Friday, 30 June 2023 12:35

Lifes a trip eh?

Thats surely some trippy ass shit, Holmes!

Just as I got done dissecting an utter moron (a so called past affiliate) who wouldnt know how to sell anything it if it hit him in the face ... the "yang" showed up in terms of email. 

I've mentioned Paula before as an example of an affiliate that I'm truly honored to work with - everyday. 

She's been mentioned on the other site, but today - I'll mention another guy that I'll keep his name private for now, but he's PRECISELY the sort of affiliate I'd like to work with (or partner with). 

I did up a video last year to keep these trolly Benny "fat lout" sorts away, but I should really put this email I've gotten from this guy (the guy I'm referring to here) as another shining example of who I'd love to work with not just as an affiliate, but otherwise. 

Remember the emails I sent out about the Amazon mess, how as soon as it happened, I thought it was a blessing in disguise - indeed, As Napoleon Hill rightly said, every misfortune, every mishap carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit ... 

... in more ways than one. 

Not only did my own sales NOT tank as most people had predicted - if anything, they're on the rise again (Benny's trolling will help there too, hehe) - but it also allowed me to curate further through my list, this time people I work with, and remove people from there as well. 

It's amazing how many people will stop being honest when they're asked to stop whining about a steady so called guaranteed paycheck from the biggies like Amazon who can boot you at any moment without notice, and bam! There goes your six years of work or whatever it is - this applies to Twitter, youtube, any other platform you can think of, I've been saying it forever - build your OWN brand. Morons and lazy fools dont get it ... 

... anyway, all I did when that mess happened was to be flat out honest as I always am, I wrote to people telling them about it - since audiobooks which is where the mess started are a three way deal - Amazon, myself, and them - I told them the situation honestly, how it was not my fault, how it could happen to anyone, and how they shouldn't work on my projects if they weren't comfortable knowing any of this. (Amazon for whatever reason didnt notify them, so I did). 

I did the right thing. 

Then, I asked them (they all in one way or the other whined about money either directly or not) to be an affliate for the site, and the answers I got, and my, I wrote about this - talk about "showing your true colors" and what they really felt about the business - of course, that said, FUTURE potential is rarely something most people see, most people see just the "here and now", so it wasn't surprising. But, I'm glad I could block those folks out of my life too. 

There's always a diamond in the rough though and amongst all this there has been a guy that has stood by me knowing it all, has been more than professional, continues to be, and is truly a connessiour ...

I should also say at this point we're talking the other business, not this one, but it applies to both. 

One look at his email, and then you compare it to Benny the fool job's email before him - well, poles apart as it were, no pun intended. 


Here goeth - 

So I apologize I don't know if I ever saw the email that had the affiliate link stuff in it but yes, of course I'll sign up for it to be an affiliate. I forget exactly the website I believe it might be <chopped> or something I forget it's probably in a lot of the emails I just haven't looked at the moment I apologize, so everything you suggest is great I'm totally on board and agreeable except for one thing…  You mentioned that with other book readers and stuff like that you offer them 25% of the proceeds in the case of this project I'm not just a reader, but I'm also doing the sound design and the music... Therefore, I somewhat feel that, at least, as far as the sales of the audiobook I should probably get a larger percentage because I'm not just reading, but I'm doing the other stuff as well… And this is something I want to keep doing with you and for you, and this higher percentage, I'm suggesting, would not be the same percentage, if I was doing music and audio if another person was doing the reading for the book (which I do believe it's a great idea and I'd be more than willing to put music to other books that other people have produced readings for you as well....
In the case of me doing music on other peoples readings, I don't believe they would deserve more than 20% but if I'm reading and doing the music and sound design is 40% of that small quantity of stuff too much to ask for?
And by the way, I'm completely on board doing the affiliate link stuff but I have to warn you I don't really have much of a social media following so to speak and ever since I moved locations from San Francisco down to Los Angeles I haven't really integrated into the scene down here much but I can start pushing the links on places that I'm on  no problem just I never saw the email that talked about the affiliate stuff
Thank you for the well wishes about my mom she's not likely to get any better but she's not getting any worse for now, so at least there's that and I've actually been mostly taken up by dealing with the things of losing the studio job that I had but at least I've gotten a bit of upgrades to my equipment around here so most of my time recently has been spending integrating those things which is just about done actually… And let's talk more about this. I hope it's not too much to ask but I'm OK if it isn't I'm in this for the long-haul ....
There is just so much work that has been going into this already and I need to take a step back and take a break every now and then I'll go crazy but I got the fire lit under me again to keep working on this current process is I think I'm basically done with chapter 3, and I'm engaging into music for chapter 4… In my opinion is probably the most difficult chapter to do properly because it really deserves a lot of sound design to be done reasonably so it's taking extra time the following chapters I believe won't need as much sound design, so they'll not require as much work  I'm happy with what I've gotten so far with chapter 4 I think I may move on the chapter 5 to keep things fresh for me but you'll like what I've come up with so far. 
So yeah, if you could send the affiliate link email again and we might need to talk to you know zoom or something at some point soon when it comes to what you think is fair as far as percentage stuff goes, but I hope we're not too much into the agreement about tha but I'll wait to talk to you about it or at least wait for your response. In the meantime I'm pushing forward and sorry for the lack of communication and delay, but I am still, and I believe always will be in your corner, and honored to be so...
PS I never know what it's like for global style calling, but if we don't really need to do a zoom but you just want to call me so we can talk about something quickly. Here's my number if it's possible for you to make such a call I don't really call international much so I don't really know what the rates are or if there are rates anymore cell phones are really weird to me. 
But per chance you want to talk about something instead of writing about it always feel free to give me a call and it's OK. You won't wake me up if I'm asleep I don't pick up my phone anyway.
Feel free to call me anytime and really you don't have to worry about waking me up. I keep really strange hours and I sleep like a log when I fall asleep
 anyways take care buddy.

THAT is the sort of dude I'd love to work with - and do! 

Or, lady (Paula). 

Look, thats an example of a guy whose in it for the long haul, knows his worth, and is not afraid to ASK for it. 

I've heard his work, and he's a true professional at what he does, so I've agreed to giving him 40% - not just for affiliate sales for products he's worked on for me, but also a flat 40% for any of those products that sell without his intervention on the site. Why? Well, he deserves it to be honest! 

Not a social media addict, but tries anyway - doesnt much like dumbphones... does things the old fashioned way - hangs in there, does not whine about product price, but negotiates a better cut for himself or herself - MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thats an example of who you want in your life, not wackos like in the last email ... 

Thats that. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee