I have been guilty of not doing the second,  but then again, like the great Napoleon Hill said, there is a positive to everything. Hehe. 

(and as I've always felt instinctively all my life!). 

Back when I was young, I remember a conversation my father and I once had about the now patented Rahul Mookerjee SQUAT. 

Mentioned in the first book on isometrics

It was a position my wife "punished" my daughter with yesterday - for being out of line. (big time). 

"Thats a great exer.. uh, punishment", I muttered as I walked past, trying to keep a straight face. It is! She hardly ever does it, of course - both my daughter in terms of the exercise except when it's squatting challenge with Papa and her mom - "punishing her". 

As she moaned, groaned and sat in a position which if you make it fun she can sit in for much longer than she ultimately did, I remember the excruciating punishments we got when we were young! 

A lot of those punishments could well make it to the third book on isometrics - and they probably will at some stage, along with some special isometrics I'm doing NOW. 

But back to Dad, he was once complaining about his back hurting . 

It was a common lament, especially after climbing a hill - a short one - once. 

"Never again", he'd vow. Hehe. 

But in reference to that position, apparently he sat in it for a while - not the full position - but the partial position - and his back hurt. 

I remember asking him why. 

"Well, you sit in that position", he replied. "Your back will hurt too". 


At that age, I couldn't get into that position, neither could I when my wife made me do it in 2009 - "phat phocker". 

Now, I could spend the whole day in it - easily. 

But this comment, along with a few others ... 

"Lifting pink dumbbells on each hand to "build muscle"" or whatever was told to me. 

Not lifting weights if you're not wearing underwear or you'll get "hernia". 

And other such gems I got while growing up, along with the "he thinks he's soooo strong" taunt that was common - its' no wonder my fitness journey never really took off despite my very best efforts until the age of 25, when Ann Lee, with that reproachful look in her eye literally kicked my RUMPUS into high gear. 

'nuff said on that admirable lady!

Anyway, today my back was "stiff" . 

Lots of squats last night, that 100 squat workout turned into 300, with 200 I did in the AM, that was 500 for the day. 

And more. 

So today, 50 squats, 10 pull-ups, some advanced isometrics in, I wasn't really loose. 

So I got in the squat. 

Sat there. 

Moved around. 

Felt my entire spine REALIGN. 

Slowly, I felt the energy SURGE through my entire body. 


And then I got up, started writing this to you. 

Ditto for the back bridge I explain so often in 0 Excuses Fitness, and the book on "truly the best darn exercise out there", an exercise which makes most men way past their prime "prime" feel better than anything else they have EVER - I repeat EVER - done in their lives. 

Dont believe me - I understand. 

Words are cheap eh. 

Take a look at the testimonials page before you diss, tho ... 

And these back bends are usually thought of as DANGEROUS by not just lay men but most so called "docs" out there. 

The same docs who prescribe meaningless meds and repeated hospital visits and pester/trick most women into having C sections when they dont really need one, and more ... 

The almighty dollar, eh.

Nothing is sacred. 

People dont like me saying it. 

But can anyone say it ain't true? 

Long story short - save the chiro fees, and work on the isometrics, my friend. 

You'll do yourself a favor - big time. 

Thank me later, or not - I dont mind!

"Tis my job to bring you the best - for the best - you. 

And thats what I do daily. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The third book on isometrics is writing itself as we speak, meanwhile, remember, same thing for knee pain and other ailments - IGNORE what most people tell you (and especially fitness wise too).

Friday, 06 May 2022 14:53

Back to tearing it up am I ...

Did I ever stop? Lol. 

Last night, I asked the wife about a vest (sports vest) that was for some reason hanging off - well, a piece of it has been hanging off my lat area for ages. 

It's an XXL vest - which means it billows around the midsection, and is "snug" but not too tight, so I thought - around the upper body. 

Shopping for clothes can be a bitch when you're fit too! 


But although I hadn't paid much attention to it, a small tear on the other side of the vest caught my attention. 

For a split second I thought of asking her if it could be sewn despite the hell that was likely to follow, hehe (how dare you ask me!). 

Surprisingly enough, it didnt. 

Of course, she said no. 

And of course, I'll get a new one anyway. 

But it's interesting, I'm wearing a XL vest now - and I notice another tear - this time on the left trap. 

A small tear which will no doubt increase as time passes. 

Now, normally the SHOULDERS (delts) are what used to be tight for me, not so much the traps and lats - so I bought XXL. 

But they billow around the waist, but thats fine, some do, some dont (sizes aren't standard - but when we come out with 0 Excuses Fitness T shirts, and more - which a lot of you want - believe me, I'll keep all this in mind!) - and its funny, these repeated tears around the lat and trap region for one. 

