Sunday, 01 August 2021 06:44

What a person asked me on Twitter - and - My opinion on abdominal training devices and “gadgets”


I recently sent out a Twitter note promoting my book Pushup Central 

If there was one course I could tell you to drop everything and get NOW? PUSHUP CENTRAL!

It trulyu IS THAT DAMN GOOD, proof's in the pudding!

Well, it is!  

In response to that, I got the following (he was asking about AB training, I think, but didnt mention it specifically) ... 

How about Sit-Ups ?

Yours truly - 

Sit ups are good (to an extent) if you do 'em right. Crunches though, the much tom tommed exercise - utter crap!!

But really, abdominal training goes SO MUCH FURTHER THAN just "situps" - trust me! Remember, core, not abs!

Now, y'all are well worsed with my thoughts on this, but just so you know - here are my thoughts on something else - well worth a read! 

My opinion on abdominal training devices and “gadgets” (

Back soon!


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