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I really gotta update the categories section on this site to include a TON more than there are already, truth be told, since 2010 - thats one thing that ain't been updated on here. Hehe. These are the same categories I had when I first began... 

Maybe for a good reason 

But CORE training, grip training, all of those need to be in there 

Anyway - the term "chakki peesna" 

If your Indian, or have been to India, you've no doubt heard of it - in English, this translates to "working the grindstone" - or more accurately, the MILLstone. 

From a seated position most likely. 

Let me tell you one thing - Indian prisons are the opposite of Chinese prisons (not that I'd know, Glyn would though, heh) (so would a certain Shantaram ... though I hate to speak of Schofield in the same voice as the latter! who is a legend) ... in ONE regard, perhaps more, I dont know, but ONE regard. 

As far as I know, as far as I'm aware - Chinese prisons dont let you workout. Period. They do make you, amongst other things sit in a seated position on a bench for 15 hours straight and thats getting started, which to me would be torture enough (much like locking a dog up in a tiny room until it went stir crazy) ... 

... but exercise, no. 

At least not as far as I know, and I'm probably right on this one. 

Now, they've got their reasons for it, of course - not allowing prisoners to exercise is bad for their mental health, overall health and ... well, their SPIRIT most of all. 

And while I dont agree at all with this sort of punishment, not that I agree with what goes in most prisons I've heard of (Glyn, again, ugh) ... it is what it is for a reason, I suppose. 

Indian prisons though - opposite. 

If you've seen Rambo II - you get an idea of what they make you do even today - breaking heavy stones - CARRYING heavy stones - all stuff straight out of Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness ... including the axe work, actual lumberjack work and more. 

It's normal. 

And everyone I believe pretty much does SOME form of labor, those sentenced to hard penal labor do more obviously. 

But one of the exercises you'll see them doing a lot - working that grindstone. 

Or, millstone - which is the same thing, a circular stone like thing on the ground with a thick rod sticking out of it, and you grind it in a circular manner, back and forth, back and forth. 

Back in the day, during the colonial era, some of the atrocities inflicted upon the "natives" by the British included a version of this at the infamous "KaalaPani" prison (in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands). 

"Black water" - and it literally was that. Ugh! 

They'd chain a man - usually in a dehydrated and completely fatigued - and underfed to a T state - and more - to a grindstone, and they'd make him run - for hours. 

It's work an ox does, they'd make  men do it for hours a day, usually 8 - and a severe whipping awaited if the task wasn't completed up to par - grinding husks I think, to get oil out of them - truly a Nazi style punishment. 

Yes, the Nazis weren't the only ones who did those things - the Japs were guilty of it, so were the Brits... 

Anyway, point of me saying this? 

It's one of the most awesome CORE and ab exercises you can do, my friend. 

In Corrugated Core I believe I tell you how to do it - but the advanced version of this is what I really love, which I dont think (though I might be wrong) - I mentioned in Corrugated Core, which truly is a book you core fanatics must get. 

When you do this movement i.e. "working the millstone" from the JCVD split position mentioned in "Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training" - not only will your core get the workout of it's life - but you'll also get better at the isometric while dramatially loosening a portion of the body most dont even think about - the hamstrings (and upper back too if done right). 

The split itself does it. 

But this adds "fuel to the fire" - and how!

I just got done with 100 reps along with club work, and man, my abs are truly on fire and HURTING. Hehe. 

I could do more, I'll probably do fingertip pushups now. 

But the point of me telling you this is two fold - first, to tell you if you do this exercise for at least 100 reps a day, then you'll truly have a core of steel. (even if you dont do any other "direct" core work). 

Combine with other stuff, well, you get the picture (especially if you combine it with the best darn exercise ever). 

Second thing though .. 

Doing a 100, or 250 reps of this - wont mean jack shit unless your CARDIO is up to mark, my friend - which involves a lot of factors. 

Some people are fat as hell, and they have "strong abs" beneath the phat, now if you don't focus on workouts which give you cardio along with strength benefits (the above does, but only if you do it quick as I keep recommending) - then losing the fat will be a chore my friend. 

It's not about doing 250 , or 100, or 500 reps per workout - well - it's that to a degree, but it's results that count most of all, and fat loss wise, it's the TEMPO at which you go, the TEMPO that you can maintain over a while that really gets the heart thumping and the fat flying off your frame. 

You'll see what I mean in the 0 Excuses Fitness System videos. 

Those 250 pushups and a lot more I did not plan on but did anyway - well, you'll see more than anything the SPEED at which I'm going - it aint slow for one. 

And the way I maintain form on everything I do - as YOU should too. 

Thats really the key thing ... 

And of course, doing this exercise - and other great ones mentioned in Corrugated Core is a must, of course. 

No do, no get anything. 

Same thing for being a cheapass (lots on here seem to be, especially some of the ones that have been on this list for ages, haven't done "F all" in terms of taking action - really - if that is YOU reading this my friend (IF), just unsubscribe NOW - do us both a favor, in other words) .. if you dont SPEND, you wont learn the true secrets (and no, not everything is available for free. The old axiom holds true, you get what you pay for). 

Anyway ... 

So thats that. 

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If y'all are still wondering (some are) WHY - just WHY - I keep saying, and rightly so, with my background on all this minus the prison (I'll leave that to Bozo Schofield, hehe) - to bring you Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness- then you BE living under a rock, pun intended. Hehe. 

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In Yoga, there is an exercise called the KapalBhati. 

Basically, it's an exercise where you're ... 

1) Flat on your ass i.e. seated in the lotus position (not quite flat, but you get my drift). 

2) Your legs are crossed in the meditation position the right way (the way most people do it is wrong and the lazy mans way (due to lack of flexibility in the groin) - more on that later). 

3) Spine straight. 

And you ... BREATHE - in and out. 

With each deep exhale - your stomach contracts inwards - kind of like you are using your entire core to "knock stale air out of your lungs" - like you were punched in the gut or something. 

With each inhale that follows? 

The reverse happens. 

You'll have to do it to know, but get this - 

A client of mine once reduced TWO Inches off his waist while doing this - with NO CHANGE IN DIET!

And he did this within 6 days flat. 

The catch, you ask? 

He did hundreds of repetitions per day - usually 500. 

The other catch - a good thing? 

It took lik eTWO days for the magic to start working. 

THAT is the magic of deep breathing. 

THAT is what Farmer Burns spoke about the 1914 mail order classic "Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture" in terms of ... 

Deep breathing alone has made many a sick man strong, and many a weak man WELL. 


I inverted a bit, but you get the drift. 

Simply put, as another great old timer once said. Paul BRagg? 

Your breath is your power. 


YOUR waistline is YOUR LIFELINE - never let it bigger than it was in your prime. 

I love and live by these words. 

I'm the opposite! Hehe. 

In my prime I was, and now, I am .. but wait, you're not interested. You know that already!


But anyway, THAT is deep breathing taught in the 0 Excuses Fitness System which you DO need to get, my friend, if you're in any serious about reducing that rapidly expanding "girth". (around the tummy and ass, not what you're thinkign). 

Funnily, the other girth will likely expand too once the former reduces. 

It's true!

But anyway ... 

In Corrugated Core, an ultra special course for the entire core - not just he silly six pack (which by the way will become a 12 if you do it right) - I mention a version of this exercise which is even better, and even more effective, and why? 

A) You do it standing. Enough said. 

B) Because it gets you out of BREATH - quick. 

C) It does B) without you really "moving anything but your core". Right, your standing there, and you get out of breath, which is NOT The case with the Kapalbhati!

D) When you start, you won't be abl eto do it all, but you can TRY. 

E) You'll feel the INTERNAL muscle walls of the tummy work. THE REAL DEAL, which gives the six pack it's look and more importantly strength and stability. 

F) While digestion improves immeasurably with the KapalBhati, THIS exercise does it too x 10. Trust me... (and have a toilet nearby. Hehe). 

G) Clears the mind - big time. 

H) Can be done along with other intense workouts like in Advanced Hill Training. I often did (but dont get dizzy!) 

And this, my friend, is an ultra effective version of an ancient Yogic exercise, brought to you "Rahul Mookerjee" style as ONLY I can. 

Trust me, and again, much like with Pushup Central and other courses, ain't nothing like this on the market out there. Try to find it, but you wont. 

If you're indeed serious about reducing weight - like NOW? 

Well , get Corrugated Core today. 

"Real hardcore functional training, not the buffed for the beach nonsense", as a great customer from the U.K. recently said... 


Rahul Mookerjee

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I recently sent out a Twitter note promoting my book Pushup Central 

If there was one course I could tell you to drop everything and get NOW? PUSHUP CENTRAL!

It trulyu IS THAT DAMN GOOD, proof's in the pudding!

Well, it is!  

In response to that, I got the following (he was asking about AB training, I think, but didnt mention it specifically) ... 

How about Sit-Ups ?

Yours truly - 

Sit ups are good (to an extent) if you do 'em right. Crunches though, the much tom tommed exercise - utter crap!!

But really, abdominal training goes SO MUCH FURTHER THAN just "situps" - trust me! Remember, core, not abs!

Now, y'all are well worsed with my thoughts on this, but just so you know - here are my thoughts on something else - well worth a read! 

My opinion on abdominal training devices and “gadgets” (0excusesfitness.com)

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee (and follow me on Twitter if you haven't already!) 

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