Tuesday, 28 March 2023 09:36

Meditative isometrics, and busting a protein related myth (and perhaps more!)

This afternoon wnile in the splits, which until now is the sole and only workout I've undertaken (for a LONG time at that - I mean, I was in the splits for a long time) - I went into one of my trances. 

Time seemed to stop to matter, and periodically the Universe sent me signs in its own inscrutable manner (or maybe not, if you know how to read them signs) that my current goals are well on the way to completion, so I better start planning NEW ones as well. 

Now, I dont recommend doing this for most people as most will lose track of the initial goal and get nowhere, but for folks that know how to manifest, and trust me - most dont despite what the "gurus" teach them - it's a good practice. 

Plan the next target in your mind when you "feel" you'll reach the first one now, or very soon (but dont announce either to the world!!). 

You'll know when you truly feel it - back to meditation? 

I've often lost track of time in this position, or the bottom position of the Hindu pushup, the patented Rahul Mookerjee squat - and so forth - all covered in great detail in Isometric and Flexibility Training - and Advanced Isometric and Flexibility Training.  (the latter book being even more popular apparently than the former!) 

BOTH of these books are going great guns not just here - but on Audible too - HERE - and HERE respectively. Rich Brennan and Janet Clare (the narrators)- I cannot praise themselves highly or "richly" enough! 

And if you on this list does not own either one or both of these books, rectify that mistake now. 

While in the splits, a thought struck me - with all the watermelon and musk melon I've been downing lately, all fresh, pesticide free for the most part and SWEET - natural sweet - or two. 

In the Simple and Effective Diet, I state what the NUMERO UNO enemy is in terms of weight loss. 

There are many, actually. 

Inactivity, excess carbs, too much done wrongly, too much pavement pounding, and so forth, but the NUMERO UNO culprit is something else, something so insidious you wouldn't even notice it in ingredients in your daily food. 

It starts with an S. 

No, it doesnt end with X. 

You can read the book for more, but there is a reason I highly recommend fruits such as the above - as far as fresh sugarcane juice and the like - despite them being "sweet". 

Ditto for artifical carbs and NATURAL wheat - the former, NO - latter- YES!

Doesn't need to be taken to extremes any of it - except perhaps the "S" culprit. TRUST ME ON THIS! 

I also state in that book that protein is good, but too much of it, much like anything else will turn you into a lard lump - and it'll stick to your body just like any other fat would. 

That alone is mindboggling for most of the bros and the nutjobs who hoo haa about the size of their pecs while the bellies bulge, and the penises shrink... (oh, was it the balls. Hehe). 

But what I'm about to state - you wont even believe it, coming from yours truly meat lover. 

I've posted pictures of me doing meat gorging (no pun) occasionally, with tons of sausage, salami and so forth in one meal. Kinda like a tiger... 

YET - you might be surprised to know that is very occasional, maybe once a month if even that (like the pasta I have once a month, just to keep myself "used to it"- remember Stallone's diet which was so pure at the time of making the Rocky movies that his stomach went into convulsions upon eating a burger out)?  

You might ALSO be very surprised to know other than these times, I've eaten virtually no protein at all - for literally the last couple of years. 

OK, eggs occasionally - but over the last few months - eggs? 

For whatever reason, I have not eaten eggs - lentils - any sort of either vegetable or animal protein. 

Except the occasional gorging above. 

None, zip, zilch, schnada, yada (was that the wrong way around. hehe). 

I've also gone on long fasts quite frequently, complete fasts, no prior warning. 

All of the above shocks the purists, yet, few can argue with the results. Which just keep getting better and better. Lean, mean, toned, ready to spring into action at a minutes notice, feeling on top of the world all the time, and most of all - and this people really cannot understand - STRENGTH gains. 

It's one thing to be lean, its one thing to be lean, mean and STRONG like I am. 

And reps in all my advanced bodyweight exercises just keep increasing. 

So much for "you'll feel weak without protein". 

No, the real key to MUSCLE - lots of it - the kind that counts and matters is NOT PROTEIN - though it's part of it , yes. 

The real answer is something else, something I'll write a book about at some point - and it involves fasting, and lots of it, and it involves activity WHILE on long fasts (I know, but its true) - and it involves putting as less into your body as you can in general. All principles I've championed for ages now, but people still dont get it, so I'll try and "educate" those who are willing to LEARN. 

Follow this cat's methods, my friend, and your life will truly change for the better before your very eyes. 

And thats that, pal. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS - Here is what Radha - a lady an alter of mine has been chatting with on Twitter (or, "noticing" I should say, one deeply into manifestation, but UNABLE To manifest what she wants for the most part is the vibe I keep getting from her, and vibes dont lie - and hey, I dont blame her, she's suspiciously similar to my wife in many regards (not all, but many) and the "guru worship" seems to be one). 

To each his or her own but here is what she said. 

Feeling very dull and tired today. Could not even wake up in the morning. Feeling very low on energy. Is it the weather? Is it work? Is it the thought that my building cat does not give me bhaav?? Is it anything else? 

And here is what I wrote in return. 

Try stretching, Princess. Isometrics can and do work wonders! ?

Also , the downtime from too much sustained "thought" - manifestation related. We all need it! Heh

And if you're doer, you'll identify with all the above!