Friday, 30 June 2023 07:52

Why I rarely discuss anything with anyone "no mo" - unless they're "smart" or keep it real.

It's called this tendency most people have to IGNORE what you say - or write - and simply listen to - or read - what they want to. 

Even putting words in black and white in front of these idiots matters not. 

For instance, some of the fools who whine about me calling people fat when they are (fact my friend, sorry if it offends you, but if you've got a big belly that hangeth over, if you can't do pull-ups chin over bar etc - then you're either fat or functionally WEAK - no two ways around it etc etc) ... they'll ignore everything else I tell them. 

They'll ignore the free help I give them, they'll ignore the great products that will get them into the sort of shape they really want to be - like I said yesterday, no-one really wants to be fat do they? Nah, I didnt think so!) ... and since these sort of nutjobs that ignore FACT - and prefer to focus on their warped versions of reality (my wife is a perfect example of this as well) ... there's no real point talking to them. 

No goose and gander, no discussion of any nature, as it's always their way or the highway. 

Now, Nazi feminist women or entitled brats are one thing. 

For instance, Nandini, a girl I met online who claimed to get me a credit card when I wanted one - it was evident from the get go all she was interested in was "something else" - and NOT getting me credit cards, or any sort of business at all. 

Unfortunately, she's boring, fat and a liar who masquerades to be someone she's not, sends out pitures of her "at her best" - and not what she is "now" (which is fat and out of shape) ... and therefore, she never really captured my interest. 

She's great for someone like Glyn though - but wait- he's too cheap, never pays, and she wants one thing as usual - MONEY. 

I remember trying to tell her how she nigh ignored everything I Said, and just got in touch with me when she needed money. 

According to this loon, it's "her right not to respond to whatever she doesnt want to". 

Which is code for saying "I'm not interested in talking". 

OK, fair enough. 

So, I didnt respond to her bullshit asking for money. 

Of course, when THEY want something - they'll keep asking, so she did. 

Then she whined about "how she didnt need my help, how she was independent" and so forth. 

Honey, I never said you were or weren't - the facts pretty much point it out. She's one of those girls constantly latching on to guys for money - and a lot of desperados actually probably send it - and then remove her from their lives. 

I did so - anyway, when I responded to her request with "goose and gander", she retorted back with this "dont talk to me anymore!" 

In other words, do what this nutjob wants, never say what you want, just be an ATM for her, and so forth. 

What a fool. Hehe. 

Nazi feminist idiots usually ARE that ... 

Women aren't the only ones though - men controlled by women are the same. 

It's why I rarely, if ever, discuss anything with family - or "friends" - any more - the only discussions I have these days are business related, and I prefer it like that. 

I dont know what it is with people in general, but the vast majority of lunatics out there see and read only what they WANT to. 

And thats not the sort of discussion that to me is either rational, productive, or logical. 

And therefore, my policy of BLOCKING continues ... - oh, customer service ain't exactly the best either. 

Know when someone will give you the time of day my friend? 

Listen to what you have to say - all of it , read - all of it? 

When you've got something THEY Want. 

They'll find all sorts of excuses to get in touch with you at that point ... 

Life, my friend, is a long term negotiation game. 

So is fitness in many ways ... 

There's ups, downs, there's days you feel great, days you feel like shit, but you keep pushing on. 

And you stick to your guns no matter what. 

Ultimately that persistence wins out - and I, and my followers (I prefer using the term customers, but whatever) are living proof of this. 

If you're interested in our secrets (price wankers not wanted) - then the 0 Excuses Fitness System is your BABY. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'm BRUTAL about calling folks out. I always have been. Hey, these same folks wouldn't stop to tear me down when I was down and kick me further down - hehe. So be it. The wheel always comes full circle, my friend - and I dont expect no quarters, neither do I take none ... 

I focus on big shiny DOLLAR bills. Hehe.