Diet and hydration

Diet and hydration (20)

Sunday, 30 July 2023 07:45

More on clarified butter.

Man, we truly live - and LEARN - dont we! 

I certainly do, have been all my life, still do even in areas where people rightly call me an "expert". 

Like pull-ups, for instance, last night I popped off a set of one arm pull-ups which amazed even me - I haven't done these in a while!

Then again, with my monkey bar work etc being as "pristine" as it was months back when I last did it - oh, and I seem to have been finally upgraded to the data plan I wanted which ran out on Thursday - so expect a lot more videos, heat notwithstanding, hehe outdoors ... and thick bar work etc, it just goes to show you, pushups and squats - and pull-ups at HOME - do a fine job of keeping you in shape and you literally need nothing else at all. 

Cut out the beer, the carbs, eat well - and healthy - and thats all you really need. 

Growing up, a lot of fuss was made over eating with things like "butter", or - especially - clarified butter, which gets a bad rap in India, if just because of the less than sleek physiques a lot of the Indian wrestlers present. 

Admittedly the traditional "pehelwans" that consume liters upon liters of this magnificent potion I learned about way too late in life - better late than never though - dont exactly have corrugated core. 

The Olympic wrestlers in India, now them men and women - man, they're in shape !! 

But they're both in shape - the traditional wrestlers aren't "fat" in the traditional sense of the word. Much like sumos are amazingly healthy "inside" - and need that fat to knock opponents off base, a little weight helps these Indian -and Iranian wrestlers as well. 

Thats not to say a corrugated core is not required. 

It is. 

And later on in life, a lot of these same wrasslers suffer from debilitating injuries etc that stay away till they keep training hard and intense, but with that excess weight, it "tells" on you down the line. Ask any pehelwan that, they'll tell you the importance of core conditioning - even the modern day "traditional" Indian wrestlers are no longer what you might expect "core wise". 

Anyway - growing up "ghee" was a no no. Thick flatbread like parathas smothered in the stuff was a no- no. 

When I got married (ugh) I remember mom cattily telling me "she cooks way better parathas than me, shes from North India!" 

(Mom's from the East). 

Whatever. I love good food everywhere!

But anyway, I often saw these wrasslers, and indeed, to this date they do it (see the movie "Milka Singh" - heh) literally DRINKING vats of clarified butter - and milk - and I often went "ewwww". 

People told me it would add the calories on. 

Well my friend, like so much of the bullshit the so called experts spread, they were WRONG. 

Even women aren't always right - such as my ex - who kept telling me "dont cook with anything other than olive oil in the oven". 


I've been cooking with layers upon layers of clarified butter as of late when roasting stuff - medley of vegetables, or whatever I roast, and man, the way it sizzles, and the RESIDUE it leaves on the bottom of the pan - I was literally drinking it up last night. 

Fills you up. 

Gives you energy. 

And it's HEALTHY, unlike the "yellow butter" most people seem to prefer. 

If you cannot find that around you, try cottage cheese. Or, "white" butter. 

But really clarified butter is highly underrated, and as the old time Indian wrestlers used to do - YOU can take you a mortar and pestle and hammer in some cashewnuts, almonds etc into ghee and make a delicious healthy paste which you can store - eat - and build plenty of muscle on a diet like that. 

Lots of folks think "grilled meats" are the only way to get your protein. 


Those are great yes. I plan on showing you a lot with meat down the line, but ... in the meantime? 



All of these are GREAT my friend, and cooked in enough quantity in the oven or however you choose - I've literally not (other than two cheat days this month - one was a pasta lunch, the other sphagetti - well, three cheat days) - had a single bit of "grain" (ok, the last thing was half a pack of white bread which messed me up for two days, and I swore off it instantly). 

I had meat at the start of the month. 

But I'm here to tell you something most people will ignore as usual - one, reducing carb intake or eliminating almost entirely is key to losing weight right. 

Two, the SPLITS. Get good at them, damn good at 'em. Stretch out the hamstrings, stretch the entire body, the insides, all of it ... 

And three - well, embrace the difference. The non "normal" often works the best my friend, and here's living proof of it - yours truly. 

Thats that. 

Remember to place the -pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness while it's still at the price it is... 


Rahul Mookerjee

Tuesday, 04 July 2023 16:32

A true blue story of "el tigre"

Replete with meat blood and everything. But hang on, before that, a bit of background - 

I believe I was in an apartment those days, so I had everything to cook with, microwave, oven, slow cooker, fry daddy - everything - and though the toilet would sometimes get "backed up" (Glyn, where're you when needed - ugh) - the fridge worked pretty well. 