You might think I'm focusing heavily on handstand pushups and pull-ups, but compared to my 100 plus workouts before - these days, I'm on 50 - 70 normally. 

so it's not that. 

It's SQUATS and special isometrics (especially a lot of those from Volume Two I'm focusing one) 

We all know how squats kick your ass, but the latter - isometrics - is REALLY what is responsibile for the X factor here. 

Those stretches REALLY work the entire body in a way you never have before, and when you partake of the special workouts at the end of the book, let me tell you, wife or no wife, cooking or no cooking, you'll truly (if you combine it with my other fitness programs) be in the best darn shape of your life. 

Can't vouch for your clothing expenses though. Hehe. 

But, those of you that put down >$500 (a special list has the orders, this isn't going out i.e. the T shirt stuff to the regular list, but if YOU on THIS list want in, let me know) as a pre-order on the tshirts, well, your money is very well invested! 

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For BRUTAL workouts involving pull-ups and handstand pushups, check out THIS book - and THIS book. 

(Edit - I'm writing this right after one of those workouts, albeit an easy one for me, 100 squats, 20 pull-ups, 10 handstand pushups, and isometrics. it was the night workout though, so gotta go easy ONCE! Hehe.)

(Summer's here, so remember that one book I was talking about - AQUATIC Animal Kingdom Workouts - well, covid willing, I might actually do something on that front too - stay tuned!

For now, pick up the regular land version HERE - it kicks RUMPUS - period). (and it'll kick YOUR booty too - guaranteed).

Before I wade into the "Roe vs Wade" issue, pun NOT intended, Joe Biden, did you just start a "Ministry of Truth" or something like that? 

Obviously isn't named that (the WWE back in the hey day had ministries though, hehe) - but apparently its some new department set up to "counter disinformation". 

Which to me my first thought upon reading it was this - well, so can't we counter it ourselves? 

Then again, given the world has essentially turned into dumb Bozos "believing what the media throws at them - Hitler style or not - depending on what you believe", given the free for all I've been predicting for so long is finally"coming to pass" - and given thinking for yourself has never been a skill the world in general has believed in over the past decade or so, I guess Ole Sleepy Joe has some sort of a sleepy creepy point, except I dont see it. 

Those guys working there will be subject to the same pressures the media is. 

They can be paid off, bought, and more - and probably will be. 

This is basically a "Joe Biden says it so thats how it is" department. Which of course is liberals to a T. 

I woke up this morning to the news that apparently some docs were leaked out of the Supreme Court  and that Roe vs Wade will "soon" be overturned (of course, legally speaking that could take up to two months, decision could change, yada, nada, schnada, but thats the nub of it). 

I wonder if the Justices themselves aren't sure on what to say here. Hehe. 

Are they, or someone leaking this to (I mean how the fuck can Supreme Court "to be decided" cases be leaked anyway??) - wanting to see "how the public reacts", or just in general some hell raiser leaked it "to see how it goes"? 

First we have Elon Musk, someone I never liked, someone who is now the darling of a lot of "right wingers" - to me, he's always bent the way thats beneficial for HIM - true liberal - born rich etc - and given the control China will soon have over Twitter (indirectly), I'll probably be leaving that soon too. 

And now this with Biden, then the Roe vs Wade thingy. 

Let me very clear, I was never quite in support of the judgement - NOT because I am explicitly always against abortion. 

True, I dont believe abortion laws should be misused, but to me, Roe vs Wade misintrepeted the concept of "privacy" and (God knows how) expanded it to include abortion. 

While it didnt quite, as many believe give women "carte blanche" to abort anytime, anyplace - the states (some of them, like Loony California right about now that wants "enshrine protection for abortion permanently in its Consitution) did what they could to do so, or not.

Second the way "life" was interpreted in that landmark decision leaves a lot to be desired. 

But anyway legalese aside, let me start all of this with a story, as I so often do. 

In 2012, I believe, I finally did what my wife wanted me to for ages (and what I didnt) - and "got back into the grind" if you get my drift. 

I had been avoiding it for reasons I won't mention here, but reasons a lot of you know. 

She was going bonkers, nuts, insane, and well, while I'll probably offend most reading this, those with sense will understand - if you dont give it to her regularly, she goes nuts. 

Simple as that. Hehe. 

Pun intended, maybe not, no, Glyn Schofield, all the ass licking in the world doesnt substitute sometimes, as Charles said, "she needs more".

(of course, what HE himself does is another story eh). 

(one I wont discuss here). 

But so I finally did it, next day, she was feeling sick and queasy, I didnt think anything was up, but we went to the company clinic anyway. 

Uh oh. 


"Weren't you on birth control", I asked her mildly. 

Of course, somehow she chose that very month to get off it without telling me (because as she later told me, I would NEVER Have kids if it were left up to me). 

Cant say I blame me either. Hehe. 

