If you've seen the last email I sent out from this site (posted under Blog) - you know what I'm talking about.

I swear, I'll tell you one damn thing.

If I wanted to  I could make a veritable FORTUNE right now.

Not by selling my books or products, although thats a plan in the works.

Not by selling books on the other site.

Not by writing.

Not by calling the Bozo out.

Not by tom tomming.

But by selling "get slim quick without exercise" potions and slimming pills and a bunch of rot.

I mean really, just how lazy and desperate can folks get??

And this is in the midset of lockdowns or gradual reopenings - in both cases, most people have "F all" to do (and while you might be busy otherwise, thats not an excuse to skimp on taking care of health).

It's a mindset thing too.

People don't do what sets them FREE.

And thus, its always staying frustrated, complaining etc - and never actualy either working out or DOING something to improve their situation.

I know a lady right now putting on more and more weight than ever.

She's done everything the Chinese do.

OR Japanese, and Korean, and what not.

Or Indians for that matter.

Traditional Asian food.

Starving herself.

Drinking warm water and nothing else during the day.

Milk coffee when she feels hungry.

Some sort of wierd "legs" up stretch which to be honest is a "modified" yoga move, but the original is what counts, not the modified one.

And so forth.

Yet, she and scores of others despite all this hoopla and worrying about the external stuff (see yesterdays email) are getting fatter and more miserable by the day despite what they claim.

Think it's ladies alone?

Think again.

Think several times.

And it ain't just Bozos either.

It's people in GENERAL getting lazier, mushier, and FATTER by the day and complaing and pissing and moaning and whining and groaning and what not.

When the problem could be solved - - how?

By getting their RUMPUS in high gear.

And one of the programs that will not only motivate you to get off your ass and DO (well, one of the many - but this is for lard asses and couch potatoes that haven't budged an inch for years) (the sweat on Bozo's couch - I've seen it - makes an outline, literally as he sits there growing lardier and fatter by the day) is this one - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

So simple that even the laziest of people should - or would be motivated to try it.

Of course, there is one category of folks beyond help.

Beyond all the above.

It's those I mention ont he 0 Excuses Ship page (those I do NOT want either there or buying my products).

It's the grade Z+++ +buffoons that claim "it's too easy " and "its too simple".

For you folks, well, NOTHING I have to offer will help.

Until I sell the supplements I've mentioned above i.e. the lazy man's manna from heaven.

And pigs will fly out my ass before that happens.

And thats that for now.



Rahul Mookerjee

Some people just dont know how well they have it in terms of being molly coddled!

I've written galore about how people are using this panic demic as an excuse for all sorts of thing.

Binge Eating. Drug overuse (and abuse). Alcoholism.

(I even read they've set up a "mobile shooting van" in the UK if you get my drift - not the Government obviously, but some "kind soul" who claims "they'll do it anyway"!)

"So what! We're not living in normal times!"

Drunken and other inappropriate behavor

"Self compassion! I'm practising self compassion!"

Getting FAT as phock - even phatter than before (curiously enough these same pople were hardly fitness fanatics before - it's just now that the panic-demic, or so called anxiety demic has given them MORE of an excuse to do less) - which is PATHETIC.

I will say it again: we are not living in normal times. Therefore, why should we hold ourselves up to normal standards?

Stressing about gaining a little weight only makes it harder for me care for myself. I’m already worried about the pandemic, I already have OCD, I’m already not sleeping that well. I don’t need to add another ingredient to an anxiety-cauldron in danger of boiling over.

A pathetic little Tom Tom wote this, and she kept babbling about how "these are not normal times".

I wonder if this idiot ever heard about the famous Claude Bristol saying that he made popular.

"As we think, so we are!"

And of course, these idiots - the sheeple - are the first to stick their heads in the sand and want lockdowns etc, while denying the fact that maybe, just maybe, all this was spread - why?

To engineer global panic, crash economies, and so forth!

Gaining weight can be worrying, but if you packed on a few pounds over the pandemic, I say don’t stress. You can always lose it later, when you’ll have more freedom, energy, and means to do so.

Why not NOW, lady?

My pants feel tighter, I’m eating more, I’m moving less, and I feel more sluggish. That’s enough information to tell me I’m not as fit as I used to be.

But frankly, I don’t care.

