Wednesday, 08 December 2021 08:27

10 reasons YOU should start doing dips - NOW.

... If you aren't already doing this great exercise, that is! 

Back in the day, when I built - and wrote - Battletank Shoulders - dips were a huge, huge mainstay of my fitness routine, my friend. 

I remember Marc the African Silverback Gorilla, himself no weakling - whose arms were literally quivering like a maple leaf in the Toronto breeze on his first dip "in the up position - he couldn't go down - too stiff" - telling me as I was knocking sets of 20 out easy peasy "lemon squeezy". 

"You should do 'em like th eRock, with extra weight attached!" 

True, the Rock does them too. 

and I could have titiled this email "build a chest like the Rock's!"  - by doing dips. And hype it that way. 

Truth is, the Rock and his build - well, you'll need solid genetics to get THAT big for one!

Second, probably anabolic steriods - third, you'll need to be a wrassler, fourth, they just grow 'em big there in Samoa! 

Rather than trying to get bloat - you should focus on getting BIG AND STRONG - while LEANING OUT - and staying that way. 

Which is what Battletank Shoulders and all my other great courses emphasize. 

Shoulders like Boulders too! 

In that course, I give you a secret exercise - oft ignored that PREPS you for doing the almighty handstand pushup (or the handstand, in case the pushup is a step too far) ... an exercise that preps yo ufor it QUICKER than the other exercises I've given you in the supplementary section. 

Yet, people tend to ignore it. 

Big mistake, my friend. 

That exercise is DIPS. 

And without further ado, here are the 10 reasons you should be including this magnificent exercise in your routine (and note, I'm writing this for YOU, the fitness enthusiast, not the boobybuilders). (though it might give them a good kick up the rumpus too). 

One, virtually no other exercise for the upper body addresses weak triceps - that issue I wrote about yesterday - quicker than dips. 

True, pushups do it - but end of the day, you're still supporting 75% of your bodyweight on your arms for the most part (unless you're doing handstand pushups or handstands). 

Dips, by their very nature strengthen the triceps and the entire upper body far more - and far quicker. 

Following from all of the above ... 

Two, they're known as (and I call them) the upper body equivalent of the SQUAT not just for that reason - but because if pull-ups are the big dog for back - dips are no slouch in that area either. 

Done right, with proper form as I teach you in Shoulders like Boulders - you'll feel a burn along the entire upper - and MIDDLE - back and between the shoulder blades in a way even pushups cannot give you - and you'll build THICK lats that will be the envy of all (human) barndoors if you do this exercise right and regularly. 

Third, its far easier to progress up to high reps with dips - as opposed to pull-ups. You "big guys" will notiec that while there is no excuse for being fat - you bigger guys will be able to progress in dips a lot faster than in pull-ups - and build the strength required for them (pull-ups) as well. 

Fourth, dips by their very nature are GREAT for the grip. Simply great - pushups are too, but not everyone is that into fingertip pushups - though you should be - and dips done on thick bars as I do - strengthen the grip - BEYOND BELIEF. 

Fifth, it's easier to add weight on. 

And big guys? 

Just look at the picture of Big Doug on the Shoulders like Boulders! page doing dips - at 300 plus lbs - on dipping bars!

Talk about BALANCE, co-ordination, and pure utter STRENGTH - brute GORILLA strength! 

Trust me, when you get to that level, you'll be writing a book on dips yourself - and telling ME about the benefits!

Sixth, following on from 5... 

Dips are easier on the fingers and wrists. And CALLUSES too, for those of you with calluses from doing pull-ups that bust open all the time. Hehe. 

But they're much easier on the wrist joints than fingertip pushups for one ... 

Seventh, dips work the upper ab area and core in general heavily. 

Eigth, because of the sheer amount of chest work and upper body in general involved - dips done in high reps cause your body to release tons of HGH - couple with pull-ups, and there's the muscle building formula any gym goer would be more than glad to "load up on!" 

Ninth - dips lend themselves great to virtually any workout routine - both push and pull. 

You can do pushups and dips all day, or pull-ups and dips - or squats and dips. They're one of those exercises that go no matter what! 

And tenth, of course, chest strength, mass and size - few exercises build the chest as quick - and bulky - as dips do! 

Well, my friend, I'm sure I could think of 10 more reasons to tell you, but these will suffice for now. 