Can't say I blame me for now ... anyway, lets get to that now. 

I was stunned. 

I had not one single time thought about having kids until then. 

Never ever. 

always a hell no. 

"Should we abort", the thought passed through my mind. 

Not so much because of the kindly Indian lady doc who brought religion into it and said "it's God's work" basically ... 

... but because, well ... every guy reading this will get it. 

For a split second, maybe more, I considered it. 

Then, as always, I made the gut choice. 

Lets do it! (my wife wasn't sure what to do at that point, whether or not she would have aborted is a different story, but she might would have). 

Hey, I dont know why I made the choice, but I'm damn glad I did!

Looking back, I guess because I've never backed away from anything in my life, so why this. Hehe. Again, I am SO glad I made the choice to go with it!

If the Universe deems it so ...

Three months later, I was nigh mortified to hear my Nazi feminist mother prattle on about "how we're not fit to be parents "ie my wife and her (but apparently Mom is herself, hehe) - when the kid was already three months "old". 

I mean sweet Jesus, what she said "but you could have aborted" - how could she even have said that at that point is beyond me. 

I never told her that, of course, because reasoning with a brick wall, only another brick wall would attempt. It might not work even then.

There is never a right time, Mom, for someone who has no inkling or clue of what real life is about, for someone that has never earned a penny, always had it handed to you on a platter, you wouldn't understand. 

(and a woman who famously made my wife (reasons not mentioned here) to go in "public transport" during the 8th month, when she could have just as easily sat in a car and gone) .. 

(and if you needed any more reasons as to why I'm truly the best person to teach you about how to not just combat, but BENEFIT from Nazi feminism... hehe). 

(really, get the book, stop putting it off, it's great!)

But anyway - my thoughts? 

I dont view this as a "one or all" decision. I DO think the States should decide it, as they do so many otheri issues, because that is what the Constitution mandates. 

And in some cases, maybe one like ours, where if someone changes their mind the next morning, well, at that point it's a bunch of cells to me, not a "human being". 

I realize most that are vehemently against abortion will disagree. 

Life is life, they say. 

It is, I'm not arguing that, but you have to mix PRACTICALITY and what the to be parents want into the mix. 

Nothing worse (for a child) than an unwanted child. I should know. Hehe. 

And a day or so into it, you're not really "killing anyone" in the true sense. 

That dont apply once the baby actually "forms", like I said, case by case basis. 

In some cases, if the woman was raped for one, then I do believe - until a certain point - it should be allowed. 

People misuse laws, so of course, what I said about the "next day" above could be misused. 

But to me, it's one ot those things that are NOT just about women's rights, dontrary to what the mainstream media morons will have you believe. 

Isnt the guy on the hook for support down the line? 

Thats one thing about my wife - despite her own Nazi feminist leanings, she's at least not fully bought into the BS (perhaps my influence has something to do with that too. hehe. How dare I say it, I know). 

I will say this though, a lot of the idiotic arguments the liberals and rainbow lunatics are propogating already - beyond belief - much like this email I sent you guys yesterday. 

End of the day, if you notice those that are succesful, they usually lean RIGHT. 

Pun intended. 

there is a reason. 

Common sense never quite goes away, does it ... 

Of course, thats my take on it. 

(the latest ont hat - apparently "Peter Thatchell", some moron who claims "all sexual activilty involving children and adults is not necessarily harmful is being invited to speak at ... uh, schools.  

Apparently its ok because some "boys" in Papue New Guinea according to this Bozo "have sex with adult warriors" as part of an initiation into manhood. 

I mean really, Peter. 

Some tribes in Africa shake penises as opposed to hands, should we do that too? Glyn Schofiel in Brum and you would make a perfect, sweet, cuddly couple.. 

I mean Jesus Jumpin' Christ on a pogo stick, leave kids, minors and animals out of it.  I write erotica, even there, in fantasy land, I'd never include them, apparently not the more rabid LBGTWQSFJR or whatever nutjobs out there).

Anyway .......... 

More than a few people have been unsubscribing from my lists as of yet due to these "views" as a certain nutjob who wrote in yesterday about the mustache email told me. 

Ok, great. 

If thats you, please leave too, no hard feelings.

For those that remain, get on the fitness train NOW by adopting the BEST damned fitness system - TODAY. 


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - I realize what I said above might not be "legalese", but I'd rather common sense and the option to THINK things through over all. 

PS #2 - If you were to ask me my thoughts on all this in a line that doesnt include the words common sense, well, I'd say the Court is doing the right thing, batting it back to the States is the way to go, as that is what the Founding Fathers wanted and intended it to be. Simple as that, after that, of course, what is not so common comes into play...

And in most cases, that is also why I say it like is - yet another reason - why I put 'myself' out there, which most people CANNOT handle - raw and unfiltered. 

Most people need to hear it like it is. 

I have lost track of the number of people who can dish it out - but when the shoe is on the other foot, they go "silent" and wont listen. 

Happened recently with my friend Ricky, when I told him a few home truths, he instantly put me on "block" on his IM - which is otherwise always open to calls (of course, no texts and audios, because he doesnt prefer it - I made an exception in his case from my own very rigid "NO calls" policy I have, but eventually that dam was bound to burst, and it did). 

Ricky will probably get over it. 

But on the list, on another business of mine, the first thing I check in the mornings when I wake up ain't necessarily the number of sales. 

It's the unsubscribes and nasty emails Iget. Hehe. 

Yes, you heard me. 

I actually enjoy these more than you'd think - reasons? 

Well, first off, they lead to more sales. 

Which in itself is a mind bender for most people, but if you know how to use peoples negativity against them - Bozo Glyn being one prime example and his alter on Amazon (after getting blocked twice) "Keith James" - but they ain't the only ones - it literally makes the cash register ring and often instantaneously - has happened to me EVERY time without fail. 

So much so that I feel JOY upon getting a negative review as well!

Not it it's logically written out or warranted, of course, that is genuine feedback, I'm referring to idiotic trolling of the nature ya'll saw in the last emai Isent you. 

Back to it though - unsubscribes, you'd think ("especially these days" I hear people saying) - people would be shit scared of them, right? 

Not really. 

I never was either, though admittedly I didnt know why I wasn't before, I just did it via gut. 

But today, if you were to ask me? 

Many people ask me why I delete people outright off my list, off my wechat, my life, everything. 

No second chances, they ask? 

Well, second chances work sometimes - there is no one size fits all, but in a biz like "dis here"? 

When people leave, it's usually because they cannot handle my brutally frank nature, they can't handle facts, they can't handle warranted criticism - and most of all, of course, they can't stomach the idea of someone selling to them daily. 

Gasp, how dare I "sell"!!!!!!! That aggressive evil, me!

But I do. 

And won't stop doing it - as far as "times are concerned", to me, it's men's thinking that shapes times, and there ain't nothing different about today than there was 10 years ago, except the BS human beings have created with their own negative thoughts, happens every few decades or so eh. HA!

Now, I suppose I could segement them into another list, send them flowery emails about "please tell me why you left" and such ... 

I'm not saying that won't work for others. 

But for me, I've found if people leave for those reasons, it's best to say bye permanently, otherwise it will keep rankling - both for them and you. 

Something better will replace it - both for you- and them. Trust me, I've seen it happen all the time!

Last, though I'm sure there are other reasons - TORPOR of any nature is something Rahul Mookerjee cannot stand, never has. 

If it's boring, ain't nothing happen, chances are nothing will sales wise or in your life either. 

I'd rather people leave a list than sit on it and do nothing. At least they're taking SOME action!

And same thing workout wise, if people get on my workouts , then decide they're too tough or whatever, writ eback saying "I'll get to it later" or so forth - in most cases, I want nothing more to do with these people, because they dont get it, and likely never will. 

Maybe an odd gem or two amongst the rabble, but thats the extent of it, I've found. 


A lot of you reading this here email have been fence sitters in terms of purchases. 

And it's time to shape up or ship out - if you're only on here for free emails, please leave - no hard feelings, my friend .

If you're a doer, by all means stay - after you PROVE yourself to be. 

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul  Mookerjee

PS - If you havent yet grabbed the world famous 0 Excuses Fitness System that is rocking people's lives and whacking them into the best damned shape of their lives, get on the train NOW.

You're missing out big time if you dont, I'll tell ya that much.

Friday, 29 April 2022 03:59

"Well, since my English is sooooo poor"

I'll always remember the time when a fat cunt driving on the wrong side of the road pulled up in front of me and claimed "I speak with a "fake accent"". 

Gotta love India, and the insecurities people have over there (which is where I was at the time). 


I remember my wife later telling me about "her own English being so poor she could barely understand what you were saying, and so of course, the attacks start". 

I remember many other things too. 

A black dude who was standing next to me as I was brushing my teeth, who once famously told me he could't understand a word of what I was saying "though I was speaking English". 

And then of course, the famous TEMB "Tyrone Eric Milakuwhat Blanks" telling me "this is pathetic! Habib Milakuwhat from India - originally - speaks English 10x times better than I ever did!" 

LOL. I've heard that over and over again all my life, but even if I hadn't ... 

Anyway, this morning I got off the phone with an idiot who I never got on the phone with over the past few years. 

He implored me "not to speak English". 

"I can't understand your English", he went in his ghetto slang drawl (which he isn't black, for those reading this. He's orignally Indian too). 


I repeated myself, apparently "he couldn't understand the words I was using", so I asked him why. 

No answer. 

So I told him the obvious, what his thought processes were, of course, that didnt go over too well. 

Then I sent him a ton of texts, but deleted them all because in his own words "he doesn't read texts, he's terrible at replying to texts", but of course, when HE Is busy, he'll text galore and expect me to reply. Hehe. 

And of course, he wants everything done on the phone because that is how he prefers. 

This my friend, is yet another one of those reasons I NEVER get on the phone unless I absolutely have to. 

The idiocy I deal with on a daily basis beggars belief - quite literally. 

From Bozos that can barely speak the language clamiing "my language skills are poor" - though credit to this Bozo, despite being asked several times, he wouldn't use that wording - to clowns that are always too busy for everything - to idiots that think they're better because their Mommy and Daddy gave them a ton of credit cards, and a business to run - into the ground - in most cases. 

Anyway, where am I going with this rant. 

I dont know, hehe. 

The "sooooooooooooooooo " part was something I picked up from a certain Gorilla Girl Sophia whose latest fad is describing guys and girls she likes as being "soooooooooo cute". Hehe. 

I give up. 

But she's pretty cute herself, I'll give her that. 

Anyway, whats the point of this rant, where I barely even explained what I was saying? 

I dont know - idiots galore. 

And it's why I prefer texts and emails over all, there are literally no excuses left in that regard. 

Alright, on with it, I've heard a lot on the 0 Excuses Fitness Videos, and I've had people tell me "they dont understand what I say in certain parts because their English is not so good" (those from non English speaking nations, or non natives, or whatever the politcally correct term is these days) ... but comments on my English. 

Come to think of it, this person that made precisely the same comment about "he didnt understand what I said" probably fits right into the same bracket despite immigrating to the USA at the age of 4, despite being handed his citizenship on a platter almost, ah well, what can I say ... 


English "Winglish", I believe was the name of an Indian movie they once made, and the insecurities Indians in general have about the language and the colonial hangovers, and "if the British whites spoke it, it must be something to aspire to". 

More BS I dont subscribe to in terms of skin color and that crap. 

Of course, try explaining that to the vast majority of fools out there. 

I give up. 

I'll stick to what I'm damn good at - writing emails in English, communicating in general - and part of the reason people "cant understand me" more and more is the more you write, the better you communicate - and THINK. 

And when your thinking is 10x the level higher than the average Bozo, no wonder he wont understand a word of what you're saying. 

Back to fitness. 

The 0 Excuses Fitness System is by far the most effective and best out there - proof in the pudding. 

And if you AIN'T (emphasis on aint, hehe, as Dr Kolibal once said in class) got it as yet, you're missing out. 

Back soon! 


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 26 April 2022 09:48

Flowing isometrics, and more ...

Back in 2010 when I created this site, there was neither the amount of interest there is in isometrics NOW - nor did I ever know I'd be writing and selling ANYTHING beyond Fast and Furious Fitness (currently the Collector's Edition) - nor did I ever think of anything like that in my wildest dreams. 

I was just happy to make a $9.99 sale on the internet!

Much like Major General Michael, the "I could eat a couple of Lieutenants for lunch" friend I've so often referred to - when he first sold a copy of "Star Trek" online - he was just happy to have sold online!

Indeed, that was the price point at which I initially released Gorilla Grip, of course, it attracted price shoppers almost instantly - but I, to my credit, learned my lesson very quickly indeed (something I already knew, but had not practised). 

Today as I sit here with books being translated globally, in different languages, and my books on isometrics nigh popular like NO others - I just noticed something. 

In 2010, I created "tags" for this site, isometrics was one of them - despit eme not knowing or having much interest in the same back then!

Truly living in the flow I am - always am, and always will be. 

It isn't so much about writing vague numbers and "divine guidance" on forearms and touching the floor and saying thank you like my lovely (or not) significant other does - though I Suppose belief can be anything!

Indeed, chains, amulets and so forth. 

To me, it's been about the subconscious mind. 

Something I'd like to tell my wife, but probably won't - and somethign all the idiotic so called "here today gone tomorrow" guru shuru she follows will never tell her, that being the subconscious works in its own ways, it only works if you're patient enough to let it, if you REALLY want it (not "just want it" =- those that DO and know will KNOW what I mean here). 

Perhaps most importantly, it brings to frutition that which you want the MOST. 

No exceptions to this rule, most people dont get it, most self help gurus dont either, if they do, they dont tell you (so they can keep fleecing the sheep with stuff that doesnt work). (so they keep coming back for more). 


In the flow describes my isometric workouts perfectly. 

Now dont get me wrong, ALL The workouts in ALL my books are unique, and all flow together - i.e. the exercises go together, the combos are unique and they go togethter and benefit you that way too - but nothing encapsulates "flow" better than isometrics. 