El Tigre usually had a case of beer chilling in there at the very least, as well a lot of meat and cheese, some broccoli etc too. 

Now, that night the girlfriend wasn't with me. For one, someone had driven her car into a ditch I believe or something, so it was at the repair shop so she couldn't come over, and second, she was spending girl time with some Miyako, or maybe "Mieko" - who knows. 

So I was at home myself, and had some fresh salmon I was going to cook with lime juice and broccoli. Four pieces, simple, effective... 

I had a bunch of "beast ICE" (they no longer make that brand - Milwaukee's BEST ICE, hehe) - neither do they make Southpaw from what I hear - and I then put the meat (or fish) on the foil, started cooking and such. Smelt pretty good when done, I bit into it, but damn, there was a strange taste to that fish, before I knew it, I was sick as a dawg. 

Jeremy, a friend of mine told me "the one good thing after throwing up after having a bunch of beer" - pour more down. 

Them the wild man days - not that I'm any saner now. 

So thats what I did. I didnt much feel like eating - at that point - so popped in Hannibal or something, then I felt like eating later. 

So, trusty ole Papa Johns to the rescue, since it was 1130, no-one else would deliver I think. 

And that brings me to the tale, now I order LARGE 14 inch pizzas with extra meat and cheese when I do, and garlic bread, but for some reason or maybe I was too hungry, the meat seemed a tad less. 

So I pried open the freezer. 

Saw a round of "chuck" beef - remember those? Not you Charles - hehe 

Popped it in the microwave (I'm well aware of skilleting it till it turns pink etc but remember, I was pretty toasted) figuring "its heat, it'll cook just as well". 

It seemed to. 

And when done, I gingerly poked the side to see if it wasn't too hot (I didnt want to burn my tongue like I once did my thumb when putting out a cigarette with it). 

OK ... 

I bit into it. 

And I still remember the RAW beef - and the taste of blood, literally .. dripping down my chin. 

Memory's a bit hazy beyond this, I'm not sure what I did, if I tossed the entire bowl of meat, or cooked it properly the next day, but thats true tiger like living - or "wolf" like, as my Uncle calls me - haha. 

And we've all had those stories of falling asleep on the toilet after a drink too many, eh. Hehe. 

Them were the days, they're still here to an extent, except my fitness routines dictate I dont down a fraction of the brew I used to back in the day - but when I DO sit down to drink, I can outdrink you under the table - guarandamnteed. Just ask my buddy from the Marines, and our beer drinking sessions till 5 AM in the morning which his wife never let him "live down". LOL. 

And thats the tale of the tiger. 

I remember his friends cautioning him about bacteria and such, and they were right - I was lucky I didnt end up in the ER or worse... 


I dont recommend doing those things - but we've all done 'em ... 

Crazy is what ultimately works, crazy people are ultimately the real achievers. 

I wouldn't go as far as Steve Jobs who reportedly cooled his feet in the toilet - wtf - but I've heard Glyn Bozo for one (no kidding for one) likes to touch his fat butt to the bowl - literally. Ugh again. 

Aint no accounting for taste... 

ANd thats that, friend. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts awaits you. Get in the best animal like shape of your life - QUICK! 


Rahul Mookerjee

Life's a trip eh. 

Thats some trippy ass shit, Holmes! 

And Denzel Washington aside (all time favorite for me) - I was supposed to continue the fast I've been writing about on the site for more than 7 days - I was aiming for 9, which betters my previous best by two days. 

Now thats a complete water fast mind you - NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING except for green tea during the fast, and NOT with anything added in - ie basically hot water and tea leaves. 

Or tea bags in a pinch, which aren't half bad, but aren't even less than a quarter as healthy. Folks, if you got a choice, get WHOLE tea leaves, NOT the tea bags you find in supermarkets - they're far healthier, tastier, and natural (the tea bags have extrannoeous crap in them you dont want, and grinding the tea leaves to the sort of mixture that you can put in a tea bag - it completely ruins the taste for one, and removes many of the beneficial ingredients in it found naturally). 

Believe me, I import and export this stuff, naturally, I know a little something about. 


A tiger lives on the fly, and decides what to do instinctually, when there's a meal available which in my case was staring me in the face for over a week - he POUNCES, and GORGES. 

So did I. 

