Or healthy and profitable, I should say ... (and no, I ain't talking about the idiotic bench press, though YES, getting that dumb weight off thy chest and moving on to productive exercises WILL benefit you, but you know this already!)

Back in 1999, I was having a bit of a smoke out with an Italian buddy of mine in college.

We were in “Elam Arms”. Fourth floor I believe. And smoking was prohibited, as was drinking beer, so naturally the first thing we and most other college going dudes (not sure about the gals tho) would do would be to ... well, smoke and drink.

Yours truly has never really been a Marlboro man.

He has plenty of hair on his chest from working out and drinking a lot of beer, but smoking? I dont know – I smoked heavily for years, but it never really “made me happy” or whatever it is a good beer does me. Not dopamine, I know that much. How could it. LOL.

Lots of people tried to get me on weed etc.

Just didnt work.

Anyway, my buddy and I were there, after having lugged the cases of beer up four flights of stairs we needed a break.

“Take the weight off your legs, Rahul” he said.  

(Maybe he said "load". I'm not sure, hehe)

And now, despite this being about taking weight off your CHEST, lets start with the legs.

Some of the best upper body exercises are done when you take the weight off your legs.

Handstand pushups, pull-ups, and more.

Yet others when you KEEP the weight on your legs.

Pushups again! Really – pushups work the entire body in a way nothing else can.

But the main thing is the FEELNG these workouts give you. The “top of the morning” sort of feeling that LASTS all day.

And the feel good “cartharis” feeling (however you spell the word).

I dont know about you, my friend.

But EVERY Time I’m feeling down – or slightly lethargic – or not quite “all is well with the world”, I go to my ONE AND ONLY fall back option.

(well, other than mental tricks).


I’ll climb that hill. My favorite exercise by far, and there are many!

If I dont have time – I’ll knock out a quick set of pull-ups or handstand pushups.

Or, and another favorite – Hindu squats.

Not only do these exercises get the heart pumping and blood ROARING and lungs BURNING within a very short span of time – they also make you feel like “all problems cease to exist”. 

You feel calm, relaxed, on top of the world, and like a tiger ready to hunt it’s prey down, or take it on face to face if need be!

Truly a “weight off your chest” eh.

And HERE is the real nub of all this, and where I’m leading up to with all this.

Making MONEY is the same.

MOST, if not all of my “grand slam” emails for one have come about by the simple matter of getting a massive weight off my chest, or mind.


I said it!

And this might come across as anathema to the nuts who claim “you just say just do it”, and don’t give us any instructions.

Well, my dear friends (those in that category) your shining and glaring lack of MARKETING knowledge shows through in that statement, as well as your assumption that “the entire world needs to be given to you for free”.


It doesn’t (and even when it is, you dont value it anyway).

So, three lessons in today’s email – see if you can spot ‘em! The last is admittedly a bit hard to spot, but you’ll get there if you try.

As you will your fitness goals if you keep at it with the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Grab it now.

NO goal shall be impossible once you’re ON it!


Rahul Mookerjee

(PS – Would you believe it, but one of the emails that pulled in a ton of money the FIRST day I wrote it – and I wasn’t even expecting sales from it – was titled nothing other than “Bulldog Tenacity”. Do a search on the blog an dyou’ll find it, but thats truly the nature of this BEAST, my friend. More on this on my coaching calls – and if you’re so inclined, apply for one on one coaching right HERE, and we’ll see what we can cook up for YOU.)

(PS #2 – But I’m not cheap. I know!)

Quite a bit to get off my (hairy) chest today, eh.

First being China. For a long time a lot of people globally weren’t just sleeping on the China threat – they were content to “ignore” it for the time being.

Practicality, some might say ... (though I dont know – the shoddy made Chinese goods and “copy central” I’ve encountered in China and the very rapidly rising labor costs seem to outcut any of the other advantages, but whatever).

They were willing to ignore everything they do internally. Their lack of democracy, brutal suppression of their own citizens. Everything.

And then they sent the plague over, which obviously was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  

Now if there is ONE reason China managed to pull itself out of it’s post 1960’s – 70’s slump, it ws Deng Xiaoping, who despite his faults is a modern day great leader in my opinion.

And his economic policies.

I still remember his UN adddress saying basically that if one day China became a threat to the world, “the world and Chinese citizens themselves must unite against China”.

True story and quote (though not verbatim).

And Xiaping threw the DOORS open in terms of the economy, and the results showed.

Those were heady times. The WORLD was in a phase of progress (though keen observers could see what lay ahead....).

And the 1990’s and early 2000’s created a wave of entrepreunerus globally.

Jack Ma, Alibaba scion being one.

Matt Furey, another “internet” millionaire.

That was about the time the Internet came out, and anyone smart enough to know their ass from a hole in the ground USED it – and made a fortune off it.

(Yours truly made a considerable amount of dough working a "job" in those days, so never really got around to it. Pity, but hey. Live and learn!)

Would they still have done it today?

Well, thats up in the air.

But I believe YES.

True success stories dont piss and moan about tough times. They find a way – I should know!

(Some of the successes of YORE have been built during unimaginable Depressions and times FAR tougher than the molly coddled majority find themselves in NOW)

(Those of us old enough to remember or read know, hehe. I guess I’m dating myself by saying that, and hey – my birthday is coming up soon too! Stay tuned on that front. Something special planned on that date!)

Same thing for fitness, bro.

If you’re stuck at home and can’t go to your favorite gym, there isn’t much point whining and groaning is there?

Might as well take ACTION ...

Back to China though (yes, this one is a bit of a “different” email than what I normally send but so be it) ... the chinese growth story has been on the ROCKS For years for those in the know.

Yes, I know. The English teachers tell you how they can make a fortune there while barely scraping by (truth be told, even they’re coming around to acknowledge the painful dancing monkey reality) and the nuts living on their wives and girlfriends while masquerading as “China biz experts” or “China watchers” (in reality all they’re watching is their own bank accounts, desperately hoping for some “red” in that account – China’s the opposite from the ROW in that RED means UP and black means DOWN) saying China’s the best place in the world to do business, there’s nothign wrong with theplace, and thus forth.


It’s not.

Ask someone that has been dealing with Chinese factories for AGES now, including a nascent venture I started a couple of years ago that has been put on hold now funnily enough due to the plague itself.

China, I’ve always said is a giant and carefully constructed SMOKESCREEN that covers up the true filth of the place.

India is much the same without the smokescreen. WYSIWYG with India, and truth be told, end of the day, that approach works far better.

Same thing for my fitness books – of course – I dont mess around. I give it to you STRAIGHT. What you see is indeed what you get!

But anyway, the chinese recklnesses in extending inane amounts of state backed “loan shoan”, mindless infrastructure building (ghost towns anyone) and a general and massive economic slowdown over the ages they’ve done all to cover up is coming back to bite them in ass.

Has been for years.

The plague has made it worse.

And the icing on the cake I believe is Xi Jinping’s slow but gradual stranglehold on the economy.

China for those that think otherwise was never truly a free economy. 

No private ownership of land for one.

And ANY business that gets too big is eventually taken over by the Chinese government, unless it strictly toes party lines which get more repressive as the biz goes.

WeShat, for instance is never in trouble despite it’s monopoly on the Chinese market.

But AliBaba, and Jack Ma seem to be getting in progressively bad books with the Chinese goverment in general, mostly because of Ma’s propensity to say it like it IS.

And he is SPOT on in that Chinese lending practices, government oversight etc needs to be TONED DOWN, not “increased”.

You either control the economy with an iron fist, or you have a free market economy.

Can’t have both, brah.

And Xi JinPing is slowly doing all he can to take China back to the 1960’s cultural revolution days.

Still not so bad that yours truly can’t blog about it, but there are lines you cannot cross. (despite the Bozo making these posts “famous” on WeShat, it hasn’t crossed any red lines).

But you gotta know what those red lines are. And these days, things are becoming increasingly tougher.

And the free market is all but dead in China now practically speaking.

Lesson here?

Well, I wish I could say there is one.

Move away from China yes (in terms of production lines etc). Thats the obvious lesson.

Where is the question.

I’d love to say India, but under NM, much of the same thing is happening in India (though honestly, I’d rather NM 1, 2, 3, 4 and 1000000 and his inept handling of the economy as opposed to the Xi the utter dictator. At least NM has SOME sort of weird vision for the country as opposed to running it as his personal fiefdom as Xitler does. OK, I dont agree with it either, but hey ...).

Vietnam? Perhaps 10% there ...

So there’s no real obvious option either....

Wait and watch, but thats the tale on China my friend.

From one that truly KNOWS what he BE talking about. 2003 - 2020 and COUNTING, so to speak ... 17 years. Dang. Even I didnt realize it was that long! OK, lets take out a few years between 2008-2011 or so off and on, but still mostly in China. Whew. Been a while since I first showed up in the heady days in 2003! ANd I have some very very fond memories of thoset imes too! ;) 

Yes, this was a rather long one, but given what China has done to the ROW, I occasionally do write about this sort of thing (have this year TWICE in the past).

Those articles ran well over 2000 words too, hehe.

Anyway, thats it for now. If y’all need stuff sourced from China and are looking for a reliable person to get it done than won’t BS you – let me know.

And fitness wise, of course – half of my products were “filmed in China” and the other half – well – where I “may be” at the time, hehe.

Be sure and pick some up here – truly what you need for home based fitness!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – We’ll be back to regular programming tomorrow. I gotta get these things off my (admittedly "hairy") chest every six months or so, hehe.

I’ve done it, and today seems to be yet another one of those days.

Unplanned, and in the flow, and thats how most of my days are. Hehe.

The only planning I do, believe it or not, is before Igo to bed (in bed) where I VISUALIZE.

And right after waking up – writing my dreams down (which no, I dont over analyze. I hardly even look at what I wrote throughout the day).

And yet, my output in every which way (if you’re on the other site, not THAT way hehe, but I’ll write about that as well soon. LOL).

I’m sure I will!

Anyway ...

Ideas beget ideas.

I’m not sure who said it, but it was a “somebody” that once said his books were written in the margins of other books.


One exercise a day or workout.

IT’s a great idea ... sometimes.

I do not recommend you do this often, but sometimes, it happens.

And I’ve written in 0 Excuses Fitness about how difficult it is to achieve TRUE MASTERY over any exercise, havent I?

Yes, I have!

And these one exercise workouts push you further along that road to mastery which truth be told you’ll never master.

I won’t.

No-one will!

Thats the beauty of exercise. Always new peaks to conquer (if we’re talkin gbodyweight exercise, not bozo like pump, tone, grunt and gruff and the lot at the ole gym shym bim (bo)).

And one exercise routines could be you doing JUST pull-ups and noting else.

Or ONE type of pushups.

Perhaps just handstands throughout the day.

Or, perhaps just climb hills three times a day!

Pick one exercise – and really, really FOCUS On it!

Key to making this work?

Two keys – 1) the same thing that makes ALL my workouts WORK.


Not “kiss” the workouts or your partner, even if it’s Jassy, hehe.

Keep it simple. Sweet. Short. Brutally short and effective!

And two?

Do MULTIPLE workouts throughout the day.

Again, I dont recommend doing this type of thing all the tim e- we all know, for instance, what happens when you pound out nothing but pull-ups for ages, and flop on thy FACE when it comes to pushups, hehe.

I do!

But sometimes, it’s worth it.

Try it – let me know!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The alter I use for one other site keeps coming to mind. Hmm!

Is usually a recipe for disaster, and then some.

For most people, because following the GUT doesnt come naturally to most people (or if it does, the urge is SUPPRESSED).

Now, when you follow the gut it may seem like (to the Bozos out there) that “you do nothing”, or there is “no plan”.

Or things may seem random.

But when those results come, they COME!

With the speed of a black Mamba striking, hehe.

And thats how the Universe and it’s plans work, but back to what I’m saying above.

People have an annoying (and strange, to me) habit of PROCRASTINATION, and then raising all sorts of Cain about it.

Por ejempelo, my beloved and lovely wife.

She’ll wait until the last minute for ... say, when the groceries are about to run out.

When they do, it’s time to blame Rahul for not stocking up in advance, and of course, all the things he DID Stock up on in advance are nigh forgotten, hehe (things that are still LASTING).

Or, if she’s in the mood to do cleaning.

Which only ever happens when it hasn’t happened for ages and the work just PILES Up for ages.

I dont know why, but the concept of “doing things a little daily” (or bit by bit) is alien and uncomfortable for a lot of people ; the majority, actually, and no it ain’t just “my wife”.

Yeah, I know.

Yours is different, right?

The most hard working until she’s not, and so forth ...

Well, lets hope she is bro.

But the point isn’t so much her or my wife. Point is people do this with their FITNESS.

They wait until (as a certain Tracy once told me) “things get out of control”.

Of course, for her, every thing is out of control, hehe. She’s cool though! 

And gorgeous too, hehe.

But waiting until that belly EXPLODES out of your pants, or the man boobs really droop down is never a good idea my friend.

Do somethign NOW.

No, tomorrow never comes!

Get off thy DUFF and do something NOW, so you dont complain later.

Thats as simple as it gets my friend.

And with Christmas and everything going on, and people eating more than they should (and no, I’m not buying into the “majority of world is going hungry for Christmas” nonsense the leftist media is spreading either. True, the plague from China has wrecked things and plans royally, but still!), this needs tobe said ... now.