Anytime I read rubbish like this from female versions of Bozo Schofield (this one is al of 4'11 inches tall too apparently - ugh - I can just imagine) I gotta say, I dont know how lucky people have it in some places - or should I say, I dont know if people even realize how lucky they are to have their lights on, government assistance (that a lot of Schofields use for purposes they were never intended for) - 911 to call anytime they feel like "checking themselves into the loony tune bin" - and so forth?

This chick claims "it's not an emergency" so she doestn need to be fit, and it's fine to turn into a lardass because "she's so stressed out and anxious".

She never did say WHAT she's anxious about and why.

Of course, being she's "living in a climate controlled comfortable environment" as she says, gorging and stuffing her gourd daily, and seemingly has nary a worry in the world, why WOULD she be anxious? 

Bored, yes. Excuse maker and whiny, yes. But anxious? Hell no! At least I can't find one single reason for her to be anxious , and if I get it right she's from .... Canada, which while it might have some restrictions etc, in the overall scheme of things is hardly the "anxiety ridden" mess she claims she is. 

I wonder what people like this would do, for instance, if they were suddenly stuck in a life or death situation like in India.

Or China in some regards.

Or, Israel right about now ...

The fact is, my friend, its MORE important than ever to be super fit - NOW - using methods you can use on the road with you!

When that gym is closed, or blown apart, whichever it is, you got one thing left.

The one thing that people hav ebeen using for centuries to turn into fitness phenoms.


And a MIND.

The latter controls the former, and if you let the latter run riot by thinking what you shouldn't, you're a fool. Simple.

As an aside, of course, panic is hardly "new".

I remember back in 2001 when 9/11 occured, classes etc were cancled (which I understand - completely understand) . . . but what I did not understand was the long ass lines for gas forming up "because we might have to attack Saudi Arabia".

And, of course, my girlfriend at the time.

I was getting a few beers.

"I'm going to get drunk today" announced my girlfriend suddenly.

"Didnt you have something to do", I asked her (she did - she had plans).

"I dont care! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed!"

And get drunk she did, which  given she was a looker wasn;t a bad thing ... (for me).

But, it does sum up the panic / excuse mentality that a lot of people have PERFECTLY.

Nigh perfectly.

Avoid, my friend.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, you can never ever go wrong with great bodyweight exercise programs. Start right HERE.

PS #2 - Whats that? I hear you say "I dont care"?

Well, my friend, what if YOU had to run a mile at top speed NOW to save your life?

What if you had to FIGHT your way out of a situation where noone was there to do it for you?

What if you had to be self reliant and grow - and fetch your own FOOD?

You dont think physical fitness comes into any of that?

But wait, who am I talking to.

If whoever is reading this is part of the "excuses" club, they'll never get it.

The doers  DO though - and more kudos to THEM!

Would you believe it if I told you that 0 Excuses Fitness - for one - and all the great courses we do - wasn't born out of years of "conscious" planning?

It might seem incredible, but neither this, nor any of my other ventures (especially not the other venture with 80 plus books - all fiction) were borne "out of conscious planning".

Would you believe it if I told you that one fine day or evening - in bonny China, I was sitting around thinking, and the idea to book the domain - came to me.

I was thinking of doing it HERE on this site - continuing what I started in 2010, and what kept going "stop start" ever since.

But I didnt - and the decision proved, as always to be the right one.

Our decisions that our gut makes on the spur of the moment are born out of CENTURIES of experience if you get my drift.

And years down the line as I sit here, booking MORE domains for all my businesses, I am struck with the truism and "right nature" of what I did that evening - for BOTH businesses (this and the other one).

More sites, more business, more options and so forth.

Anyway, Advanced Hill Training!

So, as I sit here sipping green tea, I'm thinking. Just how did it happen?

Well, I've mentioned the tale of Ann Lee, and how she introduced me to the hill.

I've mentioned how YEARS later, I noticed that weight was flying off me not per day, or per week - but per WORKOUT - and this with the crappiest diet/other schedules (sleep etc) you could imagine.

I was literally, my friend, at the age of 37 plus burning the candle at both ends!

Big time!

My friend from the Marines told me this when we met a couple of days ago.

"Rahul, I've been burning the candle at both ends! Can't keep doing this!"

And as I waited for another 2 AM trip back home, I agreed. Hehe.

We were literally and indeed "drinking it up" every night!

Anyway, I think that was the day when I was dong handstand pushups, and an annoying pink poodle chose that one day to lick me on the VERY tip of my nose, yapping away like those tiny little dawgs "rat dogs" they have in China do.

IT did its thing and ran away.

Of course, me, as I "came down" - it was a struggle not to break my chin!

And I did land with a nasty bump on the floor.

Not quite as nasty as the thumb injury I suffered earlier on that year when the thumb literally popped in and out of its joint . OUCH!  (when doing fingertip handstands in freezing cold and rain outside - that story I believe I've mentioned many a times!).

That was by far the most painful thing thats ever happened to me.

I was told to go to a doctor, let it rest, everything of that nature.

I Could barely grip!

And yet, the next day, I was back to doing pushups - fingertip ones at that.

Within a few days, and week at most (it was my birthday in a couple of days - there was no way I Wasn't getting a workout in, thumb or no thumb!) the injury that people told me would NEVER heal - that woul d"always pain in winter" - healed - and how.

Anyway ...

So that day, the chin was bleeding!

And it bled throughout my workout.

I thought of stopping.

I didnt.

Wiped the blood off on my shirt.

You can't see it in the pictures, but it's there, trust me!

And then, out there on the hill, after my Battletank Shoulders workout - right out there smack dab in the middle of Lunar New Year 2018 ...

I was working out. Losing weight by the minute. Heart thumping, pounding, hammering!

And it hit me!


Rahul, this could be a great thing!

And the rest, my friend, with a couple of friendly (although sceptical) security guards who didnt know what the foreign devil was up to - is history.

Truly one of them days it was!

And you can see the crowds looking at me as we film right out there ...

This, my friend is one of the best courses ever.

And you owe it to yourself to get it now.

Do so here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - What a trip down memory lane!! I started the day off RIGHT!

I guess this one might come across as a bit strange, but bear with me ...

As of late, especially on Pinked-In-Out, a social shedia network I'm about to leave pretty soon I think (much like I left Freakbook, and never returned), I've been seeing scores of people post news.

Some post news, and then their comments on it either way which is fine.

Either they support it, or they don't or they're in the middle. All good!

But an increasing number of people - specifically bozo expats from China it would seem are posting China news - sometimes "sort of critical" of China, but you'll notice its like a robot posting.

They post the news as if it's a computer spitting it out.

And they never post THEIR views on it.

And those that discuss, it seems they're just "watching from afar" with the "oh, I'm just putting it out there" excuse wihch is spiel so full of doo doo it STINKS to high hell and beyond, because these same people wouldn't miss an opportunity to openly Tom Tom if they got the chance (and they often do).

Hell, even the Tom Tom's at least have one side they took.

But these folks ... I get a feeling of they want to call China, or whoever out.

But they just dont have the balls or fortitude to do so.

I mean, else, why post the way they are?

Beats the very purpose of a discussion.

Even She N N and Fox-x-y news don't just "tell you the news".

There is always some sort of "discussion" on it?

An interview, a discussion, something ...

These folks are just too SCARED to say anything it seems.

Then on another note, I was seeing a post about how social she-dia these days is taking posts such as mine (with plenty of cuss words etc in it) and "filtering" so that the bare minimum of people see it, and the Tom Tomming posts get pushed up to the top, or idiotic diatribes about how "freelancers making money spend it on their annoying pooches" (I mean, a dog's a dog, but some of those damn things the Chinese and certain girls like - they resemble pink rats more than anything else with bows tied around their neck yapping all damn day long).

Give me a German Shepherd ANY DAY of the week - a REAL DOG!

And my favorite by far.

Anyway ....

Yours truly remains the same, I'm never ever scared to post my thoughts or views on anything anywhere, and if I had restrictions of that nature - I simply wouldn't post or talk about it as opposed to "talk but have no opinion" as I find that pointless.

Plenty of controversy everywhere I go. Hehe.

And I make plenty of great claims too - all can be proven!

For instance, in Advanced Hill Training I tell you that you'll probably lose X amount of kgs per workout .. or something like it.

Animal Kingdom Workouts (#2 in that series by most regards) makes a claim of "turning into a super human with the exercises and courses therein" - and again, if you do what is told - you'll turn into as close to a super human as you can get.

Some of it causes plenty of angst amongst the nutjobs that don't "do" (the claims etc).

So be it!

Never one to back down I've been, and never will be.

Anyway, we're receiving plenty of interest for the last remaining copy of Fast and Furious Fitness - Collector's Edition, so if you want in, jump now.

No, NO plans for a reprint for this one down the line!!


Rahul Mookerjee

Lets talk about this in a different manner, today, and bring up what Charles, the former friend oddly enough had to say about the Bozo Schofield saga in 2020.

Which to be honest I dont know why he got into in the first place knowing what Bozo did and my thoughts on it ...

But get into it he did anyway, which often makes me wonder until this day if he had some ulterior motives himself on it.

After all, for a person who once famously claimed to others "I was jealous of him making it in China" (which given he's a dancing monkey and claims to love the "job" is an utterly inane claim to be honest - why the hell would I be jealous of someone like that who himself said with respect to a business argument we had and his China tom tomming "I was always zero, and I'm zero now, so I didnt lose anything!" - which to me is the most loser like comment anyone could make) ...

(in short, he never made it anywhere, and never tried, so I dont know why I'd be jealous of him. I'm still  not, and still maintain he's a good persona overall).

But anyway, the Bozo.

Chuck once told me "you blocked him so I'm passing on the message".

Now, I've gone over how stupid this is before, so lets focus on the topic at hand.

My eventual and very "smackdown like response", which hasn't even started to be honest.

In 2016, I helped the Bozo and he turned around and brutally trolled me - badgered my business accquantinces who I trusted him enough then to introduce - did all he could to be a pest - pestered women - kept up on his paedophile rants - destroyed people's lives - and so forth.

With no provocation from me.

I did nothing. OK, whatever.

He continued, until he got thrown out of the Phillippines, probably put in a looney tune bin and according to Charles, didnt have a phone for a while.

In 2020, he reinstated his contact with a wimpy "I'm sorry".

He obviously wasn't. I said it.  I left it at that.

His attacks on me were so ferocious that for a while again - I did nothing.

I mean, why?

Unprovoked again, and his so called friend Charles did nothing to stop it. If anything, it seemed he was encouraging the Bozo, only bringing up HIS side of the story, which is inexplicable given what the Bozo did to HIM.

But anyway, I drew a line.

And in 2020, I attacked the Bozo back with greater severity than I ever have.

Paedophile like Bozo deserve NO mercy, apart from everything else he's done - and I'm only now starting to take names and kick ass in that regard.

He responded with?

He tried bringing my business down - he tried attacking my family - he tried doing ALL he could.

Every time he was in a bad mood, he'd attack me.

The true bully!

And then I counter attacked.

The sleeping giant woke up.

Therefore, the frenetic stream of "review" Bozo left on Amazon in 2020, which was revealed to me in a dream two nights ago.

You can tell from reading some of that he was at his wits end.

Then, he recovered.

Got even meaner.

Yours truly smacked down ever harder.

He's been not just called out, but made FAMOUS in many regards.

And as the two week hiatus continues, I have to wonder.

He's tried bringing the sites down, he's tried overwhelming internet defenses and such, and they've all failed, but I can promise you this - either online or otherwise, I WILL use force x 10000 to attack this fucker, because he's the ONE person on the planet that DESERVES IT. The only one I know!

Now, workout wise?

Same thing applies!

If you're faced with particularly stubborn fat around the waist, my friend, obliques or what not - you ATTACK x 10.

Advanced HIll Training!

Wanna really get those BARNSTORMING shoulders - then attack with workouts designed to OVERWHELM anything thrown at it in the other regard!

The compilation contains part ONE and TWO (progressionss, I should say) of the handstand pushup routines/books, I haven't put #3 in there because it's too advanced I feel.

I may down the road ...

If you REALLY want to work them lower abs?

Corrugated Core!

You hit that fat in SO MANY ways, and all so brutally that it has NO choice but to back down or else!

And that, my friend is how I live life, workout, and everything else, and in my view, so should you.

ATTACKx 1000000!

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

I was not going to write about this, my friend. I thought about doing so this morning, but I thought better not to.

Yet, I have to.

It's just ....

It's one of those situations - rare situations, but it's there - where BOTH parties have a valid viewpoint somewhere in there, there's layers and layers upon complexity and more.