I mean, I could easily have gone on to 9 days, but "on the fly", thats a goal for another time. These four days have done wonders to my body - especially the last two. 

I can already feel the food digesting, flooding through every part of my body - and as I ate, I remembered what a friend Aaron said in college about not eating at the "Commons" - the college mess which was pretty good (cafeteria). 

I cook in here, he'd say after a bunch of damn BEAST ICE - which I kept up with him and then some. 

I used to scoff at his statement sometimes. 



(Bond Hall where we lived was kind enough to give us one in our rooms)

(and it had pretty good food, but not as good as "microwave cooking" after a bunch of damn beer late at night). 

Trust me, pizza in the microwave after a lot of beer (the microwavable kind) may not appeal to the purists, but it hits the SPOT - big time. 

Today, I did not prepare for this in advance, and I ran out of beer before my fast began. 

Therefore, I ate early - 8 PM as opposed to my usual tigrish late at night 930, 10 etc. Actually, around 730. 

Thats key to staying fit, give your body a chance to digest the food before you lop off to sleep. 

And what I had was pasta - microwaved, "on the fly" remember - precooked chicken - cucumber (I ate it without slicin and dicing, raw, no peeling) - and a few lops of CHEESE. 

I was kinda worried the pasta wouldn't cook well in the microwave, I'm used to doing it on the stovetop, but it came out WONDERFULLY. 

I added in tomato sauce, spices, salt, and other delicacies, and as you can see from your Youtube/Insta, hey - it is as delicious as it looks. 

Thick creamy meaty tigrish style meal. 

I could do another one tomorrow if I so wanted... 

And hey - Aaron I feel ya. Hehe. I remember the big guy cooking for us - great times. 

I remember another big guy Marc the African Silver back Gorilla doing his thing in the oven/microwave with his PIZZA - which was truly DELICIOUS - he used homemade cheese for one I believe. 

Hated doing dishes, but dont we all. Hah. I dont so much mind doing 'em at the right time, but Glyn, if you're reading, you're more than welcome to satisfy your morbid fantasies "Serving a real man as you say" - washing my dishes, but NOTHING else. Ass licking, ask Josie or anyone else! Haa.

Where, you ask - is all this leading up. 

Well, Dish Delicious for one, a very well received little manual, true, my wife provided some of the recipes for that one, but believe me, this cat can outdo her in the kitchen when he wants to - ala Southern style "soul food" which HITS the spot - big time. 

Anyway, as for THIS cat - my plans now? 

Sit and relax for an hour, then take a shower. I never shower right after eating - its best practice not to. 

Neither do I drink water, or any fluid - one hour before, or along with my meals - or until one hour later after the meal by the clock if I really have to, preferably two. 

And then brush my teeth, and sleep like a big cat does after a good meal. Admittedly I'd do that the way the big cat does normally during my phat days "straight to bed after dinner", but times be different now. ;) 



Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 20 April 2023 05:21

Her spice had me GASPING for breath!

Man, her spices literally had me gasping for breath. 

No, I dont mean the erotica business either - although the title might seem like I got it from there, I did NOT! 

I've written about this twice already in different "tongues" if that makes sense - so interesting was an experience that should have been random, the norm - but it never is - is it? Things happen for a reason. They happen at a time too "in due time" as Nym told me .. I wont get into who she is here, suffice it to say she has a voice of GOLD - MY! 

Dripping with honey and vibes - anyway, all of this meshes together, blends together so well with what I'm about to say, lots of pun ALL intended! 

I ordered some spices a while back from Amazon with the intention of stocking up - after the wife's constant harangues, hehe (to an extent warranted) about me "ignoring the kitchen and what is required to cook well" (she says I can get by without too much good cooking, but that doesn't mean everyone can - despite me being a foodie, hehe - but she's right) ... and I did so from a normal seller on Amazon. 

The spices arrived, something stood out - I'm not sure what, but once I saw the QR code of course I had to download the app - which did not seem to be there. OK, all good so I went to her website, and instantly something stood out - like our sites, very well done, very business like - NOT what I see from most people, especially in this here neck of the woods, in fact it's a pity - many people have outstanding products, but their sites aren't set up to SELL - they're set up to look fancy and all that crap, but not plain ole "work" in terms of selling. 

Nita Mehta, youve got it spot on.

Now she's a famous chef - I had no inkling of this since I dont watch Tee Vee, but the wife told me when I asked - but even if she wasn't - the VIBE she projects made me add products to cart (although I normally buy it all from Amazon, I'm going to buy from HER now - some things, at least). 

She's been around for 20 years which tells you how much of a cave I live in (though the news that matters comes to me). 

Anyway, last night the spice was added to the food - in LESSER quantities than normal (new spice, so the wife was cautious - I have not yet posted it on Youtube, I will soon) ... And MAN! 

I was literally gasping for breath, tongue on fire, this a guy who can drink bottles of Tabasco damn near!

As I told Bruce back in the day and he later agreed "INDIAN food is the spiciest!" 

I have to eat some of our sweets, I gasped at the wife (I was leaving them all for the wife and daughter, they love 'em more) ... 

(and she yells I eat ;em all, hehe, so ...) 

... "wait a minute, what happened", wife said, alarmed. 

I told her. 

She proposed I eat curd - but that was too cold! Hehe. She then proposed I eat "laddoos" (Indian sweets) - which I did anyway - but then I asked her to find the best solution and she poured some clarified butter on the food, and voila - that solved it. 

Not only did it solve the issue, but the uniqueness of the spice and the taste came through - MY! 

And hence the review ... and hence why I wrote to Nita later about it. 

Anyway, spice is the variety of LIFE and many other things like I keep saying on the other biz. 

And Nita - you've got it! 

I was going to leave her a review on Amazon, thought better of it, emailed her directly, and somehow I did not expect a response, but I got one - and then (per request) I left a review on Amazon too for her! Hehe. 

Three times lucky, not sure ... but anyway, she knows nothing about Dish Delicious. Hey, she's written plenty more cookbooks than I have! Haha. 

But that book has gotten some great reviews too ... culinary afficiandos MUST grab it! 

Last but not least, as I sit here with a burning posterior - Glyn would understand, hehe - though I didnt pour bleach down it to kill covid (ugh, what a fool that guy is) .... I gotta write this to you! 


If just to explain to you why you should leave reviews, and leave PERSONAL ONES AT THAT!  (and we're getting plenty of great ones on Amazon, now the next step - leave them HERE too! via the link you get in the email when you buy a product from us) 

The personal nature of this caused even me to be shy about leaving a review the first time - I should have done so initially! 

And that personal nature of my tales, stories everything is really what hits home for my customers, friends, everyone I communicate with - "friends for life" as it were. 

Get you some NOW, my friend. 

And thats that! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I culled more folks off the list - if you're a "do nothing", chances are YOU were, or will be soon culled off the list too. Nothing personal, friend, we only want doers on it ... thats all. 

PS #2 - The only other time I can remember this feeling, age of 20, then girlfriend calling "coop de Ville"s (they made GREaT chicken wings) saying "you made it too spicy, my boyfriend can't even eat it!" 

My own damn fault for asking them to make it extra hot, thats Cajun style hot which makes the ASS BURN too, hehe ... 

I think I ate most of the celery  that night, drank a ton of beer, the wings, I think they replaced 'em - lol. 

Lots of memories there including once when Papa Johns showed up, I was too drunk to answer the door, there went the order, I woke up to "your order has been canceled", hehe. It was college town - they understood. Happened with "Poops de ville" too, hehe. They replaced my order the next day - great guys! 

Growing up, despite my complete lack of real world (or any) fitness (despite being skinny as heck) - - there was one thing that set me apart from pretty much everyone else in the family. 

I should say "one MORE thing". Hehe. 

That being, the black flask. 

Back in the day Mom would have a black flask on the mantelpiece which we'd drink water from - except that damn thing was always empty because I'd be refilling my cup from it ALL The time. 

It almost became a running joke, my love for "water". 

I did it naturally, mind you - there was no "pressuring me" to do it, I had no information on why it was good, and so forth, I only learned/figured that out YEARS later. 

That memory came back to me when I was Googling around idly looking at some of the foolishness out there that passes for "ab work" (hint - for REAL core work like you ain't never ever seen it done - Corrugated Core is your baby) - and some news about Bruce Lee and his untimely death struck me as being odd. 

Upon clicking and researching more (do your research, you'll find it) - I'm not sure if the news is even accurate. 99.999% of it these days has the smell of "ripe BS" coming off it, but this, I dont know, maybe, maybe not, although why the scientists waited 50 years after the man's "passing" to tell us his brain swelling might have been caused by too much water is a complete mystery to me for one. 

Thats what they say killed him apparently (his untimely death - not painkillers). 

I call bullshit on both. 

