I've said it before, I will say it again. 

If you're not improving - in some way - in every workout, you're not doing it right. 

Lots of people complain of being "stuck". 

Either they're not losing weight beyond a certain point, either they're not increasing their rep count on pushups, either they're not getting their workouts done quicker, could be anything. 

The complaints come in thick and fast, and the human mind being what it is ... 

"Its not working". 

No, my friend. 

The routines WORK. 

What a lot of people forget is the "improve with every workout maxim". 

If you're doing jump rope workouts, for one, and you do it daily - you may or may not hit a max rep count daily. 

Thats fine. 

But you improve SOMEWHERE - daily!

Could be you do them in less time. 

Could be you jump HIGHER on each rep, on the double unders... 

Could be you work in other exercises with it, and feel great doing so!

It could be anything, key thing is to NOTICE. 

Now, the other thing. 

If you're doing multi-faceted workouts, like practically all my books (if not ALL) advocate, you're starting off on the right foot. 

You banish boredom and lethargy INSTANTLY. 

You're constantly challenging your body with fresh new exercises and workouts. 

And - you're never "at a loss" as to what to do. 

Ever embarked on pushups, for one, and just - in the middle of the workout - you felt it was not the day for pushupS? 

OK, so what else to do. 

You could push through the workout, not entirely a bad idea... 

Or, you could do OTHER things in the workout - from one of my workouts!

Truly leaves you with no excuses, and yet, you might ask - how do I IMPROVE with each workout if I'm doing different things? 

Well, you'll see by working out this way it's not only easier to improve - but you'll improve in small , minute ways you might not even notice. 

For me, that was my pushup workout last night. 

I did my pushups that much SLOWER - with that much better form - and felt so GREAT - GOOD - the best!

Then this morning, I was doing jump rope Mania! workouts. 

But, it wasn't the day . 

My timing was off. 

I still powered through 2000 reps, of course, but something wasn't "there". 

Something wasn't clicking. 

Out came the Lumberjack club! 

And presto, my swings improved immeasurably while doing those. 

I went higher - and lower - on each rep, getting a solid stretch in through the chest and trap fibers... 

And I improved my rep count to - currently I'm at a 100 per set - don't even THINK about starting with that sort of rep count when you start, by the way!

And there it is, my friend. 

It is one of the keys to success at anything - - not just training. 

So that is the lesson for this one - enjoy!

And be sure to remember what I said about the offers ALL being extended until December 25, 2021 - lots of people have already asked about it. 

Will I see YOUR NAME amongst those that have taken advantage - or asked about the Ship. 

I hope so, my friend. 

Because really, if there ever was a time to buy what you've been PUTTING off, it is ... 


Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Really, putting off what you should have done ages ago constantly and finding new excuses, it doesnt work for anything in life, my friend. Fitness is the same!

Bit of a strange, and somewhat philosophical note to start off the email day on!

But it's something that popped up in my Inbox, and caught my eye. 

I never read the article. But the question it posed is pretty genuine!

If today was the "last day on planet Earth for you" (I dont mean for those of you going on space travel, hehe, apparently Japanese billionaries have joined that race too!) - I mean, if today was the last day you know you'd be here on the physical plane - what would be your regrets, if any? 

Answer honestly, my friend. 

Lots of people say "no regrets" but thats an off the cuff remark, not well thought out. 

For me, I thought for a good two minutes or so, which is way longer than I think about for this sort of thing. 

No regrets. 

IF today were to be that last day, which it most certainly isn't - none at all. 

I know I've done my best - given my best - in and at everything I've done. 

I know fitness wise, I've done everything I wanted to, and then some - and while I have goals right now, most notably the jump rope goal I wrote to you about - - I'll get after those too. 

If I wanted to start a business, I just up and did it regardless of the neighsayers, admirers, encouragers (usually none) and so forth. 

Regardless of the falls I'd take, if I wanted to do something, write something, say something, no matter how outrageous, no matter what the consequences, I've always done it. 

That to me is what its all about . 

When Jeff Bezos was asked this, he said "his only regret would be not trying". 

And, with regard to space, and his ownership of the Post - "when I'm 90, those are things I can look back and be proud of". 

Which I agree with Jeff on both. 

What about YOU, my friend? 

Fitness wise, have you done - and been - all you CAN BE?

It isn't an indirect push to buy products. 

It's a simple question.

If you had a goal to do 100 pushups per workout -have you got there? 

If you were once in super shape - and you keep looking back at that picture saying "I used to be like that" and wistfully wanting to be more - HAVE you done it? 

Have you honestly given your best at all- business, and everything else?

Have you done the right thing as far as possible?

These are just questions from my end, I highly encourage you to think of them for yourself!

Anyway, that's an interesting note on which to start things off. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S - Fitness wise, if you want do something - try something - buy a product - then just DO IT, my friend. 

Pushups wise, for instance, think about it - would it not be nice and satisfying to look back at the age of say 80, and say "I did (or do, if youre Clint Eastwood) one arm pushups willy nilly - or, 500 pushups per workout)? 

Similiarly for pull-ups ... 

I know a lot of you on here want to buy certain products, but you aren't "saying anything" for some reason. 

Seize the day, my friend. It's the "Yuletide" time, if I got that right, hehe (my agnostic / atheist self sometimes does get these things right!) - GET something for yourself, DO something for your fitness. 

Trust me, you'll feel great once you get on my workouts, which is really what makes it all worth it!


There has never been a better time for two things. 

One, it is my belief that Depressions, or "so called" depressions are some of the best times to make money, or set the foundation for doing so. 

Before you throw bricks at me, take a look at a certain Henry Ford, or Marshall Fields, or ... countless others. Yes, times have changed, and no, they haven't. The basics remain the SAME. In any economy, any "world"!

And two, it's never been a better time for the Bozos, neighsayers, moaners, pissers, whiners, and perhaps most of all the "I told you so's". 

"I told you this business wouldn't succeed, you gotta get a jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb" go the idiots who have never done much of anything in their own life, never faced hardship THEMSELVES etc - yet, dispense advice on how to deal with willy nilly to all and sundry (usualy those who do NOT want it). 

I've seen this sort of thing upfront - in the past Ive experienced it personally, these days I'm seeing more and more of it in the third person. 

PIcture this, a guy running what you'd think is an "essentials" store i.e. selling utensils. 

He was forced to shut down. 

And whether covid had something to do with it or not is NOT the point. 

The point is ... well, covid did - that was part of China's grand plan, inflation, lockdowns, they know how the sheeple globally would react, and if all else fails ,make "essentials" or the procurement of the same more expensive for the  average guy, middle class, what not. 

But the point is, he was getting so called "advice" from some idiot who kept telling him "I told you, Amazon is the death of us all!" 

Now, Bozo is not necessarily wrong (not Schofield, he doesnt have the brains to mount any sort of argument beyond asses, both male and female and their innards - but the Bozo above). 

But really, picture this - other dude has to survive. Literally. 

You might not know it, or hear about it, but a lot of small business owners at some point live hand to mouth - a lot of them will never tell you about the hardships THEY face, but will listen to YOU all day. 

Thats just successful business, you help others FIRST. 

It's successful LIFE, more like. 

Relationships 101, or should be ... 

But really, with all else going on, the LAST thing that man needs to hear is "Amazon is the death of us all". 

(I wonder if other dude told him about all the benefits of Amazon, most notably selling on there...) 

(finding new customers, Amazon marketing products on auto pilot, Billpay's, much more!) 

Like Jeff rightly once said, has anyone ever focused on how people Amazon has made and continues to make RICH - not just stocks wise? 

He needs to be focusing on what he WANTS i.e how to stay afloat - rather than the panic nonsense being spread about - thats good for alcohol fueled discussions at night or rants or what not, but real life - it ain't gonna do you a SMIDGEON of good focusing ont hat rot. 