And no, the only reason I'm writing this email to you is not to tell you all the above, though there's nothing wrong if I were to do that either. 

I'm telling you - asking you - this QUESTION. 

What I teach you about dips in Shoulders like Boulders! barely scratches the tip of the very pointy iceberg in terms of dips 

Barely, my friend. 

There is a whole another world to them - and whether you're interested in working up to 50 reps per set on these - or doing handstands on dipping bars - DO YOU want an advanced course - or a course dedicated to dips alone? 

Let me tell you , if brute upper body strength is your thang, then combine with Battletank Shoulders and Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, and you will GET it in spades - and then some 

It will be a great, great course much like the course (advanced) on bridging I'm halfway through right now - but I am only, I repeat, ONLY going to put it out if there is enough interest. 

I'm getting sick of asking over and over again and not hearing back - so please, if there is interest, let me know. 

No, It ain't gonna be "cheap". 

But oh boy, will it be worth it, trust me on this one. 

Alrighty, my friend - thats it for now. 

Let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oh, for BRUTE animal like strength- don't forget Animal Kingdom Workouts either! 

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Thank you! 


Rahul Mookerjee

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Oh, and before I FORGET -

A quick question I gotta ask - with all the whinging and "sqawking" about prices as of late ... (and no, not ALL of you getting this email have been doing that, but a sizeable portion has, as you can tell from the last email I sent out on Bozo Flix) ... 

It beggars the imagination - a lot of these people have not signed up for the Ship - and they have NOT partaken of any of the offers we have going on, despite them being REAL discounts, real offers ... 

Some are tyre kickers and Bozos in general, and thats fine. 

But for the rest of you - WHAT is the reason??

A LOT of you have not taken advantage of the offers, left reviews, or done much at all to be honest. 

Friend, 'm not sure whats going on, but this is highly unlike you. 

So do write back, let me know... 

We'll listen, as always! 🍻

I read this a while back, and to be honest it ain't surprising. 

Not because of Trumps "secret ingredient" that he apparently had delivered to the hospital while hospitalized with COVID19. 

But because of his well documented love for it anyway - remember the "button" on the Oval Office desk in the White House? Hehe - and because people are looking for ANYTHING to make a fuss about these days. 

I m ean geez, Diet Coke and Mickey D's or fast food in general ain't the healthiest, but sometimes, you gotta let a man do what he wants to do!

I mean, kids do it all the time, it's even worse for them and the world in general pampers them - when it should be the opposite in this regard, so why make such a fuss about Trump having Mickey D's delivered the hospital or what not when in bed with COVID? 

I know when I have a cold - the LAST thing I want to do is eat healthy (although I do, but I dont want to). 

I suspect most people are the same - and its the sam when drinking beer as well. 

Although I dont give in - though I Could - given my Eat More - Weigh Less techniques ... I dont blame Trump for his love of Diet Coke and such. 

Hey, his choice!

But really - fast food being the cleanest? 

So claimed Trump apparently, I dont think Trump's that batty though, I beleive thats another hachet job they're trying to do on him. 

Now, his "fear of being poisoned" - that I can sort of understand, with his haters being legion ... 

Donald Trump had McDonald's delivered to the hospital while he was being treated for COVID-19, reports say | Business Insider India  - More here. 

Personally, all too much ado over nothing, my first thought upon reading it - SO WHAT!

But anyway .... takeaways from this for you (pun not intended, and intended) - 

One, fast food restaurants in general unless they're Mom and Pop joints ain't exactly the cleanest out there. 

They sure ain't the healthiest - they're the polar opposite. 

Not only do they pack on the LARD - they also make you CONSTIPATED, and when you go - you'll be blowing out fumes worse than a skunk on speed x 100. 

True that, that last bit. 

I know, nasty. 

But true. 

Like gas bombs, almost ... 

And there's a host of other horrible things they do to your body - and the meat usually is mixed with tons of soy. 

True example of "make it taste yummy" - while making it as cheap and unhealthy and unhygenic to produce. 

Sorry, Micky D's - KFC is EVEN WORSE in my opinion!

I'd rather a REAL burger, like the ones I had down south near the beach in Biloxi , or on the way there I believe. 

"Granny's cooking" basically that was, little old lady cooking them burgers - damn, that was REAL beef, real meat, fries were real too!

THAT is real food, or fast food (the real stuff). 

And Diet Coke, dont even get me started - it's even worse than the regular stuff, if just because of the marketing. 

It can corrode car engines if you pour it on them, so just imagine what it does to your insides. 

(true fact, look it up if you do not believe me). 

Anyway .............

I revamped my products page today, and put Eat More Weigh LEss at the very top. 

And that book contains so many MINDBLOWING, PATHBREAKING secrets to truly gorging more on the most unhealthy crap ever and losing oodles of weight per workout WITH PROOF - that you really need to pick it up now. 

Dallying around ain't gonna work on this one, friend. Simple as that. Therefore, it's now UP TOP. (on the page). 

And while it doesn't have diet secrets or tips? 

It doesnt NEED to. 

But if you truly want to get in super shape, combine it with what I say in the Simple and Effective Diet, my friend. 

(which is gratis with a digital download of the 0 Excuses Fitness System). 

Watch the weight literally FLY OFF!!!

And go NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No delays on ths one, please. Go - NOW!

PS #2 - Also, if you're looking for real and healthy recipes - HEALTHY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!! - go HERE -  Dish Delicious

Trust me on ths one!

Thursday, 02 December 2021 03:33

Converting defeat - to VICTORY!

Believe it or not, some of the greatest, most succesful and deepest motivators need support too. 

Oddly enough or maybe  not, the people closest to them hate them the most - closely followed by the legions of trolls eagerly hanging on to their every word, thought, action ... hehe. 

Which is fine. 

As Jeff Bezos once said, 

"You gotta be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time to be an entrepreneur". 

Bezos put it in his own manner. 

I'd say it differently! 

I'd say "the bozos that understand all, but pretend not to". Hehe. 

But anyway ... here are a couple of quotes - old time quotes - NO videos, no inanities, just quotes - that have picked me from the depths of darkness - yes, I've been there too! - when I most needed it in the past, when no-one was there for me - when the whole world was against me - or so it felt - when NO-one had faith in me (a lot still dont, and I love it!) ... when people called me an idiot for doing ebooks instead of paperbacks, when people called me stupid for daring to start a biz, and so much more. 

Edison, with his famous quote on the problem most men have is GIVING up too soon. Most men when they reach the point of giving up do not realize just how close they are to success when they do give up - as it told in the great book "Three Feet from Gold" by Napoleon Hill, I believe. 

Or, the HIll quote. 

"No man who has achieved anything worthwhile has done so without at one time or the other, having one foot hanging WELL over the brink of failure". 

In the modern day, perhaps the Bezos quote of "never give up on your goal no matter how hard it gets". 

I know all this myself, of course. 

But sometimes, it pays - and helps - to read - the greats!

Precious few people DO though. 

Anyhow, why do I say this. 

Because last night, I watched one of those Amazon Prime movies - something about "dark side of life in Mumbai". 

A run of the mill movie, fairly so, but I love Kay Kay Menon - one of the actors in it - along with Emraan Hashmi, one of my favorite actors and one who unlike Hashmi doesn't seem to quite get the dues that should be given him. 

It's about six couples (I think) in Mumbai, all going through dire, tough times - the toughest - this was pre covid obviously - and how they handle it. 

One couple, hemmed in by financial woes all around them, contemplates suicide. They even get the pills to do it!

"Easy to find the illegal stuff", laughs the husband when asked by his wife if he "got the goods". 

Since it's their last night, they eat up, drink up - they even give the delivery boy a ton of change (like three spare meals) because he didnt have change, and told him to keep their phone too, they wouldn't need it!

They have it out with their rude landlord, they tell their old bosses to piss off, and so much more. 

All the hidden feelings - animosities - they get it all out!

End of the night, they discover living life "carefree and fear free" wasn't so bad after all. 

They never do commit suicide. 

Then, there are others that do. 

Some survive, like a young boy who was homeless in Mumbai, falls in love with a girl that takes him home, introduces him to an old "Uncle" who sort of adopts him, the story goes on and on until the girl OD's on drugs, the guy is devastated, commits suicide, survives, six months later, he's a succesful singer...

And many others. 

Including an impotent (apparently) cop - and the barbs he gets from his girlfriend on a daily basis. 

"You forgot the bullets!" 

"Your lock is permanently jammed!" 

Glyn Bozo of course would have a field day listening to all of that, but I was thinking, what if the GIRL had a problem - do we ever talk about that - and if the guy dared to say half of what the girl was?  

