Saturday, 02 October 2021 05:20

Is email too impersonal?

I was going to write about Mike Pompeo in this email - who I truly believe is the best Secretary of State ever!

I'll always remember his tenure under Trump - one of the best ever!

But while that was the plan last night, I received this email this morning - 

Thanks Mike, I don't like doing emails with new contacts. It’s too impersonal. Surely you have a phone number? Also I only market books my firm publishes, so if you don't want to publish with us I'm afraid I can't myself help though I know someone who can. But we would need to speak first.

Very best wishes, James

Now, this is with regard to some additional marketing I've been doing for my great books on the other site (not the fitness books, the adult books i.e. erotica and so forth). 

I received an email out of the blue from him one fine day - introducing his publishing firm, how they help with marketing and selling books, how they even have "contacts in Hollywood they could introduce books to", and so forth. 

Now, it didnt strike me as being anything out of the ordinary, if anything, their self-marketing was OTT. 

But just out of curiosity, I replied back to him - 

Hi James

Thanks for the "bulk email" on this one!

I've written over 80 books in the erotica genre and more on fitness (for another business vertical) - but while I worked with a publisher in the U.K. years ago on the erotica, I'm currently going it on my own, and that doesn't look to be changing anytime soon.

However, I'm curious - what sort of "marketing" services do you guys provide? The "biggies" are notoriously cranky about advertising erotica and the such as you no doubt know, and I read the part about "Hollywood contacts" etc - so, just wondering what sort of specific marketing services you guys provide, and if that might be something we could potentially work together on down the road ..

I market myself currently and am doing fine, but I'd like to ramp it up to the next level. I can handle ads myself, but the "contacts" part got my attention so figured I'd ask you . . .

Just wondering ...

Let me know - and thanks for the contact - much appreciated!

Now, yours truly doesnt run after publishing firms - or either seek them out. 

I publish EVERYTHING I do - myself. 

And obviously I dont need any help with marketing - given the way things are literally BOOMING on the other site, with reviews to the tune of "I just stopped to SLEEP while reading, and got it done as soon as possible!" - and "“The situations are so well described that many times one can feel the pain felt by the protagonist.”"  (he means mental anguish) ... and way, way more ... I dont need any extra marketing help on either that site - or this one (fitness). 


Nothing if not a natural born sales and marketing person am I! 

But, I figured I'd reach out to him and "just ask anyway". 

Although their reluctance to communicate via email on their site which I wont mention here DID throw up some red flags - I figured what the hezey, and asked him anyway. 

As always, my gut was proven RIGHT when I got that email above. 

Look, first off, all business is done in writing - especially initially when you do not know the person. 

I mean for one, look at the "bulk emails" he is sending (which dont even include the recipient's name - it's clear its one of those "bulk mailing efforts")  - then he complains that email is too impersonal. 

If it's not too impersonal to badger people in their inboxes - people you barely KNOW - then how it is too impersonal to discuss business with those same people over email? 

I mean, when you meet a woman on Tinder or something, I dont think you instantly ask for her phone number (unless you're the Bozo) - no? 

Same principle applies here. 

You CHAT. 

You TALK. 

And THEN you take things to the "in person" meeting level. 

Jumping the above two steps doesnt work - and leads to catastrophe ultimately - either business wise or romantically or otherwise. 

More - EVERY publisher I've worked with in the past - EVERY real customer of mine - its ALL been done through email!

I've made NO secret of the FACT i dont like the phone. 

Certainly not the dumbphone. 

And getting on the phone for every little thing, or discussions that could be better done on email is a waste of time and even more precious energy. 

Sorry, it ain't gonna happen. I suspect it will be a massive waste of time and him trying to sell me what I don't want, and need... 

I'm sure James has good intentions in mind. 

Maybe thats just how he does business, but it ain't me - and it ain't anyone I've worked with in the past either. 

Yet more - emails being too impersonal?? 

Y'all on this list - what do you think? 

I think we know each other better through emails than we would through any amount of conversation on the phone - because when you WRITE something down, you truly KNOW what you're talking about - and you truly explain yourself WELL - and you get it all OUT and down on "paper"! 

As Freddie said, if it can't be done in writing, then ...! 

True, you DO get on the phone ultimately, but most of the time, there is really no need to do so. 

Especially not for initial interactions. 

Anyway, what can I say, hehe. 

Thats what SOME people think. 

And other than the book linked above, I've been getting great reviews for some of my books HERE - Animal Kingdom Workouts for one. 

One was a very brief comment - like the book itself. 


The guy wrote this, and just this on a site I did not even know existed - we're TRULY TAKING FITNESS GLOBAL!

Anyway, thats that from yours truly "extremely personal" or "impersonal", depening on which way you look at it, hehe. 

(I mean really, email is the BEST way to market - and he's calling it impersonal, geez - makes me think about his own so called contacts in Hollywood and marketing skills!). Hehe. 

(Not to mention, I really dont think he knows how notoriously cranky REAL writers are about "getting on the phone"... and he runs a publishing biz? Hehe) 


Rahul Mookerjee


Thursday, 30 September 2021 06:25

How things have changed, eh.

In one of those ruminant moods today, my friend. 

And I was thinking, life - - and kids!

How different do kids have it TODAY while growing up - as opposed to when WE were growing up, my friend!

I remember being barely a year older than my daughter is now - 8 - and my Dad whacking the hell out of me for defending myself at school (apparently the other guy's verbal taunts were fine, when I let go - gave him a taekdowndo kick to the KNEE - I still remember him bawling all day long in the school clinic) - I got whacked for that!

Now, part of this was because I didnt tell my parents at home. 

They called my parents to school to complain, and given my parents - yelling at me for damn near everything - I didnt want to go there! 

This trend repeated itself through school, of course. 

Apparently when I (remember, I was always a skinny runt in school!) got "beat the heck out of" - the other guy could do it "because good boys dont fight physically, "those boys" do it, but we "study"' and other B.S. 