Get on the best fat burning program there is now, my friend.

You won’t have to worry about “later” if you do the thing NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Along with the above program, make SURE to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right HERE. (Right now, bro! No sense in delaying that decision ...) 

Like a JUDGE would.

And unless you’re the sort that prefers to “let it go anyway”, because “she (or he) is always right, and there is no point arguing, and ...”

Yours truly does the latter on occasion, but in a way where I dont really lose directly, but set myself up to WIN later.

And I always have.

Kinda cryptic eh.

But it is what it is.

And what THIS EMAIL is all about ain’t that. I’ll expound more on that later.

For now, and recently Bozo Schofield sent Charles (same dude who railed against pull-ups while secretly trying ‘em out and who said I couldn’t have my opinion when it comes to mainland China and a lot more ... though he claims I mis quoted him. No I didnt. I’ve got the screen shot bro) some shots of a page where I said “a person was too fat to do pull-ups and complained”.

“Fat Phucks” was the term I used, which seemed to have hit home though ... ONE, I did NOT mention Charles my name, and two and despite his assertions to the contrary – the email wasn’t even about HIM.

It was about the same bozo I wrote about that demanded a refund for the book on the best damn exercises ever because “some of the exercises were similar to what is in 0 Excuses Fitness”.

Anyway ... point of this, you ask? 

Well, this same person ... Charles, I mean, I could have asked him the following when he gave me the guilt trip of “I thought we were pals. How could you do this to me?”

well, first off, bro, I didnt do anything until I was provoked ... and even then, all I did was state FACTS in terms of pull-ups. If that offends, sorry, but I’m not going to either stop having an opinion on China and their bullshit and neither will I stop having an opinion on pull-ups and bodyweight, and I WILL tom tom both opinions until the “cows come home” or “pigs fly” whichever you prefer.

Actually, it’s not tom tomming, but whateva.

But second, and more importantly. 

We’re pals, right?

But you did NOT think of telling me about the Bozo’s trolling when he first sent you those gifs, did you now?

“Yeah, I think he sent me a few”.

Yeah. Right. A few. Having a few chuckles on my ass.

Hey, it’s all good bro. Dont get me wrong ...

And then of course the time when you, the Bozo, and some other nutzo joined a WeShat group, were kicked out by Steve the admin, and then you claimed “Glyn was kicked out of the group” when all three were.

For inane trolling, nothing else.

Hey, bro.

All good.

We sometimes have a go at each other.

I get it! 

But the point is, and you yourself have said it – GOOSE – and GANDER.

If you can excuse racism, which you do on a daily basis (and dont get me wrong – if thats what you thought about me, perfectly well an good. NO complaints from yours truly!) - then I can talk about pull-ups and fatsos, no?

I’d think the latter would be far less offensive to most people.

Perhaps we can ask Mike Tyson, or Herschel Walker, two people whose sheer dint of results has caused even you to admire ‘em ... ?

Or perhaps you could ask ME?

Of course, I know. How dare I. What do I know. Hehe. I’m an idiot.

I know, I know.

(I can hear name #1113 coming along, hehe).

But really, he ain’t the only one doing it.

SAME thing with my wife. My Mom.

They all get pissed about THIS.

That when it comes to get things done – Rahul Mookerjee gets them done, and ultimately finds a way to GET what he wants, outselling all the bozos and nutzos in the process that claim about “giving freebies away”, “being more helpful on social media sh-edia which I do NOT even use now” and other rubbish.

Ebay she bay. And so forth. Hell,I ain’t even gonna sell on Amazon no more probably in 2021. That decision is by no means made, but it’s in the making as it were.

Point is though, bro.  

Please DO listen up.

If you TRULY do want to put all this in the past, and admit a fact that you already know, that the real issue is the Bozo, then I’m willing to do it.

I am. Really.

I’ll let bygones be bygones.

But, point is this. You have to listen to the other side too bro. Can’t be all one sided.

Same thing for fitness routines.

You cannot, for instance, keep touting the benefits of (and here we ain’t talking Charles either) of “pump and dump” (ok, preen and pump, I know) until the pigs fly out of whoever’s ass being better than short and intesne bodyweight workouts.

Because they just aren’t.

Deep down inside these people know it itoo, or they’d never TRY it. Hehe.

OK, so did I piss off enough of the bozos as yet.



Well, good.

HERE is where you can jump on the BEST Damned fitness system ever. Try it – DO the thing – and you SHALL have the power!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is the best book you can pick up pull-ups, bar none.