He'd be labled abusive in an instant, whereas the girl gets away scot free? 

"No fair". 

But anyway, cop dies heroically in the end - saving another damsel from a terror attack. 

And his woman at home is devastated and distraught, but thats a lesson unto itself. 

Words hurt and matter - whether or not people admit it or not. 

ALWAYS be careful what you tell the other person, my friend. 

As Napoleon Hill said, your words can plant the seeds of either success - or the OPPOSITE - in other people's minds - subconsciously. 

Some times, like in Glyn's case for instance, harsh words cannot be avoided, but in most cases, its best to do what HIll says ie write the words out either on the beach - right before high tide - or, on a sheet of paper which you then burn up later. 

Anyway .............

The movie, and the reasons for "ending it all" - were to me, frankly - LAUGHABLE. 

But then again, I've been through a LOT. 

Which is why people call me incaring (un) - and insensitive when I nigh on tell them that their problems are nothing in the grand scheme of things. 

Believe me, I've seen it all - and BEEN through dark times like no-one else has - or precious few have. 

And believe me, living to fight another day is what it's all about. 

As the old man in the movie said (my favorite) "even sculptures weren't made without hemming away at stone. Nothing good comes easy!" 

Those old men, people in that age group as I keep saying are really the ones that have it spot on, that I identify with - ever since I was young, for whatever reason, I've always had "older friends" and so forth. 

My Mom hated it "why can't you hang out with your own age group". 

Gee, Mom, like it matters.  

But anyway, living to fight another day, to keep the good fight going - and to convert that defeat into victory through sheer and utter persistence - THAT is what life is all about ultimately. 

I dont know why I saw fit to say this now ... but I did. 

Maybe it'll help some of you going through dark times right about now. Maybe it'll provide a spark of cheer to those that have "given up". I dont know, maybe someone will read these words, and feel uplifted!

As Emerson said, if even ONE person feels that way - I've done my job - regardless of sales or not. 


Being grateful is something we often forget. 

Often, my friend. 

And its probably the best time to tell you to be grateful - again - for what you DO have - and not focus so much on what you DON'T have. 

I know I'm grateful to all of y'all on here, and I'll keep doing all I can in this regard for as long as I live. (on the physical plane). 

Because I know lots of you LOVE my daily dispatches, it makes your day ... 

And that makes mine too!

I'm grateful, and thats what it's about! 

Chin up - shoulders BACK!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Fitness wise, remember, you HAVE To be in top shape to "vibrate" at the highest levels and ultimately attract GOOD to you no matter what. 

THIS is the fitness system that will DO it. 

Tuesday, 30 November 2021 05:39

Should I be a movie star?

Well, well, well! 

The "you look like a movie star" rears its not so ugly head again. Hehe.

Jesus, TV personalities, Habib - I cannot think of ONE thing I have not been compared to. Or person! Or "personality!" 

Ironman. Triathlete. All has been said about me - even "swimming champ" back in college (when I was doing breaststroke in anything BUT the "right form" (of course, being what I was doing was survival oriented, the vibe snuck through!). 

Anyway, y'al know that. 

So yesterday, dude #1 - on the phone guy, you know? 

I saw him from a distance first, he raised his hand later to "acknowledge me" (remember, he was on the video". 

"So, how's it going" I boomed, walking up to him. 

I thought it was a normal tone of voice. 

"Rahul, you should be in movies!" the guy responded with. 

I laughed, and told him of the movie star comments. 

"Maybe not a star", he went. "But your voice, perfectly suited for movies!" 

That reminded me of my what my "wife" told me when dating. 

"No Director would pass up on the opportunity to hire you!" 

She was probably right too. 

They both probably dont know the hell I'd raise on a movie set though! Hehe. 

I'd probably enjoy the ladies ... 

But it does bring up an interesting point. 

I dont know what dude's perception of "star" is. 

But I do know, for me, and this has always been a strength for me along with my "chameleon" abilities - is the knack to "treat all people equally". 

I dont care if you're a movie star, jobless guy, a cranky "Aunty" or what not - I'll talk to you the same way. 

I'm polite and deferent when need be - to ALL. 

And I rip ass - when need to be - to ALL. 

And this is one reason I can connect so well with people across all spectrums, my friend, regardless of  language, culture etc. 

Now, movies - I watch plenty (oddly enough, despite my utter dislike of videos). 

But, catch. 