He needs to focusing on making his offers, albeit in person more attractive - especially given the current situation. 

Customer service. 

And more ... 

But the LAST thing , if at all, he needs to focus on is this inflation rot. True, he needs to be AWARE of it - but thats all!

People are just idiots, my friend - the ones dispensing this free advice. 

Pretty much why I never listen to anyone anyway ... 

Anyway, had to say that. 

Maybe there's a message in there for YOU somewhere, I dont know. 

And remember the Tuesday 50% offer I just emailed you , my friend. ONLY for yo u on my list, and no, it ain't gonna last beyond Tuesday, so get in NOW while you can. 

Save big - remember, only applicable on ONE order, so get all you can i.e. "load up". 


Rahul Mookerjee

Well, well, well. 

Seems my rants (all very well warranted) on Nazi feminism and the lot aren't just being read - they are, as I've been saying all along what a lot of (non cuckolded and simped) men FEEL - on a damn near daily basis - especially if you're born after the year 2000 or so. 

Before that the effects of the World wars were still there, when (right after the wars) men were at a premium in most places (indeed, today, look at places like Russia, still the case! I heard they used to give Russian females awards for those that pumped out 10 babies - such was the paucity of people in general - quite different from today's vastly over populated coddled world!). 

Anyway, from CBSE Drops 'Sexist' Passage form 10th English Exam, Students to get Full Marks (news18.com) ... 

Since I couldn't copy and paste from that link, I googled, it's all over the place. 

According to the contentious section, "women acquiring independence is the primary cause of a wide range of societal and household difficulties." It further stated, "The wife's emancipation damaged the parent's control over the children." It added: "By lowering the male from his pedestal, the wife and mother robbed themselves, in reality, of the instruments of discipline."

Essentially, this was there in a question paper or something for some exam for students in India, therefore, had to be studied first in some textbook (I'm not quite up to speed in that regard, especially nowadays!). 

But what people felt was what was put into the text, and of coure, there was a massive hue and cry about it, now it's been taken down, students get full marks for the question whether they got it right or wrong, everyone is bashing the leading BJP for it (true, I'm not exactly enthused by what they've accomplished in India over the past few years, but neither has the opposition, at least, end of the day, BJP took a STANCE!) ... 

Thing is though, that is how a LOT of men - and quite a few REAL women feel. 

This "emancipation of women" is all well and good, but it has been taken to extremes. 

Female rights and equality dont mean the men have none practically speaking, yet, the liberals everywhere have made it that way, and / or are doing their damndest to make it that way. 

No matter where you might fault the ruling BJP in India, there is ONE silver lining - a huge one for me. 

They're NOT liberals in any sense of the word. 

Sigh of relief ... 


But anyway, I'm not for teaching this sort of thing to kids either. 

But, point being this - they're being force fed Nazi feminist idelogies damn near all over the place everywhere else, so I dont blame someone for taking a stance and saying it like it is (like I do, and no, I could care less about lost sales in that regard). 

More to the point - anyone notice the disaster single mom families are - in all regards - both economically and otherwise? 

When you turn over any and all decision making power to the woman - it is an UNMITIGATED disaster. 

That is not support patriarchy necessarily, but men are a very vital cog in the wheel of parenthood and family for one. 

The trend these days is to marginalize the men to whichever extent possible (of course, in my family, that has been going on since birth). 

But how does that work out - look at the stats for one. 

Then you take goose and gander. 

What say unequal divorce settlements - downright unfair ? What say "if women are truly independent, why do THEY get alimony, and mammoth amounts of it - while the man gets zero or less?"

What say visitation rights? 

Even in the families where men do live with their kids, taking the man out of the decison making process has never ended up well for anyone. 

If the man has any brains, he'll do what I did and go mgtow. 

Trouble is though, the kid can't do that. 

And a father is essential for kids, my friend - any kid. 

Ask even the most coddled and Nazi fem spoon fed kid - and they'll tell you wistfully how they wish their DAD was with them. 

That ain't theory I'm spouting, it's FACT. 

And of course - not a word has been said, even in India, about men being on the hook for everything financially. 

And the rare cases they arent, it's only so the woman can "do it her way or the highway". 

That ain't the case with a male head of the family. 

The woman often and almost always STILL has her say and decides on matters that are "female domain". 

Yet, the opposite case - females decide damn near everything, the men nothing - not even the "male domain" issues. 

My take on it remains the same - real woman, feminism, all OK and well and good. But when it morphs into Nazi feminism - or anything morphs into Nazi anything - THAT is where one needs to take a stance!

Anyway, it's great guirella marketing for the politicians too, hehe. 

If it was intended to be that, of course. I dont see how it could be anything else (CBSE is national level education, so I'm sure they anticipated the hue and cry). 

Anyway ............................. 

For those of you stuck dealing with Nazi feminism, remember - you can not only combat it, but BENEFIT from it. 

And unlike the CBSE - my book on it ain't going anywhere anytime soon, neither is mgtow. 

Get this book NOW, my friend. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'm off to do handstand pushups now but before this - there has been an EXPLOSION of interest in the great course "Shoulders like Boulders" which gives new meaning to the phrases "power packed" and "pocket dynamite" and "good things come in SMALL packages". Truly, this course offers more value per WORD than ANY OTHER fitness course out there. Grab it yourself NOW, and see what people BE yelling about. 

(and if you have already bought it, please leave a review. Thank you!)

Monday, 13 December 2021 13:43

Mountain climbing at HOME, and more . . .

Some of you will guess what this email is about, especially you Corrugated Core fans - where I cover the mountain climber in great detail. 

Thats another course I need to put a video out for, by the way! 

But for the rest of you, it ain't climbing actual mountains at home I'm referring to. 

You COULD climb stairs repeatedly, especially if you live in a skyscraper or 20 plus storey building, and get a great workout in while you're at it. 

But, the mountain climber I'm referring to doesn't require you to climb anything - or anywhere - except perhap get rid of the mountain of FAT a lot of people have on their belly and core! 

It's easy enough to do in theory - in THEORY being the operative word here!

Basically, you get in a plank position, then bring one leg up beneath your chest, then retract - then go with the other leg. 

You go as quick as you can, for me, that means two "ups" per second or faster. 

And you go for at least ... well, as long as you can go, but most people, even seasoned fitness fanatics will be out of breath and ready for a rest post a minute or so continously of this (much like with the bear crawl in Animal Kingdom Workouts - another great, great fat torching and core movement). 

But back to the mountain climber - clients of mine have used this ONE exercise - in conjunction with some exercises in Corrugated Core - and leaned out amazingly fast, my friend. 

Think "six pack" within a month - from "flab - o - central" 30 days ago. 

This exercise, quite literally works the cardio system BIG TIME. 

It's variants can be classifed as advanced plyometrics - and that will be there in the book (advanced plyometrics). 

Not only this, if you're having trouble doing pushups etc, well, this position will get you ready for the plank and/or pushups since you're IN the same position anyway while doing 'em - except it's more of a core / fat burning movement you're doing. 

There have been people that have reported dropped > 10 kg within a couple of WEEKS of doing this exercise - and nothing more - and no actual climbing. 

Just imagine how much more they'd shed if they combined it with walking, climbing actual hills outdoors, pull-ups, etc ... 

Why do I bring this up - well, just another way YOU can shed fat this winter, my friend - while you're all covered up in clothes. 

You might think SUMMER is really when you need to show off the abs, but truth is, unless you prepare for that in winter, you'll never have 'em to show off (if that is your thing) during the summer. 

At least that is my take on it, contrarian as ever!

In Corrugated Core, virtually ALL the exercises I give you can be a workout unto themselves. 

