Wednesday, 11 August 2021 08:48

How YOU can literally suck your gut in - and lose those all importance INCHES around the waist...


In Yoga, there is an exercise called the KapalBhati. 

Basically, it's an exercise where you're ... 

1) Flat on your ass i.e. seated in the lotus position (not quite flat, but you get my drift). 

2) Your legs are crossed in the meditation position the right way (the way most people do it is wrong and the lazy mans way (due to lack of flexibility in the groin) - more on that later). 

3) Spine straight. 

And you ... BREATHE - in and out. 

With each deep exhale - your stomach contracts inwards - kind of like you are using your entire core to "knock stale air out of your lungs" - like you were punched in the gut or something. 

With each inhale that follows? 

The reverse happens. 

You'll have to do it to know, but get this - 

A client of mine once reduced TWO Inches off his waist while doing this - with NO CHANGE IN DIET!

And he did this within 6 days flat. 

The catch, you ask? 

He did hundreds of repetitions per day - usually 500. 

The other catch - a good thing? 

It took lik eTWO days for the magic to start working. 

THAT is the magic of deep breathing. 

THAT is what Farmer Burns spoke about the 1914 mail order classic "Lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture" in terms of ... 

Deep breathing alone has made many a sick man strong, and many a weak man WELL. 


I inverted a bit, but you get the drift. 

Simply put, as another great old timer once said. Paul BRagg? 

Your breath is your power. 


YOUR waistline is YOUR LIFELINE - never let it bigger than it was in your prime. 

I love and live by these words. 

I'm the opposite! Hehe. 

In my prime I was, and now, I am .. but wait, you're not interested. You know that already!


But anyway, THAT is deep breathing taught in the 0 Excuses Fitness System which you DO need to get, my friend, if you're in any serious about reducing that rapidly expanding "girth". (around the tummy and ass, not what you're thinkign). 

Funnily, the other girth will likely expand too once the former reduces. 

It's true!

But anyway ... 

In Corrugated Core, an ultra special course for the entire core - not just he silly six pack (which by the way will become a 12 if you do it right) - I mention a version of this exercise which is even better, and even more effective, and why? 

A) You do it standing. Enough said. 

B) Because it gets you out of BREATH - quick. 

C) It does B) without you really "moving anything but your core". Right, your standing there, and you get out of breath, which is NOT The case with the Kapalbhati!

D) When you start, you won't be abl eto do it all, but you can TRY. 

E) You'll feel the INTERNAL muscle walls of the tummy work. THE REAL DEAL, which gives the six pack it's look and more importantly strength and stability. 

F) While digestion improves immeasurably with the KapalBhati, THIS exercise does it too x 10. Trust me... (and have a toilet nearby. Hehe). 

G) Clears the mind - big time. 

H) Can be done along with other intense workouts like in Advanced Hill Training. I often did (but dont get dizzy!) 

And this, my friend, is an ultra effective version of an ancient Yogic exercise, brought to you "Rahul Mookerjee" style as ONLY I can. 

Trust me, and again, much like with Pushup Central and other courses, ain't nothing like this on the market out there. Try to find it, but you wont. 

If you're indeed serious about reducing weight - like NOW? 

Well , get Corrugated Core today. 

"Real hardcore functional training, not the buffed for the beach nonsense", as a great customer from the U.K. recently said... 


Rahul Mookerjee