Now that was a long title, hehe. 

At the outset, NO, I ain't promoting harassment of any nature towards any gender, I am NOT saying you should pester women with inanities as Bozo Schofield and his posse do (well, you could, but she'll just block and report you) - NO, I am not saying that its right to do to either gender or in betweens or what not. 

And most of all, and again, it ain't an excuse to hit women out of the blue randomly for no reason. 

Now that we've got all the disclaimers out of the way, a certain Jeff Bezos and a Miss Sanchez comes to mind, hehe. 

And sexually charged texts - while Jeff was married. 

The rest is , well, public domain by now! 

But heres the thing. 

Most would criticize Jeff saying "but he was married, so it's wrong" while secretly themselves WANTING to do something similiar, but not having the balls to, or not getting the chance, or what not. 

Puranitism and "right or wrong" aside (no, I am not saying cheating is right, but what I AM saying is it happens - and I've said this in the past too! Some things "happen" - and if you look at the legion of achievers out there and THEIR lives, well ...  shout at me all you like, hehe, but those facts don't change!!) . . . the real point is this. 

What Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich about the powers and magic of sexual transmutations, and its a chapter that is truly sage, and NOT understood by most out there. 

Especially the wackjobs that message me asking to be introduced to women. UGh! 

Anyway, I just congratulated someone on a work promotion. 

A female someone. 

Thats ALL I said. 

"Congratulations - I'd congratulate you anyway!" 

Is all I said ... (bozo Schofields, please dont copy this line as it ain't gonna get you anywhere). 

Anyway, thats all I said. 

I'm sure you'd say - well - where is the "sexual" charging behind this? 

Well, it ain't obvious. 

But it's very much there. 

There is a reason I said it. 

FEELING is what counts, not the words - the VIBE does. 

And here's another spanner into the works - I don't know this lady, do NOT want services of any nature from her, do NOT intend to ask her anything from here on in, and certainly NOOOOOOOOOOOO "sexy" or hanky panky of any nature. 

Maybe down the line, someday, I'll make her the heroine of one of my non fitness related "Sidney Sheldon with a twist" books ... Such as a certain Miss Chen, or Aa Chie, or ... Miyako Li! 

Or others. 

They are truly legion!

Anyway, Napoleon Hill wrote about all great achievers being highly sexed, and the reason for them NOT succeeding in a big way - most men - before 40 - is they tend to "dissipate" their wild oats a bit too much. 

It ain't me saying that. 

Read the book, and you'll know. 

This don't mean you do it too often, or on a schedule, or dont do it, or abstain for months as boxers etc of yore did and probably still do. 


It doesnt mean you badger women you dont know with "Madam, can I be your servant" such as Glynn-ie Schofield does, or other inanities. 

It just means you TRANSMUTE it. 


Well, I'll write about that later!

In a way people can understand. 

But lets descend back to an earthly level, and get some inspiration. 


And that being the 30% discount we've got going on NOW on our products, my friend. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Truly a post that will get me hammered from all directions. 

So be it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, here is the link for the products

PS #2 - I ain't responsible for any marriages that may happen from the above if you do it right, hehe. Most don't, so I don't need to worry about that. But again, and this is for the idiots, morons and jackasses out there - none of this should be taken as an invitation to harass, badger, and PESTER. 

You just "do". Then you forget. And you do it "because". 

And thats all I am going to say here!

Monday, 05 April 2021 08:27

Internal cleanliness

In an increasingly fake up, made up world with unnatural fads (the latest being that Chinese girls apparently have to fit into Tshirts and corsets meant for girls that are KIDS, not adults) and if they dont, they're fat - I gotta say this. 

I gotta be honest about the above too - Chinese women, and Asian women in general seem to be under even more pressure to fit to the "skinny" look more than other women globally though this idiotic trend of starvation is there everywhere for both guys and gals, but more gals from what I have seen. 

DOnt get me wrong. 

There is no excuse for being a lardass, either female or male, and having too much Schofield like man tits or junk in the trunk or what not (I mean Glyn in the UK - that dude I write about often - the troll - if you newbies on the list dont know, check out the blog for "what he be yammering on about" in that regard) . . . 

But unnaturally thin?


Not for me, but apparently I'm the only one out there too. 

Doesnt bother me though. 

But anyway in his 1914 course on Wrestling and Physical Culture "lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture" (no, Mr Tai-PO doesnt sell it - and has no plans to) he mentioned something very interesting - aside from the deep breathing part that yours truly talks about in Corrugated Core too - something which most people MISS. 

That being, that (as he says, I'm paraphrasing as usual) ... the office worker dressed in all their finery and nice soaps and what not may appear to be cleaner than a laborer working in muck and grime all day. 

But are they?? 

I dont think so, my friend. 

Neither did the good Farmer. 

When a man that can survive a hangmans drop (20 foot neck they say!) speaks, you better listen for one. 

And when the bodyweight guru speath, Rahul Mookerjee, you better listen too! 

Like I said, I'm nothing if not humble with a very capital H ... 

Puerile comments aside, I feel great after that workout - I took a cold shower immediately thereafter (no, I didnt ease in - I just turned it to freezing COLD). 

My heart rate went up again. 

But the SWEATING I did before that, my friend, was really what got things "feeling clean internally!" 

When you have a good sweat, your skin CLEANS itself - and so does your BODY - better than ANY soap,lotion, gel, or what not gizmo can. 

There is a reason the Finns, hardy people - sit in a boiling sauna for hours, then immediately thereafter jump into the ice cold Arctic. 

And workouts have much the same effect as the former, except perhaps BETTER in a way - definitely better in most ways - though saunas benefit you immensely too. 

No, I'm not going to end this by saying if you dont have a sauna do Jump Rope Mania!. 

That you can do anyway. 

But the point is, yours truly does not ... 

Use hair gel (despite having long hair). 

I dont get it trimmed at regular intervals. 

My face hasn't seen a proper razor for years. 

I dont buy clothes until my closet bursts. I dont even have any formal wear lying around!

I dont have formal shoes. 

I dont wear suits and ties. 

I dont use perfumes. 

I dont use fancy idiotic lotions, face washes, body scrubs and what not ... 

The closest I get to any of this is a simple body wash or soap - shampoo - again, the simple type - and a bit of lotion fo rmy uber dry skin (I dont apply it where Schofield prefers i.e. front and back, and no "JO" jokes either, because that ain't what I be talking about) ... and DEODARANT. 

That last bit is what I Cannot live without if you were to ask me, hehe. 

One of those things, like beer. 

And sunglasses!

Point being, internal cleanliness. 

If you're constipated for days, for one, all the deodarants in the world wont mask a nasty stench and scent coming from you. 

If you haven't worked out for days, have indigestion andt he like - same thing. 

You know the healthy, glowing look when you see it, and it requires very little, if anything artificial. 

Alright, enough of this. 

Some of the best stuff to clean you out internally is right here - Isometric And Flexibility Training, unlike anythign I've ever put out before. 

And some of the best workouts? 

Well, Battletank Shoulders is one! 

Getting more and more rave reviews by the day, and even with the recent price rise, it's WAY TOO CHEAP, I still think. 

You might not think so. 

But if you think about the money you waste on a cup of coffee at the store daily, cigarettes, daily booze, fancy shmancy dinners out, accrouements for the car you dont need, the latest Apple phone or what not ... think about this (and mostly the Jim memberships getting MORE expensive and burning a hole in your pocket daily and monthly which you hardly ever USE) . . . 

Thinking, my friend, is the hardest job as Henry Ford rightly said! 

Do so, if you so choose. 

In the meantime, I'm out. 

Back soon !


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Please do not write back complaining about price. When something delivers results that are out of this world, then it WILL be priced accordingly, and like I said, I still think it's a bargain for what it is being offered at. As a customer once said "I have no doubt they are worth every bit!". 

I mean, lets see, you wouldn't complain about a tiny dinner at a 5 star hotel being sold for what it is, would you? Or fancy shancy nights out at the latest pub? 

Then why my products

Point made, I believe . . .(I could of course end this with yet another whiny rant on price I received while working out, but I wont!) 

Actually, I should say you should treat ALL your routines like a business, but we'll stick to fitness for this one. 

That last email I sent you a while back was about "waking up" from a "grog" as it were (nah, no benders for me last night - that hasn't happened in forever). (But it doesnt mean I still don't enjoy going out with friends or what not and getting plastered occasionally, hehe, but it only happens every six months or so. Once at that. Otherwise, it's beers at home, but thats it). 

Speaking of which, the one beer I'm really craving right now is a GUINESS. Damn, those things are "stout"! 

But anyway, Guiness aside (and no new records coming up either, hehe) ... 

I said in the last email you should mentally go through your workout before doing it. 


Even if it's just for a brief instant .. 

When I got in top, top shape by hiking them hills daily, and doing bodyweight exercises in China, I didnt just "plan my workouts" when I woke up. 

I was thinking about the END Results I wanted and the look I wanted damn near all day long in some way, shape or form. 

I started slow, yes. The events of 2015 gave me impetus in ways nothing else could have at the time. 

And I just kept doing it - day after day. COld, rain, sleet, blazing hot tropical weather, whatever. 

5 Am in the morning climbs in utter and sheer darkness to "Angel of the City" . . . 

And sometimes a groggy Carol by my side, hehe, though she would show up around 545, by which time yours truly was done with round #1, hark off to her workplace around 7:20 I believe, or start the descent at that time, and then I'd continue doing what I was. 

Walking her back to the car was an extra workout too, so I was happy to do it! 

But anyway, I'd PLAN what I wanted to do - no, it didnt take forever either. 

I'd plan the routes going up and down. I'd plan the speed I'd go at. I'd see myself doing it. 

And then I'd do it, and the results ... well. They've been great!

I do the same thing business wise and life wise. 

Sure, it's not the same as training where you just do it without other variables involved - business for one involves many variables, but its the same thing at the core. 

Wake up. 

Do it. 



Think about the goal. 

See yourself GETTING to that goal. 

Think about it all the time!

And while people do this sort of thing with business (the smart ones), for some odd reason, we dont see the same importance being attached to workouts where you just show up and do what you want as you want and as you feel when you feel like it. 

No, my friend. 

Your workout needs to be treated with the SAME seriousness as you would any major project, or perhaps MORE given it's what is fueling that project. 

Even if you're doing brief 5 minute workouts, plan those too!

See yourself doing it, and at the "end of the workout" before it happens. 

And that, along with the 10 Commandments of Physical (or any) Success in the Rolls Royce of Fitness is the best tip I can give you for now. 

(It's actually one of the tips in it anyway)

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Mike Tyson, Iron Mike Tyson, the phenom, the champ that "shot to fame and then crashed equally quickly", got back up - and then did it again, crashed, and is now doing it all over again - has seen it all! 

And after his retirement a while back, he even went completely vegan to lose weight due to some unhealthy habits after retirement. 

“I don’t eat anything that has a mother and father. If you were created through a mother and father, through any kind of intercourse, I won’t eat you. So that means I only eat vegetables and stuff.”

Apparently Tyson was knocking back the steaks and drinks galore for one after retirement which led to weight gain and such  ... 

And while he said the vegan diet helped him - guess what. 

This last year he fought Roy Jones Junior - and fought pretty damned well too! 

Looks absolutely RIPPED too. 

And guess what - he gave up the vegan diet - in favor of something I've been saying a long, long time - MEAT!

I've often said that MEAT is NOT the reason for weight gain. 

Excess of ANYTHING in vs "out" is basically, and if you go all vegan, it might work for a while, but nothing really supplants meat!

Unless you pack yourself full of vegetable protein like lentils etc ... 

But even so, meat isn't the secret I'm referring to. 

If you look at what Tyson ate in preparation for his comeback? Why he stopped the vegan thingy? 

“I stopped because of the training and because of what I wanted my body to look like and the strength that I wanted to possess. I only eat elk and bison — wild stuff — and I’m starting to feel fit. I realised the stuff that’s good for other people — like kale, vegetables and blueberries — for me is really poisonous. I want to give you some of my elk. I’ve got three commercial freezers full. You can have as much as you want.”

Is Mike Tyson vegan? Exploring the diet of the boxing superstar (sportskeeda.com)  (but you can find it everywhere online) 


Yes, that quote can be found everywhere online. But two things that cannot - one, the type of meat Iron Mike ate. 

Move over chicken breasts and salami and what not. 

Chicken is by far NOT the healthiest meat you can eat - especially not commercially crammed chicken which eat their own poo for one (they have no choice!) . . . even if it's grille dor what not. 

And if we're talking KFC - disaster. Ugh! 

Every time I've eaten KFC, my stomach has complained - big time!

Same thing for McDonalds, which is NOT "real" beef for the most part. 

Burger King and Wendy's aren't too bad. 

But I avoid fast food like the plague for the most part, but I DO eat a lot of beef. 

But whats an even healthier option than beef ? 

Is its wild version, my friend. Bison for one, which are "overgrown cows" as my daughter says. 

"Yes, they are!" , I laughed when she said that. "But they're LEAN too from roaming around all day in the wild as opposed to fat cows like Schofield (nah, I didnt mention him, hehe) so they're a FAR healthier option!)" 

Same thing for elk - and moose. 

Or, wild poultry - free range. 

EVERY time I've eaten these meats, and I love bison in particular - I've felt like a BILLION bucks - without any special preparation except throw it on a grill. 

And that, my friend is the Tyson diet secret. 

Now, the fitness secret? 

Well, it's out there in the open on the Pushup Central page!

Tyson did many things, but jumping rope and pushups, much like with ALL boxers were a mainstay of his routine, and he did the SIMPLE stuff. 

Think 50 sets of 50 pushups - elbows in - for your upper body. 

Thats all. 

But think doing that DAILY every evening. 

2500 pushups a day for one, and sprints, and rope jumping! 

The only weight lifting iron Mike did as far as I know was shrugs, but even that wasn't a mainstay of his routine. Pushups were though! 

So those are the two Tyson secrets - simple - but brutally -and devastatingly effective. 

Get the course on pushups now my friend - truly a course that the Bodyweight Guru yours truly has put together for you that you cannot find anywhere else. And remember, if Sissy Schofield troll it as "Rahul Tyson" and other inanity, then there must be something very good indeed to the course, hehe. 

I'll see you soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I dont know what exact training Tyson did for his comeback, but I'll tell you this much - the man was RIPPED - didnt show his age - much like Herschel Walker doesnt look his! - and I BET you ANYTHING pushups were still the mainstay!

I said before today that birds of a feather flock together, and I am ... RIGHT. 

I'm also nothing if not supremely HUMBLE at times, hehe. 

But anyway - doers attract other DOERS. The loser, lame-o's, Bozo's, wackos, and procrastinators and Doubting Thomases and lazy asses attract - well, you got it. More of the same!

Thats why we are indeed the sum of the people we hang out with the most, or those we "let" influence our minds the most! 

And thats why most doers and achievers can count the number of their contacts (close ones) on one hand probably if even that. 

It's often said that opposites attract, but the Laws of the Universe state the reverse i.e LIKE attracts LIKE! 

Anyhow, enough of the esoteric. If I were to ask you about Paul Anderson and Doug Hepburn, two names you're no doubt familiar with (and one I've written about a lot - the other who I haven't mentioned a lot here except in emails) - what would you think first up? 

What would be the first thing that comes to your mind? 

If I were to say "brute strength and size" (and power), I wouldn't be far off, no? 


Thought so. 

And thats what comes to my mind as well. 

Now, I've made no secret of the fact that Doug Hepburn by his own admission achieved the levels of prodigous weightlifting strength he did by not just lifting weights - but in his own words - the HANDSTAND PRESS-UP was directly responsible for the strength gains! 

And I understand why he said that. Get on the program - and so will YOU. 

Now, Paul Anderson (known to the Russians of the day (who weren't easy to impress at all for obvious reasons - they had some monsters themselves for sure, though all roid ridden) as "The Wonder of Nature"), the guy who could squat an elephant, you ask? 

Well, HE used this SAME exercise to achieve a 400 lb + MILITARY PRESS!

And last, but not least, Taekwondo Masters? 

I cannot for the life of me remember who, but it was a very well known Taekwondo Guru that once said the following. 

"You live to lift heavy stuff over his head". 

He was talking not just about the military press, but the handstand pushup. 

And if you Google, I'm sure you'll find out who - I couldn't be bothered to look it up now (but I'll tell you the instant it pops into my mind - which it will - as Claude Bristol rightly said in the Magic of Beliving, nothing is ever "forgotten"). 

Now, build wise, martial artists are usually the steel and whale "8 pack types"  -lean, mean, fighting machines - the sort of look yours truly has and prefers as opposed to the bulky look I had before when lifting weights (And the bulky look the Jim addicts all seem to want). 

Certainly different from Paul Anderson and Doug Hepburn, though their weight was REAL strength, which is fine to have - it wasn't roid built boobies on the benching station. 

But think about it. 

The ONE exercise all doers have in common, and it wasn't necessarily the pull-up either! 

It was the mighty HANDSTAND pushup!

Nothing, my friend, will blow those shoulders up quite like handstand pushups. 

That don't mean pull-ups won't. They will. 

But for you "bigger" (truly big, not fat) - concentrating on handstands and handstand pushups might work wonders my friend. 

Give it a shot today. And let me know how it goes down the road!

And that, my friend is that. Bet you didn't know what I was talkin about in the title, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Still can't remember the name,  but my own Taekwondo teacher always praised my pushups (not so much my stretching ability where he literally made me "yowl" so hard did he push me) - but pushups? I was by far naturally the guy that enjoyed them, and therefore did 'em the best, chest to the floor on each rep! 

He did handstand pushups too, but we did regular pushups - sets of 10 - and even THAT will get the average "Blow Joe" into GREAT, GREAT shape if done right with a balance workout program. 

The pushup is truly the most versatile movement out there, and will make you a beast if you train it right as it has millions of other folks. 

Start training the pushup the right way and I teach you right her e- Pushup Central. Be sure and check out the reviews for this one as well! 

I mean , really. 

Normally he's up in arms sending me inane rants, comments etc about him being a "blow-innaire" or what not (the terms he comes up with, I've gotta really stop and wonder!) - but this time? 

When he's getting literally money tossed at him (dancing monkey style)? 

Which of course he believes is the epitome of professional jobs and what not, so I dont get it - Ada and I dont either. 

I believe this Ada also helped the Bozo would with 5000 bucks once - which for the life of Charles, me and several others couldn't figure out why - but that was the Bozo pulling the "sorry ole me" trick on her, I'm sure. Hey, even I fell for it initially and I ain't an easy man to fool. 

But I also only showed him what I wanted to in terms of the fitness and other businesses, hehe. That GUT is never ever wrong!

Anyway, Glyn, if you're reading this ... 

All we're trying to do is get you a job. 

We hope you'll straighten your life out, though truth be told, if Ada hadn't badgered me up and down I wouldn't be writing this or saying it as I have on WeShat etc (ask those in the know, and they'llt ell ya). 

We hope, but it might well be a vain hope! 

(Ada is the recruiter, for what its worth). 

Anyway ... 

If yall hear of the Bozo, let me know! 

But beyond that, the main reason I'm writing this is "getting back". 

LOTS OF you still have not gotten back with your review of Isometric and Flexibility Training - one of my most revolutionary courses as yet jam packed with info that has never been put together in the format I'm putting it in now. 

And lots of you have NOT gotten back with the Animal Kingdom Workouts review ... and many more! 

And, if you have questions in general - remember - Bozo or not - I'm always here - for YOU!

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee

Well, according to the Bozo, he wasn't in the emergency room, but a "private hospital" for assault. 

Apparently someone robbed the Bozo (I believe his girlfriend, since even robbers know there's nothing to got from a less than empty pocket, hehe) ... So he said. 

Personally, I think he done pissed off the wrong people, and Charles ("RT Bingham" according to the Bozo) (or "Charlie Bandana", another one of those inane names he concoted apparently)  seemed to agree with that too. 

"Probably someone got sick of the Bozo's nonsense" was what he said

Then the Bozo ranted further about "I'm going to mention your blog as the reason I'm being attacked because you said I paid my way out of execution". 

Which is wierd and bizarre indeed by his standards even, because till date I never said that. 

(Even if I did, why would anyone care is beyond me)

He was deported, yes. He did drugs yes. He overstayed his visa yes. 

But execution? 

Even the famous and notorious "camps" in China wouldn't want a lunatic like B.S. anywhere near them! 

So he first got packed off to Hong Kong, then of course once his stay ran out he stole money to run away to the Phillippines, and finally Charles took pity on him and flew back to Ole Blighty where he's been apparently, according to him "butt bouncing in Birimingham" since. Whatever that means, ugh. 

But anyway, Donald Trump my friend, is the very best ever, and I hate to bring up here (he, I and ANY doer should NEVER be mentioned along with Bozo Schofield, because ...) but I have to. 

Trump once made the comment about "disinfectant might kill the plague". 

And thats all he really said. 

And think of it, why do people wash hands etc galore and claim it stops this stupid thing, or lessens chances or what not? 

Now they're jumping up and down about some ridiculous vaccine again ... 

But anyway, thats all he said, and Bozos around the world of course took it literally and started - literally - pumping bottles of disinfectant and Bleach and Lysol or what not up their rear ends. 

Yet another one of those moments where you gotta goggle and say WTF. 

And, appreciate Trumps UNINTENDED marketing GENUIS. 

Which most wont, so I wont bring it up further. 

But really, and from what I heard, the Bozo took that to heart too (I only learned about this months later) and did the same "except with a finger". 


But he doe sthat anyway all the time if you get my drift, but that was the reason why. 

Anyway, lunacy aside (though really, Bozo Glyn ain't the only one thats done that! Check out the news etc on it) ... my contempt for this dumb ass plague from China has been well known and "advertised" galore (not to mention the mask wearing lunacy and panic). 