And you can weave a very creative workout indeed with a lot of those exercises - which daily won't take more than 10-12 minutes tops if you do it right.

You could also go multiple times if you so choose per day, and not tire yourself out with meaningless, mind less pavement pounding ... 

Corrugated Core, my friend, is truly a book for the ages. 

Truly a book to build functional abs, HARDCORE ab training as one of the reviewers said, as opposed to fancy shmancy beach boy look. 

(much like with all my other books). 

And in the festive season, with all the feasting going on, I think there is no better book for you to get - and benefit from - along with Eat More- Weigh Less, of course. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 13 December 2021 06:22

Lets suit up - and BOOT up - ladies!

Interesting how thats often used for the most alpha of males you'll ever see, the most macho, virile, rugged and so forth . . . 

I don't even mean "hidden desires" here - this email isnt' about that. 

It's just about when MEN - real men - such as in the Expendables, maybe - now there's a movie with very little romance, although the second movie had a wee budding bit of it! (I still remember my friend Jay watching Rambo II in 1990 something, and telling me "great movie, little bit of romance, great body (sly) - and lots of action!) ... 

Sly is nothing if not SMART. 

I dont think it's a coincidence that Expendables II had " a little bit of romance" like Rambo II, and none of the others did!

The tough guy with a soft exterior. Or was that interior. 


Sly, you're a genuis and legend, I'll never stop saying it. 

Because it's true. 

But anyway ... 

You know you're in good shape when non faggotty (the polar opposite of Bozo Glyn, for instance) look at you with women, or just in general and they notice YOUR shape more than hers. 


As Carol once told me. 

The boys are looking more at you! 


And they weren't gay either. 

This, of course, reminds me of Bozo Schofield ... another one of those anecdotes, before I tell you what I was originally goin gto tell you. 

Bozo apparently salivates over memes such as "if you look at this, and not me, you're a faggot". 

With sneering women showing their boobs on one side, and a huge fat "member" if you get my drift on another side. 

Bozo apparently (from what he once drunkenly told me in a 3 AM message) "meditates" to that daily. 

Truly a lunatic, yet, for nutjobs like him, I guess if thats what he wants, thats fine, but at least stop being faggotty about it! 

Be open about it, at least, not a perv, of course, expecting Glyn Bozo to learn all that is like asking a brick wall to make sense (it probably would, more than him). 

Anyway ..............

Suit up, ladies!


Yours truly is NOT the type to wear suits, or formal attire. 

Or to own or wear excessive jewelry. 

The other day, my friend made the comment about my dumbphone (in an era where most people change their dumbphones as often as their underwear) .. 

"Youre STILL using that!" 

Showl am, hehe. 

There was a period in my life where I had two pairs of jeans (light blue, dark - both STRAIGHT cut, tapered - showing off the body) - and THREE pairs of polo Tshirts, and I'd recycle those till they were threadbare. 

Nothing to do with money either. 

I just didnt need anything else, except my workouts!

I'm minimalistic in most regards, my friend 

You don't need a lot, especially the crap constantly shoved down our throats, oddly enough what you really need is never mentioned. 

Anyway ........ 

Im about to suit up and boot up for a long workout. 

I invite you to join me. 

And if there is one course that imbibes that spirit, that feeling, it is Eat More - Weigh Less. 

I Dont know, I just feel INSPIRED and raring to GO when I see that on the cover - that being me. hehe. 

But it's true, YOU too can feel the VIBE!

I'm out. 

If you ain't gotten the course, do so NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 11 December 2021 12:59


Ever seen the Denzel Washington movie "Man on Fire"

It's about a burnt out (agent) guy I believe who is tasked with protecting a rich guy's daughter and his "wife" (there is a reason for the quotes) in Mexico. 

And he goes there, does, and ... well, what can I say. 

Not one of Denzels best movies to be honest, but the man is a legend and does a fine, fine job anyway!

