Wednesday, 26 October 2022 08:47

Debunking the theory of the "ideal woman" in MGTOW terms.

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I must confess, my friend, while I've been MGTOW for years now - living the philosophy damn near all my adult life without even knowing it existed (the terminology) - and then when I did, I nodded my head upon reading the terms ie. "these guys got it SPOT ON!"... 

Brings to mind what a customer once said "I used to think MGTOW guys were idiots, now I see they're the smart ones"

This is a long comment condensed down to the gist - and the "now" took him several years, probably more than a decade - to figure out. 

I've had it figured out since ... ah, but lets not make this about me. Hehe. 

MGTOW guys have this term for an ideal woman which I cannot put my finger upon, on the tip of my tongue, starts with "NO ... "I believe? 

I dont know, correct me if I'm wrong. 

But it's essentially a term for "finding the diamond in the rough" - the ONE woman that is different. 

As Marc the African Silverback Gorilla and I used to discuss all the time over pizza - and as every MGTOW guy does - 

"Everyone thinks their woman is the ideal one, she's "different""!

My response to this sort of thing would be to laugh and say "no she ain't either". 

Marc would be more logical in his response "relentlessly logical" as his wont is, hehe (which I love - so am I - but I mix emotion into things often, which isn't necessarily bad either if done at the right time and right/OPPORTUNE place) - but that is what his response would boil down to as well. 

And every time I see these guys - a lot of guys - ostensibly "fat and happy" with a chick that is either fat herself, or not - I'm talking more the guys here, since MGTOW is a GUY thing ...I shake my head inwardly. 

Dont get me wrong, my friend. 

Nothing wrong with being happy - or thinking you are. 

But what I see when I see a lot of these guys, and its a vibe that cannot be mistaken - #1 "cuck" (not necessarily in the sexual sense either). 

And #2, more importantly, and this really hits home - "I've been there". 

And then what these guys usually are in real life - abject failures at what they claim to do, rejects for the most part socially - usually extremely fat and unfit (remember the bit about if you truly want to be a machine - you cannot do it when you're in a relationship, or that sort of relationship - look at history, look at the Indian wrestlers, listen to ole Mickey yell about "women weaken legs" - they were not just whistling Dixie out their asses, my friend) ... 

.. usually with little money, or a desk job with no potential for advancement, usually with a ton of unfulfiled dreams and aspirations that at their current rate they would never fulfil - and much more. 


I've been there - multiple times, so I know - and thats why I feel bad for these guys - I wish I could help. 

But you can tell when someone wants help, and trying to shove help down someone's throat never worked - it worsens matters "you cannot make that horse drink" - so I leave it be. 

Then I think about myself. 

And the myth of the ideal woman - look, I'll be flat out honest. 

She doesn't exist, my friend. 

And if she does, chances are excellent or second to none FINANCES - the man's - play a huge role in it i.e. he gives her money out the ass and then some. 

Or, she's younger - he's older - and already a success - and possibly divorced once or more. 

Cut it any way you like - this is coming from a guy whose never even had to "pay for it" for the most part - women do everything for a reason, and they are cool and calculating about it to an extreme - if you LET THEM. 

Of course, women aren't near as rational as men are - or should be - and neither can they be, they are not programmed that way. 

And like they said in the Bourne Supremacy "nothing is random" - they do it all, including monkey branching - for a reason. 

And for a guy who talks to so many women that openly cheat on husbands that PROVIDE for them, give them all they want - I'm telling you, this comes from the heart. 

Usually it takes guys years and years of pain - which they dont even know they're inflicting upon themselves to figure this out. 

Once they do though - they're instant converts to the MGTOW way of life. 

My question just is, think about all this logically NOW - and save yourself the hassle - and MAKE something of yourself, my friend. 

(to the "cucked" guys this that is). 

Unfortunately they wont, but the facts are this - the really fit guys - supremely strong - supreme successes - and so forth - are all neither mongamous nor are they "happily married" - that fact by itself should tell you a lot. 

I dont know when men in general will realize that the time for focusing on YOU, my friend is long past - you need to start doing it NOW. 

Fitness wise, start getting into the best shape of your life - by following the 0 Excuses Fitness System

And you'll see how quickly the rest falls into place once you start getting into shape - and THINKING clearly - and rationally - and once you have other "choices" at hand like so many women always "seem to" (hint - they really dont if you think about it). 

And thats that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Logically speaking, if you can find any fault with what I said, do write back and let me know, but if you whine in an illogical manner about hurting feelings, then you'll go straight to spam or block.