But it wasn't just my parents, to be frank. 

It was different back then. 

My wife apparently got paddled - not just on the derriere - buit the legs and such for trivial stuff like "pulling the laundry line down" - at the age of 5 no less, I believe. 


Those were different times, those of you with kids know how different it is today in terms of molly coddling (well, in general - I'm sure extreme cases still exist). 

But as I keep telling my daughter (or as I told her a while ago, I believe). ...

"Papa never scolds you, because I dont want you to grow up hating your Dad". 

Now, this will ring home - and true - for MANY of you reading this ... 

Times were indeed different back then, and maybe thats why the world is where it is tody with no-one giving a rip about anything or anyone no more. 

But it had it's benefits, it made us tough - the doers, at least. 

It appleid Nature's laws of "survival of the fittest". 

There's always a plus if there is a minus - and that ain't me "positive" just saying it. 

The great seer Emerson did too . 

"For everything you lose, you gain something". 

And anyone with brain throughout the ages knows this and has said it.. 

Anyway, that aside. 

A lot of y'all reading this, my friend, and I gotta say this yet again at the risk of sounding like a stuck record - a lot of ya'll want to buy a lot of stuff from me. 

But over the past couple of months, a LOT of you guys - just haven't been doing it. 

And if this email is reaching you (segmented email so) ... then there's a great chance YOU TOO fall into the same category, my friend. 

Trust me, buddy. 

I've been in this racket long enough - I know, I watch, I TRACK. 

Not to the extent most people do - end of the day, I could give a rip less if someone doesnt "do", but a lot of you are DOERS!

Some are having financial issues, apparently. 

Some ... not sure. 

But the vast bulk? 

"We don't care". 

We dont care what he says or thinks. 

Well, thats fine I suppose when it comes to you, though it's a self defeatist (I'm being polite) attitude if thats you. 

(and really, it ain't about what I think either ...) 

But when it comes to your kids, my friends, I'm sure you guys would never scrimp! 

For you adults out there, the 0 Excuses Fitness System is an absolute and UTTER must have!

Trust me. 

But even if you want to neglect yourself (though I cannot imagine why you'd want to neglect your health, fitness and training) - then kids??? 

Trust me, the kiddie version of the above is Kiddie Fitness - it has different exercises, yes, because some of the stuff in 0 Excuses Fitness is not suitable for young kids. 

Given the rising level of obesity and big bellies amongst kids though ... this is a must have for YOUR kid, friend. 

 Be sure and grab thisNOW. 

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Actually I do "scold" my daughter on occasion. I just do it differently. 

I remember my Dad lamenting about how "my own son hates me" in NY in the USA at the age of 15 ... 

Well, what can I say. 

I have my own version of things, I'm sure he does too. I'd say I was right, but of course, what do I know... 

But you on this list know what I mean!

But, history doesnt always have to repeat itself, if you get my drift, friend. Some things can - and DO - change!

Sunday, 26 September 2021 09:15

Triceps, the forgotten part ...

I dont know about you, my friend, but when you haven't worked out in a long time - other than core strength and "stomach" distending and so forth - what is the first to GO? 

It's not your grip, biceps, chest, or even traps ... 

It's your TRICEPS. 

For me, and for most people, triceps are the forgotten part of the arm - which is nigh astouding, since that brute pushing strength and arm SIZE - comes from - TRICEPS!

Not only pushing - if you're weak at pull-ups, and this is one of the secrets I explain deeply in "Pull-ups from DUD to STUD - within a matter of WEEKS!" (the new and updated version on the site now) - tricep strength could well be a limiting factor. 

Dont believe me? 

I understand. 

But just make a fist, and pull down. 

Feel the parts of your arm that work, I believe you'll get the answer right there and then. 

But triceps, my friend, are an INTEGRAL part of any real fitness trainee's training regimen - or should be - and unfortunately, are NOT the backbone of most people's training regimen, even those training with weights. 

In "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness", you'll see how your triceps are really what push, pull and move - all those heavy implements in the course!

And the one way to get strong triceps - to BUILD them? 

Is by pushing, and doing so repeatedly. 

There is a reason, my friend, boxers and wrestlers focus more on pushups than pull-ups - and why the Marines for one do more pushups - way more - than pull-ups. 

Dont get me wrong. 

PUll-ups - turn you into a battletank and powerhouse. 

I should know!

And a super stud too. 

But, pushups are and should be the mainstay of any serious fitness routine - implements, weights, pull-ups - or NOT. 

Pushups and legs, because if there is one exercise that can work the entire body ? 

Or two? 

I'd say hill sprints (or climbing hill) - and pushups!

More so than anything else, my friend, anything else. 

And the exercise in the best course on pushups do a fine, fine job of building the triceps and those huge arms you so want. 

There is truly NO OTHER COURSE like this out on the market - so says the bodyweight fitness GURU Rahul Mookerjee aka "Stella Artois of Fitness" 

Get you some now, and get started rightaway!


Rahul Mookerjee

I will never forget the comment Charles Mitchell, a great customr once made about me... 

"Your courses are not for the faint of heart! The only reason you're not as rich as Jeff Bezos is because most people look at your books, and say "F that!" ... 

Never become a pussy trainer just so you can sell more books!" 

Now this, to me - is what typifies ME!

I am NEVER EVER going to be, act like - or become something I'm not at my very core - money or no money doesnt come into the equation, friend. 

But a lot of us nomads, or nomadic types or semi nomads (China) - I've noticed we all have some things in common. 

A crappy family life back home - or not at all. 

Overbearing, domineering Nazi feminist mothers and fathers that are either not there, or pander to the women willy nilly. 

(hey, that is fine i.e. pandering if thats what gets you off - ever thought about the effect it has on KIDS????) 

The usual guilt trips, jealousy etc - as Uncle Bob once told me "that sort of thing can really fuck a kid's development up"). 

And many other things - but where I truly believe I stand apart? 