The Holocaust. The Balfour Declaration a lot of people dont know about that created chaos "later down the road" and much else ...

(A lot of these "declarations" - much like the Simla Pact in India, which the Chinese never officially recognized - and led to ... TIBET! ... I gotta say, that messes things up even more).

As of now, I dont know - the only thing I hope for is PEACE.

Which of course given the contentious history between these two is not likely to happen anytime soon.

But the way it's escalating, with everything going on across the globe?

With global partners involved (and of course ... CHINA! China doesnt consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization, while they themselves subjugate their Muslim population beyond belief. IRONY - HYPOCRISY!) everywhere ... this thing could rapidly spiral out of control.

With no President Trump to broker peace like he did last year, the thing only risks getting out of hand.

Iran. China. Palestine. And of course, Israel and their supporters ...

Personally, if I were asked to mediate hypothetically speaking?

Man, it would be a TOUGH ONE!

But the things we ALL need to take a stance on -

One, known terrorist organizatins cannot be allowed to lead a country. So I think, at least.

Two, there must be PEACE.

Three, civilians must be left out of it - which is impossible, I know.

Fourth, a lot of people are talking about Israel's "inappropriate use of escalation given it's clearly the stronger one in the battle" (like a lion and deer in a cage fight).

Thing is though, if terrorists lob rockets into your populated area repeatedly, sometimes you HAVE To respond like that .

Look at the Bozo Schofield saga for one.

He's calmed down over the past few weeks.

Before that - even though I could really take it to him in all regards and probably will when I See him, I never did.

And you see how he responded.

Bullies and attackers must be brought down is my view - by any means necessary.

Liberal Biden style "wishy washiness" isn't going to solve anything.

Sometimes, you take the tough decisions.

And Hamas using kids etc as shields and claiming :they have no choice isn't exactly something I support either.

But it breaks my heart nonetheless to see the chaos on both sides, especially civilian deaths and the rapidly escalating civil war like situation in a few Israeli towns and so forth.


That is what we all want, or should want, anyway ...

Anyway, it's a complex issue.

If y'all have any thoughts on it - write back and let me know!

And that, my friend is that.

On a more peaceful note, remember this - the LAST copy of Fast and Furious Fitness - The Collector's Edition is sitting here - ready for the taking.

Oddly enough, the rest all sold out within a week.

Maybe the Universe wants me to keep this last one, hehe.

So, see how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Make love, not war? I'd say do pushups, don't fight! Hehe.

Words, my friend - make a difference!

Tony Robbins keeps saying this in his online and other "classes" i.e. they have the power to penetrate the conscious.

He keeps repeating it too, for good reason, so the Bozos "get it".

I'd go a step further and say words and the pictures they create ... penetrate DEEP DOWN to the subconscious, and what Robbins is saying is step #1 yes.

But anyway, this isn't about the subconcsious.

What I said in terms of my play on words?

Well, I said business person. Not "man or woman or third or fourth or fifth gender"

Success, brah, can be had by ANYONE if they do the right things!

If they learn from people that have been there and done that.

And not all of us "had people to learn from" - a lot of us failed miserably multiple times, still do, figure out how to do things on the fly, make tough business and financial decisions, and ... well, it's all part of the curve.

Combine the above with persistence, and you'll have a select bunch of doers who make it - in any age, era or economy.

And my favorite business person by far?

Henry Ford.

We know that.

Bootstrapped, built from the ground up, in an era where government help etc was far less liberal than it is now, a man that was instrumental in making America and it's economy a FORCE On the planet to be reckoned with - a man universally admired - a man that until 43 or so was written off completely, and so forth ...

A man whose company influenced even the Wars (in terms of the cars they built both in the US and Germany!).

But after that, we have many choices.

Steve Jobs. Donald Trump. Elon Musk. And so forth.

All illuminaries in their own right!

But I'd choose the one man most people don't talk about.

And a company most idiots love to hate.

This morning, I heard my wife complain about it again.

Or someone was, at any rate ... Hehe. Amazon is one of those companies people love to bitch about.

I cannot for the life of me understand why - if there is ONE company I will do business with, and trust over all - it's Amazon - and it's because of Bezos's policy of putting the customer first - and innovating! Until what is new is no longer "considered new" ...