PS #2 – I know. “Rahul is always wrong”. Hehe. I know, I know.


Puff and buff.

Huff, puff, and blow the house of cards down but nothing else.

I’ve seen a LOT of that throughout my life!

And I continue to see it via inane messages and Bozo like rants I get in my Inbox. I’ll get into that later, but for now, flash back from the past, and one I’ve written about before.

Back in college, I took a “physical education 101 and 102” class amongst other things.

101 was great. I loved it!

And it was EASY too.

I remember having a paper or something to turn in at the end of the semester, and the instructor’s only requirements were – workout – and tell me about it!

And to be honest.

Being I was at 60 pushups at one go there ... I wrote abotu that.

I asked Rueben, a friend of mine. 

“What if he doesnt believe me”.

His response was apt.

Said with a shrug.

“Just get down right there on the floor and show him!”

And he was right. But the instructor was a smart, smart dude and a BULL of a man who likely did a lot of bodyweight himself too.

I passed I believe. With a B or something.


Had a pretty young instructor teaching the class. 

Yours truly remembers telling “Vince”, an Italian friend of mine (I love Italy, btw!!) the following.

“She alone makes it worth it”.

But she didnt.

Her version of teaching was to get everyone in the gym.


And while I did manage to get my ass seated on one of the inane machines, I just couldn’t figure out how to use it, and even back then, when I used it, I remember saying OUT LOUD – (and I didnt mean to offend – it just happened) – what the hell are these useless things??

I mean, even back then, when I didnt have much knowledge of fitness, they just seemed like the most BOZO like contraptions ever.

Something that Bozo Scofield would use, for instance, especially the seated chest press.

Ridiculous, especially considering the last version of the class 101 and the beefy police officer like STEELY STARED MAN - REAL MAN that did the class.

(nothing against ladies, this email ,by the way. But she was a bimbo!)

And she made the following comment to me and I was irritated as hell at that point.

Came over to me, rubbed my shoulders of all things.


I’m not Jassy! Hehe (although Jassy and I wouldn’t meet until YEARS later).

And then she said it.

Comment for the ages.

Said with a tinker and giggle.

“We’ll get you puffed and buffed right away”.

(something about “pumped” as well)


No wonder I still rant about the puff and buff routines and the bozos, weight tom tommers, and puff duffs that sit on their asses and pretend to be bad asses type of thing ...

If you’re really a bad ass – do this in the gym, my friend.

Get down ont he floor – and get into a handstand – and then pump out 10 perfect HANDSTAND pushups.

Or, 10 perfect pull-ups at ONE shot.

Or something like that.

THAT is BAD ASS, and the puff duff’s know it!

And thats why they dont do it, hehe.

Anyway, to end that story Vince ran after me.

We were in the truck together, figuring out if we should grab a beer to calm yours truly down. I had an exam later, but being I often showed up for Calculus exams half drunk it wouldn’t matter.

And it was Friday.

“you can’t be better than everyone else in the gym, Rahul!”

Hmmm ....

Thats what Vince THOUGHT I was upset about. You see, he loved the gym! And probably the lady teaching the class too, heh.

But that wasn’t what it was about.

I wasn’t trying to outdo anyone. I was simply saying it was BS.

And it was.

As for outdoing others, here is what Charless Mitchell, a customer (he owns both Shoulders like Boulders! - and Battletank Shoulders! - - smart dude!) had to say about my wife calling me “Mr Handstand Pushup”.

“Thats a name to be proud of! Less than 0.01% of the population can even do a handstand pushup!”

This is NOT verbatim, of course. As always , from memory, but being I have that of an elephant, I believe it’s accurate enough, hehe.

And he’s right, my friend. He’s right.

Better? Or not?

You be the judge!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – YOU TOO – can get to super stud level at these exercises, my friend. Even if you’re a DUD right now that can barely hold on to a chinning bar (believe me, most so called men these days CANNOT) ... you CAN get to stud level – and then SUPER STUD. Just DO the thing, and you will.

Here are the two courses you need to be looking at (in that ORDER, by the way!) -

Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks!

Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within a matter of WEEKS! Hidden secrets that have NOT been revealed until now!

And they haven’t bro, they haven’t.

Or, if you’re really smart, you might check out the compilation. Your eyes might pop upon looking at the price...

Wednesday, 23 December 2020 16:55

More on PERSONAL Responsiblity

I believe I wrote a thing or two about that on the other site ...

But as I finish that last “don’t build websites anymore unless it’s REALLY something that pays me WELL and the client is someone I’d like with me long term” – I gotta say this.