A willingless and WILL to DO MORE WITH MY LIFE - SERVE OTHERS - through my outstanding books and products - MAKE PEOPLE's LIVES BETTER, not just my own (and my own by extension) as opposed to the Bozo schofield nomadic types who just drift from place to place like a feather, or perhaps bump on a log at sea...

No goals, no aims, (other than be a cuck and lick ass that is) - no money, no real intentions of doing anything other than be a monkey and drink the next beer. 

Anyway ... there's more reasons. But first, lets take a look at an email I got. 

Thanks for your reply.  It's nice to know there are some intelligent people left in the world, including your daughter!  Nice to know there are others on the same wavelength.  You lead an interesting life with the way you move around a lot.  Wish I could be a nomad like you!

Now, he was replying to what I Said in my last email (posted on this site since it didnt go through to everyone). 

My response - 

Trust me, buddy - If I had a "normal" family, I'd probably be happy staying put in India or wherever it is. I mean, a family that talks about aborting a three month old (in the foetues) baby - then claims all the nonsense they do, then after the baby is born they forget it all, forget all of what they did - in short, a Nazi feminist family, then you do what you have to do to SURVIVE - and THRIVE.

I guess I could bow to their whims and be a cuckold the rest of my life, work some crappy minimum wage job "because Mommy deemed it so" and "stay in one place". But thats not me as you know, haha. I'll never stop fighting for what is RIGHT. And I'll never bow to anyone's whims - always been one to do my own thing - which you know, hehe. COmes with problems not faced by most people, but hey - thats life - and in any case, I'd rather surmount problems myself than bitch and moan like the Libs do, end of the day, CONQUERING TOUGH TIMES is what real men and true survivors and winners in life are MADE OF!

And therefore...

And - you're welcome - hows the training going by the way - keep me posted on them pushups, especially the fingertip ones, hehe.



Trust me, that ain't even scratching the tip of the lunacy in terms of family. 

But really, I come from a place of deep, deep knowledge in terms of Nazi feminism, and am definitely THE Person to learn from in terms of combating it. 

No, it aint just another book. 

You won't find anything and another one like it out there - much like with Pushup Central, my friend, and my other fitnes courses. 

And really - think about it. 

Why would someone be a nomad if all was good at home? (wherever home is). 

To me, its always been where I hang my hat - with certain conditions. Hehe. 

But even if things were "excellent" back home, I'd probably have a yearning for more. 

I'd never accept the status quo on anything. 

Dreams, desires, aspirations - most of all, you ask? 


My personal freedom to me is numero UNO, my friend. 

This so called sham of a marriage that cost me money, years, all of it - I never wanted it in the first place. 

And of course, my "naiveity" in that regard - though to me, it was more about being in the flow, and doign what I do in life - take a decision, then see where it goes - hey, I learned a lot, so I'm happy for it! - ensured years of chaos and turmoil. 

All I asked her to do? 

Live together. 



Anyway my personal freedom to me is the most important thing, friend. 

By far. 

And life's too short to be a caged beast - or have dreams and aspirations you never fulfiled. 

I've done more in my own life thus far than bozos and cuckolds (a lot) globally have, and I'm not even "getting started" as yet. 

Why tie yourself down to one place - when there is som much to experience? 

Yes, having a base is one thing. 

But what when - which is what has happened most of my life - that base is pretty much taken away? 

What NOW - given whats happening to the world - what would you choose, a base - or the ability to move anywhere, work from anywhere, be your own Master (or Mistress, if it's Christina reading this, hehe) - work on your own time - and so forth? 

Well it doesnt happen overnight, but happen it does. 

I've worked at it for years. 

So can you, and no, its never too late to start - ask Colonel Saunders, hehe. 

And a lot of others. 

It's about doing, and doing now, and starting, and not postponing ... 

Anyway, I'm out. 

From yours truly nomadic, "until the next time"! 


Rahul Mookerjee


This wont go out as a blast to the email list. Apparently there was some issue with the auto credit card renewal or something - which will happen "tomorrow" - so for now, this is a nice little test to see how many of you come here to read "without the daily email blast" (well, the email will still go out, but it might not hit ALL your inboxes this time). 

I bet most people will be reading. Hehe. 

I can feel it. 

But really, I've been talking to a great customer, Charles Mitchell, ex cop from the US. 

And we've been going back and forth on what an utter disgrace what is going on right now is - I mean, cops on horseback for one automatically racist because some guy slipped int the river, while the horse was doing what it does best - i.e. run? 

Like Mike Pompeo said, it's a matter of soverignity - bottom line - an d certain things, despite what Hiden Biden thinks - need to be made clear. 

I've said this before, I'll say it again. 

NO country wants illegals with no skills overrunning it's borders willy nilly, with NO due process, during COVID etc - and most gallingly, stretching an already stretched to the BRIM system!

NO country wants that - other than Liberals and Biden worshippers (my own family is that for the most part except my little girl, truly a CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK!) ... what they want? Votes! 

Illegal votes, and given how they stole the election the last time I dont even think they need to get illegals in.

MOre like Bill Hates and the lot wanting cheap labor for the future and their dastardly plans - and of course most likely China pulling the strings behind the scenes... 

I've said before you simply cannot kow tow to terror, that is exactly what is happening!

And this liberal disease has spread EVERYWHERE - and Nazi feminism in general is a natural outshoot of liberalism. 

And it's just getting worse, friend. 

Women can get away with bloody murde.r 

I was talking about the insanity in my family where "if the sun doesn't rise", it's Rahul's fault. 

(No wonder I went to China, Charles, to escape that lunacy!) 

My so called wife, or ex wife, or whatever the term is can break things all day long, and it's Rahuls' fault. 

She can always be in a bad mood, minute yours truly is, he gets threatened with bullshit. 

She can complain about not having money when I send plenty - and when I send it , she never does what the money was intended for in the first place. 

Nazi feminism is truly a DISEASE, my friend - and a natural offshoot and outshoot of LIBERALISM which is even worse, but at home, it's Nazi feminists that really "irritate", 

And you, my friend, unless you're cuckolded Bozo Schofield - need to fight, and keep fighting. 

Sometimes, you can fight directly. 

Often and most of the times though, if you're dealing with Nazi feminists, the best way is indirect - to make it look you're not fighting at all. 

So the idiots and morons will think, while you yourself "laugh all the way to their demise". 

Sounds dramatic, maybe melo dramatic I know, but THINK - for yourself - in terms of what is happening with this world, you'll know. 

And get the course on how to combat Nazi feminism right HERE

Trust me, you guys - a lot of you will benefit like nothing else from this. 

I truly speaketh from a place of experience. 

And now, since I've spoken - lets let Charles speak - 

It's not incompetence, or even stupidity.  Joe and the democrats are doing exactly what they planned to do.  Flood the country with illegal immigrants from impoverished and war torn countries and turn them into democratic voters!  Joe is just a puppet and whoever is pulling the strings knows exactly what they are doing.  Why do you think no congressional democrats visit the border, Why do you think the vice president(that's a joke) who is supposed to be in charge of the border doesn't go to the border?  And the corrupt lying media does everything they can to protect them.  Now they are trashing cops on horseback who did nothing violent to these people, not one injury!  Saying they are acting like slave masters!  It's a joke!  This is to take the heat off of them for what they are doing or rather NOT DOING!  And that pathetic excuse for a homeland security secretary is a joke.  Look, they all lie right to your face and don't give a shit because really, what are you going to do about it???  If the republicans in office aren't doing anything about it , what do you think you are going to do?  Joe Biden could drop his pants on national TV and take a dump and tell the public "this is what I think of you all" and the mainstream media would say that was single greatest act of presidential leadership in the history of this country!  I don't understand what is happening to this country but it is obvious that this president and his administration is working hard to bring it to it's knees.  I believe there are forces at play that no one even knows about.  Time will tell.

Said lik e a sage, Charles, said like a sage. 

Exactly my feelings, and ... well, I'll say it - what I Told him - (replied to him) 

Hey Charles

Thanks for the email, great to hear back from you! How are things going for you - hows "life in general" in the world that seems to be getting loonier (I mean loony, not just crazy, haha) by the day? Seriously, some of the stuff going on...!

(my own "family" is a perfect example, hehe).

they're ALL rabidly anti Trump and worship the very ground Biden walks on, think Modi is a fool, and so forth ...

(when I told my Mom and wife about China starting this mess - remember, one can "feel" things, and no-one knew about this, but the "something is fixing to happen" feeling was there! - I mean, I lived there for years, haha - they claim "it's just politics and a theory", of course, when it's the panixine lunacy, then "you have to take it" (which I haven't, lol)).

My Mom once made the comment of "Hillary Clinton" would make the best US president, and my Dad nodded his head in agreement.


'nuff said, so I dont even try and deal with them, like a brick wall if you get my drift, utter insanity.


So, you can well imagine the dysfunction and chaos there (hence why I lived in China for so many years, it wasn't ideal, no, but their lifestyle etc as I mentioned before, and these lunatics I deal with family wise in India - hehe).

Gotta say though, and another customer of mine said this - my daughter is indeed a chip off the old block. Eight years in all, every bit as smart as you and I are, perhaps even more in some areas. THE ONLY POSITIVE, but boy is it a huge one!!

Back to Joe - yes, I'm not sure who is behind Joe - I dont know, Bill Gates and some of the other liberal wishy washy sorts?? Those are the guys with the money, and as you know, money is ultimately what talks in the US system as opposed to China where you can be a multi-billionaire, but that money still has to be spent per CCP rules. Of course, theres no way I'd take their system - but yeah, perhaps some of the huge property developers, perhaps some of these Bill Gates sorts that "want to own the planet" (outlandish as that might sound) . . .

Yes, it's indeed a shame the way the media takes these acts of utter "sabotage" (ie just letting people in willy nilly, releasing them - all ILLEGALS! - willy nilly into various parts of the country) - and then spins them over and over again into how "Joe" is doing the right thing by the country - if you look at his Twitter, he's even got live feeds from video calls or something he did with (apparently) random people urging them to take the panixine (and dont get me wrong - I think it's personal choice, if someone feels they need to take this vaccine - which to me isn't even a vaccine, because it ain't been properly tested, there are side effects, most of all, it doesnt do what vaccines normally do i.e. keep the damn plague away - you can still GET the damn thing after being panixated - but these vaccine mandates etc are not just unconstitutional, they're utter BS. India is a deeply flawed democracy for one, but end of the day, vaccines are still not "mandatory" in India - and they never should be either! (of course, even if it was, enforcement is lax in India, but really, Biden - China's wet dream in terms of dictatorship, the way he so called leads).

All a massive game for securing votes, I agree, but truth be told, given how the Dems secured the last election, I dont even know if they need more illegals in there to do that - unless it's for "cheap labor in the future". Yes, sounds crazy I know, but anything goes with these guys!

(and I won't even get started on Afghanistan. Haha - now THAT?? Pandering to terror, literally, the way I see it, leaving behind equipment etc (granted, all decommissioned, but you can bet China will reverse engineer them in a jiffy too...)

Yes, what really "got my goat" is the way those border patrol agents were being potrayed as racist slavemasters. Typical Liberal Bullshit, never gave the cops a chance to explain their side of it, just put together some hastily doctored images of horses running into water, and some guy slipping in the mud, and then thats racist. Just retarded, and it's insane people even believe this BS, but then again, given the level of thought the majority of people have - not surprising is it. Haha.

I mean geez, horses are used in police forces worldwide, not just in America - and NO-ONE is pointing out the fact that these guys show up ILLEGALLY - and when you tell them "nicely", they dont listen - so obviously, as Mike Pompeo rightly said, you have to show them it's unacceptable! Of course, anytime someone says that about US sovereignty, they're racist, if China and North Korea detail and shoot illegal immigrants, then they're protecting their borders, and neither Creepy Joe nor Hyena Harris will utter a word...

It's just lunacy, the way people think these days, I mean EVERY country wants legal immigrants - they're qualified and bring a lot to their "new" homes - but why would ANY country want (beyond purposes of charity to an extent) illegals with no skills, and likely criminals as well? Its sad whats happening in Haiti and other places yes, but that doesnt mean you ruin what is good to "help what is not good" - not like the US had anything to do with the Haiti mess anyway!

Lunacy, man, lunacy, unless of course China's pulling the strings behind the scenes for all this, given how Bill "Hates" and LinkedIn and the rest (I got banned from Linked In for some BS I was censored for once, I said I wouldn't say it again and then didnt - but then mysteriously three months later I got banned anyway because I wasn't going to give them my passport to send to the CCP, haha. I believe I sent several emails out about that).  .  .

As we discussed before, and Trump kept saying this too - everyone talks Russia, Russia, Russia, but the REAL threat is China - Russia I truly believe wants to be left alone in its massive corner of the globe - but its China that is the real problem.  (but China's fixing to get theirs - it's been coming for years - the impending Ever grande collapse will truly set the cat amongst the pigeons big time. Of course, and unfortuantely, it might also lead to increased chest thumping and more chance of actual widespread war etc...)

Oh well - back to you - how is life treating you?? The UK is currently in a bit of a mess in some regards (of course the loons on the left are claiming "Brexit" did it - no it did not - Brexit was the best thing to happen to the UK in years, this EU idea was deeply flawed, I've always said that from the get go), but the rest of the world is too - how are things back Stateside??

Stay safe - train hard - and keep thinking for yourself - best thing you can do!

Politics etc aside, thanks for your support - replies, etc! You've been with me for years, so that counts for a lot.

So - thanks - and - keep me posted on how all your TRAINING IS GOING!


Rahul  (i.e fingertip pushups - HAVE you got to the magic 25/set as yet? Hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 25 September 2021 13:36

Joe Biden, truly! An utter disgrace!

The more I see of this man - and his antics Joe Biden, the more I think I'm a fool to think what I initially did i.e .that Joe was a nice guy, albeit unqualified to be President - big time for reasons stated many times. 

Like L (we'll call him that) - a great Gorilla Grip (ADVANCED!) customer once stated, thats an image the media has given him. 

And he's right! (i.e. L).

Now, I've dealt with this type all my life - idiots that dont do the thing, yell like banshees, give you guilt trips but when confronted with HARD FACTS claim "Rahul is arguing illogically" - or dont reply at all - because they HAVE no reply. 

And of course, anytime YOU give them a logical reply, they start yelling like idiots and banshees "as if that will intimidate the other person" or get them to do their bidding. 

Ultimately, it never has for me, and it never will. 

But this latest Biden claim where he basically tears apart Federal Border Patrol in Texas ... jusrt unbelievable, and even more of a disgrace than his usual statements. 

Apparently some joker made the claim that "they are running us over with horses" or some BS, and the media was more than happy to slap together some (most likely doctored) images of border patrol "gherraoing" Haitians back into the river, presumably sending them back to the Mexican side. 

First thing you know, if you listen to the fine men ON THE GROUND - I'd rather to listen to a cop over a politician anyday, and the same for these Border Patrol Agents, doing a tough job, getting very little support out there, trying to keep their country SAFE!

ie. No-one "ran" anyone over with horses, not one single person in the thousands of deported illegal migrants!

Really, why would any country want illegal aliens willy nilly creating problems unless it's France??

Dont get me wrong - whats happening in Haiti is sad, but there is no reason the U.S.A should be forced to take in people from anywhere - ultimately, life's tough, people need to fix their own problems!

Bottom line. 

Every country wants LEGAL migrants. 

NO-ONE wants illegal migrants though - especially during raging "plague from China" times, record unemployment, social security stretched to the brink and so forth - except of course joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both making ludicrious statements against their own agents!

Apparently Sleepy Joe claims "there will be consequences", and Harris mumbled and cackled a few words to that extent too. 

Yet, NOTHING - and NOONE - is saying anything about the fact these people are illegal, and shouldn't be at the border that way in the first place!

If they did that in acountry like China or North Korea, guess what would happen. 

Doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess eh. 

Yet, when people in the US try to protect their own borders, apparently thats not kosher and "they're obligated to take us in" mentality comes in. 

Just why, may I ask?

can someone give me one good reason? 

Legally, hell yeah. 

Illegally - just why? 

And as for the horses thing, horses are used by security forces in general globally. 

Royal Canadian "mounted police" I believe. 

They have 'em in the UK too. 

I believe even New York officers use horses to an extent when required (crowd control etc). 

Simply being on horseback doesnt mean they're using that as a weapon!

Comparisons are already being made to the slavery era - utter BS to me from where I stand, and I ain't even Border Patrol. 

I think Texas should do what Governor Abbott once said i.e. build a wall on the border THEMSELVES. 

Since apparently Biden and company could care less... 

Truly, this admin is by far the worst ever, makes the Obama admin looks positively STELLAR by comparison, I dont ever recall Obama ever tearing his own people apart like this. 

Just pathetic, Joe, just pathetic. 

I'll wait for the challenge to do pushups - or the idiotic laugh he makes so often before his infantile threats. 

If there ever was a man not fit to be Prez... ! 

Anyway, horses are fine, fine animals my friend. 

There is a reason stallions are mentioned on the Barnstormer Shoulders page!

But truly, to get the workout of your life, Animal Kingdom style - and conditioning and STRENGTH - and health levels to boot - ROARING! - there is only one book that does it - 

Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

Get this NOW, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS, hehe.

Friday, 24 September 2021 06:01

Dont let them WEAR YOU DOWN!

There are few stories, and few people that MOVE me as much as Herschel Walker, giant of the NFL does, my friend. 

Truly a giant in all ways, and I focus more on his LIFE in my writings etc, because the physical only happened because Walker learned either himself or in the school of hard knocks, or both that the MENTAL is what counts. 

