What I’m about to say is something that might resonate very deeply with a lot of you on this list, so listen up.

I have been hearing a LOT from people that can’t travel (internationally) or go places etc, and nowhere do I hear this more than in the PRC.

Not about the Chinese wanting to travel so much (Xi has pretty much brainwashed or bullied the majority into the “china velly velly good everything else velly velly false” routine) as expats etc trying to get back to the middle Kinkdom, hehe.

I say kink for a reason …

Anyway, a lot of English teachers keep asking me “when China will open back up”.

They know the answer, of course.

When their own nations do!

And right about now, international travel is exactly, once we’re past all the Biden hoo haa etc where it is when this mess spread to the ROW.


Now, a lot of ESL teachers etc are jumping up and down not just because of loss of income, but because … well, their LIFESTYLE has been completely uprooted and taken away from them.

China has a different lifestyle than most other countries, my friend.

Very different in many ways, especially down to the “deliveries with a smile etc” – yes, there ARE some things the Commie dictatorship does WELL!

Anyway, point is this.

Last night, I spoke with Cicy a friend of mine that has bought into the “xi” line hook, sinker, and ...well, you get the drift.

I wrote about that before.

But amidst everything else, she DID say one good thing.

“Why don’t people try to recreate their lives as it was there – in their own nations!”

Now, that was sage (though she doesn’t know it).

And positive too.

Dont get me wrong.

Not for a minute should we forget what China did to the ROW.

But remember, right about now, the ONLY option is to think positive.

The only way to go is GO … UP!

And as Napoleon Hill said, your big opportunity may be where you’re at now, my friend.

And it usually is.

Believe me, EVERY time I’ve been in a hole anywhere, I’ve applied myself mentally, and I’ve come out tops – no matter what!

It’s happened so many times to “ole Houdini” that I simply cannot tell you how right Hill was!

And fitness wise, same thing.

YES, you CAN recreate the glory of the ole days!

YES, you CAN get into the sort of shape you were when you were “young” – even better!

And I should know.

I was in crappy shape at 19.

WORSE at 21.

Great at 25.


And post 35,36?

Never been in better shape!

So can you, my friend.

So can YOU!

And I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Erecting tenthouses can be fun. More on this later!

I might be beating a dead horse here.

I probably am, since those that don’t wanna listen won’t anyway.

… I take that back.

They’re sneakily checking yours truly’s posts emails and “what new books does he have up” right during their busy little days, and while trolling galore …

But anyway, an ex of mine, wayyy back in the day once wanted to cook “Tandoori Chicken”.

Huh. I said when I first heard it.

She was a Southern Gal, as white as white can be.

Blond hair.

Blue eyes.

The “whole shebang” if you get my drift.

And she cooked GREAT Southern style food. Especially biscuits for breakfasts. Sausage biscuits.

I literally ate so many of them daily that not only did I turn into “el fatty hog el SUPREMO” (and was happy about it!) but she got tired of making them.

And irritated half the time when I asked her to make ‘em.

“You eat them all!” was what she said once.

Well, isn’t that a compliment?

LOL. Further, no-one EVER once stopped her from eating them too. She just didn’t want to.

Anyhow, this isn’t about her.

Or women.

But it’s about what I said in the last email.

Glenn, a chef I know from Australia could probably cook up some great Tandoori too.

Also white as white can be, and a great guy!

Now, my ex.

The chicken turned out pretty good, but being it was done in an oven as opposed to clay tandoor (brick oven) it naturally didn’t taste the same 

Nikhil, an Indian friend of mine asked me about it.

And assumed, of course that it wouldn’t tur out well.

“She cooked it”, I Said.

Befor eI could go any further, he chirped up.

“Acha nahi bana hoga”.

“It probably wasn’t good”.


I mean, first thing you know, at least she TRIED.

Second, if it didn’t taste good it didn’t. But it wasn’t that bad at all!

My point in saying this is .. oh, and Glenn could probably do up a great Tandoori too, hehe.

Anyway, my point in saying this – is ..well, you get it.

I’m sur eyou do by now with no less than 5 emails on it!

(either direct or roundabout).

Is that preconcieved notions are STUPID.

“You can’t speak English because you’re not white” go the Chinese.

A while later they show up at your truly’s doorstep paying him big bucks to teach just that – English.

And in three months, they speak better than the rest of the class, because ethey got more education than they ever bargained for. LOL.

Don’t believe me?

