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By far the most cringeworthy intro I saw, and why I dont hold those reading from scripts in very high regard...

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The vast majority of people live life "scripted" - and never go with the flow. Never on auto pilot, and therefore, they will never even BEGIN to feel the sheer freedom and joy - and more importantly results from living life unfettered - by the boss, wife (are they the same, hehe) - or "you should be more responsible" taunts by idiots - and so forth. 

And it shows. 

Man, I still remember ole Steve Austin getting the "Hall of Famer" award at the WWE ceremonies. He had pages worth of speech ready, yet, first thing he said getting up on the podium - - ? 

"I've got these speeches, but..." 

And then he launched into extempero mode. 

Sign of a true genius, a doer..

I still remember the first time I did a video in public - on my channel for all to see, the introduction to the 0 Excuses Fitness videos, I had a script - sorta. 

And I hardly even looked at it, though I was kinda nervous being filmed for the first time. 

Nervous, me, you might ask? 

Well, I might not have looked it, but I was - sorta. Not really, but sorta, but it passed within a minute or so ... 

Man, looking at a certain fat boy's Youtube channel replete with his nasty pics of gyno and boob jiggling and stuff he calls workouts - getting past all that (I think we all know which fat boy is currently haunting this place) ... 


To say "pukeworthy" would be doing it a disservice. 

I mean, the dude looks like a nervous 16 year old girl - a fat one - in front of her high school crush or something, yammering, stammering, and constantly looking down at either his wanker, or more likely a "script" someone prepared for him. 

I mean you can literally see his heart pound out of his chest!

Now, not to be down on such folks but ...given he just can't stay away from mentioning me in some weird drunken rants he keeps posting on his youtube channel (I wont mention either him or the channel here) and claiming "I hate HIS rants too" (another real man I wont mention here) (I hadn't really heard of that dude until fat boy mentioned him, but reading his blog, I can sort of understand why liberal "sucking on government teat" (or the wife's bank account) fat boy" wouldn't like him. Different philosophies in life eh) ... 

.. Well, given that, I had to call a spade a spade. 

And ,well, this time I'll just let some of the commenters do the talking. 

"His carer has disappeared again it seemes". 

Man, I thought those guys were trolls on his site. 

Viewing just a few seconds of that was enough to make me almost spit out my beer, but that would be a waste of a perfectly good brew. 

I did 25 slow pushups to get it out of my system. 

But really... 

Benny truly seems to be LOST. Hehe. And thats being very kind, Benny Boy, those comments he keeps deleting are all spot on. 

Anyway ............ 

In life, in business, in politics, I'd rather a Trump  - or myself - or a Steve Austin "off the cuff" (most of the latter's success was achieved exactly that way, Vince gave him a free hand on RAW pretty much within certain very broad and flexible guidelines - nothing, including shoving catheters up nether ends in hospitals was "off limits". Hehe). 

Biden, Obama, these script readers - Ugh. 

These liberal wackos are all the same, but Benny takes the cake, I must say. 

Not to mention the amount he praises himself, then looks at the script anxiously "did I miss something", and then you can almost see the tail wagging for approval. 

Look, dog, UGH. Thats just ... cringeworthy. I mean, if you gotta praise yourself to the high heavens and beyond, well, that explains why most real men want NOTHING to do with a Bozo of this nature (and the system was right in "spamming" his affiliate application in the first place. Ugh! Really, not just his fat or his training or what not, I can stomach all this, but someone this pathetic? I'd rather engage with a Nazi feminist woman than him, at least she's female... Hehe (so called)). 

(with this dude, who knows. Ugh). 

Then again, I'm sure we've all seen someone far more pathetic? Bozo "drunken" Schofield being one ... 

Anyway .......... 

Look, bottom line, grow a pair man. 

And thats really all I got to say on this one, pure rant, but man, is it well deserved or what ... Hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - REAL man workouts, not sissified Youtube "glory shots" or whatever they're called are what build confidence from the inside out, that swagger that shows even when it don't, boyo. And a Corrugated Core is a MUST for that, if you're fat, you're not only fat, but you wont have that swashbuckling confidence, my friend, and thats a FACT - Jack. 

Deny it all you like, but it shows. 

Along with the course above, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is an absolute must. 

And thats that. Oh, life isn't scripted, "natural" is what works best, pally, of course, try telling that to utopia dwelling nutcases and Bozos...

Not to mention, these liberal fools - it's truly pathetically mind boggling how hypocritical and far up their own fat backsides their pea sized "heads" are. 

please dont use your imagination here. Hehe. 

But really, this fool here that was rightly put in spam for six months, there's a reason why he jumped at it even after six months (and that was only me being generous enough to email everyone that had slipped through. Sometimes, like Rueben once told me "I need to stop being so nice"...) 

And he, despite claiming "he hates what I stand for" (and presumably from his latest woozy rant - every real man falls on his "hate" list) ... he was more than happy to play ball here because his greedy beady little eyes saw a way out, MONEY, unfortunately like most liberals, he didnt pass the test of persistence - he didnt even start. 

Pathetic, dude, really, but I done forgotten all that a long time ago, but GAWD, that god awful wanker video ... ugh! 

Liberals = utopian (the worst kind) hypocrites, and thats being kind, but then again we all know that about these LGBBBBTTTTQQQ (maybe thats why he parades his gyno does Benny Boy) lovers dont we ... ugh again.

I mean, the minute he saw he'd have to put his fat butt to - ahem - WORK - he threw a hissy, and that was that. 

He seems to hate Johnny grube too, which I get, being "wild" isn't exactly up his alley. Hehe. 

Anyway .................. for posterity's sake while he is wacking off to "wacking me into oblivion" or whatever his latest (I gotta say, I read it thrice, I couldn't understand what he was yammering about) rant is ... 

(like dude, being a keyboard warrior ain't exactly an example of "tough guy", but then again, what do I know. Hehe. Like I said, get in the ring with me, and thats that - except I wouldn't with women  or "in between's".. Hehe.)...

Anyway, for posterity's sake, here is who this guy is -

Logic to the rescue, not that these fools will understand the L of logic... 

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