I doubt someone like Bruce Lee relied much on painkillers, whatever they had back then. 

I seriously, highly doubt someone like him especially with his Asian heritage would drink "too much water" to the extent he'd die from it. 

True, too much of anything is never good. 

But its very hard, especially for elite athletes working out damn near all day long to drink the amount of water that would kill them - even if they tried. 

Maybe it was just his time, maybe he had kidney issues, I dont know, but despite being on a juice fast/diet before his death, I doubt "too much water" had anything to do with it. 

I myself am probably going to start a fast tonight, how long it goes is anyone's guess, maybe I'll shoot for 5 days as i did last time. 

Maybe not. 

We'll see, but I know one damn thing when I'm fasting, I drink EVEN more water - not because I feel hungry, but just because I want to flush my body out completely (and I drink tons of water anyway). 

I'm also huge on NATURAL green tea as you guys know - not the tea bag crap you see everywhere. 

I'm 100% sure Bruce Lee was a fan of that too, and as I once told a certain Brooks about myself "he drinks pots and pots of green tea" (hey, I did, and still do, I used to make it in the coffee maker back then, oddly enough, the perocolation works great with green tea!). 


For most of you reading this, let me tell you my friend, you need more water. 

Probably a hell of a lot more water than you are drinking right now, and no, the "urine color" test isn't always that accurate either. 

Drink at least 12 oz per two hours is what I'd say (waking time) - no, like I say in the Simple and Effective Diet, coffee, colas, etc dont count - green tea etc is great, but plain ole water has it's benefits, and then some, never skip it. 

As an ex kept telling me, drink, drink, drink! 

And make sure the water you drink is of HIGH quality - that reminds me, I gotta go get my water dispenser fixed sometime - or revert back to bottles like I have used most of my life . . .

Water is one of the best substances you can put in your system, my friend - I highly recommend you drink up on a daily basis, and lots of it too. 

I'll have more on this subject later, but for now thats that. 

Oh, remember to workout hard too - the 0 Excuses Fitness System is your baby there. 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 09 June 2022 09:57

I drink COPIOUS amounts of this.

Or, the "third thing" I drink copious amounts of, I should say, something Glyn Bozo trolled me endlessly on for some strange reason (his "blowing them on a hockey field" fetish having somehting to do with it, ugh)... 

One of them is the magic drink I talk about in the Simple and Effective Diet, and 0 Excuses Fitness (the former complimentary with a digital purchase of the latter) - Brooks Kubik mentioned it once when he mentioned me in his news letter, and a lot of YOU guys know what it is. 

Second, of course, the almighty Stella Artios, Snow, TsingTao, Kingfisher, or BEAST ice, hehe. Beer, in other words - chilled beer!

Few things better than chilled beer on a HOT summer day. Trust me on this one, even if you're not a beer lover!

But there ARE two other things that come close, both of which I'm not sure I mentioned in Dish Delicious, but I'm pretty sure the first shows up in some way, shape or form. 

And I drink tons of the first any time and every time I get the chance to. 

Easy to make at home too!

One being BUTTERMILK - the first - chilled and spiced, or simply plain - one of the healthiest and most refreshing drinks out there, and very easy to make if you know who even for a cooking neophyte like yours truly. 

Two being SUGARCANE juice - the REAL stuff - SWEET stuff - yes, REAL sweet stuff, not sugar as I tell you to stay away from, period, in the Simple and Effective Diet

And third ... well, watermelon juice, and watermelons in general. 

All of these do many things, including, but not limited to - 

Keep you hydrated (no replacement for water tho, but they do a damn fine job of keeping you hydrated). 

They keep you REFRESHED. 

Instant pick me up after a workout (like I just got done with). 

Instant NOURISHMENT - healthy stuff, all of it, and especially buttermilk if done right can be a meal unto itself. 

Resolve stomach issues, liver problems and such if you drink ENOUGH of it regularly. 

All the vitamins, minerals, potassium, magnesium, or what not you need in one sitting ... 

and much more!

It's called "lassi" in India, buttermilk - and in China, well, watermelon is more common and popular but the chinese would LOVE butter milk if I introduced it to them. 

Like the coffee I introduced to them, which they loved, milk tea, and so forth!

Maybe I will someday. 

For now though, the Chinese have shown great interest in the book Dish Delicious - from both a reader - customer - and a TRANSLATOR standpoint. 

My, my, my!

More on that later, if YOU the reader are interested, grab the book NOW. 