Walker didnt develop the personality disorders he's written about "just for the heck of it". 

Unlike Glyn Bozo, who ... but anyway, Walker was bullied to an extreme, had it TOUGH GROWING UP - and knows a thing or two about tough times and racism!

Guys like him, and David Goggins - now these are the real heroes, REAL MEN - that have dealt with real racism. 

I have too, but like I said in the last email, its always ultimately rolled off me like water off a duck's back (much like with the Trumpinator, hehe, whose dealt with plenty of that himself most likely). 

But Goggins, Walker, these guys - they have ALL Dealt with it in more brutal and powerful manners. 

Believe me, it can wear you down - when you're a Navy Seal, and you get it thrown at you all the time for one - Goggins. 

And it did me when Glyn Bozo, a supposed friend at the time I did so much to help - just turned around and viciously attacked me with his racist stuff - beyond horrible, the thinking. 

Now, I waited for years black Mamba style to get my revenge, and it , believe it or not has just started. 

But for the most part, even after I started speaking to Charles the mutual friend who I had ignored until then ... I couldn't understand, even with all my experience in this, how people could think that way about each other. 

After all I have said about race not mattering, the MIND and the PERSON, and so forth ... 

After all the support I gave Glyn Bozo for one, repeatedly giving him a long leash "because he's ultimately a nice guy" (I was so wrong) ... 

But Charles, I've often wondered, why he never told me about it - or spoke up against it. 

Glyn Bozo of course claims Charles was the guy that did it and pinned it on the Bozo. 

Charles did it? 

I still dont think so. 

He has many faults, so do I (more than him most likely, hehe) - but Charles doesn't seem to be the sort of racist person the Bozo is ... 

And he'd at least say it to me, I'd think. 

But he didnt exactly inform me about the stuff Bozo sent me either, and of course kept funneling money to Glyn for his mad capers. 

Ultimately, he learned the hard way that you can't trust a viper (Bozo). 

Black mambas do a fine job of fighting them though, and winning each time. 

Anyway ... Bozo is still ranting about "liposuction and asses". 

As my black friend in the UK chortled, "I wont even go there". 

Hehe. (Bozo was salivating about how his "ass looked while having sex" - dude's in the porn industry) ...

But believe me, it can wear you down. 

The racism, the taunts, all of it .. 

You have to be a special person to rise above it!

Matt Furey, another guy I greatly admire is a person like that. 

(there is a reason I give him CREDIT in the 0 Excuses Fitness System. No, he didnt create HIndu squats and pushups - he freely admits that. Neither did I. And I'm sure if you were to ask the Gama back in the day, he'd say the same!

But HE (Matt) was the one who FIRST brought it to the whole world, so he deserves credit for that!

Not to mention he' sjust so damn inspiring, I should have done what he did back inthe day, but then again, those were the cushy days for me. No worries, hehe. I learned all that perhaps so I now share it on the OTHER SITE if you get my drift. Hehe. China, you beauty - in more ways than one, hehe.) 

Grew up dirt poor, one of many kids (in Iowa I believe) - and made something of himself after years and years of hard knock STRUGGLES - REAL STRUGGLES. 

A true example of "color doesnt mean you're privieleged!" 

I highly admire Matt and have a deep respect for the man. 

No, I dont agree with all he's said about China in the past, specifically during the Obama admin, but given what the liberals were doing then, it was even loonier than China, but still, I didnt agree, but NOW? 

I dont know if Matt's tapped into the "headwinds" ahead of time as all great visionaries do gut wise. 

I've always done it!

But these days you won't hear him talking so much about China as he did in the past. 

He knows as well as you and I do that they did WRONG - have been doing WRONG, but much like I FINALLY took an interest in politics to a degree starting 2020, Matt knew that was the tipping point. 

He doesnt mention it anywhere, of course. 

Thats fine!

But ask him, I'll bet thats what he THINKS. 

Other greats like Ben Settle etc - another dude I greatly admire - and I DO agree with all he says - business and life wise (another one of those guys who for years didnt even have an apartment and bed to sleep in!) ... they'll all tell you one damn thing. 

Dont let it wear you down. 

Because once you give in, you're gone. 

Keep fighting, my friend. 

And if anything, that is the spirit that Battletank Shoulders, Pushup Central, and some of my other great books espouse. 

Fight - till the end. 

And you'll see why I keep saying it's all very worth it!


Rahul Mookerjee

Rags to riches stories, and I have many of them, dont I? 

Few though to me strike as POWERFULLY Home as the great David Goggins (mentioned on the sales page for Pull-ups - from STUD to Super STUD for a damn good reason - US Navy Seal, Ranger, and more - they are truly studs at pull-ups! (and more)) ... 

... and the great Herschel Walker, mentioned on the sales page for the 0 Excuses Fitnes System, and the book itself. 

I mention other greats in the book, not the least of whom is the Great Gama, who even the Giant Khali in the WWE would probably acknowledge, as my friend from the Marines once did. 

"He was truly the best!" 

That he was, my friend - he sure was!

And Walker to me isn't far behind in many of his accomplishments. 

This morning, I read email coming from Walker (apparently?) in my inbox with regard to his upcoming Senate bid. 

I had not signed up for it , but I'm assuming the Trump emails I get on a a regular basis - hes working with Trump, so I assume it's something to do with that. 

Immediately though, the name Walker stood out to me!

Trump has made the RIGHT CHOICE for one - I knew this before, but reading what Walker wrote in some of his emails, something "moved". 

Herschel Walker, the little overweight kid growing up in Georgia, who knows what REAL racism is about - being bullied relentlessly - having to develop multiple personalities to deal with them or be "GONE!" - his relentless bodyweight training routine ... and more ... 


It could have been me saying some of the words he is ... 

Anyway, I've focused on his fitness accomplishemnts on the page above - I've no idea if he did the squats the Gama and a lot of YOU guys do - but he DID do a ton of pushups, pull-ups, and other squats that got him into great shape not to mention - HILL SPRINTS, the Mecca and Medina of leg training!

Walker was also HUGE on training the way I teach you in the upcoming Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - I dont know if he's ever used Indian clubs for one, but he would absolutely LOVE THEM!

He DID however, like Walter Peyron train with tyres around his waist, running uphill... 

My daughter was asking me why people did that!


I told her why. 

Anyway, it also brought to mind what an idiot Charles (the former friend) once ranted on about during his infamous rant about pull-ups and how my emails were useless. 

Truly, a typical Tom Tom - much like the Chinese that dont know English teaching those that do - Charles who can't even hang on to the pull-up bar bitching about pull-ups because he is a phat phock, and LAZY and not willing to do what it TAKES and learn from the best i.e. me to DROP the weight. 

"I dont know how you work out for hours in that blazing heat, Rahul!" 


Walker did it too ... 

You won't find Walker saying crap like "my girlfriend is smaller than me so she can easily outdo me on hills". 

Sheer and utter idiocy - I've mentioned this before. 

Fat is fat, muscle is muscle. 

Force = mass x accleration. 

And the last comes from MUSCLE, not lard. 

And if the mass is mostly muscle, then there is no reason big guys can't be agile and FAST at the same time. 

Just ask the Grizzly bear, Chuck!

Anyway ... 

I mentioned how Walker had it tough growing up, how Walker was the exact opposite of "easy gains". 

Charles didnt agree. 

"Muscle sticks to him like shit on a stick!" 

It don't either, bro. 

But why believe me? Why not read what Walker HIMSELF has written on it i.e. being an overweight kid constantly bullied and more? 

In the Simple and Effective Diet, I give you an eating secret that will skyrocket your fitness gains and weight losss - UPWARDS!

Walker used this same technique too (no, I didn't get it from him. I knew about it instinctively years ago!) 

And everything Walker says, right down to Trump not being racist despite what the Tom Toms claims, rings so damn true. 

(Personally, I could give a crap less about racist idiots like you've seen with my talks about Glyn Brummie "in ass" Bozo for one - one of the nastiest and most horrible people you'll ever meet, who still clings to the "I have black friends, so I'm not racist" nonsense while he spends the entirety of his day pestering womn from Mom's basement and creating nasty racist mems which of course, his friend Chuck seems to "enable" to a degree ... but Walker knows a thing or two about racism!! Growing up in the Deep South, poor, definitely underprivelegd back then - now that is a guy thats seen it all. 

I do too - and have seen and experienced it too - but like I said, I could give a crap less (believe me, I could rant all day about the stories I have in that regard, but I ain't - I dont give a crap, and I'm better than that, curiosuly enough, Glyn Bozo once in his saner moments said exactly that about me and the Tom Tom's i.e. "you're better than that!")- and never really have (like the ole Trumpinator, hehe).

Ultimately, it seems Herschel did that too. 

As he says in a book, his parents at least taught him well - I for one was never told what he was, that "it doesnt matter what your skin color is, and where you're from, you can ACHIEVE!" 

For a very long time, I was brainwashed into the "they have it better because they're white" thinking. Although I never believed it (hence the "you're a white man trapped in Indian body!" idiocy I get - no I ain't either - I am ME, and that is THAT!) 

I've been saying it for ages, of course. 

Trump, my friend is a pragmatic BUSINESSMAN and the least racist person you'll ever meet. Trust me, you can feel these things. 

And he's done more for the black and colored community than th eTom Toms and Bidens "super predator" types ever have ... 

Anyway, this ain't about politics, I'll be honest. 

But I remembered Charles, who first claimed to be a wrestler and therefore big (when he is plain FAT - nowehere near as fat as the Bozo though) - and then when called out on it, "football's my jam" "I didnt really do wrestling" - though its unclear if Charles ever played football to begin with to be honest - and if he wasn't a wrestler, why SAY he was??... 

And so, I had to write this. 

Anyhow, thats that for me. 

I dont know, Walker to me is one of the greats, a real man, and I'll never stop saying it. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Is it a conincidence that one day I was thinking "what if Herschel Walker actually saw 0 Excuses Fitness" - and bingo, I got an email from one of my greatest and best customers, another real life hero from the UK John Walker ... 

Y'all know I dont believe in coincindences!!

PPS - Lest you think this is about politics, it ain't either. 

Like I've often said, before Trump (and coincidentally, the plague from China) - I didnt care two hoots less about poltics beyond thebasics, and I still don't for the most part (other than keeping up with what Brazilian PM Jair Bolsonaro is up to ; I love that guy!!) ... 

But Walker, Bolsonaro, these guys, especially Walker, I can look into their eyes and it tells a story, a very powerful, moving story, same thing with David Goggins... (he's even got the brown eyes like I do, hehe). 

(it's often been a bone of contention in my home i.e why I dont "look" like the others, and the brown eyes and so forth. Hehe). 

I've been experiencing an exponential increase in the number of idiots coming up to me about two things. 

First, my products being too expensive - a rant that is SO OLD that now when I hear it I either yawn - or I just direct them to one of the numerous pieces out on it. 

Sometimes I increase the price a bit more just to piss these people off even more, hehe. 

Gotta have fun while you can ... 

And second, the common refrain of NO gratitude - i.e. shown towards me for what I do, and I dont even mean fitness wise. 

I wrote about appreciation in the last email, how I show it ... provided there is GOOSE AND GANDER applicable!

But a lot of the idiots that keep getting back to me "oh, life is so easy for you!" 

"Oh, he has all the money in the world to stay there!" 

"Oh, he has a lot of money!" 

From a certain standpoint,I just applaud myself - both for my results and the fact it's ticking of the idiots and Bozos galore. 

(though to be honest, they told me this even when I did NOT have money - years back - lesson learnt right there for some people, I'd say!) 

i.e its about a rich mindset more than anything else, you attract the rest or figure out how to. 

Or both. 

But anyway, in the past I'd get irritated and sometimes fight with these people. 


I just grin back - my best Cheshire Cat Grin!

And tell them the following - 

"I just shake a tree and money falls out - the money tree". 

And then I smile in my nicest manner at them - really, and tell them this. 

"Nooo, I'm NOT EVEEEEEEEEEEN being sarcastic" ... 


From a certain standpoint I'm not, actually. 

I just do what "Steven California" on Dongguan Expat did all those years ago i.e. "shake a tree and see what nuts fall out" - usually a lot of them do. hehe. 

Christina, that gorgeous chick I keep talking to cannot understand it. 

She once told me "I was a foreign loser and part time worker!" (because I wasn't running after houses, cars or money). 

I grinned at her, thanked her. 

Of course, she later got back with this. 

"I forgot how world is, my English so poor, I no mean so direct!" 

She meant every word of it. At the time. Hehe. 

But the other day, she was mystified. 

"How can you not be tense, Shenzhen and everywhere in China is SO TENSE about money now, and you you just enjoy!" 

I giggled back at her. 

"Hey, I'm the foreign loser with no money"

.... And I let it hang. 

And she finally laughed about it too, realizing she "trapped herself" in that vortex. Hehe. 

Look, obsessing over or worrying about something will only drive that something further away from you. 

Times are only as tough as we MAKE them, my friend. 

And this money tree thingie? 

I'm sick of how these idiots dont appreciate the time and effort - learning - often times in a brutal manner "school of hard knocks" it takes to plant the seeds I do, wait for them to sprout (not all do) - maintain a positive outlook amidst Bozos - and more. 

It doesnt just happen by magic, my friend. 

Nothing ever "just happens". 

And thats just the business side of it. 

What about the time and effort, and YEARS UPON YEARS spent "in the trenches" learning my craft, doing what I do? 

These idiots would never acknowledge or appreciate any of it. 

"It's so easy". 

So I smile back. 

"Hey, why dont' you do it too!" 

The look of RAGE in their eyes is just priceless, hehe, and I thrive on it so! 

Anyway - had to say that.

And heres a final reminder - or maybe the second last one. 

Today is the LAST day for the GlynBozo sale - a lot of you have responded - kudos - and thank you!

But those that haven't - those that are just clicking and saying "no" (but clicking away anyway - believe me, I can track these things down to a very minute T - nothing if not a fan of how Amazon mines its data for one, hehe - they've got it down to a point where they know - sort of - what your mindset is even AFTER you leave their site! - and they use that to get you to come back to theirs, and sell to you!) .. well - the clock is ticking. 

Sale ends today my friend. 

So make haste while the sun shines!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Or hay, I suppose, hehe.

Eeerie, isn't it? 

I think it was September ... when was it, Sep 15, that Lehmann Brothers collapsed in 2008 leading to the end of the merry old "freewheeling days" for many globally? 

That was coincidentally, or around that date, when the lawyers cheated me in an infamous - by now - court case!

That same day, actually. Hehe. 

I remember coming back home in 2008, and Dad asking me "have you heard the news"? 

I hadn't. 

Then I got it. 

Lehmann Brothers had collapses, and of course, the domino effect was felt globally, in America too - but the ripple effects globally never quite went away. 

When the US sneezes, the rest of the world does indeed COUGH! - and how. 

Now, years later, 13 years later - China's most massive property developer is heading for collapse. 

I'm sure y'all have heard the stories on that one. 

Thing is, for those of us in China, this has been old news. Those that actuall yhave a brain and aren't Tom Tommming retards and Bozos that is. Or, brainwashed sheep and there are many of those. 

I've said it once, I'll say it again. 

China's rapid, breakneck growth didnt just happen because the rest of the world fueled it and slept on the threat - it happened because it's in many way s(their economy) all gloss and no glitter. 

Ghost towns, highways to nowhere, spanking new apartment buildings FLAT EMPTY ... it's all been going on for a while, even tne world's largest mall there was empty for a while! 

dont believe me? 

I've been there - to that mall. 

And I've said for a long time their 14 trillion economy is actually a lot smaller. 

Dont get me wrong, China still packs a mammoth punch economically - 9 trillion is a hell of a lot of money!

But it's still a lot smaller than made out to be - or looks on the surface, and economic disparity in China now is at all time highs. 

The discontent is bubbling - big time. 

And the thing no-one is talkign about? 

The US system suffered a nasty shock with Lehmann Brothers, yes. 

something no-one anticipated - yet, the underlying checks and balances and REAL FREEDOM - and capitalism that made the US what it is today - ensured that it came out of that crisis. 

If there is another crisis like that it will shake America no doubt. 

But the economy will ultimately weather it (albeit with a lot of pain). 


Not so likely, friend. 

One massive collapse like that - and the cat will truly be amongst the piegons.

(A massive, giant DEBT INFESTED bubble that has been GROWING like a cancer for YEARS) 

(And just look at what people in China on Weibo etc are saying about the company, and economy in general if you dont believe me!) 

I hate to say "I told you so", but brace for it - the end in that regard is nigh. 

Yes, to Tom Tom's who claim "no prizes for being right" - there might not be any 

But foresight saves many an ass... 

And the repercussions for being wrong, well, I'd rather be on the right side. 

This is an interesting one, coming as it does right smack on the heels of not just Mid Autumn mooncake festival in China, but  a massive, albeit COVID interrupted upcoming National Day holiday in China. 

And the Chinese govermnent, especially Xi in his Mao avatar is in no mood to bail these companies out either - its all going back to a Maoist era. 

Interesting times indeed, as for the fabled mooncakes? 

I dont know - I never quite liked 'em, and have been guilty of tossing many a cake in the trash because I was given them, but no-one wanted to take them back, so ... 

But hey, that CHinese lager, some of it is pretty damn good. Hehe. 

Give me a Stella any day though!

I'm out. 

Remember to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here - remember, the Glynbozo 25% off discount applies, and in these times, might as well take all the discounts you can get!


Rahul Mookerjee

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