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If you really want it, you'll find a way no matter what.

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The hurdles in most case, if not all, are IMAGINED my friend - no matter how "tough" the predicament might be or whatever the situation is ... 

All my life, Ive been called either directly or not (in addition to a lot of the other "beautiful" epithets I've gotten - some deserved, some not - well, I could care less either way) ... "cat with nine lives". 

Or maybe a version of Harry houdini, hehe. 

Chuck once had this to say about Bozo Schofield. 

"No matter what, he always lands on his feet". 

Well, I dont know so much about that - he landed flat on his ass without a passport (which Chuck confiscated) on the streets of Jieyang in his underwear, and his only recourse was of course - to beg an older fat lady he'd been "seeing" (she felt sorry for him) for a while (not that they did much, or anything, other than tongue in unmentionables, hehe) ... and then once that was done, get back to scamming others. Proof's in the pudding, but with me, most people know it - but dont say it. Hehe. 

Glyn is basically a joker everyone loves to poke fun at, so be it. 

But anyway ....

This cat with nine lives, this mysterious manner of manifesting what I want ... all of it isn't so much nine lives or one, as it is activating the subconscious mind correctly, my friend. 

All my life, on auto pilot I've done so, without even knowing it (until the last few years when I really started my study of dreams, the subconscious - in great detail). 

Maybe I'll write a book on it someday. 

Chances are though, if YOU reading this have REALLY wanted something in your life - REALLY - and you kept the desire UP - it eventually happened. 

For some, like me, this may mean carrying a tattered piece of paper, unreadable after many machine washes (sorry Glyn, I dont hand wash, hehe) .... or a mere scrap  of the A4 sheet of paper it once was. 

Thats something I learned years ago - or something I read about, which I wasn't doing, people carrying goals around in their pocket in written format and looking at them every opportunity they got. 

Oddly enough, with me, I rarely, if ever looked at it once I put it in my pocket. 

Some people may need to look, for me, my subconscious GOT it at the first go. 

All our life, my friend, we do small things that propel us to success at something, whether we know it (realize it) or not. 

It doesnt have to be what I mentioned above either. 

And all our lives, we STOP doing what made us successful, often times in ways we never think about or realize not because we want, but because "thats how the cookie crumbles!" 

This applies to students, business men, successful authors, fitness guys, anyone you can think of. 

I've been guilty of making this mistake in the past, and  I continue to do so (nothing about the paper, I'm talking about life in general). 

Again though ... 

If you really really want it, you'll find a way. 

Trick is to activate the subconscious mind FIRST - and do so the right way. You'll know when you've done it! 

And then the "doing" part happens on auto pilot if you really want it. 

It is that subconscious mind which solves issue - almost instantly. 

That don't mean "everything you want" will come to you or happen NOW. 

In many cases, it's been months before "anything happened" in my case - and so it will be for you. 

Look, I'll give you an example - amongst many. 

Squat 101 was supposed to be out this July, I only got it out a few days ago as of writing this - Nov. 

Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness, well, still not fully done. 

Same thing for Advanced Plyometrics, I dont even have the pre-sales page up as yet (note to self - DO!). 

And thats fine. 

It'll happen when it happens, except it ain't about just that, its about when the subconscious deems it the right and most appropriate time to happen. 

As Claude Bristol rightly spoke about in the Magic of Believing, you must trust the subconscious fully, or it will not work for you. 

SELF DOUBT must never be allowed to creep in no matter what. 

The subconscious mind is what solves our problems, and is responsible for our current lot in life - and if you truly WANT something, my friend, it will show you the way - or PUT you on the way to getting it, after which inspired action is the next natural step. 

Most people will pooh pooh this and go back to their Youtube videos that scream "affirmations", "I am this, I am that... " which well, if you want to do that be my guest. 

Yet another key is mentioned very broadly - and specifically too - in the opening paras of Zero to Hero, which after reading this lots will jump to look at the free preview... Hehe. 

Anyway if you truly want it - you'll figure out a way to get it and you will ultimately. It's that simple, applies to anything in life, now fitness wise? 

Well, first off - if you're doer and want our products, you'll find a way to get 'em no matter what. 

Funnily enough, even if you're a price wanker - this applies. 

If you look at the reviews the price wankers leave, the common thread? 


There is very little FACT in their reviews. None, actually, and the few mentioned, such as what a certain jackass mentioned in the "Grizzly Power" review - are WRONG (he said I "repeated info", but that is inaccurate, clearly this clown only read the free preview of "Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - within WEEKS!"). 

Look pal, it ain't jump street for me. 

I've been around this price wanking block several times, and I can spot losers like you a mile away, hence, the free previews are what they are. 

(As a customer here once famously termed these Bozos "those that SQUAWK about your prices" ... hehe) 

But even in that review, he left this little gem - "who will pay that much without seeing the contents of the book first". 


He WANTS it. 

But he's too cheap to pay for it. Hehe. 

And in his mind, the way to get it is by being cheap and posting one star reviews that people laugh at essentially... 

Which is fine - hey. 

The subconscious does what it's told, it does not distinguish between right and wrong, "imbecilic" and smart and so forth ... (hence you see the Bozo doing what he does).

It just does, and it's the greatest power to ever hold sway on this Earth, and even beyond, and thats a fact, Jack, you cannot argue with irrespective of anything else. 

Anywhow - look, there's things that I give out for free, there is a place and time and way to do it, but givin the entire house away for free as a lot of jokers want me to do ain't happening. 

Video wise, some clown once wrote to me (I think, I can't recall who, but I think it was someone I mentioned here before) - about "showing full workouts". 

This joker knows fully well about the five very exhaustive videos in the 0 Excuses Fitness System

Of course, facts are meant to be ignored eh Hehe. 

And yet, he was whining about more "free" stuff - because he wants to see how I achieve the superlative results I do (he said as much in his email). 

Not for free, pally. You pay to play, its that simple... 

And thats that. 

Oops. Just noticed as I twitter this, I did not put in the "Best" part, so I'll do so now - with what I just put on Twitter - aren't Republican women just gorgeous? 

Hehe... if you've noticed it !

Real women, such a change from the Nazi feminists, and I love it. 

How that applies, I dont know, but thats the thought that popped in, so here it is. 

and thats that!


Rahul Mookerjee

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