Sunday, 02 July 2023 10:02

Why people are OK with living in roach infested hovels is beyond me ..

As I battle a "roach invasion" in the so called house I'm in right now, I gotta say this. 

The "Casual nature" with which most people view these pests - I dont get it!

My first instinct is to SQUASH them all - no matter how many there might be. 

But you look at my wife, even my other "family" - they all view it as "so what - they live with human beings anyway!" 

Or, the resigned, there's nothing we can do. 


It's an easy solution - pest goddamed control. 

It's something I INSIST UPON - I wont put down a penny of deposit, not one red RMB, not one Red MAO before moving into an apartment in China or anywhere, except in India apparently they dont look too kindly upon that ... ??

The landlord's (or ladies) have always looked upon this request as coming from a crazed foreign devil (with wild hair, as I told my daughter - hehe - look for a change there too soon) ... 

... but end of the day, they did it. 

I dont get it, my grandfather had a six storey house, was one of the best doctors of his time in the whole damned city, yet, A/C and pest control were foreign concepts. 

I get the first, perhaps. 

But #2? 

I've NO idea how people put up with it. 

if you look at doers, achievers, most people of that nature, you'll hear the same thing from them ... 


Just horrible, nasty it is ... 

My point really is this - KILL the damn thing. Yet, my wife, for some strange reason won't do it. Nothing religious or beads-sheads or Tarot nonsense about it, she just wont do it, which is strange? Theyll be running riot around her, and I'm the one running around stomping 'em out ... ???

I dont get it, my friend -I dont quite. Folks! When asked, they'll say "so what". 

Most people are so caught up in their dumbphone addicted torpor that a bomb underneath them would likely elicit the same reaction. Musk has it SPOT on in terms of limiting number of tweets etc one can view on Twitter "for free", the entire world is slowly but surely coming around to booting the sizeable chunk of freebie seekers OFF Their services - which I've been doing for ages, so it SHOULD BE. I wasn't ever a Musk fan, but hes doing a damn fine job with Twitter I must say, true business man, I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the few companies out there that will eventually turn a hefty profit. 

I'm sure he feels the same way about roaches - hehe. 

And thats the rant for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Through 65 pull-ups already, it ain't even 4PM. DAWG! ?

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