I ONLY watch the sort of movies that mirror the sort of lifestyle I HAVE - or would like to have (if there is such a thing!). 

If you thought "action, plenty of beer, hot women, and PROPER workouts and bodies toned by the same" - you got it spot on. 

And I dont think "those are movie stars, wow!"

Growing up and sometimes even now, I'll imagine myself in those situations - either consciously - or not. 

I could do a damn fine job of being a movie star if I wanted to. Hehe. Or anything I wanted to. 

But for now, we'll stick to being a caveman ... 

And sending out notices about sales that a lot of you have taken action on - and some still haven't. 

To the latter category, I dont know what you are WAITING FOR?

And that, friend is that. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee 

Just insane, my friend. 

It's one thing in China where people kept referring to dating as being "people on their phones chatting with others or watching videos or what not - as opposed to, you know, LOOK - and TALK - to the person next to you" ... but the malaise has well and truly spread to the ROW. 

Y'all no doubt know this... 

Yesterday I was walking in the park and met a few people - by chance. I wanted to get out of the house a bit and WALK so I did that, but I met these people by accident, and then stopped to chat. 

Of course, they were all on their phones. 

It's interesting - or not - how people cannot step away from their bloody devices for ONE damn minute - while working out, they must have it, while on the throne they must have it, while eating it they'll cast surreptitious glances at it  (if not focused on the idiot box) ... and so forth. 

It's addiction x 1000. 

Of course when you tell these people that, you're met with furious "why does it bother YOU!" - or "it's MY life!" - or just indifference ie whatever. 

Peopel are turning into zombies and robots more than ever now. Sadly, at a time when we need people to be the polar opposite!

"I dont care". 

I know. 

But you do, friend, deep down inside you do ... 

Anyway ... so, I was talking to guy #1. 

Good guy, NOT a bad person, yet, he had his video on full blast while chatting to me. 

"Are you busy", I asked casually - hoping he'd get the hint. 

No, no - he replied. 

I'm just listening to the video. 

It went on at full blast while I was standing there, we were "talking" as he was staring away at the dumbphone (and really, given the crap most people watch these days, all astrological crap for the most part - you'd think the video could WAIT?) ... 

... and of course, after that, he had a "call". 

I wonder why he stepped out of the house in the first place. 

Guy #2 was better, but that might be because I just met him once - the first time (and he too, of course, was on the phone for part of our conversation). 


I was asking about his business. 

"Zero", he replied with a caustic sort of smile, given he's in the travel industry, I believe him. 

Speaking of which, the latest covid nonsense they're sprouting all over the world, Omnicron or what not ... 

I mean geez, give me a break - countries finally open - and now after a day or so of opening, bang - shut again. 

Dont say I didnt tell you - I've been saying forever they're going to shut it all down come Christmas time, and that is exactly whats happening. 

Anyway, these videos. 

Astrological crap, and other nonsense about "when the world will end" or "what to do to improve our lives" and other junk. 

Seems all one has to do is become a "Baba" in saffron robes, pick up a million or so utterly USELESS followers on social she-dia, and you're set. Thats how far people's brains have degenerated these days!

Next day these clowns get deplatformed. 

They're back to square one. 

And the people following them get suckered in by a new patsy. 

Not so here, my friend. I'm actively getting OFF social media - all of it - and I've made no bones or secrets about that fact for a long, long time!

Anyway ... can't the bloody videos wait? 

I mean, is it not just fucking RUDE? 

You're talking to someone, yet, you have the phone on at full blast, sad part, people just dont GET IT - or even think it's rude anymore!

And it ain't just women either in case you're wondering - men are just as Bozo like in this regard. 

"Watch the video!" 

Um, no, I'd rather READ it - or write it - or say it!

I'd rather not kill my imagination, the only thing I watch is how I want my own life to be - either in my brain - the best way - or outside. 

The best videos for me are those that I've watched in my own mind - of myself - repeatedly, and those are what bring results. 

I'm sure the third gentleman I met - old man - with NO phone (thank you!) - woul dagree!

He used to be a businessman - retired now. 

And I finally had a great, great conversation with him - much lik eI often do with the other old man from China. 

Seems to be that age group is the only one that knows what respect is about, that age group is the ONLY ONE that knows that life goes on ... that age group is the only one with any SENSE LEFT!

As Phil from another business told me, these 24 year olds preaching about "the world ending". 