And more on those drinks later, for now, just remember they're some of the best things you can put in your body - period. 

Back soon!

Oh, and remember, just nutrition dont rock the boat.

Exercise is king, nutritition is queen, together, emphasis on TOGETHER - they make a kingdom. 

Not me, Jack la Lanne. 

Or a "kinkdom" in the Middle kingdom. Hehe. 

But really, no easy way out - they go TOGETHER! 

And here is where you can get the best damn fitness system ever. 


Rahul Mookerjee

I filed this one under diet and hydration, but if two categories were allowed, I'd choose exercise too. 

Yes, this morning when I woke up - and indeed until half an hour or so later, my calves were buckling in a strange sort of manner - as if "they had no strength left". 

This happens to me sometimes, especially after I wake up in the night with intense cramps (which did not happen last night) .. 

I've written about that before here - - and here - Thigh cramps in the middle of the night ( ... 

That didnt quite happen last night, it's my calves that cramp sometimes these days, and the reason for what happened today? 

Well, it was manifold, part of the reason was I was a bit dehydrated. 

The 4 or so liters of water I drank down "while sleeping" last night didnt do the trick, another 2liters in the morning (which I do every morning) seems to have helped, but it was a diet (for me, yesterday) which I don't generally do - a lot of bread for one (I rarely, if ever eat bread of any nature, even brown bread and such) - and a few other things I rarely eat which seem to have dehydrated me. 

But more than that, it's the intense squatting I've been doing, I believe, ever since Jan 10 or so this year, with NO let up. 

Not when I'm tired, not when I'm drunk or afterwards, not if I'm not feeling well (I've done them with fever too, leading to a lot of ridicule from friends when I said "my workouts banished the virus from my system") - and so forth. 

Every single day. 

True, I didnt hit 500 ALL days. 

True, I didnt do 600 in a row ALL days - or 750. 

True, EVERY squatting session to me feels different. Bodyweight exercises, you never master them, my friend - period - and the masters will be the first to tell you that there is always something new you keep learning. 

Or, back when I climbed hills after a break - I'd wake up in the night with intense calf cramps. 

But this morning was different. 

Normally, I'd just walk it off. 

This morning, I could barely walk when I woke up - and this persisted for a good half an hour or so, leading to the "I'm tired, I DEFINITELY need a break today" feeling (a lot of you will know what I mean here!). 

It would have been easy to sink down into a chair and do nothing at all. 

Hell, I've got plenty of books on the back burner for one ... (for both businesses). 

Plenty of work to take care of ... 

But what did I do? 

Well, I slapped my legs for one - and did a special workout for the calves and shin straight out of Isometric and Flexibility Training, which took like less than a minute. 

Thats the great thing about isometrics. 

You use them to build strength, to recover between sets, to recover post workouts, to stretch, to strengthen, to do just about anything!! (fitness wise). 

They're so VERSATILE. 

You can do them for a few seconds. Or a minute. Or, more than an hour if you so choose, and all of these benefit you - differently. But benefit they do!

Then, I did the unthinkable. 

I got down, and hammered out 25 squats which felt far tougher than they should. 

Deep breathing. 

Sitting here NOW?

My legs, calves, all of it feel on TOP of the world. 

I'm sure I'll have another great workout today!

Moral of the story is this, your body is capable of far more than you think it is (consciously). 

Moral also is, when you're feeling like it's time to take a day off - chances are excellent and second to none you need to do SOMETHING. 

Mark my words, if you REALLY need a day off, you'll know it. 

In most cases, doing a bit of something will lead to feeling much better, and you do a lot more ... 

And, get another workout in in the books!

So thats the lesson for this one. 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Lots of you have expressed interest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System; easily the best and most comprehensive of bodyweight fitness programs out there. As people have said "the best book ever, there is nothing that comes even close". And the videos too. 

HERE is where you can grab it NOW. 

And, Google loves THIS review from Murli in India the best - 

This is an amazing book on fitness that has the right combination of intensity and intelligence. These aren’t soul crushing workouts or weight training, but they certainly aren’t a walk in the park either. The word that could best describe these workouts is SMART. It helps you play with your bodyweight and get yourself super fit.

Amen, my friend. Amen. 

I wrote - have been writing - on the other site about how that impromptu FAST I Went on sparked changes in me I've never seen before in all my life. 

I'm not unfit, I'm not FAT, I'm not someone that has never done a pull-up, I'm not a Bozo, none of that. 

And I ended my 48 hour "on the fly of the moment" like everything else is for me, fast last night - and this morning I wrote to you about it. 

I've had no deleterious side effects, and I've been waxing INSANE and lyrical bout the manifold POSITIVE side effects I've been having. 

One of which was of course starting work on Advanced Isometric and Flexibility Training, which is a quantum step up from the last (spellbinding and truly RESULTS producing) book. 

If quantum leaps in your flexibility, and QUICK, I'm talking within minutes or less is of interest to you, along with the associated strength and conditioning benefits, then this is for YOU. 

Not to mention if you want to feel PROFOUND all day. 

Massive upper body strength & Power

This book is "short and sweet" and so will this review be.
If you're looking to develop massive upper body strength and power you need this book.
Yet another masterpiece from The Bodyweight Guru, buy the book you won't regret it.

So they said, hehe. 

Anyway ... 

What I want to write to you about now is this - the quantum leaps in fitness, and ACHIEVEMENT - and creativity - you get AFTER you break the fast. 

All I ate was something simple. 

A variety of "food items" to put something in basically, but thats it. 

No huge feasts, nothing. 

What did I eat - well, soup, kidney beans, honey - all basically more hydration than anything else, and a few toasted breads. 

But thats it. 

And NOW? 

12 or so hours later, well, I'd say ...14 or so hours later, I'm focusing on my goal(s) even more. 

LASER Sharp focus. 

Its different, I cannot begin to tell you how!

Not to mention, my MUSCLES feel different. 

I wrote to you yesterday about how I can truly FEEL the rep in each rep while doing the workout. 

Today, while doing pull-ups, I truly understand, and remember, this is the pull-up STUD telling you - what it means to "pull from the very core of the triceps". 

Not to mention, the ideas for writing keep FLOWING IN in a manner they never ever have. 

My friend, there are two things to end this one. 

One, many of you have not got the books above, I cannot understand why ?

Get them NOW, and experience them results for yourself. 

And second, while fasting is by no means required to achive super fitness, to be a stud or studette or simply have a flat tummy, I highly, highly recommend it all that might be interested. 

Trust me, the benefits will BLOW you away. 


Rahul Mookerjee


Monday, 03 January 2022 11:20

When to drink WATER - and when NOT TO!

When I was a young lad growing up, part of it being Sunday meant "wake up early in the morning". 

No rest for the wicked, hehe. 

This time though it was for what I didnt like then, but later realized it was a good thing i.e. to play tennis (I still preferred swimming, but tennis, especially on different courts, clay, cement etc - great!) . 

I used to play with my Dad on Sunday mornings and train with a coach (a not quite so committed coach) on weekday evenings. 

Those were the days where I'd guzzle water like nobody's business. 

It was a running joke that if the old flask in the house was empty, Rahul's done it. Hehe. 

I'm the same with beer these days!


I still guzzle a lot of water - and green tea. 

But I do it differently. 

Back in the day, I'd guzzle tons of water WITH meals. 

I'd drink a ton of water WHILE working out. 

"Wash down the meal". 

"Stay hydrated". 

The above two habits might not sound wrong, no? 

At least, so I thought ... 

When I met my wife, I remember her telling me not to do this - especially #1. 

Years later, I found out she was right i.e. it had been messing my digestion up all along, and was partly to contribute, along with my lack of physical activity/prowress, of course, to my IBS and such which I've had for a long time (no more though). 

Thing is, many people could use a tutorial or two on WHEN and how much to guzzle - water. 

First thing you know, and I tell you this in the Simple and Effective Diet, yours gratis with a copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness system, there is no substitute for water. 

No coke, no soda, no Diet coke - all of that is fit for car engines. Literally, they've done studies showing how these beverages CORRODE car engines - the insides - think about what they can do to yours. 

Green tea is great but sometimes, and often times, good old H20 is what is needed, and a lot of it. 

I often have a bottle with me while I'm writing. I'm always SIPPING it, not drinking it all at once, but I keep drinking from it regularly. 

When working out though, I got myself to the point, and I said this in the KIddie Fitness video today as my daughter headed straight for the water bottle after a round of sprints -  that I can literally work out hard and heavy for hours, and not drink a sip of water. 

Then I Come home, and I drink - a whole bottle of it!

When I wake up in the morning, my first activity is to - you got it. 

Drink two liters of water, no matter what. 

Hot, cold, full, not full, I drink it anyway. 

And before meals, and after, and during? 

During - NO. 

