Thursday, 13 October 2022 14:40

On penny pinching "Bennies" and more ...

"Penny pincher drink water!" 

I still remember an angry Gorilla Girl hammering these words out at me while I attempted to calm her down. Hehe. 

(I think that was "direct translation from Chinese" as the Chinese love to say)

She looks exceedingly sexy when angry though so I didnt really try I believe. 

I still cannot remember what the fight was about, oh, now I do. 

I think it was basically when we were going to meet up, and we both knew what each other wanted, so I just told her "lets just meet up at home". 

She chose lunch initially, apparently the husband wasn't home then "you can come for dinner if you like", she giggled. 

Nah - not so much into the cuckolding scene, Sophia ... Hehe is what I told her (Bozo Glyn would wet his pants if he was allowed to watch of course), then it was agreed upon for lunch, then she started whining about "but I have to tell my husband anyway" and then I told her "please, I want NO part of that" - and ... well, it spiraled. 

Something like that at any rate, I think what I was most pissed off about was this - it was a rainy morning, I done got drenched on the hill, Gorilla Girl was giggling up a storm about it, and she completely threw my schedule off wack as well. 

Those that know me know (like a certain lawyer Jojo) I'm a creature of habit. I dislike my routines being disturbed even in the slightest, I take it to extremes yes, but for a damn good reason, it's better than having no routine. 

Still remember my ex once telling me sourly when she wanted to take long detours while we were on our way back from Crystal Springs (manatee ville) in Florida ... 

"You're just like my grandfather! Once he settles upon a route, he NEVER deviated from it!" 

(that was the famous fight due to deviating from good ole Mapquest as I drove back - remember them days?) 

Anyway ... 

With Sophia, ultimately it wasn't about penny pinching. 

Funny part?

And true story, when we met up - she chose the hill - which delighted me. Hehe. She knew Id like that the best. 

Then, apparently too many Chinese were staring on a Sunday afternoon at the foreign devil with his girl, so she wanted to go elsewhere - I asked her where. 

She had no idea. 

So I chose a coffee shop. 

We sat down inside, I ordered a beer - she a coffee and cake I believe (after I had to "push her to order it" - she didnt quite understand the menu or something). 

I paid. We left.

And then that evening the massive bitching session about ... guess what? 

"I WANT TO PAY FOR IT!!!" thundered Sophia. 


And she sent me the money on wechat, which I didnt accept, and she burst into tears eventually claiming "I was being so mean". 

Can't win for losing, hehe, eventually I accepted it, but it's funny how female brains work, from bitching about penny pinching to wanting to "pay for it all or else" ... 

Hey, Gorilla Girl is right in that AA sucks, I hate it too. 

But I'd rather pay! 

Anyway .... what does this little tidbit have to do with anything? 

Well, I dont even know, it came to mind so I told ya. Hehe, 

The main reason I was writing this? 

I call out penny pinchers and cheapskates a hell of a lot. For good reasons, but do you know just why I cannot stand these people and do everything possible to mock 'em? 

And NOT hide my contempt for this lot? 

Because - guess what - first off, whether or not you believe it, we all, to an extent penny pinch. 

I do it too. 

For instance, if confronted with a $300 toothbrush like Bozo claims he uses, and a $2 special, I'd choose the latter anyday. 

To me, a toothbrush is a toothbrush, it could come wrapped in fancy packaging or a simple "cardboard box from Amazon" - it could be electric or I could, you know, use my hands unlike Glyn whose always got his fingers in his own butt or something ... 

(admittedly he wants that $300 brush to brush his prostrate and not teeth which is a different thing altogether I guess)

Same thing with potatoes. 

They can come wrapped in fancy bags claiming "organic" - or they can be plain jane from the local farmer's market, or Walmart from all I give a shit, as long the quality is similar, I could care less what the outside looks like. 

But, a pair of jeans, for instance? 

To me - I'll almost ALWAYS buy Levi's. 

Now, why? 

I could just as easily buy other brands... 

Point is this - to me a pair of jeans is, for whatever reason (fit, unique style, whatever my requirements are) MORE important than say a bar of soap, or toothbrush ... 

And so whether I'm a trillionaire or not, I'll always look for the best deals on the latter bunch. 

I'll always "penny pinch", so to speak in that regard. 


Hell, I wouldnt think twice of buying a pair of Levis's, or Pepe, or whatever - no matter how much it cost, provided I really liked it, because to me that would be "value in terms of clothing". 

Same thing HERE. 

Lots of folks WANT - or claim they want - the books. It's obvious. 

But if you "truly want" - but are too cheap to fork over the bucks for it, then I'm sorry, but you're not being honest - you dont really want it. 

You'd rather have your Netflix or whatever, and thats fine. 

Point again, is this. 

People buy what they really WANT - no matter what the economy is like or other crap people make excuse over. 

People FIND a way to get what they REALLY, truly WANT. They dont moan about price or what not, they just do it. Thats how it works, life, fitness, any sort of product or service you might think of. Might not sound nice me saying it like that - but can you say it's not TRUE? 

So to me, it's simple - if you dont want to "truly buy" - then stop haunting this site and claiming "you'd like to buy". 

Way too many people do that, keep checking out the checkout page, adding to cart etc, but never actually take ACTION beyond that. 

Which until a point is fine, but if you never do anything, there's no point my friend. 

Be honest, first and foremost - all else after that. 

And thats the lot I cannot stand. ie HYPOCRITES and do nothing's. 

Id rather someone say "I dont want to your stuff" than vacillate until "kingdom come", so to speak ... 

Either this or that. 

Either you get it, or you dont, there is NO in between ... (and no, this doesn't apply to anyone in particular, no matter how several people might take it). 

It applies in general, and it explains my most reasonable views on all this. 

And thats that. 

Be sure and check out some world class fitness products HERE if you're truly interested in getting into top shape. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee