My friend, 

It might sound insane and incredible, but if you'd ask my "wife" about my fitness prowress, she'd scoff. 

Him! She'd say. 

What does he know about fitness. 

I know, I know. 


But, for her to say that sounds incredible anyway doesnt it? 

Her claim - or "logic" behind that is "he once used to be SOOOOOOOOOO phat" - and not the results that followed thereafter. 

Certainly not the fact I could do way more at that phat phocker status than either other phat phockers or the average Shmoe at the JIm could in a lifetime - or tries to in one. 


(oh, and to the other person who wrote in asking about "why I bring up the bad things also" (he was referring to women etc) - well, because I write about it all. The good, bad, Bozos and the Ugly. Hehe. And personally, I think what I write about, especially when it comes to these damn women affects WAY more of us than care to admit).

Anyway ... thats neither here nor there eh. 

So back to it. 

"Its just bodyweight exercises!" 

Just pushups!

Oh, those, just squats!

Oh, thats just a book ... 

And so forth. 

Yet, how many books have THESE bozos making the comments written - or done pushups - or squats? 

Nil in most cases, and less in the rest. 

Dont get me wrong. 

I'm not for blind Tom Tomming of any nature (one reason why I dislike the China Tom Tom's so much). 

You'll never see  me writing or advising you about "how to be a Bozo" (well, I can on that, hehe aka "The Glyn" - but seriously, no) - or "how to make a million dollars" - until I make it myself. 

Or whatever goal or result it might be. 

And if the other person is damn good at it, a damn sight better than ME, I'll say that. 

You'll never catch me saying something -ve about my wife's cooking - because she's so damn good at it!

Funnily enough, this "it's just ..." thing doesnt apply to all the astrologers she follows with their only claim to fame being "x number of followers" - which I call out, because as I've said before, they can be deplatformed at ANY TIME. 


Happened to Trump, can happen to YOU - or them. 

Hell, you ain't gotta be Trump - its happened to me on LinkedIn - no "1 million" followers - but I had a hefty 6 k or so - all gone - just like that - with the wind. 

Writing, articles, everything...

If I didnt spread it all out over other platforms, and focus on my own stuff, Id be wailing right about now. Hehe. 

(not really, but you get my point!) 

But to simply claim what the other person is doing as "just this or that" and not be able to do it yourself is a fuckin copout, friend, and anyone that does that knows it. 

And saying like Chuck once did "I was zero before, and zero now" - well, true ... but it's also a statement that smacks of LOSER. 

Sorry, friend, but it's true. 

Show me the man who says I was zero - and less - and I TRIED my ass off - failed - tried - failed - and keep trying - THAT IS the man I respect!

In other words ... 

I can tell you how much I deadlifted back in the day, Chuck. 

You won't see me making silly remarks on (if you ever) your posts on that. 

But how many pull-ups can YOU DO? 

How many extreme pull-up or grip workouts have YOU DONE? 

And so on and so forth. 

The "its just" brigade is way more common than you'd think, pal. Avoid 'em like the plague!

Oh - and one last night thing - those claiming I am a hypocrite because I "once did weights". 


I never denied I lifted weights - when I was a phat phock!

I never did boobybuilding though, no. 

Hence, no books on that (though I've been asked, I wont do it, not because I couldn't write one on it, but because I dont like it or support it, and would therefore be piss poor at it, and plus it's not good for you, period) ... 

But you'll find, Chuck, most bodyweight gurus have done some sort of weight training - either in the gym or "irregular weights" such as in Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness (far better IMO) ... not to mention kettlebells, barbells and the lot. 

The reverse isn't necessarily true. 

Most weight lifters may MOVE to bodyweight only - or in conjunction with other things once they get tired of injuries, lack of progress, or simply wanting to try it. 

I dont know why thats the case, but it is!

And that, friend, is that. 

Stay - away from the Tom Tom's and its just's - your life will thank you for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The best damn fitness system - right HERE!

Glyn Bozo's rants in "Keeping it Real in China" aren't just famous, or infamous. They might have just gotten him kicked out of the PRC too - back last year. 

Or year before that, I Dont know. 

He was in jail I believe for a short while too, but not in China/HK. Probably the Phillippines, and of course a certain Mandy and several OTHERS are hot on his heels too. Hence the relative silence from the But(tlet) Bozo... 

(though he's reading all of this, teeth bared, believe me). 

Seriously, this guy's obsession with anything "Rahul Mookerjee" Or "Michael Brown" is truly OTC. 

And it's a Godsend too, hehe. 

I couldn't have asked for a better "stimulant" in many regards. 


Hey, just look at the Bo(o)zo, inspiration galore!

Best part, it's all true. 

Like that infamous rant he once went on. 

No sex involved, no Madam's, no idiotic "I want to be her toilet" or whatever he likes. 

Just a day long bender, and oh my, the cussing... 

I remember wondering what set the Bozo off THAT much. 

He's always nuts, yes, but wasn't quite THAT batty ever - till then. Of course, little did I know!

But apparently what this idiot was doing was pretending he was a maid or cook for some girl, taking pictures to"show her" - and was chopping chilis or something. 

As he told Josie "he's into pain" - I'll spare you guys the gory and vivid details, but if you think "things inserted into orifices, not necessarily all solid either, you get the drift". 

People love that sort of pain too! 


But anyway, in his excitment Bozo forgot to apparently wipe his hands on the apron, and then rubbed his ... 

I know. 

But I'm not going there, because that ain't what happened. 

Although he does "that" quite often what happened THEN?

He ended up rubbing his eyes. 

What a genius, while they were full of red pepper "Cayenne" powder (Bozo apparently even showed up at a "Jack's" (foreign owned") Deli" or something to buy it). 

I can't remember the name, ah, now I do. 

Corners Deli I believe. 

And the rant that ensued ... my oh my. 

Like a four year old, to be honest, you might say, but these sorts have that kinda mentality, and no, I didnt write to you to tell you just this. 

Thats the tip of the Bozo iceberg. 

I wrote to you to tell tho, as in the last email, this guy is a godsend. 

I told you how in many regards in that email. 

but for this one, fitness. 

Know the #1 requirement I have for any book? 

It isn't how much it will help you, it isn't real man training, it isn't REAL training, it isn't building insane levels of power and strength the Bozos can only gawk at, it isnt fitness from the inside out, any of those thing sy'all know... 

Nah, I just giggle and ask myself another one of those questions. 

If you can imagine me giggling that is, but when it comes to Bozo...

"Will Glyn Schofield in Brum troll this". 

And, as a great customer once said, "if the trolls troll this the most, it must be worth getting!" 

Pushup Central certainly is! (on both fronts). Hehe. 



That ain't #1 by far. 

But it is #100... and it's on the list, yes. 

Trolls, my friend, are a true indicator of your success or lack thereof. 

ANd the minute you know you got something (or someone) like Glyn Bozo obsessed with you, and his posse, well... 


Anyway, I'm out. 

Remember to pick up the best damn fitness system here. 

You will LOVE IT, friend!

(no Glyn Bozo in it or any of my books, dont worry. He gets a mention in the book on Nazi feminism, but thats it). 


Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 22 August 2021 11:28

How I write so much erotica

Larry recently asked me this (paraphrase) - after reading the book on Nazi feminism (look for a lovely - pun intended, hehe - REVIEW on that soon!) ... 

"Just how do you manage to do so much fitness, yet write all those books on erotica?" 

"And, that SORT? How did ..." 

That is what the "half a page" email boils down to. 

Larry, sage questions. Hehe. 

First, my output is indeed prodigous in every which way. 


But it's true. Writing included!

And second, "in the flow" is the answer to question #3. 

Third, that ole bug bear Charles the former friend so hates... 

Just do it!

Fourth, and perhaps what I was going to tell you last night, but the idea percolated in my brain ... 

Believe it or not, B.S.. 



Nah, not bullshit you can smell a mile away. 

It's Bozo Schofield. 

Trust me, my friend, you'd never expect the type of erotica you see in that book (i.e. you see me talking about in that book in what is perhaps and aptly on #26 the PREMIER tip in that book amongst all the other very superlative tips) ... 

It's not "get your dick wet" erotica, and it ain't "spanking her" either. 

It ain't spanking anything for that matter, as far you're concerned. Hehe. 

But it's so hot that it "makes studs blush" - those that have just read the "preorder pages for the book". 

Trust me on this one, and it's a nigh perfect tip for the topic of the book. 

But anyway, the Bozo. 

He's a perfect,living example of how. 

i.e. I put myself in th eBozos quite addled mind. 

And, I just ask myself this. 

"Will Glyn Schofield like this (the one in Brum)"? 

If the answer is yes, I know two things. 

IT's time to put out a book on it. 

And, it's wacko central - yet "sizzlingly hot" - and as Dani said, she's read a few of them - "all real life!". 

Precisely why those books are so successful. Hehe. 

Plus, it's Mike in it.Hehe. 

Or, Mike's "style" I might say ... "Just what Mike likes". 

Mike, of course, is what am I to the Chinese. 

But the Bozo provides more than just entertainment, my friend. 

He makes the cash registers ring - quite literally. 

So, Larry. 

Thats how!

And the rest of you, if there are two books I'd recommend you get - it's the one int he 0 Excuses Fitness System

Both solid, great books - and if you're on the warpath against the Libtards, Nazi feminists, and cucks in general, hey, #3 awaits!


Rahul Mookerjee

Some of the best books, my friend, just "happen". 

Despite a few customers asking me for a while about a book on isometrics last year, I thought - honestly - seriously - it would be the last thing I ever wrote. 

I mean, me, with all the "movement" I do - and isometrics

But one night, something CLICKED. 

Amidst all the movement I did, I paused - hit rewind - and saw HOW I did all of it. 

I looked at the stretches NO-ONE does these days. I looked at How I did those - how I breathed while doing 'em - most importantly what I thought both before - and after - and during doing 'em. 

And how I felt, better than a massage almost (done by GIRLS, hehe). 

I still remember going to a massage three years ago though done by a middle aged man. 

My wife shrieked. 

"By a man!!!!"

"How the hell did you even... " 

But it wasn't the oil massage she had told me to get (she was right. Hehe. That I got later!). 

It was a MEDICINAL massage. 

WITH clothes on. 

ANd the way I felt, like a billion bucks from pressing and squeezing - his, of course. 

The way he cracked my joints was like nothing else, yet, as he did, I recalled I'd been doing a lot of the same stuff myself, and anyway, isometrics? 

The Gama used them. 

Way simpler techniques that taught in the book, and along with other things, specifically, Luimberjack "Lodestone" Fitness - and the 0 Excuses Fitness System - look at the results it brought him - and me. 

Naturally, the Bozos will think I'm equating myself to the Gama. 

I ain't either. 

he's the greatest!

I'm simply the Stella Artois of Bodyweight Culture, par excellence - and I wasn't even the one that said that. Hehe. 

But anyway ... remember that foot injury I wrote to you about? 

Climbing and runing up and down hills galore - hence, I teach you HOW to do it right (no, it is NOT - I repeat - NOT - "just walking or running!") in Advanced Hill Training. 

It got so wierd at a time I had a golf sized lump on the front of my foot. 

Oddly, unlike my swollen foot years ago which made me scream in pain when I TOUCHED it (the whole foot was swollen big time) - you could squeeze or pummel away at this lump - I wouldn't feel a thing. 

Always extremes, yours truly. 

Life, fitness, everything. 

So it shall REMAIN. 

But that lump never went away, and kept re-appearing when I did Jump rope workouts for one. 

Yet, one of the stretches I teach you in Isometric and Flexibility Training, for one ... the "heels to butt" stretch which a lot of people cannot even do - stage one, that is - stage two will be in Volume TWO - another super stretch and strenghtener ... 

It cured it. 


Nothing doing, just a few minutes of sitting in that pose, then the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat, and calf stretches ... 

It's gone. 


Just like that!

Trust me, these exercises can strengthen weak links like never before - but they can also heal EXISTING injuries faster than almost anything else you've ever done!

Along with the books above, remember to get your mitts on the book on isometrics too - truly another "Special one" "in the flow" !

Thank me later if you so choose, hehe. Entirely up to you!

But DO BENEFIT yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

Some random thoughts, but first, an interesting one!

Bozo Schofield and his tales, and I ain't even gotten started - truly legion, hehe. 

If he had any brains, ah, but wait... he doesnt. 

But anyway, here's what I just got. 

"what about that fat ass that keeps sending you this stupid thing" (this guy was referring to a review he posted on Amazon, specifically, THIS one). 

Lots of people want to be studs, hehe, but they aren't willing to pay the price, so they post inanity on websites which is free, and requires NIL effort (both are important for the Bozo, but the latter more so - he's just incredibly fat and LAZY to be honest. Does nothing, like his friend says, "sits around all day eating all my food and drinking all my beer, becoming a phat phock and burden in general we do NOT want to carry" - and trolls. Hehe. That thumb gets a lot of workouts!). 

(thats what I should have emailed back, come to think of I'll do it NOW. My bad!)

But anyway, Schofield? 

Trust me - he ain't forgotten squat. 

He's just at a loss to DO something. 

Hes tried all he had, and failed - the reverse of what he wanted happened. 


Thats why I love these trollly sorts, it's so easy to get their plans to backfire while benefiting YOU, friend. 

Unfortunately, the world in general gets intimidated and cheated by them, and of course, won't learn how because "it should be free". 

Well, be my guest. Hehe.  

Same thing for ... well, combating Nazi feminism

Everyone wants to do it. 

No-one's got the - well, I should say "precious few have" the gumption to actually do it in a SMART MANNER! 

Then, of course ... 

But anyway, enough on that. 

I haven't forgotten about the Bozo either, and I'll be sending you some updates on that shortly too. 

Neither have I forgotten the hordes of Bozos that sit around "lurking", beady eyes peeled looking for "free stuff in his emails and how to copy him to market". 

"Learn for free from him". 

You can, to an extent, but that will backfire upon YOU, my friend, unless you do it right. 

Trust me on this one. 

You cannot simple reverse engineer these emails and expect results - it won't happen. 

Frustration won't make it happen either. 

But, a good start would be doing what I did in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales - note, it should be 20, the sheer value I give yo u- and note - that is the START. 

And, incorporating the life tips in Zero to Hero! (again, just the beginning). 

Anyway, Boozy Bozo ain't the only one thats being a Bozo. 

The number of Bozos is legion globally, and is only, as Daniela said the other day "global problem". 

Not just customer service either, as I watch the idiots on WeChat either post retarded photos of ridiculously expensive apartments interspersed with "beautiful" pictures of themselves "hoping someone will buy" (hint - anyone with real brains wants service in that regard, not idiotic drama and Nazi feminism) ... or, and this I really don't get "selling it for cheap". 

Dont get me wrong - auctions and garage sales have their place. 

Hell, Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) is being auctioned somewhere right as we SPEEK. 

But, if you bought a nightie or lingerie for X amount, sell it worn for 1/2 X? 

I dont know, I dont think anyone actually buys it - people will wait for the latest coupon from Amazon or whatever and just get it brand new!

Again, dont get me wrong. 

SOMETIMES, it's worth it. 

When moving between apartments, I often hold garage sales. 

Hell, I sold my old power bank to Sophia the "I want large mammaries" girl. Heh. 

But ... most part? 

Id rather just give away. 

That coul dbe a flatscreen TV I am about to give away - or a perfectly functional oven I just gave away. 

People - dont - get it. 

At this time, and indeed all times, you have to GIVE - with an open heart FIRST - before you can recieve, yet, nutjobs are doing the opposite thing globally!

Or, an old DVD player. 

IF you really want to "help" someone, half price ain't it. You just give what you no longer use away!

I often put old clothes etc outside my apartment - the lady comes every morning, and she takes it away. 

Some people like the Bozo toss it in the trash "to be mean". 

"How dare she make money off my trash". 

Small minded thinking, and thats saying something! 

Anyway, what can I say ... Bozos. Ugh. 

But anyway, and again, ... real reason I'm writing to you? 

I ain't forgotten you. 

And despite me raising the price for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness like I said I would this morning, I ain't forgotten YOU - again. 

Which means, of course, a gift for YOU - and all the other nutters lurking. 

Let me take that back. 

The lurkers, wel,l I dont want their business. 

I only want doers. 

And, here is a superlative discount offer for you - Lumberjack. 

Thats right. 

Thats the discount code you use during checkout to get a 20% off on the pre-order price for this truly special, once in a lifetime book - (hence all the opportunities to get in while the price is "comparitively low" etc). 

This ones so special I might not even put it on Amazon. 

It'll be sold - but only HERE most likely ... 

Jury's out on that one. 

But, most likely so due to price etc, that is how it will pan out. 

Perhaps elsewhere, we'll see. I've already got plans for a solid video on it for one!

And anyway, thats that. 

Rest assured the Boozo will be back, hehe. 

And rest assured the discount code will work for you - but ONLY for this product. 

Get in while you can, friend, and dont forget to checkout the new paypal design during checkout - it truly rocks!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This product is one prime example of why it makes so much sense to just say "fuck it" and be a member of the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, period. 

Other than all the golden goodies I mention on that page, remember, you get access to ALL products for a lifetime free (digitial download) - so long as your membership stays valid. 

To me, it's a no brainer... calculate, and you'll see. Hehe 

And no, you cannot sign up and refund instantly or within a day or two. 

Once you're in, you're in. No refunds, no exceptions. 

So there it is, friend. 

Back soon! 

I gotta tell you, friend, this most UNPOLITICALLY correct thingie. 

The women part (except for rare ones like a certain Dani, hehe). 

But in general ... 

But anyway, I'll always remember a conversation I once had with Marc the African Silverback Gorilla on people not getting to messages. 

I cannot understand, friend, why people are so damn rude - and it's getting WORSE. 

I mean, I told Marc the following. 

"I usually give people at least 24 hours to reply - if they dont, it means they simply dont want to"

He agreed. 

And then he said this 

"And, it's sheer disrespect". 

Which it is, but at the time I focused more on the "dont want" part i.e. they want to get back, they'll get back asap!

Its just getting worse - to be precise, more annoying. 

I can just hear the Tom Tom's snicker. 

"he's frustrated". 

Not as much as YOU, my friend (to the Tom Tom's). 

I'm happy - very so - with my life and the direction in which it's going, but I DO want sensible people to have, you know, a conversation with! 

Not just idiotic one liners of "HI!" and then crickets (waiting for entertainment). 

Or, stupidity to the tune of "we're too busy" - but not to update social media by the minute. 

They just dont WANT TO. 

Such as Bozo Glyn, when I tried calling him. 

"I'm doing other things!" his voice tailed off (he was in ass mostly likely). 

Naturally, this getting back doesn't need to be taken to an extreme - I usually allow people 24 hours to get back. 

If you're busy, truly so, there is NO Need to answer the phone "now". 

But, at least return calls. 

And, these days? 

Send an email with an issue that requires thought and resolution? 


Send an email that is "copy and paste" in terms of responses? 

Youll get speedy responses before you even think about it. 

"Anther one out of the way", you can almost hear the person sigh. 

And, business wise? 

IF there's money to be made from you, watch the sheer speed of replies! 

Of course, once said dough is minted - service? 

Goes down the toilet!

And of course, if its a guy dealing with a woman, she'll eventually pull the "he's rude to women" bullshit when you PUSH like you would with a man. 

Men, beyond a certain point cannot pull that excuse. 

And thats why despite my love for women in general, I never ever do business with them. 

I've written about why it's a recipe for disaster doing business with significant others for one... 

And it's true. 

Anyway, these people that dont get back aren't too busy. 

ANd when you point out stuff like 

"Life, slow, eh" (with the snicker)

OR their relentless social media CRAP with 

"Everyone's too busy, yet always on their phone!" 

They dont reply. 

Not necessarily because you aren't important. 

BEcause they're sitting and sTEWING, simmering!

"How dare he say that"

"I wish my life was like his!"

I swear, the fake feeling I get from most people - until and unless you light a fuckin fire under their asses has gotta be seen to be believed. 

And most of all ,these days, people are just retreating into their shells, and amazingly enough, a time when they should be giving the MOST - focus on TAKE. 

And, rebut all help that come their way unless it's idiotic selfies in the Jim (requisite with makeup and the right pose, of course!) - and showing the right amount of skin - or so forth. 

And, unless it's something that requires NO effort, in that case you won't be able to serve the customers, so many of them will be. 


What a pain. 

Anyway I had to get this off my chest while doing a "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" workout, and remember, that pre-order - we're nearing the completion of the cycle - my fingers FLY as I write that last bit due to reasons I will not mention now. 

But it's nearing completion, so get it now at the price it's being offered at. Post pre-order, watch the price shoot up, up, UP. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No, I'm not going to "go easy on people". At a certain point, it comes time to take charge of your life and just DO it, for eff's sake!!!

I can just hear it,  

"Thats great if you're life is great, Rahul! But not everyone is the same!" 

Well, if you truly think that way - those that do - and are dissatisfied with life, it's YOUR fault, friend, NO-ONE ELSE's!

Wednesday, 18 August 2021 09:21

The Gorilla Grip Auction!

Interesting, my friend, interesting. 

I just recieved yet another "nth" notice from a courier company (delivery company, express company, kuaidi, whatever you call it, hehe) - to the notice of one of my books "Gorilla Grip (Advanced)" supposedly been stuck at custome somewhere, and them wanting the "import duty" or what not applicable from me. 

This message and the emails came to me for months, then stopped. 

Now, I have no idea why. 

The book was supposed to be sent to a customer from the US - but at the last minute, we changed how it was sent - and it never crossed any borders, let alone into Asia. 

But apparently the "canceled" order on Amazon or whatever it was never reflected globally. 

One of those things, and today, I received some "long overdue notice" from some "import export adminstration" or some nonsense, some "non official" committee or something (beats me how they got my address???) ... stating that the "professional and technical manual" would be put on auction if I didnt retrieve it or some nonsense. 

I've even got the photo. HEhe. 

Much like I still have the photo somewhere of being served with a notice by my management in China and being threatened "we call police for breaking you peace!" and "creating mess" - all for what? 

Tossing beer bottles in the trash. Hehe. 

Some broke, which caused a catastrophe (personally, a cranky neighbor complained - PLUS, of course in Chinese... hehe. If I had done the same if it happened to me, literally no-one would care! and of course, the cleaning lady who couldn't sell the bottles for a profit or what not) ... 

Hey, it wasn't like I was tossing them down from the 11th floor like the Bozo was, bringing women of ill repute back home (Bozo was, he was paying them to -ugh, you know what) ... 

So his notice was warranted, mine maybe not... 

(though yes, plenty of "women" came, but I never got the ill repute thing served to me, hehe). 

But it's interesting. 

THey never told me where the book would be auctioned and "proceeds would be used to pay something off". 

No amounts mentioned!

So, some lucky dude will get it - except where, how and when - I have no idea!

I'll keep y'all posted. 

Last I did auctions was on She-Bay, I dont particularly enjoy them either. 

(nothing against 'em, just a hassle the way I see it). 

Anyway - I wonder what'll come of that!

Will keep ya'll posted, but in the meantime, remember, my friend - building your grip is paramount to fitness at any level. 

And the Gorilla grip series is one you simply must have. 

Pick it up now, either individually, or in compilation format, you'll love it - and benefit like never before. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS -And do NOT forget the book on tips - Volume two, yes, on it's way, maybe in a few months! 

There is no better and more apt current way of describing what I keep saying all the time - and what people keep arguing against - 

As we think - so we ARE! 

Ultimately all boils down to thought, my friend, deep thought. 

People make all sorts of excuses about "people really want that - but the government doesnt let them" (in countries like India, for instance, while ignoring the fact it's a democracy, so what you see in the form of elected leaders - well guess who chooses 'em! Might be a sozzled voting process in many regards till this day - but still the CHOICE is there). 

People make all sorts of excuses in a country like China as well - which to an extent - THESE days I can understand - but not fully. 

True, there are many in China that privately not just wish, but long for a more open and transparent government. 

If you were to ask them what they'd choose tho - solid economic growth - red hot - and an open government? 

Most people would choose the fomer, my friend. 

Even today, even with people traveling abroad from there, even with the Chinese knowing (and wanting to live like) the rest of the world do . . . 

The China model of control has ALWAYS been focused on economic growth above ALL. 

Once the shoe starts to pinch, everything goes awry - and we're seeing this in China right now in all regards, right down to apparently and I just heard this - expats banned on domestic flights (I ain't flown in a while - especally not in China - so I dont know!). 

Probably a rumor, but given everything going on, no-one really knows. 

Like the rumor of requiring covid tests to travel betwen different CITIES in China. 

I dont know. 

I wouldn't put it past the CCP to anally swab... ah, but wait. 

Why do I even bring the up? 

I guess one reason, because they're one of the very few people that engage with the Taliban - and recognize their legitmacy - along with Hamas, and other extremist groups globally. 

Of course, the liberals stay silent on that one!

But anyway, this isn't about China, friend. 

It's about a sad, sad situation unfolding in rugged Afghanistan. 

And yet, to be honest, a lot of us saw this coming - or something like this. I must admit, I didnt quite forsee anything like what has happened! 

Certainly not so quickly! 

20 years of U.S. backed rule in Afghanistan came to an end - and how? 

The leader bailing with helicopters full of wads of cash. 

And the Taliban taking the whole damn country over (it ain't small!) within a week, or less!

Most surprising, or may be not - in comparison to the extremely well equippied Afghan Army - the Taliban had nothing but hand weapons. 

Yet, you'd think the situation was the opposite. 

The Afghan army just GAVE UP - period. 

There was no actual fighting, if you can believe this!

And thinking about it ... to me, it's a massive failure on the most important front (Iraq is a similar story in some regards). 

THINKING - and failure to get the people in general to change the way they think. 

More importantly, not noticing what the people there really want ... and using THAT to change thought. 

Now, to be fair, the U.S. shouldn't be responsible for the world. 

To be fair, the U.S should never have entered Iraq, period. 

And to be fair, they gave the Tailban a chance to hand over Bin Laden. 

They didnt. 

IF someone is attacking you the way terrorists do, there is only option - so in my view, the US was RIGHT to enter Afghanistan - try to get a democracy going albeit highly flawed and extremely corrupt... 

Well - I dont know about the last bit! 

The US had one objective in mind - simple - root out terror. 

So much so that rare minerals in Afghanistan, that China, no surprise, you opportunistic beauty has jumped in to mine - were ignored as well (despite the global paucity of the same in many places). 

And possibly many other things I dont know about. 

Afghanistan in theory could have been a resounding succcess - a barrier against extremism in many ways - yet it went in the opposite direction despite all the money the US could pour into it (hint - China - just throwing money at something doesnt solve the issue!). 

And ESL etc... 

What didn't happen was simple. 

The people's thoughts ultimately didnt change. 

To me, it seemed the 20 years of US occupation brought chaos - which isn't necessarily anyone's fault either, and Biden's hasty exit in the way he did was just the icing on the cake. 

(and just why he had to choose 9/11 as the final exit date to Tom Tom 20 years ending or what not is beyond me. I mean, get them home asap - period - end of story!). 

And to me, a lot of the Army in Afghanistan were so weary of all of it that "at least now we know what to expect" seemed to be the motto as most didnt even bother to try and stop the Taliban. 

Despite being vastly superior in terms of weaponry etc they had. 

And training too!

Ultimately, they didnt WANT to do it. 


Maybe the model of democracy YOU and I believe in so much doesn't work for them. 

Yes, it seems incredible that someone would want a dictatorial and tyrannical "regime" at the helm - not to mention internationally recognized terror outfits but remember, like my buddy from the Marines told me... 

Dont expect everyone to think like you, Rahul!

Sure, to you and I its the right thing to do, and it IS - humanity evolves. 

But not everyone agrees, myf riend. 

And you cannot force people beyond a point, let alone the collective subconscious. 

Some may argue lack of economic progress, any real progress in the country made it hard for people to see and believe what is possible. 

I dont think so. 

The U.S. presence in itself there was a very glaring reminder of what was possible... 

And second, all the money in the world can't buy feeling or will power. 


Look at Saudi Arabia for one, they have all the dough in the world. 

But is the regime there any less brutal in many ways? 

I dont think so, my friend. 

Oman, with way less money is way less "extreme" in many regards... 

It's about thinking, my friend. 

To me its sad, but million dollar question - COULD their thinking have been changed, and SHOULD the U.S. have tried more (and allies) to do so? 

From a certain standpoint, perhaps - once you change thought processes, extremism naturally goes out the window. 

Another standpoint ... the PEOPLE ultimately have to want. 

Whose responsibility it is to make them want is another story!

I'd argue it falls upon the people. 


Others might disagree... 

None of that matters though now I suppose, with the chaos rapidly unfolding ... 

And, 20 years of ... comes to what? 

All comes full circle, to a huge NAUGHT. 

Ah well. 

Thought, my friend, is what changes things. 

And if there ever was more burning proof of this, it is what is going on in Afghanistan right NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - And while thought might not change (with regard to you) what is happening globally, you, my friend, can only take responsibility for YOU. 

And your life - and fitness. 

Do so now, my friend. Invest in the best fitness system out there today - and get started!

And, how I keep giving my daughter tutorials on this, even when I'm not PHYSICALLY present with her - YES, transmuting your thoughts is not just an art practised by those interested in the occult. 

It's something EVEYRONE does - whether we're aware of it or not!

Before I start, a quick "note". 

Tippany, they call it in Hindi I believe, hehe. 

In Claude Bristol's the Magic of Believing, he speaks of the following (via a third party) .. 

"Nothing is ever forgotten, you know! 

If I am having trouble recalling the name of a certain person, then I just sit back - close my eyes - and picture details like dress style etc associated with the person. And, the name has always come to me pretty soon after thar!" 

Napoleon Hill spoke about this in a different way in Outwitting the Devil as well where he spoke of his travails in terms of "finding the right person to publish his books". 

For three days he labored, almost that. 

And then he "gave up" - temporarily. 

":But I was exhausted. I had spent the better part of two days focusing on the list of names, and nothing came to mind!" 

He leaned back in his chair. 

And, in a flash, it came to him - the right name - as he rubbed his throbbing temples!

Two great lessons - but YOU, the reader is thinking "well thats them". 

they're unique!

They're the greats!

You can't expect everyone to think like you, or them Rahul!


I think YOU can be a great too!

But anyway ... let's give you an example from my own life. 

ONce upon a time, my daughter was pranking me - doing all kinds of stuff. 

Putting giraffes (toy ones) -miniature ones at that on top of my tea container, and so forth (I was using a saucepan at the time). Hehe. 

Leaving "sticky notes" for me. 

And, "Daddy! A lizard jumped into your tea!" 

And so forth ... 

Anyway, after the last prank, I took some toys away and said "honey, since you're pranking me, and I got pranked (I didnt, hehe) - I get to keep 'em!) 

And then of course, 

"nooooooooooooo! My toys, Dad!" 

Hee, hee, I went.

"No, mine!" Typical kiddie stuff, you'd say, except ... 

And then I said this. 

"Ive hidden it" 

"Try and find it!" 

I was holdiing it underneath a window where she couldnt see it, hehe. 

And then when she came to that side of the window, I switched it, true, slapstick comedy style "Houseful 2" style to the other hand. 

And I tittered. Hehe. 

All riled her up a lot. 

And then, I gave her this. 

Honey, there's a riddle you can solve (she loves 'em) - and if you do, you'll get it!

"Its in something you put apples in - and you don't do it i.e. put apples in, but you CAN!" 

Trust me, she looked all over the place. 

She couldn't find it. 

But, you know what? 

The FIRST place she looked at - was the right place - she looked at it three times, no less! 

And, where was it? 

Well, I gave her a further clue. 

"Its nowhere where adults put their things" (she thought I hid it in my office). 

And so forth. 

she couldn't find it, hehe. 

Now, how I eventually got her to understand it was right there inf ront of her eyes ... all along, and that she LOOKED AT IT - was a different story!

But what I told her was this. 

Honey, just do something else for 10 minutes. 

"It'll come to you!" 

It didnt - but she learned an important lesson, one I told her. 

Think about a problem - then "forget it for a while". 

The answer will come! 

Anyway, where was the damn toy giraffe? 

Sitting in the basket attached to the cycle she looked at so many times, hehe. 

She finally found it, yes. 

(while I was writing this - or not - hehe. I was writing something yes, but of course, after beign told not to interrupt, she had to, and when I told her not to, she of course said how dare I. hehe! 

My little girl is classic, truly ME in a small version, truly a chop - and chip off the old BLOCK - and does everything I wasn't allowed to when young!) 

Including putting ice cubes in my tea - and making it iced tea when I prefer it ALWAYS WARM. Hehe. 

And, when she was three, dunking some color in my beer or something... 

Pranks that would have got us spanked like heck, or worse. Hehe. 


Gotta love 'em. 

Anyway back to what I was saying - key thing was this. 

It was out in the obvious, friend. 

She looked at it three times. 

I told her. 

Yet, it wasn't until after she sat down for a couple of minutes that she figured out the right place to look without consciously thinking... 

Think about that a bit, my friend. 

And you'll be amazed what your thoughts lead to!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Zero to Hero! friend - if there was ONE book I'd promote in this email - it's this. Get it now. YOu'll love it!

Tuesday, 17 August 2021 05:12

YOUR story!

My friend, 

This is going to be a short one after all the "long ones" i sent. 

But, those of you on this list will recall one email I sent - that being, the DOERS section on the website I was talking about last week, or perhaps the one before that. 

It done slipped through the cracks, to be honest. 

But ... it's still an idea in progress!

I recently received a package from Amazon, forwarded to me, and i saw a "seller's story" on there. 

Now, yours truly isnt selling mostly on Amazon, and my main sales comes from my OWN sites. That, I honestly believe is the best way. 

But, I love Amazon. 

Even if I didnt, you can't ignore Amazon, so I DO sell on there, but this is not about that. 

This is about ... 


And remember, I gave YOU a chance to be featured on the doers page - with YOUR picture - your story - and even a $50 coupon to use on the site - with YOUR story!

Fitness wise, life wise, this is YOUR CHANCE, my friend - to be featured on our site - forever. 

Remember, the page will STAY up once it goes up. 

And its YOUR chance to tell your story to the world - to show you're a DOER - and far more

Costs you nothing, of course, except a few minutes of your time to write something about yourself and the RESULTS YOU HAVE GOTTEN from my programs!

And, a picture ... 

And thats it, friend. 

Think about it. 

And get back to me on it, and we'll go from there!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Popko Schofields not wanted, hehe. For those sorts, I've got a special OUTED! page on the other site where all your dirty desires and secret nonsense will be outed. 

Yes, believe it or not, some people fetishize being blackmailed - their version of it when it comes to the other site is "put it out there" and the thrill of their significant other "maybe seeing it or not" ... 

People, hehe. 

Hey, so longas it's SSC and gets them off, I guess!

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