Tuesday, 04 July 2023 15:06

The tigrish manner in which I broke a 4 day fast which was supposed to last for way longer (7 plus days).

Life's a trip eh. 

Thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes! 

And Denzel Washington aside (all time favorite for me) - I was supposed to continue the fast I've been writing about on the site for more than 7 days - I was aiming for 9, which betters my previous best by two days. 

Now thats a complete water fast mind you - NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING except for green tea during the fast, and NOT with anything added in - ie basically hot water and tea leaves. 

Or tea bags in a pinch, which aren't half bad, but aren't even less than a quarter as healthy. Folks, if you got a choice, get WHOLE tea leaves, NOT the tea bags you find in supermarkets - they're far healthier, tastier, and natural (the tea bags have extrannoeous crap in them you dont want, and grinding the tea leaves to the sort of mixture that you can put in a tea bag - it completely ruins the taste for one, and removes many of the beneficial ingredients in it found naturally). 

Believe me, I import and export this stuff, naturally, I know a little something about. 


A tiger lives on the fly, and decides what to do instinctually, when there's a meal available which in my case was staring me in the face for over a week - he POUNCES, and GORGES. 

So did I. 

I mean, I could easily have gone on to 9 days, but "on the fly", thats a goal for another time. These four days have done wonders to my body - especially the last two. 

I can already feel the food digesting, flooding through every part of my body - and as I ate, I remembered what a friend Aaron said in college about not eating at the "Commons" - the college mess which was pretty good (cafeteria). 

I cook in here, he'd say after a bunch of damn BEAST ICE - which I kept up with him and then some. 

I used to scoff at his statement sometimes. 



(Bond Hall where we lived was kind enough to give us one in our rooms)

(and it had pretty good food, but not as good as "microwave cooking" after a bunch of damn beer late at night). 

Trust me, pizza in the microwave after a lot of beer (the microwavable kind) may not appeal to the purists, but it hits the SPOT - big time. 

Today, I did not prepare for this in advance, and I ran out of beer before my fast began. 

Therefore, I ate early - 8 PM as opposed to my usual tigrish late at night 930, 10 etc. Actually, around 730. 

Thats key to staying fit, give your body a chance to digest the food before you lop off to sleep. 

And what I had was pasta - microwaved, "on the fly" remember - precooked chicken - cucumber (I ate it without slicin and dicing, raw, no peeling) - and a few lops of CHEESE. 

I was kinda worried the pasta wouldn't cook well in the microwave, I'm used to doing it on the stovetop, but it came out WONDERFULLY. 

I added in tomato sauce, spices, salt, and other delicacies, and as you can see from your Youtube/Insta, hey - it is as delicious as it looks. 

Thick creamy meaty tigrish style meal. 

I could do another one tomorrow if I so wanted... 

And hey - Aaron I feel ya. Hehe. I remember the big guy cooking for us - great times. 

I remember another big guy Marc the African Silver back Gorilla doing his thing in the oven/microwave with his PIZZA - which was truly DELICIOUS - he used homemade cheese for one I believe. 

Hated doing dishes, but dont we all. Hah. I dont so much mind doing 'em at the right time, but Glyn, if you're reading, you're more than welcome to satisfy your morbid fantasies "Serving a real man as you say" - washing my dishes, but NOTHING else. Ass licking, ask Josie or anyone else! Haa.

Where, you ask - is all this leading up. 

Well, Dish Delicious for one, a very well received little manual, true, my wife provided some of the recipes for that one, but believe me, this cat can outdo her in the kitchen when he wants to - ala Southern style "soul food" which HITS the spot - big time. 

Anyway, as for THIS cat - my plans now? 

Sit and relax for an hour, then take a shower. I never shower right after eating - its best practice not to. 

Neither do I drink water, or any fluid - one hour before, or along with my meals - or until one hour later after the meal by the clock if I really have to, preferably two. 

And then brush my teeth, and sleep like a big cat does after a good meal. Admittedly I'd do that the way the big cat does normally during my phat days "straight to bed after dinner", but times be different now. ;) 



Rahul Mookerjee