I ain't even talking feeling. 

Though thats part of it, the LAST thing you want to do after hard workouts is jump back into another tomorrow or this evening, isometrics gets you in the flow there too!

I just did a mini isometric workout - to loosen up my stiff uppper body, exhausted legs and hamstrings, groin - and the calves. 

I flowed from one position to another - NO breaks. 

At the end of 5 minutes, not only did I feel like I got a workout in, but I Wanted to write this to you before my "ball buster" (no, not the Glyn Schofield sort) workouts. 

Or workout. 

THAT is really what if I had to put my finger on it - THAT is the benefit amongst all the other GREAT benefits in the book - that I'd like to bring to YOU - in my two books on isometrics, and I have. 

Feeling great, yes. 

FEeling on top of the world , yes. 

Attracting what you want, get rid of stomach issues, yada, nada, schnada, all explained on the sales pages for both. 

But most of all, it allows you to actively recover from those hard brutal workouts we all love so!

And that is what I wanted to talk to you about. 

back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For those of you that have expressed interest in these books, there is a COMPILATION out there for you too! 

I still remember my mother taunting me about my pronounciation of the word "online". 

As in "awwww-nline", truly Southern style! Hehe. 

Hey, Mom. 

I still remember standing next to a black dude at the age of 17 (our R.A.) - and I was speaking ENGLISH. 

He couldn't understand a word of what I Said. 

Sometimes, the inner chameleon emerges - actually, it's always there. shortly thereafter, they started calling me a redneck. Hehe. Such as it is!

Anyway - that bit aside. 

I've always loved online. Doing things online. I've always ... ah, I digress yet again. 

this morning, on a call with my friend Ricky - he said this. 

"Oh, so you've written Fast and Furious Fitness" .

At first, I didnt get it. 

I mean, I got the name of the book, but I wasn't aware he was interested enough to Google me. Hehe. 

Which he did, but he was doing it on the dumbphone, therefore the long list of books I've written (under Rahul Mookerjee) wasn't showing, it was just showing up in chronological order in the Google search results, being this book was written in 2010, well... (or was it 11? Hehe). 

Anyway - that got me thinking. Lots of trips down memory lane, including plenty in China. Some savory, some not, the whole shebang as it were. 

We'll get into that later. 

But another reaosn I love having everything online? 

Another reason that when I FIRST Started in this biz, with nary a single sale to my name, I flouted "commonly dispensed" advice about "you need to have paperbacks on the site too!" - and never had 'em. 

Dont get me wrong, they're damn important, but online is what I had when I started, and it still makes up the vast majority of sales (although there's a lot you guys out there like me that love paperbacks and hardcovers too!). 

More than this gut decision (all of mine tend to be that) - what really validates it, and if you look at what is going on in the world NOW (and really, all this was coming - I saw it coming for years, as I keep saying in my emails) - online survives. 

If a physical store is burned down to the ground, sure, you can and do rebuild it. 

But online is better in that somewhere, someplace, on some server, it will be there, you just gotta get it back up again - and truth be told, with what Amazon etc are quietly doing, but NOT making public - data is all going to be floating in space eventually, and that day might come sooner than people think/believe it to be true. 

As I told my buddy this morning, who was talking about Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter etc. 

(more accurately, Musk buying up a ton of shares, then Twitter putting more out there to avoid "rogue takeovers" if I've got it right) 

"I dont like Musk, Zuckerberg or any of them". 

I like one person, I told him. 

He couldn't guess which. 

So I told him. 

Jeff Bezos, my friend, is the REAL businessman, and anyone with a brain looking at how Amazon has been structured all those years ago - will understand this fact. 

Anyway, data floating around in space means it can't be easily destroyed, if it is, well, space is plenty big for everyone - for now at least. Hehe. 

But really, waking up in the morning, sitting down to a cup of green tea, seeing sales made as the world "goes about" - nothing better than that. 

So thats another reason. 

As if I need any more. Hehe. 

Anyway ..................... 

Remember, the best damn fitness system out there is waiting for YOU, my friend. 

You just need to make the digital leap from "on the fence" to doer - for those of you still on the fence - get to it NOW

And the rest of you, well, we have plenty to choose from here

Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

In Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - within weeks! - I give you several exercises that will take you a long, long time to work up to; let alone start to get good at. 

These exercises much like the "swami pull-up" - which is unlike any other you've seen out there, anywhere (much like most of my stuff, if not all) - might seem nigh undoable at the start - but they're not. 

Proof is in the pudding, me doing them, so can YOU. Eventually. 

In Battletank Shoulders, while the exercises themselves are a bit easier (though not "easy" per se), the workouts might seem almost undoable, or as Charles Mitchell a long time customer once famously said "I can't see how anyone doing these workouts isn't at least 70% Gorilla!". 

He's right, and it sparked the next progression in the series - "Profound 70% GORILLA 30% Human handstands". 

All this might seem tough. 

But there's far more tough stuff out there - including, but not limited to muscle ups (people ask me all the time about these) - - advanced gymnastic movements (that make the muscle up look easy peasy) - one legged and one armed workouts - and more. 

But for the most part, although I can do one legged pushups, squats, and pull-ups, for instane, do you see me tom tomming my ability to do them?

For instance, while writing this post, I just dropped down and did 8 one arm pushups on one hand, then the other - something I haven't done since last year, I believe. 

Much like what I did yesterday, hehe - "Professor Rahul", as some saw on Instagram was forced to shave off that infamous stubble "bad man stubble" as some call it, hehe - because my electric razor gave up in the middle of shaving, and of course, we all know what happens when one side of your face is shaven, the other not even started on. LOL. 

So, I had no choice but to shave fully - which was something I believe my face last saw a razor sometime around Chinese New year 2019. Hehe. 

Maybe the hair will go too someday!

Anyway - point is this. 

Neither do I do these extreme exercises all the time - my workhorses are what I tell YOU to do. 

One arm pushups and squats may look great, the reality though is this - very few people can even do 'em - or do 'em in reps high enough for it to really make a difference, and you focus SO much on form in these that the workout part gets neglected. 

Second, they're not exactly the most "natural of things" - for the most part, you use your WHOLE body to move, not just one arm or one limb, right? 

That don't mean they're not tough, that they dont build strength, stamina and endurance. 

In Squat 101, you will see the one legged squat. 

But, it won't take up much of the book either. It'll BE there, but the other versions of the squat on two legs will take priority and precedence. 

Point also is this, I might be able to do 'em but for you, you might be at a level where you can only barely even do a pushup, for instance. 

Or getting through 50 squats might be a challenge. 

If you're at that level, or even intermediate, the last thing you need is a coach or teacher primping and preening, showing off his "muscles or ability or both" to do extreme stuff ... 

What you need even when you're an expert and advanced - is to keep focusing on the basics, my friend. 

Those basics are what I stick by still, what YOU need to stick by as well the rest of your life. The advanced stuff is great, but most of it is good as a TEST - not a regular workout, but to see the results of your hard work. 

You'll understand this the day you knock off your first one arm pushup after months of 150/day ... 

And so forth. 

Anyway, thats why (and yes, muscle-ups, advanced bridging, gymnastics, plyometrics, all very much still in the works). 

Lots to do, my friend. 

For now, for you - pick up a product right HERE. There's more than enough to choose from!


Rahul Mookerjee

At least not with those of us that have some, you know, BRAINS (which are admittedly very rare these days). 

Received the following in my inbox today - 



Is it possible for me to submit an article for your website on the following topic: Should You Buy a Starter Home Before Buying Your Dream Home?


In many places, home prices are high, but interest rates are still low. Many first-time homebuyers are left thinking if they should buy a more affordable home now and improve later, or if they should go ahead and invest in their permanent home, knowing they'll be there for many years to come.


To assist your site readers in making the best selection for their finances and life situations, I will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of these options in my post.


Is this an appropriate topic for your website?


All the best,

Suzie Wilson

s_wilson "at" bozo dot com.

(I wonder if I should buy the bozo.com domain, hehe). Just checked - it's taken!

Now, I've made my feelings clear on this tripe before - people "bulk spamming" their emails out - basically doing what an old I.T. company I once worked at did i.e. throw shit against the wall, see what/if sticks. 

They claimed to have success with this as well ... 

(it was THIS company). 

But that was a different time and there were still some people buying into the snake oil of SEO or whatever these guys were promoting (I believe it was data entry services etc as well) - didn't quite work for web development (which as you can tell from the book above was what yours truly did for them resoundingly well in terms of sales) because those guys tended to be the one with brains (and more money as well, hehe). 

Plus, this idiotic question "is it appropriate". 


Sometimes I think I should start a "how to find housing for seniors" website. 

Im sure I'd be an instant hit judging by the number of fools that want me to promote  this crap on what is clearly a FITNESS WEBSITE!


I'll stick to fitness for seniors, juniors, real men, real Bozos, trannies, Glyn Schofields and so on and so forth. 

Without a one size fits all approach. 

You know, this applies to fitness too. 

People do the same thing in terms of fitness. 

One day theyll try this, the next day that, the third day something else, the fourth day they dont get results, the fifth day they're "tired and depressed", the sixth day some wacko on social media "charges them up and they're ready to go again", and then they crash again on the 7th. 

Thats what happens when you "throw shit against the wall and see if it sticks", end of the day shit - or spam - or rubbish - is just that, crap. 

