and there seem to be a lot!).

It an't no secret now is it, that yours truly hates (and never does) working a “job” or “for someone else” for that matter 

And I don't think it's a secret either that I dislike dancing monkey jobs in general more than any other “job” out there!

Case in point being ESL in China.

English as a second language and first “indulgence” (which is basically what it is for the coddled brats (both adult or not)) learning the language.

“Grandmother” Ashley being one of those. I believe I mentioned her walking out of the class in a fit once upon a good ole time because I wouldn't turn the AC “down” in the middle of blazing summer (while she pranced around in a blue mini skirt of all things).

Now don't get me wrong.

She was a good “gal” (or lady, or whatever you choose to call it). Or parent. But with yours truly she had history, and that was affecting her more than it should. Hehe.

Anyway ... she tried to get me fired. Probably did. And I walked very happily, much to the consternation of those (unwillingly – there was no reason to do it!) firing their best teacher because he wouldn't sit in the heat.

Ah, life in China!

Anyway, she was probably a good parent too.

And that brings me to THIS.

Hanlin school in Dongguan, a place that I Still have nightmares about working in, despite my supervisor Alan (now thats a great guy right there! One of the best!) doing all he could to keep things professional and stick to schedules etc as agreed upon.

And I was teaching primary there I believe. First grade, I believe they called it, or something. I can't remember.

Let's just say first grade.

And the highlight of my crazy time there (a few months all in all after which I very happily bailed on my own terms) was during “PE” class.

Of course.


What do I mean?

Well, they had me teaching a bunch of classes – all mostly boring for the most part. The archetypical “dancing monkey” BS

But (oh, and that reminds me – Gabriel – another great guy, and another one of my indirect supervisors there – very helpful man indeed!) ... PE class was anothe rdeal altogether.

Due to the craziness with schedules etc, I'd often have to go in at the last moment to teach (though Alan did all he could to avoid this, but it still happened).

And during PE class, we were supposed to make the kids “move”.

But that was it.

And after some routine football/basketball games, I did what I do best.

I got the kids doing pushups.

But I didnt tell them to do.

I was doing them as part of my own workout out there on the school lawn!

Indeed, I'd often do pushups and pull-ups at the school – even in the evenings when I arrived early for class.

Those evening workouts were known only to me and a few high schoolers who were out there at that point.

But the morning PE workouts – well – the kids joined in as soon as they saw me. 

And I soon got them doing pull-ups as well – so much so that my “el groucho” cranky ass was actually photographed doing pull-ups with the kids and GETTING them to do them – and that photo was displayed very prominently on the school's marketing bulletin board outside class.

Along with a ... gasp. Yes. A smiling yours truly.

On occasion, I do crack a huge smile!

And the contrast between those two pictures is like day and night.

Well, not really. I believe I was smiling in the first set of pics too. Hehe.

But really, point is this, and it holds especially true today.

Kids are overburdened with way too much these days , my friend - -and a good exercise regimen is the best thing you can do for 'em.

Unfortunately, the Seargant General approach won't work.

You gotta DO yourself, and the little monkeys will follow along, hehe, and they'll have a whale of a time, and won't even know it!

And they will be building them Shoulders like Boulders from a very young age like my daughter is – or vice like grips like some of the heftier students at “Hanlin” were bulding! Hehe.

Last, but not least, proof? Well, I've got those pictures stashed away somewhere I believe, and I'll probably post them on social media or what not down the line.

I'd do it now, but three computer crashes later (all this year!) I've lost pretty much everything I had on my hard disk, so I can't do it righ tnow. But it's verymuch there! :)

Anyway, get 'em started young – and early!

And thats the message for this one. Back soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – DO pick up Kiddie Fitness for your kids, especially i fyou're stuck at home with kids during the lockdown. Its far better than giving them a steady diet of the dumbphone for one. Trust me. Yes, the course ain't “cheap”, but it's something that will pay off in spades – an investment as it were. Grab this NOW for your kids my friend.


PS #2 – And as for some early Thanksgiving or Christmas shopping – well – good news – pandemic or not – e-products are always open – and HERE is where you can delve into some of OURS!

Or a pig, or a hog, or whatever animal you prefer. Hehe.

It can be hard to do at times, especially during holiday times and especially given that much of the World is currently under China plague lockdowns – and that during Thanksgiving, Christmas etc when you should be moving out MORE than less (due to the amount of food most people stuff down their throats at this time of the year).

And again, can be hard to do sometimes (not overeating).

Hey, I know it.

I've been guilty of this on several occasions and still AM.

And this ain't even about when I'm obese.

Or was ... 

This is about the past two days when yours truly has admittedly been gorging on certain”ethnic” delicacies yours truly picked up ... that yours truly should NOT have been doing.

Big time. No. Tons of sugar for one, and tons of other stuf fI normally don't even touch.

Including “milk tea”, that new rage everywhere in Asia. UGH!

And I had it!

But really, it's simple to stop doing this – if you know HOW.

And this ties into the SECRET – the secret right in front of you and out in the open that I mention in the Simple and Effective Diet for one – a secret common to MOST high achievers, and a secret that the medical fraternity in general is vehemently against. Something we've been brought up NOT to do.

And yet, if you DO it, watch out. The results are nigh mind boggling.

And again, while the book is free if you buy the 0 Excuses Fitness System off the website, it can be bought solo as well if you prefer.

Herschel Walker, for one talks about and LIVES this secret daily, and so do other BEASTS.

Other “unstoppable forces of Nature!”

And back to knowing when to stop gorging. IT's got to do with how you FEEL my friend.

Thats right.

Something you already knew?

Not really brah.