After? I wait at least an hour, this allows the digestive juices to start working and digest the food as opposed to diluting them with water. Maybe if all I've had is fruits, I'll sip some water - but not a lot - right afterwards, but I try not to. 

The right time to drink water is one hour BEFORE a meal, and two hours after. 

I'm not quite that extreme, but you get the pint - ah, point. 

Best to avoid pints too during meals for the most part, unless it's Guiness or something which has nutritional value by itself. 

Did I just turn the book upside down in terms of when to drink water, how much, etc?

I bet I did. Hehe. 

Most can't do without drinking a ton of water during their meals, for one. 

But it's a bad habit, one best avoided. 

And the Simple and Effective Diet, my friend, gives you tons of tips that if you apply along with your fitness routine will CATAPULT your gains like nothing you've ever done before. 

Again, yours gratis with the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

And you'll want to grab this now. 

Back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee

I read this a while back, and to be honest it ain't surprising. 

Not because of Trumps "secret ingredient" that he apparently had delivered to the hospital while hospitalized with COVID19. 

But because of his well documented love for it anyway - remember the "button" on the Oval Office desk in the White House? Hehe - and because people are looking for ANYTHING to make a fuss about these days. 

I m ean geez, Diet Coke and Mickey D's or fast food in general ain't the healthiest, but sometimes, you gotta let a man do what he wants to do!

I mean, kids do it all the time, it's even worse for them and the world in general pampers them - when it should be the opposite in this regard, so why make such a fuss about Trump having Mickey D's delivered the hospital or what not when in bed with COVID? 

I know when I have a cold - the LAST thing I want to do is eat healthy (although I do, but I dont want to). 

I suspect most people are the same - and its the sam when drinking beer as well. 

Although I dont give in - though I Could - given my Eat More - Weigh Less techniques ... I dont blame Trump for his love of Diet Coke and such. 

Hey, his choice!

But really - fast food being the cleanest? 

So claimed Trump apparently, I dont think Trump's that batty though, I beleive thats another hachet job they're trying to do on him. 

Now, his "fear of being poisoned" - that I can sort of understand, with his haters being legion ... 

Donald Trump had McDonald's delivered to the hospital while he was being treated for COVID-19, reports say | Business Insider India  - More here. 

Personally, all too much ado over nothing, my first thought upon reading it - SO WHAT!

But anyway .... takeaways from this for you (pun not intended, and intended) - 

One, fast food restaurants in general unless they're Mom and Pop joints ain't exactly the cleanest out there. 

They sure ain't the healthiest - they're the polar opposite. 

Not only do they pack on the LARD - they also make you CONSTIPATED, and when you go - you'll be blowing out fumes worse than a skunk on speed x 100. 

True that, that last bit. 

I know, nasty. 

But true. 

Like gas bombs, almost ... 

And there's a host of other horrible things they do to your body - and the meat usually is mixed with tons of soy. 

True example of "make it taste yummy" - while making it as cheap and unhealthy and unhygenic to produce. 

Sorry, Micky D's - KFC is EVEN WORSE in my opinion!

I'd rather a REAL burger, like the ones I had down south near the beach in Biloxi , or on the way there I believe. 

"Granny's cooking" basically that was, little old lady cooking them burgers - damn, that was REAL beef, real meat, fries were real too!

THAT is real food, or fast food (the real stuff). 

And Diet Coke, dont even get me started - it's even worse than the regular stuff, if just because of the marketing. 

It can corrode car engines if you pour it on them, so just imagine what it does to your insides. 

(true fact, look it up if you do not believe me). 

Anyway .............

I revamped my products page today, and put Eat More Weigh LEss at the very top. 

And that book contains so many MINDBLOWING, PATHBREAKING secrets to truly gorging more on the most unhealthy crap ever and losing oodles of weight per workout WITH PROOF - that you really need to pick it up now. 

Dallying around ain't gonna work on this one, friend. Simple as that. Therefore, it's now UP TOP. (on the page). 

And while it doesn't have diet secrets or tips? 

It doesnt NEED to. 

But if you truly want to get in super shape, combine it with what I say in the Simple and Effective Diet, my friend. 

(which is gratis with a digital download of the 0 Excuses Fitness System). 

Watch the weight literally FLY OFF!!!

And go NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No delays on ths one, please. Go - NOW!

PS #2 - Also, if you're looking for real and healthy recipes - HEALTHY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD!! - go HERE -  Dish Delicious

Trust me on ths one!

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