As Bezos himself said, when people yawn about "a new invention" that is when you know it's an useful one!!

And when it's made an impact.

Lots of people might be surprised I won't choose Trump here, but dont get me wrong - I love Trump! Great guy, warrior, and everything, but purely business?


By far!

He has NO peer in the modern day world.


Indeed, he's on par with Ford in many ways.

Lots of people aren't well accquainted with Bezos's struggles because he doesn't wax lyrical about 'em.

Man of few words.

Maybe in future dispatches I'll cover some ...

Its there, if you can find it!

But for now, he built a business up from scratch and is now richer than Croesus - and I respect that.

No fall backs, no excuses, no help, no aid, no nothing ...


Same thing with my fitness programs, my friend.

They require you to get down to brass tacks - and DO.

They're not for sissies, wusses, pansies, Mama's boys and so forth.

You'll need to put in the work.

Be dedicated.


Do things differntly. LEarn new ways of working out and even breathing on the fly.

And many other things.

All a parallel to what you'd do in terms of becoming a successful business person.

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If you ain't checked out Pushup Central  - well, do so now - and GET the course - truly the best ever, and selling like hotcakes right now, so yes, the price WILL go UP. Get this now, my friend. The best ever!

This post is probably going to set me for a chorus of "A ................. hole!"

But thats nothing new.

So be it.


Coz, some things - -

Behold the following -

In January of this year, I had a breakdown in my mental health and admitted myself to a psychiatric ward.

It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was necessary as I had been struggling with a multitude of stressful events over the previous few months:

Moving house (twice!)
Coping with family illnesses
Overload of client work
Emotional stress
Furnishing a new flat
Managing with the pandemic restrictions
Dispute with a neighbour

With all these events, it's no wonder that it tipped me over the edge and I needed help.

With hindsight, I can see that one of the patterns I've noticed most in my life and business is my tendency to be a people pleaser.

With the help of my transformational life coach, I've begun to see myself in a new light and will be putting myself first as the number 1 person I need to be kind to.

What this means is a recalibration of my life and my priorities. I won't be chasing after validation from other people - I already am enough. I believe I have a lot to offer yet in life and it's time I took the opportunities to become the best version of me possible.

I'm looking to surround myself with people who support me in that goal.

Could you be one of those people?

Now, of course this post got a multitude of likes etc  .... and the usual "I'm soooooooooooo sorry" and "No, dahhhllllinnnnn, you're SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brave!" idiotic comments.

(Ever wondered why sometimes posts that make sense get zero engagement (seemingly, but a lot of VIEWS, so people are reading, hehe) while the wackjobs hog the attention?

In this case, she checked herself in ...

Worry not, my friend.

The bottom line counts, not appearances. Do it right, and YOU will be the one with the better, far better bottom line - but anyway, this ain't about "how to post on social media".).

To let you know as well, back in the day, I had a girlfriend who'd at the slighest hint threaten to "commit suicide" or check herself into the looney tune bin.

I remember a time in NY where I was bitching about the "hard disk" of the computer not showing up along with the damned monitor (we moved from the South to the Communist Paradise of NY State) and were in one of those "apartment style motels" and I was setting the damn compute rup for a week for whatever reason (I think we woul dtake that long to figure out our final apartment? Dont know, can't quite recall why!).

I still remember my ex getting pissed during the argument, driving off in a huff in a white rental Toyota.

"I'm going to drive this over the edge"

Not that I thought she would, but I called the good ole men in blue, and soon enough, a fine gentleman - an older guy showed up.

"I've got a daughter just like that", he grinned.

And told me to "calm down" and ...well, women will be women!

she drove back, he did the usual "calm down" thing and left.

Great guy!

As I read about the Commies in California (at an Univ no less) wanting to defund the police, and Mike Pompeo's Twitter note on it, I let my feelings be known in NO uncertain terms.

"Why does it not surprise me that the defund police shouts are loudest in the Socialist Republic of Seattle and the Communist Paradise of Californa! Then these people scream about increasing crime the next day!

What Bozos!"

(for background, apparently the leftist buffoons at the University of California felt that "campus police stressed them out due to past experience or some bullshit" ... )

Anyway, the lovely ex used to do this quite a lot, including "check herself into the looney tune bin on occasion", because, didnt you know?


For reasons that you and I would LAUGH At.

Of course, she had "mental problems" and I was insensitive.


People that don't help themselves are just LOSERS my friend. Period. Yes, there are some times when people need help - many times, but by and large, folks need to toughen up!

(not to mention, these idiots dont know how lucky they are that they can call 9-11 and someone will help 'em when they dont need it. In China, they'll LAUGH in your face. In India, they might not even answer the damn phone, hehe. In fact, the cops won't be shy about telling you that either!)

(And before the left starts - yes, I know this isn't about India, but it IS about keeping it real)

And this plague is bringing that home in more ways than one.

Anyway, these reasons ...

Moving house (twice!)

Rahul - Boo hoo! I've had to move FOUR times at one point within the period of six months in CHina, all by myself ... big friggin deal.

Coping with family illnesses

Rahul - well, checking yourself into the looney tune bin doesnt help them? It just puts YOU in a place where you can kid yourself "I'm recovering" but in reality you know you're HIDING from the probems you oughta face!

Overload of client work

Rahul - I swear, these people are idiots of the grandest order. When they dont find work, they complain. When they find "too much", they bitch about being stressed out. Or, they'll bitch about the pay. Or something.

I mean, get real!

Emotional stress

Rahul - I won't even get into THAT.

Furnishing a new flat

Rahul - Such a pity!


Rahul - My word! Christmas! How dare it!!!

Managing with the pandemic restrictions

Rahul - Honey, you don't know the first or the first LETTER of the word Restriction x 100!

Dispute with a neighbour

Rahul - Again, cry me a fucking river . . .

I gotta say - WHAT is the world coming to with these panderers running supreme everywhere . . .

I mean yes, and again, there are some cases in which people genuinely need help.

Oddly enough in those cases those same people won't get it (Bozo Schofield for one - now that boy needs some serious, serious shrink attention! Thats a tough case tho!).

But really, sac up and grow a pair is what I'd tell this lady.

Of course, that would get me nowhere in the silly woe betide me thread she started, so I'm saying it here.

Folks- man up - and do so NOW.

And workouts like I advocate will play a huge, huge role in getting you there.

Here is where you can get on 'em - 0 Excuses Fitness Products.

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, Ship membership gets YOU free access - lifetime access to everything digitally so long as your membership stays active and valid.

PPS - Not to mention this lady left out the prime thing to include in any social media post i.e. what can i do for YOU - as opposed to "you do this for me", but then again, these whinging cry babies types do - well, just that! Me, me, me! 

(Curiously enough one of the latest unsubscribes was from a me.com address, hehe).

Not to mention she starts off with "I didnt want to, but... "

Of course.

You didnt want to.

Like anyone "would want"!

Then again, she called them and got herself checked it so she did want!


Chuck made the comment about the Bozo eating all his food, making a mess, and a pest of himself (and drinking all his beer for which he got thrown out of Chuck's beer house as well in his underwear, of course) .. .

"He eats all my food, he drinks all my beer!" was the refrain.

Of course, in that case it was ... WARRANTED.

But anyway, this brings to mind something else.

I remember growing up in India, there used to be a washerwoman and their family - with a strapping young lad of about 23 or so.

My family never really liked them.

Mom used to choose another washerwoman ...

But, she often made teh following comment about dude.

"He's so big and fat! He must be eating all their food!"

Which thinking about it ...

Maybe he was a bit fat, but certainly not as obese as I got at a certain stage, and certainly NOT as obese as certain women get if you get my drift.

But anyway ... I remember thinking that was a silly comment.

I mean, dude was working - and he can't even EAT?

Then of course, years later, I often heard this from another lovely lady if you get my drift.

In a direct or indirect manner, when it was no warranted.

Blame games are what Nazi feminists love, my friend, and you should avoid them like the plague - more in the book.

But sometimes they are so ridiculous and NOT true ... that ....

I swear, if I tell you some of the nasty things I get accused of all the time, it reminds me of ...

Well, Wei Jia Jiang from CBS and President Trump.

Jiang constantly asked him questions in what even I thought was a MEAN, Nazi feminist tone!

Right down to her accusatory eyes.

And Trump rightly called her - and the media out for being hostile and told them to play nice.

Which of course, the Bozos didnt like!

Ever notice why a lot of reporters, especially those that ask SNARKY questions are female?