And for me, today - its literally "traps on fire" 

Have you ever felt your entire upper body so sore you could barely move - or take a shower after your workout (as happened to me years back when I Was doing NO pushups, but pull-ups galore?)? 

Not just your upper body though - have you ever felt that deep, deep soreness in your muscles? 

And specifically traps - SWOLLEN traps that feel like they're about to burst, and when you touch them, you KNOW they're raw - and have had a great, great workout?

This morning, I did Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - a basic workout - and a basic jump rope workout (which I Showed you). 

What I didnt show was advanced club swings and pull-ups after that - but then I did give you a brief snippet of my grip training. 

But in the middle, the 100 pushups I did? 

Were all mostly done on my back, if you can believe that. 

Thats right, my friend. 

Years ago, I wrote about 250 pushup workouts where most of it was accomplished "on my back". 

I wanted to see if I still had it in me to do those - and 100 of them were done in that style today. 

True, I did normal fingertip pushups and other styles too - but the 100 I'm talking about? 

Are reverse pushups - and the best darn exercise ever - and table pushups!

My oh my. 

Combine THAT with club swinging, and youll know what the term "traps on fire"means. 

Most people think doing heavy shrugs - sets of 10 with the heaviest you can cuts it. 


That might build some muscle and give you a great burn - and thats fine 

But to really twist and train the muscle inside out, from all angles and viewpoints - "back and forth" if you get my drift - those REVERSE pushups are an absolute must - so is BRIDGING. 

The lower back gets plenty of work with those movements, but so does the UPPER BACK. 

Charles Mitchell I believe it was who once told me he was fairly good at handstand pushups and regular pushups, but the reverse work - GOT him every time. 

And it will, if you dont got the flexibility in the traps!

Flexbility in the traps and shoulders, of course, has never been an issue for me since I started those workouts - and of course, it's another core area that Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness targets. 

And that, my friend again - is the story of the DAY. 

There's plenty of reverse work shown in the 0 Excuses Fitness system (the videos) so get them NOW if you have not already. 

And, place the pre-order for what is possibly going to be my BEST book ever, the next level beyond Animal Kingdom Workouts, which many have said is already my best book ever!

Out for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Remember to stretch and strengthen at the same time with isometric movements, pauses and "motions" that the greats such as Gama and others used (I've gone one step ABOVE AND BEYOND in this great, great course) - get "Isometric and Flexibility Training" NOW if you have not already. So worth it!

This one's yet another one thats sure to cause a lot of angst. Hehe. 

But, it's true - and one of the off the cuff, yet TRUE comments made by a friend of mine "Prem" - who much like "Tan" (who very kindly took the pictures for Battletank Shoulders, one of the most awe inspiringly brutal trainingt courses out there - ever) - took a great little "snippet" video for Gorilla Grip that some of you have asked for (specifically, a bit of grip work on the monkey bars). 

The last video I took in that regard during Chinese New Year, well, that was done on my Xiaomi, and I ran out of space, hence the "tiny" video. 

But I've gone one better this time, you'll see when I finally get it up. 

For now though - three great new videos up here (0 Excuses Fitness - YouTube) for "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" - which you really need to place a pre-order for NOW ... 

And join the legions that are doing so/have done!

There is a damn good reason the pre-order process has stretched out as long as it has. 

Anyway, he was telling me about pull-ups, and how, much like in 2018 - he's unable to do a single one, or hang on to the chinning bar. 

"Because you never got your ass down to seriously trying", I gently admonished. 

And he didnt!

I remember, the day after or so, he never did any - and he was off to the gym a few days later. 

He was telling me about how these days he does 30-40 pushups daily - in sets of 15, the regular pushups, he says he does them in proper form along with squats, a 100 at a go. 

Let me see you do the squats, I asked him. 

He showed me - but he barely went "almost" halfway down on each rep, so I corrected him. 

"Hmm", he said. "What benefit does going all the way down get me?" 