Its about something you DID NOT think of (though perhaps you knew deep down inside).

That being not the physical “how you feel”, but how you feel MENTALLY.

Those that live in the flow, or us successful writers, and really, anyone that gets it knows what I mean.

If you feel RUN DOWN And lazy while eating, or after eating, you've overdone it, and you've eaten the wrong stuff.

If you feel full of VIM VIGOR and GUSTO like I do while writing, for instance, but the exact opposite after eating?

Well, you got it! Either overeating or the wrong stuff and usually BOTH.

Folks say they can “feel” a certain something (reference the last “you're always so positive” comment from Madam Tracy) coming off my writing.

And if THIS cannot be felt by you when you do something (and it was there before, but not after eating ) ... well ...

Sounds esoteric, I know, but this sort of barometer works far better than trying to judge “how many plates” and CERTAINLY WAY BETTER than the most idiotic calorie counting and “diet fads” out there.


If you're Mr Fast like I am, then your stomach likely doesnt have the 15 minutes or so it needs to signal “I'm full” to your brain before you over-eat.

But if you notice how you feel mentally ... well!

Last, but not least, back to ME. For once. Hehe.

(Bozo Scofield will probably have a corollary, but hey, hehe).

I plan on rectifying my mistakes starting NOW. I just ate, and I looked the offending items in the eye, and pushed them away.

I may have some later on, but only a tiny bit.

And probably not even that, but that will be THAT in that regard.

I've done my overeating.

And as I recommend in the Simple and Effective Diet, it can be GOOD to let GO once in a while and over-eat, drink, or whatever fancy you have, but don't do it DAILY, or else.

As for me, I've got workouts that will keep the fat away .... even when I do overeat, but wait.

Yours truly with his shitty genetics can actually FEEL the pounds piling on when I eat crap.

And though It can't be seen, I can already feel it in my obliques for one.

Bad choice, hehe, but sometimes we make 'em.

And I'll be HARD at work blasting away that fat with the very workouts that got me to the point where I ATE MORE – and literally weighed LESS!

Really, my friend. Proof's in the pudding!

Check it out yourself right HERE.

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – That last bit shouldn't be taken an as excuse to literally gorge more and workout less (it's about weighing less, but naturally most people will workout less if they eat more). But you CAN do it – thats how efficent the workouts are. Now imagine if you followed a halfway decent diet – AND the program?

Well the results will beggar BELIEF – I'll say that much!!

Get on the program NOW my friend. YESSSSSSSSSSS!

I've written about this before, of course.


Get rid of (or make a decision to – and follow through) that which you do NOT want in your life, and guess what replaces it.

Emerson's laws said it best.

“Every excess is balance ... every debt is repaid ....”

And while I do not remember that great philosopher's words to a T, the sum and substance of it is this – if you get rid of what you do NOT want – then the equal and opposite reaciton occurs.

Guess what replaces it's place.

That which you DO want.

It's the “fear” of “losing” that stops people from doing the former, of course.

Most people.

And I used to be one of those peopel a long time ago, and in some regards, still am (or was, until last year I should say)

Now, I function 100% PLUS on vibe 

If it was 100 percent before, now it's AMPLIFIED.

If I get a vibe off something I do not even remotely like, or want, or prefer, then in the vast majority of cases I make a conscious choice to DROP that person – or thing – from my life.

If I can't drop it rightaway, I make a decison to do so, and follow through.

This holds for life. Relationships. Friends. (or so called friends). Contacts. And yes, business and fitness too!

Fitness wise, well, you already KNOW what I mean.

I never ever once went to a gym in my entire life – and for a damned good reason.

Now if they built them like they did in the days of Doug Hepburn, I probably WOULD GO!

And then some.

But the way it is now, you wouldn't and couldn't entice me to go there if you tried to.

Not even with free memberships as the lovely Carol once gave me (and I have to thank her – she tried).

The weather was insane in China at that point (my city) and she was trying to offer an alternative, so in that regards – kudos to her.

But yours truly climbs in category 3 and worse hurricanes!

Anyway, business wise as well.

It's no secret that the vast majority of the world loves to watch the one thing I dread.


“Watch that video!” my contacts keep telling me, before sending me another MINDLESS time wasting video – something which cuould be summed up in a pithy manner, and yet I get to see the person rant on about the obvious.

And when I say it in words, apparenly the impact is less for the sheeple, because “so and so” with X number of followers didnt say it on YouTube or whatever 


And I've made the decision to stay away from videos, and for most part, voice notes which are all the rage these days.

I just saw a discussion on LinkedIn (that I participated in) on this where the vast majority of people is all FOR audio notes, and yet, yours truly?

No way

And for a good reason. People tend to rant way too much on audio fo rsomething that could be said in one line or less most of the time 

And of course, ignore the written word ... (convenient to do on audio).

Not to mention all biz is done ultimtely at the end of the day in writing (Freddie was damned right in that regard!).

And yet, despite the hordes moving to the opposite side, I stay on mind. Very firmly so, and I'm geting “worse” by the day, and BETTER at culling ANYONE, or any sor tof practice I do NOT like out of my life.

Including certain forms of social media as well (WeShat being one that I culle dbefore, got back on, but have culled for the most part yet again, and this time for good in many regards) 

And guess what.

What I WANT is coming to me.

Without even trying in most cases.

More sales. More customers that get it, and want more. Customers that DO what I ask in my books, and get great results!

And in life, pretty much the same thing.

(Unless you count the bozos trolling me actively, but since they help boost sales, hey. I'm all for that too, hehe).

And so it endeth. Remember the lesson therein (again) – most valuable one for you!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Pick up the best damned fitness system EVER right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

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