This silly vaccine and what not. 

And I wonder when the worl dwill wake up to what Trump, yours truly and many other visionaries (though it's common sense to be very frank!) have been saying all along, that being lockdowns kill nations more than anything else. 

And yet ... 

But anyway, I can't promise you anything about the plague from China, except that, and my customers KNOW this for A FACT - a strong immune system quite literally eats the damn thing for breakfast, craps it out, and is done with it. 

And that, my friend is that. 

And the best way to build a rock solid punch proof immune system is by working your body from the inside out with exercises that make your heart thump like there's no tomorrow. 

And RAPID quick workouts that tax the whole body. 

And the BEST I have in that regard is the following - Animal Kingdom Workouts - and Advanced HIll Training

Get on these two, and you'll probably never get not just the plague, but any silly flu or what not, and that, my friend, you MIGHT find out, is a fact - JACK! 

I'm out. Grab these course now, my friend. Truly a GOLDEN opportunity to strike while the IRON is HOT. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The Bozo has one of those monkey jobs waiting for him, and this recruiter is driving me insane. If anyone knows his wherabouts and if hes finally got off his weekend bender, do let him know - thank you!

Sunday, 04 April 2021 07:03

Who am I?

Rahul Mookerjee


"Mou Hua The". 

And many other names, of course (that list, remember) - mostly uncomplimentary, and some uber complimentary. 

(Mystery is another that comes to mind!) 

(So does Velocity, hehe. Thank you, Vince!) (He didnt give me the name - long story, but ...) 

Its interesting. This morning I had a lucid dream with "numbers" so prominent that for a minute I forgot I was dreaming! 

Some dreams ARE that real! 

But anyway, the specifics of the dream are something I'm still trying to decipher. 

But as I sit here, writing this ...it's interesting. 

Some of the emails that I send you (from the other site) are not "visible" - to the general "public" as it were. I dont know if logged in customers can view them, but if you're logged out - what was happening this morning was that the posts were not viewable. 

Admins can view, of course - but only when LOGGED in. 

And being the login to the Rahul Mookerjee vault is controlled probably more strictly than Fort Knox is to keep Bozos out (it's only for paying customers and those I approve to sign up) - some of the posts weren't viewable for whatever reason by the "outside world". 

I have no idea why this is happened, and am sending a few emails about it right as of now. 

For now, I seem to have "hacked" the problem temporarily and the last email I sent y'all should be visible on the other site. 

Golly, I can just imagine this though. The Bozo wondering what is being written about him that he cannot see, hehe. 

(Actually, the 0 Excuses Ship has a LOT on him). 

But anyway, (and no, the ship isn't public either) - as I was "hacking", I was thinking. 

Who am I. 

At the sage ole age of 40, that question is still interesting to me! 

Writer. Fornicator (according to a certain idiot who coined the phrase last year for me, apparently). 

IT guy. 

"Expat worker in China" (back in the day with expat salaries etc). 

I'm trying to think ... ah, erotica writer. 


Bodyweight exercise FANATIC and GURU. 

Coach - both fitness wise and life wise. 

Motivator. Inspirer. 

Poet (it seems to started a few days ago!). 

And many, many other things ... 

At the age of 40, I still can NOT nail down who I am. 

Perhaps that is why I get so irritated by jobs etc, and the Bozos at interviews that ask RETARDED questions like "who are you". "What do you want to do with your life". "Where do you see yourself ten years from now"

And so forth. 

Perhaps these jackasses would be better off focusing on what I can do for THEM as opposed to ask idiotic questions because "oh, look, a guy with all those skill sets is coming to US!" (and then of course low ball on salary etc). 

(And really, it ain't like those idiotic jobs were planning on keeping me my entire life. Like, dude, none of your damned biz, is what I've wanted to say and have often SAID to such nimrods). 

Anyway, that was a long, long time ago. Jobs and job interviews - I cannot remember the last time I went to either! 

Quite literally, hehe. I was canned from one for not showing up, and though the story was long there too, the point begets - Rahul Mookerjee doesnt do jobs, and won't do them, and never has managed to stick with jobs, much to the detriment and consternation of those forcing him to (trying to).

I'm an uber philosophiical mode (mood) today as you can tell ... 

Now, where was I. 

Ah, yes, employment. Freddie. That job. My FIRST job. Now those employers are ALL people I've gotten along with like a house on fire! 

And indeed, thats because they looked past the bullshit and hired the PERSON, not some meaningless moronic HR like resume. 

And of course, they didnt low ball. 

As Freddie told me, "You dont work cheap, do you". 

That I dont. 


Anyway, where am I going with all this. 

I suppose to tell YOU that to nail down who you are is an exercise in futility if you're a DOER. 

You are, as Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics, YOU. 

Thats all!

And therefore, comparing yourself to others is an exercise in FUTILITY, in any way, shape or form. 

Look at doers down the ages, and you'll see the same is true for them. 

Ole Benjamin Franklin, the so called womanizer and guy who said there was nothing wrong with older women, and the guy you know most for being on the dolla bill.

It would surprise most to know that he could probably do a workout out of BattleTank Shoulders if I gave it to him. 

Most of his writings have not made it to the public eye. 

Same thing for Emerson. 

Napoleon Hill. 

They may be known for ONE big thing, but there's much, much more to these men than just one thing. 

Perhaps that is why they are truly the greats, and never really got along wth much of the world, much like true and real leaders never do. 

Anyway ... 

End of the 800 plus word philosophy session, hehe. 

Lets get BRUTAL and down to brass tacks now - my BEST product ever is right here - Animal Kingdom Workouts

Grab it now, and remember that the two things I spoke about above - physical and the metaphyscial - go together. 

There ain't no way you can seperate the two - it simply isn't possible. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - We should be done with the glitch on the other site soon, I dont know. Depends upon what happens down the road. Gash, first the emails, now this, hehe. Anyway, always a new peak to conquer!

(And sales are working normally, so buy away).  

I swear, some of the idiotic questions I've been getting as of late makes me stop and wonder if the Kung Flu truly hasn't made Bozos and idiots out of the "wilful non thinkers" i.e those that choose not to use their noggins, if even for a split second. 

Truly, some of the questions I get are beyond wacko. 

One being "why do you keep mentioning reviews". 

Admittedly Tracy asked this very politely, and therefore no, I'm not going to "tear it apart". 

(her question) 

But really, it brings to mind what a great customer from the UK once told me about this sort of nonsense . 

"Rahul my friend, you must have the patience of a saint. I dont know, but if I were you, I wouldn't even bother responding to these cretins". 

He was referring to the price wankers and Schofield-sort trolls obviously, not the person above. 

But (and he said it in slightly different language over email - I paraphrased) he's so right ... 

So I haven't replied to Tracy as yet (btw, this is a different Tracy from the "India man very hot" Tracy I've spoken of before!). 

But ... really, why would any business owner, at least some one with ANY sense, even a modicum of common sense and nothing else NOT do it? 


Anyway to explain the obvious. 

First, what Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing, which by itself is a marketing lesson unto itself (and life lesson, and should answer this). 

Repeition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations leads to belief - and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. 


But more on the obvious ... 

I mean, lets see, if a product HELPED a genuine customer achieve their fitness or other goals, then why the hell would I NOT mention this? 

I mean, isn't that the very point of the business ? 

Sure, we all have to make a living, but isn't the very point of all this to HELP people achieve THEIR goals? 

Brings to mind what Gautam, a great guy and a customer for the first book on Pull-ups i.e. "Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!" said. 

"I can't wait to shower you with a glowing testimonial!" 

This was said BEFORE he actually bought the book! (so sure was he that the book would WORK - flat out work - plain and simple). 

Truly, the DOERS - do GET IT. 

And being birds of a feather flock together, if a doer reads a review from another DOER - well - it can only be HELPFUL, productive an dgood no? 

Sometimes, even the patience of a saint is tested by having to explain all this!

As for the -ve? 

Well, I tom Tom those even more. 

Yours truly ain't the sort of person that paints a "rosy" and "all is well always" picture like "Medam Cicy" loves to do. 

That may work for some people. 

I'd rather be a REALIST. 

I'd rather be honest about the fact I ain't for everyone - indeed the vast majority. 

I'm probably for the 3% - the TRUE DOERS in life - and FITNESS. 

And thats fine. 

I'd rather be honest about it! 

And admittedly I DO love calling out the Bozos on their nonsense, hehe. Always good to have some great entertainment coming your way, even if it's puerile and facile (when the Bozos do it). 

Last, but not least, rest assured that the only reviews I really tear apart are those sent in by price wankers, freebie seekers and Bozos (a large majority, but by no means "everyone"). 

If someone disagrees with me on something in a rational manner, I'm more than happy to give them their say and to HEAR what they have to say. 