Ask “Madam” Carol, and she’ll tell ya!

True story, bro, and there are plenty of other such true stories.

And thats that for now. Hope the horse is finally put to rest and “in the other Universe” by now, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – DROP the asinine notion of “Jim shim being necessary to get fit”, my friend. It ain’t true. You know it. You’ve seen plenty of proof. Yet, you continue to hang on to this absurd notion of “without the machines and weights nothing is possible”.

Yes is is bro. Oh yes, it is!

(and by “you” I don’t necessarily mean you on the list, I mean in general).

It’s just that.

Cold, hard logic.


And the reason that most SJW’s and Nazi feminists (and if you’re one of them, believe me, you ain’t alone. The list of my haters is far, far, far longer than those that can’t get enough of me, hehe)

(Yes, it’s true).

And anyway, why they hate me so much isn’t so much my penchant for getting to the point, being brutally honest and saying it like it IS.

Not for calling people out either necessarily.

It’s for saying what THEY don’t want to hear in a MANNER that THEY don’t like (because they find it offensive).

Por ejempelo, the ole discussion about “I’d rather learn English from a white person” that a friend (we won’t name him here, hehe, but you on the list KNOW) made to me.

“If it’s Mexican food, I’d rather have a Mexican cooking it!” 

“So, I don’t blame the Chinese for wanting white people to teach. “Real” English”.

Now, I love me a bit of rabble rousing and controversy, and I do it all the time.

But when it borders on the absurd and insane?

I’d rather stay away.

Like dude, get real.

Are you saying I’m a better cook of Indian food than all the great WHITE chefs that cook it?

Hell, I can’t even cook me a damn tortilla, let alone Indian food!

Are you saying that Chinese raised and born in the US of A speak “English any less better” than anyone else raised and born therE?

Maybe they do. 

Does that mean no other person of no other race does?

I mean, dude, come on.

Gotta get past the absurd eh.

And when I Called him out on it last yer, he sent me an angry rant (comment) along the lines of “don’t misquote me”.

Well, my dear friend Charles, I didn’t misquote you.

Curiously enough you admitted that in your comment as well.

“Yes, I said that”.

I mean, logic is logic bro.

And just because you “want” people to agree with you on inanity doesn’t mean they will.

Bozo Schofield might.

He does, as you well know!

But even an idiot like that knows the pointless “road” that arguments like that lead to.

Hence why his latest email to me about “I’m not racist! I have black friends!” 

Ah yes.

The typical cloak behind which Hannibal hides.

“I love eating me some French ….(I can’t remember the word”

All the while serving his guests human liver with Cianti wine.


Hannibal – Anthony Hopkins was a CLASSIC.

Not so much Bozo Schofield, well, he’s a classic from the bottom. LOL again. And he loves bottoms, too, so I guess thats a moniker he’ll be nigh on thrilled with.

Bozo Bottom Schofield, ttruly the bottom of the barrel.

No, Charles, you’re not in that category. You never were.

Neither are you in the SJW or Nazi feminist category.

Curiously enough on that note, the real feminists, those that believe in REAL and true EQUALITY and they are a fast dwindling “breed” can’t get enough of me.

As can’t the Latinas either apparently. Hehe.

Or chinese.


Saying it like it is.

And on that note, if YOU (and I ain’t referring to any one person either) wanna look like a movie star, get in the best shape of your life, get that V shape to your back – attract members of the opposite sex like there is no tomorrow, get into STUD like shape that will piss Bozos and tom tommers off no end, and more …

Well, then there MANY things you could do

The Jim Shim ain’t one of them though. And the expanding Belly of Buddha and the Glutenous Maxius of Plenty proves that “adding more weight on to the bar” doesn’t necessarily do squat (pun intended) eithe rin terms of real world strength or looks, or even confidence (hey, lets face it. These bench pressers are ALL wanting to do pull-ups and handstand pushups!).

And the quickest way to get there?

The biggies.

The BIG exercises.



Handstand pushups (or pushups if you can’t do ‘em).

Let me tell you, fella.

ONE workout – a solid workout including the above – will do MORE for you in terms of real fitness than a WEEK or more of moseying around and complaining about machines, plague shague, girl shirl, bimbo shimbo at the Jim Shim will. 

You’ll start to feel it, in some cases, almost instantly.

And as the fat starts to literally fly off your body, you’ll wonder why it took so long to become a convert, hehe.

And I’ll be standing there to welcome you.