Some people seem to be getting it though. 

My wife and daughter were recently talking about "not watching phone post midnight". 

As if until midnight wasn't bad enoug, hehe. 

And we'll see if or how long that lasts. 

Anyway ...................... 

UGH is all I can say. 

And, a great (Horatio, I believe) saying I learned the other day which struck a chord, and how. 

Deep within the infant's breast lurks the father's nature, ready to spring anew. (I morphed a few words, but thats the gist of what he said). 

So true. 

"Chip off the old block is my daughter". 

(I musta missed the bus on that one though, hehe). 

Anyway ..........videos, ugh. 

But they do have a purpose, and thats why I created those fine, fine videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System, which will come to you at a 30% OFF - but only if you act NOW. 

Time be running out on that offer, so act NOW. 

But thats the only time I'll do videos, when it's something that cannot be taught via the written word. 

I understand folks might disagree. They likely will. 

So be it. 

But, the offer stands valid no matter what, so get your mitts on it NOW. 

Start thy Christmas on a BRIGHT NOTE, and not all the rubbish doom and gloom being spread. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 23 November 2021 07:53

"Aamon ekta Kore!"

"Baba, aamom ekta KORE!" 

My Bengali is very weak!

That said, I could speak it in a trice if I really chose to, and leave Tom Tom's everywhere that claim they are the best at it - in the dust. 

Hell, right from the minute that guy in 2005 stopped me in front of Chung King mansion in 2005 (where a certain But(t)ler Bozo Schofield did drugs years later) and spoke to me in Bengali ... 

... Thoughts transmute, sometimes of ten times, you just KNOW!

Earlier than year,my mother had to come to visit me (my parents and sister actually - back then we were on speaking terms - SORT OF). 

They still didnt agree with my lifestyle though. Hehe. 

But a Chinese lady, one of those old school ole ladies on a boat in Hong Kong (in the villages) spoke to me in cantonese, despite me at the time not knowing a word of it, she knew it too - logically. 

yet, when in China? 

"Your skin is yellow!"

That ain't the only reason the Chinese treat me as "one of their own". 

Sophia, Gorilla Girl for one ... 

When I asked her where the niceities done to foreigners were - she never did it to me - she responded thus - 

"I treat you like Chinese man!" 


I'd rather that than the numerous insults behind back which most expats get, I never have. 

(but a lot of those dancing monkeys deserve it too). 

That ain;t saying Sophia wasn't polite to me. 

(I actually once had to REQUEST her NOT to be polite, if you get my drift. Hehe)

Hell, she did things with me she wouldn't dream of with anyone else. 

But again ... 

You just KNOW sometimes!


I remember a case when I was hollering up and down about someone pestering me at home, next day, Mom or someone showed up, well, Mom did. 

And she acted like "oh my God.... you make such a scene!" 

(British English for raise hell). 

Oddly enough she ignored I was just apeing her own behavior. Hehe. As my wife rightly said, my mom makes mountains out of molehills - quite literally. 

"Bat ka Batangar Banati hai", I believe the Hindi is 

(pardon my proununcation!)

But anyway, I had a legit gripe, I just wanted to be left alone, no-one was... 

But same thing when I go tearing away on a cycle, or SPRINT, or what not. 

The "oh my God, so fast, move OUT OF HIS WAY!" ... 

But here's the thang, friend. 

It gets a reaction, sure. 

But importantly, fitness - super fitness- real fitness- is the same. 

You have to BLOW them valves wide open, friend. 

Slow and steady wins the race, but if you want results NOW, period, you have to combine that with the "oh my god" factor

And the course that will GIVE You the oh my God factor - and burn fat off your frame like FAT off a george foreman GRILL? 

Is THIS one.

Have at, fellas! 


Rahul Mookerjee (and remember - at the time - pick up Animal kingdom Workouts too, which is level numero two, I believe there is a special on both of these NOW). 

Tuesday, 23 November 2021 07:32

"Youre not pushing in the right areas!"

Everyone has a weak spot. 

Find his!

This, my friend is something I have always known. 

It is also the reason - one of them - behind my grip - my "extreme fitness" that leaves NO stone uncovered or unturned, no part of the body untouched ... 

Turns you into "rock solid" from head to toe as it were. 