Same thing Miss Wong- or Wilson - or whatever the fuck her name is is doing, she's essentially prostituting her services (w.r.t home buying or what not) online. I wouldnt be surprised if she's spamming photos of herself too on whichever site it is she is promoting, I did not do her the courtesy of a click through. 

What the vast majority of people do "hope someone will notice me!". 

They never will with that mentality. 

Or, they may notice shit ... 

And back to fitness, if someone tries what I said above, doesnt stick to any one proven routine, doesnt stick to following advice from someone whose been in the trenches, been there, done that - a real visionary as opposed to some moronic astro- "shastro" - influencer on social shedia raking in the big bucks "here today, gone tomorrow", then your fitness results will be shit too. 

It ain't about throwing a routine against the wall and seeing if it sticks. 

It's about giving it a good solid go. 

It's about persisting with it. 

It's about WORKING at it. 

It's about workign through the tough days, the boring days, the days you wanna just pull you fucking hair out ... 

And if you dont have those days, you ain't "real" (you wouldn't believe how many people claim "oh, all is always hunky dory" on social shedia and so forth). 

Had an idiot pester me for free English lessons the other day - and I ranted on social media about it. 

A certain gentleman who once called my exercises "faggotty yoga" wrote back saying "teach Fucking English? That sounds like fun! Normal English, forget that trash!". 

Sometimes, the desperation shines through doesn't it. 

And I'm out. 

Be sure and pick up the time tested, RESULTS producing 0 Excuses Fitness System NOW. 

No it ain't cheap, it never will be, and its for the DOERS. And it's worth every goddamn penny you pay for it, and then some. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 10 April 2022 10:07

Ignore Central

Ignoring something is a skill a lot of us have - unfortunately for most, they end up ignoring the WRONG things altogether. 


Their health and fitness

Lifewise, their own dreams and asprations (dont get me wrong, this doesn't mean you go "me, me", me" all the time, but when your own desires and needs are usually always cast by the wayside for other so called important reasons which usually include what OTHER PEOPLE WANT for you, and not what YOU want - then it's BS, plain and simple)... 

And more. 

Now, today I'll talk about what you - and when you should - ignore 

One prime example, when you have peopel in your life - helpful, perhaps, "friends", perhaps -but they all do it "according to their own needs and desires". 

I've lost track of the number of times in the past I've asked for help in the past and have had it thrown back in my face in the form of "well, we did this for you, so you do this for us". 

Rarely, if ever - I cannot recall one single time where I have ever gotten, either when I asked, or didnt ask - help without "strings attached". 

Maybe y'all have, some of you, I dont know, but in the grand scheme of things, I have found it to be as rare as pearls from an oyster. 

Now, when people irritate you - it's always gotta be THEIR Way, and never yours? 

And when these same people understand the logic behind what YOU are saying about it being disrespectful, about how YOU FEEL about it - but CHOOSE to ignore it and continue on in their own merry manner, you've got two choices. 

One, try and reason with them for the nth time. 

It'll usually go nowhere. Either they'll say "whatever" and do the same thing again - or they'll try and twist the point around to some sort of BS argument about "I did this for you, not me". 

Or some such nonsense .


Ignoring is something that drives people NUTS. 

Believe me. 

And if you do it right, it's one KEY weapon against Nazi feminists - and women in general when theyre acting up (which they usually often do for no reason). 

It's one of the keys I've explained in great detail in the book on COMBATING - and PROFITING from Nazi feminism, which is a book you really must get my friend - a lot of you are in the same situation, so you know what I'm talking about. (same situation as what I mentioned above in terms of life, women etc). 

It's also how you drive trolls like Bozo Schofield nuts - to the point they literally turn themsleves into caricatures of women to get your attention (that is what Bozo is doing nowadays, believe it or not "Ma'am I want to be woman SO BAD" is his new pester central trick). 

That is something which will be detailed i.e. how to properly ignore trolls (if you just ignore, it wont work, you have to ignore in a manner that WORKS) in an upcoming book Profit trolll where the Bozo and his cohorts will feature heavily. 

Trust me, you'll WANT to grab that one when it does come out. 

Other than that, ignore is also a great way to work up to cutting idiots and morons out of your life... 

And if you're scared "nothing else will come along" - believe you me, it will. One door closes, the other opens, I've seen it happen all the freaking time... 

OK, I'll have more on this in the future. 

For now, remember NOT to ignore your health and fitness - without either one of those two, I dont care what else you got, you ain't got nothing without health and fitness, period. 

When it's all taken away from you - house, car, degree, salary, or what not - can YOU stand on your own two feet? 

I've posed this question often. 

People ridculed me, scoffed at it, not so much THESE days. 


Be sure to get a jump start on your fitness by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System - not today, but RIGHT NOW. 

Yes, RIGHT - NOW. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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