Not with garlands, hehe.

Not with the “hui gwani” these Chinese gals do (hey Freddie, I forgot the Pin yin! But thats what it sounds like!)

I’ll be there with a slap on the back and an exhort to do MORE, not less.

And a kick up the RUMPUS too if you don’t do it, hehe.

And on that very sage (do sages do all this? LOL) note, I’ll be back.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can find out how to do “swami” (a close enough Hindi term for SAGE) pull-ups – Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD within weeks.

(And become a super stud at pull-ups while you’re at it too).

Or, I should say even more fashionable to make “racist allegations” against the “bad white race”.

Or so they say!

I gotta say this once and for all – race “sh” ace.

While to a certain extent racism exists everywhere, it is NOT I believe the problem people make it out to be – and I don’t know if this is coincidence (I Dont believe in it!) - but as soon as “Hidin Biden” becomes the Prez, you have this rash of celebrities showing up (curiously enough a lot from India) claiming they were either “bullied as kids” (cry me a fucking river for Christ’s sake) or “subject to racism” (I really believe a lot of it is OVERSTATED).

Now, don’t get me wrong – racism obviously has NO place in society anywhere in the world.

And neither does bullying quite obviously. You on this list are WELL, WELL, aware of my position and stance on both.

But being a cry baby?

That doesn’t either in my opinion!

First I read something about some Indian guy (engineer apparently) being refused a house in Stuggart (I can’t remember how to spell it), Germany apparently because “of my skin color”.

He claimed the landlord sent him notes to the extent of “We would never rent to someone like you”.


This goes both ways.

In China, hardly a white country, a landlord once thought I was Australian (don’t ask, LOL).

And he thought I was white.

Once he found out I wasn’t, he tried to do the dodge.

And in Chinese, which he didn’t think I’d understand, he told the real estate agent that while he’d rent to me, he thought “Indians ate too much curry, made a mess, and were dirty people”.


(I better not SAY it. LOL. But really, the curry and mess. I mean, if you visit a lot .. what dude was saying was right in a way, and I had to cackle just that little bit. (mostly because yours truly doesn’t cook ANY Indian food))

Now, the Chinese in general are racist as heck, but as far as yours truly?

Landlord never gave me any trouble, and the Chinese for the most part didn’t either.

(I still have that guy on my contact list, as well as the lady he sold to who I rented from. So much for "racism". It boils down to PEOPLE eventually). 

Thinking, my friend solves ALL many a times!

And how you REACT to something.

We have Priyanka Chopra, famous actress claming she was “bullied due to her race” at school and called “brownie”.

Then we got Sunny Leone talking about the same thing.

And of course the usual BLM bullshit, and apparently “Rihanna” or someone “taking out the trash”.

My point is this. 

Aren’t those crying about racism BEING a bit prejudicial themselves?

I can tell you one damn thing, my friend.

I’ve lived in the American South, supposedly one of the most racist places on the planet, and in China, where they openly SAY they’re racist.

“We don’t want blacks” was posted in Micky D’s there last year. Not shitting ya!

And yet, yours truly has had nothing but fond memories of either place, and made some of his best friends there.

I don’t think that would happen if the people there were inherently “bad”.

OK, they’re brainwashed big time in China, but “bad”?

I don’t think so my friend.

And I also think that WAY too much is made of the “white man” complex that some people have.

As in “they have it better” nonsense.

Personally, I think it’s a big can of TRIPE that stinks to high hell and beyond. If anything, it’s minorities etc that have it good in many ways today in the Western World.

I realize these views may not go down that well, but really.

Think about it.

It’s hardly the Victorian or imperalist era, my friend.

And the very people that these cry babies accuse of racism will be the first to tell you that yes, there IS a problem, and that yes, there ARE jackasses all over the world (and Jill asses) … 

(German friend of mine, for one, when I asked him. “Yes, there is a problem unfortunately sometimes”, he said. “And if you can’t speak German, forget it!”)

(That was another complaint the guy who couldn’t find an apartment had. The landlord apparently didn’t want to rent to a person that didn’t speak his language i.e. German.

Is that necessarily racist? I don’t know! I wouldn’t say so necessarily, but who am I to comment!).

But really.

Whatever happened to GIVING it back?

You won’t hear me whine and moan about the Bozo for one trolling me with his inane racist memes.

Or sending me idiotic emails to the extent of … well, you on this list know it!

What you WILL hear me do is attack him BACK x 100.

Racists and bullies of ANY color are made of the same cloth my friend.

And once you hit back, guess what.

You hit them hard – you hit them HEAVY – you hit ‘em where and how IT HURTS!

And poof – much like balloons, off they go.

(not mine – that is Rocky V!).

And I’ve no doubt Bozo is gnashing his teeth right about now thinking of “just what do I have to do to get this guy PISSED”.



But anyway, I had to get that off my chest, and I did. (oh, and as far as BLM goes, I wonder why the media shedia doesn’t notice that a lot of these riotiers are tearing apart none other than BLACK OWNED businesses! Somehow that seems to be a fact that flies STRAIGHT over their collective heads up their asses…) …

Anyway, enough on that.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System is much like me, brutally honest, to the point, and it doesn’t care “where you’re from” or what skin tone you have or what not.

It’s about YOU.

What you got inside of you.

And you either got it, or you don’t my friend.

Find out right HERE.


Rahul Mookerjee 

PS – and folks – really. Stop with the whining, pissing and moaning. If attacked, attack back, and thats that! There are few things that piss me off more than this incessant pacifist whiny moany WHINING!


Now this one is REALLY Straight from the horse’s mouth, my friend!!

(My haters will love this here email, so if you're on the haters list and those that think I'm a complete dolt - please - DO read this, hehe) 

Really is.

And he’s right.

But first, let me preface this by saying that I’ve always said that the one thing you can and SHOULD be doing with YOUR LIFE is the one thing that even your most ardent critics/Bozos/what not (and no critics can be GOOD if it’s genuine criticism or suggestion as opposed to Glyn Schofield inane rants) . ..

The one thing nary a person can criticize you for at any point or stage in your life.

IF you’re on this list, and have been for a while, you know what I mean, and despite being (as another great guy told me) “a bodyweight exercise GURU” “par excellence” - - there is ONE more quality at play here.

What is it?

I’ll let you guess, my friend!

But for now, lets take a look at what Panourgias, a recent customer from Greece (well, a long term one I should say) had to email me a few hours ago …

6the only reason I don’t buy something from your products is that I am short in money. I see something in you.Even if the books didn’t have no value for exercise etc I enjoy reading you.The other book is reverse pushup.With all my heart and respect I give you now one tip myself.The exercise think you got it more or less.For nutrition and way to live I strongly recommend ARNOLD EHRET.You can find his books for freeHe was a genius and you will recognise immediately.He did put in order one of the most controversial subjects.And I say it is the solution for politics and society so you don’t need any tramp or biden

Now, thats HONEST – kudos to YOU – bro!

And as far as the money shortage?

Foeey. He buys my products every chance he gets.

And yours truly gave him the “first time 20% OFF” discount on the site on his last purchase even though he’s a repeat customer, and I’d do that for anyone that truly gets it (if you ASK nicely, like I’ve said so many times).

And he does.

My response -

Hi Panourgias!

Thanks for your email! I know your situation - what I mean is those that are just there on the list "for the free stuff". For you, I actually said you're a man that "gets it" (which means you are one of the smart ones, hehe).

Yours truly is nothing if not honest, so you KNOW I MEAN it. And thanks a lot for "seeing something in me - and the products!" . That is much, much appreciated, and deserves yet another mention on the site. Kudos!

Now, Arnold the German naturalist? I think thats who you're referring to? I haven't read him - - but which exact book are you referring to (w.r.t not needing politicians)?

Let me know - not sure about "Free" but I'll certainly look on Amazon etc!


Rahul Mookerjee

Now, I don’t know who Arnold Ehret is, to be honest. Other than the fact that he’s a German naturo”path (I used naturalist).

But despite having read a lot on the Mighty Atom, another probably of that ilk, I haven’t read anything at all about this dude.

Ill have to look it up.

And while the Simple and Effective Diet DOES contain some excellent tips on diet and general health, I’ve no doubt I will learn a LOT from Arnold as well.

Have any of you read it??

Write back – let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Feedback like this makes my day. Really! And thank YOU!

It’s getting nigh on HILARIOUS.

And though I read about this last year in India, an unusual country to say the least, I never ever thought it would extend to Bali.

A tourist spot of all places.

Apparently lao wais (don’t know what the Indonesian term is, hehe) are being “punished” with 50 pushups for not wearing a mask, and apparently 15 if you wear it incorrectly

Yours truly has never been one for breaking the law, no matter how RETARDED it is. Anywhere in the world!