And those dialogs above, well, I learned it from "Lockup" or whatever the Sly Stallone movie was in the 90's where he's locked up - this is Sly in a beefy avatar, not the "Cobra" lean and mean look - for a crime he never committed. 

Prior to that he was in minimum security because some idiot liberal judge put him in jail for defending an old man at a garage where he worked, then of course, it becomes "fomulaic". 

He mysteriously in the middle of the night gets transferred to max security, which as the warden puts it "six months here is like a lifetime", and "welcome to hell" - and compared with the "country paradise" he was in - it IS HELL!

Truly max security (although how he was transferred like that defies all logic). 

But anyway, Leone (sly in the movie) has six months left. 

The original sentence got extended because he apparently "broke out for the old guy's funeral", but the liberal judges in that case oddly enough just tacked on an extra few months to his sentence. 

Six, or something like that. 

And Sly's determined not to let the six months get to him. 

Warden, who was apparently the warden of where Sly originally broke out from was pilloried and lost his job or what not, and was transferred to hell where he swore revenge on LEone, and as you see Leone Entering (not sunny, hehe) - the words ring out i.e. he'll "never leave". 

Sly does it all by the book. Scruplously so. 

"I just got six months", he says to anyone trying to even remotely push him in the direction of trouble. 

Plenty try to, including a hardened group of convicts led by "beefcake Bozo" (I called him that) ... and they almost succeed, but each time, Leone controls himself and doesn't go over the top. .. 

Except when ... 

Ah, but thats the movie for you - I'll let you watch it if you so desire. 

But the goons, frustrated with Leone's "no reaction" style - complain to head Warden. 

And Warden tells them what I wrote in the first two sentences of thi semail. 

I've learnt in life, marketing, anything - you have to make people STOP AND THINK. 

Or react, or whatever it is. 

If you're boring and humdrum, regardless of the economy or not, people will do nothing (and pass you by). 

It's the nail that sticks out that gets hammered first. 

BUt it's also the one that gets max eyeballs attention and such ... 

Fitness wise, how does this apply you might ask? 

Well, two ways. 

One, the "acupuncture" (in layman terms's Chinese foot massages) I keep talking so much about. 

Let alone the girls, the pressure points on your body and such - it isn't just ancient Tantra mantra. Those points WORK - and those ancient acupuncture charts originally came from India, and are a part of that (even more ancient) culture too. 

Indo-China was once "one" if you can believe it, and it all came from India, I ain't even braggin there, but it's nigh true. Fact. 

And second ... in even more layman's terms. 

If fitness wise, what youre doing, and you might be doing a lot of GOOD things ain't working? 

YOU aint pushing in the right spots, period. 

Sometimes, you do the opposite of what you might think is required. 

To shift that stubborn "bit of fat" or last bit of fat around your waist, for one - or the lower chest (for men). 

All the cardio and pushups in the world won't do the trick on occasion - because you're not pushing in the right spots i.e. you're not really KICKING into high gear.

Same thing for bench pressing, and still not having strength to get into a handstand, let alone a handstand pushup. 

You have to approach it differently . . . 

That, my friend is as simple as that. 

And it's the lesson for this one. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - As ole Freddie once told me when the other managers were not getting back on an important email - 

"Keep pushing!" 

I did. 

Month later, same thing. 

Freddie said nothing, but sent an email ripping not them - but me "a new one". 

Oddly enough, I felt anything but insulted, I knew what ole Freddie was up to. 

Canny cat, and as he said to me later. 

"Rahul, if I don't say it, no-one will DO anything!" 

Freddie was indeed the best, hehe. Great guy!

And to build the strength you need for pushing, well, this course does it. 

Rather goddamn well if I might add. . . 

Monday, 22 November 2021 06:31

Yours truly , the hopeless case.

"It's those hopeless cases that change the world ultimately", 

so sayeth the SEER Rahul Mookerjee - so sayeth he based upon his gut his entire life ... 

But why just me? 

Jack Ma, the billionaire - was not just unable to find a job during ROSY times - he was rejected from no less than 36 of them (until the age of 35 or so, he was branded a loser). 

Abraham Lincoln, a nothing and nobody until 43 - we all know what he did! 

Poets, authors, someone who dares to be different, even someone like Jeff Bezos - you might be surprised to hear their stories!

"If you want to do something new, then you have to be willing to be misunderstood for long periods of time". 

I'm combining two of Bezos quotes into one there. 

And, it reminds me of what Tim, a college bud of mine once told me about the same "misunderstanding" ... 

He didnt say it in those words, but he said "everyone is" - what he meant was everyone actually doing something new (which at that time was China, a relatively unexplored land).

What can I say, hehe. 

Except, your truly hopeless can provide you with quotes this entire list and the whole WORLD is familiar with. 

"You've ruined my whole live!" 

"You're a BIG MAN NOW!" (this by the way was said even at age of a spindly puny 13 - when I "dared" to shave with my Dad's razor. How dare I do what all real men do, hehe). 

"You're big man with long beards!" 

(notice the big, the "he eats all the house's food! hehe). 

"You've ruined all our lives!" 

What is really ironic? 

I dont need to tell you exactly who - or the "duo" that feels - or says this way. 

The sheer lunacy though comes thus - I agree with them. 

"yes, indeed an hopeless case", I said. 

Sometimes, certain situations, there is no LOGIC. 

When faced with Glyn Bozo, for instance, residing in the dark caverns of his basement - "House of Horros" with asses plastered all over, "what a fruit loop" would be your response - or a "complete idiot" as a customer once said. 

His latest "review" here proves it in his "mungo" avatar. 

But would you attempt to reason with him - or Nazi feminists in general? 

You could, but as a customer famously once said , "That brick wall might make more sense". 

He's spot on too. 

The crowning lunacy of course comes when said people think (because I said "hopeless" case) I actually agree with them. 


Sometimes, you can't help but chortle. 

But anyway ............. 

This hopeless case has done before the age of 40 - nay, 25 - what Bozos, Tom Tom's and the Sheep globally all WANT TO DO  - but can't because they dont have the balls to do it. 

And he continues to selleth his books, the most hopeless of all being one that will really turn into a "farm boy" sort - replete with them huge arms that no-one would want to mess with even if you're the gentlest giant walking the face of this planet. 

Check it out here

I'll be back - hopeless, I know. Hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Nazi feminists, and their thing with "big bad men" (that they secretly admire), hehe. Gotta give it to 'em, at least on that one (not) Hehe. 

I dont know if I should mention his name. 

Maybe I'll let y'all guess, it's an African silverback Gorilla, not from Africa, with arms as big as fire hydrants the last time I saw him, and much like Pompeo (I'm sure) - he cooks up a great, great pizza!

Champ boxer too, I've never shied away from saying that, because he is, but he has - or at least HAD back when I knew him - a lot to improve on condioning and core fitness wise. 

But anyway ... 

If there is one defining comment he made that stands out to me - it is this. 

"You're the person thats changed how I view Indians!" 

Now, he didnt view Indians as anything bad or nothing like that, trust me. 

But you know, the "pre concieved" notions, the accent, the mannerisms (ever notice the "head bob"?) - and well, you know ... 

When you think India, its usually SOME good - and a lot of negative that comes into your mind, eh. 

Lets face it, we all think that ... 

Yours truly though took all that, and just threw it out the window - and I didnt even try. 

I was just being myself. 

And knowing my background, knowing how I didnt come from anywhere near a priveleged background, and allt the other stuff. 

He made that comment several times, and I dont know if I ever told him, but it's a greater honor than the "Indian porn star" he once called me, hehe. 

Marc, THAT is the comment that stuck because it's true, and such an honor!

I get the same feeling from some of you on this list too - so thank YOU!

And for me, fitness wise - or should I say MARKETING wise, Matt Furey and Brooks Kubik, all these guys back in the day were who planted that seed. 

Of course, I was focused on everything but business back then. Hehe. 

Gotta sow those wild oats, I still do!

Somewhere along the line the horse matured a little bit though, but he's stil got some "chainsaw" elements to him, and is a huge, huge supporter of the NRA, Amendement numero two, and so forth! 

He loves him some great barbie too... I'll let ya'll figure it out. 


And if there is one thing YOU guys have told me, that is the greatest honor for me, it is that. 

That my stuff is far tougher and more advanced than anyone else's out there, including the GREATS - who are far greater than I ever could be. 

Remember Mark Taylor, the great Aussie captain who wouldn't surpass Don Bradman's 334 in Karachi despite being able to ? 

Thats the respect!

But RESULTS wise, I've gone one step better ... and so it should be for you too!

Anyway ... 

Off my chest now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Eat More Weigh less will WORK, period, even if you're "El Glutton" like yours truly is. 

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