I might not agree, but presented rationally, I am not going to tear most view points apart just because I dont agree with them, unless of course they're profoundly idioitc racist rants and such from jokers, ass clowns and jackasses. 

Anyway, folks, hopefully that clears that one up. 


All in a day's work, hehe. 

I'll be back soon!!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here are some REAL words (reviews) from real customers ... 

Ya'll on this list probably remember the drunken and rather lengthy, pissed of rant a friend (former) of mine sent me about an innocous post on pull-ups on WeShat (which apparently hit the spot as it were). 

I've covered that before, but he ended with the following. 

"Your tips are useless! Yo ujust say just do pull-ups and handstand pushups and provide no other value!" 

Now, the rest of the rant has been covered on the sites and emails before. 

If you want to take a look, either do a search or let me know . . . 

But really, this silly value virtue signalling which the "so called gurus" always jumped up and down over, and which seems to have, for whatever reason gained a lot of traction this year. (and more so with every passing month). 

Maybe the Kung Flu is indeed driving folks insane ... 

But anyway, it ain't just him that had the "no value" grouse, so lets address - and DEBUNK. 

First off my friend, you signed up for one email a day - and you get like 6 to 8 daily. If that ain't value, I dont know what is. (for free).

Second, his REAL grouse was this - the link I (or the links I) specify in my email i.e. how dare I "sell with every email). (and make $$ off it). According to some people its perfectly fine to pay huge bucks for everything except less than a fraction of that for life changing and life changing fitness info. . . 

I get it. My stuff actually requires you to get down to brass tacks and DO. 

In other words, not everyone is ready to be a doer. 

And call 'em out on it, and the rants start. 

But really, I'd rather be honest and point people to a product which can solve their "problems" and address their pain points as opposed to dancing around the mulberry bush and pretending I dont sell or dont want to when I clearly do .

(and be a "so called value providing Tom Tom"). 

Really, I dont think there is anything at all wrong with that (as opposed to shammy marketing, sneaky discounts, wacko and inane "lead ups to the sale" and so forth, all of which is designed for one purpose - to make a sale - and it usually doesnt when done that way). 

I'd rather be honest about it, and am. 

But anyway, back to value. 

Off the top of my head, lets look at three of th elast email sI sent. 

This morning, the first one was about "Roofus Rumpus Schofield and more". 

Lesson - hypocrisy, and MORE, and yes it applies to fitness. 

Then there was one in there about what to do if you do NOT want to or feel comfortable posting genuine reviews, and how to work up to it. 

Its a thought many have, and I addressed it pretty well I believe!

Then, third - there was one about handstand pushups, and I explained to you why my latest product on it is not only something anyone serious about fitness should get, but is also worth the (SO CALLED) big bucks I charge for it. 

(Yes, the Keith James of this world are already throwing fits over a product they weren't even asked to buy either directly or not). (more on that later). 

So I dont know, bro. 

Methinks thats value compounded x 10 if not more. 

Then you have my books and products. 

Most experienced athletes can't finish or even get halfway through my workouts when they first start. 

Let alone the average Joe and couch potato and Jane (and Bozo, or combo therein). 

Valuoooooooo, you say? 


But anyway, we all know the Rolls Royce is my flagship, and premier and first product I put out here - - that, and Gorilla Grip. 

And being a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a bazillion ... well, I put out five videos for the former which have got not only rave reviews thus far, but even with all the trolling, not ONE single negative review. 

And more on FREE - - other than these emails and such, years ago, I figured I'd give people a sneak peek into the videos for free

It was a great idea, and an AWESOME, spectacular SUCCESS - but it's something I no longer do, and will never do ever for obvious reasons, but the original videos are up HERE - the sneak peeks, rather - and the one I love the most is "huffing and puffing". 

And those short snippets should be more than enough to give YOU an idea of the superlative nature of the workouts I teach you in the Rolls Royce (for those that dont know already). 

And of course troll fodder too, but we'll let that happen. Hehe. 

Gotta draw the Bozo back out, hehe. He's gone a bit silent! 

(Mommy pulled his Internet most likely). 

But anyway, Gorilla Grip doesnt have any videos, because the nature of grip training courses means its impossible to put together a one size fits all workout - even more so than my regular stuff. 

But it's still one of my best selling products!

So value, or no value ... you, my friend DECIDE!

I'll be back soon. Just wanted to address a bit of idiocy, and I have now. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - IF you want more videos let me know for which product specifically, and we'll see what we can conjure up, hehe. 

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