But anyway, women!

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, except I've perfected the art of the latter, because you live with them, and they turn into Nazi feminists (I'm sure there's SOME good women out there - I'm sure YOURS is the exception to the rule, yada, nada, schnada. I sure hope so, bro!).

B/C I ain't seen an exception to this rule in my very storied life so far!

Anyway, women!

I've had a girl in China once exhort me "not to eat rice" at night because I'll get fat.

Then I had one tell me to eat "double dinners" (way back in the day during THOSE days when I was talking about food portions in China etc, of course, if it led up to something? She'd probably swing the other way!).

it's just retarded, my friend. Retarded.

Anyway, I gotta tell you ...

The ONE course you can buy to piss the Nazi feminists off, more than all my others is Animal Kingdom Workouts.

It'll make you hungry as a horse, even more so than the rest of what I promote.

Speaking of which, I'm off to gorge on some EGGS, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'll give you TWO , or maybe ONE guess to guess whose got WEIGHT PROBLEMS, hehe.

PS #2 - But of course! You can't body shame women, but you can call MEN all the nasty names you can. I know. I know.

... but guess what, I could care less, and those names WILL be called if a woman deserves it.

I've always been a "wear his heart on his sleeve" sort of dude.

I've never been one to accept the status quo.

I've never been one to "accept" life's reverse gear - no matter what.

And perhaps it's because of all these attributes, and many more that I've had an existence (thus far) and experiences (thus far) that most wouldn't in several lifetimes.

The ups, the downs, all uncannily reminds me of my favorite author Napoleon Hill, to whose life mine seems to most closely resemble in most regards, along with Donald Trump's bar the "public part of it" and as far as I'm concerned, thats perfectly fine by me.

Both great examples!

But I've always been a yes or no guy too.

Like it or don't!

No "in between".

And what I cannot understand over the past few years, or maybe I can, is the APATHY that is slowly taking root and STRANGLING people globally.

Some countries, the people are even more apathetic than the others.

China to an extent.

India -big time. And it's getting bad in the US too in terms of people "not caring about anything".

My friend, I dont know if you've noticed this, but apathy and fear?

Was exactly how the Nazi movement took hold, and it's precisely how any dictator CONTROLS!

The people either don't care , or are too scared to speak out, or a combo therein ...

And both, to me are toxic.

Problems stay unaddressed. Progress don't happen either on a personal or other level. Nothing really "moves" or happens. (I mean, if one doesnt care, then ...)

I've been noticing this a lot with my social she-dia posts where people "stay away" because it's controversial, some of it, but the "views" etc are through the roof.

People come to my social media stuff, and say "yes, he's right".

But, for some reason, they dont feel comfortable saying just that in public despite yours truly being happy to be the nail that sticks out!

Anyway, I dont get it. Really.

If you wanna say something - say it!

And in terms of this list, though I must say this is a very responsive list - so I'll say, a few other lists I have ...

I keep telling people on another business list of mine this - if you'v ebeen on the list for more than 5 years, haven't bought a product, haven't read an email or the bare minimum, and so forth ...well, WHY are you on it?

Of course, with an especially apathetic list like that one (though the biz vertical in that case has got something to do with it), I just cull folks personally.

No sense keeping the dead wood on.

But really, I'd rather you, or anyone be more than a bump on a log when you read these emails, my friend.

If you like 'em, say so.

If you hate 'em, say so!

Same thing with reviews etc, I cannot remember the number of times I've asked people to leave reviews pro-actively, but they "forget to", or just omit it (Which is fine, I get it ... I'm not the best in terms of that either).

But I don't know, the apathy is STUNNING - especially when our freedoms are globally being taken away step by step, and NO-ONE seems to care, in some countries more so than others ...

Anyway, write back - and let me know what you think on that one!

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In terms of a "different kind of move", constipation, IBS etc - all problems I'm very familiar with myself have all shot through the roof during the current Plague. People are sitting and doing NOTHING.

I dont advocate this at all, as you know, but if you gotta sit, at least do it the way taught in Isometric and Flexibility Training.

LOTS of your problems will disappear. Try it, I'm telling ya!

PS #2 - Folks, you'll never understand the value of what you have, no matter how trifling it might seem when it;s gone. Wake up, and smell the roses - NOW!

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