And this will be of interest to said client “from Rwanda”, I believe, if I have got it right but I might not have ... who is no doubt reading this as I type this almost.

I have not one, or two websites. I got PLENTY, bro.

And I just got a new one up a while ago.

Anyway, on another front, I missed a payment for one of my BUSINESS websites.

The due date was around the middle of the month. My credit card wouldn’t work. It often doesnt due to a technicality that I had to contact the bank to sort out (Which to their credit they DID) ... but in the meantime I requested those guys to keep my site up and operational for 2 weeks more.

(to give me time to pony up)

(funnily enough or perhaps not – they gave me a discount that month for a great review I wrote for them. It was nice of them and entirely unexpected and the review was TRUE, so I wrote it. I certainly didnt expect any monetary return from it. Of course, life being what it is, I got the discount, but lost the ... ah, but we’ll get there).

They couldn’t give me the extra time. 

Against policy.

Which I completely understand!


Let me repeat this.


And they, along with the folks I host THIS site on are the best damned host I’ve had the pleasure to work with in a long, long time. For many reasons! Oustanding support for one ...

So what did I do?

I didnt rant or rave. Piss or moan. OR whatever.

My card issue wouldn’t get sorted until the next month.

Waiting a month for the other site to be online would incur business losses.


I took it on the chin 

Took a complete backup of my site BEFORE the account was “auto deleted”. And thats how to do it, my friend.

And bear in mind, this was just 2 weeks, not SIX MONTHS AND counting as a lot of these guys emailing me are delinquent for.

I have no idea why, but people seem to think “online = easy and turn on / off”.

If it were that easy?

Why not do it yourself, bro?

Ah I know.

How dare I say it?

But I did, because it’s TRUE.

Its about taking responsiblity, my friend.

And ignorance of the law (though honestly speaking there was no ignorance here – there was just you being “cheap”) does NOT mean you can openly flout the law and demand the right to do so.

Ain’t how it works pally.

And thats what I gotta say about that!

Before I go – taking responsbility for your PERSONAL fitness is obviously another major YES – or should be. Start by investing in the best damned fitness system (completely home based, and ZERO equipment of any nature required other than a floor) right here – the0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As for my own other site hosted with some other guys? I made a promise to the hosts that I’d be back with them, and I am. And I – as usual – cannot say enough good things about them. Professional and courteous – and great, great service. That is how it should be!

PS #2- The SAME Thing applies to those who “forget” to renew their SHIP membership, or “their card suddenly stops working”. Hey, I get it. Life is what it is. But life isn’t emailing me and demanding to be let back in without even a “mea culpa” of sorts. And guess what, chances are if you’re not genuine in the first place you will NOT be let back in ...

That was one of the things yours truly did “back in the day” .... but I must admit that with a few exceptions – I was roundly DISAPPOINTED by the attitude of most of the people I worked for.

Perhaps I just didnt attract the right lot back then in terms of web development or what not (but then again given the “ESL teacher” standard of most of the nutzos running around in mainland China claming to all be businessmen and “waiting for their next thang or opportunity” - - in other words, BOTTOM of the friggin barrel – it doesnt surprise me one damn bit).

Dont get me wrong. There are SOME genuine people there.

Some REAL business people. In fact, I know more than a few.

But those are usually the lot that showed up when I first did i..e in the early 2000’s or BEFORE.

The REAL expats.

As opposed to the “running around from pillar to post looking for the next ESL gig” expat these days (post 2010 or so actually).

Nothing wrong with ESL for whoever wants to do it (though I cannot think of one good reason why one would want to be a dancing monkey, but whatever. You won’t hear a PEEP out of me in that regard, but no, sorry, I ain’t gonna change my opinion either on it) - - because it’s TRUE. And you know it. 

But anyway ...


So, let me give you an example of why I don’t (in general – I make exceptions every so often) do this sort of work no mo.

Guy contacts me out of the blue. Bitches up a storm about what I charge, and finally pays after months.

As soon as he pays I gently remind him that all payment charges, bank fees etc are HIS responsibility, not mine (apparently since the obvious didnt get through).

After that, he complains up a storm about “having to do everything himself’ once the job is DONE.

Which was pretty much per the deal I have with all people.

I’ll build the damn thing, and giv eyou the tools you need to admin it, bro. After that I’ll help occasionally with tutorials etc ... but other than that, anything extra costs.

Guy doesnt get that.

Complains up a storm. Wastes so much time (or I should I waste so much time explaining the obvious to him) that I could have built a new site in that time and gotten paid twice over.

He doesnt listen. Keeps complaining about the ONE TIME payment he made. Despite the deal and everything being crystal clear at the outset, he complains about “layers upon layers of deals” and that “I’m a vampire” for charging the prices I do.

OK. Maybe I’m a vampire.

But I am nothing if not scruplously FAIR when it comes to this sort of biz bro. And customers that contact me personally for books etc here know this better than most people!

He delays payment every time it’s due. Websites are like you renting an apartment. Either you pony up the monthly cost (or pay a year in advance) or you DON’T. It’s that simple.

Same thing for the domain which are paid in advance annually.

Thats just how it works.

I usually send reminders to all my clients (though honestly I’ve jettisoned most of the web guys, as they were not worth my time) TWICE.

Once a month before the service is due, and once two weeks before it’s due.

I dont need to do this. 

It’s THEIR Responsiblity to stay up to date on payments, much like it’s mine to stay up to date and pay rent on TIME.

A lot don’t.

This latest “vampire” guy contact me through his brother SIX (more than) months after the damn thing (his site) was overdue, and this despite me sending him messages pre-renewal date, and despite him knowing fully well that once it;s gone its gone, he still emails me about “I want to renew the site”. 


Maybe he wants to re-do it I thought. Let’s give him another chance.

My gut said NO.

I did it anyway. Explained it via email.

And presto, and as I thought, elder bro’s message pops up on WeShat saying that “my bro emailed yo”, and then nothing.

Letting it hang.

Waiting for ME to say something. Because he knows fully well he’s going to have to pony up or else.

I mean, dude, REALLY.

Call me a vampire, sure.

But would you expect to NOT pay rent for six months and more, and expect the landlord to keep your stuff, keep the apartment vacant for your delinquent ass (in terms of payments) and let you have th eKEYS as well?

I think in my world, not.

And unfortunately, the vast majority of people out there, at least those I’ve met seem to think a website is something that you can turn on and off like a boundless stream of water from a free switch.

Not how it works, pally.

Now, I’ve had some great clients from China. Don’t get me wrong.

A famous Canadian model for one who I still stay in touch with.

A school in Shenzhen I once built a site for, and they didnt renew post year #3 I believe, but at least they didnt go loco on me a like a few others nutzos did.

And more.

And the latest is a lady who wants a site built.

I told her to give me specs etc, and that I’d quote her.

A little voice said she wasn’t the paying sort.

And I was right. Never heard back from her either.

And thats perfectly fine as well.

And thats why I keep my prices on the HIGH side in terms of web development as well when I DO do it, which isn’t often at all these days .. 

Fitness wise?

Same thing. So I can weed out the annoyances and lookie lou’s for one.

Some still manange to get through though, as I’ve written about before.

Ah well.

Such is life, my friend. 

Anyway, enough on “life” for now. Yours truly el vampiro is a blood sucking fitness vampire for sure, and right now, fangs bared, I’m directing YOU to the best dammned fitness system ever – for you humans, hehe – the 0 Excuses Fitness System . 

Keep the garlic away! ;-

Oh, and (edit) - this guy complained about my services numerous times (mostly all because getting any cash out of him for services rendered is like attempting to squeeze blood out of a ROCK ) and told me up and down that "he's using someone else who is far cheaper". 

He said this many times. 

And yet, hes back at yours truly's virtual doorstep ... 

Says a lot eh. 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Oh, and don’t forget to pick up the one course that has the Bozos all over the world stunned, sunned, shocked, burnt, hurt, ass hurt, and more with the sheer REALISM of the course and the BARNSTORMING nature of the fitness info therein – Battletank Shoulders. Really, pally. BEST course ever in terms of upper body work and I got many!

PS #2 – Apparently I was called a vampire because the client wanted to use my credit card to book a ticket back home, and I quoted him the exact amount plus currency conversion charges, and I did NOT , I repeat NOT charge him for my time.

That wasn’t good enough for this shclub tho. Apparently he thinks I owe him my credit card.

Ah hell. It’s one of those days, hehe.

Handstands and handstand pushups are interesting. I’ll say that much!

I’ve spoken a lot and rightfully so about the MENTAL benefits of handstand workouts. How the increased blood flow to the brain helps in everything you do.

Co-ordination. Balance. Agility- and SPEED – yes, these help with speed too!

And digestion, of course. Those of you that suffer from IBS or bloat – watch out – once you get on these programs, you CAN wave BYE BYE to such problems forever.

But really, the isometric part of the handstand (holding for time, really pressing etc – everything I mention in the book on isometrics) is often times a lot tougher for people than it should be.

Especially when you do ‘em MY style – which is way different from how most teach it.

The “back to wall” is the “easy way out” - - believe me.

What I teach is the real deal.

And is how you do freestanding handstands, which is and should be the next progression.

Now, weak traps and wrists are one reason. 

But, and I discovered this when doing an especially tough isometric this afternoon.

(Handstand isometric).

The FEAR of falling sometimes trumps “perceived weaknesses”.

As the minute(s) ticked by, even I had those thoughts.

What if my traps give out.

What if I fall.

Nothing would happen, of course!

But the mind plays many a strange trick on us, and to get rid of this – two ways YOU can use -

One, do the pushup itself, and get back to the iso part ofit.

Focusing on the MOVEMENT will take your mind away from the what if’s ...

Two, do a handstand walkout as I advis ein Shoulders Like BOULDERS!

And three (I know I said two, hehe) - - focus on the CORE. REALLY straightening, stretching and strengthening.

The MENTAL side of these is way more important than anyone gives it credit for.

And on that note, I’m off for some jump rope workouts. Not for yours truly tho.

More on THAT later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best and most advanced course out there on building them shoulders – Battle Tank Shoulders. Right HERE!

And how you should too ...

On the other site, and recently I wrote about how to know if you’re dealing with a cauldron of NEGATIVITY.

Towards the end of that email, I wrote about how the bozos, nutjobs, wankers, pissers and moaners, Mama’s boys, Schofields (the Bozos that is), whiners, and LOSERS IN LIFE (and everything else) complain about “you’re so fit because you have good genetics”.

One of the most ridiculous things I heard recently was this.

“You have long hands so you can do pull-ups better”


Lady, (this was a lady) what frigging planet you BE living on.

First off, the size of your hands has nothing to do with anything other than (according to what some people say) whats in your PANTS.

The thumb, or whatever.

I’m not even sure thats ACCURATE.

Second, and more importantly, I have SMALL hands. I’ve often laughingly compared them to female hands and (though they said it was a “little bigger”), my hands were by no means much bigger.

Look at Sylvester Stallone for one, a guy thats achieved more of NOTE and WORTH than the Bozos and MONKEYS out there couldn’t dream of. 

When you think action – who do you think ?


HE IS THE ONE that inspired Arnie, Willis and the rest! (and more recently perhaps Vin Diesel and the lot, and if you’re into Bollywood, whoever you follow there).

Sanjay Dutt for one openly admits to being influenced by Stallone!

And if you see his earlier movies, you’ll notice that he copied Stallone on many of the things he did. It aint’ just him either. Sly is a legend, and a trail blazer – nuff said!

And his hands – and shape in general?

He’s not a big guy. HE’s a SMALL GUY!

His hands are probably even tinier than mine. They did a wax something of his hands somewhere in New York, and a past girlfriend once saw it.

My hands are bigger than his, she said.

And yet ...

Ditto for yours truly.

If I’ve been able to do what I have with crappy genetics, and an even crappier and UNINSPIRING upbringing – what will YOU be able to do?

Herschel Walker, for one – you wouldn’t think it – but he wasn’t a big guy naturally, and no, “muscle doesnt stick to him like shit”. These excuses are so damned pathetic, especially when THE MAN HIMSELF has refuted this bullshit!

And back to it.

I’ve got LONG arms. Longer than the norm.

Monkey arms as it were, hehe.

And they ARE long.

And when doing pull-ups thats another natural disadvantage along with my SMALL hands.

Yet, I made up my mind to become the BEST at grip – and I did.

I made up my mind to get STRONGER than a lot of people triple my size – and in many ways I DID.

Lets see how many big dudes can even get into a handstand and hold for one!

Including you weight lifters and preeners and posers out there ...

I made up my mind to get the Corrguated Core I write so much about – and I did. Tell that to the nutwards who supposedly walk miles daily at 3 AM or some such nonsense on planet “I’m wayyyyyyyy out there, broooooooooooooooo”.

I made up my mind to get good at pull-ups.

And by God, or not, I DID!

You focus on the SOLUTION, bro.

As they say in the Seals and other elite units (including most likely SWAT teams etc).


And get her done.

And thats what it’s about – BRO.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Some of you have said the advanced book on pull-ups is too expensive. Well, hey, I get it. It IS expensive, but it will stay that way (fortunately or not is another story). The solution there is to get the compilation - - and when you compare the prices ... well ‘nuff said!

(But hurry – I might re-price in the New Year).

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