Well, so I told him about all ths "ass to grass" benefits i.e. improved flexibility, flexor strength, far greater work load on the hips and thighs, therefore, greater work done by the lungs, all in all, a far superior workout. 

And he was doing regular squats, not Hindus. Which is fine, of course... 

Pushups, I dont know. He says he does them in proper form, so we'll take his word for it!

"I could do 40 of these at one time:", he told me - wistfully pointing to the dipping bars. 

One set, I asked? 

Yes, was the answer. 

Which that, now if he could do them at one time, thats pretty good!

Right now, of course, he's not doing ANY. 

But anyway ... 

He made the above comment about gyms - and I laughed - more than "music to my ears"- I'm so used to people telling me this when they see me do bodyweight!

"Machines, etc - all USELESS" - I told him. 

And then I Told him about the "Stand on your feet" training done in the gym or elsewhere with weights - if you do that right, now that will get you places. 

Still doesn't hold a candle to bodyweight training, of course, but its real training if done that way - either Lumberjack style - or military presses etc. (or overhead presses). 

Anything that requires you to stand on your feet and hoist. 

Now, Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness features NO weights. 

None that are easy to grip like barbells and dumbbells. 

The machines, well, those are for buffoons - Ive always said that!

But anyway .............

Great to hear my friend say that himself!

And it just shows you the POWER bodyweight training has - the sheer appeal - and the sheer results. 

Here is a review (for Animal Kingdom Workouts) that comes to mind in that regard. 

From John Walker in the UK - - 


This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

The bolded part sure is KEY!

I'm out. 

Be sure and pick up the CORNERSTONE of alll bodyweight training right here - the 0 Excuses Fitness System - if you have not already (and many of you haven't at the time of writing this). 

And, leave a review, please!


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 09 December 2021 14:57

That book on DIPS!


I've asked once, and some of you have responded, but if this email is getting to YOU, my friend, chances are you have not responded to that question of mine as yet. 

So, two questions really - or one, depending on how you look at it. 

DO you want the two new books on "advanced bridging" - and the new book on dips which I might start very soon? 

I dont ask in general before putting courses out - sometimes, people dont know what they want, and its best to GIVE it to them (as I did with two of my greatest and most popular courses Pushup Central and Animal Kingdom Workouts)


and https://0excusesfitness.com/animal-kingdom-workouts.

But sometimes, it's honestly best to ASK first. 

So, write back - let me know - along with "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" - and the above two - "advanced plyometrics" is also in the works. 

And on that note, a LOT of you - over THREE THOUSAND, actually, and counting, as of now, have placed pre-orders for Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness

Truly a course which a lot of folks "really" want though they might not say it upfront - and the pre-sales figure PROVE this. 

If you want in for that course, make sure to get in your pre-order at the link above. 

And I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee 

Thursday, 09 December 2021 08:47

Use it or lose it

Use it - or lose it. 

As I was working out this morning, I saw a baby - or a toddler, rather, clinging on to "Mama" for dear life - much like a baby monkey does to its mother. 

They were on the swing together. The way the lady was talking to her son (I think) reminded me of my own "wife" and daughter ... 

Anyway, sentiments and "the look cute" factor aside (or not) - the point isn't so much that, as it is "use it or lose it". 

Last night, I read a story about astronauts - or a "relation of the facts" actually. 

When I write fiction of any nature, I make it so real that I call "reality mixed in with a dab of creative license" as opposed to the other way around!

But anyway, that was a set of facts about astronauts in space. 

How they eat - shit - sleep - workout - all of it. 

And "seperate tubes for #1 and #2 aside" (use your imagination, hehe) - Glyn Bozo would have a field day, not to mention the lack of gravity would make his lard float so much easier - how they workout was interesting to say the least - and for how LONG per day. 

Like 2.5 hours a day - daily - no excuses, no breaks. 

If not, they lose a ton of bone density and muscle mass - that takes up to FOUR years to rebuild. 

I think it was >10% of bone density lost in six months (stay in space) and perhaps more in terms of muscle. 

Kinda like premature ageing ... or oesteoperosis "early" if you get my drift. 

To counteract that, they workout for 2.5 hours daily, so sometimes, these days, they end up back on terria firma fitter and stronger than before!

But it's another great example. 

Use it - or lose it. 

And if you lose it, you lose it QUICK. But it takes donkey's years to gain back what you lost, and not in proportion either!! 

Same thing for monkeys, and their insanely strong grips. On the Animal Kingdom Workouts page, I believe, I write about how chimpanzees can kill full grown adult crocs outweighing them by almost a ton - with their bare hands. 

If a baby chimp grabbed your finger - you'd SQUEAL for mercy, period. 

Same thing with caimans and jaguars, grizzlies and moose - the animal kingdom rarely stops to "rest" or "recover from their sore lats" or "not walk becaus their forepaws and hindlimbs are too sore" or what not. 

Look at captive animals and how MISERABLE They are, and you'll get the picture. 

Miserable... we'll get to that soon!

But anyway, for human beings - in terms of fitness - CORE fitness is the first to go - and the LAST to come. 

Think love handles, obliques, once you do lose 'em - make sure they STAY off. 

It's very easy to Get out of shape - or spend money for that matter. 

It's much harder to earn it back - both things!

Trust me on this. 

Good news, if you keep using it - you won't lose it - and if you do lose some, you'll gain it back pretty quick too. 

Same thing for your FREEDOM, my friend. 

I was ranting about the latest Biden nonsense forcing everyone to get vaccinated or trying to (thank God for Florida and the Southern U.S. - there's still freedom left SOMEWHERE! - drop in the ocean I know with Bozos globally, b ut still! THAT is why I'm a huge supporter of the NRA, this government overreach is just intolerable, PERIOD!!!)  to my Jie Jie Maria, and of course, her first comment - 

"You're just like Americans, freedom is the most important". 

You're miserable with all this going on!

So it is, yes. 

And I wasn't aware which pundit in the Universe deemed freedom to be an uniquely American concept for one? 

Freedom of speech, thought, expression, end of the day, when it's all taken away from you - a man's got his freedom, and thats all, my friend. 


You can rail against this fact and say "nuts like us take things to extremes", but it's the nuts on the other side of the spectrum that take thing sto extremes. I mean gee, it's been like two years into this panicdemic, and schools aint opened in some parts of the world - travel is still all mostly closed despite people lining up to get panixated - who is being extreme here???

End of the day, freedom is what it's about. 

And the more you get used to losing it, the quicker you lose it - and the LONGER IT TAKES TO GET IT BACK!

Anyway, I told Maria the following. 

"America must have done something right, Maria", I laughed. She's a great girl! 

Very helpful, great girl, really. I mean it. 

"It's the numero uno country in the world". 

Americans must have done omething right - I dont think people as a whole woke up one day, proclaimed themselves the number one country in the world and just became that. 

FREEDOM at the end of the day was what allowed it to happen - along with a whole new country "for their own". 

Some idiot was ranting recently about Thanksgiving (a Chinese guy who is normally quite sensible, to be honest) and how its all about slaughtering Indians that gave the white colonizers turkeys, and not "enjoyng the bounties of the harvest"- which is the real reason Thanksgiving is celebrated (this idiot also got it wrong in that the US and Canada don't celebrate it on the same day at all)(. 

I mean really, the jingoistic lengths people go to, and this whole "anti white" bullshit, I dont know if I'm the only one, but isn't it really now being taken to giddy limits 

I mean geez, let Jim Crow stay in the past where he belongs. 

Anyway - use it - or lose it. 

I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Same thing for the great offers we have going on, USE the discounts - or LOSE them. All the whining int he world ain't gonna get it back later either!

PS #2- And what Biden, liberals and sheeple in general are doing to make peoples lives more miserable - or try to - is just a DISGRACE, my friend. Period!

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