Wherever I live, I make sure to follow the law or I don’t go there (in terms of these bloody MASK-SHASK regulations).

People in general choose to run scared and wear ‘em.

That is their business, not mine. I don’t. And I don’t go places where masks are MANDATORY.

In China thankfully now they aren’t, but of course, we all know who spread this damn thing. And with the anti foreign devil sentiment even in China, well, tho it’s not mandatory, you’d be surprised at the ruckus people create if you’re NOT wearing a mask.

Anyway ..

From Foreigners Forced to do 50 Push-Ups for not Wearing Masks in Bali - Sentinelassam

Lest you think I’m making it up.


A Video footage circulating on social media shows tourists in T-shirts and shorts being made to do the exercise in sweltering tropical heat as masked security officials stood over them. Meanwhile, more than 70 people paid a fine of 100,000 rupiah ($7), however, about 30 foreigners said that they did not have the cash, hence they were ordered to do push-ups.

Those who were not carrying a mask had to do up to 50 while those who were wearing a mask improperly were punished with 15 push-ups.

Um …

Well, first off.

Sweltering heat.

I wonder if the good Indonesians know of the workouts yours truly accomplished daily in even more sweltering heat, and the SUPER HEALTH it got me into. Hehe.

Five climbs up that hill in weather far more sub tropical than on Bali.

Think rain at any minute. Soaked. And then you’re soaked again the next minute in the HEAT AND humidity.

Kelly was right when she told me “This is real hill climbing!”

So were the other two ladies (I know, yours truly Lothario, hehe) who said “Sir, you’re really killing it – you’re an IRONMAN!) .

But anyway, for the vast majority of people out there.

Indonesian and expats alike?

I’d say it’s a great punishment.

Except they may collapse on rep #1. LOL.

The average pot bellied “man” couldn’t do a pushup to save his life, let alone one PROPERLY.

(Asians aren't immune from this these days either. Gone are the skinny days!) 

Curiously enough some of the foreign devils in that picture look all pumped and toned from the Jim Sim.

Highly doubt they’get past FIVE perfect REGULAR pushups – and five is a good number for Jim Shim maniacs!

Apparently five reps in the Jim Shim means you’re “Strong”.



So yeah, good punishment for most.

But really, for the 0 Excuses Faithful, we’d LAUGH at such stupidity and wouldn’t think TWICE about doing it.

Even with the intrusion on civil liberties and what not.

Which I HATE, but thats how a lot of Asian countries India and China included are.

Back to that ole rant about RIGHTS – and GUN RIGHTS.

When thy personal LIBERTY is threatened, thy got but one option (no, not storming the capital or not following the law, but the law shouldn’t make you do pushups in the first place!)

(Then again, giving the world is turning into Lardass Central, maybe thats a good thing in a way!) 

But if it does?


I’ll crank 50 out all day.

Much like my friend Lilly (a guy) told me …

“If he doesn’t think you can do ‘em, drop down and show ‘em!”

End of story.

And please – stop the panic, folks!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Heard that “Hidin” Biden is going to make masks mandatory in the good ole US of A too if you’re going to federal property, or interstate travel too. Ugh. Never thought he’d be a good leader, and with his 17 HIGHLY retarded actions (reinstating the US back in the Paris accord is another MORONIC action), well, he’s proving me right on DAY ONE.

Anyone else feel this way?

(I know you do. Speak up!).

PS #2 – I don’t plan on going to Bali either, no thank you. They can keep their tourists!

PPS - Goose and Gander, anyone? I didnt see any ladies doing them pushups, hehe. 

(I know, I know. How dare I! They're ladies! But really, folks! THINK. GOOSE AND GANDER!) 


Thursday, 21 January 2021 08:25

Everything in life is a SALE my friend.

If there is one thing I tell my daughter almost daily, it is this.


And no, I am not saying that because the inimitable Trumpinator said it.

In fact I Didnt even know he said it until 2020!

But I’ve lived my entire life that way – and guess what. WE ALL DO!

You “sell” yourself on a daily basis my friend.

To friends. Co-workers. To your COLLEAGUES – and CUSTOMERS. To your spouse. To your …

(and believe me, all of those relationships take work and selling in some way, shape or form!).

I’m from a family where for the most part sales people are treated as pariahs, and thought of as “easy money”.


As a colleague of mine once rightly said, if that were to be true, why would CEO’s of ALL companies – REAL CEO’S do one thing – SALES?

Dont get me wrong.

Your product is damn important.

If you talk up a big game, but your execution doesn’t back it up, your and you have wasted your time (and I give you examples of this in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, a book which is steadily climbing up both the sales charts and the hater charts, hehe. Both happen together for a reason!)

But really, sales is what DRIVES anything – companies included.

If you don’t sell hard enough in life – fitness – business – whatever … well.

You’ll have skinny kids!

And I don’t mean FIT skinny kids either. Hehe.

On that note, do remember to pick up Kiddie Fitness – with the entire world in lockdown shockdown over this damned Chinese plague, it’s the BEST gift you can give your little one. Trust me. And if you follow along, even better!

But anyway, the other things I tell my daughter (with all the pressure she seems to be getting for those ridiculous and RETARED online classes).

That in life, makin ga DEAL is what counts.


Never stop attackin – anything!

Be physcially FIT – the RIGHT WAY!

Be good – damned good at handstand training. The extra blood flow to the head results in far more than physical benefits!

And so forth.

Along with that, I tell her to be a good COMMUNICATOR (by that I don’t just mean language).

How to NEGOTIATE your way through life.

Yes, how to SELL your way through life!

And many other things (when I can).

And deep down inside, I can feel it.

She’s tuning out the BS already .

End of the day, much like those that hate me, ultimately they all “Follow” me.

And if there is one thing I want my daughter to be?

Not a follower.


If Kamala Harris can do it, my daughter damned well can. If she wants!

But anyway, to lead you have to LEARN first.

And you have to be willing to put in the “time in the trenches”.

And a lot more, and that forms the backbone of all my courses.

My stuff’s not for those that want quick fixes.

You gotta work at it. HARD!

And if you don’t, I don’t want you ANYWHERE NEAR my stuff.

Really. I don’t.

Thats why I have a very long list of people I do NOT want on the 0 Excuses Ship sales page (most have told me not to put it there, butI did, and will. The bigger the sale, the less people I want!)

Anyway, thats the stream of consciousness for now. Be sure and pick up a product or two, oh, and some comic relief before parting.

Here is what Glyn Bozo Hannibal Schofield the one and only XXXXXV had to say about Kiddie Fitness


Awful, terribly written, horrid author (RM - yeah. How dare I. How horrid I BE, LOL)

Having a four year daughter myself I thought I would try this. A friend I first met in Seoul, Korea, a certain Charles R T Bingham the Third recommended this book (turned out he was trolling me). Ineffably bad, it seems to have been written by a small and particularly stupid child. Avoid.

(RM - That “Bingham” is the Charles that helped him more than anyone else. Need any more proof of the Bozo being a SCORPION - - well there it IS!)

(I wonder if I should send this to Charles. Nah. I’ll let it be).

In the meantime tho …

Sometimes, you can’t help but LAUGH – UPROARIOUSLY!

(much like a certain “Thomas from South Africa” ..ah, another story for another time tho).

Bozo Schofield, you’re indeed the best. Keep it up!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Bozo got immensely worked up about the advanced book on pull-ups as well, hehe. I wont post his review here, but check out the book right HERE. You’ll love it!

I’m not sure if it’s still around.

But way back in the day, these guys were there – best pizza in the entire state of “The Socialist Democratic Republic of New York”.

(The People's Republic is an epithet I save for CALIFORNIA!)

(The PRC no less, hehe). 

While it’s reached giddy limits under their current governor Cuomo, it was bad enough back in the day in 2002, I believe.

There was this STEEP hill there which was supposed to be a hideout for crime gangs and other notorious characters, and hills?

OF course I’d know about it!

But what I didn’t know, coming from the US South, and what the cops later told me was this.

“Don’t go there alone”, was what one friendly copper advised me.

(and my then girlfriend).

Why not, we asked.

He told us.

“Even the cops don’t show up here without an army”, he laughed (curiously enough the same dialog Denzel said in Training Day when showing up in the hood. Of course, Denzel WAS the hood, so thats different!)

And he went on to say that due to restrictive laws etc, the CRIMINALS were roaming around the city with IMPUNITY while the cops?

Did what they could.

And I’m sure any cop, or ex cop reading this will “feel” me.

Not the case down South, my friend, where gun ownership is FAR easier for people than up North and West.

When the LAW abiding people own guns, crime goes down.

The other way around just doenst work my friend.

Try telling the idiot anti-NRA or what not that tho …

Anyway , this ain’t about guns.

It’s about the pizza joint, and an Italian family that ran the BEST damn pizza joint I’ve ever eaten at !


Believe me, while Dongguan has it’s own version of pizza (lip smacking!) - it is NOTHING compared to what I ate up there.

Papa Johns doesn’t come close. Dominoes and Pizza hut aren’t even in the same galaxy.

We made a beeline for that place every tim ewe could.

By taxi, since yours truly only rented a car there on weekends …

Good ole Enterprise Rent a Car, hehe.

But it was that good we made a beeline for it in TAXIS.

During Monday Night RAW!

I still remember GOBBLING the pizza up so quickly one night that my girl at the time looked at me unbelievingly.

“Just three pieces left”, she told yours truly “hog”.

(Worry not. We had a great eatery right next door with the best “orange” chicken wings ever. Some Afghan guys were doing it. Best ever!)

(and we ordered that for her. She loved ‘em!)

(No wonder I became as big as a house despite the hills, lol).

But anyway, point?

Is that these guys (pizza dudes) had a clientile that was LINED up out there in the COLD weather to get their pizza!

It didn’t matter if it rained, snowed, sleeted, or hailed, a combo therein (the year I was there was mild, but I froze my butt off anyway) …

They were THERE!

And the restaurant was TINY.

But guess what.

The dude who ran the place just wouldn’t either get delivery – OR a bigger place.

“It’ll lose the home cooked feel”, was all he’d say.

And though I didn’t get it then (Well I did but not entirely) – now?

I get it!

And he’s right.

The minute he goes commercial and mainstream is the minute he loses his devoted BASE that would do ANYTHING to get at his stuff …

(and his was the best, so rightly so!)

But there’s a lesson in here for all of you (same one I learnt).

My stuff ain’t mainstream – as yet.

(some is, but not the bulk)

Most people scoff at it (while remaining Bozos, while the rest of us that get it go on to get in the best shape of our LIVES at BREAKNECK SPEED!).

But yours truly actively tells people that ain’t got it to STAY AWAY – much like pizza dude told those who complained about “no delivery” to go to Papa’s or what not.

Did it hurt his sales tho?

Not an inkling my friend.

Same thing for me.

But guess what.

One of my GREAT, best customers Charles Mitchell once told me that “if I make my stuff easier, I’d appeal to MORE people”

(This is in response to an email about people that don’t get it!)

But Charles gets it!

“But that would mean changing who you ARE!”

And he’s right -and he said it better than I ever could.

Hard hitting info in a decidely NOT Fancy package – and NOT cheap either my friend.

Thats me.

And that stuff delivers RESULTS, if you just do it.

And if you don’t?

That little “unsubscribe” link be a beckoning, hehe.

Anyway, enough on this.

Get the BEST damned fitness system right now – right HERE

I look forward to welcoming YOU aboard.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and jump yourself fit right HERE.


And I don’t mean the actual writing phase.

That, my friend, happens LIGHTNING quick – think 20,000 words per day or more once I’m IN THE FLOW.

With typos galore, hehe 

Nah. I do spell check my books!

(But the odd one might get thru, and so be it).

But really, a friend (or a contact, I might say?) asked me this a couple of - - well, no, more than that – in APRIL last year actually.

“Rahul, WHEN will the book on animal kingdom workouts be out? It’s been a while already! “

he’s a good man.

Great guy.

I get his question.

But see, here’s the thing fella.

With me, EVERYTHING is a matter of flow and taking it as it comes.

I do attach importance to deadlines, but many things in life I never actually SET ONE.

So that book that I say will come out “tomororw” might be next month, or next year.

Way back in the day, I wrote the pathbreaking and GREAT book on pull-ups that has been getting people from DUD level at pull-ups to a bonafide STUD, cranking them out EFFORTLESSLY.

Really, my friend. It has!

Check out the reviews for it.

And I didn’t do much else to the book other than let it sit. I always knew there was MORE that could be added, but I didn’t.

Years later, SIX years actually, and a ton of experience down the line, I added what I had to without planning for it or thinking about it.

I just did it.

IT just happened.

And thats the key here.

EVERYTHING I give you is tried and tested and WILL Work unless you’re a “Bozo that has never worked out in his life (no, tongue and forearm workouts on wankers doesn’t count Sco) and has NO intention of doing anything productive with your life in general”.

In that case, no, what I Tell you won’t work.

But for almost everyone else, including those with some sort of preexisting medical condition, my stuff will work miracles -0 because guess what.

All tried, tested, dusted and DONE - -before I bring it to YOU!

Por ejempelo, the book on REVERSE pushups – which is not only getting rave testimonials, but making people feel GREAT – and “rolling back the years as it were”.

And so it was with Animal Kingdom Workouts.

The 68 exercises and 10 BOOTY kicking workouts came after a lot of DOING bro.

And until that point is reached, I simply ain’t gonna sell it.

Once it is, I WILL Sell it.

I WILL sell at high prices. (Want a BMW? Well, it aint free my friend).

And I’ll do so WITHOUT a care in the world.

Because guess what.

I market well.

But I can back that shit up, hehe.

My products ROCK. Everyone knows it!

And thats what really counts I.e the stuff you buy WORKS.

Get on the train NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And remember, the ship membership is a ONE Time fee that gets you access to EVERYTHING we have digitally – for life! (provided your membership stays ACTIVE).

PS #2 - - I was going to do pull-ups and handstand pushups, but ditched the idea at the last minute, and did some BEAST workouts from Animal Kingdom Workouts. Now, I can barely type after a THREE minute workout!

And my core feels like STEEL – more so than ever!

My products are truly the best, BRO. BY FAR. NO-ONE does it like I do, and puts out such challenging stuff, and yet EASY if you DO the thing.

I CHALLENGE you to find ONE better!

(As a customer said “I truly KNOW what it means to be a beast and turn YOU into one!)

I wrote the book on isometric training a few months ago. 

And while I did that, I noticed something strange - that a lot of the exercises that you do when doing isometrics are also great in terms of flexibility training. 

They aren't just great - they are NEEDED - and they perform both functions (especially some of the isometrics I show up w.r.t the LEGS and hamstrings). 

Trust me, this is one HUGE missing link in most people's training, even those that train "exclusively bodyweight". 

You've got guys out there for instance, that can bang out 50 pull-ups in perfect form easy peasy. 

They can hike hills all day. 

Perhaps wrestle for hours a day. 

But amidst all this hardcore stuff, they forgot the "yang". 

And not necessarily willingly so. Hey, I know. I've been there too. 

The yin and yang basically, and the gentle and FLEXIBLE soothes the effects from the HARD and brutal, while the latter complements the fomer too. 

Truly a symbiotic relationship, my friend. 

And I'm amazed I had not written a book on isometrics before my great customer (one of them - the numbers are LEGION!) prompted me to do the book on isometrics (I believe it was him). 

He made other requests too which are all in various stages of completion as we speak. 

Lots to do and I'm loving it! 

But really - isometrics were used by EVERY great strongman of yore, and there is a reason behind this (as I say on the sales page). 

And ANOTHER GREAT customer of mine from the UK, John, just got this very book (in paperback format) - and said the following (bear the above in mind while reading what THIS man had to say) - 



Of all the excellent training information that you've written about in your superb training books I truly believe that the information in this latest book is the missing link that ties all the other books together.

It is no exaggeration that this book is a must read for anyone who wishes for their body to function as an integrated unit and not just a collection of uncoordinated body parts.

People, in this book you will find the secret to how calisthenics athletes perform such impossible looking feats of strength. Brilliant work Rahul.

Warmest Regards

John Walker

And he said it better than ever before! 

YES, bodyweight exercises do connect the entire body - even if you dont do isometrics. 

BUT, and this is a huge BUT. 

Your TRUE strength comes from the inside out, and so does your vitality. 

And if you're thinking that strong muscles are the secret ALONE, you're sadly mistaken my friend. 

They're PART of the secret yes, but by NO MEANS the MAIN reason. 

The main reason behind your strength and improvement in your strength training levels etc is - get this - your TENDON and LIGAMENT strength!

The strongest muscles in the world will do nary a bit of good if the "back up" system is weak my friend. 

And many a wrestler will testify to this. 

So will the "reformed bench pressers" and boobybuilders who KNOW how easy and painful it is to tear ligament upon ligament while piling more and more weight onto the bar in an insane manner... 

To truly learn the secret behind REAL strength - - to do it the way the old timers did - grab the course on isometrics NOW

Write back - and let me know your thoughts!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - John - thanks again for the great and kind words (and HONEST WORDS!). And folks - all of you - DO leave more honest reviews! 

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